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A BAD DREAMI woke up with a really bad headache. I got up to pee. My whole body achedesp. my ass. What the hell happened last night? I was at my best friendshouse and his mom and dad were out of town. We drank some beers and smokedsome great stuff. I made it to the bathroom and got to the toilet. Reacheddown and grabbed my cock and let out a steady stream. I was trying to thinkabout what happened last night and it was a total blank. I finished andturned around and the bathroom door had a full length mirror. What thehell was I wearing? Was that hello kitty panties? What the hell happened lastnight? I looked at my face and I had make up on and lipstick. Oh man that musthave been some good smoke last night. I couldn’t wait to see Mark. I’ll bethe looks even worse. I walked back to his room and he looked normal. He wasstretching and said good morning honey. Bite me I said back to him. Youwere quite the tiger last night. I couldn’t believe how crazy you got. Idon’t know what your talking about Mark. Oh come on he said you don’t rememberlast night? Not a thing I laughed at him. What was that stuff we smokedlast night? He said some Jamaican ganja. Well it’s the best I ever smoked Isaid.I started looking for my clothes and bahis firmaları he said what’s your hurry? I don’tknow but I’ve got to get out of these panties. You do have a sexy ass. Yeahright I laughed. No you do he said. You worked that sexy ass last night. Huh,what I said? Oh come on you remember dressing up for me and making me wantyou. I don’t know what your talking about? He got out of bed and wasnaked. I looked down and saw he had a semi going on. Put some clothes on Isaid to him. Why he asked? You liked me naked last night. Your crazy Isaid. Man you really don’t remember do you? No, why I asked him? We werewatching some good porn and we both got so horny. You told me you couldsuck cock better than that girl in the movie. Bullshit I said. No really hesaid, I told you to prove it and you got right down and started suckingme. Man you really sucked me good. Oh yeah he said, check this out. He gothis camera out and played a vid of me sucking him. I was dumbfounded. Whathappened next I asked? I think I was in shock at this point.You asked me if I was good, and I told you hell yes. I told you to go to mysisters room and get dolled up for me. You giggled and practically randown to her room. You came back with perabet güvenilir mi panties on and make up. You looked prettygood to me and I told you that you could pass as a girl. I just sat downdumbfounded and couldn’t believe what he was saying, but he had proof. Hehad a vid. of me dancing in the panties and me begging to suck his cock. Meon my knees sucking him. I was getting sick to my stomach. Then you beggedme to fuck you. Ah come on I did not. On his camera went again and there Iwas begging for him to fuck me. WOW, I don’t know what to say guy. Hey don’tsweat it, it’s my pleasure. So why don’t you suck my cock he asked? Withthat he stood up and his hard cock was staring at me. I looked at it andthought what the hell. I already sucked it. So I got down and put his dick inmy mouth. It was more fun than I thought. I was getting into it. Thefeeling of it sliding into my mouth. He was moaning and I was loving it. Dude yousure know how to suck. he pulled my mouth off his cock. I looked up athim. Get on your knees he said. I got down and got in position. He walked overto his dresser and came back and I could feel him squirting something ontomy ass. He worked a finger in and I moaned. Then tipobet he got close and I felthis cock pressing at my hole. Suddenly it went in. I gasped and it hurt alittle but I enjoyed the fullness. He worked it in and out slowly and I wasreally starting to like this feeling. Damn you sure got a tight ass Marksaid. It felt so good in me. I begged him to fuck me. He spanked my ass acouple of times causing me to jump and he said told ya you liked this. He pickedup the pace and started really fucking me. I was so into this, and wasyelling at him to fuck me. Mark started slamming it into me. Damn this feltgood. The feeling was incredible as I could feel his hard cock in me. It wasreally turning me on to know his dick was fucking me. Suddenly he grabbedmy butt and pulled me tight and I could hear him moan and knew he wascumming. He held me tight and I kept my ass moving on his cock. He pulled out andsaid damn that ass is HOT. Clean me up he commanded. I looked at him andmoved to his cock and sucked him. Licking and sucking as best I could.Finally he pulled me off of his cock and told me easy tiger. There is plentymore for you. He smiled at me and we both took a shower and got dressed. Wewent down and ate some breakfast. I told him I had to leave and he told methat he would call me. He reached over and squeezed my ass. Your the bestfuck I’ve ever had. He made me smile and I walked out wondering how all thishappened. I hoped he called and I couldn’t wait to see him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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