A First Meeting

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A First MeetingFirst time at writing, hope you enjoy.We meet at a café for some coffee to break the ice and feel each other out. After some of the online chats we had, we wanted to make sure that the chemistry from our fingers was going to be just as good in person. Within 5 minutes of meeting, we are laughing and carrying on like we were old friends, which added to the electricity between us. We finish our coffees and I suggest that we walk back to my hotel room for some more conversations and some wine or more, and you accept.As we walk, we continue talking, and I reach out and grab your hand. You are surprised and elated that I did this, and you squeeze my hand back. We come closer together as we walk, until you are able to lay your head on my shoulder as we stroll the couple of blocks back to my hotel. You feel very relaxed and comfortable with me, and I feel the same way about you. Our talks cover the entire gauntlet from family, to friends, to work and even life experiences. When we reach the hotel, we take the elevator up to my room. As the doors close, I lean down and place a kiss on your cheek and say “Thank you for coming, I think we are going to be really good friends.” Hearing this, you blush as my lips touch your cheek, and you wish you had turned your head a little so our lips could meet. We reach my floor too quickly for anything else, and as the doors open, I guide you out before me. As you walk down the hall, I admire your beauty from behind. Your curves and the way you carry yourself are even more beautiful than what your pictures do justice of. I close in and place my hand on your hip as to guide you to my room, and to be able to feel you. We get to the room, and I open the door and this time slide my hand off your hip to your ass to gently push you in the door, and you smile a little as I do this. In the room, you notice it has a mini kitchen, a little sitting area with a table, a living area with a couch and then a separate bedroom. I take your coat and hang it in the closet with mine, and ask if you want more coffee or something else. Feeling comfortable around me, you ask if I have any wine to see if I remember that you like it. I say sure do, but I don’t have any wine glasses. I pour us some Pinot Grigio for us, and we sit down on the couch and pick up where we left off with the stories. As the wine flows, our stories gradually start down the erotic and sexual path that they almost always turned to online. As we finish our second glasses of wine, I get up to put the glasses up, and you follow behind me, admiring me from behind as I had you earlier. When I come back out of the kitchen, our eyes lock and the fire that has been there online finally erupts between us. I walk up to you, and lean in to kiss your lips. As we kiss, we wrap konak escort our arms around each other and finally embrace as we let the passion take over. We kiss for what seems like an eternity, before I pull away, gently turn you around and guide you into the bedroom.In the bedroom, I reach out and slowly raise your shirt to remove it, letting my fingers graze your soft skin. You gasp when they do, and raise your arms to help the shirt come off. Before I can move to any other clothing, you reach out and grab the bottom of my shirt and lift it up, kissing my chest as it goes over my head. Your lips feel soft on my chest as you circle my nipples one at a time. I drop the shirt on the dresser next to yours, and as your caress my chest with your tongue, I reach down and undo your bra, letting it fall of your chest and shoulders, placing it with everything else. With your tits free, I pull your lips up my chest and back to mine as my hands glide down your sides until they reach your waist. I undo your pants, slipping my hands into the waist line of your panties, and push them down. As my hands go lower, I release the kiss, and work my lips down your chest, making sure to only tease your tits and nipples. Once your pants are all the way down to your ankles, I sit you down on the bed and pull each foot from the clothing that I was removing. Once you are completely naked, I stand up and you grab my belt, undoing it so you can remove my pants and free the cock you had seen in pictures. When you pull them down you my hard cock springs free and you lick your lips as I step out of my pants. Once I am naked like you, you lean in and run your tongue around the tip of my cock, a little pre cum leaking out that you scoop up. Starting at the tip, you lick all the way down the shaft to the base, where your other hand is cupping my balls. Your tongue works its way back up, and as you reach the head, you open up and start to fit him into your mouth. You remember the pictures showing him being almost as round as a soda can, but you thought that was not real, until now. As you work him in, you hear a moan come from me. You are able to take him in, getting hi covered with saliva while slowly stroking what is not in your mouth. You have always loved to give head, and wanted to see how deep you could get this member. Working inch by inch, you keep sucking and licking my cock like you are on a mission. Finally you are able to get him all the way in, the head touching the back of your throat, making you gag a little. You continue giving one of the best blow jobs I have ever had, and my moans and groans are getting louder as you are bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I warn you that I am close and you pick up your motion and start sucking even more, trying konak escort bayan to drain my balls into your mouth. Massaging my balls while your lips