Careful what you wish for.. I’m regretting it

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Careful what you wish for.. I’m regretting itCAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR…I don’t know whether to be happy or pissed about this, but if anything I’m really confused now, what was supposed to be a romantic getaway turned into either a nightmare or a dream come true… My wife and I had been married since teens. Although she was a little more “experienced” than I (only having one other girl) we had been true to each other for 20+ years… I would often ridicule her about numerous different fantasies only to be shot down by a prude “get real I’m not into that” responses. Honestly though I was a very jealous man. She was a very attractive dark skinned curvy lady that had attention of nearly every man that has ever laid eyes on her. I couldn’t bare the idea of her ever really being with another man. As we have been getting older my once fantasies have grown stronger and occasionally find myself watching “please screw my wife” videos and immagining it were my wife and I. I still know that I would not be able to go through with it but I still continue to half tease her about the ideas if only as a fantasy feeder for myself. Recently after 25 years together and 20 years married I had planned a weeks vacation at a very romantic resort. It’s rare for us to get time together let alone with no c***dren. While traveling for the week of bliss I did my usual picking “come on flash the next car we go by” and such. Only to be met by the usual response. I know when to stop because she gets irritated and her Italian temper comes out. So we arrive and this place is amazing. Truly a newlyweds paradise! We fill the first day with amazing time together and the thought of sex that night really had me hard all day. When we returned to the room that night, she informed me that she had ordered something to help set the mood. All I could think was she had ordered wine, and she gets very open and lacks inhibition when she drinks wine. A few moments later the door to the room gets a knock. She tells me to wait there and walks over to the door… I watch her as she opens the door and gets the wine, the delivery boys eyes light up and I’m totally confused, she gives him a tip and shuts the door. As she turns around I noticed that she had unbuttoned her shirt before opening the door and there was a clear view of her tits. A moment of anger came over me and she could tell, she immediately said “honey you always say it is your fantasy to have me flash someone” she went on and defended herself till it made sense… I could also see her nipples her fully erect and could tell this had also excited her. We went on to have the best sex we had ever had that night in what I thought was a never ending cycle of orgasms from a usual once and done wife. I think the excitement was more than we both could handle. The following day we filled with fun activities but I just could not get the image of her show out if my head. I was torn between jealousy and excitement. This was definitely a memorable trip if any thing. as the second day wound to an end I found myself getting more excited… We talked very little about what happened the night before and the realization was that even though this was a once in s lifetime deal what a memory it made. We got back to the room and we briefly discussed going to check the night scene out and my wife dressed in a beautiful outfit, skirt short enough to show just enough leg above her knee high boots and s cute shirt. We were discussing if either of us had it in us after last night when a knock came to the door. Sure enough the wife went to the door and said there was room service with more wine. I told her to answer it and she did. I was getting excited thinking back to the night before, thinking what did she karşıyaka escort have planned for tonight. She opened the door and I couldn’t hear exactly what was said but I saw her hand a receipt for her to sign. She fumbled with the pen and dropped it behind her… She turned around I must say I was actually a little let down that her shirt was still fully buttoned. She bent over and fumbled with the pen, then stood up turned back around and signed for the wine and shut the door. She came back and I joked with her “ah so the older bell boy didn’t get the honor of a great show eh? I see how it is only tease the young guys” at that she just snickered and turned around to take the bottle to the kitchenette. About half way there she stopped and bent over as to get something off the floor. When she did her skirt came up and I had a full unblocked view of her fresh shaved pussy. She sat there as long as she had fumbling with the pen, and it was plentyOf time for me to see that she was excited and her pussy lips were wet. She turned back And said “don’t worry honey I didn’t disappoint him at all. OR YOU” I didn’t know what to say. No one had seen her pussy other than myself in the last 20 years. Was this too far? At that she noticed my attitude change and