The Day Hell Froze Over Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Point of No Return.

The banging that threatened to break down the door had her bolting from the bed in fear.-

“What the fuck?”

Grabbing the red robe to cover the white tee and cotton navy blue bikini briefs she wore to bed, she fastened the red stain sash, holding it together. Cautiously she looked through the peephole. Worry set in instantly as she frantically undid all the locks, three in all. Something was wrong. Very very wrong.

Michael stormed in; the wave of angry energy was almost physical in its intensity.

“Michael? Michael sweetie what is wrong?”

Two weeks passed since their last episode at the Thee Way bar. Her arms wrapped themselves around her body in a silent hug. Her heart was in her throat. She never saw him like this. He went straight to the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of gin and then a glass. He poured himself a shot and downed it in seconds and then had another as he made way to the sofa. Doing away with the glass, he simply put the bottle to his mouth and swallowed.

“Michael? You are scaring me. Tell me what is wrong.”

She moved from the door after locking it and stood before him, between the couch and the coffee table so nothing separated them. His eyes were red. It looked as if he was crying. The fear that laced through her was strong. Her parents.

Then he spoke.

“She said no.”

For a tense moment she felt confusion, then she remembered the ring. The relief that soared through her was numbing. She closed her eyes briefly and took a deep breath. When she opened them she saw pain and it made her want to cry.

“Michael, baby?”

Finding the space between his knees she sat on the table facing him, reaching for his hands. He pushed her away and took another drink.

“Did she say why?”

Exhaling deeply, he sat up. The bitterness in his voice broke her heart.

“It wasn’t all bad I guess. She said she didn’t want to get married at this time. That she loved me, deeply, completely, but she wasn’t sure yet if I was the man she would like to spend the rest of her life with. She needed more time.”

“Michael, I don’t know what to say. I don’t understand what that could mean.”

“It means she doesn’t think I’m good enough for her. It means she is sticking around for something better. That I’m just holding a spot for someone else, someone better!”

“Michael… I’m sure that’s not true!”

“Isn’t it? Damn it Cyn!” he got up fast, almost pushing her back on the table in the process. He began pacing wildly back and forth.

“I’ve worked damn hard to get where I am today, Cyn, and she has the nerve to think I’m not good enough? Just because I don’t make 6 fucking figures like she does? Most women would be ecstatic to find a man not intimidated by their success, and even proud of all she accomplished in such a short time. But no, not Denise. She thinks she deserves better. Well you know what? Fuck her. She doesn’t respect me for all I am and all I’ve accomplishing in realizing and obtaining my dreams then fuck her! Fuck her!”

Cyn didn’t say anything. She had a feeling it wouldn’t matter what she said, not when he was in this state. He wouldn’t believe it anyway. All he was listening to was his pain. Suddenly he stopped and looked at her. Uncertain, she leaned back, away from his stare, but then she reached out her arm.

“Now!” she ordered, reaching for the bottle. There was a tug of war for possession and much of the dark liquid spilled, until finally, he pulled harder, forcing her up from her seat and into his arms.

“Mich—” her words were cut off by the pressure of his lips—lips that found their way between hers. Gently, he sucked on her lower lip as her upper one covered his. She stilled in shock. Her eyes opened wide and she found herself looking into his soft brown ones. They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, staring into each other’s eyes. He dropped the bottle and cupped her face in his hands. He slanted their heads and kissed her again. There lips lined up just right and his tongue slipped inside her warm mouth. His tongue massaged hers, mated with it as if they belonged. His eyes closed and she followed his lead, losing herself within him.

The kiss deepened. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as he pulled her closer. Her hard nipples stabbed into his chest. Their bodies aligned with one another, nearly crushing each other with their need. To say it was a meaningful kiss is an understatement. It was a kiss both of them have been waiting for for a long time. It was a kiss that spoke of the years of longing and desire that they both held at bay. It was a kiss that spoke of love and lust and understanding. Every look, every smile, every touch from the time she was 18 has lead up to this very moment. And as the desire enflamed with each passing second she held on tighter, melting into his hardness.

