Indian Wife’s Transformation

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Indian Wife’s TransformationWhen Priya came home from her evening classes that day she sounded quite happy and excited. She told her me that she had made friends with a new girl in her class. Her name was Jenny. Priya said that Jenny was a really sweet girl and they even went to have a coffee. I was really happy for Priya as she had finally found a friend in her class.Priya was like any other typical Indian housewife settled in US. She was incredibly beautiful and sexy lady but just like any Indian wife she was quite conservative and never paid much attention to her looks or her clothes. Although I had tried many times to get her to wear some sexy clothes but she had stubbornly refused to wear anything other than all-covering ethnic Indian clothes or some loose pants and ill fitting t-shirts. She almost never wore any makeup and the only hairstyle I had seen on her was a loose center-parted braid. Initially she was quite happy and content to stay at home and do all the house hold chores but slowly as our married life settled in a regular but dull and monotonous groove she started to get bored. That is when I suggested to her that should continue with her studies and join some course in an evening school. This would keep her occupied and would even enable her to get some job later on. Priya liked the idea and after some research decided to join an accounting course in a nearby school.It had been almost three months since Priya had joined the evening classes. She and Jenny were close friends now. I had often found her talking to Jenny on phone for long durations. Jenny had introduced Priya to few other people in her class and Priya had a nice little group of friends now. A few times I had tried to ask Priya about her friends but she always skirted the issue saying they were just a bunch of people in her class and they had formed a study group to enable them to share notes, discuss homework, solve assignments and stuff. Although I was quite happy for Priya that she had found some company in her class but I had started to get a little worried about this study group. I knew there were at least two guys, named Mark and Josh, in her group because I had often overheard Priya and Jenny talk about them. Off late I had also started to notice a few subtle changes in Priya. She had started to wear some light makeup and her choice in clothes had also improved. The loose fitting long t-shirts had been replaced with slightly figure hugging tops and the over sized pants had given way to low waist jeans. When I complimented Priya about her new wardrobe and told her that she looks much sexier in her new clothes she just smiled and said that they were Jenny’s choice. I told her that she should invite Jenny home sometime because I would really like to thank her for doing something that I had not been able to do. She just laughed it away and said that someday she would definitely like Jenny to meet me.Our sex life had also improved a lot and Priya had become far more responsive in bed. After one such incredible session on sex as we were lying on the bed Priya rolled over to my side and said in a serious tone that she wanted to talk to me. She had tears welled up in her eyes and appeared to be on the verge on crying. I asked her what did she want to tell me but she insisted that I first promise her that I will not get mad at her. Priya’s tone and tenor had my heart beating faster and I told her that whatever she wants to tell me she should tell me. I could scarcely believe my ears when she informed me that she has not told anyone in her class that she was a married women. To compound the insult further she informed me that she has told her friends that I am just her roommate and she has known me just for a few months. When I shouted out on her how could she have been so stupid she said that everyone in her class was single and she would have felt odd one out if she had told her friends about her marriage. I told her that this was the most stupid explanation that I had ever heard and stormed out of the bed. She came running after me and said that she was extremely sorry and that she loved me more than anything in the world. I told her if she really loves me then she should introduce me to her friends as her husband and not lie about our marriage. By now Priya was crying inconsolably and was begging me to forgive her. I told her that I needed some time to think about this and she should go to bed as I settled in my sofa bed. That night as I went to sleep I was feeling a bit apprehensive about what was going on in Priya’s life and yet in some corner of my heart I was feeling thrilled with all the changes that she was undergoing.Almost three months had passed since Priya had told me that she had lied about her marital status. I was still angry at her but I had forgiven her. She had promised me that someday she will definitely tell her friends that I wasn’t just her room partner but her husband. Meanwhile she and Jenny had become even closer friends. Priya had even stayed over at Jenny’s place for couple of nights for combined studies. Jenny’s friendship was proving to be a blessing in disguise for me too as Priya was becoming increasingly sexy with her clothes and attitude. She was now regularly wearing hot-pants and halter tops at home and her t-shirts and jeans had become even more figure-hugging. She had even bought some strapless summer dresses and high heel shoes and sandals. Her sex appetite had also increased dramatically and we were having sex almost every day. She had started sleeping nude in the bed and had insisted that I should sleep naked. Of course I happily obliged her.One such night after a hot session of sex, she told me that Jenny has been pestering her to get a makeover. I asked her what she had in mind. She said that she would like to get a new haircut and may even add a few highlights to her hair. She was also planning to have her thick bushy eyebrows reshaped. I was quite excited to