Juvenile Sexuality by Jim Stanley Ch. 1-9

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Juvenile Sexuality by Jim Stanley Ch. 1-9Juvenile SexualitybyJim StanleyChapter 1Its Beginnings”He’s a love c***d.” These words of my mother to our next-door neighborwere my first introduction to sexuality. I was nine at the time, justcoming into sexual awareness and I wondered what those words meant. I hadan inkling, but I wasn’t sure. I sought out my older next-door neighborand asked him the meaning of these words. Red was quick with hisanswer. “It means,” he said, “that your mother and father had sex at a latedate in their life and you were the result.” Thinking about it, my motherwas 48 when I was born and my father, 52. At age nine, my mother was 57and my father 61.As I said, my sexual awareness was beginning to manifest itself at9. This new bit of information piqued my interest even more. I began toobserve my mother and father. I began to listen in the long nights to thewhispers and moans emanating from their bedroom. Once, feeling ill, Iwalked into their bedroom and saw my father atop my mother. I was stillable to convince them of my need to sleep with them and, at these times,snuggled in the middle of their warm bodies, I became aware of the smellsand sensations of warm bodies. I felt the outline of my mother’s bodypressed against me. I looked beneath the covers for signs of sexuality,noting, for example, the outline of my father’s cock pressed hard in hisunderwear. Sometimes I was rewarded with a view of his cockhead oozingfrom the leg portion of his boxer shorts. Once, his boxer shorts were openand I visited with his hard cock, watching it stand upright, throbbing. Mymother’s nightie was another temptation. Often, in the restlessness ofsleep, she would raise her legs, forcing the bottom of the nightie aboveher hips, exposing her vagina. I watched intently as her breathing movedher vaginal walls and exposed the wetness of the inner labia. Once,startled by a dream, I crawled into their bed on my father’s side andslept. During the night, movement woke me and I lay, hardly breathing,sensing the movement of my father’s hips towards my mother. I was awarethat he had his hard cock in her but could not see the action of itsmovement in and out. My stillness paid off. At one point, I heard himwhisper that I was in a deep sleep and that they could proceed withabandon. I watched him remove his boxer shorts and, she, her nightie. Fora 62 year old, he was physically fit and, from my vantage point, had a 6 to7 inch cock, well formed and uncut. He rose over her and inserted his cockinto her mouth. The silhouette of his hard, wet cock sliding in and out ofher mouth was plainly evident. Several minutes passed. While he fuckedher mouth with his hard cock, I could see her right index finger probingher cunt, her legs raised in a V, her toes curled sensuously upward. Morewhispers and then they reversed their positions. His head now turned toher vagina while his cock still fucked her mouth. I could see his tongueflicker in and out of her cunt while the rest of his body kept its rhythmicfucking of her mouth. I sensed their passions increasing. His and hertongue searched each other’s assholes and their passions increased, almostwith abandon, ignoring the fact that I was in bed with them. At one pointI heard my mother ask if I were asleep or not. My father’s reply wasmuffled but I understood him to say, “Don’t worry. He’s deep asleep. Andeven if he isn’t, he might learn something from watching us.” It satisfiedher and back they went to their lovemaking. I sensed that my father mighteven get some enjoyment out of knowing that I was awake and watching.Their anal lovemaking took over now. He had her kneel on the side of thebed in a doggie position. He slipped out of bed and stood behind her andgently tongued her asshole. Her muffled moans increased in volume, givingway to her passion, neither paying any attention to my presence. Severalminutes passed and he stood upright. I could only see my mother in adoggie position, her tits swaying before my face, her ass elevated. Icaught a momentary glimpse of Dad’s cock as he positioned himself to drivehis hard cock into her asshole. It’s majesty shone clearly, accented by the linear crossing of blue veins along the They moaned in unison at the penetration.He fucked her this way for several minutes, alternating between deepstrokes with his hard cock and withdrawing and sucking her asshole deeply.Their passions intensified. He climbed back into the bed. She lay on herback, her legs upraised. His hard wet cock glistened in the darkness as itpenetrated her wet and hot cunt. She begged him to fuck her. Heaccommodated her wishes by driving his shaft deep into her cunt. Theentire bed shook. My head, just one foot from his penetration, watched hishard cock driving into her wet hot cunt. Her moans came first. “Oh myGod!!! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard.” It was a moan and a whisper.Then he came. His cock pounded furiously and deeply now. I could see hisface above me, grimacing as if in pain, saliva dripping from his mouth, thesound of “Jesus, God, I’m cumming.” Then a muffled, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,baby,” and silence. Their bodies collapsed atop one another. My cockthroughout this viewing was hard and wet and tingling. I heard theirerratic snores and boldly moved my hand toward their union of cock and cuntand felt the wetness of their lovemaking. I grasped at it, feeling myfather’s limp cock still penetrating my mother’s cunt. Skimming their lovejuices, I applied it to my cock and balls. I began the slow up and downmovement and within seconds, my hot cock spurt its juices high into theair, soaking my belly, my chest and my face. I tasted my cum. I moved myhand once more toward my father’s and mother’s love juices and tasted evenmore. That’s all I remember. I slept the rest of the night and woke thenext morning to the voice of my mother calling, “Stan, come down forbreakfast.”Chapter 2Juvenile Sexuality: Its ContinuityI began to notice other things in my parent’s behavior. My father, inparticular, expressed sensuality. At least, that is what it seemed to me.I was in grade school at the time, perhaps 10 or 11 years of age. One day,for whatever reason, I stayed home from school. My father, too, hadn’tgone to work and my mother was away. It seems she went to the store orshopping. I remember being occupied with some things in my room.Suddenly, I was aware of a quiet in the house, a quiet that was strange. Ileft my room, came down the steps to the kitchen and sensed that my fatherwasn’t anywhere to be found. I came to the pantry and noticed the door tothe family room closed. That seemed unusual and I gave it no thought andopened it. There, before me, sat my 62-year-old father naked, sitting in achair facing the door, legs outstretched, muscles taut in his legs,masturbating. His strong body, the graying hair between his nipples, thegray on his head, and his 6 or 7-inch cock burned itself into my memory. Iremember a smile from him; I remember my own arousal; I remember closingthe door and returning to my bedroom. I was so excited by this image of myfather masturbating that I lay on the bed and, without touching my cock,only envisioning the scene, shot a load into my pants. I remember takingmy clothes off, cleaning off and rerunning my recollection of the scene,this time with my cock in hand. I must have come 8 times that morning.Another time, summer, I played and worked in the yard. We had aVictory Garden at the time and my job was to keep the weeds from growing.My Dad was in the yard, too, weaving some baskets. He had on some shortsbut, otherwise, was barefooted and bare-chested. My mother was somewherein the house attending to things of the house. At one point, I caught aglimpse of my father going into the old chicken house that had been turnedinto a shed. It wasn’t more than 20 feet from me. He closed the door. Ithought that was odd. Inquisitive, I walked over and opened the door.There sat my father with his shorts down to his ankles, legs outstretchedonce again, his 6 to 7 inch cock hard, his right hand moving rhythmicallyup and down his hard cock, his left hand, rubbing his belly and balls.Once again, I closed the door and returned to the yard and the work athand. I stayed but moments and went to my room and masturbated for therest of the afternoon. I remember only that my cock was red and soreafterwards. But the intensity of the image remained for the rest of theday and remaining days and years of my life. I fell in love with his cockand body.Once, when