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for D&ASo there I was on the bed on my hands and knees with one guy behind me, his cock balls deep in my ass and another guy in front of me balls deep in my throat and my wife standing in the doorway, jaw wide open. Her eyes were bugged out with the deer in the headlights shocked look on her face.My wife had always loved watching male-male action. Over the years when we have had guys come over for fun, she had always commented on how she loved to watch. She would sit and masturbate while watching the other guy and me service each other. Well one night a few months ago, we had our friend Jim over for some fun. We were talking, drinking and throwing darts. Jim asked me what I would do if I came home one night and found Grace in bed going at it with another woman. I said that considering I would probably blow a load immediately upon the discovery, I would sit and watch for a bit while I recovered before joining in. He then asked Grace what she would do if the situation was reversed. Would she like it if she found me in bed with another guy going at it? She responded with, “Oh yeah”. She had a huge smile on her face and a look like she was visualizing it in her head. That kind of got my wheels turning. She said she would watch for a bit herself before joining in on the fun.Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. I decided that based on that conversation and the fact that I know she loves to watch male-male action, I would set something up to surprise her. I contacted Jim to see if he would be available 2 weeks from Friday. He told me his wife would be out of town then and asked what I had in mind. I told him my plan of having him over along with another guy to give Grace a big surprise. I reminded him of the conversation we had that one night and wanted my wife to come home, find the three of us in bed and join in for a little orgy/gang bang action. He readily agreed. He doesn’t get much sex from his wife and when he does, it isn’t anything great. So when he has the chance to fuck my wife and me, he jumps at it knowing he is getting the best sex of his life. He asked me about the other guy. I told him I knew someone and left it at that. I told him to be at my house by 6pm Friday night.I then e-mailed mike. He is a bi guy I met on an adult personals site Grace and I belong to. I told him what I was up to and asked about 2 weeks from Friday. With in an hour I got a response back saying he would love to join in. I responded with directions to our house and told him to be there by 6pm. He sent back a two word reply “can’t wait”.Fast forward to today. I arranged with my mom to take the k**s for the night. I told Grace that I had a surprise for her tonight. She of course asked what it was. I just said she would have to wait and the only hint she would get is that the k**s were going to moms for the night. That put a little sparkle in her eye. She reminded me of her dinner meeting and that she wouldn’t be until around 7 and was out the door.Since I didn’t have to work that day, I spent the day cleaning the house. At 5 my mom picked up the k**s. I told her would get them in the morning. She said that she had something planned for the k**s for the morning and we could pick them up in the afternoon.The next hour I spent cleaning my self up. I took a bath and made sure I was cleanly shaved from balls to asshole. I trimmed the rest of my pubes very short buca escort with the trimmers. I also made sure to clean out my ass. Nothing worse than shit on a stick. Once I was satisfied with my hygiene, I put on a loose pair of shorts and a t-shirt. No underwear here. Going commando tonight. One less thing to remove later.The guys showed up right on time. Since they got to the door at the same time, the introductions took care of themselves. I got us all a beer and we sat in the living room to discuss the evening. I told them she would be home around 7pm. I said it didn’t matter who was doing what to whom, but I wanted her to walk in and find us in the middle of some hot sex of some kind. I also told them of the gamble I was taking and that if things didn’t go as I was hoping they will, they need to make themselves scarce very quickly. We would let Grace’s reaction decide that.Since this was his first time, I told Mike the rules of the house. Jim already knew them but a reminder is always good. 1) No cumming in Grace’s pussy. He could shoot anywhere else. I would prefer that he cum in my mouth. 2) What she says goes. No means no and if she calls it quits in the middle, then it’s over and he would need to get dressed and leave. No questions asked. 3) This is my home and my wife and you need to respect both. I told him if he could live by these simple rules, he would be asked back and we would have many fun times together. He agreed quickly to them.I got us all another round and suggested we watch a little porn. I put in a bi DVD and settled on to the couch. Before long the action on the screen had us all rubbing our cocks through our shorts. I decided to be the trail blazer so to speak. I stood, removed my shorts and sat back down. The others followed suit. It only took a few minutes before I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to have one of those cocks in my mouth. Since Mike’s was new, I decided to suck his first. I walked over and knelt in front of him. He opened his legs to allow me in between. He had quite the impressive hunk of meat hanging there. He was around 8 or 9 inches long and proportionately thick. His nuts appeared to be quite large as well. I reached up and felt their weight. They were warm, heavy and completely smooth shaven. I reached my tongue out and gently licked all around his sack before sliding up his shaft and engulfing the head of his cock. I slowly slid my mouth up and down his cock taking more in my mouth with each stroke. Soon I was taking his whole cock in my mouth and throat using long slow strokes. I used one of my hands to massage his balls at the same time. Mike was moaning softly and placed a hand on the back of my head. I didn’t want to go too long as I didn’t want him to cum yet. He started to try to pump faster but I gave his balls a gentle but firm squeeze to stop him. This went on for several minutes before I decided I should stop.While I was sucking on Mike, Jim moved over next Mike on the couch for a better view. I figured that since I was down there, I would give Jim the same treatment. I started on him the same way I did Mike. Since this wasn’t Jim’s first blowjob from me, he knew to sit still and let me work. He isn’t as long as Mike, about 6-7 inches like me but he is a bit thicker than both of us. I started gently licking and sucking his hairless balls. I then moved buca escort bayan slowly up his shaft licking it the entire length before taking it all the way in to my