I Fucked My Aunt

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I Fucked My AuntStory written by my friend:Hi 2 all myself Ankit. Im dong B. tech n staying in Chennai. This story z all about my sex affair with a aunty who staying in front of my room. her name is Gayatri she is one of most stunning beauty among the aunt. I had ever seen, well shaped body, beautiful lips, sexy boobs, sexy navel oh nice structure m falling love with her. I am Eng stud and she is a house wife. her husband dong job in a Mnc.So he always living outside and openly come to his home. when we got a room in front of auntie’s home first day she talked with us n tell that if any problem we can tell her. she is a little c***d having 1 years. I like k**s so m always going to her home to play with her c***d and she also make happy when m at her home she always trying to talk about my gf me also want to know sex life about her but unable to ask one day when m enter her home she milking her son with touchingHer boobs with her son’s lips m getting afraid and back but she suddenly come out n asking me to come to her home at that time my dick was so hard and I think she also observed it. And give cute smile and asked me why m back when I saw her during milking to her son m just sitting silently and looking her boobs. oh its wet and looking so sexy m just feeling that wow if I touched it then what a nice moment for me after that m back to my room and dong a hand job with thinking about aunty.Oh it’s so hard for me to control. next day again m went to her home at same time but she sitting in sofa Ankara travesti n watching movie m just asked her which movie she watching now she suddenly reply do u have any 2x movie? I’m afraid about this and reply her why she need it? Aunty tell me that uncle comes at night so she want to see it and requesting me to don’t tell it to anyone. I tell her I had some 3x movie but no 2x. She tells its ok. I’m went to my room and load 3 3x movie in my pen drive and gave it aunty again when m back to room suddenly went to bath room and dong some hand job with thinking about aunty.Oh and that night m unable to sleep my dick was so hard just thing that if now m with aunty then what it happen? Next day i ask aunty what special in yesterday night. She getting offset and tell me that uncle is now at Dubai for a work. so m feeling aunty is now want some sex so m trying her to close to me and asking some sex question to her she replied me that she unable to tell anything to me. Then m touch her that just a little nit with my hand and tell her don’t worry about it. She hug me and ask me that how she look? I reply so gorgeous with a sexy smile. again she ask me what m felling to see her ?At that time dick was so hard n touching her thigh. She just stop talking and looking to my dick. oh it was 8inch at that time just looking her she suddenly starting kissing me oh god m fully excited at that time and me also just sucking her lips wow nice taste. I was sucking her lower, which was so soft and sweet she pushed Bahçelievler travesti her tongue into my mouth and our tongues were mingling with each other and that was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted in my life, juices were flowing out of her mouth and it was fantastic. I moved lips to her ear lobes and I was sucking them,She was moaning and said to satisfy her cause she not doing sex for 5months and need it. I moved my hands to her right boob, Oh my god, that was so great, squeezed it like anything and I was pinching the nipple and I took the other boob into my mouth over the blouse and started sucking, at that time she remove her blouse and bra to do a comfort. She was so excited and squeezing my cock over the trouser and ask me to remove the trouser. m just reply her wait a moments and start kissing again.Then I reached her naval, my god it was so deep and half of my tongue went inside, as I was rolling my tongue in her naval she was moaning sexy, while kissing her naval she was fully silent at that time and just tell me to go down. I undressed her and her pussy was shaven and it was marvelous. I could not control and pushed my tongue in her pussy, deep, very deep and was touching her pussy walls with my tongue, the taste of her pussy was so good, salty and it was erupting more and more juices. aunty was moaning – aaahhh, ohhh,Ankit please enter our dick in my pussy. I was trying to take out my tongue but she pushed it again. She opened my trouser zip and pulled out my cock Balgat travesti it was 8nch long and was very thick, she asked me to turn to 69 position, I was eating her pussy and she was eating my cock, she was rolling her tongue from top to bottom and she gulped my balls into her mouth and was squeezing them in her mouth, My cock is moving in and out of her mouth very easily as it has become very slippery and the same is the case with my tongue in her pussy aunty tell me with a sexy voiceAnkit please fuck me a hard took out my cock from her mouth, turned around and pushed it in her pussy, it disappeared instantly and I was in heaven my dream aunty is under me and my cock is in her pussy, I was squeezing her boobs with my hands, rubbing the nipples with finger and exploring her mouth with my tongue and her pussy with my cock, just cannot forget this in life time continue fucking her up to 15mints.and finally exploded my cum in pussy and she had her orgasm almost at the same time,I was lying on her for few minutes with my cock inside, she said she could feel the travel of cum deep inside. After few minutes, She rolled over me and started kissing me on my lips and sucking my ear lobes and nipples, she reached my cock again and it was not fully erect, my cock and her tongue were playing with each other and slowly my cock was 8inch again. at that time aunty again tell me for a next trip m just put it my penis into her pussy she shouting aaahh uhhhhhAnd push my ass to deep center my dick in her pussy after 10mint a fully tired so m reply to aunty please aunty we dong sex at night and back to my room this is my first story to this site but it’s not story original think what it happen with me. There is some grammatical mistake so please excuse me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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