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A fine f amily pt7After the shower with his mother, Kevin went to his room to relax. He plopped down on his bed naked, with no intention of getting dressed or closing his bedroom door. There was nothing left to hide, since it was just him and his mother Linda at home. Then again, there really wasn’t anything to hide with his sister Kelly either, since the two of them were now messing around. Just thinking about his sister was giving him a boner, picturing her blowing him until they both fell asleep. Then of course his dick twitched when he thought about sliding into her tight little ass while she slept. With a contented sigh, Kevin started stroking his now massive erection.Normally he would be surfing porn by this time of the day, and masturbating to that. But thinking about his sister and mother, and the things they had actually done, made him way hornier than anything he had found online. Would he actually get to have sex with them both? Playing around with Kelly was one thing, but actually being inside of his mother’s hot body seemed so forbidden that he had to try to make it happen. Hell, she had already sucked his dick into her throat while he came. He could probably go downstairs right now and within five minutes be fucking his mom. But the excitement of the situation made him want to drag it out and have the most fun possible. And from what his dad had told him just moments ago, and his mother had confirmed while they masturbated together in the shower, his parents would be busy with their family friend Wendy the entire evening. Kevin didn’t want to spoil his mom’s fun living out her fantasy of being with another woman. The fact that this woman was actually an 18-year-old high school senior that he personally knew made his balls churn.If he hadn’t just ejaculated down his mother’s throat, Kevin could probably bring himself off right now, thinking about these things. But he had gotten a lot of sex these past two days, and his normally amazing youthful sexual performance was starting to catch up with him. Besides, he wanted to get some action later when Kelly came home from school…As she walked slowly to the high school, Kelly couldn’t stop thinking about what had been happening with her family since yesterday. First she had seen her brother Kevin’s dick dripping with their mother’s pussy juice, and shortly saw him masturbating. Then she had made out with her own mother after confessing a curiosity about being with another woman. And then she and Kevin had heard their parents fucking, which had impelled them to escape to Kevin’s room and start fooling around themselves. This was all a lot to take in. And sitting through a boring day of class didn’t seem like it would help much.Though ditching wasn’t her normal routine, Kelly figured that the circumstances warranted it. She had to go somewhere and think about what was happening. Perhaps most distressing of all was how she was starting to feel about her brother. Normally he annoyed the shit out of her, but she tolerated him like a good sibling. But after this morning when she awoke to find him fucking her ass, amazing as it felt, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Her pussy had been tingling since leaving the house, and she had even felt an arousing reaction in her ass when she was near him. Like her ass had actually enjoyed being fucked, and craved more. Kelly had never tried anal sex before, but she was not a stranger to the idea either. In fact, she normally kept her ass very clean and ready for any kind of action. She was kind of a fitness nut anyway, and had always wondered how it would feel. After this morning, she just knew she would be trying it again, and soon!Passing by the park that was before her school, Kelly darted across it and walked to the other side where no other k**s would see her. All this thinking about sex was starting to drive her wild, and she realized her panties were soaking wet. She stopped walking near a deserted section of the park that was hidden by a lot of trees, and squeezed her thighs together. God, she was horny! Should she just go back home and fuck around with Kevin? Surely he was up to it, unless he and mom were messing around right now. God, even that thought was getting her so hot!Glancing around to make sure no one was watching, Kelly slid her hand down her panties and touched her pussy. She groaned softly and sighed as she felt her juicy cunt, playing with her clit and sticking her middle finger inside her tight little hole. After one more glance around, she started to really work her pussy, rubbing her clit around in small circles until the excitement was too much to bear and she was climaxing. She whimpered, trying to hold in a loud moan, as her little pussy contracted and her body shivered with pleasure. Wow, she had really needed that! She had never masturbated, or done anything sexual, in public before. Of course, no one had seen her, but still it was a small thrill.Removing