His hands were everywhere from the top of her head to the base of her ass, feeling the curves of her body, leaving a path of heat in his wake. She bit canlı bahis his lip and pulled, sucking him deep. His hard dick was digging into the side of her hip, but she was afraid too much movement to correct that would free him from whatever spell he was clearly under and she would be pushed away. Instead, he pulled away and began a hot moist trail down the side of her neck. He had to take a moment and simply taste her skin. He licked his way up the middle column of her neck and back again. She was slightly salty, but it was the sweetest taste he ever experienced.

Downward he kissed and licked, until he found the top of her wife-beater t-shirt, which was basically a male undershirt. It was a very flexible fabric and didn’t take much for him to pull one side off her shoulder and off her arm, allowing him to bring her breast into view. They both took a moment to watch as his long tanned fingers moved around her sweet curve. It looked so firm but was so soft. Her nipple was extremely tight. They were a testament to her state of arousal. He had her on the edge. Then he went to her other shoulder and removed the strap from that arm, until the fabric pooled around her waist. He lifted her up, rearranging her until she straddled his hips. Both her breasts were in his face, eager and waiting.

Her breathing was shallow, but she was doing her best to control it. He watched them jiggle in front of him with each intake of breath. He smiled. Looking into her eyes, he covered both breasts and at once began to massage them. She closed her eyes and arched her head back with a moan. His kneeling hands felt so good and relaxing against her skin. It was as if his fingers had a direct connection to her pussy, making it wetter with each squeeze and stroke. She focused on the heat of his hands on her nipples. It was a slow torture. It built with each second—strong, but not strong enough to give her what she needed. He watched as her flesh moved beneath his fingers. He wondered how she would feel against his tongue, so he tasted.

Her moans were like music—intense and passionate, with highs and lows. They told him what she liked, they told him she was particularly sensitive in that area, more than most women. He learned that she had a slight preference to pain.

“But you are proud of me aren’t you, Sin? You’ve never been ashamed of me. You’ve always wanted me just the way I am, haven’t you?” he whispered against her wet skin. Her whole chest was wet at this point as well was his hands.

He reached down and unbuttoned his pants and released his dick. He liked the look of his cream flesh against the darkness of her panties. Her panties were unbelievable wet. He could only imagine the wet sticky pussy juice that laid beneath. Learning forward, he buried his face in the valley of her breasts and inhaled her scent. He kissed his way downward over her tummy. Grabbing her by her hips, he lifted her up and ordered her to pull down her panties. Her dark pussy mount came into view, she, unlike him, didn’t shave. Instead she lightly trimmed the curly hairs into an attractive shape that wouldn’t provide any hindrance to his drinking of her juices.

He helped her pull them off, which was a bit awkward in her position, but not undoable. He pulled the white shirt off too, leaving her completely naked for him. He gripped her hips again and lifted her higher, she reached out and grabbed the back of the couch for support as he lifted her and wrapped his lips around her pussy and began to drink. His tongue was amazing. His lips were even more so. It was the pressure he applied, it was the sucking that did it. It felt like he wanted to swallow her whole. Moaning she begged him to continue to suck her. She moved her hips adding to the friction. She was reminded of that night, ten years ago when she watch him do his very same thing to that woman he invited home. Only now she was that woman, not the little girl watching from afar.

She rotated her hips like that other woman did, riding him with the precision that she learned about through a small garage window one summer night. It wasn’t long before she got closer to the point of cumming. The memory of that night combined with the reality of his tongue was too much for a girl to handle, so she told.

“Michael? I’m cumming. Oh baby, I’m going to cum.”

And with those words he increased his sucking patterns. He held her hips and began moving his head in the opposite direction of his sucking pattern and the contrast of pressure sent her over the edge. Soon he slowed his pace and moved his mouth from her puss then he lowered her back onto his lap and kissed her again.

“I need you.” He whispered.

She felt a moment of confusion as he turned her and lowered her back on the couch. Standing, he turned and faced her. She looked up and watched as he stroked his cock in his right hand. It was the sexiest thing she seen in a while. Reaching out his left hand, he cupped the back of her head and he slowly pulled her closer to his slippery head. The head of his cock found her cheek and coated it with precum. bahis siteleri She looked up at him with deep wide brown eyes, her mouth opened wide from her panting. She was so aroused. He looked at her parted lips for a second, as if memorizing the look of them as they stayed opened wide like that.

