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ShellyMe and Shelly had been best friends since we first went to school, and as our parents always said we were inseparable. Throughout our lives, when one of us ended up in some sort of trouble, you could be guaranteed the other was close by. We both lost our virginity on the same night to 2 college guys at a frat party we gate crashed, Shelly was on the bed while the other guy fucked me on the floor. Shelly is a gorgeous looking redhead, she always keeps her hair quite short, she has large breasts, probably a large C to a D cup, and a full figure. She is probably a few pounds overweight, but me and most of the guys we know, always thought it suited her. She has smokey blue eyes and a very attractive face. Me on the other hand, I’m average height and build, my stats are 32, 26, 34 with a B cup. I have hazel eyes and am a brunette.One holiday weekend, my parents were going away so they agreed I could stay with Shelly. One of the guys in our class was having a party and both of us were looking forward to going. We had been planning our costumes for ages as it was a fancy dress. A couple of days before the party our plans were thrown into turmoil, as Shelly’s Mom had to go across country to see her sister and Shelly’s Dad was away on a business trip. With lots of begging our parents eventually agreed, as we were in our mid-teens we should be mature enough to stay on our own.We had rushed home to Shelly’s house after school to get ourselves dressed. Shelly had a maids outfit and I was going as a gymnast. I wore a shocking pink swimsuit over a pair of white tights, my hair was tied up and gelled into place. Shelly’s outfit was a short black dress, hold up stockings, with black frilly panties, the dress was Basque like, showing off Shelly’s boobs, good job her parents were away, because we guessed she wouldn’t have been allowed to go out dressed like that if her Mom had seen the outfit.The party was great fun, we danced with nearly every boy in the class, someone had managed to bring a few beers and Shelly and I had shared one. The party was due to finish around 10, as at our age curfews are strict, so for about the last hour the music played was slow and the lights in the main room were dimmed. As I danced with a guy from my class our bodies pressed tight against each other, his hands pulling my ass and pressing my stomach against his crotch, I could feel a press of an erection. My tongue was deep inside his mouth as we French kissed. I could feel his hands searching my body through the thin material of the swimsuit I was wearing. Eventually one hand found my breast, he had worked his way through the “bases” slowly. His hand felt hard against my breasts, but I could feel my nipple responding to his touch, as it tried to push through the material of my top. I could feel an excitement beginning to moisten my crotch.On the other side of the room I noticed Shelly, she was sitting on a boys lap in the corner. They were kissing deeply, as the boys hand sneaked up her short dress and into the seam of her frilly panties. Shelly seemed to be grinding against the boys lap, as their heads bobbed in a unified dance of kissing.All too soon, the lights in the room came on as the doorbell rang, it was curfew time and several parents had arrived to give their k**s a lift home. Shelly and I broke our kissing with the boys, and met in the hallway as we began our short walk home.I was to sleep in Shelly’s room, her Mom had organised a fold up bed for me, I got my bag and found the bathroom. Pulling off the pink swimsuit, I noticed a slightly dark patch around the crotch area and remembered the boy I had been dancing with. I thought that if the party had lasted a bit longer, or we had a bit of privacy that I would have let him fuck me. As I pulled off my pantyhose and stood in front of the big bathroom mirror, wearing only a skimpy pair of white lace panties I saw how erect my nipples were, and felt the high arousal through my body. I slipped my night dress over my head, and went back to Shelly’s room.As I opened the door, I saw Shelly lying on the bed, her maids dress thrown on the floor, her frilly panties on the bed. Shelly was still wearing her hold ups, and her hand was inside her normal panties. She had freed one of her breasts from her black bra and was pinching her own canlı bahis nipple. I stood in the doorway for a few minutes, watching Shelly, her breathing getting heavier and quicker. A flush of red spread across her chest and neck as she panted heavily. A loud gasp escaped from her mouth as her head fell back on her pillow.She turned her head towards me and smiled. Her pretty face was soaked with sweat and her chest glowed with her heat. Her nipple, now free from her hand stood long and proud, her pink areola crowning her breast. “Sorry” she said, “I was so horny, I wanted to fuck Jeff”. I was grinding his crotch and I could feel his cock getting so hard, I wished I could have slipped my panties off and let him slide between my legs. I didn’t care who saw, I just wanted him to make me cum”I sat on the edge of the bed beside her, I felt the same with the guy I was dancing with. “I Know, I could see what you were up to” her look of ecstasy changed to a slight embarrassment. I touched her hand, “we’ve been best friends for years, you don’t need to be embarrassed, I wouldn’t have minded getting Charlie between my legs too, just dancing and kissing wasn’t enough”Shelly’s hand moved to grip mine. She squeezed my hand and without a word, gently pulled me towards her. As our heads closed in on each other, her eyes closed and her lips parted. I felt my own mouth open slightly as her soft lips brushed mine. Shelly’s tongue pushed into my mouth. She pulled my head into hers, as our mouths played. My body fell