404 Wendy and the Arcade boys

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404 Wendy and the Arcade boys404 Wendy and the Arcade boysA friend of mine lives out in Americas west coast, she`s a bonny lass for a 50 plus year old, nice body great legs, five feet six of womanhood, with auburn hair 34c tits and the rest trimly in proportion, married though he`s more interested in his job than in her and spends a lot of away in Alaska, which ain`t no tupenny bus ride away, so he don`t get home a lot! Now Wendy, like me thinks were only on earth once at a time, we of course may be reincarnated, I haven’t a clue but either way we only know about one life at a time, and in the grand scheme of things, we ain`t here for long. To that end she and I think alike that if man lives for three-score years and ten, take off c***dhood, and the old age bit when most folk are past it and sexually that only leaves on average about 30 years to play. Now taking the regular partner from a married woman during that period makes her sexually frustrated, not all women I grant you, one or two are monogamous, but my friend Wendy I must say isn’t one of them. Her job before she took early retirement was a councillor for students, ensuring they were getting funding and a roof overhead, the right course and so on, it was a job she enjoyed. She spent each working day in the company of young students which made her feel useful and younger than in reality especially as most that she dealt with were virile young men who appreciated a good-looking woman. At the beginning it was just fun, teasing them with short skirts, low tops and that sort of thing, Inevitably, one or two hopefuls chatted to her, and not about courses or student loans but to Wendy at that time it was just a gameBut like all things the stakes slowly raised, it was somewhat of a done deal really, one energetic young student flirting led to another, slowly she became fixated by young men, a fresh supply arriving each term, which suited her fine, oh don’t get me wrong, at that time it was just fun teasing them, but about then hubby announced his company wanted to send him off into the frozen wastes, and he was itching to go! She didn’t want to leave her beloved warm coast and knew she would be going without for 90% of the time. We all, instantly knew that one day it would all get too much and she would have to actually get herself a lover, she was just too sensual!She began to get daring, oh it took a few months I grant you, but, being a sexual lady sometimes any fool could tell she needed sex in some form. Oh, he rang regularly, probably as he felt was his duty, but a phone call once a week, is not the same as a good screw every few days, don`t be fooled about that!She would tell me about her frustrations, but I too am far away and other than a bit of phone sex, which you must admit does go a bit in the right direction, it`s still not a good old fashion hard seeing too. We progressed, me suggesting she obtained a monkey rocker for home use, and perhaps a pair of benwa balls for shopping etc, hoping they would keep the urge for sex at least a little satisfied, and her marriage vows intact… some hope! However, Wendy being Wendy decided she would wear her benwa balls to work, especially when on days when she was missing hubby, or in reality by now, hubby`s dick more than hubby`s presence!She messaged me over one weekend explaining that she had used the rocker, three times on the Saturday, and twice on Sunday, and she was still feeling horny! On that, the message said, she had slipped in the balls and promised to report back when she got home that evening. A report I must admit I eagerly awaited!When it did arrive, me of course having forgotten time zones and the like stayed up late, but finally circumed to my bed, it was late afternoon with her but I was having my breakfast as I idly checking my mail it was a case of she had found having the balls in had her hot as a pepper and had slowly come to the boil on her way to work, but by just by crossing her legs, she could cause most exciting pulses to course around her pussy. That was ok on her own, but interviewing, well it was in her words brilliant as she could do it without the poor sod that she was interviewing having a bloody clue! Well, that was ok on short interviews, but not of course on longer ones adana escort when she was unable to climax on her own between interviewees! Climaxes we all know are in reality uncontrollable and in Wendy`s case the moment of climax always gave the outward effects of a minor stroke!According to her she had had three or four episodes that day, and two more on the way home, the first as she crossed the railroad tracks and the other on the bumpy road home, which she said she took at speed just to try it and see what the effects were! The effects caused her to nearly black out which in a soft sprung American gas guzzler is not the safest trick in the universe! It wasn’t for me either as I near choked on my cornflakes!Anyway. next day I received another message, again at breakfast and she said the following, “wore them again today but after last evenings trip home, I didn’t and won`t in future put them in till I am at work. It did excite me no end doing that but it`s too dangerous to drive with them in, however these student not knowing that I was having small orgasms as we were talking, wow that was something else! Squirming my ass some in the chair and re-crossing my legs often, made the Benwa balls move inside my pussy, and I found It was difficult to keep my voice at an even level and my arse still, so as to not let the student know that I was having an orgasm. I find the teasing affect that it has on me, while forcing myself to smile at the young