her hand from her pants, Kelly inhaled the scent of herself on her fingers, and even licked at them. She had never really been into that kind of stuff, but her thoughts yesterday about being with another woman made her wonder if she would enjoy the smell and taste of pussy. The smell was intoxicating, and the taste was fine enough. Of course, the thought that she had just tasted her own pussy was pretty hot. Then again, everything lately seemed to make her hot. Maybe she would go back home and see if her brother could help her scratch this itch…After a quick visit to the mall to get a new bikini, of course. She didn’t want her mom upstaging her anymore by wearing sexier clothes around the house. Even if she had to wear nothing but a short see-thru robe, just like her mom did every day, Kelly planned on at least matching her if not winning this bahis siteleri canlı little competition they seemed to be having.**********Steve had wood the entire commute to his office, but fortunately it was a pretty busy day and he wasn’t able to let his mind dwell on the mind-blowing night he was about to have. He had always known his wife, Linda, had secretly desired to have a lesbian encounter like the one she had as a teenager. And he wasn’t jealous in the least bit, in fact he was actively trying to help her live it out. Why would he be jealous? It wasn’t as if she was going to ever leave him, especially since their sex had become so good. But even besides that, they loved each other ferociously, and their k**s as well. Their family seemed better now than they had ever been.Just that morning he had snapped a picture of his cock with his cell phone and sent it to Wendy, their family friend. Wendy was a sweet girl, exactly Kelly’s age, who had always had a crush on Steve. She used to hang out with their family a lot, and yesterday morning she had seen Steve masturbating in his car by the park. Being the horny devil that he was, and knowing it would drive his wife wild rather than anger her, he had basically seduced the young girl and they had fooled around in his car. But the real plan was for Wendy to come over to the house tonight so that Linda could have a go at her. Steve was fairly confident that they could convince the young girl to at least try sex with another woman. And if that didn’t work out the way they hoped, then at least they could have a threesome.Fighting the urge to rub one out during his lunch break, Steve couldn’t wait to get home and start the evening. He was distracted at work, but of course couldn’t tell anyone why. He had barely thought about his talk with his k**s this morning. Knowing they were fooling around, he had basically, with Linda’s blessing, told them to keep things a secret if they were going to continue what they were doing. He had been pretty direct with his son, Kevin, especially. He knew the boy’s recent lack of motivation had something to do with the constant barrage of tits and ass he was hit with everyday, being around his mother and sister. The poor k** probably couldn’t concentrate, and Steve had made sure to at least give him high speed internet so he could find ways to relieve himself. Porn had gotten Steve through some hard times himself when he was younger, and before he met Linda, so he understood what Kevin needed. And he didn’t want to stop the boy from enjoying himself when his father was doing the same thing.That was why Steve was going to give Kevin a job after this summer. The timing was mostly due to the fact that Steve was secretly scheduled to become vice president of the company the next fiscal quarter. He had been instructed to keep it quiet until it was official, but since he had been so valuable to the company and had made them so much money, he was basically being given full reign of operations in his district. Which meant a lot more money for Steve, and that he would be hiring more staff. He hadn’t even told his wife about his big promotion, wanting to surprise her. But he knew Kevin would be perfect in the sales staff, considering his razor sharp intelligence and his way with words.But Steve had also figured the timing of the job would be perfect because Kelly would be graduating soon, and after spending some of his hard-earned vacation time, the entire family would be home for the entire summer. Three months of fun together, going on vacations and just spending time together. If things went well tonight, Steve had a feeling that they would have no problems finding stuff to do together. It would be a summer they would never forget, and after Kevin got some of the built-up sexual frustration out of his system, he would be ready to come to work for his dad.Things would be just perfect for the Fine family.Kevin took a deep breath and stepped out of his bedroom, standing confidently in the hallway with his penis dangling freely between his legs. He had remained naked, and was now ready to strut around the house to see what his mom’s reaction would be. Despite not being erect at the moment, and