gently against hers. I could feel her hard nipple pressing through the thin material of my nightdress. My own nipples hardened. We kissed for ages, every so often Shelly’s hand caressed my back or my legs. As we kissed I was aware of the heat between us, and of an aroma filling the room. The dampness between my legs was feeling more noticeable.Eventually Shelly broke our kiss. I lifted my head from hers, she looked so relaxed, her flushness had returned, and both her breasts were now free from her bra. Her nipples looked huge. I felt an awareness of my own nipples pushing against the silk of my nightdress. The short nightwear was half way up my back, where Shelly had been caressing me. My lace panties were pulled tight against my butt.Shelly was about to speak. I pressed a finger to her mouth to silence her, bent over and gently kissed her mouth again. I then worked my way, kissing around her neck and down towards her large breasts. I closed my mouth over her nipple. I could feel the heat emanating from her chest warming my mouth as my tongue flicked her nipple. Shelly moaned, my hand gripped her other nipple, gently pinching it between my thumb and forefinger. I took turns between her 2 breasts, if I pinched one, I gently caressed the other with my tongue, then as I bit one nipple, I let my fingers barely brush the other nipple. Shelly was in ecstasy as she squirmed on the bed beneath me. Her hand was pushing under the waistband of her panties. I kissed my way down her stomach, till I reached the slight mound just above her panties. My tongue licking and flicking her soft pale skin. Her pussy just inches from my face, her hand buried deep inside her. Her innermost aroma wafted to my nose, as I watched her trap her hand with her own thighs. Her body began to shake slightly as she moaned out loud. I reached between her thighs and pressed my palm against the mound between her legs. Her panties felt damp to my touch, as she began to shake, her orgasm took control of her body as my hand pressed against her sex. As her orgasm subsided I lay on the large bed beside her, side by side our bodies touching. Shelly didn’t move for what felt like ages, eventually she sat up. She unhooked her bra, and finally allowed her breasts the freedom they had been aiming for. Shelly slid down the bed and parted my legs, I could feel her soft lips and warm tongue on my thighs. Her kisses got higher up my leg, till I could feel her soft breath touching the soft material of my own panties. Shelly’s tongue darted against the mound of my pussy. Only the thin lace material guarding my pussy. As her tongue brushed my pussy mound, I felt my pussy moisten, her tongue pressed my sex, and I was conscious of a flow of juices soaking my underwear.Shelly pressed her hands into my panties, pulling bahis siteleri them from my pussy. The cool air and her heaving breath, gave me a tingle. She pulled the material aside, and I felt her tongue press between my labia. My pussy lips opened, as a small moan escaped from somewhere deep inside my stomach. I raised my hips, and Shelly responded by pulling my panties off. Her face closed back in on my pussy, her tongued brushing against the little hood covering my clitoris. I shuddered as my clitoris stiffened to her touch. Within seconds I felt my body tense. My toes gripped tight on my feet as an orgasm built from the extremities of my body. All my muscles tensed as the feelings deep inside me found any outlet to escape. My pussy spasmed as I came, Shelly still licking and sucking on my clit. As my orgasm subsided Shelly’s tongue pressed between my labia again, a second orgasm immediately raced through my body.After several minutes of orgasming, Shelly eventually allowed my body to relax, a pool of my juices soaking the bed beneath where I lay. Shelly pulled my nightdress over my head, revealing my small breasts. She began to gently nibble on my proud nipples, my body was again wanting. She pulled me down the bed, and twisted her body, her nylon clad legs either side of my head, the heat of her pussy just inches from my face. Her fingers parted my labia and her tongue was once again pressing against my hot wetness.I reached up and tugged her panties down. Shelly shifted her legs, so I could pull her panties off, still managing to keep her tongue between my pussy lips. Her body now naked, except for her hold up stockings. The heat of her pussy just an inch from my mouth. I managed to reach her pussy with my tongue. A warm moistness, leaked from inside her. It tasted sweet as I prodded her with my tongue. Her pussy lips parted to my touch, and the dampness inside her filled my mouth. My taste buds felt electrified as her juices passed over them. Shelly pressed her hips down on my face, allowing my tongue full access to her pussy. I slid my tongue in and out of her hotness as Shelly began to moan. She shifted her hips again, and a tongue pressed against a small hardness. Shelly groaned loudly, her juices now soaking my face, as my tongue touched her clitoris. Shelly’s legs buckled, pushing her pussy hard against my face, my tongue deep inside her, seemed to be pulled deeper inside, as if her pussy was sucking me in like a vacuum. As Shelly’s orgasm shook through her, my own body was taken by surprise, as my own orgasm made every inch of my body shudder.Eventually both our orgasms subsided and we just lay in that position for several minutes. Shelly’s pussy just inches from my face, and her head resting on my pubic mound. Her deep post orgasmic breaths still caressing my pussy.Shelly climbed off me, and lay beside me on the bed. We didn’t speak for ages, we just lay facing each other, occasionally kissing, and occasionally just smiling at each other.I needed to pee, so got off the bed, as I was looking for my panties, Shelly asked why I needed