Birthday Night And A Cheating Girlfriend

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Birthday Night And A Cheating GirlfrienddeletedSo coming to the days before my birthday, my boyfriend was damn excited for my birthday and we were planning to do something but could not decide. He asked me what I want to do? I said him let’s go for two days holiday. Somewhere he planned accordingly for two days. He booked a studio apartment in a very beautiful city near Pune. He invited his friend Mangesh and even his girlfriend Anjali for the trip. They both agreed to the trip.The day before my birthday, we left for the trip, we picked Mangesh then his girlfriend Anjali and with all fun and joy, we reached in the evening. Our boyfriend was busy checking the studio apartment, meanwhile, I and Anjali were roaming here and there. Anjali then suddenly whispered whether I will have sex with my boyfriend? I said I have no idea. She asked me to sleep with her tonight as it’s a new place.I agreed and said we will stay together and let boys stay together tonight. She agreed and we said our boyfriend, both of them made faces as if we broke their plans. When we entered the room, it was awesome, there were two king size private bedrooms opposite to each other with kitchen in between. Anjali and I took one bedroom and boys took one bedroom We all freshened up and went for the dinner. After dinner, I and Anjali went to watch the beautiful surrounding. Later, we went to our room. Anjali sat on the bed and I locked the door.Later Anjali laid on the bed to sleep, she dimed the lights. I removed my clothes and I was only in my lingerie. Then I moved towards the bed and laid. Anjali said will I sleep in lingerie? I replied yes so she also removed her clothes and lied on the bed. We both were looking each other’s body. I whispered Anjali you got a nice pair of breast and figure then she also appraised me.Check out indiansexstories dot net for more exciting and erotic stories.We both then thought to play Ludo and with conditions that winner can do anything with looser. Anjali agreed, We played and I won the first round, so I got a chance to do anything with looser. I made her lie on the bed and climbed on her and moved my palm on her bare skin, waist, chest, legs and she got goosebumps all over her body. Then I put my fingers inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy. After some time, we played other round and she won the game & now she grabbed my breast and was pressing them and were pulling my nipple.We then played the 3rd round and now I again won. So I climbed on her and started kissing her neck she was letting me do then I took her breast and kept sucking her nipples and was pressing other. Then removed her panty, she was naked now. I spread up her legs and began to lick her pussy. I began to suck her clit and finger her. She was moaning heavily and was going to orgasm for some time. we then kept the game aside and She then explored my body and then we both slept naked.In the morning, Anjali got up early and was licking my pussy to get me wake from sleep. I was wet down there I could feel something on my pussy. As I got up and saw Anjali was licking my pussy. She then wished me happy birthday and did not let me move from the bed. She then grabbed my breast and started pressing them and pulled my nipples harder, pinch and rolled them. After some time, we both went to freshen up. Then my boyfriend and Mangesh came to our room and wished me.They both bought a cake and we celebrated my birthday. We then went to have our breakfast and then went for a ride and had our lunch out. We all enjoyed the place played games etc. In evening we returned to our room. Our rooms were cleaned and a complimentary cake was provided to us. We again cut the cake and then freshened up and went for the dinner. After dinner, I whispered Anjali whether she could sleep with Mangesh.She replied yes, so I and my boyfriend came in one room and Anjali and Mangesh went in another side of rooms. We locked the door, then I went to the bed and sat. My boyfriend said he has some gifts for me. I was excited, he gave me four gift boxes. I was excited and unwrapped the first one it had a blindfold and a pair of pink feather handcuffs.Then I unwrapped the second box. It had a tingling lube bottle and different types of flavored condoms. Then unwrapped the third it had a pair of pink transparent lingerie and one pair of red transparent lingerie. He said me to wear and show him. I took the pink lingerie to the washroom and wore them with one piece dress. When I got out, he was looking at me with so much lust and I sat in bed. He then hugged me and started moving his hand over my breast and was bitting my neck.He removed my clothes and I allowed him now. I was in lingerie in front of him. He then pushed me into bed and locked my hands on bed edges with handcuffs and tied the blindfold on my eye. There was no movement for a while, suddenly he moved over my breast and stomach I started breathing heavily. I was not able to see anything. He then kissed me on the neck and was biting me in mild pressure. I wanted more he then grabbed my breast and was pressing them.I was enjoying he then stopped for while. Again, he took the feather and was moving on my legs and near my pussy. I was moaning heavily. He then held me and started kissing me on my neck and then came to by breast and was biting them again. I was enjoying so much. He kept biting me around my breast. Then he touched my pussy and rubbed them and put his hands inside my panty. He rubbed my pussy for some time and removed my panty till knees. He touched my pussy and spread it with his fingers and he inserts a small cube of ice.It was making me mad and I was not able to move and started