she grabbed my hand and pulled it down to her hot wet pussy. she explained to me that she was only doing this for me. She would do anything to meet my wants. She assured me she would never take anything further than what I approved of. We talked for a bit and we both decided we would rather stay in than go out. We laid beside each other as my mind raced and we both fell asleep with the wild thoughts running through our minds. We both awoke and realized that sleep had ruined what we both figured would have been another crazy night of sex. Being she is not a “morning person” I figured I wouldn’t push the fact and suggested spending the time with a great breakfast overlooking the lake. The day played out beautifully, involving hiking, horseback riding and a secluded stroll to a back woods lake. Once there we were overcome with the desire to swim and both had our clothes off and jumped in the water as if we had read one another’s mind. This trip so far was like something from a movie, nothing less than perfection. Time for away from us and before we knew it we were hiking back to the resort in the dark arriving just in time to clean up and have an amazing dinner. We both had only a few drinks and decided to head to the room. We arrived at the room and playful picking about the previous two nights had me begging her to make another wine order. She was was reluctant and insisted that she had already gone way beyond her comfort zone. I know I probably shouldn’t have but again i pleaded with her, till could tell she was getting upset, had I pushed too far? Up she went and into the bathroom and I heard her turn the shower on. This was just another case where I didn’t know where to stop.My wife emerged about 15 minutes later, fresh from the shower hair pulled up and in her robe and just ignored me and went about her business… This was just what I did not want, to ruin a perfect weekend getaway. A few minutes passed and I began to talk to try and mend what I had done when I was interrupted by a knock on the door. She got up and walked towards the door and just before opening it looked out the peep and turned to me and in a harsh voice said “remember you asked for this, don’t hold it against me” and then turned to the door. As she opened the door there was room service with a bottle of wine, I was so confused at this point. I heard her tell the man, “I’m sorry I honestly don’t have a tip for you” and at that released her hand karşıyaka escort bayan keeping her garments closed to grab the wine which allowed her bathrobe to fall open to expose everything to the young man. She turned to me and walked towards me and told him come in ill get the tip. I could see that everything was open for the seeing. She was totally nude under the robe. The young man came in and closed the door behind him, she heard the door close and looked at me almost as if for approval with a really worried look on her face, I was speechless, didn’t know what to say. I just stared blankly as she turned around. She slowly walked towards the server and pulled the robe back onto her shoulders exposing every inch of her beautiful body and said “I know this may sound strange but will you help me fulfill my husbands fantasy” with a nervous look he looked at me and looked back at my wife’s curvy body and with a shaking in his voice said of course. She walked up to him and grabbed his hand and slowly rubbed his hand down her neck across her nipples and circled her breasts. She dropped the robe to the floor and walked him over to the bed and set him on the edge of the bed. She looked at me and asked… Is this what you want? You want a handsome young man feeling my breasts? I was in a trance, paralyzed to a point. I tried to speak but didn’t know if I was pissed or excited… I could tell by the reaction in my pants it was mostly excited. She turned around and sat on his lap. She slowly rubbed back and forth and pulled his hands around her to play with her nipples. I was speechless up to this point, she looked at me and said “careful what you wish for ” and laid back on him lifting her legs up and open. She guided his hands down to her now soaked pussy and he took over. With one hand he was rubbing her fully erect throbbing clit, with the other he was going two then three fingers deep in her pussy. It was only a matter of minutes before she threw her head back… pulsating her pussy into his hand. Her breathing quickened and she let out a loud moan in pleasure. I could not believe it! Another man had just given my wife an orgasm right in front of my eyes! My wife stood up and turned around to the young man, and asked if that was enough of a tip in which she got a real quick “yes ma’am” she turned to me and said now is that what you wanted? Are you hard yet? The young man got up off the bed and awkwardly began to walk away. You could tell he was having a hard time walking and hiding his hard on. As he walked towards the door my wife turned to me as in s sarcastic voice proclaimed, “that was for you, now this is for me” she walked over and stood between