hear this. I told her I would really love to see her in her new look. Next day when I came back from office I found a voice mail from Priya. She said that she was going from her makeover with Jenny and she would be reaching home late. Just thinking about Priya in her new look, was giving me a hard-on. I was dying to see what her new hair cut looked like. I was thinking I should be really thankful to Jenny for bringing about all these changes in Priya. As the wait got longer and longer my excitement knew no bounds. Finally around 8PM I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door I could scarcely recognize the person standing in front of me. Priya’s makeover had been far more dramatic than anything I had imagined. Her sexy side fringe was completely covering her forehead. She had reduced the length of her hair slightly but they were still well past her shoulders. The layers on the front side were following her jaw line and were framing her face perfectly. I remembered she had talked about getting a few highlights but standing in front of me was girl who had colored her hair completely golden brown. But it wasn’t just the hair that was different. The most dramatic change appeared to be in her eyebrows. Her thick bushy eyebrows had been replaced with pencil thin eyebrows. The eyebrows were arched really high and were doing wonders to bring out the beauty of her large black eyes. All in all Priya had been transformed from a simple Indian wife into a glamorous model.Priya just stood there in the doorway smiling and enjoying my reaction. She was perhaps waiting for me to say something but I was too dumb struck to even realize that my raging hard-on was now clearly bulging through my pants. Priya too noticed it and started giggling at my condition. When I finally came to my senses I smiled sheepishly and let her in. Once in the bedroom I started kissing her passionately and Priya too responded back enthusiastically. Within no time we were both rolling on the bed completely naked. After an amazingly hot session of sex as we lay exhausted in the bed I told Priya that she was looking incredibly sexy in her new look. She could give serious competition to any “Vogue” model. I even remarked in lighter vain that she was bound to attract a lot of male attention in her class. Priya just laughed at my remark and said she already has enough males attracted to her and doesn’t need any more.Even in my super excited state I didn’t fail to notice that she used the term “males” rather than “male”. This rang a bell in my mind and I asked her jokingly if there are any boys in her class who try to flirt with her. This question immediately led to change in Priya’s tone. It was as if some shield had suddenly gone up. She told me that there is a particular boy in her class who had been openly flirting with her for some time. When I asked her if she too found him attractive she said that he was tall, muscular and blond and was indeed quite handsome. But she immediately clarified that she had never encouraged his advances. She said that I should understand that her friends think that I am just her roommate and she is a single women. Therefore many boys in her class have tried to hit on her. Not wanting to spoil the mood, I just said that I trusted her completely and I had no objections to anybody trying to flirt with her as long as she continued to remain loyal to me. She assured me that she loved me from the bottom of her heart and she would never do anything stupid to jeopardize our marriage.A month had passed since Priya had undergone her dramatic makeover. She had started to look even sexier than before. Her sense of dressing had completely changed. She had completely reworked her wardrobe and had junked all her ethnic Indian clothes. She had started wearing hot-pants and daisy-dukes and miniskirts even while going for her classes. The changes had not stopped with just her clothes. She had joined some spoken English class to neutralize her Indian accent and had started to pick up the American accent. With each passing day she was starting to look and behave more and more like some hot American chick rather than a simple Indian wife. There were some strange changes happening to me as well. I had found Priya talking to many guys over phone. She was having particularly long phone conversations with somebody named Mark. I was beginning to wonder if Mark was the tall, muscular, blonde guy that Priya had talked about earlier. Normally I, like any other husband, would have been very upset if I had found my wife talking to other men and openly flirting with them but for some strange reason I was enjoying seeing Priya flirt with Mark. It was almost as if I wanted her to have an affair with Mark. Priya too had noticed my silence and had, rightly, construed it to mean that I was ok with her relationship with Mark. Indeed, she had thought that I wanted to encourage her to have a relation with Mark. I desperately loved Priya and did not want to lose her at any cost but the mere thought of seeing her with some other man was enough to give me a hard-on. One part of me wanted to stop her but another part of me wanted her to continue. We had finished our dinner and were watching TV. Priya was wearing a tight t-shirt without a bra. Here nipples were clearly poking out of the t-shirt. Here tight t-shirt was perfectly complementing the tiny shorts that she had on. Her glorious legs were on full display and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes on TV. I was finding it hard to believe how my simple shy Indian wife had transformed into this sexy swan in such a short time. I could distinctly remember how I had to struggle to get Priya to shed her ethnic Indian clothes and start wearing some western clothes. At that time even wearing over sized t-shirts and loose pants was fashion enough for her. She was clearly aware of the effect she was having on me, but somehow today her mind seemed to be occupied with something else.”Is something bothering you honey?” I asked Priya.”No, nothing much,” Priya replied. But judging by her tone izmir escort I could clearly sense that something was weighing down on her and she wanted to discuss it with me.Guessing that she might be facing some trouble in her school I took conversation in that direction “How are things going on in your school?”She didn’t answer my question immediately. So something was indeed bothering her about her friends. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and then with some resolve in her voice said, “Listen Rajesh there is something I want to discuss with you.””Sure honey, what is it?””I am thinking on leaving my course midway,” Priya said.”What!!” I was quite shocked to hear this. “I thought you were enjoying attending school. Why would you even think of such a thing?””Yes, indeed I am enjoying a lot. I have made so many new friends, learned so many new things, and seen a completely different world.”And in my head I completed her sentence “…and in the process transformed myself into an utterly delicious sexy wife.””So what’s the problem then?” I asked her with some concern in my voice.Priya said, “I sometimes feel I don’t fit into that world.””That’s utter nonsense,” I retorted, “Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? You look better than any hot college going girl.””But that’s exactly the problem. My friends expect me to not just look like a college girl but also to behave like one.”…and the penny dropped. I didn’t know how to react to that. I knew where this conversation was headed next. Although I had always suspected that there was some hanky-panky business going on between Priya and Mark, and in a way I had even encouraged it by not objecting to it, but now when it came to confronting it head on I really didn’t know what to say. I had always dreaded this moment. I honestly didn’t know what I feared more – the possibility that my wife might have an affair with another men or the fact that without her new friends she might go back to being her old prudish self.I labored on, “Can you explain what do mean by behaving like a college girl?”…as if I didn’t know what the answer was.”There isn’t any defined list of behaviors for college girls,” Priya said with slight irritation in her voice. “It could mean a range of things – from having crazy haircuts to going out to late night parties, to getting tattoos, to smoking weed. But most importantly it means responding positively to male attention and making an effort to have a boyfriend.”My heart skipped a beat when I heard the last part of her sentence. Words came out of my mouth in a strange tone, “And have you been subjected to any serious male attention?”Priya looked at me with some confusion. She couldn’t understand if there was a sense of fear in this question or if I was feeling excited while asking her this. And I guess the truth was that there was mixture of both. Somewhere in the darkest corner of my mind I had, at times, fantasized about seeing Priya with other men but I had always banished such thoughts quickly. But now the time had come when I had to choose between either banishing them completely or allowing them to transform into reality.Priya chose her answer carefully, “Well, there is this guy called Mark in my class. He had always been interested in me right from the day I joined the school. Till now I have been able to handle him tactfully and managed to keep him away but lately he has started to flirt with me openly. I have been trying to avoid him but it is becoming difficult now. My friend Jenny has also started to ask me uncomfortable questions as to why I am turning down Mark’s advances. According to her any girl would give her right arm to have a boyfriend like Mark.”I stayed quiet for a long time, then I asked her slowly, “And how do you really feel about Mark?”Priya said, “Had I not been married and if I was not in love with you, I would have loved to have a boyfriend like Mark.”I knew the moment of reckoning had come and I had to make a decision. I thought for a long moment and then took Priya’s hand in my hand, looked into her eyes and said “Listen Priya, you know that I love you more than anything in this world. I cannot think of my life without your presence in it. For the past few months I have seen you beaming with such unbound joy and happiness that I honestly don’t want you to give up your school and friends and go back to the dull life that we had before. Therefore if you promise me that you will never leave me under any circumstances then I promise you that I will not come between you and Mark.”Save for the noise from the TV there was pin drop silence in the room. Priya was looking at me as if she was in a trance. She could not believe that I had just permitted my wife to have an affair with another man. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She finally said, “I hope you realize the implications of what you are saying. If I were to have an affair with Mark then…” she hesitated for a moment “…I may have to have sex with him.””Moreover it’s not just about sex. If I were to become Mark’s girlfriend then I will have to behave like a girlfriend which means going out on date with him, openly kissing him, hugging him, expressing love for him. In other words we will have to behave like a couple.”I replied “Yes, I fully realize what I am saying. But as I said your happiness is of paramount importance to me and I have full faith that our bond of love is so strong that nothing in this world can break it.”In one swift motion Priya just fell into my arm and started sobbing, “I love you so much Rajesh that I can’t even begin to express it in words. I promise you that I will never leave you, I will always remain your wife no matter what happens between me and Mark.” I placed my hand over head and gently started to run my fingers through her hair. We stayed in that position for a long time. She finally lifted her arms from my shoulder and said “Rajesh I need to you to do one final thing tonight.””What is it honey?” I asked her.”I have worn my Mangalsutra every single day since