breathing heavily and some noise was coming bursa escort from me which I could not control. He said me not to make noise and enjoy. I tried not to make noise but it was not easy to stop. He then removed my bra and was sucking my breast. Now he was biting my nipples. My nipples were erected he pulled it and was rolling with pressure.I was enjoying it. In that time ice melted and I was relaxed he then removed my panty and rubbed it again. He applied the lube to my pussy and waited. In a couple of minutes, I felt something entering my pussy. He inserted something and whispered enjoy! And he switched the button on, it was a vibrator, he kept moving the vibrator in and out and was focusing on my clits. He asked me how is it.I could hardly speak and was moaning. He then increased the speed of the vibrator to full. I kept moaning heavily till I orgasmed. It was an intense orgasm, the vibrator was covered in fluids. He then removed my handcuffs and blindfold. I saw him naked and he removed the vibrator from my pussy. It was a tongue shape vibrator which plays like a tongue. He said it’s a gift for you.I then hugged him and lied on the bed he came in the top of me and we were kissing then he sucked my breast again and was rubbing my pussy. Then he got up and brought his mouth near my pussy. I spread up my legs and he started biting me into my pussy and was licking them with force. He was sucking my clits. I orgasmed and he sucked everything. Then I took his dick in mouth and was moving my mouth up and down and was licking the tip. Then kept a whole dick in my mouth and was sucking them.Later he made me lie on the bed and he climbed on me and he was rubbing his dick on my pussy. I spread my legs and guided his dick inside me. He entered his whole dick inside and was moving in and out. I said him to increase the speed he did and he kept fucking me. My Breast was moving up and down due to force. Then I wrapped my legs around him with his dick inside me and he was sucking my nipples.Then he said me to come in doggie position, I took that position supporting my self on the bed I was facing the mirror, he then spanked me a lot then he streatch my ass and insert his dick in my pussy and was started fucking me from behind and was rubbing my pussy with one hand. I could see in the mirror my breast was moving front and back, he then left my ass and grabbed my breast and was pressing and fucking me. I was going to orgasm I said him to keep his dick inside till I orgasm. He kept fucking me and I orgasmed.He then removed his dick and fluids were dripping from my pussy. His dick was covered in fluids. I was breathing heavily. Then he lied on the bed and I climbed on top of him facing him I grabbed his dick and he guided it in my pussy I sat on him and was moving my hips up and down and then front and back. Then I bend in front of his mouth to make him suck my nipples. He sucked them and I was moving my hips. He was pressing one breast and was pulling my nipples.In some time I orgasmed on him. I was very tired and lied on the bed. He then climbed on me and entered his dick into my pussy and hold my palm for support and kept fucking me. After fucking for some time we both orgasmed. He orgasmed inside me it was warm I wrapped him during orgasm and started moaning heavily. I was not sure whether Mangesh and Anjali have heard my moaning voice or not. Then we slept naked, In the morning I said my boyfriend that I enjoyed last night. He went to freshen up.Then I went to freshen up. I came out and wore the red transparent lingerie in front of him. I said him to go for breakfast and I’ll join in some time. Mangesh, Anjali, and my boyfriend went for breakfast. I was searching clothes in my bag to wear. In some time someone knocked the door I asked whose this? I got the answer as Mangesh then I opened the door, he said he have forgotten his phone in his room. I let him entered the room he saw me in transparent lingerie.He said wow and said your boyfriend is damn lucky to enjoy you yesterday night. I asked him whether you hear my voice? He said yes and said I hear you moaning so much. Then I replied him in a naughty way even you can be lucky too. I locked the door and took him inside the room and grabbed his hand put on my breast. He started pressing me. I then pushed him to the wall and removed his jeans and inners and took his long dick out and moved my hand up and down.It got fully erected then I got on my knees and licked the tip of his dick and then took his whole dick in mouth and started moving my face and gave him deepthroat. Then I got up and removed my bra. He again was pressing my breast and sucking the other. Then I took his hand and put inside in panty, he started rubbing my pussy. Then he removed my panty, I was naked in front of him and again got down on my knees and gave him deep throat. I enjoyed his dick so much it was long and broad.Then I took support in the wall and brought his dick near my pussy and rubbed his dick on my pussy then I guided him inside and said him to fuck me. He inserted his whole dick inside me it was broad and long. It was full of pleasure and pain when dick was getting in and coming out. I was moaning and he was fucking me with his full strength. Then I lied on the bed and he climbed on me and kept fucking me his dick was stimulating my clits. I orgasmed and he was going to orgasm so he stopped.I forced him to keep fucking me till he orgasms. In some time he said he is going to orgasm, I said him to orgasm inside me. He ejaculated inside me, it was warm. Then I said him not to tell anything to my boyfriend. He agreed. I asked him whether he wants to enjoy me again? He said yes then I made him another bursa escort bayan request that I want to try a threesome and said him to get one