him and the door and looked him square in the eyes and said “I don’t think my husband has had enough yet” . She slowly pulled his shirt off and rubbed down his chest and over his pants to feel his cock. She looked around him and smirks at me, and says “you always want to stretch me out, I think this will do” . She pushes him back over to the bed and into his back. She slowly unzips his pants and pulls them down to reveal this young man thick cock at full attention. I tried to stop it at this point, outright telling her no, you’ve gone too far now, she simply looked at me and stared deep in my eyes. After all, his cock was not overall long maybe an inch or two longer than mine, but it was as thick as my wrist. The jealousy was getting the best of me and I couldn’t let this Go any further. Someone seeing and even touching my wife was one thing… But there was no way I was going to stand to let her touch someone else’s huge cock. She just stared deep in my eyes and again I could see she had this totally thought escort karşıyaka out and there was no turning her back… She continued to look at me while she wrapped her hand around the thick shaft. Her hand did not even reach all the way around it, this thing would destroy her. She broke eye contact only to look at his cock which was not starting to drip with pre cum. Her eyes lit up twice the size as she took her first look at his cock at full fill. Next she did the last thing I’ve ever thought possible. In the 20 years married she has given me head MAYBE 8 times. This was not stopping her, she Knew what would get me. She put her mouth down on the head of his cock and tried for all her worth to put it into her mouth. She barely got the head of his cock into her mouth and played with his balls with the other. Within minutes I could see his hips going and knew he was going to fill her mouth with his load, a couple pulses in and his load filled her mouth and began pushing out past her lips. She pulled his cock and stroked it where he continued to blow a half dozen more spurts onto her tits. She signaled me with her finger to come over, she put her hand on my cock and felt it was harder than ever before, she once again signaled me to come closer, she grabbed the back of my head and put a deep kiss on to me where I could taste the pungent jizz that she was holding in her mouth.. I pulled back and screamed what the fuck. She swallowed the rest in her mouth and said now do you see why I don’t like it? . I argued enough was enough, she had proven her point. She looked back at the young man laying naked in the bed with his cock emptied and laying on his stomach. She looked back at me and said ” i keep doing this for the both of you what about me?” I pleaded but knew there was no stopping her. She climbed up on the bed and his cock instantly grew to max capacity again. She straddled over him and put the huge head against her pussy, I could see from where I was sitting her pussy was soaking wet, but even with all the lubrication the huge cock was not going in, for a moment I had a bit of relief thinking it would never happen, then with one huge shove he burst his pelvis up and there was a pop as his cock made its way into her pussy. She grabbed the sheets and gasped for air with her head back, now it was her that was paralyzed. As she was catching her breath one more time he burst his hips up and forced every inch of his cock into her pussy, she took one last deep breath and screamed as if she was in the worst pain of her life, but moments later after a brief freeze she began rhythmic pulses up and down on the thick shaft. It felt like eternity but it was merely a dozen thrusts and her head threw back again, she pushed all her might and forced as deep down on him as possible and started grinding her clit to his pelvis. She let out an enormous scream as she began to orgasm. I couldn’t help myself, my cock was on my hand. She kept going, she literally came for a minuteGetting more and more violent with the grinding. Finally she collapsed, tits on his face and then fell to her side on the bed. She screamed and pleaded for him to pull it out, he got up for a second and she held her stomach almost as if in pain. Looked at me and smiled then back at him. He looked back at her and said he was not done which he quickly got the same response I have in the past. Go ahead and finish. He lined his cock up to her pussy and one more time slammed it deep in her pussy along with yet another scream. He went at it like a hammer as she screamed with every stroke he made. It wasn’t long until we could both tell he was going to cum. She pushed him off of her and grabbed his cock with both hands. She emptied another huge load onto her stomach that seemed like it was not going to end. He quickly got up and grabbed his clothes.., he was out if the room in seconds. I tried to talk to her on the way home that night and all I kept getting was “careful what you wish for” and that we will never talk about or do anything like that again

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