In Praise of Older Women

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Author’s Note: I once thought that when a woman turned forty, she wasn’t worth the chase. Well, let me tell you that I was wrong. There are many attractive, older women who for one reason of another are still unattached, and given the right man, they are always grateful for some tender loving and lusty sex. These three stories which span several years, are about just such a woman — Janice.


: Serendipity

My name is Mike, and when I was twenty-three and single, I worked as a personal trainer at a local gym. The job didn’t pay much, but it was a place to work out and more importantly to meet women. As with every summer, the gym had run a membership special with a free orientation and training session from a guy like me. This often entailed a sales pitch to join the gym and then another to hire me as a special trainer. Normally it was mission impossible selling myself to a bunch of gym bunnies who couldn’t afford me or to those out-of-shaped older guys who were only interested in the aforementioned young female newbies.

You can imagine my surprise when my last Friday night customer turned out to be a good-looking Asian woman by the name of Janice. Although I knew looking at her that she was older than me, I was stunned to discover from her membership application that Janice was twenty years older. From the personal information that she provided me, I figured that she was a career literary editor and more importantly single.

From her loose button-down top, walking shorts, and jogging shoes, I also knew that Janice was a gym neophyte. To test my assumption, I told her that I needed to measure her to establish her baseline against which we could measure her future progress. Although clearly embarrassed, Janice allowed me to tape her. At five-feet-six-inches tall and a hundred-fifteen-pounds, Janice was a willowy 33-23-34 with small breasts, a flat stomach, a narrow waist and hips, tight buns, and nice shapely legs.

Although reserved at first, Janice gradually loosened up as I ran her through a light workout to determine her starting point. Through my constant banter, sparkling wit, and downright audacity, I discovered that despite her age and obvious attractiveness, Janice had never had a serious relationship. Unbelievably most guys assumed that because she was good looking that Janice had a steady guy, and as a result, never thought to ask her out.

The few men that did quickly proved to be dismal disappointments. Amazingly, Janice lost her virginity in her last dismal affair — more due to her curiosity and his persistence than due to mutual love. After entering her forties, Janice found that eligible guys were seeking relationships with younger women, and as her list of possible bachelors shortened, the prospect of her becoming a spinster grew. Desperate for a change in life, Janice on a lark decided to join gym and met me.

I was showing her how to use the rowing machine. After securing her feet, I had Janice bend forward to assume the starting position. When she did so, her loose top fell forward, and her bra unexpectedly puckered give me an unobstructed view of her breasts. I knew that she was flat-chested but was totally unprepared for the sight to two incredibly huge nipples projecting tantalizingly from her pointy snow-white mounds. Each upturned ruby-red cylinder of tender flesh was nearly three-quarters of an inch long and about as thick. Gazing at her mouthwatering perky tits, I knew then and there that I had to have Janice.

After a brisk but thorough workout, Janice seemed open to joining the gym. When I asked if she’d like to continue her training with me, she replied, “Mike, yes I would be interested in some personalized training but that depends on how much you will cost.”

“Janice,” I casually replied, “I’m expensive but worth it.” When I quoted an inflated price, Janice balked. It was then I pointed out. “Look, Janice, the price for my services as a trainer is negotiable. It’s not set by the gym and is solely between you and me. I’m sure that if we talk about it some more, we might be able to come to some mutually agreeable arrangement.”

When Janice said that she was open to the idea, I casually suggested, “Look, the gym will be closing soon. Why don’t you come over to my place where we can talk in a more private and relaxing atmosphere? Just grab your stuff and let’s go. We could discuss my services over some wine that I know you’ll love.”

As if she couldn’t believe her ears, Janice was at her complete loss for words at my outlandish proposal. Yet despite her obvious skepticism, I could sense that she was at the same time intrigued. In whimsical effort to alleviate any concerns she might have, I said, “Look Janice, I cross my heart and hope to die if I do anything that you don’t want me to do. Hey, I’m a gym employee, and you know exactly where to find me if I act inappropriately. Since my car is in the shop for repairs, I’ll even let you drive me home. Come on, Janice, illegal bahis do you have anything better to do? What do you have to lose?” Janice thought about my outlandish offer for a while, then finally accepted.