“Show me Sin. Show me how much you love me. You want my cock, baby? Is this what you wanted all these years? Then show me. Open wider than that. I’m going to need more room.”

She smiled before she spread her lips wider. He gripped his base and directed himself in the waiting hole that was her mouth. She wrapped him inside of her moist softness. His moan was instantaneous. He gripped her head with both hands, one on each side of her face and he watched as she closed her eyes and worked her magic. He slowly began to pump, moving with the rhythm she established.

He tilted his head to the side and looked down her body. He commanded, “Hold up your breasts for me. Play with yourself. Squeeze your nipples.”

Her hands followed his command as he continued to hold her head and pump into her mouth.

“Oh yeah. That’s it, baby.”

His ass flexed with each pump. He watched her hands move around the contours of her body. Reaching down, he replaced her hands with his and enjoyed the malleable feel of her tits. She in turned wrapped her hands around his ass and felt the flex of his ass muscle move. She moaned at the feel of the power of his body. He was still gentle at this point; but he began picking up the pace. She moved her hands up his ass to his lower back and back down to the crevice at the bottom of his ass. One hand stayed on her breast and the other went to tilt her head further back. He leaned more into her, driving deeper passed her lips into her mouth as she sucked him. She began moaning and the slow, soft vibrations helped to string him even tighter with tension.

One hand left his body as she spread her legs on the couch. Looking down her saw the wetness gathered on her. She reached down with her right hand and sank three fingers inside her puss and began to fuck herself in front of him. He watched her fingers drive in deep; occasionally leaving to circled her clit with strong jerking motions. His balls tightened and he found himself closer to the end.

“Suck my cock, Sin, baby. Show me how much you want this dick,” he ordered it.

Her sucking became more intense as she increased the pressure of her mouth. Sliding up and down his shaft, her head bobbed as she moved, fast like a piston. Her left hand left his ass and moved around to his balls. He moaned, tilting his head back. Lost in the feelings. He couldn’t look at her anymore. Looking at her decreased his changes of stretching this out. But he still could feel her and he felt his body break out in a sweat and his breathing increased. He moaned again, fighting for control and he pumped harder. Her left palm had cupped his balls and squeezed lightly. Then reaching between them she stroked her way back into the space between his sacs and his ass hole. She stroked the small section of hard skin, made more so by his erection and applied pressure to her stroke.

“Ahhhhhhh!” he moaned, louder now. “Shit!” he felt the push of her fingers. He was closer now. Closer than ever, on the edge of having one of the biggest nuts of his life.

“So good. Suck it,” he moaned. Looking down again, he watched her grip his hips so she could concentrate on her sucking and the direction of her head bobbling. He watched as she pulled away from him, leaving a trail of precum juice in her wake before cumming herself. It was noticeable in the catch of her breath and the shudder of her body. Not letting it stop her, she went back in and swallowed him whole and that was the point where he lost it, watching her tremble while sucking his dick. Spraying the juice of his cock down the velvet tunnel of her mouth, he watched as the milky whiteness spilled from the ends of her lips and down her chin as she continued to suck him off in a gentler rhythm. What didn’t spill she drank.

He felt weak, losing his balance he fell back onto the coffee table, gripping the edge. Looking into his eyes, her tongue lashed out to the corners of her mouth as she ate him off her face. Her legs were spread again and she moved her fingers to the gapping hole of her pussy. Biting her lower lip, she played with her pussy for him. He laid half back as he watched her pleasure herself, losing himself in the show. She was so fucking sexy. He watched her as she became more excited with him looking at her so intensely. Her hips began to move as she pumped them off the couch, driving her fingers in her puss with speed. Her clit, wet and hard, slapped up against the palm of her hand, making noises as she fucked herself for him. Her eyes narrowed as the feelings rose higher and higher.

Her mouth grasped open, her tongue was damn nearing rolling out passed her lips and she began to drool from the corners of her mouth.