man all the time ,a real hoot and these young guys getting funny looks on their faces, wondering what I was doing and why, once the interview has started, my concentration wanders, and why I can`t sit still in my chair! One specky young chap, he was a medical student, so I spose he had some ideas of helping me…even asked if I had a yeast infection, embarrassing or what lol!” After doing this for a month or so and me getting messages every days telling me of one or another orgasm, and the odd funny story, about the students varying reactions to her odd behaviour, she sent me this message, which, if I am honest I half expected; I had one young black student that was in my private office today, that I was counselling. All he was wearing loose gym type shorts and a Tee shirt with sandals. When he moved in his seat, I could see up his shorts from my low armchair (she used an armchair for the interviews said then they could see down her cleavage better the interviewee being in another slightly higher seated armchair) I could see his cock sometimes as he moved, and it was a fair old size I can tell you. OMG that really excited me no end! He finally caught me looking up his legs and he smiled and asked if I like what I was seeing! Talk about BUSTED I really didn`t know what to say, as I blushed and looked away. To cover my embarrassment, I made out I had not heard, and said that I would have to see about his funding for the classes that he wanted, just to change the subject. Smiling all the while I went behind my desk and made some calls to arrange the funding for him and then told him what I had arranged. He said, “We are all done for now then?” I said, “yes” to that, then as he was my last today, I added “oh and I did like seeing what I could see.” The upshot was that I ended up giving him a blowjob there in my office and I loved it, and I suspect he did too!She was on the slippery slope…The next significant thing was a day or two later when she said rather than going home to an empty house, she had started going to the mall on her way home, there she had a meal to save the bother of cooking for herself. the bistro she chose had tables outside under parasols, and over the meal she realised that opposite was an amusement arcade, a lot of young student types were playing the machines, so that first evening she just sat, and people watched, imagining… the benwa in her bag.Another day or two passed and I received a daily bulletin`s, I didn’t give her any prompting in my replies, not wanting to get involved twix hubby and wife if it came to that, thinking she`s a big girl let her make her own decisions, but I won`t say it didn’t enliven my breakfasts each day!Anyway I received this message; it had been a long day at work, I had had to take out my balls before going to a meeting adana escort bayan with the principal, it was a dry old meeting, but it wouldn’t do to have a cum, not in front of those folk, anyway meeting over off I went to the mall, and had my usual seat, and a light meal. I was wearing a rather short wrap around skirt, with no panties and nylons stockings, low heels and a sheer blouse with a half cup bra along with a thin sweater and a light jacket. The meal was served and as I ate, I became aware of a couple of good-looking teenage lads, both black, playing at one of the nearest machines and glancing hungrily at any women that passed. I had my benwa balls in my handbag and thought about going to the rest room, to give me some more excitement over the desert, but decided to wait, as while I was away, they might have left, instead I decided I would watch the young men playing their games while exciting myself mentally. Paying attention to their crotch areas I could see they both had on gym type shorts that contained what looked like sizable cocks on them both!I suspected the lads, might like to see my by now hard nipples, so to test the water, I let my jacket fall open so I could see their reaction, OK so in reality I wanted to flash them, lol. The slightly taller one immediately the changes and nudged his mate, they both became aware noticed that I was watching them. I smiled at them and crossed my legs, the skirt riding up and showing my stocking tops. They smiled back and continued playing and glancing at me as often as they could. This got me excited thinking about their black cocks and how big they might be, wondering if they ever had been with a woman my age, or any woman come to that. The more I thought about them the wetter my pussy got so I decided to risk them leaving and I slipped into the ladies room and put my toys up deep inside my pussy. I came back out and sat down again allowing my skirt to raise up even more than before, so my legs and stocking tops were now showing. To my relief they were still there, as my pussy was now very wet, and I was beginning to need a real cock to satisfy my cravings. Thinking of only one cock but here I was looking at Two virile young blacks and thinking of both their cocks at the same time! OMG that made me squeeze my crossed legs tighter and squirm on my chair so that I would have an orgasm… Oh my, I did cum as I looked at those boys crotches and day-dreamed about wanting them both, one stiff in my mouth as the other fucked me good. I even opened my legs wide so they could see more and catch a glimpse of my shaved pussy lips smiling at them while drinking my coffee. That got their interest fast and they finally got up the courage to come over to chat with me. They got right to the point saying that they both liked “seeing my lovely legs in those stockings” and the taller one said they he had had a glimpse of my bare pussy, boldly asking me “if I do more than just flash and tease?” Smiling at them both I said, “maybe