The dim lights and soft music from my living room help set the mood as we lounge on my lanai at the back the house on an oversized recliner. Janice knew that we could be seen by my neighbors and assumed that this quasi-private setting would preclude any unwanted advance by me.

However, the evening’s full moon, a couple glasses of bubbly sweet Asti Spumante, and a gentle massage were what were needed to loosen up a hesitant Janice. With her eyes closed, she sighed softly as her tense muscles relaxed under my skillful and practiced hands., Janice didn’t object to my smooth talking, my accompanying feathery caresses, and my gentle but persistent breaths on her sensitive skin.

It was only when my fingertips brushed against her nipple did Janice become aware that I had completely unbuttoned her top and delved into her flimsy bra. Gasping sharply as her meaty teat immediately jutted from her heaving chest. I quickly but nonchalantly undid and brushed aside her front-snapping bra to freely fondled her other perky tit. God, I loved how her meaty nipples became engorged, elongated, and harden to press against my rubbing palm.

“Oh, no, don’t, please don’t, Mike! Please stop…”

“Do you really want me to stop, Janice? Doesn’t this feel good, Janice? You have such tantalizing tits. You’ve been flashing me your big fat nipples all night long. I wondered if they were as sensitive as to look…and now, I know that they are.”

Tossing as she clutched my groping hand as she sought to deny my unwanted stimulation, Janice whimpered feebly, “People will see us. We must not…” Her desperate plea as interrupted when I shoved up her loose top to expose her jiggling pointy mounds. “Plus, that…” Janice blurted frantically, “I’m too old…for you.”

“Oh, that’s interesting,” I murmured asked as my tongue swirled around and lashed her swollen nipple, “but, totally irrelevant.” Widening my mouth, I inhaled an entire breast into my mouth, and then pulling my head back, let it slip slow from my grasping lips. “Am I too young to do this,” I teased as I nibbled on then took one of her fleshy projection between my teeth.

Janice groaned deeply and shuddered as I pulled her ruby red cylinder from her heaving chest. By the time I got around to devouring her other delicious tit, Janice’ weak protests had become low moans of unmistakable pleasure as she now pressed my head to her breasts.

“You have such deliciously tiny boobs. So tasty…so responsive…so sensitive. Do you ‘really’ want me to stop now?”

Janis struggled to respond but all that could heard was a delirious moaning brought on by the havoc that my voracious mouth. While she was distracted, I slyly undid her shorts. “You like this, don’t you, Janice? You want more, don’t you?”

Without waiting for an answer, I quickly slithered down her quivering form, yanking down her shorts and panties in one swift motion until they slipped from her ankles. Janice cried out in surprise and embarrassment and shoved her hands between her legs to cover her exposed her pussy muff.

I, however, I leisurely kissed my way up the valley of her tender inner thighs, causing Janice to tremble violently as she pressed on the top of my head to impede any further advance. However, this move of desperation proved futile as my lapping tongue and roaming fingertips. With a whine of frustration at how sensitive her body had become, Janice twisted out of my grasp and flipped on her belly.

This desperate move proved to be just as futile as back of her knees and thighs, her quivering buns, and the small of her back were more sensitive to my lapping tongue and stroking fingers. Finally surrendering to her betraying body, Janice allowed herself to be rolled over, welcoming my face buried into her sopping wet bush.

Janice ‘twisted and trembled at the touch of my tongue tip but jerked sharply when I snaked a finger into her slippery, tight pussy. “Oh, please,” Janice blurted as my intent became apparent, “We shouldn’t be doing this…we’ve just met. Please, please, stop. This will never work…our age difference…is too great.”

“Why? Are you afraid that people will accuse you of robbing the cradle? Don’t you think that I’m kind of a very old and mature baby? Can I help it if I’m attracted to a certain an attractive older woman? Don’t get hung up on age — and see me only as a man who at this very moment wants to make wild and passionate love to a beautiful Japanese woman in my arms.”

Without giving her a chance to respond, I pressed Janice’ thighs back and apart, fully exposing her nether delights while somehow peeling off my shorts and boxers. “I want to take my rock-hard cock,” I said as my freed erect penis slid up and down her slippery crack, polishing illegal bahis siteleri her stiff love nub, “and shove it right here.” My flanged head then teasingly probed the velvet soft opening of her womanhood, releasing a flood her slippery liquid excitement.

