A Special Night

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A Special NightIt was a normal night, or so it seemed to Sam. He was working the swing shift, and was coming home to Amanda, who had been entertaining their friend Deanna. It had been a long day, and he was ready to sit down with t a drink to unwind and catch up on the games from the day.When he got home, Amanda and Deanna were sitting on the couch, giggling like they had been telling stories about him before he got there. Well, he didn’t really notice too much, just went up stairs to change out of the work clothes into some comfortable shorts, since it was still warm out. He came down the stairs and Amanda told him to come sit down, they had already poured him a rum and coke to unwind with.That sounded like a great plan, so he came down and sat on the couch between the two ladies, and drank down the entire glass in one shot. It tasted real good, and he needed it. Once it was gone, Amanda got up to get him a refill, and that was when he noticed she was wearing one of his larger t-shirts, and he swore that was it, but was not quite sure. Deanna started asking him about his day, and he spilled how bad it was. As he was talking, Amanda had returned with another drink, handing it to him. When he took it, he noticed that Amanda’s nipples were hard and sticking out through the shirt, confirming that her large tits were free under the shirt. Sam turned back to Deanna to continue talking about his day, and that was when he noticed she was also in one of his t-shirts, and her nipples were hard and sticking out under the shirt. When he saw that, he lost his train of thought, and the girls laughed at him. He got his composure and asked how their day was, and they said that they had spent the day catching up and enjoying a few bottles of wine. They asked if they continue watching the movie they had in, and if he would watch it with them. He figured it was some chick flick, and was really not in the mood to deal with one of them. He voiced his opinion and they both started begging him to let them finish the movie, even offering to get him more to drink or whatever he wanted whenever he asked. This offer intrigued him greatly, so he said they could.Deanna grabbed the remote, Amanda chuckled and they pushed play. The TV came to life with a video of two women laying in a bed, fingering each other. Sam was shocked, and looked at each of the ladies on either side of him, and they just smiled and said they liked his collection of movies. His cock stirred in his canlı bahis shorts as he heard that, and he tried to just stare at the TV for the movie while drinking his drink. Now, to give you an idea, Amanda was cutie that was about 5’4″ with large DD titties and a nice ass to boot. He had been with her for quite a few years, and really enjoyed their time together. Deanna, was about the same height, but was a little smaller in the chest, but hers seemed more perky, and she had the ass and legs of a sports player, tight and toned. As the movie played, and they all continued drinking, the girls curled up on either side of Sam, resting their heads on his shoulders and placing their hands on his thighs. That was almost too much for him, and his cock stirred in his shorts. Amanda looked down at the movement, and smiled, before looking across his chest and staring at Deanna. When she looked over at Amanda, they both slide around his chest and kissed, right above Sam’s now hard cock. As they kissed, their hands slid up his thighs, under the legs of his shorts until they met at his balls. They started to caress his balls and cock, driving him nuts. He started to rub each of their backs, all the way down to their asses, and started massaging them. He heard a moan from the girls, as they released their kiss and both turned their lips towards his, first Deanna than Amanda.The sit up, and each pull their shirts off revealing what Sam thought in the beginning, that they were naked under the shirts. Amanda leaned forward and sucked one of Deanna’s nipples into her mouth, and hearing a moan from her lips. Sam took the other nipple and they worked together to make them both rock hard. Once they were, Amanda sat up again, and allowing he and Deanna to return the favor to her big nipples. As they got hard, you could hear a moan come from her lips, telling that she was enjoying it. Sam knew that each of the women had never actually been with a woman before that moment, and he got a plan into his head. As much as he wanted to enjoy both of them, he felt that this was an opportunity for them to truly enjoy each other. He suggested that they all get down on the floor so they would have more room to enjoy each other, and the girls agreed. They got up, and he couldn’t help but admire their beautiful heart shaped butts, and his cock was straining against the fabric of his shorts, so as he stood, he pulled them down and heard a gasp from Deanna as she had not seen his cock yet.Sam bahis siteleri moved over to the area that Amanda and Deanna