I was about 14, I came home around 11:30 P.M. I usedthe back door, entered the pantry and put on the light in the kitchen.Just off the kitchen was a family room with a sofa. The kitchen lightilluminated the room slightly and I noticed that my father was asleep onthe sofa. I moved closer and, since it was summer, he slept only with hisboxer shorts. My mother was asleep upstairs. A closer look revealed hisboxer shorts opened and his flaccid cock in full view. I was fascinated.I devoured that scene of almost total nudity, his gray hair on his head,chest and pubic area. I crept closer and knelt beside him. I drew closerstill savoring the manly smells of his body, his crotch, his legs, hisfeet. Since his snoring was continuous, I assumed he was asleep. Ireached out and gently touched his cock and getting no response, I took itin my hand. Flaccid as it was, it felt warm to the touch. His cocktwitched a little at my touch, but there was still no movement from myfather. So I got still more brazen, wondering what it would feel like if Icould put his cock in my mouth. I bent over him and let my tongue slideacross the glans. The odor of clean sweat teased my senses. I rememberassuming that he jerked off and fell asleep. Emboldened, I took his entirecockhead into my mouth and gently sucked. With that, he woke. I darted upthe stairs to my room and stayed quiet for about a half an hour. Then, onthe pretext of using the downstairs bathroom, I descended the stairs, wentto the bathroom, looked in on my father to note that he had closed hisboxer shorts and, I assume, pretended sleep. Nothing was ever said aboutthis episode.About 6 months later, another situation aroused my curiosity withmy father’s body even more. I remember it well. I came home from schoolat 3:00 and, as most k**s at this age, I moved quickly to the icebox for abite to eat. My mother stood menacingly between the pantry and thekitchen, which led to the front room. It was an unusual pose, one that Isensed was filled with tension. Her comment was, “Don’t go into the frontroom!” It wasn’t a comment; it was an order. But as k**s are quick andnimble, I was by her in a moment and into the front room. There on a sofalay my father and my first cousin, another 60 year old who had just losthis wife, passed out. It was obvious that they had been drinking. Theirheads rested on the wall, their legs outstretched and their pants open withtheir cocks lying softly on their inner thighs. Their naked posturesmesmerized me. The gray hairs surrounding my father’s cock and balls aswell as the gray surrounding my cousins excited me. I remember, inparticular, my cousin’s enormous cock. Flaccid, it looked to be at least 8inches long. I heard my mother moan. I realized that I had moved tooquickly and that it was an embarrassment for her. I don’t remember anyrepercussions from this and, it seems, all was forgotten. But whatremained for me was the ever-present infatuation with my father, his bodyand his cock. In this latter case, I wondered at what had transpiredbetween the two, my father and my cousin. I wondered what role my motherplayed in it since she had to be aware of what had occurred. Myimagination ran wild from this point on. These scenes would become the rawmaterial for all my future fantasies of sex, which, to this day, I cherish.Chapter 3Juvenile Sexuality: Other EscapadesA week or so later, however, I remember this same first cousin coming toour house for an afternoon visit. I happened to be home from school thatday. My mind flashed back to that vision of him and my father passed outon the sofa. I remembered his cock. At rest, it lay at 8 inches. Hard,it must have been all of 10 inches, fat and round, uncircumcised. Iremembered his body, slight but firm, gray hair on his head and his pubicarea. I remembered, too, that he always seemed to show affection towardsme. His entrance made my mother nervous, as I recall. On the other hand,there was warmth in her voice. Bernie, as he was called, realized that Iwas there and rushed to embrace me. Some pleasantries passed and we sat inthe kitchen discussing the events of the day. My mother suggested that Irun to the store to get some soda, as my father would be home soon. I tookthe money and left, promising to return within an hour or so, or at leastbefore Dad came home. I suspected something else was amiss however. Ileft the house by the west door and moved hurriedly to the east side of thehouse where I sat under the porch. I let a few minutes pass and crept tothe back of the house and peered through the window of the pantry. Icouldn’t believe my eyes. Bernie and my mother had moved from the pantryinto the front room. He had her dress lifted high above her hips, herslightly paunched stomach and her pubic hairs glistening in the afternoonsun. His hand probed, moving between her cunt and her tits. It wasevident that she was a willing participant. And I understood why when Isaw Bernie unbuckle his pants and drop them to show a 10″ hard cock, fatand throbbing, pressing against my mother’s belly. She dropped to herknees and took his hard cock deep into her mouth. At the same time, hetook off his shirt, raised her dress over her head, dropped his pants, laidher on the sofa, legs upraised and drove his hard 10 inch cock deep intoher cunt. I heard only, “This is a lot different from the other day when Icouldn’t even get it hard.” That comment explained the episode on thesofa. I assume she was a participant in that episode. I’m not sure how,but that I left to my imagination. Meanwhile, he fucked her hard. Withher legs wrapped around his hips, he drove his cock deeper into her cunt.I heard her moan and then scream. It was over in 5 minutes. Theyhurriedly dressed and sat at the kitchen table. I ran to the store, gotthe soda and returned home, on the way, encountering my Dad, returning fromwork. We walked home together and found Bernie and my mother at the tabletalking.My father bathed. Bernie and my mother sat at the kitchen tablesipping a beer. Dinner was prepared and sitting in the oven. By the timemy father had emerged from the bathroom, in shorts, dinner was ready.Bernie, my father, my mother and I sat down to a dinner of cabbage andkielbasa. The atmosphere warmed noticeably during the dinner and my fatheradded to the warmth by opening a bottle of whiskey. An hour or so passedand the evening transited to a game of pinochle, a game I knew nothing of.I excused myself and announced that I was going to a movie. Bernie movedtowards me. He put his arm around me affectionately and placed $5 into myhand. “Have a good time, Stas, and leave some of the women for the rest ofus,” was his awkward comment. Everyone laughed and I left. But I didn’tgo far. After I reached the corner and dropped out of sight, I cut throughthe park, over some fences and returned to our backyard, where I couldobserve the game of pinochle. The drinks flowed freely, thanks to my Dad.A lot of laughing, touching, embracing was in evidence. Since I couldn’thear the conversation, I had to judge their movements and actions. Berniebegan to fondle my father’s crotch. My mother laughed and, with that, heundid my father’s belt and opened his fly. There was more laughter. Thenmy mother moved toward my Dad, grasping his limp cock, then Bernie’s, andmuttering something that I could not hear. With that, they all stood,moved up the steps toward the upstairs bedroom.I moved to the rear of the house, climbed on the kerosene tank andlifted myself onto the flat roof. I was but feet away from the window ofmy parent’s bedroom. The light in the house and the darkness outside keptme invisible. I was able to watch them move into the bedroom. My fatherled the way with my mother sandwiched between him and Bernie. Bernie hadhis hand up my mother’s dress. Once in the bedroom, Bernie beganundressing my father. He sat him on the bed, untied his shoes, removed hissocks and pants and laid him on the bed. He lingered momentarily at myfather’s feet, kissing them, taking each of his toes into his mouth. BothBernie and my mother undressed quickly. Naked, they proceeded to love him.My father lay on his back, his legs raised in a V. His cock throbbed asBernie sucked. My mother, meanwhile, moved her head between his legs anddrove her hot tongue into his asshole. Her crouched position exposed herample breasts and her cunt. Brown and slightly grayed pubic hairsglistened in the bedroom light, not unnoticed to Bernie. He took time frommy Dad’s cock to suck on her nipples and insert his tongue deep into hercunt. She moved in response to his thrusts and lay on the bed. My fatherand Bernie stood above her now, both