Body Corporate Chapter 7

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Body Corporate Chapter 7\1757 words .85Chapter 7The Auction(Sheila’s Despair)The auction took place in the family room that Cindi like to refer to as the dungeon. A stage was set up at one end and chairs were placed all around the room in a theatre style. George was the auctioneer. Before the auction began the slaves were brought into the room then hung on hooks along the walls. It was like being at an art auction. This made it easy for the different masters to examine the bodies in anyway they wished by just walking around the room. The women were hung about two feet off the floor by their wrist, ankles, arms, legs and tits.Cindi who was not to be auctioned off, was to be the hostess and work the room, but with a big difference. Cindi was exceptionally beautiful this night and wore nothing with exception of a belt around her waist. On this belt she had several style whips and crops, and many different size dildos for the use of the masters during the evening. From her tits hung a tray of cigars and an ashtray. It was her duty to entertain the men as they were bidding for a new slave. This was a monthly event where all the slaves were thrown into the auction and the masters went after the one that they wanted next. But this evening Sheila who chose to be auctioned off for life, was also to be sold. She would be the first to go.Sheila was lead to the stage, made up to the nines. She was a radiant redhead, which was rare in this crowd of women. She had gone through the year and came out as promised with no scares or alterations to her body. She was in perfect condition and would be easy to fall for and in this case Master #5 did. She knew nothing about this man except that in one month she fell in love with him. No one knew how he treated her or why she wanted to serve him for life. It was suspected by the girls that he used her very gently with little or no cruelty. Some of the girls had been his slave and found him softer then most.Sheila was first hung up with spreaders on her hands and feet so everyone could clearly see all her joy holes. Once in the air she was slowly rotated so they could see her perfect condition. As she rotated George examined her and explain to the gathering how smooth and soft her skin was, how long her legs were making her good for fucking bahis siteleri etc etc.He played in her cunt describing how it felt inside. He went up her ass telling everyone that it was a very welcoming ass. Opened her mouth and telling them how nice it would be to put a cock in there. While there he showed her beautiful white teeth in perfect condition. He examined her hair and showed off its colour in the spot light. George was doing his job and then some. Sheila didn’t want anyone else interested in her and this guy was doing his best to get more bidders. There was no other reason for this as every master had used and abused her in the last year.At this auction the buyers could request anything they wanted done to the slave up for bids. The bids were to open at $10,000.00 for this Corporate Body, which Master #5 did before anyone could request an ordeal for her. The other men were not going to let it happen, request started to come in; she was going to be looked at thoroughly before she left the stage. The first request was to see how large her cunt was. Someone yelled out George stick your cock in there. George had done these auctions on many occasions and always looked forward to them. He was no master but tonight he had the same power over the women. He knew he was not to go off but still he could pound her for a few minutes. He immediately arranged Sheila so he could ram her good. He had a good size hammer, so he gave the men a bit of a show as Sheila swung back and forth against him. After a couple minutes another yelled out, put a bottle in there. Out came a wine bottle and Sheila was raised some more so George could ram a wine bottle up her cunt. Sheila was starting to get aroused with George’s cock so was enjoying the bottle as it was being thrust in and out. Not to be left out another master wanted a baseball bat inserted. Sheila was very concerned at this request as she had many things stuck up her cunt but not a baseball bat. George honoured the request pushing the handle in until someone yelled, no the other end. So it was turned around and although Sheila was aroused somewhat her cunt was still not large enough to accept a bat. George started to push but it was difficult and Sheila started to cry out in pain. With that Master#5 stood canlı bahis up and announced “You have reached her limit.” No one disagreed so the bat was removed. The next request was for Sheila to give George a blowjob and see how fast she could get him off. She was lowered to George’s cock and took him in her mouth. George was not to move and let Sheila do all the work. It was obvious she knew what she was doing sucking, licking, kissing and swallowing his 10-inch cock. George was in heaven and it was plain to see Sheila was enjoyed it also. Another order rang out before he could come, George stick it up her ass. He pulled out turned her around and with one big push rammed his manhood up her ass the full ten inches with Sheila protesting the way she was punctured. It didn’t slow him down he kept pushing just like a piston in and out. He wanted to go off at this point but he was requested to go back to her mouth and continue his activities there. George was not going to be allowed to go off as he had all night to go. He had to stop when another bid was offered for $15,000.00. Sheila panicked when she heard another voice bidding for her and she recognized it. Of all the masters she served in the past year she never wanted to see this one again. He had the farm and it is where all her worst nightmares had come true.Master #5 came back immediately with a $20,000.00 bid. Before another bid could be made a request for whipping was put on the floor. George took a whip and started Sheila rotating so he could strike her all over. He started gently but the masters would not have it. Put some power into those swings we want to hear her cry for mercy. How much could she take, was the point of this exercise. At first Sheila took the lashes with little emotion but as they became harder and more frequent she let out a cry every time the whip landed. She was showing the signs of her punishment and tears were rolling down her cheek. Before her man could come to the rescue Cindi’s master stopped it and told George to stop and put the whip up her cunt and have her hold it there, which he promptly did. Cindi was unaware of the goings on as the uninterested masters were continually using her, they had no interest in Sheila but Cindi was another matter. She was the new girl on güvenilir bahis the block. Cindi didn’t get by the first master sitting near the door he wanted her to sit on his face he needed a little cunt juice to start the evening. With that Cindi spread her cunt and sat on his face. He licked and sucked and bit her but at the same time was also giving Cindi sexual pleasure although she knew she couldn’t go off without her Masters permission. Just as Cindi’s cunt was coming alive he stopped, sending her on her way.As she was cleaning her cunt juices off her leg another master pulled her back almost sending the trays hanging from her tits flying and inserted his cock into her ass and started lifting her up and down on it. The trays were swinging back and forth throwing the cigars on the floor. He couldn’t care less. It took only a minute or two of pumping in her ass to make him come. As he pulled out cum slowly dripped to the floor. Cindi was ordered to clean the floor with her tongue and not to miss anything. She did as she was told. While down there a watching master pulled a whip from her belt and gave her several across her ass, which immediately showed results. It was very apparent that Cindi was the centre of attention for most of the men. Cindi’s ass was new to this whipping and reacted quickly to the strikes. Cindi’s Master announced to the crowd that time was flying, so this piece of meat must be sold. The bid was now $20,000.00 but the farmer wasn’t going to leave it there he upped it another $5,000.00. Sheila wondered why he was doing this he didn’t indicate he was interested in her while she was his slave. The opposite was the case. She fought him everyday. Sheila hated being degraded on a daily basis. She was waiting for her favourite master to up the bid but she heard nothing. She couldn’t find him in the room. He had left for a moment thinking the demonstrations would continue on for a while so didn’t hurry back. George hearing no more bids yelled out, “going once, going twice, going three times sold to the master farmer”. Sheila was yelling, screaming and fighting she couldn’t go to him for life, she just couldn’t. With that the farmer shouted, “get that horse fucker over to me”. With that he stuck a horse bridle in her mouth and dragged her out of the room. She was hysterical. A lifetime in the mud with pigs, horses, dogs, cats, chickens and cows she couldn’t take it, she would rather die. She was taken to the holding cell to await transport to her new permanent home.

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