Craving Cole Ch. 02

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‘The next time you lie to me…’ Cole shakes his head hard and slams his foot into the stake he’s putting down. He can’t stop replaying what happened in the car and if he doesn’t get his tent up soon, he’s gonna go crazy. If it wasn’t for the sweet, musky scent of Lacey’s pussy on his finger, he’d think he fell asleep and dreamed it.

‘I’m gonna drag your ass out into the woods and turn it red where no one can hear you scream.’ What the fuck even possessed him to say something like that? He’s never hit a woman in his life! W well, not more than a couple light swats with a girl last summer. Its not usually his thing, he’s never really been into it, but the thought of really doing it, smacking Lacey’s tight little ass till it turns pink and then red…

Fuck! He has to stop this. He’s gonna start leaking precum soon and he didn’t think to wear decent jeans, just those thin ones he wears when its too hot for anything else. If he starts leaking, he’ll have to jump in the lake and he doesn’t want to have to watch his sisters while they follow right now. He’s too distracted.

‘Focus, Cole,’ he thinks to himself. Shik. That’s the last stake, all he has to do is toss his sleeping bag into his tent and he’s free. He looks over at his sisters to see if they need any help. He does not want to go over there, but he definitely doesn’t want his mom to ream him out over dinner, either. That would be great, huh? Just finished fucking this really hot girl and she gets to watch your mom chew you out over not being a good big brother when, hey, the girl just happens to be your cousin! Sounds like the best way to get back between Lacey’s knees.

He’s gonna die like this. He’s certain. In about two seconds, his cock is just going to explode all on its own.

As his inner dialogue ends, Cole sees Lacey pushing the rods through the littlest tent. She’s smiling at Rachel and it makes something inside him feel soft. Its been so long since he’s seen Lacey smile like that. Not since they were kids.

He remembers what it was like when Lacey lived up the street. In his mind, he can see her when she was just seven with dirt on her nose. The way she used to beam at him when they played. She always insisted that she was as tough as he was and would try to tackle him down. He remembers how she would always fight dirty, biting and scratching just to gain the upper hand. He remembers how she would always hide the bite marks he left when he’d fight back even when it meant wearing long sleeves in the summer.

The last time they did that was the summer before he turned thirteen. Looking back it seems most of their best memories happened in the summer, but that summer sucked. He hated that summer because that was the summer her dad found a better canlı bahis job in another state and they took away his best cousin. Seems like a stupid title but she really was. She was his best friend, the most fun person he knew.

When she came back the next summer, she was different. The loud, confident, slightly whiny girl he knew was gone. She was more quiet, more closed off. When he went to hang out with his friends, his parents had to make him take her with him. Far cry from the girl who’d run down the street chasing his bike, begging to come so she didn’t have to stay home.

When she went, she’d curl up on the porch of whoever’s house he’d gone to and read. She did that for years, then when she turned sixteen, she changed again.

He remembers how badly he wanted to nut-punch his jackass friend at the lake. Turns out quiet little Lacey was quite the flirt. And owned several bikinis. The first time she took her shirt off and dove into the water, he thought his best friend’s jaw was gonna come right off. She was just a kid! Of course, to be fair, that’s not exactly what he thought of other sixteen year old girls at the time but that’s not the point.

Cole chuckles ruefully to himself as he tears his eyes from Lacey and the girls and grabs his pole and tackle box.

“I wanna go fishin!” Little Katy’s voice is so loud and high it rips right through Cole’s next thought. It also makes him realize he wasn’t wearing a condom in the car. He stops in his tracks, halfway to the dock and a cold sweat runs down his spine. He always wears a condom. Always has, he doesn’t trust any girl. He knows lots of friends who ‘pulled out’ and got a girl knocked up. If he got Lacey pregnant… Cole shivers. He’s fucked and he knows it. As much as he leaks when he’s horny like that, he might as well have cum full out in her. His parents are going to kill him.

With that boner-killing thought, Cole continues walking toward the dock. He needs the monotony of fishing to quell his growing fear.

As he sends out his first cast, he feels the tension drain away. He loves the sound and feel of a really good cast and this was a particularly stellar one. That swish, whirr, ploomp sound always makes him feel calm. He wonders if that’s what Lacey feels like when her dad trades for her to get a massage every year on her birthday? She says its like the whole world just drains away and everything becomes so much clearer and easier to deal with. Like she’s doing her best thinking, but without ever actually having a thought.

‘Maybe she’s on the pill,’ he thinks. He knows that’s never stopped him from insisting on doubling up, but maybe this one time it’ll be ok. Besides, that was a one time thing. She seemed to like it, but she is his cousin. bahis siteleri Now, after having time to think outside of the moment, he’s sure she’ll never want to do it again. He knows she won’t tell. She might kill him, but she won’t tell their families. Not only does she have too much pride, but she’s always covered for him. Even after she changed. He bets she won’t lie to him again, though.