cocks hard, erect, and dripping withprecum. My father spoke first, “Be my tuzla escort guest.” Bernie raised himself overmy mother’s cunt and inserted his hard 10″cock. My father’s hand guided itto its font. As Bernie fucked her, my father drove his hard cock intoBernie’s ass. It wasn’t long. Bernie began the countdown to a fabulouscum and screamed his hot load into my mother. My mother then screamed tomy father, “Come on baby, finish it off.” My father rose above her andstabbed his hard dick into her hot cunt, already moistened by Bernie’s cum,and came quickly, shooting his hot load of cum into her hot, wet cunt.Bernie then turned my father over on his back and sucked him dry, lickinghis belly and his balls and his cock. They fell into a heap and slept.Several hours later, when I returned, they were seated at the tablehaving another go at pinochle. I pretended innocence and laughed at theirjokes and their levity. My father spoke first. Bernie, you can’t go hometonight. You have to stay here. You’ll sleep with Stas. Bernie smiledand nodded. I pretended innocence and announced that it was time for me togo to bed. I left the group, climbed the stairs to my bedroom. My parentshad to climb the same stairs and pass through my bedroom to theirs. I wasfilled with anticipation over what might happen that night. I undressed,leaving my boxer shorts on. Downstairs, I could hear continued discussionand joviality and that, in a sense, lulled me into a torpor. Soon I wasfast asleep. It seemed like hours had passed. I woke and realized thatanother body was in bed with me. The early thoughts of the evening came tome and I realized it was Bernie. He slept and snored and I explored hisnaked body, throwing back the covers to observe his nudity. His cock laydormant. His gray pubic hairs accentuated that dormancy. I whispered intohis ear: “Bernie, are you awake.” There was no response. I lowered myhead over his flaccid, 8″ cock and rested. But as I lay there, his cockgrew hard. I sucked gently on the glans and balls and asshole and enjoyedthe muffled responses of love as I sucked his cock and balls. Bernie’s 10″cock responded to the stimulation of my mouth and tongue. I whispered intohis ear once more. He responded this time. “Fuck me, Bernie. Please!” Ipleaded. “Yes, Stas. I wanted to do this all night.” He continued,”First suck my cock and balls a little. Let’s not rush into it. We haveall night. Besides, I want to do a little sucking, too. And I want yourhard cock in my ass.” I knelt over him and licked his entire body,beginning with his feet, working my way slowly up his body to his cock,balls and asshole, then to his nipples, his face and lips and then back tohis throbbing cock. I sucked it deeply, as deep as my small mouth could.Precum emanated from his hot pisshole and I tasted with glee. His ballsand ass were still flavored with the sweat and passion of his earlierescapade with my mother and father. I savored the taste and lingered overthe smells of his earlier passion. He was hot and I sensed he was ready tocome. He halted my sucking movements and had me lay on my side. Withthat, he stuck his 10″ fat cock into my hot ass and began to fuck. Itwasn’t an ordinary fuck. He fucked slow, then fast, then slow, thenmoderate. The nuances of penetration were fabulous; it compared withnothing I had ever experienced. He wasn’t through with me yet. He askedme to kneel on the side of the bed, doggie style. He stepped onto thefloor, rammed his hot cock into my hot asshole and fucked me hard andunmercifully. The deep penetration of his fat cock massaged my prostate tothe point that I could not control my movements. The ecstasy wasotherworldly. I could not contain myself and shot hard into my hand,tasting and sharing my cum with Bernie. Bernie pulled out in time to shovehis hot cock into my mouth and shoot his hot jism deep into my throat. Weboth fell on the bed in an embrace, his cock once more entering my hotasshole and we slept until morning. When I awoke late the next morning,Bernie was gone but I could hear his voice downstairs talking to my motherand father. He was on his way home. I savored last night’s loving oncemore. My cock grew hard and I grasped it with both hands and fucked myfist until I shot all over my stomach. I mopped it with several swipes ofmy hand and tasted the results of my passion.Chapter 4Juvenile Sexuality: The TeensI was a freshman in high school at the time, about 14. The image of myfather lying on the sofa with his cock exposed, asleep, and my firstattempt at sucking his cock still burned deeply in my memory. At thispoint, my father just turned 66. I looked for repeats of that momentoften. One night, I came home early, around 11:00 P.M. Normally, I’d comein the front door, through the family room that held the sofa he slept onthat first time. It was the noisiest approach I could make, announcing mycoming. This particular night, something told me to walk to the back ofthe house and look through the pantry window. From this location, I couldsee through the kitchen into the family room. A bathroom light just offthe kitchen threw enough light into the family room to be able to seedimly. I could make out the figure of my father, naked on the sofa, toyingwith his balls and cock. His cock stood at half mast, not quite hard yet.But he seemed to enjoy his massaging as if working up to something moregratifying. I thought this might be my chance. Perhaps, being naked as hewas, he was setting the scene for my entrance to see what I might do. Mymother was nowhere in sight and I assume she was upstairs, asleep. To testmy hypothesis, I chose to come in the front door, the noisiest of theentrances to the house. If he wished to conceal his nakedness, he wouldstill have the option of putting shorts on or going upstairs. I opened thedoor, closed it gently behind me, making sure to create enough sound forhim to hear me coming. I walked normally so he could hear the tread of myfeet. I came into the family room, and, in the dimness of the light, Icould see that he lay still and totally naked, feigning sleep. A snore ortwo emanated from his mouth as if to emphasize his sleep posture. I wasbeside myself with excitement, anticipating what might happen. To make mypresence even more noticed, I put on the kitchen light. It flooded thefamily room obliquely so as to spotlight my father’s naked body from thechest down. Only his head remained in a shadow. I really grew excitednow. His semi-erect cock was in full view and stood majestically. Hishands no longer toyed with his cock and balls but were drawn back over hisforehead, covering his eyes. His legs were spread slightly, allowing me agood view of his balls and the crack of his asshole. His feet lay atangles of rest, a picture of a man asleep and at peace. I took my shoesand socks off in the kitchen. I hesitated a moment but then decided totake off my pants and shirt so that I wore only my boxer shorts. My cockwas already hard and wet, excited over the prospects at hand. I cleared mythroat a couple of times to afford my Dad another chance to waken andclothe or whatever. But he gave no inkling of changing his position ordemeanor. I decided to go for it. I tiptoed into the family room, kneltbeside him on the sofa and reached out to touch his cock lightly. Therewas no response except for a slight movement of his penis. I continued totouch his cock lightly and the response became more noticeable. His cockcontinued to respond to my touches until it stood erect and hard, all seveninches. His balls pulsed as his cock throbbed. I took his cock into myright hand and enjoyed its firmness, noticing, at the same time, thebeginnings of pre-cum juices emanating from his hot pisshole. I dared toput my tongue on his cockhead and taste the beginnings of his passion.Still there was no response from my father. I decided to throw caution tothe wind. I positioned myself so as to be able to lick his balls. Hislegs moved slightly, but only to open wider, allowing me to put my head inhis crotch and lick his balls and the top of the crack leading to hisasshole. I detected a slight whimper or moan from my father, but nothingelse. I grasped his balls with my right hand and cupped them. My lefthand found the base of his hard cock as my lips found his cockhead. Ibegan to suck gently, my left hand massaging the base of his cock, my righthand kneading his balls gently. To my surprise, my father began torespond. His body moved in synch with the downward thrust of my mouth onhis hot cock. The motion became more vigorous and I suspected he was aboutto come. He shot his hot cum deep into my throat, maintaining his fuckingthrusts