“I’m going to fuck you, Janice, because you’re a lovely woman who caught my eye the moment I met you. I’m going to fuck you like you should have been fuck so long ago. I’m going to give you what you’ve secretly wanted…no, needed. Is this what you want?”

“Oooh, I don’t know…I shouldn’t,” Janice droned as she unconsciously gyrated her hips lewdly. “But that feels so good…my heart is beating so fast…can’t think…I’m so hot!” She repeatedly rose to meet me as if to wedge my dick head in the entrance of her love tunnel pussy hole, and with each upward thrust, stoked the fires her long-denied lust.

“Oh, Jeez, ooh shit, yeah,” she whispered in a hot, ragged breath as this obscene slurping emanated from her sizzling twat. “I’ve want you so badly…”

A strangled cry escaped her clenched teeth when my long hard erection penetrated what had to be the tightest and juiciest cunt I’ve ever fucked. Pulling almost all the way out, I drove again and again between her splayed legs, stretching her velvet virgin-tight twat to its limit. With her eyes pressed shut, Janice mumbled deliriously as our hips lewdly slapped together in the unmistakable rhythm of uninhibited passion. However, as my cock sank into her like a hot knife slicing through soft butter, Janice frantically clutched me to her, wrapping her legs around my pumping hips as she pleaded for more.

Given her loud grunting and writhing I knew Janice was on the verge of a gut-rendering orgasm. A finger lubricated in her over-flowing juices and then swiftly pressed into her puckered asshole was all that was needed to make Janice kick into maximum overdrive. “Oh, you fucking bastard — I’m coming! Arggh! Arggh,” she screamed as a gut-wrenching orgasm ripped through and shook her sweaty lithe body in violent convulsions.

When Janice left, I thought that I’d never see of her again because night had been too good to be true. You can therefore imagine my surprise to find Janice waiting for me the following night. I opened my door and invited her in. She, however, just stood there desperately trying to convince me that despite the night before she wasn’t that easy; that we hardly knew each other; and that because of our age difference, there were too many hurdles to overcome. However, her oral arguments were lost when my kisses flowed over her lips, ears, and neck as my hands gently roamed her quivering body. Janice valiantly sought to maintain her composure but failed miserably.

“Kneel Janice. Do it now.” I stepped around her, maneuvering her into my doorway. Quickly unzipping my pants, I hauled out my raging hard-on before her startled eyes. Janice looked nervously around, knowing that we were in open doorway. Shaking her head in silent refusal, she refused at first until I put hands on her shoulders, I gently pushed her down. With my body blocking her the outside street, I held the back of her head and brushed my bulbous head against her quivering lips. I gradually pressed her face towards my groin and utter, “Suck me.” Slowly but surely, Janice opened her mouth and lowered her head.

It was immediately apparent just how inexperienced Janice was when it came to giving a blow job. Finally frustrated with her ineptitude, I held her head and slowly pumped in and out of her lips, stopping when she gagged and then continuing. “Ooh, yeah, Janice. You’ve got a mouth that was made to be fucked.”

With that little encouragement and rudimentary instruction, Janice’s wet lips wrapped around my cock as her hungry mouth engulfed more and more of me. What she lacked in term of experience and technique, she made up for with on-the-spot practice with each bob of her head.

It dawned on me that the possibility of being seen by my neighbors as she had the night before was the spice that flavored our impromptu sex. Whatever inhibitions she may have had were greedily devoured with each inch of my cock that she took down her throat. I could no longer deny the pressure that was rapidly building in my loins, and with a sharp thrust of my hips, exploded in her hot wet mouth.

“Swallow it,” I hissed as her cheeks bulged and a slight trickle of my hot cream escaped the corners of her tightly stretched lips. “Do it now!” Janice quickly swallowed my entire load, and then finding the taste of my spunk to her liking, proceeded without hesitation to suck on my throbbing manhood until she had drained me dry.

Janice’ carnal metamorphosis over the course of that summer was incredible. She used me to explore the eroticism of her own body that had eluded her for so long. For a mature and seemingly conservative woman, Janice constantly surprised me with her willingness to have sex any time, place, and way. Once I canlı bahis siteleri corn-holed her virgin anus with my heavily lubed cock, she realized that none of her holes were barred and desperately made up for lost time. It took all my youthful energies to keep up with her incessant wanton demands.