of his friends at his place after three days. And not to tell anything to anyone. He agreed and said not to worry.He then took his phone and went for breakfast and then I cleaned up dressed and went for breakfast. We again met at breakfast counter in the hotel. Mangesh took less food for breakfast. I asked him whether he is fine or not? And asked him why so less breakfast?. He said I had my breakfast in a room with you. As my boyfriend was sitting far from breakfast counter, I replied Mangesh wait for three days, I will give you breakfast lunch and dinner in your home.We then had our breakfast and check out the rooms and left for home. My boyfriend dropped Mangesh and Anjali. And after that, he dropped me and went. We reached night and all were tired. After two days I said, my boyfriend, that I will go to my home for two days. Then I called Mangesh and said him you also tell my boyfriend that you won’t be in the home for two days and asked him whether your friend is ready for a threesome. He replied yes then I said him tell Anjali too that you won’t be here for two days.In morning, I reached Mangesh house, he welcomes me and said he is damn excited to have me and said he could not sleep the whole night. He took me to his bedroom and I sat on the bed. Then opened his clothes and made him naked and hold his dick and started rubbing it up and down. It was erected I licked his tip and slowly was taking in my mouth. I kept doing this for fifteen minutes.Then I opened my mouth wide and took his dick deep into my mouth and was sucking it. Later he removed my clothes and I was in the transparent lingerie. I removed lube and condoms from my bag. I asked him when is your friend coming? He said he have said him to come two hours late and said first I will have you alone. I lied in the bed and he climbed on me and smooched me.Then he kept biting me on my neck and came to my breast. He removed my bra and touched my erect nipples. And was licking them I was enjoying him. He kept licking me till stomach and then removed my panty. I spread my legs said him to take your breakfast he obeyed and started licking my pussy. He was inserting his tongue into my pussy. It was awesome and was licking my clits. I grabbed his head and pushed his head into my pussy during orgasm. He licked everything.Then he spread my legs and started rubbing his dick on my pussy entrance and he and climbed on me. We were in missionary position and he holds my both palm tightly and pushed his dick into my pussy. I was moaning with pleasure and some pain. He was moving his dick in and out. His dick was stretching my pussy to get in more. He kept fucking me in that manner and my breast was moving up and down.Then I came in doggie position and he stretched my ass and put some lube on his dick and entered his dick into my pussy. He kept fucking me in the same position. My back started hurting in doggie position and was tired, I said him to stop with his dick inside me and started moving my ass I was very tired. Then I made him lie in the bed and climbed on him and guided his dick into my pussy. I was moving up and down and some time was moving my hips front and back. I was moving at a speed so my breast was jumping up and down.He then grabbed my breast and started pressing my breast. I then bought my breast to his mouth and made him lick my erect nipples and at the same time, I was getting fucked. In some time we both orgasmed, he ejaculated inside me, his dick was covered with fluids. We both rested on the bed for one hour. Then Mangesh said his friend will come in some time and said me to not to tell that We enjoyed before and said me to dress. I wore my clothes againThen the bell rang and he went to open the door and his friend came. He introduced me to his friend Mridul. He was looking at me with full of lust. He whispered, “she is such hot slut”. I looked at Mangesh then he said, “she is a friend, not a slut. She wanted to try threesome so I called you”. Then we all went to the bedroom. I sat in bed one by one both started removing my clothes. Now I was in my transparent lingerie.Mridul whispered Looking me in transparent lingerie that she is a hot bomb and a hot slut. Mangesh then removed my bra, and Mridul removed my panty and he kept staring me from top to bottom. I was feeling shy and I diverted my attention. Mridul then touched and pressed my breast, and was rubbing my pussy with the other hand, Mangesh was removing his clothes and got naked. Then Mridul also got naked.I said them to stand together, then I went to them and grabbed their dicks with both hands and was rubbing them up and down. Both dicks became rock hard. I place both of them on the wall to get them support and got on my knees and took Mangesh dick in mouth and started sucking it and was rubbing Mridul’s dick then I took Mriduls dick and was rubbing Mangesh dick, I gave both of them deep throats.After some time, I went to bed and lied, both of them came and started eating my breast. Both of them were biting my nipples. I liked it so much it was pleasurable. Then both of them starting rubbing my pussy. Now I was turned on. Mridul came between my legs and I spread my legs for him. He first started kissing my thighs and then came into pussy.He kept licking my pussy and stretch my pussy lips and kept licking inside. His tongue was stimulating my clits as well he kept sucking over my pussy. It was really awesome and was going to orgasm, I grabbed his face tightly on my pussy and orgasmed in his mouth. He licked everything. I was breathing heavily and escort bursa gave both of them condoms to use. Mridul wore the condom and I lied in a way that both can fuck me.Mridul started rubbing his dick on entrance and he inserted his dick into my pussy and started moving in and