and moaning openly now. The warm cum spilled into my mouth, in asense, startling me since I did not expect so much. He seemed to come andcome with each thrust. I could only swallow that sweet hot cum and gentlyrest my head on his crotch. His passion subsided, too. But he continuedwith his pretense and eventually snored unabatedly, a signal of hissatisfaction and peace. I decided to withdraw and maintain the pretense.But by now, my excitement was beyond bounds. My cock throbbed withexcitement and wept openly its joy juices. My shorts were completelysaturated with my precum. Removing my shorts, I sat naked on a recliningchair to the left of the sofa so that I could view my father’s nakednessand masturbated. It didn’t take long. I shot a hot stream of cum onto mystomach and chest and lay there momentarily enjoying the moment of peaceshared by my father and me. With that, still naked, I went upstairs to myroom and slept soundly the rest of the night. Sometime during the earlymorning hours, I heard my father pass through my room to his room and climbin bed with my mother. But on his pass through my room, I detected a longpause. My mind pursued the notion of him taking my cock in hand andbringing me to an orgasm. That thought stimulated my cock to an erection.And as I lay in my shorts, my cock hard but concealed, I tried to imaginemy father’s excitement watching the movements and contours of my body,especially my hard and throbbing cock.Chapter 5Juvenile Sexuality: The Teens and BeyondThe pretense continued with my father. Weeks and months passed and wecontinued to have sex under the guise of sleep. Variations in the themealways occurred. For one, I now began to strip naked. Sometimes, hisright arm dangled off the sofa and I allowed my hard cock to touch theinner palm of his hand. I let my cock brush his arm and the back his hand.I sometime massaged his feet with my cock as I knelt over him. Oneparticular time, I was particularly horny. His throbbing cock stood erectand tempting to my asshole. Previous to this, I wasn’t sure if that kindof penetration would startle him, or wake him even though I was sure he wastotally cognizant of what was going on. But this time, the horniness gotthe best of me. I stood on the sofa, my legs spread-eagled over his lowerbody facing him and lowered myself down in a haunch, as a catcher would inbaseball. I greased my hot asshole and his cock with spit and let histhrobbing and hard cock slide into my passion filled hole. Being young, Iwas able to ride his cock in this position with ease. My downward thrustof my asshole was met by the upward thrust of my Dad’s waist. Thepenetration was deep and intense, my prostate ecstatic over the rhythmicmassage of my Dad’s hard, 7-inch cock. He moaned in this encounter and Isensed his proximate cumming. Then I felt his warm cum spurt into my hotasshole. That was all I could take and my cock involuntarily shot all overhis chest, some reaching his chin and neck. I lifted my drenched and hotasshole from his still throbbing cock, knelt over him and licked my cumfrom his stomach, chest, chin and cock. He still did not respond. I rosefrom the sofa drenched with sweat and passion and went to my room, stillexcited over this night’s session. I lay in bed, my finger probing myasshole to taste my Dad’s cum and masturbated once more. I wasn’t longbefore I shot another hot load all over my stomach. I wiped it up with myhand and ate hungrily. Then I slept. Late the next morning, my father’shand shook me awake. “Stan, Stan, wake up. I’m taking a walk down to thebay in about an hour and wondered if you’d like to accompany me.” “Yeh,Dad, sure. I’d love to go and I’ll be ready shortly,” I replied, at thesame time aware of my hard cock pressing out in my boxer shorts. I couldsee his eyes responding to my bulge and he smiled knowingly, turned andwent downstairs. I was up and in the shower in seconds, wondering what theday would bring.The bay is the Taritan Bay, which forms a part of New York harbor.Besides having a beach, there is a long stretch that runs along therailroad tracks completely isolated from the world. Its isolation is itscharm. There is an area of this expanse that we referred to as “bare assbeach.” All the k**s from town swam here in the nude. When we’ve walkedhere in the past, my father always let me swim with my shorts on. I alwayswanted him to come into the water, too, but he never did. This time Ihoped that would change.Anyway, we got started on our walk to the bay. It took about 1/2an hour to get there. The tide was beginning to come in but it was stillpossible to walk along the beach. When we got to the nude beach area, therewas no one around. My father spoke first, “Would you like to go for aswim?” I jumped at the chance and asked, “Can I go in with no clothes on?”He laughed and replied, “Of course!”I pursued it further. “Would you come in with me, Dad?” I asked.”I think I will,” he answered and began to disrobe along with me.First, he took off his shoes and socks. His slender feet felt the moistsand and curled to the touch of the cool dampness. Next, he removed hisshirt. Dad had very fine hair so that it was difficult to notice.However, a noticeable crop of black, graying hair was in evidence betweenhis nipples. He had worked hard all his life and his body remainedsomewhat trim except for a slight developing stomach that appeared in hislate sixties. He was 66 now. Then he dropped his pants along with hisunderwear and neatly folded them and placed them on a high rock in case thetide came in too far. I stared, embarrassingly, at his flaccid cock,fringed with gray, his balls swaying with each movement of his body. Iimagined loving that cock and balls. As he bent over to pick up his shoes,his asshole opened wide for me. It begged me to love it. I was besidemyself with excitement. My cock didn’t get hard, but it began to drip andI was afraid he would notice. This was the first time I had seen my fathertotally naked in a standup position. Being outdoors accentuated myexcitement and I felt my cock begin to swell. I turned and headed for thewater, calling out for my father to follow me. Once in the water, Iwatched him wade toward me, his slightly swollen 7inch dick swaying in thebreeze, his ball sack hanging low. He took my hand and we waded into thedeeper water, the tide getting higher by the moment. Once we reached adepth where the water was up to my chest, we stopped and began to doggiepaddle around. I complained about the water being cool and he put his armsaround my waist gently and pressed his body to me and said, “Once your bodyadjusts, you’ll be fine. Meanwhile, let me hold you close until you do.”My back was to him and I felt his cock press against me. I could feel itgrowing as he held me and I, too, began to harden. My cock and balls beganto feel as if they would explode. I had to do something. I freed myselffrom his embrace and dove under the water to catch a glimpse of my father’scock. I remember asking him to open his legs wide so that I could swimthrough them. He obliged and, diving, I swam through his legs. His cockstood straight out as I swam through his legs. I dove again to return fromthe backside and made a point of brushing my face against his balls as Iwent through. I kept doing this, each time looking for a newer angle ofhis hot and hard cock. Then he reciprocated. He asked me to stand stillas he dove through my legs. On the third approach, his head stayed betweenmy legs and he lifted me onto his shoulders and raised me out of the water.We waded this way, my hard cock now in full view and pressed against theback of his head. He couldn’t see my cock, but, I’m sure, could feel itspulsing. My balls felt warm nestled on the nape of his neck. I couldn’tcontain my excitement and my cock shot its hot load into the air, most ofit landing on my stomach and some on his head. He must have known thatsomething had happened and dunked his head once or twice with me still onhis shoulders. I could feel, too, his right arm muscle moving and tensingbeneath the water. As he held me on his shoulders with his left hand, hisright hand provided the relief he needed for his hard cock. I felt hisbody shudder as he came, and, looking down, I could see the white strandsof his hot cum rising to the surface around his submerged body. We playedsome more and then, lifting me off his shoulders, we returned to the rocksand beach. By now the tide had reached the rocks and we had to climb ontothem to dress. He took pains to dry me with his underwear, wiping my backand ass as well as my cock and balls. tuzla escort bayan This was the first time, in mymemory, that