I’ll tell Mom PT 2

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I’ll tell Mom PT 2I’ll tell Mom PT 2I couldn’t believe I slept until 11. Becky was still sleeping. I slipped out to get a coffee. On my way back I ran into my next door neighbor Carroll who was just coming back from a run. She had on a sports bra and of course running shorts. Of course I always checked Carroll out she’s probably in her late twenties and has a nice tight body. Today I noticed her nipples poking out of her sports bra.Hi John, Morning Carroll. Morning? Carroll looked at her watch. Late night? I noticed you have a young lady with you, you dawg.That’s my da(u)ghter Becky. She’s in for a couple of months.Oh I’m so sorry.It’s OK. She’s still sleeping. I took her to the beach yesterday. She’s probably all tired out from the fresh air (and fucking I thought to myself)Did she have a good time?I think so. She’s at that age where she wanted to go to the nude beach.Did you take her?It’s more like I had to follow her in there.That’s way cool. I wish I had a dad like you. I would really like to go in there but I don’t cause I’m alone. Too many old pervs staring at me.Sounds like Becky. She had a comment about every person in there.What do you mean?I tried to clean it up for Carroll not wanting her to think I’m one of those old pervs. Just look at her boobs, his package that type of thing.If you don’t mind I’d like to go with you guys sometime if it’s OK with your da(u)ghter.Sure! I’ll think of a way to ask her and let you know.Good let me know. Enjoy your day. I’ve got to shower.Wow I thought I’d love to see Carroll naked. Becky probably wouldn’t like that.It’s now noon and Beckys still sleeping. I thought now’s a good time to run a razor over my balls and neaten up a bit. Then I remembered Becky telling me I should shave all my hair off, what the hell I thought so I did. I looked in the mirror. Not bad, I can always let a little bit of hair grown back when Beckys leaves.One o’clock I thought I should wake Becky up. I went in her room to get her and I heard the toilet flush. Becky came out of the bathroom naked.Dad why didn’t you wake me?I figured you needed your sleep. Lets go get something to eat.Becky put on a light color tube top. I could easily see her puffy konak escort nipples and a pair of cut offs. After we ate Becky wanted to go straight to the beach.Don’t you want to change into your swimwear first?DAD the part of the beach were going to we don’t need swimwear.OK gotcha.Same scenario as soon as we past the “nude beach” sign Becky was out of her clothes. She was commando under her shorts.I took my t-shirt off and my shorts. I too was commando.Look at you Becky said you shaved all your cock hair off.I thought you said you liked that.I do, I didn’t think you would do it.Why not. It’s what you wanted.I do. I like that look. All cock and balls.We walked down the beach for a while and found a place to sit. Becky much like yesterday commented on everyone. Becky was really taken by a fa(m)ily. A mother, father, da(u)gter and s(o)n. Imagine the possibilities.How’s that?S(o)n fucking his mother, da(u)ghter fucking her father and best of all the br(o)ther and si(s)ter fucking each other. It’s making me wet. How about the father and s(o)n DP’ing the mother or better yet the da(u)ghter. There’s always a stiff dick to fill your pussy. There’s always the mom and da(u)ghter can always eat each other out to help make them wetter and hornier. Getting their pussy nice and wet for a good hard fucking.You’d like to eat out another woman or another woman to eat you out?Moms such a prude. But yes I’d like to try it. Can you imagine another g(i)rls face buried between my legs eating me out. Her ass in the air her pussy exposed from behind or a guy face fucking me while I’m being eaten out. Maybe the guy eating her out or fucking her. The hotter he makes her the better she eats me out making me cum over and over again.I was getting a hardon from listening to my da(u)ghter. She does have a very vivid imagination. At this point anything Becky said didn’t shock me. So I figured I’d mention Carroll.I ran into my neighbor Carroll this morning, she said she likes to go to the nude beach but doesn’t like to go alone. She asked if she could come with us sometime.How did that come up.I mentioned you were staying with me and we went to the nude beach.Do you want konak escort bayan to fuck her? I see you have a hardon.Yes and no.It can’t be both dad, do you want to fuck her?I have