having ejaculated twice already this morning, he had been feeling a general sense of heightened arousal lately. Ever since graduating and being home all the time, around his mom and sister, something had been building inside of him. His interest in i****t-themed porn had grown, and he had found himself masturbating while thinking about them specifically even before the events that started yesterday. And even though he would relieve himself multiple times a day, the feeling just didn’t go away. He had thought he would go mad, until things had started to get interesting yesterday.Walking down the stairs, he saw his mom cleaning up the kitchen. She was wearing her see-thru robe, even though her husband had left for the day before she had even put in on. Normally she wore the flimsy item to please him, but now it was as if she was just wearing it to be sexy. Was it because she knew that Kevin was the only one home? Was she wearing it for him? Maybe she was just feeling sexy lately, and was used to wearing it. Kevin tried to keep himself from getting too aroused, but when she turned and he saw her magnificent tits swaying gently under the material, he couldn’t keep himself from sprouting.”Oh, Kevin,” Linda said, smiling brightly at her son. She didn’t seem to notice he was naked, or was just too busy cleaning.Kevin swallowed and continued down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Hi mom.””I see you haven’t bothered to put any clothes on.” Linda kept smiling as she wiped the counters and straightened things up.”Uh, I guess not.” Kevin was nervous suddenly, canlı bahis even though they had practically had sex already, more than once.”I actually wanted to talk to you,” Linda said, finishing up her cleaning and standing still in front of him. Her body was completely on display for him beneath the see-thru robe.”Ok.” Kevin just stood there, his dick pointing at her. She didn’t seem to mind.”It’s about your sister.” Linda motioned for them to go to the living room.They both sat on a couch and faced each other. Linda stared at her son’s massive erection for a moment, not hiding what she was doing.”Your father tells me he already spoke to you earlier,” she started.Kevin nodded, transfixed on the sight of his gorgeous mother’s naked body. Somehow in that robe, she looked even sexier than she did dripping wet in the shower.”Kevin, can I be blunt? Are you and Kelly fucking?”Kevin’s heart stopped, and his face went pale. “Uh…what?”Linda leaned back, inadvertently opening her robe and exposing her pussy to Kevin. “Are you having sex with your sister?”Kevin just shook his head. “No. I mean, not really.””Not really?” Linda raised an eyebrow.”Dad said it was ok if I made sure to be safe.”Linda laughed. “Oh I see. That sounds like something your father would say. He’s about as horny as you.”Kevin smiled, glad that his mom wasn’t mad. “We haven’t really had sex. Like I told you earlier in the shower, she just let me get off with her tits. And she sucked on me a little.””I’m sure you two were having fun doing those things. But I just want to make sure that you’re not being selfish.””Huh?””You shouldn’t do things with girls, honey, unless you reciprocate. Are you pleasing Kelly if she does those things for you?”Kevin hadn’t really thought about it. “I guess I just assumed she was enjoying doing that stuff for me. I didn’t think about returning the favor.”Linda’s hot body gracefully leaning back on the couch was starting to affect Kevin, and he couldn’t help but touch his throbbing penis. Linda watched him do it while they talked.”You should really know how to please a woman, if you want to keep one. And even with your sister, if you want her to keep doing those things for her, you need to know what she enjoys and how to make her feel just as good as she makes you feel.”Kevin stopped masturbating for just a moment. “Can you teach me?”Linda smiled. She wondered she had been too obvious. Thinking about the evening Steve had planned for tonight, she didn’t think she could hold out until then. She needed to fuck something soon, and since her son was the only one home with her…”I suppose I could do that. Are you up for it?”Kevin nodded excitedly, and watched his mother take off her see-thru robe.”Since you already came today, you should be able to last a while, right?””Yes ma’am,” he smiled.Linda abandoned all inhibitions and gave herself to her son. She crawled onto him and pushed him back onto the couch, and began giving him head. In truth, she wanted to give him just as much pleasure as she hoped he would give her, and even though giving her son a blowjob wasn’t part of his education, she couldn’t help herself. Kevin groaned as his mother went down on him, and he enjoyed touching her tits and reaching back to paw at her ass while her face was mashed against his crotch. His fingers couldn’t reach much, and finally he just held onto her hair and face while she bobbed up and down on his shaft.She released his aching cock just long enough to give him