I knowingly felt my father’s hand gently touching my cock andballs. I felt a slight twinge at this and worried that my cock would riseonce more. But he stopped his drying and we dressed and proceeded on ourway. I told him how much I enjoyed the swim and we continued to talk andbanter as usual. Our return to home took us in another direction throughthe woods.The walk home through the woods was more exciting than ever thistime. I had come this way many times myself. I had my special isolatedspots where I could take all my clothes off and jerk off and fantasizewithout being seen. I wondered at the route my father would take. Therewas a hobo camp not too far from where we walked and we headed in thatdirection. When we got there, a few hobos camped and my father went up toone of them. The man offered us a cup of coffee from his tin can coffeepot and we sat around and talked about where he’d been and where he hopedto go. A half hour passed, we thanked him for the coffee and continued.About a 1/2 mile into the woods, my father asked me if I needed to go tothe bathroom. At the moment, I didn’t feel a need. He said he had to go.Nearby was a stagnant stream and my father dropped his pants facing me,squatted, and waited for something to happen. I watched and took a curiousinterest in his urination and defecation. His nicely formed uncut cockhung between his legs and I thought back to the night before when its hard7″ shot its hot load into my ass. I remember the golden hue of his urinecoming from his pisshole. It got me excited seeing it. From behind, Icould make out a large tird coming out of his asshole. This too excitedme. I then realized why he chose this spot along the stream and saw thathe washed his asshole and cock with the water from the stream. He gaveparticular attention to his asshole, inserting his wet fingers, at leastthree, into his asshole. He washed long and thoroughly, inserting hisfingers and spreading his asshole as wide as he could. His cock grewsomewhat during this cleansing and I grew excited as well. Before hefinished, I said, “Dad, maybe I should try to go too.” His comment was,”Then by all means come here and do it.” I squatted near him and hewatched. First, some piss came out, then, with a little squeezing, a smalltird came out.” I said I was finished and he remarked, “Let me show youhow to clean up.” I squatted over the stream as he had and I felt himsplash some of the warm water on my asshole and balls. In the samemovement, his hand and fingers gently massaged my asshole. It was aplayful washing and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Then, gradually, heinserted his finger then fingers deeper into my asshole and washed. At onepoint, his finger probed my prostate and I felt my cock jump. Then he wetmy cock and my cock grew even bigger. He noticed my embarrassment andsaid, “You should always keep yourself clean this way. It will not onlymake you feel good now but later. Also, Stan, that’s a nice penis you havethere.” That’s all he said. But he dried me with his underwear which heomitted putting on after our swim. Then we continued on.The trek through the woods was enjoyable but, at one point, myfather asked if I were tired. “A little,” I responded. “Then let’s take arest beyond those trees,” he added.The trees ran up to an escarpment. At the edge, the land dropped off andone overlooked a small dale. A grassy plot bordered this edge and it madea fine place to rest, shaded, secluded, and peaceful.”Let’s take off our shoes and socks and rest our feet for a while,” hesuggested. The suggestion was like a dream since I always admired myfather’s feet and loved to fondle them. “Let me rub your feet Dad,” Iasked. I lay diagonally across his feet so that he could rest them on mycrotch where I could rub them and fondle them. He acquiesced to thiscommenting, “That would be nice.” He unbuckled his pants around his waistso that he could breathe easier and closed his eyes as I began rubbing hisfeet and calves. I was in ecstasy. The more I fondled his feet andcalves, the harder I got. My cock screamed for release. In the meantime,my father began to snore. The walk, the swim, and further trekking throughthe woods took its toll in this serene setting. On the other hand, Ipondered the possibility of his pretending. And as I continued with mymassage, I moved my hands from his feet, to his calves to his thighs. Iwent as far as I could go, remembering that he wore no underwear. I couldjust barely reach his cockhead. I concentrated on his feet for a bit. Ilicked the soles of his feet, tasting the salinity of the walk and thesaltwater swim. I took each of his toes into my mouth and gently sucked.I moved my tongue along his calves and back down to his feet and toes. Butsince he continued to snore, I grew bolder and opened his fly. His hairypaunch and cock and balls lay before me now. I slipped from under his feetand knelt over him, taking his soft cock into my hot mouth. It grewquickly into its hard 7 inches and I sucked deliriously. I unloosed mycock from my pants as I did so and continued my deep sucking. I felt myDad’s balls begin to twitch and tighten and I assumed that he was ready tocum. I sucked him deep as he shot his hot load into the back of my throat.I lingered awhile and sucked him dry. My cock, meanwhile, stood hard,hurting. It demanded attention. I lay next to my Dad, savoring the viewof his cock and balls, and jerked a few times. It didn’t take much. Ishot my load high into the air, some of it landing on my father’s nakedfeet. I licked his feet clean, closed his fly and mine, and continued withmy massage of his feet. Twenty minutes or so passed and he woke. “I musthave fallen asleep. But it sure felt good. The foot massage must havedone it,” he commented. He rose and hugged me closely and said, “Thanks.I love you very much.” He had me lay back while he put my shoes and socksback on, not before he massaged my feet for a good ten minutes or so. Thenwe returned home.Chapter 6BernieMy contacts with Bernie were sporadic after our first tryst in my bed.This was not because either of us didn’t want it, but because circumstanceswere never favorable. Once, soon after we partied, I stopped at his houseon my way home from school. The school was only a block away from Bernie’shouse. That made it very convenient. For Bernie, it was unexpected.Bernie met me at the door with a towel around his waist. “How convenient,”I thought.He was delighted to see me, and, as usual, launched into theaffectionate embraces for which he came to be known. “Come in Stas. It’sso good to see you. Come in. Come in,” he kept repeating. “I’ve beenworking in the yard all day and I was just about to take a shower, but thatcan wait a few minutes,” he added. “Let’s sit on the sofa and talk a bit.”As soon as I sat, he began to kiss me. This was a new experience,one that I had never had. His kisses were gentle, at first. Then theybecame more passionate, his tongue darting into my mouth, his handssimultaneously massaging my breasts, my back, my face, and my cock andballs. My body reacted with passion to this attention. My cock roseimmediately and the fluids in my body worked their magic. I caught mybreath and responded as best I knew. His towel came loose in theexcitement and there stood his magnificent 10 inch cock, hard, throbbing,wet with excitement. The odor of sex and yard work oozed from his pores,another sensual delight that I noticed for the first time. It was a cleansmell as well as a sensual smell. My only desire was to lick him all overand taste his sexuality. The fact that he hadn’t taken his shower yetaccentuated my lust. My cock stood hard and dripping. He moved from mymouth to my cock and balls to taste. I reciprocated and moved to his hardcock, balls, and asshole. The odor of his manhood was pungent here and Idove into his crotch with my face, mouth, and tongue. I savored thosestimulating smells and tasted the saltiness of his crotch, especially hiscock and asshole.Bernie paused in his exploration of my cock and balls and asked,”Do you have to pee?””A strange question,” I thought, but answered, “Yes, I think I do,now that you mentioned it.””Pee on me,” he whispered passionately.”That’s a new one,” I thought, and added, “Here?””No,” he answered. “Let’s go into the bathroom and I’ll get in thetub. I want you to piss all over me, my face, my mouth, my chest, my cockand balls. Will that offend you?” he added.”No, Bernie, but it’s a new experience for me,” I said.Naked, we stepped into the tub. Bernie lay on the bottom of thetub, facing me. He instructed me to stand over him and piss on his face,in his mouth and all over