In The Night

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“What are your best memories Bill?” Talia enquired.

“Well, my college days were some of the best I could have hoped or dreamed for,” Bill replied.

“Well you have any stories to share?” Talia asked.

“Certainly, this particular story happened in my penultimate year at college,” I began.

It was about 4:30 in the afternoon; I had just finished class and was headed to my dorm. I bumped into Ingrid; she was quite a cutie, whom I had my eye on. We exchanged pleasantries and she offered me some marijuana which was with a friend with whom I was acquainted.

She was wearing a pair of shorts, a halter neck top and a shawl wrapped around that. Her lip was pierced on the lower right of her bottom lip and large sunglasses over her beautiful brown eyes. We entered the room, a friend of ours Samuel was there with some good weed. All three of us then walked to another friend’s room.

Her name was Anna and she was quite something to behold. She was in casual attire; a blue sweater and micro shorts were all she had on. She however, was and still is a woman of many styles. All of which she pulled off flawlessly.

We greeted Anna and we sat down to some weed and Jimi Hendrix on an IPod. Soon though, Samuel informed us he had to leave for another pressing engagement.

So then only me, Ingrid and Anna were in the room.

“Ladies, you up for some fun?” I asked.

“Yes, of course,” Ingrid replied.

“What did you have in mind,” Anna enquired.

“Well, something daring,” I replied with a sly wink.

“How about you go first Anna?” I say to her.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” Anna said to me rather confidently.

The dorms we were in were one of six others all over the campus. That particular one had four blocks, which had four stories and a maze of corridors and stairs. The last block overlooked an almost always deserted parking lot.

“Ok Anna, I want you to head over to the grass between the gate and A block then come back here,” I said.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, but I am not one to back down,” Anna said to me.

She stood up and pulled off her sweater and tossed it on the bed. She had a white bra on, nothing fancy as she was just lounging around in the first place. Then she pulled down her shorts and revealed a rather tiny pair of white panties.

She popped off her bra to reveal her perky tits; they were a handful and just the right size. She then slipped her panties off; her pussy was beautifully manicured, her body was gorgeous, and her skin was tanned all over.

“Oh, by the way you need to be out there for at least five minutes Anna,” I said.

Anna turned around and went to the table and grabbed her watch.

“Make it ten honey,” Anna said to me in a seductive manner.

She then headed out and closed the door behind her.

Anna looked left and right and turned right, all was quiet, except of course the sounds of the night. It was only about 11:30 at night but people may still have been moving about. Then as she reached a junction with stairs heading up and down she heard some voices, people were coming up the canlı bahis stairs.

Anna dashed up to the next floor and waited; hoping whoever was coming up the stairs wouldn’t need to head up another flight of stairs. She slyly peered around the corner and breathed a sigh of relief as they headed in to the first dorm room on that end of the corridor.

She gingerly stepped down the stairs and reached the ground floor. She then headed through a gap where a high wall with a walkway on top was to the left and the dorm building to the right as opposed to the open walkway on the other side. The ground upon which she steps rises to the first floor of the next block.

Before her was a rather wide walkway, which led to the campus itself. She crossed rather nonchalantly seemingly not at all mindful at her lack of attire. Now, she headed to the corridor of the next block and walked past the first corridor to the start of the next block. The gap between the two blocks was smaller than the last gap she crossed. The lights of the dorms were off except one or two on the fourth floor. There were large glass doors at every room.

Anna continued to enjoy the thrill as the balmy summer night’s air caressed her body and the adrenaline continued to pump through her veins. She was now at the B block and began the last stretch to A block. She glanced at her watch and noted about five minutes had passed. She glanced around carefully surveying her surroundings. All seemed clear and she headed off, then she heard the distinctive sound of a door unlocking and hid just around the corner. Two guys stepped outside and where having a cigarette.

Anna gingerly stepped away from them and slipped past on the other side of the building. It faced a road but still continued to be devoid of traffic at that time. Then she turned and spotted A block. She walked around the side facing the road and stepped through the darkness where even a window on the fourth floor wouldn’t be a good enough vantage point to spot her.

The other end was the fence and beyond that the security building. She lay down on the grass and looked up at the stars. She spread her legs and stretched her arms, and then looked at her watch, 14 minutes had past.

(Back in Anna’s room)

“Well she has been gone for a while,” Ingrid said to me.

“She certainly is daring,” I say to Ingrid.

Ingrid had tossed her shawl on the bed and was laid back listening to the music at this time. She was an island girl and it showed in her relaxed and open attitude when it came to nudity and sexuality.

“What have you planned for me?” Ingrid asked.

“Patience, you will know soon enough,” I said.

Ingrid then headed to the bathroom; she closed the door behind her and a short while later she stepped out, starkers.

“What do you think?” Ingrid asked.

“You know what I think about that body of perfection you wear so well,” I replied.

Her breasts were firm, soft, beautifully rounded, and about the same size as Anna’s. Her pussy was lined with a neatly trimmed landing strip, which suited her very well.

With her hands on her bahis siteleri slender hips she looked at me and smiled

“You have always been the charmer,” Ingrid said.

