Dear Diary His Secret

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Dear Diary His SecretHi All – When a friend of mine who I have been with many times over the years asked me for a favor I was skeptical when he told me a married guy he knew is a closet gay. He has kept his feeling penned up all his life and only had a few encounters. My friend had told him about me and asked if I would meet him. I though about it feeling so sorry for the man I agreed.The man (Gary) contacted me and I invited hon to my home to get acquainted. That Saturday evening (his wife out of town) he stopped over. I was peaking out of the window as he pulled up “mmmm not bad” i though as he walked to the door.I was wearing a black flared dress, black seamed stockings, pink garter-belt, black panties and bra, a pink petticoat, white heels, short black wig, makeup, a pink velvet choker. He rang the bell, opening the door I smiled as he did. He introduced himself as I invited him in to the living room. I made him a drink to relax him (I do not drink) Sitting next to him as we chatted he became more at ease telling me his story. With my legs crossed My dress and petticoat hiked up just above my lower thigh so my garter straps and stocking tops showed. Wow you are so pretty he commented, Your so sweet I replied and leaned over kissing his cheek. His hand fell just above my knee as we looked each other in the eyes. Our lips met and I have to say it was one of the best kisses I ever had. His lips as soft as mine, I flicked my tongue out and he welcomed it with his. Circling his lips flicking it to his. bursa escort He slid his hand up my stocking clad leg as i uncrossed them. He wrapped his arms around me kissing me passionately. I lowered my hand to his rock hard cock and started rubbing it over top of his pants. as his fondled my thighs snapping my garter straps as he did. feeling his hand slide over top of my panties I unzipped him.We were both so hot I stopped stood up reaching out my hand looking at him with a smile. He took my hand and I led him to my private bedroom that not many have been in. The bedroom adorn with Victorian furniture i sat on the large carved 4 posted bed with a red canopy. He stood there like a statue I unbuttoned his pants and took his rock hard cock in my hand stoking it as I leaned forward and kissed the head. He instantly grab the back of my head and I pulled off him “I know what to do honey I am not your wife no need to hold my head” He giggled as i did and let his hands fall. Taking the head in my mouth sucking it in and out licking the sides all around the head teasing it. OMG he yelled you are amazing. Pulling off him standing up and sitting him on the bed. kneeling down pulling off his pants and taking off his shoes. I stood up spinning around lifting my dress teasing him as he stoked his cock.Reaching around unzipping my dress letting it hit the floor, kicking off my heels I bent over taking his cock back in my mouth. He reached for my clitlet and pulled my panties aside moving over and starting bursa escort bayan to suck it. Remembering his situation i gave into him and laid on the bed letting him suck me (do not do that often) My little thing twitching as he serviced it as he ran his hands all over my stocking clad legs and feeling my petticoat and bra. OMG when he said “FUCK ME” Pulling his head up I asked “really honey” he said PLEASE FUCK ME. I could not penetrate with my tiny clitlet so I got up “be right back hon” i said and walked into the adjoining room. Coming back holding a black strap on cock in my hand. “will this do sweetie” his eyes opened wide reaching for it. He took it in his mouth taking as much as he could gagging as he did. (he finally was living out his life long passion).I positioned him rubbed the black toy to his waiting hole holding his hips and PUSHEEED. The head popped in as did the shaft. He screamed and I could feel him push back i started fucking him and not stopping as he moaned knowing it was ripping him open. Talking to him all the time “you fucking faggot, like being fucked slut, your a whore, etc. giving him everything he dreamed of. He was leaking pre-cum dripping from his erect cock as i pounded him as he buried his head in the pillows. Fucking him for 10 min or so I pulled out. He collapsed panting his hole side open and puckering never been used like that. I rolled him over kissing him. FUCK ME i said.Laying on my back pulling up my petticoat “this is going to be the best fuck escort bursa you ever had honey not like fucking you wife who lays there lifeless waiting for it to be over now FUCK ME and I spread my legs. He grabbed my ankles slamming his cock in me fucking me. YESSSSSSSSSSSSs he yelled his cock balls deep in me pulling out and slamming it back in YES YES YES he was yelling all the time. Looking up at him “you naught slut” i said “cum on my clitlet then lick it up as you blow me” He pulled out straddled my clitlet gushed a massive load of cum on my belly and clit. he was panting gasping for breath as he unloaded.”DO IT” i yelled, he went down licking up his own cum and taking my clitlet in his mouth sucking it swallowing his own load as he did. YESSSSSSSSSSSSs i yelled as my tiny clitlet started to flow. “swallow ever drop slut: i said as his lips went tight around it. “save some for me” i requested and he did. once complete he laid on top of me kissing and swapping the cum with each other. Making out sloppy faces i stoked his limp cock. We laid there for an hour or so taking kissing fondling each other.He spent the night and we had another session he wanted to get fucked he wanted more bigger longer and I gave him what he wanted. Had him come into me toy room and pick out the things he wanted. The next morning I made him breakfast and sat on his lap. He did not want to leave but had to before his wife got home. I told him he was the best (wanted to build him up) and he could call anytime. That Monday afternoon he sent me 2 dozen roses with a note “THANK YOU” looking at the note as I write this remembering how I gave a man his pleasure he had been after all his life. He occasionally see each other and have a great loving relationship.

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