“Ahhhh. Ahhh. Ohhh. Ha ha ha.” Soft pants exited her mouth, sounds that formed bahis şirketleri no words but had more meaning than even the most complex of sentences. He watched and watched as she humped and fucked and slapped and drooled and sweated with each lunge, until finally she jerked violently in front of him. Her hand was rapidly slamming into her pussy. She was smacking her pussy, almost spanking it violence with the palm of her hand until a tortured scream flew from her lips as she exploded in a wave of cum.

Exhausted she fell back. Her body slack, her eyes closed, her breathing out of control. He was hard again. Moving from his table he leaned over and reached for her. She was like a rag doll as he lifted her up in his arms. In this state he could do anything to her body that he imagined.

“Wrap your legs around my waist.”

She barely heard him, but after a few seconds she was able to follow his command. Adjusting her accordingly, he carried her to the bedroom. He didn’t leave her side for the rest of the night. They reached a new point in their relationship, one there was no turning back from.


Over the next two weeks they saw one another almost everyday. Each visit was more explosive than the last. The passion that developed between them never seemed to die down. It was some of the most sexually intense experiences of her life. She couldn’t seem to keep her hands off of him, now that he finally let her touch him, and kiss him, and suck him. They were in an oral frenzy. Suddenly everyday normal activities became games of sexual play—eating, bathing, dressing, shopping, everything. They spent more time together than ever before. Strangers saw them for what they were, new lovers embarking on something special. Family and friends were a bit confused at the new found closest, but brushed it off as nothing too particular.

Denise was very much relieved over the development, his time with his sister seemed to relax him more and his anger seem to decrease somewhat, making their relationship almost bearable. She knew it would take him time to get over the rejection. She was actually relieved that he accepted it as well as he had, because truth be known, she wasn’t ready to end it just yet and she just wasn’t ready to move it to another level—yet. Their new closeness also speared her from any complaints he made have had over the late nights she had recently engaged in due to an important serial rape case she was handling.

But with all their newfound exploration there was something different in how Michael now treated her. Yes, there was passion, and intensity and yes he was now into everything she did and everywhere she was, but there was this distance between them too. It was as if his show of affection was now just based on getting her wet and giving him what he wanted—satisfaction. She remembered the very first time she realized that difference existed; it was they first time they moved beyond oral and manual stimulation.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Denise was trying another case, they spent most of the morning bringing each off, time and time again. It never got old; they never got bored. He could suck on her nipples for hours and make her cum half a dozen times just on that alone. She knew the place of every freckle, every scar, and every nick. This one day she needed to be filled. She needed him inside her body at all cost. She wanted to be closer to him. They were lying down; she was on top, making love to his mouth. She was riding his dick. He wasn’t inside of her, she just sat on top of him and let him rub between her thighs. Many times when they laid side by side he would push up tight against her pussy with her thighs tightly surrounding him and it was almost as if he was fucking her pussy—almost. Sometimes they would cushion his cock between the cheeks of her ass and he would ride that to accumulation, spilling himself on her back.

This time she was on top and using his head to rub against her clit. But she wanted more. She lifted herself up and grabbed hold of his shaft. Up until this point he was relaxed, with his eyes closed, enjoying her movements, letting her use him as she wish, letting her take control. But when he felt her hold him, lift him as if she was preparing him for entry, he opened his eyes and gripped her hips, stopping her. His head was halfway inside of her before she halted. She looked at him.

“I just want you inside me.”

He slowly shook his head. He sat up and kissed her. One of his most tender kisses yet. Then he turned her and repositioned her on her knees. Reaching into her top dresser drawer he pulled out a small tube of lubricate gel. She watched him, unsure. She heard the open and close snapping of the lid. Then she felt his wet, sticky hands grab on of each cheek. Then she felt a soft cold wet swipe on the hole of her ass. Her body jerked in response. She wasn’t expecting that. He kissed his way up the small of her back to her neck where he took a quick bite out of her. Learning over her, he surrounded her with his heat, his scent, kissing and nibbling on her shoulder. As his mouth worked on her she felt him push in between the folds of her ass, spreading her. Then he pushed harder, stretching the puckered hole, hidden away. He pushed, but got nowhere, so he pushed again.

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