him. Seeing his body below me, his legs spreadwide, his cock hard, his mouth open, awaiting my piss, heightened myexcitement. His thin body and gray hairy chest and paunch unleashed a newsensuous feeling of wanting to please. I pissed hard, the piss of youth,and long. Bernie writhed in delight and his excitement infected me. Hemassaged his body with my hot piss, drank, and tasted. When finished, Ilay on his body and tasted my urine, licking his face, his mouth, hisnipples, and, especially, his cock, balls, and asshole which were drenchedin my golden piss. And then we kissed again, deep, savoring the taste ofmy urine. I put my cock in Bernie’s mouth and emptied the last drops. Hedrank, moaning his delight to me. We lay this way for a long time untilBernie whispered into my ear, “Beautiful Stas. Now let’s shower and havesome real fun.”The shower was divine. First, he allowed me to lather him. Ibegan with his back and moved down to his ass and balls, allowing myfingers to gently prod his relaxed asshole. Then I moved down his thighsand his calves to his feet. I washed his feet tenderly, taking pains towash and massage each of his toes. Then I turned him around, facing me. Ilathered his breasts and stomach, working my way down to his cock andballs. Here I lathered lovingly and long, particularly enjoying thefirmness of Bernie’s hard cock, 10 inches of absolute uncut beauty.Passion overcame me and I turned off the water, bent over, and had Berniethrust his hardness into my hot asshole. He obliged readily and fucked meforcefully, my ass responding by swallowing his hard cock. After a fewminutes, he withdrew commenting, “Stas, let’s get in bed and finish it offthere.” I agreed and we rinsed, toweled dry and headed for the bedroom.Bernie took the initiative here. He had me lay on my back with myhard cock at full mast. He straddled my waist facing me and lowered hisrelaxed and receptive asshole onto my cock. My thrust met his as my cockpenetrated deep into his ass. We kissed as we fucked. My youth andinexperience could not bear this lovemaking and in minutes I shot my hotload into his ass. I screamed in loving agony at this coming, theintensity overcoming me. Bernie climbed off my cock. He turned and suckedthe rest of my cum from my wet and still hard cock and presented hisasshole to my face. I sucked it deeply, tasting my own cum at the openingof his hot hole. We continued this way for several minutes, my suckingalternating between his asshole and his cock and balls which hung over myface deliciously. Bernie’s passion took over now and he fucked my mouthhard as he sucked my still hard cock. It wasn’t long before his hot cumshot deep into my throat and I heard Bernie’s groans of love emanating fromthe depths of his testicles. “Oh! Stas!!! Suck my hot cum! Take it all!It’s all for you. Suck it! Love my hot cock! Take it all!!!!” heordered. I drank his hot cum until his pisshole went dry. We fell on oursides, still sucking one another’s cocks and rested. We lay this way untilour cocks grew flaccid and continued to lay together another half hour,always tasting, licking, sucking the crevices offered to our faces, ourcocks, our balls, our assholes, and our salty sweat. We dozed momentarilyin this position until I woke Bernie, saying, “I’ve got to get home. Momwill be wondering where I’ve been. I will tell her that I ran into you andvisited for awhile. Will that be OK, Bernie?””Certainly it will be OK. It’s the truth, isn’t it?” he added.With that, I dressed, bid him ‘Goodbye’ and left, still savoringthe ecstasy of that afternoon and already anticipating other suchencounters.Chapter 7Other Familial ExperiencesBernie had been and would become a large part of our family over the years.While his wife lived, our families were so close as to ask my mother to begodmother to their daughter and my father to be godfather to one of theirsons. That closeness, obviously, continued, since I knew, first hand, thatthey had sex together. I saw Bernie and my father fucking my mother.Variations on this theme happened from time to time and these added fuel tomy sexual fantasies about my parents, and especially my father.One day, after my father left for work, I noticed my mother beingmost attentive to her cleanliness. I left soon after that for school.However, after being in school for less than an hour, we were dismissedbecause of difficulties with the boilers. It was about 9 A.M., I remember,and the walk home was short. As I came in the drive, I remembered mymother’s attention to hygiene earlier and decided to enter the housethrough the back door quietly. Everything was very quiet. But when Ientered the kitchen, I noticed a man’s coat on the chair. It was Bernie’s.I tiptoed to the door leading to the upstairs bedroom and heard muffledsounds coming from my parent’s bedroom. Ours was an old two family housethat we converted to one. I backtracked into the pantry, went through theliving room, and climbed the stairs to another two bedrooms that stoodadjacent to my parent’s. I crawled along the floors of those bedroomsuntil I was near the door leading to my parent’s room. As I neared, themuffled sounds became clearer. Groans and moans emanated from the bedinstead of words. The door was partly open and I stood to get a betterlook into the bedroom. The sight was magnificent. My mother and Bernielay totally naked in a 69 position, he enjoying her cunt and asshole withhis tongue, she, with her mouth engorged with Bernie’s huge 10 inch cock.They continued this way for what seemed a long time. Then I heard Berniemumble something after which the springs creaked and my mother straddledBernie’s waist, facing him, sitting full on his hard throbbing cock. Herupper body bowed down to meet Bernie’s chest and their lips engaged.Bernie’s hot cock was fully visible now, arching sensually into her cunt,their hips thrusting to meet to gain a deeper penetration. His cock lookedmajestic in the light coming through the bedroom window. The vaginallubrication made it shine and glow, enhancing its beauty even more.Judging from the moans of my mother, her cunt also luxuriated in the deeppenetrations of Bernie’s cock. Her vaginal walls were spread wide and thejuices trickled down Bernie’s cock onto his gray pubic hairs. My motherbegan to moan loudly now, evidence of her imminent orgasm. Bernie’sthrusts went faster and deeper as if to accommodate her ecstasy. Sheexploded, not once or twice, but over a long period, a duration of perhapsfive minutes. Afterwards, Bernie had her lay on her back and positionedhis cock over her mouth while his face and tongue dove deeply into hercunt, sucking up the abundant juices that flowed. It was complete a****lsex at this point, Bernie totally engrossed in her cunt, its crevices, herasshole. His excitement was infectious and, soon after her orgasm, shebegged for his cock in her asshole. She lay on her side while he rammedhis hot wet cock deep into her asshole. Their movements synchronized, eachthrust meeting the others. Bernie’s passion now increased and he moanedwith abandon. Their moans meshed as one now as Bernie drove his cock hardinto her receptive asshole. Just as he was to shoot his hot load, hepulled out of her, straddled her chest, and shot his huge hot load into herface, her eyes, her mouth, her breasts. Then he bowed down and licked herentire body, cleansing her face, eyes, mouth and breasts with his tongue,sucking up his hot juices. Still straddling her, but now over her feet andankles, he rested his head on her hot vagina and warm pubic hairs and, itseemed, dozed. Neither said a word for the next 15 minutes. There weresighs and other quieter moans during this respite. But neither spoke.From where I stood, I had a good view of Bernie’s asshole, balls and cock.I could see some additional cum oozing from his cock as it hung pendantly afoot or two from my eyes. I wanted desperately to catch those last oozingswith my tongue but dared not move.At last, he moved to her side and they embraced, his left legresting in her crotch, tight against her cunt and rested. Still not muchwas said. An occasional, “Beautiful,” or “Wonderful,” or “Magnificent,”was uttered. But nothing else interrupted this reverie.My cock ached at this point but I dared not move or breathe, myproximity to them being so close. My underwear and pants, however, werewet and I assumed that I had cum in my pants. I grew fearful that theywould soon get up and I would have to make some sort escort tuzla of move. But untilthey gave some evidence of moving, I stood my ground.My legs ached now and I moved slightly to adjust myself. A bone inmy knee must have clicked. I held