were, and started to put his plan into motion. They all laid down on the floor, admiring each other when Deanna reached out and grabbed Sam’s cock. When she did that, Amanda moved over to her and started to kiss her. As she kissed her lips, Amanda carefully ran her hand down Deanna’s body until it was between her legs. You heard a gasp at the moment that Amanda’s fingers touched Deanna’s clit. That was what Sam was waiting for, as he reached down and took Deanna’s hand off his cock and placed it between Amanda’s legs, helping her to find the clit and hearing Amanda gasp.Sam moved back to the couch, and slowly stroked his cock as he watched these two lovely ladies enjoy each other. They really never noticed that he wasn’t there anymore, as they touched each other while kissing. He watched as they kissed, and their hands started to wander over each other’s bodies. Watching as they each spread their legs wide, to really let the other have full access to their pussy’s. Amanda took the lead, and laid Deanna down and slowly kissed her way down that sexy toned body. As she got to her stomach, she made sure to kiss her belly button, something she loved me doing, before continuing down to Deanna’s pussy. Once she got to her ultimate goal, she licked those lips, and you saw Deanna shudder as Amanda’s tongue hit her clit. I could see that Amanda was trying to do to Deanna everything she felt me do to her, and it made me even more excited. I watched as she licked circles around the hard clit, teasing it as she slowly fed one finger into Deanna’s pussy. In and out the finger went as Deanna start to rock her hips to match Amanda’s finger. Amanda adding one more finger, and I could see her twist them, and I realized that she was searching for Deanna’s g-spot. All of a sudden Deanna started bucking wildly, and I knew that my girl had found that sensitive spot, and it was sending Deanna into an overload of sensations. She started to play with her tits and started to call out Amanda’s name as she was closing on her orgasm. She screamed she was cumming, and I would have bet the neighbors even heard it with how load she was. Amanda stayed latched to her clit as she was bucking wildly, until her body started to relax and her waves of pleasure started to subside.Amanda finally let go, and crawled up Deanna’s body, until she could kiss her again, güvenilir bahis making sure that Deanna could taste her own juices from Amanda’s lips and tongue. As they kissed, Deanna guided Amanda onto her back, letting me see Deanna’s ass for the first time out of clothing. It was a piece of beauty, looking like a perfect heart as she was bent down kissing her way down Amanda’s body. She tried to mimic every motion that Amanda had used on her, making Amanda moan with approval. When she got between Amanda’s legs, she started kissing each thigh, alternating from one to the other as she inched her way to their meeting spot. I could tell that Amanda was being driven wild, wanting to feel the ultimate pleasure that was building. Once Deanna reached Amanda’s pussy, she ran her tongue up and down between her sensitive lips. This started to drive Amanda nuts, and she reached down and pulled Deanna into her pussy, more or less directing her to where she wanted. I could see Amanda was already close, and Deanna had barely even gotten down there, when I saw her slide two finger straight in. Amanda gasped, then moaned as Deanna hit the magical spot and started fingering her. As Deanna picked up her speed, you could hear Amanda start to almost hyperventilate. All of a sudden, Deanna slipped her pinky into Amanda’s asshole, and you heard her scream that she was cumming. It was such a powerful orgasm that she actually squirted a little as her body writhed with pleasure. Seeing these girls go all out on each other, was so exciting, that I was surprised that I had not cum myself yet. I had been so focused on watching them, that I had actually stopped stroking my cock, and was just mesmerized. I started to stroke again, as I watched Deanna kiss her way back up Amanda’s body. They kissed passionately, and then looked over at me on the couch and said it was my turn to release. As they said that, it was like a switch was flipped and I felt my balls tighten as a monster orgasm hit me and I shot my load all over myself, nearly hitting my chin with the first spurt. The girls cooed as this happened, and they got up, crawled over to me, and licked every drop of my cum off my chest before curling up on either side of me.We stayed like that for almost half an hour, before Amanda turned to me and said “Damn that was great, even better than we had planned.” I was taken aback, as it hit me, that they had been planning all day to seduce me into a threesome. Deanna chimed in saying “It was so good without him, I can’t wait until the morning when we do it all again with him!” At that moment, we all kissed, got up and went to bed to recover for what was going to happen in the morning!!

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