panties, the house was empty except us two. Still, being young and a little shy, I slipped them on. I sat on the toilet, my panties around my ankles, the bathroom door wide open. As the flow of pee filled the bowl, Shelly called across the hall joking, “I can hear you, don’t be shy, maybe the neighbours will see you or something”. The stream of pee seemed to last for ages. As I sat there, I decided I shouldn’t be shy, the only other person in the house, had just made me cum several times, and had cum herself in my mouth. I cleaned up, and with my panties in my hand, walked back down the hallway. I felt bold and grown up in a way, I felt proud of my naked body, for the first time in my young life I felt womanly.As I neared the door to Shelly’s room, she spotted me through the door way. I stopped in my tracks, lifting my panties in the air, and making a silly pose. Shelly laughed.A door at the far end of the corridor opened, a tall man, probably in his forties stood in the doorway, rubbing sleep from his eyes, and focusing on my naked body. He was naked too, a large penis hung between his legs. Shelly noticed the shock on my face, as the man took a couple of steps towards me. His penis began to jerk involuntarily güvenilir bahis and stiffen slightly, as he reached Shelly’s bedroom door. “Dad” she said, Shelly still naked, except for her nylons, had been kneeling on the bed laughing at me as I froze in the corridor. His cock jerked again and stood about half erect. Shelly’s dad was mere feet from me, the three of us fully naked. He must have got home early and been asleep when we got home.None of us spoke. I could see Shelly blushing. For some reason I did the opposite to Shelly, I took a step towards her dad Tom, and smiled, I just said “hi”. I felt like I had no control over my actions, as my hand reached out and touched his chest. He felt muscular, his chest hairs felt soft to my touch. I reached up, he was nearly a foot taller than me, and kissed him on the cheek. Another twitch from his cock and I felt the slightest touch as it brushed my hip.I took his hand and lead him into Shelly’s bedroom. Shelly knelt frozen to the spot on her bed, her dad’s cock was getting thicker and longer as we neared the bed. I gently pushed him onto the mattress and climbed up beside him. I ran my hand along the length of his chest and found his cock. As I closed my fingers around his erection, I leaned over to kiss him. His mouth opened and gladly accepted my tongue. As we kissed I felt Shelly move on the bed, her hand caressed my back as she leaned in and started kissing the back of my neck. I looked up and smiled “You’re a fantastic lover Shelly, but I know I need something only a man can give me, and I’d guess you probably feel the same way”.I swung my leg over Tom’s hips, the tip of his now fully erect cock, pressed against my pussy. His tip releasing the opening between my labia. My pussy moistened immediately. I felt a warm mouth push against mine, as I opened my eyes, Shelly was pressing her lips against mine, her hands caressing my breasts, her fingers pinching my nipples. I allowed my body drop slowly on to Tom’s cock. The feeling of the large manhood squeezing my pelvis apart made me gasp. Slowly I let his length fill me, till I was eventually sitting on his thighs. My own lubrication soaking the cock deep inside me.Shelly’s mouth latched on to my nipples, as I began to ride the intrusion deep inside my pussy. My vaginal walls stretching to except his size. As I slid up and down on his manhood, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I orgasmed. Each time I rose, till his cock nearly slipped out of me, a gush of my love juice flowed on to his body. Within a few minutes, I could feel every muscle in my body tensing, my vagina gripping the intruder deep inside, Shelly biting my nipples, as my whole body began shaking. Wave and wave of orgasm flowed through me until I finally collapsed on to his chest and rolled on to the bed beside him.Slowly I climbed off him, his cock still fully erect. The flow of liquid from within me was my own juices, again soaking the bed. Tom’s cock was throbbing, it looked dark red with a purple head. He hadn’t cum yet. Shelly seemed to know what I was thinking. I gave her one more deep kiss and she climbed on top of her dad. His huge cock slowly disappeared between her legs, as Shelly got used to the size. Soon she was bouncing hard on him. She was moaning loudly. Tom lifted his daughter in his arms and laid her on her back on the bed. He gripped her heels and raised her legs in the air. His cock pushed into her open pussy, and soon the bed was shaking as he pounded into her.Shelly began thrashing around the bed wildly as she orgasmed. Tom still pounding deep inside her. By the noises coming from Shelly, it sounded like she was being overcome by waves of multiple orgasms. Tom’s breathing suddenly got heavier as Shelly came for the fourth time. He grunted and as he pulled his cock from her pussy, a stream of his creamy cum, shot across Shelly’s body. The line of his cum, ran from her face to her stomach, Tom, sweating collapsed on the bed beside Shelly. She was licking the cum from around her mouth, as I leaned over and kissed her, and proceeded to clean the cum from the rest of her body, both of us savouring the taste of Shelly’s father.The three of us fucked and sucked each other until the early hours of the morning, both me and Shelly cumming again several times, and Tom at least three more times until he couldn’t cum any more, when he went to his own bed to sleep. Shelly and I woke the following afternoon and made each other orgasm one more time before we showered, just in time for Shelly’s Mom to come home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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