Unfortunately, summer romances often come to an end. At the ending of August, Janice attended a literature conference where she immediately hit it off with one of the guest speakers, Steve, who was a distinguished educator from a mid-West university. From what I could gather, Janice literally and figuratively “screwed his brains out” shortly after being introduced and they skipped much of the remaining conference.

Steve was so taken with this Asian sexual hurricane that he popped the question so as not to let a good thing get away. To make a long story short, Janice finally married the bastard and moved away. However, this did not happen until I gave my mature lover one hell of a bachelorette party on the eve of her wedding.


: A Bachelorette Party to Remember

There she sat, nervously avoiding my stern gaze. She was the epitome of “prim and proper,” attired in her parochial school uniform of a loose, starched white, button-down blouse, navy blue pleated shirt, knee-high white socks, and oxfords. Her wholesome Asian beauty didn’t need any cosmetic enhancement as a lock of dark hair escaped her demure high ponytail, highlighting her almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, and the nape of her snow-white neck. Her supple slender figure now sat straight-backed, her hands folded neatly on her lap, as her knees were pressed together, and her legs properly crossed at the ankles.

“Janice, I’ve called you into my office because you’ve been missing school and because of some disturbing talk about you that I overheard in the boy’s locker room.”

Janice squirmed at my pronouncement, and meekly looked at her hands that she nervously wrung. “I heard that big bully, Steve, bragging in graphic detail how you have been ‘putting out’ for him. I must say that I was utterly shocked and dismayed that a girl as smart and as nice as you might be doing those ‘things’ that Steve had boasted about. Before I do anything, I want you to tell me your side of the story, start from the beginning and don’t you dare leave anything out. Do you understand me, Miss Janice?”

“It was Steve who started it all, Mr. Mike,” Janice muttered in a trembling, little girl’s voice. “He is always bothering me. At first, he would just stare and lick his lips in a disgusting way, and then he would block my way so that he could deliberately bump into or rub against me. He began catching me alone and tried feeling me up…you know where. Well, one day after school he caught me by myself and cornered me under the stairwell of Building B. I told Steve to leave me alone, but he just wouldn’t listen. Steve kept touching me…by shoving his hand into my blouse…and finally under my dress.

“I tried to pull his hand away…to push him away…and to escape. But, Steve was too big and strong and had me trapped. When I begged him to stop him, Steve said that he would let me go if I gave him a — ‘blow job’. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do until Steve said that he wanted me to suck his ‘you know what.’ I didn’t want to do it, but Steve kept insisting. He was so demanding that I finally gave in.

“Steve made me kneel as he unzipped his pants. He had me pull out his ‘thing.’ Oh, Mr. Mike, it was so big and hard, and seemed to move by itself. I got really scared, but Steve made me kiss and lick it. After I did, he shoved it into my mouth and began to slowly pump it in and out. Steve told me how good it felt and started going faster and deeper. When he began to tremble and shake, I wanted to pull away, but Steve won’t let me go. He demanded that I keep sucking him.

“Suddenly he yelled ‘I’m coming!’ and the next thing I knew my mouth filled with something wet, warm, and gooey. I wanted to throw up, but Steve held my head so that I couldn’t move and told me to swallow it. Mr. Mike, I knew I shouldn’t have, but before I knew it, I gulp everything down. Steve then made me lick him clean and told me what a good little ‘cock sucker’ I was. After zipping up his pants, he said that he knew I wanted it all along and as he walked away, that we ‘do’ more the next time.”

“And was there a next time,” I asked immediately of a seemingly remorseful Janice.

“It was the night of the Spring school play,” Janice said hesitantly, “when Steve caught me alone again. He took me to his father’s delivery van that was in the far corner of the parking lot. He was all over me again, and I thought that if I sucked him off, he’d leave me alone. However, he wanted more.

“Just when I thought he was going to come, Steve shoved me to the van floor. Pulling open my blouse, he pushed bra up and began sucking my nipples until they were so hard and achy that I could hardly breathe. I don’t know how he got my panties off. All I remember was his hard ‘thing’ sliding up and down my…’down there’. I know I shouldn’t have let him, but he wouldn’t stop. Oh, Mr. Mike, I couldn’t do anything to stop him.

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