our marriage. It’s a sign of our divine and sacred love. I want you to remove it from my neck with your own hands because I will feel uncomfortable going out with Mark if I am still wearing it.”To the uninitiated: Mangalsutra is a sacred necklace worn by Indian women as a sign of their marriage.”Ok” was all I could say as I reached out with my hands and removed the Mangalsutra from around Priya’s neck. As I removed it from her neck the symbolic importance of my action dawned on us. As per Indian traditions and religion Priya was now a free woman. Although legally she was still my wife but symbolically I had released her from our marital bond.Nearly a week had passed since Priya and I had the discussion about Mark. That topic had not come up for discussion again and both of us were continuing with our normal routines. On a Friday evening when I came back from office I found Priya more quite excited and happy than usual. She was wearing a denim mini skirt, a tight fitting white blouse and some light makeup. I found this to be slightly unusual because normally she doesn’t like to wear any makeup at home. We made some small talk and had our dinner. I could clearly sense that something out of ordinary had happened with Priya today and I was dying to know what it was.After dinner, I couldn’t contain my curiosity and asked her, “You seem pretty excited today. What’s the reason?”She looked at me and said with a smiling face, “Mark wants to take me out on a date tomorrow night.” I knew this was inevitable, I knew this was bound to happen and I was even mentally prepared for it but finally when my wife told me that she will be going out on a date with another man I just didn’t know what to say. I smiled back at her but the unease was clearly visible on my face. Even Priya could notice it and said in serious tone, “Listen Rajesh if you are not comfortable with my relationship with Mark then I can back out even now.””No that’s not what I want,” I responded quickly.Priya said “Please understand once I accept Mark in my life I will commit myself to a relationship with him for as long as it lasts. Our affair will not be just limited to pure physical sex but it may evolve into a more serious relationship.” After a brief pause she added, “But having said that I will say this again that I will never give up on you. You will always remain my husband, you will always remain part of my life. I will always love you.”I felt slightly reassured hearing the last part of her sentence. “I know what I am getting into and I fully understand what it means for our married life. But I guess as long as we love each other I don’t care about anything else,” I said.Priya took a deep breath and with a tone of finality said “I will ask you one last time – are you prepared to share your wife’s body and, perhaps, soul with another man?””Yes I am, as long as my wife also wants the same”That night we made love more passionately than ever. Priya was more responsive in bed then I had ever seen her before. Our naked bodies just melted into each other as if we were just meant to be one. After an hour of incredible sex we just lay down on our bed and held each other in our arms.After some time I asked her “So what are your plans for tomorrow?” She said, “I need to do some shopping. Mark is taking me to a nice club so I need to buy a dress. After that I will visit a salon to get my hair and makeup done. And then Mark should be here by 8’o clock.””Is he going to come here to pick you up?””Yes, but don’t worry I won’t invite him beyond the living room. I will meet him there and then we will leave,” Priya said.Knowing Priya I already knew the answer but even then I asked her, “Afterwards are you planning to go to his place or will you come back home?””Of course I will come back home!!” She admonished me with a smile, “Its just our first date and I am certainly not going to have sex with him tomorrow.”I smiled back.”Mark will need to work harder for that,” she said with a wider smile.While Priya was planning for her day tomorrow, I had also started to plan. As sick as it may sound but I had decided to follow Priya and Mark to the club that they were planning to visit. The voyeuristic demon within me had taken complete control of me. The mere thought of seeing my wife out on a date with another man was giving me a hard-on.Next day passed in a daze for me. Priya left early for her shopping and salon visit and I stayed back watching TV and contemplating about what lay ahead for us. When she came back in the evening she looked absolutely gorgeous in her stunning new hairdo. She had completely side swept her hair and had bunched them up in an updo. Her makeup was also equally impressive. She was wearing thick mascara with brownish eyeliner. Her lips were looking luscious in the glossy brown lipstick. I complimented her on her looks and asked if I could see her dress as well. She just smiled and said I will have to wait a little longer to see the dress. She hurriedly went into our bedroom and said Mark is on his way so she needs to get ready quickly. When she came out of the bedroom after about half an hour I could scarcely believe I was looking at my wife. She was wearing a figure hugging black dress that ended just above her knees. The dress appeared to be a size too small for her because her boobs were straining to break free. The dress was tied with a knot at the back of her neck and a large portion of her magnificent back out on display. She was also wearing black stilettos with 4″ heels. It looked like she didn’t want to spare any effort in trying to make this a special evening for her and Mark, and unbeknown to her, for me as well.Before I could say anything she said, “Mark just called me up and said he is just round the corner.”She hesitated for a moment and said “Can you step into the bedroom and not come out until we are gone.” I protested, “But why? Doesn’t Mark know that you live here with a roommate.” “Yes he knows I live with a roommate escort izmir but today is not the best day to introduce you to him,” said Priya.I reluctantly went into the bedroom and sat next to the window. Shortly a convertible sports car pulled up in front of our house and a man stepped out of the car. That was the first time I saw Mark and immediately understood why Priya was so excited to go out with Mark. He was well over 6′ tall and had broad muscular shoulders. His athletic body appeared to be very well toned. To top it all he also appeared to be quite rich judging by the fancy car he was driving. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I realized my position. He was an absolute hunk who had come to my house to take my wife out on a date. If it ever came to me trying to win my wife back from him I stood no chance. For the first time I was feeling a tinge of regret for allowing this matter to progress so far. But, alas, now I had no option. I now had to go with the flow of things and hope for the best.As Priya opened the door I heard her say, “Hi Mark!!” in a super excited girlie tone.”Wow Priya, you are looking absolutely gorgeous!!!” said Mark.”Thanks Mark. These flowers are beautiful,” said Priya as she accepted a bouquet of flowers from Mark.”I think I will have a hard time keeping the womanizer away from you at the club.”Priya laughed appreciatively at the compliment. As they stepped out of the house Mark offered her his hand and Priya gladly took it. They walked hand in hand to the car and then drove away. This was my cue. I immediately got into our car and started following them from a safe distance. After about an hour’s drive we finally arrived at the dance club. I waited in the parking lot for some time before entering the club. I found Priya and Mark had seated themselves in a corner table. They both had drinks in their hand and were talking and laughing with each other. I settled myself in the opposite corner from where I could clearly them as well as the complete dance floor. After finishing a round of drinks they got up from their tables and went to the dance floor. They danced for a while on a fast number and then came back to their tables. Another round of drinks was ordered and this time Priya gulped down her drink in double quick time. This was causing a bit of a concern to me because Priya was not used to consuming alcohol. From the past experiences I knew she could get drunk very easily. I was afraid that if Priya got drunk then Mark may try to take advantage of her situation.They ordered a third round of drinks and Mark also started to smoke a cigarette. I was quite sure that by now Priya must have started to feel the effects of alcohol and my suspicions were confirmed when Mark offered her his cigarette and Priya readily accepted it. She took a puff from the cigarette and immediately started coughing. Neither I nor Priya had ever smoked a cigarette in our life and I was quite sure that had she been in her senses she would not have accepted the cigarette from Mark. Then Mark said something to her and she took few more puffs from the cigarette. By fifth or sixth puff she had stopped coughing and was able to hold the smoke inside her for few moments and then letting it out gently. All this while Mark was looking at her appreciatively and was telling her something, as if giving her tips on the correct way to smoke a cigarette. And on her part Priya was listening to his tips and was following them intently. He then took out his phone and started to take pictures of Priya. She happily posed for him with a big smile and with cigarette in her hand. After taking few more puffs she handed over the cigarette to him. After they both finished their third round of drinks and the cigarette they both got up and went to the dance floor.This time there was a slow song playing in the background. Mark placed his hands on her waist and she placed her hands over his shoulders. They started to dance slowly along with other couples in the floor. After some time Mark pulled Priya closer to him and his hands slid down to her ass. Priya also responded by moving her hands from his shoulders to around his neck. They were both looking into each other’s eyes and were slowly inching closer and closer to each other. And then it happened…Priya closed her eyes and very delicately strained her neck up towards Mark’s lips. Mark lowered his face down and their lips met. At first their lips met very briefly and very gingerly but then moment later they got entangled in a deep passionate kiss. My heart was now racing like a locomotive and my cock had become so hard that it had started to hurt. The sight of my sweet wife kissing another man, was something that I had fantasized about many times and now it was happening right in front of my eyes. Their lips remained locked in the kiss for a long time. Finally they separated and both Priya and Mark opened their eyes and looked at each other. There was a sense of fulfillment on their faces and they both smiled. Priya moved closer to Mark and rested her head on his chest. They held each other in a tight hug and continued to sway gently to the music. Finally the music stopped and everybody moved away from the dance floor.Priya and Mark also returned to their table and ordered another round of drinks. Mark pulled out his pack of cigarettes and offered it to Priya. Without any hesitation she pulled one out. Mark showed Priya how to light the cigarette and after few attempts she was able to successfully light up her cigarette. Again Mark took out his phone and they both took pictures of each other. They even asked the waitress to take a picture of both of them together. As their drinks arrived Priya continued to smoke the cigarette. By now Mark had also taught her the proper grip for holding the cigarette between her fingers. Looking at her I was finding it difficult to believe that before today she had not even touched a cigarette in her life. Thankfully after her fourth drink Priya did not drink anymore and also did not smoke anymore cigarettes. They just sat there for a long time talking to each other. In between they also went to the dance floor