out. It was a dotted condom and my clits were again stimulating at the same time. I was moaning with mouth wide open and took Mangesh dick in mouth. Both dicks were going in and out, one in pussy and other in the mouth I felt like a slut but still was enjoying so much as it was my fantasy.Then they both orgasmed. After some time Mangesh wore a condom and entered my pussy and kept fucking me, and Mridul got an erection, he brought his dick near my mouth and I took it and he started moving in and out. After fucking me for some time both orgasmed. Mridul inserted deeply into my mouth and orgasmed. We rested for a while.When both gained erections. I came in dog position Mridul grabbed my ass and insert his dick inside without a condom and started fucking me. He was rubbing my clits with one hand and pressing my breast with another hand. Then I took Mangesh dick in mouth and was sucking it. They both were fucking me in doggie position. In some time my back started hurting. I stopped them but Mridul did not obeyed me and kept fucking me and orgasmed inside me. As he left me I lied in bed to rest.After sometime Mangesh lied on the bed beside me. I climbed and laid on the top of him. And he guided his dick into my pussy. He started fucking me, looking this Mridul both his dick near my mouth, I ignored him and slapped his testicles as he was forcing to take his dick. He sat on the bed due to pain after some time he wore a condom and came behind me spread my ass and tried to put his dick in my ass.He forced His dick inside and I screamed a bit. Mridul said you are really a slut and kept fucking my ass. Both idiots were inserting the dick same time into my pussy and ass. It was fucking painful. I said both of them to insert one by one. They obeyed and I orgasmed so much. My pussy was wet and Mangesh was fucking me with ease. They kept fucking me and both orgasmed inside me. It was warm. Mangesh was tired so much. We all lied on the bed to take rest. Mangesh went to sleep for some time.Mridul started pulling my nipples and came to lick my pussy again. He kept sucking my clits and I was enjoying again. Then climbed on me and wore a condom, spread my legs inserted his dick into my pussy, And he slept on me and was fucking me. I grabbed his palm and spread our hand parallel to take support and whispered him to fuck your slut harder.He kept fucking me with all strength. In some time I removed his condom and made him lie in bed and I climbed on him. He guided his dick into a pussy and I was moving my hips up and down the front and back, I kept fucking him. I bought my nipples to his mouth to suck, he was biting my nipples and pulling them from teeth.Then I stopped and came in doggie position and made him enter my pussy. He was fucking me with full strength, my breast was moving rapidly. He grabbed my breast and said it so soft and kept pressing it. I was enjoying then I said him I am going to orgasm. He started rubbing my clits harder and was fucking me harder. I orgasmed so much some fluids was dripping from my pussy. It was lubricated he grabbed my ass and kept moving my ass front and back. I was not able to be in doggie position.I again lied on the bed and spread my legs wide and he kept fucking me after some time he orgasmed inside. Then we all rested and I went to bath. After the bath, I came out with wet hairs and wearing a towel. Both of them kept watching me. I asked them what happened? Mridul replied we have seen you naked, why are you covering yourself.I replied I am going now. I have done with you guys and was going to wear clothes. Mridul stopped me and said what about night. I said him that I will think about that later. I was quite hungry so I send Mangesh to get some food for us. And Mridul went to bath. I was changing the bed cover and Mridul freshened up and came so early. I switched on the tv.He came and sat near me and kept asking me a personal question. I replied him some questions. Then I sat on the bed and was relaxing. Mridul was trying to remove my towel I said him no. He again brought his mouth near my pussy and said I want to eat. I said him nothing and lied on the bed. And spread my legs again, he was fingering and licking my pussy.I asked him whether he had sex before? He replied once with his girlfriend. Then he asked me same Question, I replied him that I had slept with 8-9 boys and maybe 3 girls. He was shocked. And stopped eating my pussy. I asked what happened he kept silent and again started eating my pussy. I orgasmed and he licked me dry.We then had our food and went to roam in society. After getting refreshed we went to have our dinner. It was a late night to leave for home I thought to stay at night in Mangesh home. I was quite tired when I entered Mangesh home I removed my clothes and was in my lingerie and went to bed. Mangesh and Mridul also came in bed and slept beside me. In some time Mangesh slept and I was going to sleep suddenly Mridul grabbed my breast and started pressing. In some time he inserted his hand into my panty and was rubbing my pussy. I was enjoying and let him do.Suddenly, his erected dick touched my ass. He was rubbing his dick from his inners in my ass. I was turned on, I whispered Mridul to remove his dick and he obeyed. I removed my panty to my knees and I grabbed his dick and guided into my pussy. He held me tightly and started fucking me from the side. He was pressing my breast. I was enjoying so much.Then I faced towards him and he started fucking me again. I then orgasmed. In some time, even he orgasmed inside me. It was warm. We then slept the whole night, in morning I left for my home.Please drop your valuable feedback as comments

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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