my breath. I heard Bernie whispersomething to my mother, several words of which I could make out, “…have avisitor.” She responded with a quizzical “Mmmmm?”The quiet continued for another five minutes. My mother movedfirst. She motioned to Bernie to lie still on his back while she slid downto his genital area, positioning her feet, cunt and asshole towards me.Her head, face and lips, however, made tender love to Bernie’s flaccidcock. She loved vigorously. Bernie’s legs were in a V position with mymother’s head under his left leg, her mouth, lips, and tongue probing hisgenitals. Nothing was left unloved. The base of his cock, his balls, thecrevices between his balls and thigh, the area between his balls and hisasshole, and his asshole as well. It was a passioned loving. Her body layon its left side, her tits, vagina and feet facing me. I had a marvelousview of the inner labia of her cunt. Her entire lower body convulsed inher loving. It seemed that she were putting a show on for me. So closewere her cunt hairs to me that I could, if I wanted to, reach out andcaress them. Her asshole, exposed, twitched its sphincter for my viewing.Bernie lay still during this loving, acknowledging with moans hisenjoyment. Bernie’s cock responded to this loving with a rigid, throbbinghard on. Every vein in his cock gave testament to his arousal. My motherrose from her prone position, straddled Bernie’s waist with her back to himand inserted his hard cock into her hot cunt. Kneeling, her body facingme, she rode his hard cock slowly, savoring the rigidity as it pressed onher inner labia and clitoris. As she rode his cock, she massaged her ampletits, giving special attention to the nipples. Seeing her frontally,watching Bernie’s 10 inch slide its length in her vagina, seeing that hardcock glistening as it appeared and disappeared into her hot and wet vaginawas more than I could bear. I dropped my pants and took my throbbing cockinto my hand and stroked as she rode that cock in utter joy. I strokedwith abandon, not caring where my hot cum would spurt. Her joy andmovements peaked at that moment as did Bernie’s. I heard him say,”Sweetheart, I’m coming.”She moaned her agreement, evidence that her climax was at hand aswell. “Come in me Bernie. Shoot that hot load. Here I come too. Ohhhhhhbaby,” she screamed.Bernie’s moans were louder. And with that, I let my hot load spurtfrom my hot, throbbing cock. I moaned in unison with Bernie as the whitecum spurted from my cock, landing at the foot of the bed. If my motherwere looking down, she would have seen my hot spunk fly and land.After she came, she twisted around and lay on Bernie’s chest, hiscock still penetrating her wet and dripping cunt. Her puckered assholewinked and acknowledged the passion that had just transpired. They layquietly in this embrace and dozed. I decided that it would be a good timefor me to move away and downstairs. I left the house quietly and headedfor the candy store and the park. After an hour, I returned home to findBernie and my Mom having a cup of tea. I explained why I was home earlyfrom school and joined them in their repast.Chapter 8My MotherThat she was a loving mother, I knew. She loved me dearly as she did myfather. I felt that love in every way, her caring when I was ill, hersolicitousness when I seemed down, her joy when I was happy. I needednothing in this caring, my needs being amply provided. I knew also thatshe was a sexually passionate woman. My father, apparently, knew that tooand catered to that passion with his own. They were a couple made for oneanother sexually and emotionally. In short, they both loved sex. Overtime, I came to understand and appreciate this.In my younger days, when I was nine or so, I would often take a napwith my mother. This happened only if I were home, absent from school.Sometime during the day, my mother would ask, “Are you tired? Why don’t wetake a nap together.”I didn’t hesitate to accede to her wishes. We would go upstairs toher bedroom and lie together, she, in her slip, I, in my underwear. Inthese moments, sleep was the last thing I wanted. I watched and took inevery nuance of this setting. Often, while sleeping, she would roll andmove. Her legs, in particular, would raise into a V position. Assumingshe were asleep, perhaps a naivete on my part, I would slide down towardsthat V. I was always rewarded with a frontal view of her vagina, sometimesstill, sometimes twitching. It always looked moist and wet.In these early years, she would often call me her man. On specialoccasions, marriages, family gatherings, she would call on me to tightenthe strings of her corset. She would stand in the bedroom in her bra andpanties and let me pull the strings of her corset tight. I would often geta glimpse of her cunt hairs protruding from the sides of her panties.Sometimes, I could detect a bit of wetness emanating from her vagina,manifesting itself on the front of her panties.When I grew into my thirteens or so, other things began to happen.If I were home from school and she suggested a nap, new patterns emerged.We napped as usual, her movements and exposure still apparent. What wasnew, however, was my arousal. I was no longer happy to remain a passiveobserver. When I slid down to get a better view of her vagina, I alsobegan to experiment with touch. Once, for example, my head reversed into a69 position, I braved moving my hand toward her vagina as her legs remainedupright in that V position. My fingers gently probed her wetness, takingcare not to wake her. Inevitably, I was rewarded with a taste of her wetcunt juices. My fingers would touch and retract to my mouth to suckdeeply.Another time, I saw her slip raised above her hips. She had herback to me and I took in the fullness of her asshole and vagina. My cockhard, I inched closer to those love crevices and probed gently. Mycockhead could slightly penetrate her asshole on some occasions. If I slidlower, my cockhead could just barely enter her labia and sense the wetnessthat lay inside. Often, I would simply position my head close to her cuntand asshole and smell her passion. Sometimes, when feeling bolder, I wouldinsert my tongue and taste the juices of her asshole and cunt. Theseactions would always elicit a moan from my mother, but nothing else.Once, when I was fifteen, my mother complained about a pain in herback. She called me her man and asked, “Can my man rub my back with someoil?””Of course,” I replied without any hesitancy.We went to the bedroom as usual. This time, she went to thebathroom first and, after a minute or two, emerged with a large toweld****d around her breasts and ass. She lay on the bed, and, with a sleightof hand movement, removed the towel. She lay naked, her back and ass infull view.She instructed me to apply the oil to her back and legs and rubgently but firmly. I began with her shoulders. I applied a little oil andbegan the massage in a firm and circular motion, moving along the shoulderblades and down the spine to the top of her asshole. I lingered long here,wondering whether I should go beyond this. My wonderment ceased when shetold me to continue the massage on her ass and her legs. With her legsspread wide, her labia and gray hairs opened up before me. They glistenedin the dim bedroom light from the wet juices that emanated from her hotcunt. My massage of her ass was more of a kneading, spreading her cheeks,allowing my hands and fingers to probe the asshole that presented itselfeach time I kneaded. I allowed my thumb to occasionally penetrate herasshole, mainly to provoke some reaction. No reaction forthcoming, Iprobed deeper. As my hands moved down her legs, I let my fingers movefreely near her vagina and labia. Over and over, I would return to hercunt and penetrate her inner recesses deeper and deeper. At one point,four of my fingers toyed gently with her cunt and clitoris and her onlyresponse was, “That feels good, Stas. Keep it up. My back feels betterand better.” Often in these circumstances, my cock would ache withhardness. Once, since her head was turned from me, I let my underwear dropand massaged naked, allowing that hardness to rub freely on the edge of thebed and the sheet. Inevitably it led to an orgasm. Once, because of thelength of the massage, I came four times. My only worry, at this time, washow to conceal my spunk which stained the sides of the sheets and the floorbeneath the bed.Most often, I would get to clean the spunk. Sometimes, I wouldn’tand couldn’t help but feel that she was aware of my cumming. She nevermentioned this, however.These experiments grew bolder. I sensed that with her actions andmovements while we napped. Often, during the nap, her hips would moveinvitingly towards my hard cock. Sensing this, I no longer began towithdraw. Instead, I met her hip movements with my own. Once, my cockentered her wet asshole and I pressed forward and thrust deeply. The onlyresponse on her part was to reciprocate. My thrusts met hers until I shotmy hot load into her wet and receptive asshole. Another time, her hipsarced lower until her cunt met my hot cock. I thrust hard and felt my cockmove deeply into her cunt. I heard a sigh or a moan and continued tothrust. It wasn’t long before our thrusts synchronized and my lust tookover. I fucked her deeply and with abandon. I was no longer aware ofpretense. The reality manifested itself in the a****l of my body. My cockpushed deeper and deeper into her cunt until I shot my hot load into herhot cunt. My moans were no longer concealed, and, as I shot, I whisperedaloud, “God, I’m cumming. Take it. Take it. It’s yours. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.”I often dozed after that. When I awoke, she would no longer be inbed. My cock, however, was clean. Gone were the remnants of my passionand I could only assume that she had cleaned me off. The smell of passionwas still apparent, so I concluded that her cleansing was oral.These sessions became more and more frequent in these years, and,sometimes, it involved my father.Chapter 9Mother and FatherMy father was in the habit of coming home from work about 5:00 in theafternoon. He would often wash up, often, taking a complete bath. Mymother was always there to assist. She would wash his back and feet. Iobserved longer sessions in the bathroom and, once, peeking through a holein the shade outside the window, I noted the two of them naked, bathing oneanother. Once, I watched as they sat facing one another in the tub. Herbody was slightly elevated and I assumed that she sat on his cock. Hismovements indicated this in his forward thrusting. Another time, I watchedas she stood before him as he sucked her cunt, fingering her assholesimultaneously. On this same occasion, I watched them reverse positions.She lay on her back against the slant of the tub while he inserted his hard7 inch cock in her mouth and fucked. One favorite position seemed to be mymother kneeling in the tub and he fucking her ass and cunt interchangeably.It seems that these actions were mostly foreplay since they would alwaysexit the bathroom and announce to me that they were going to take a nap andthat dinner would be ready in about an hour. Often, they would suggestthat I go out and play or apply myself to the homework of the day. I wouldnod a vague “yes” to any of their suggestions and wait till they wentupstairs to the bedroom. Evidence of their intent could be seen in thesemi-hard erection that shone through my father’s boxer shorts. I watchedclosely to see his cock bounce loosely as they ascended the stairs.My course of action was always the same. I waited a few momentsuntil I was sure that they lay in bed quietly. Then I would loudly closethe backdoor, a sign of my exiting the house. But it was only a sign. Istayed in the house and ascended the backstairs to two other bedrooms.From here I could, on hand and knees, move toward the door of their bedroomthat often stood open and watch. As I said, the actions in the bath wereoften foreplay. This always spilled over to intense passion in the bedroomwhere everything and anything went. They began their lovemaking quietly,kissing, feeling, massaging. This often led to a 69 position in which theyloved each other tenderly. This tenderness led to more passion and,eventually, they fucked with vigor and intensity. He might fuck her ass;he might fuck her mouth; he might fuck her cunt; he might do all of theseinterchangeably. Inevitably, all of this would lead to violent orgasms,she often coming in multiples, he, at a given moment, with such intensitythat he could no longer control his actions. He would fuck violently,thrusting deeply and, at the same time, screaming his cum into her loudly,”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Baby, take it all!Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhh! Aahh!”Needless to say, my cock would be bursting at these times. Ilearned to observe without any inhibition, always standing naked, watching,massaging my own hotness, and cumming with them, moaning as well, butkeeping it in synch with theirs. It was one such time that I waited untilthey collapsed in a heap and then lay separately, falling into a deepsleep. My passion threw caution to the wind. Assured that they wereasleep, I entered the room naked, licked dry my mother’s cunt and myfather’s cock. Emboldened, I straddled my mother, inserted my hot cockinto her cunt, and shot a hot stream of cum deep into her. I went to myfather’s side of the bed, knelt on the floor, took his cock into my mouthand sucked deeply until his cock grew hard. I rose, sat facing him on hishard 7 inch cock, and stroked both his cock with my hot ass and my cockwith my right hand. I shot again all over his chest. Rising above him, Ilicked his body dry of all my cum and left the bedroom.When they descended the stairs from the bedroom an hour or morelater, I would often be reading or studying. My mother’s comment wasusually the same, “Are you ready to eat? Dinner will be ready in about 15minutes.”These episodes happened often. I began to look forward to thesepre-dinner trysts. During the day, I would often fantasize over them andprime my cock in anticipation. A jerk off of two before dinner became mystandard practice. But what I was particularly primed for was theaftermath, when they dozed. I fantasized over all the things I might do asthey slept. I was particularly fond of licking their bodies in theaftermath. The taste of their clean sweat, the dripping from my mother’shot cunt, the extended oozing of cum from my father’s cock, the saltinessof the their assholes all stimulated me to new heights of passion in my owncums. And whether I jerked off at these times, or fucked my mother’s cuntor ass or sucked my father’s cock and felt his hardness in me, regardlesswhat I did, when I did come, it was with an intensity I cannot describe.Suffice it only to say that my whole body shuddered as I came. Everymuscle in my small frame would quiver and thrust as my cum spurted fromdeep within my balls. On those days when Bernie was present for thosememorable threesomes, my body would quiver and thrust even more. It is asmall wonder that they never discovered my presence during these outingsfor my inward screams of joy at my orgasm seemed comparable to theirexternal screams and moans of joy.A particularly memorable moment came after a threesome with Bernie.All three collapsed in a heap on the bed, Bernie on the outside. I crepttoward him as the others slept and took his wet cock into my mouth. Berniewoke and I motioned for him to come to me on the floor by the side of thebed. His lustful grin gave evidence of further passion as he stood besidethe bed, then walked towards my naked body on the floor with his cock athalf mast. Naked, I lay on the floor on my back and motioned for Bernie toinsert his cock into my mouth. If my mother were awake, she would have hada full view of Bernie’s hard 10” cock fucking me. When his cock hardenedto its fullest, I raised my legs, and, Bernie, kneeling between them,inserted it deep and began to fuck hard. The tension of knowing yourparents were two feet from this seduction, gave the fuck added meaning andpassion. My passion grew violent as he fucked me and my hips thrust backat him in anticipation of his and my coming. He sensed the tension, too,and before long he whispered, “Stas, here it comes. Take all of my hotcum. Aaaeeeiiiiighhhh.”I shot too. My cock spurt the jism all over Bernie’s chest andbelly. He withdrew his cock from my hot ass and rose over my face andinserted the still throbbing and cumming cock into my mouth, dripping therest of his spunk deep into my throat. He then licked the cum from mybelly, lay prone atop me, and shared my cum with me in a deep kiss. We laythis way for what seemed a long time when I heard him say, “You’d betterget up and go. I’ll see you later.”Naked, I rose and went downstairs and cleaned up. Bernie returnedto the bed savoring that unexpected fuck.We all had dinner together that night and they played the usualpinochle until bedtime. I heard the magic words once again, “Bernie, youcan’t go home tonight. You’ll have to stay here and sleep with Stas.”Bernie grinned and, I suppose, my face reddened. But only Bernie and Iknew what to expect that night.

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