to dance on some more songs but there was no more kissing now. As the clock struck midnight I left the club and started my long drive back home. After arriving home I waited for almost an hour when I heard a car pulling up in front of our house. I immediately went to our bedroom window and saw Mark and Priya walking towards the door. Priya was walking a bit unsteady so Mark was holding her up. The door opened and both of them stepped in. “Will you be alright?” Mark asked Priya “Oh don’t worry about me. I will be OK.” Priya replied in slightly incoherent tone. After this there was an awkward silence in the room.Finally Priya said, “Thanks for such a lovely evening Mark.””The pleasure was entirely mine,” Mark replied like a proper gentlemen.There was again an awkward silence and then Priya stepped close to Mark and they both kissed. It was once again a long passionate kiss. Finally their lips parted and then Priya said “Good night Mark”. This was a clear message to Mark that this is where we stop, at least tonight. Mark took the cue and left quickly after wishing her good night.Over the next few days Priya told me everything about how her first date went. She told me about how they had kissed and how she drank and how she smoked. When I told her smoking is not good for her health she just shrugged off my objection saying that all of her friends smoke and she thinks that smoking makes her look cool. From the way she spoke about Mark and their date it was quite clear to me that she was already looking forward to going out again with him. And Mark didn’t disappoint her either. Over the next couple of weeks he took her out frequently to movies, to malls, to restaurants, to pubs. Priya’s social life calendar had suddenly become so packed that I hardly ever saw her at home in the evenings. After coming back home from parties she would often tell me how she had fun with Mark and rest of her friends.That evening, as usual, I was sitting on a sofa and waiting for my wife to come back from her party. When she finally arrived little before midnight we made some small talk and then she came and sat close to me.She said, “Rajesh I want to tell you something.””What is it honey?””You know how most of the Chinese students have two names. They have one Chinese name, which is their legal name, and they have one English name which they use in their daily life.”I had an inkling suspicion why she was telling me this but still I asked her “Yes I know this. But why are you telling me this?””Well, I have also decided to adopt an English name.””What??? But why? You have such a lovely name. Why would you want to change it?” I said with surprise and hurt in my voice.”Don’t get upset Rajesh. I am not changing my name. I am just adopting, shall we say, a nick name. Legally my name will still remain Priya.”I looked at her with a blank face. I realized that she had already made up her mind to change her name and there wasn’t much that I could do now.”Have you decided what would be your new name?”She smiled a bit and said “Mark thinks Jane would be a cute name for me.”I was upset with Priya and so I couldn’t stop myself from saying sarcastically “Oh, so you thought it fit to talk to Mark even before you had discussed this with your husband.”Priya retorted in a slightly raised voice “Don’t start a fight now Rajesh. I had warned you earlier that things will change if I start a relationship with Mark.”At that moment I knew it was a lost cause. I gave in. I gently took her hand in my hand and said “I am sorry Priya. I didn’t mean to upset you. But it’s just that I think a person’s name is his foremost identity. And if someone changes his name then it’s almost as if he has transformed into a completely different person.””Yes I agree with you,” said Priya. “And maybe that is why I want to adopt a new name. When I am around Mark I want to transform myself into a new person.”I smiled back at her acknowledging that I understood what she meant.”Can you also start calling me Jane instead of Priya? I want to get used to this name.””It will be slightly awkward but I will do my best, Jane” I said with a fake smile.”Thanks Rajesh. I love you.” She leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss. Her warm lips felt so nice that I was instantly transported into heaven.But that night we did not have sex. I tried to make advances but Priya just said that she was very tired and wanted to sleep. This was the first time she had turned me down. Indeed things were changing and I had to prepare myself for the far greater changes that lay ahead of me.Priya came to drop me at the airport when I had to go on an official travel for a week. As I got out of the car she smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. “I love you Priya…er…I mean Jane” I said. Though I had started addressing her as Jane but it had still not become a habit.As I saw her driving away from the airport I had a premonition that in my absence there was a good chance that Priya might decide to take her relationship with Mark to the next step. She and Mark had been going out with each other for several weeks now and I was quite sure that Mark would be quite eager to have sex with her. And even Priya wouldn’t be averse to the idea. After all she had warned me earlier that if she becomes involved with Mark then she will end up having sex with him. I was expecting — and fearing — that upon my return a completely changed Priya.Couple of days back when Rajesh had told Priya that he needs to travel for a week similar thoughts had crossed Priya’s mind also. Mark had been dropping ample hints to her that he wanted to have sex with her. But the problem for Priya was that she was not very comfortable going to Mark’s place and she didn’t want to invite him to her house as long as Rajesh was there. But now with Rajesh gone for a week she had resolved to consummate her relationship with Mark. izmir escort bayan Indeed she had already invited Mark to her house for dinner tonight. But before that she had to make a few changes in her home. There were