(Back to Anna)

After leaving the ground outside A block she was now back at the pathway leading to the main campus and was now getting ready to cross. She strode across and was now in the corridors. She decides to head to the stairway opposite from the one she came down on, which made her journey a little longer.

So up the stairs she strode and was back on her floor. She stepped down the corridor and soon got to her door, she knocked gently and it began to open up.

(Back again in Anna’s room)

“Aaah I see your quite the daring exhibitionist Anna,” I said.

“Too easy honey,” Anna confidently replied.

“Ingrid, now I’m giving you a challenge,” Anna began. “You are going to walk to the pathway leading to campus from the dorms and head to the library.”

The library was precisely on the other end of the 10 acre university grounds. Thus, a long walk.

“Okay, Anna you are on,” Ingrid replies.

With that Ingrid headed off.

“Let’s meet Ingrid at the library and have a little fun in the building site,” Anna suggested.

“Hmm let’s,” I replied.

So we head of, Anna by the way is still naked. We headed around the main route to avoid Ingrid seeing us.

(Back to Ingrid)

Ingrid stepped out the door and turned right and headed down the stairs it was about midnight and even quieter. The lights still shone on the corridors and lit the way for the nude Ingrid.

Soon she was on the ground floor and instead of traveling through the gap, she instead climbed the wall which was easy as it was constructed from cement blocks with conveniently placed holes to grab and rest one’s feet and hands. So she climbed and got to the top and hopped over the railing at the top. Now she walked across the grass and was at the pathway.

She crossed and walked over the speed bump and soon over the zebra crossing. She walked through the arch, which normally welcomed students… clothed students to the university.

She looked to the right and saw the admin building and to the left was the lecture theatre where she had a lecture earlier that day. Soon she stepped down three steps and past a small fish pond and patch of shrubbery, now the construction site came into view.

A new medical building was being built and about 60% finished. So she went through the narrow gap, which temporarily separated the construction site from the library. Its large windows were dark as no one was inside, it closed at nine in the evening in any case. She began up the steps and saw something.

(Back to me and Anna)

We saw Ingrid strut her way up the steps when she realised it was us waiting for her at the top of the steps.

“Ingrid, we are going to have some fun in the construction site,” Anna said, in a rather commanding way.

“Come on, lets jump this fence,” Ingrid replied.

With that we headed to the fence. Ingrid, with the help of Anna, jumped the fence and landed on the other bahis şirketleri side. I soon climbed over and led the two lovely ladies over to the construction site. It was quiet… for now. We made our way up the scaffolding to the second floor. To our right was the cafeteria, were regularly there would be a throng of people.

So I leaned against a pillar as Anna and Ingrid began to fondle and caress one another. They kiss passionately and run their fingers up and down each other’s bodies. Soon they beckoned me towards them with an alluring curve of their fingers.

I stepped toward them and grabbed both their asses and gave a firm squeeze. I locked lips with Anna and then with Ingrid. Then Anna descended to her knees and began to unbuckle my pants. Whilst she was doing that Ingrid slipped off my shirt.

We locked lips again and then Anna slipped her welcoming mouth over my now throbbing cock. Anna worked it like a true expert. Ingrid then got behind Anna and began to massage her pussy and got it wet.

Ingrid then slipped three fingers into Anna, which caused a lustful reaction from her. Ingrid continued her skilful fingering as Anna continued her skilful sucking. Anna then got off and switched places with Ingrid. Anna then put two fingers up Ingrid’s ass.

A small tremor streamed through Ingrid as that happened and she took over sucking my cock. It felt a little different as Ingrid had a tongue piercing, which added another dimension to it and it felt good. It slide up and down my cock and gave a heightened sensation as it went on.

Now, Ingrid stood up and Anna bent over in front of me and I slide my cock into her. Ingrid got on the floor under Anna and began to suck my balls. This got the blood and adrenaline pumping as we carried on not caring who saw us.

By now we had worked up quite a sweat and we carried on regardless. Ingrid got up, then Anna and I, still with my cock inside, her kneel down and then I lay back on the ground as Anna continued her expert fucking. Ingrid then got on top of me and I began to lick away and massage her pussy with my tongue.

Anna then got up and switched places with Ingrid. Ingrid’s piercings did not stop at her tongue. I begin to lick away at Anna’s gorgeous pussy. Ingrid fucked away and did so expertly.

Thus, with that Anna got up as did Ingrid. Ingrid put her hands around my neck and then hopped on my cock and I fucked her vertically and Anna watched all the while fingering herself.

I then put Ingrid down and turned her around; whilst she stood upright I put my cock up her arse and pumped away. Ingrid stood by and fingered herself willingly.

I then bent her over and she was now touching her toes and her pussy got the pounding it deserved. Soon she began to tremble as her orgasm approached and soon erupted.

She then stood up moved over and then sat down; Ingrid soon stepped over to me and bent over for her orgasm, which arrived with rather explosive force. Soon though it was my turn and I offloaded all over both their faces. They licked my cum off each other and smiled with approval at our rather lewd act.

“Wow, that was quite a story, you were a regular pimp in college,” Talia replied.

“I am one to live life to the full, the memories of those crazy years that become deathbed memories,” I said.

“Indeed, they do,” Talia said.

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