He chuckles to himself a little at that and within a few moments, he gets his first nibble. Its a light one but that doesn’t always mean anything. He reels in his line a little in jerky spurts. Fish always fall for that.

Just as the fish starts seriously nibbling, his sisters start tramping and yelling their way up the dock and it scares off the fish. His shoulders scrunch up and he thinks about yelling at them, but they don’t mean it and he knows it. Besides, it would just piss off his mom and Don.

“Shh, everyone take soft steps. We’re gonna scare off the fish.” At Lacey’s whispered reminder to the girls, Cole starts reeling in his line. There’s no point in trying to stay there. He knows how the girls are.

From further down the dock, Cole casts again. Its much quieter here. Between the water and the woods, he almost can’t hear his sisters yammering away. He finds himself looking back at the sight they make. Lacey is passing out poles and setting each girl in their spot.

He knows how much she hates fishing, they all do, but she never truly seems to mind watching the girls as long as they bait their own hooks. She doesn’t get why Mom and Don make her go fishing and camping, but he sure as hell does. She’s a free babysitter. They get to fuck like rabbits all week while Lacey watches all the girls. He knows he should help her, but the truth is that he doesn’t want to. When Lacey comes out, he gets a break, too. Its nice knowing that he can just fish for a couple hours while she takes care of all the yelling, screaming, pouting fights his sisters get into. Normally babysitting is his job. Its nice to see it off to someone else.

He takes a deep breath and sighs contentedly. It feels good to fish again. For the next he-doesn’t-know-how-long, he loses himself to the feeling of the pole in his hands, the whirr and click of cast and reel, the nibbling of fish. He catches a few, but they’re small and its early so he lets them go back to the lake.

All of a sudden, he feels a little tug on his shorts. He looks down to see little Kelly.

“Becky tangled up my line and Lacey won’t fix it!” the little girl whines. He knows damn well by the tone in her voice that’s not exactly what happened, but he’s already lost the fish he was baiting so he reels in and walks over to where Lacey is now reffereeing four of his seven sisters bahis şirketleri in a fight over who tangled who’s line.

He stands for a second and listens. He begins to realize the problem. “Rebecca Marie, you know you can’t stand in Kelly’s spot, even if she does have more nibbles.”

“My momma said I could stand anywhere I wanted to,” Becky replies with all the attitude she can muster in her five year-old body.

“That’s a damn lie and you know it, Becky,” Cole says calmly.

“No its not! I heard her!” Katy says in Becky’s defense.

“Now you’re both lying and I know it. Y’all both know better than to lie to your family. You’ll be lucky if I don’t tell mom you both said it.”

At this, all hell breaks loose with Bethany offering to tell herself, real glee in her voice and the two girls insisting its true and begging him not to tell in turns. Kelly just sits down and starts to cry about her line being tangled and Breanna yelling at them all to “shut up, you’re scarin off all the fish!”

“Stop it, stop it! Right now, all of you. Stop!” Lacey’s voice finally makes it through the din and the girls slowly become quiet. “Bethany, you will do no such thing. Becky, Katy, you will not lie to me again, I don’t care what context your mother said it in. Standing together just does not work and if you do it again, I swear to God, I will pack every last one of you up and you will be done fishing for the day. Now keep it quiet and go back to fishing unless you are directly in this tangle, am I clear?”

Cole is impressed. Not because of what she said, but because they actually seem to listen to it.

“I don’t care who did what or why, I want you to both sit down by the coolers and stay there until I finish untying this knot.”

The girls walk over and all of a sudden, its just him and Lacey. Alone but still clearly visible.

“Can you help me untie this?” She looks up at him from her spot on the boards of the dock.

“I think you got this. You’ve done it before. Besides, its really a one person job.” He just wants to go back to fishing. He’s in danger of popping wood, right there.

“No, Cole,” she looks up at him through thick lashes, her eyes filled with lust. “You don’t understand… I forgot how.”

Cole almost drops his fishing pole as his cock fills with blood so fast he feels light-headed. She lied to him. She lied to him on. Fucking. Purpose.

“Excuse me?” He’s glad his voice came out mostly normal. It’s all he can do not to pin her down now and rip her skirt off.

“I said,” She starts slowly, her voice soft and a little huskier than normal, “I don’t remember how to untie these knots, Cole.”

He looks around them. All the girls are either fishing or playing hand games, so he reaches down and wraps his fingers in her hair, ripping her head back.

“Liars get punished,Lacey. You know that.” His throat is so thick he can barely swallow. His cock is throbbing in his shorts.

“I know.”

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