a few photographs of her and Rajesh together adorning the walls of the house. She removed them and stored them in a box. She moved all of Rajesh’s clothes and belongings from their bedroom and to the other bedroom in the house. She wanted to make sure that when Mark comes to her house he does not see anything that might indicate that Rajesh is something more than a roommate for her. She rearranged a few more things and then she got down the important task of preparing her body for Mark… The first thing she wanted to do was to deal with the thick bush that surrounded her pussy. Rajesh had asked her many times to at least trim her bush, if not shave it completely, but she had steadfastly refused him saying it’s a pervert act. But things had changed now. Her perspective on many things had completely turned around in the last few months. She got a trimmer and started to hack away chunks of hair from her pussy. As the curly hairs of her bush started to fall away her beautiful nether lips emerged from the jungle of hair that had surrounded them. After trimming the hair she soaked her pussy in warm water and applied a generous coating of shaving foam and started to shave. Within few minutes her pussy had become completely bald. As her hand glided over the smooth silky skin she felt so good that she cursed herself for not doing it earlier.Next she proceeded to wax her legs, arms and also shaved her armpits. The end result was that there were no hairs left on her body below her chin. Then she took a long bath in warm water. After drying herself she came out into her bedroom and admired her naked body in the full length mirror and was quite pleased to see the effect of all the shaving and waxing that she had done. Her bald pussy was looking deliciously inviting and she felt a surge of excitement thinking that in couple of hours she will be inviting Mark to penetrate this pussy.She wasn’t planning on doing a heavy makeup so she applied some light mascara and eyeliner and started to dry her hair. While drying the hair she thought that she should try a different hairstyle as she had been wearing her side-fringe haircut for quite some time now. In any case her fringe had now grown out and so, she made a mental note to get a haircut. For tonight, she decided to iron her hair poker straight and part them at the center. With hair and makeup done she started to dress up. She had decided to wear a halter-neck top and a pleated skirt. The skirt reached only till her mid thigh and the top left much of her back exposed. Underneath she wore a simple strapless bra and some simple panties. When she saw herself in the mirror she smiled. She thought how much her life had changed. The person looking back at her from the mirror had nothing in common with the simple shy Indian wife that she was till few months back. Indeed the person looking back at her was not Priya but Jane. And Jane was now ready and eager to welcome her boyfriend to her bed.Mark let out a soft whistle as Priya opened the door for him.”You are looking absolutely gorgeous Jane,” Mark said. “Thanks Mark.””I love what you have done with your hair,” Mark said.Priya smiled appreciatively and said, “I am glad you like it. I thought you wouldn’t notice.””You have such lovely hair. How can I not notice?”She happily posed as he took a picture of her. They snuggled down on the sofa and finished half a bottle of Vodka in no time. Jane was starting to feel the effect of the alcohol in system.”Do you have a cigarette?” asked Priya. Since their first date she had started to smoke quite regularly though she had refrained from smoking in front of Rajesh.”Actually I have a special cigarette today.” Mark said as he took out, what looked like a rolled sheet of paper.”What is it?” Priya looked at it and asked.”It’s weed.” Mark said with a smile. “Have you ever smoked weed before?” he asked Priya.”No never, but it should be interesting.” she said taking the joint from him and lighting it up.She took a puff and the pungent smoke of pot traveled to her lungs. She coughed a little but then took few more drags from the joint. Now she was able to hold the smoke in her lungs for longer duration and she was starting to enjoy it. After some time Mark took the joint from her though she wanted to smoke more. Mark was worried that if she smoked too much of weed then she may pass out completely and his chance of having sex with her tonight would be ruined. All the alcohol and pot had started to have the desired impact on her. Her eyes had become glassy and she was definitely on a high. She could feel a heat building up in her pussy. They were constantly kissing each other and Mark had his hands under her skirt. His hand was gently sliding up her inner thigh and was now within kissing distance from her pussy.”Let’s go inside,” was how Priya invited Mark to her bedroom. The same bed where she and her husband had made love so many times was now going to witness Priya’s pussy being penetrated by her boyfriends cock. Priya pushed Mark down on the bed and straddled over him. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his rippling muscles. His magnificent 6-pack abs was in complete contrast to the pot belly she would encounter whenever Rajesh would remove his shirt. She bent down and started to gently kiss and lick his neck and chest. The juices in her pussy were now starting to flow and she could feel her panties getting wet. Very soon she was also topless and her nipples were now pressing against Mark’s as she lay on top of him gently slurping his tongue. They rolled over on the bed and Mark’s removed her skirt and her panties. He was transfixed by the sight of her clean shaven pussy. This was the first time he was seeing it and it looked deliciously inviting. “You look so beautiful Jane,” said Mark still eyeing her pussy. Priya blushed a little realizing what he was looking at. She also felt relieved that she decided to shave her pussy. As Mark bent down and started sucking her nipple they became engorged within no time.”God!! This feels so