go up and down my shaft, I fight to hold off my release, but you rub a finger over my asshole at that exact moment, and it pushes me over. I grunt as I feel my cum climb up from my balls and deep into your mouth, spurt after spurt deep into your throat. You keep it up, until you feel that you have removed all the sperm from my shaft, swallowing it all down, before your lips release my cock. You look up into my eyes and ask “Was it as good as I said it would be”. I look down into your eyes and respond “Even better darling, but now it is my turn.” I lay you back onto the bed, making sure that your head is on a pillow. Once you are comfortable, I start my decent down your body by kissing your neck. I kiss my way from your neck down to your shoulder as I slowly slide down the bed and your body. My lips inching closer to your nipples as I start running circles around the entire breast, each pass getting closer to your hard aching nipples. I reach your gorgeous hard nipple and suck into my mouth, you moaning as my tongue runs circles around it while it is in my mouth. I massage your other breast and pinch that nipple while my mouth works on the first one. I release it, and work my lips over to the other nipple, performing the same ritual on it.I let it go, and kiss my way down your stomach, making every nerve I can feel a jolt of electricity from my lips. Lower and lower I kiss, inching ever so slowly towards your wetness. As I get just above your other lips, I veer off to one side and kiss my way to your thighs, spreading your legs out so I can get up close. I nibble my way up your thighs, jumping from one to the other and back again, each time moving higher and higher up them. Finally, I make it to your wet lips, and I gently kiss them. You shudder as my lips touch yours, my tongue tracing up and down each side before letting my tongue part your wet lips. I start licking up and down your sensitive lips, tasting all your sweetness with each pass of my tongue. Using my fingers, I spread your lips apart, giving me full access to your beautiful pussy, my tongue climbing to circle you clit. As it circles your clit, I run a finger up and down your opening, before slowly pushing it into you. You moan louder as all this happens, as my tongue dances on your clit, first this way, then that way, before sucking on its hardness. In and out my one finger goes, before I add a second finger with a slight twist so I can reach your g-spot even easier. I pick up the speed on my fingers, making them fuck your wet pussy, while my mouth continues to suck and lick all over your hard sensitive clit. Closer and escort konak closer you are getting to your own orgasm, when I return the surprise you gave me. My pinky rubs against your asshole teasing it ever so gently, the sensation sending you into bliss as you orgasm all over my fingers. My mouth and tongue working as hard as they can to lick up all your juices.As you come down from the mountain, I crawl my way up your body again, kissing only the really sensitive spots as I pass them. Once I reach your lips, you realize that my cock is hard again, and the head is resting against your very sensitive clit. As we kiss, I rock my hips, making him rub up and down on your clit and down to your wetness. I pause as he gets to your opening, letting the head sit there for a second teasing both of us. I shift back on my knees, lifting him a little and pushing him into your tight pussy. As he slides in, I roll your hips back just a little while spreading your legs wide, giving me full control. I inch deeper, taking it slow so that we both feel every little sensation, until I am all the way in, my balls resting against your ass. Holding it there for a second as we kiss yet again, before I start to slide out until just the tip is still inside, before pushing all the way back in. Each stroke taking him all the way out before bringing him all the way back in with a little more speed and force each time. You start playing with your nipples as we get into a rhythm, bringing yourself to yet another orgasm. You trying to catch your breath as you ask me to stop. I pause, not saying yes or no, but shifting back even farther onto my knees, which pushed my cock head into your g-spot. You gasp, and at that moment, I reach down and rub your clit really fast. You immediately have another orgasm, even squirting a little all over me. You squirm so much that he pops out of your pussy when you squirt, as you wriggle up away from me. You roll over onto your knees, raising your ass up, and I pull you to me. As you rock back into me, you gasp again as my cock slips under you hitting your clit. I grab your hips, pull back letting my cock ride your lips to the wetness. As he gets to the sweetness, I push forward, sliding him in all the way in one stroke, hearing my balls slap against your clit. You moan as that happens, and before you can ask, I start to fuck you. Making sure to use long, hard strokes, I start to fuck you, pulling you back into me as I slam forward into you. We are both groaning, moaning and even screaming as I slam my cock in and out of you. Bringing you to yet another orgasm, feeling your pussy try and milk my cock, I finally give in and explode, with one final stroke deep into you. We pant and cry out as the levels of pleasure are peaked in each of us. We collapse together onto the bed, me holding you in my arms, as our breathing slowly returns to normal. We drift off to sleep in this position, and don’t awaken until the next morning. Where we look into each other’s eyes, and without words, start another day the way we ended the last.

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