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Amia Miley

Jan Story 3Story 3 by JanWell, Here is a story about a very innocent night we had a little over a year ago. Jim and I went to one of our local bars for dinner, and a few drinks. It was summer time and the weather was really nice here. A very good looking man, somewhere in his thirties came and sat next to us. We had seen him several times, and had talked to him, but had never introduced ourselves to each other. I had on my cranberry crushed velvet tube dress. (the one pictured above) Well, I had that dress on and I also had on my sheer off black pantyhose, and black spiked heels. While we were eating our dinner, I noticed that this guy was taking in the view. This dress, doesn’t cover up much leg. Nothing really showed, but you could tell that it wasn’t far from my crotch.When Jim and I finished eating, this guy introduced himself to us. (for this story, we’ll call him Tony) Tony’s eyes kept going down to my legs, and I could tell that the dress was right there. If I moved just right, this guy would get a real good peak up my dress. I was beginning to wish I had worn crotch less pantyhose. We had to be kind of careful, as we were sitting at the bar, and it was quite busy. I kept pulling my dress down and acting like a lady, but I kept wanting to help that dress go up so Tony would get a good look. I had my pictures on the Internet, and they show it all. But sitting here talking to a attractive man on one side of me, and my husband on the other was kind of new, and very exciting. It just isn’t the same as some guy from California looking at my pictures, or showing a little to someone that I’ll probably never see again. Tony went to the restroom, and I quickly talked to Jim. He took a look, and told me that if the lights were brighter in the bar, that Tony and him would be able to see my hair. I asked Jim what he would like, and all he did was laugh. I knew that I had to be careful with this. I mean, I enjoy a man looking at me, that is obvious. But as Jim and I had talked about, we had to make sure that we didn’t give anybody the wrong idea.As Jim explained to me: if you go to a bar, and flaunt yourself at some guy, he is going to think you either want, or are willing to do something besides put on a show. Then he pointed out to me, that there were only three women in the bar with skirts on, and only one wearing a mini. (guess who). All Jim has asked me to do is be very careful. Going to the bar wearing something short is one thing, and going to the bar wearing something short konak escort and spreading legs is another. One looks good, and the other looks like an offer.Jim took his turn going to the restroom. He was gone 10 seconds, and I noticed Tony staring at my legs. No my dress wasn’t up that high, and nothing but a lot of leg was showing. Tony raised his head up, and realized I was watching him look at me. He said, I’m sorry Jan, but I just can’t take my eyes off of your legs. I just love it when a woman wears short stuff. I smiled at him and said look all you want. I wouldn’t be wearing something this short if I didn’t enjoy men looking. He smiled, looked down at my legs, and said thanks, I’ll try not to stare.When Jim came back from the restroom, Tony but us a round of drinks, and a round of shots. When we did the shots, Tony toasted my legs. Jim sort of figured out that Tony must have said something to me while he was gone. The three of us sat there watching some sports on TV. Jim and Tony did most of the talking, and I kept pulling my dress down. They came around for last call, and Tony asked us if we would like to stop by his apartment for a drink, and a smoke. I hadn’t smoked in a long time, and Jim and I both decided, why not. When we got our drinks for last call, they turned the lights up. I heard Jim say “oh shit”. I turned to him and he pointed at my chest. You guessed it, one of my nipples was sticking out. No body got a look at it, and I quickly pulled my dress up.We finished our drinks, and the three of us left the bar. I walked ahead of the boys, and wiggled my ass a little extra as we left. On the way to Tony’s apartment, Jim told me that I had to be careful that I don’t give him the wrong impression. I told him not to worry, and that he better not smoke too much cause I was getting VERY turned on.Tony had a very nice apartment. Sure didn’t look like a bachelor decorated. It had that manly look, but it was VERY clean, and decorated very well. I started out sitting on his couch, as he and Jim stepped into the dinning room. Tony had an aquarium, and I went over to look at it. I wonder why they don’t make those things so they are at eye level. You guessed it. I stood in front of it and bent over to look at the fish in it. (Jim let me know later) My dress had rode up half way up my ass. If my pantyhose didn’t have that cotton panel, the boys would have gotten a very good view.Well, I turned around and walked out to the dinning room, and joined the boys. konak escort bayan Tony fixed our drinks, and we sat at his dining room table. Again, a really clean table, and