good,” moaned Priya while lifting and rubbing her cunt on Mark’s body. Her whole body was now throbbing with excitement and her pussy was on a raging fire. She needed Mark to douse this fire quickly with his cock. While Mark continued to lick her taut nipples she loosened Mark’s trousers and slid them to his knees. Her jaw dropped to the floor at the sight that greeted her.Mark’s cock was HUGE. It was at least twice as large as Rajesh’s. Her hand involuntarily encircled his cock as if trying to measure its girth. She was barely able to close her grip around Mark’s cock. She had never seen such a large cock in her life. Mark had now completely removed his trousers and sight of his complete naked body was causing her pussy to drip like a faucet. She pulled Mark close to her, kissed him and said in a low voice, “I want you inside me.” Mark sheathed his cock in a ribbed condom. For the last one week Priya had been giving him ample hints that she was now prepared to have sex with him, so he had come prepared. He slowly started to insert his cock in her pussy. Priya felt a surge of pain race through her body as Mark’s monstrous cock entered deeper and deeper in her cunt. Her pussy was only used to Rajesh’s much smaller cock and nothing so big had ever penetrated it. Mark started to stroke her gently and his cock started to slide in and out of her pussy in a slow rhythm.”Ah…ah…ah…,” Priya started to moan as the initial pain of penetration got rapidly drowned in a waves of pleasure. “I love you, Mark…ah…ah,” Priya was barely able to say in a guttural voice.”I love you too Jane,” Mark replied in a labored tone. “You are one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.” Priya was now moaning loudly as the pace of Mark’s pace increased, “oh God! This feels so good.” After 15 minutes of continuous pounding both of them were approaching their climax. Priya pussy walls were tightening around Mark’s cock and she was experiencing pleasures that she had never known existed. Finally her body shivered uncontrollably and she exploded in a giant orgasm. Mark continued to pound her for few more minutes and then he too shot his load in her, though it was trapped safely in the condom.As Mark’s body slumped over her with his semi erect cock still inside her she thought that his has been the best sex she had ever had in her life. Her husband had never been able to give her anything close to what her lover had just given her. With Rajesh, sometimes, she couldn’t even achieve an orgasm while having sex. She hugged Mark tightly as he lay on her with his head resting between her breasts. Finally after some time Mark lifted his head up, gently kissed her on the lips and looked straight in her eyes, “Love you Jane.”She replied with a smile, “Love you too honey.”It dawned on her that she had just involuntarily addressed Mark as “honey”. This was a term of endearment that, till now, was reserved only for her husband. Maybe it was a sign that their relationship was now moving to the next level. She felt good about it but also had a tinge of concern about how it would affect her relationship with Rajesh.Mark finally withdrew his cock from her cunt and went to the bathroom to dispose off his condom. When he came back after few moments, Priya was sitting on the bed and was smoking a cigarette. He sat on the bed and slipped under the sheet right next to her. She smiled and handed him the cigarette. The effect of weed and vodka was now wearing off. She asked him, “Are you hungry?””Yes, I Am.” he smiled back at her.”Ok, I will get something to eat.” She got out of the bed and went to the kitchen. She didn’t bother wearing any clothes. She wanted Mark to have a good look at her naked body. She came back with some sandwiches and they sat down on the bed eating them. “So where is your roommate today?” asked Mark.This caught Priya off guard, “Uh…he is out on travel.””So what is he like?” Mark persisted. “He is just an ordinary Indian guy. Busy in his office and work. There is nothing really much to say about him.” And Priya though she was telling the truth. Rajesh, indeed, was a very ordinary person. Everything about him was unexceptional. Off late, she had started to think that he was a real wimp. But, nevertheless, she still was in love with her little wimpy husband. She didn’t want to dwell on this topic much so she quickly changed the subject, “Can you pass me another cigarette?””Sure,” Mark offered her the pack and she pulled one out and lit it.She took a deep drag, held the smoke in her lungs for a long time and then let it out through her nose.”Wow, you have become expert in the art of smoking,” Mark said playfully.”I guess I have to thank you for giving me all the tips about the correct way to smoke,” Priya replied with a smile. They sat on the bed for a long time talking to each other, eating their sandwiches and smoking more cigarettes. In between they kissed each other a number of times and even had another round of sex. Priya was amazed by the stamina Mark had. For the first time in her life she had two orgasms in the same night. She thought that Rajesh would never have been able to do that. In fact he wouldn’t even be able erect his cock for two days after a single session of sex with her. As the clock struck midnight, Priya asked Mark, “Do you want to stay here for night.”Mark replied, “Do you want me to stay?””I would love that.” Priya said.Both of them took a quick shower and settled down in the bed, still completely naked. After sometime Mark rolled over on his side with his back towards her. For Priya his naked muscular body was proving too much to resist. So she moved right next to him with her whole body glued to him. She gently kissed the back of his neck and said “I love you Mark.””I love you too Jane.” Mark said as he gently glided her hand to his semi erect cock. A wave of pleasure washes over her as she held his cock in her hand. She felt so good that this cock was hers now and was ready to service her whenever she needed.

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