a hardon from listening to your story, your cute face and your body. She’s good looking but I’m here with you so no.Lets go in the water and clean some of the sand off of us.First lets walk for a while I want to see the reaction of people seeing you with a hardon.OK Becky anything you want.Anything? Remember that dad.Becky is quite the exhibitionist. She loves people are looking at us. I figured sure their looking at her young face, red hair, green eyes and her puffy nipples. Mostly I thought their looking because I had a hardon and I’m with such a young girl. I wondered if they knew we were a father and da(u)ghter?She didn’t see it that way. In her eyes ladies were looking at my hard dick even though they were with someone. I’m sure all the guys liked her puffy nipples which is probably true. I loved them.Becky spotted another “caution adult activity” sign.In here dad.A few feet in Becky said carry me. She jumped in my arms legs spread around my waist. This time I helped get my dick in her pussy.Oh fuck yeah dad.Becky was trying to bounce around on my dick. It felt good but my main concern was not dropping her or her slipping out of my arms. She was really enjoying it.Shit dad you’re balls deep in my pussy.I like that your pussy swallows up my dick.I managed to lay Becky down on a flat area. Her tight little pink fuck hole open from my dick.Becky obviously liked dirty talk so I laid it on thick for her. I enjoyed it too.I’ve got to eat your teen pussy out, you should see how beautiful it looks nice and open for me.Please dad eat me out I need you to treat me like a slut. I so want to be your dirty girl.Spread your legs for your father. I love your tight teen pussy.I kept eating Becky out. I made her come twice.Fuck me doggy dad. I want you deep inside my pussy.That’s it dad, nice and deep.I’m going to cum already Becky. Turn around I love to watch your face.Becky leaned back on a boulder and I plunged my dick in her pussy. The look on her face was beautiful. escort konak My tiny da(u)ghter looking up at me with her green eyes, her red hair matted from sweat. Most of all her pointy puffy nipples really puffed up. I reached down and grabbed her puffy nipples.I really wanted to cum on her pretty freckled face.Fuck Becky I’m going to cum.Give it to me dad, my pussy is ready for your cum.On your knees Becky I want to cum on your face.In a flash Becky was on her knees tongue out.My legs buckled a little as rope after rope of my hot cum hit her face. One on her forehead up to her red hair, one hit most of her waiting tongue and the last on her small tits. My da(u)ghter looked so pretty covered in my cum.Mhh dad that was sooo hot seeing your cum shooting from your cock and all because of me. How does my look covered in cum?Beautiful, I wish I had my phone to take a picture.I stroked the underside of my cock to get the last few drops of cum out. Becky licked my pee hole to get the last few drops of my cum. It made me jerk a bit. My sensitive dick and her tongue licking my pee hole felt both a little painful and good at the same time.I started to rub my cum into her face.I don’t care if people see your cum on my face.One of the many things I love about you Becky.All of the sudden we heard a mans voice.Fuck that was so hot, my girl couldn’t wait any longer. I hope you didn’t mind.We saw her on her knees wide hips giving him head right there.Becky said I’m glad it made you two horny. I hope you give it to her like an an(i)mal.Oh I’m going to.We walked slowly back up the beach to our car.We stopped for carryout. On the ride home Becky talked about going back tomorrow.I’d love to Becky but I’m not a young man anymore. I’m happy I came twice yesterday and again today, please understand.I do dad. That doesn’t mean we can’t go and see the sights.If that’s what you want.It is. I like showing off to everyone.I could tell you’re a bit of an exhibitionist.Going into my place we saw Carroll. She was wearing a thinner material bra that resembled a sports bra and cutoffs cut half way up her ass.Hi guys.Hi Carroll this is my da(u)ghter Becky, Beck our neighbor Carroll.Nice to meet you.Did you guys have fun?Yes we did!The nude beach?Yes.Becky why don’t you go in and get the food ready.Dad.Becky please.OK.Are you fucking your da(u)ghter John?Carroll, what kind of question is that?It’s OK John. I just want to know, are you fucking your da(u)ghter?????

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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