one I would like to have. It was Clear Glass. As Tony was rolling the joint he kept looking down at the table. Guess who’s dress was above their hairline. I reached to pull it down, and had to stand up to get it under my ass. Well, when I did that a nipple popped out when I sat back down. Jim brought it to my attention, and I pulled my dress up, but some of the aureole still showed.Tony talked about his girlfriend in Chicago, and how he was planning on moving back there to be with her. We talked for quite a while, and instead of a drink, we had a couple. But for the weed, Tony was smoking a lot of it. I just had a couple of hits, and Jim had several hits. I only had a couple of hits, but I got really buzzed. Here it was, 3:30 in the morning. I have a dress, sheer pantyhose, and heels. I am sitting there stretched out in the chair, my feet spread far enough apart, that if my pantyhose didn’t have the cotton panel, they would have been looking at my pussy lips. And the top of my dress is down far enough, that all my aureole above my nipple is showing. And I am so turned on at this that all I want to do is go home and fuck.Tony wants to show us something in the living room. He pulls out this album to show us some pictures of a deer he got the year before. I bend over to take a look at it, and well, I guess gravity proved to be too much. Not one, but both of my tits fell out the top of my dress. I was feeling so good from what I drank, and smoked that I didn’t even notice at first. But I wasn’t totally out of it and I straightened up and pulled the top up. Tony had eyes as big as oranges, and Jim had one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen on him. He stuttered, and said, we’ve already seen them how about just leaving them out.Well, in the condition I was in that sounded like a good idea, and I looked at Tony, and said. I don’t mind showing them but that’s all I’m going to do. I could tell that his already stiff cock just got a little stiffer. Each time he stood up, he had to adjust it. He said, my god of course I would like to look at em. I started to pull them out, then I started to think this might be a bad idea, then I decided what the heck. I reached up to the top of the dress, and slowly pulled it down. First I uncovered one nipple, and looked at the boys faces. Both of them had their escort konak eyes glued to my chest. Then I slowly uncovered the other nipple. And again I checked out the boys. You would think they had never seen a tit before.I started thinking that this might be a bad idea again, and looked at Jim, then at Tony. I asked Tony, are you sure you don’t mind looking and not doing anything. He said, Jan I have been checking you out all night, praying for those things to fall out. Please let me see them. I pulled the top of my dress down further and further until it was down by my belly button and my tits in all their glory were totally uncovered. Oh, did I fail to mention, that when I pulled the dress up to cover my tits, that I pulled it up far enough that the hem of my dress was at least two inches above my hairline?Tony and Jim only stared for a few moments, then Tony rolled another joint. I didn’t have any but Jim did. I did notice that my hair was showing, but I was having too much fun to cover it up. We sat and talked for a while, and around 4:30 in the morning I told Jim we had to get home. We collected our stuff, and told Tony to look for us at the bar if he ever comes back to this area. We got to the door, and Tony came up to me and said. Jan, I have two requests. 1 can I kiss them and 2, can I see your pussy? I was a little worried, and said well, I guess you can kiss them but that’s all. He leaned over and sucked in my right nipple, and yes it did feel good. Then I stopped him, and said, Tony, you forgot one. He leaned over and gave the left one a good sucking.We said good night, and as I was walking out his door, I reached down and gave his cock a real good squeeze. Let me tell you, he was one hard man. Of course, I was wet as hell. Jim and I got to the car, and Jim asked are you ready? I said ready for what, and he walked up to me pulling his zipper down. I was ready. I reached up and got a hold of my pantyhose and pulled them down, and stepped out of them in a matter of seconds. Jim gave me a kiss, and I reached for his cock. He was hard and ready, and I was wet and ready. He turned me around and leaned me over the hood of the mustang. I reached for his cock and guided it into my pussy. It slid right in and yes it felt great. I had been ready for hours to do this. Jim banged me until we were both moaning and groaning in the parking lot.Now we were both finished, standing in a parking lot, and all I have on is the tube dress, I’m looking for my shoes, my skirt is above my waist, and my tits are out, and a car pulls up right next to us. I quickly got dressed, and into the car and Jim and I left. As we were leaving a woman got out of the car, and then Jim noticed something. The plates on the car were from Illinois. Home we went in a hurry.

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