I do but what of it!” At my invitation they took seats at the table with me, and I ordered coffees for all of us. Over coffee they introduced themselves as Carl, the taller one, and his friend Micky, and they were just off homeward, they having an appointment, however they would be available tomorrow and at a loose end and bored if I was to be interested. I suggested perhaps they would like a swim, at my home, me having a pool, we all knew it was an invite for something more, but well even I wouldn’t say that would I! The message ended with her saying that they arranged to meet here again the next day same time and place and she would let me know.I replied saying that sounded very sexual, and I would have liked to use it for a story if that was ok!Next breakfast there was another message, telling me I could use it as a story If I liked (hence this) and an even longer message that I ended up ‘enjoying,’ to the extent my wife being away to her work, my toast got cold and my wrist ached! That message started with the revelation that she had “kept the balls in her bag today as she wanted to save herself for a `proper screw’ that evening if she could persuade the boys….!!!(Yeh… well… I thought just exactly what you just have too…!)After work escort adana I went to the mall, but just ordered three coffee`s, as I saw the boys were on that pinball machine again, a couple of small duffle bags presumably with their swimwear, at there feet. As soon as I arrived, they came over, we had our coffees, them explaining they were out and available for the whole evening, and even overnight if they wanted, we wandered to my car. And we were soon away to my home.I had sent for a delivery of pizzas before we left the mall, which arrived almost as soon as we did, we sat out in the conservatory, and ate, the boys drinking root beer, and I on something stronger, we chatted for a while, and I found that Carls parents had adopted Micky, not officially of course but when his mum had been put in jail, his dad had done a moonlight years ago, Carls lot lived in the ghetto and both worked on nights at the canning factory. Thus, the boys could come and go as they wished, which suited me as I wouldn’t have to go out and could have a drink or two to `oil the wheels’! I asked about, life in the ghetto, hobbies, their girlfriends, and finally their sex lives, it was an eye opener…Ghetto life was about as far removed from my own as you could get without being a hobo! A hand to mouth existence, girls mostly taking up prostitution if their school grades were not top of the tree, Micky`s mum having been given her sentence for assaulting a john for her money. Neither lad had any illusions, about sex or the world generally. Nor had they had much luck girlfriend wise, Micky`s mum having told them both the facts and “shown them around just once” whatever that meant!Pizza over beers drunk I showed them the pool, which they loved. It`s not huge but it’s a good size and it beats the hell out of the city bath with all its k**s and noise. We changed in the respective huts then swam, playing ball and generally larking about, avoiding the sexual `elephant in the room’ and getting slowly used to each other, the boys being a little reluctant to overstep the mark being black and me white they were wary of my motives. Things changed when I reassured them that I was just after `casual friendliness’ and they asked if, as it’s a secluded pool, could we “skinny dip?” Seemed good to me, and they were soon down to bare skins, and both for their age `well endowed’, turning to me and helping me from my swim-suit and into the water. Both seemed reluctant to touch my bare skin, but I soon overcame that!After just a few minutes both handling me like we had known one another for years Micky was fixated with my sex, Carl with my tits, but neither were that exclusive, hands wandering over my body at will! They were reassured by my own hands holding one dick in each palm. Carl asked if they needed to get out of the pool to cum… I reassured them “the filters would cope even with his manly balls,” and we all laughed.Both soon ejaculated, Micky amazing me by the amount he produced, I came near a climax, but they took me to the rail had me lay on my back floating in the shallows, my arms supporting me in a cruciform, then with a finger apiece, they fingered me, one in each orifice, and I must tell you it was sublime, I began to come like a train in seconds… they didn’t stop either and I came again, then again, till I was such a wreck I cant tell you. They had to help me from the water, and we dried one another before going indoors naked for another drink, and a restorative sit in my lounge! Carl explained their reluctance when they arrived, it seems they were naturally suspicious of women especially white women, giving them the come on, it had never happened before and they were feared of my motives.We watched a porn movie of my husbands, then as they like all young lads were rampant again we retired to my bed, together we fucked, first with one, then the other, 69, doggy, missionary, spit roast, double penetration, cum after cum, I was like a rag doll by the end, then we slept, one lad at either breast, each occasionally sucking me or fingering me…it was bloody awesome.By dawn I was exhausted and limp, they needed to be home before their parents, so I dropped them in town early, and ate at the campus diner. You must think me a right whore, but it was out of this world, and we have a date again for this Friday, no doubt to swim…Well you can say what you will , I am enjoying it even here a million miles away, and if you are too, well say so and I will tell you of the next messages.

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