mouth. Again I used long slow strokes to make sure he received lots of pleasure without prematurely sending him over the edge.After a few minutes of this I caught the time out of the corner of my eye. It was 6:45. Grace would be home any minute. I decided we needed to move this to the bedroom and fast. I got on my hands and knees on the bed and told Mike to fuck my ass. As soon as he was in me, I told Jim to shove his cock in my mouth. They both started to pump slowly in to me.I heard Grace come home a few minutes later. I heard her call my name but I didn’t answer. I knew she would find me/us since the house is only so big. That brings us to the beginning of this story.I took Jim’s cock out of my mouth, smiled to my wife and said “surprise”. I waited for what seemed like forever for her to say or do something. Finally she came back to reality. “Well, well, well, isn’t this quite the site.” she said. The look on her face turned to pure lust. “This is definitely not the surprise I was expecting. No body move, I need to get the camera.” she said.When she came back she was completely naked. It was then that I knew my gamble paid off. She told us to resume what we were doing and started snapping pictures. She moved around us getting everything from all the different angles. She told Jim and Mike to change spots. She has seen Jim’s cock many times so his was no surprise. She did however do a double take when she saw the length of Mikes.Jim shoved his cock in to my ass in one push and started to pump slowly. Mike placed his cock to my lips. I opened wide, put my hand on his ass and pulled him to me until his cock was buried all the way in to my throat. I heard Grace say “Holy shit! He took the whole thing!” I then heard the sounds of more pictures being taken. She paid special attention to Mikes long shaft sliding out to the tip before plunging all the way back in to my mouth. I let this go on for a few more minutes before letting Mike’s cock fall from my mouth. I had Jim pull out as well.I walked over to Grace. “How do you like your surprise?” I asked. She said, “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I had a small orgasm immediately after walking in here and realizing what was going on. Here, feel what it did to me.” She placed my hand on her pussy. It was soaked and she had juices running down her leg. I said, “Well now it’s time for you to have a few more, only bigger. Just think, 3 cocks to make you scream.” With that I kissed her hard on the mouth and led her to the bed where Jim and Mike were stroking each others cock.She got on the bed and all three of us started to fondle, kiss and caress all parts of her body. Soon she lay down, spread her legs wide and said, “I need someone to lick my pussy now!” Jim dove right down and started licking her fast and furiously. Just the way she likes it when she is all worked up. Mike and I took turns kissing, sucking and licking the rest of her. She reached over and grabbed Mike’s cock and told him she needed to suck it. He was happy to oblige. He moved up and placed it in her mouth. She started slow but encouraged him to put more in her mouth until she had all she could handle in that position. I moved escort buca down to Jim and had him roll on to his side a little so I could get to his cock.We continued this was for a short time until Grace had another orgasm. I released Jim’s cock and he moved right up and placed it at the entrance to my wife’s pussy. I nodded to him to go ahead and he buried it to the hilt in one thrust. Grace let out a loud moan of approval. Jim started to pump in to her. Alternating strokes between hard and fast and long and slow. Soon Grace’s breathing was getting faster. She was grinding her pussy in to Jim’s pubic bone working up another good orgasm. She let Mikes cock out of her mouth and started telling Jim to fuck her harder. “Yeah fuck me harder. Just like that. Oh yeah. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum. Oh gooooood I’m cumming” she was saying. That was too much for Jim and he said he was going to cum too. I moved my face down to the top of my wife’s pussy and told Jim to cum in my mouth. He pulled out of Grace and stuck his cock in my mouth just as it erupted. Soon my mouth was filled with his hot jizz. I savored the flavor before swallowing the entire load. I continued to suck him until he pulled free from my mouth.I rolled over on to my back and Grace climbed on top in a 69 position. She took my cock in her mouth as she lowered her pussy to mine. Her pussy was open and swollen from just getting fucked hard by Jim. I stopped licking her long enough to tell Mike to get behind her and go doggy style. He moved up behind her and placed his cock at the entrance and started feed in his cock. I had the perfect view. It was very hot to watch his cock slide in and out of her pussy only inches above my face. Soon I resumed licking Grace’s clit. Every few licks I would lick around where cock met pussy or lick and suck Mike’s balls. Now and then he would pull out of her pussy and put his cock in my mouth, pump a few times and go back to her pussy. This went on for quite a while until Grace started grinding her clit in to my mouth and shoving back to meet Mike’s thrust. I could tell she was working up another big orgasm. Mike just started slamming in to her hard and with almost no warning, she came hard. Her juices gushed out of her pussy and covered Mike’s cock and balls as well as my face. This was all it took for him and he pulled out of her pussy and aimed his cock at my mouth. The first spurt hit my chin before I could seal my lips around his cock head. He came a huge amount. Again I savored the flavor before swallowing the load.Grace started to suck my cock as soon as Mike pulled out of her pussy. She was sucking hard. She paused briefly to wet a couple of her fingers before shoving them up my ass. It didn’t take long after she did that for me to cum in her mouth. It felt like I came forever. When I was done she spun around and did something she doesn’t do often enough. She kissed me hard on the mouth and let my load slip from her mouth in to mine. I swallowed all of that as well.We all lay on the bed resting. Each of us lost in our thoughts. I looked over at the clock and saw it was only 10pm. I looked at the guys and asked, “What time do you guys have to be home tonight?” They both said that they really didn’t have to be. I looked at Grace and said, “Well, we don’t have to get the k**s until mid afternoon tomorrow. Fell like going again after we get a little recovery time? We could play a game or something.” Her eyes lit up and she said, “You get the pad and pen, I’ll get the dice. Bring your dildos, my strap-on and the lube with you. Were going to make this game interesting.” Looks like this will be a long fun night.

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