instructions. “Talk softly to a woman while she’s sucking your dick. Tell her how good it feels, and gently caress her while she’s giving you pleasure.”Kevin nodded as she went back to work on him. “Yes, that’s it mom! That feels so good, I love when you suck my dick.”Linda’s pussy tingled hearing her son talk like that to her. She started sucking and licking on his balls and really giving her face to him. She felt him greedily thrust himself into her mouth, and decided that was enough sucking. Now he should be pleasing her. She leaned back onto the couch, revealing her complete nakedness to him in an inviting gesture.”Now you’re going to learn to eat pussy.”Kevin needed no further encouragement. He dove right in and stuck his tongue up his mother’s vagina. Linda had to force herself to stop him.”No, Kevin, you should go a bit slower, and don’t be so forceful. Tease her and make her beg for you to make her cum.”Kevin obeyed his sexy mother’s instructions, and very gently ate her pussy. Linda sighed raggedly, as her son dragged his tongue up and down her cunt. She shivered when he found her clit and flicked at it. The couch felt wet underneath her as he kept doing that, until finally she allowed her pussy to contract and her thighs quivered. A wonderful spurt of cunt juice splashed onto Kevin’s tongue, and he felt proud of himself for making his mother cum.”That was very nice, dear,” Linda said, panting a bit. “You should do that for Kelly whenever she sucks you off.””Gladly!” Kevin ran his tongue across her pussy one last time, and even touched her asshole with it. Linda jumped a bit, amazed at how good it felt.”Oh dear, that felt very good!””Do you like anal, mom?” Kevin didn’t take his face away from between her legs.”I’m afraid I’m not very experienced with it, since your father and I have only done it once, and that was last night. But it felt very good what we did.”Kevin felt his erection throbbing, but he had to be patient. He was going to get to fuck his mother, he just knew it!”Can we try it?” he asked boldly. “I’d really like to learn.”Linda smiled sweetly at her dear son. She loved him very much. “Ok, we can try it. But we need to work up to it. What you just did was a good start.”Kevin stuck his tongue out again and touched the tip to her asshole. It brought the same bahis siteleri reaction, so he decided to work up to it like she was trying to teach him. He gently kissed her ass cheeks and touched her pussy with his fingers while he played at her asshole, teasing her and licking and sucking all around it before finally giving it a firm taste. Just like Kelly’s ass, it didn’t taste bad at all. Kevin continued to lick his mom’s tight little hole, playing with her clit at the same time.”Oh god, Kevin…” Linda was starting to pant again. “That feels so deliciously naughty!”In the back of his mind, Kevin kept thinking to himself that he couldn’t believe he was doing this with his own mother. Would his dad be ok with this?”That’s enough, Kevin.” His mom’s voice brought him back to reality. “I can’t stand it anymore, I need you to fuck me.””Are you sure, mom?” Kevin couldn’t keep his legs from trembling as he finally approached the moment he had been dreaming of.Linda nodded. “Yes, son. It’s part of your training. But I want you to start by fucking my pussy, ok?”Kevin excitedly positioned his aching cock at his mother’s beautiful pussy, and gently thrust into her. He hadn’t been laid in a long time, but he couldn’t remember ever seeing a pussy this beautiful, except maybe Kelly’s. Once he felt the heat of her vagina, something in him let loose and he felt himself cumming before he had even buried his tool. Kevin groaned in frustration as he was forced to pull his dick from that wonderful place and let it fire off a round of cum onto his mother’s gorgeous body. Linda was surprised he had cum so soon, but held her tits up for her son so he could paint them with his sperm.”Oh, Kevin!” she exclaimed.”I’m sorry, mom,” he said, even as he finished cumming. He held his dick firmly in hand while it dribbled out it’s last bit of semen onto her thighs.”It’s perfectly alright, dear. You should never feel bad about having an orgasm.”Kevin loved seeing his mother covered in his cum. “I’m still hard, is it ok if I keep going?”Linda lovingly caressed his penis, making him jump since it was so sensitive right now. “Of course, dear. Please, put it back in.”Kevin winced in pleasure as his sensitive cock head touched her wet pussy once more, and this time he didn’t have to worry about busting his nut too soon. He thoroughly enjoyed feeling and watching his dick slide all the way into his mother’s hot pussy, and he just held it there for a moment. They both groaned, and Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy lips stretched around his thick shaft.”Oh god, I love it mom!” he said.Linda gently touched his chest, smiling. “It feels wonderful. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble pleasing a girl with that monster, so just enjoy yourself ok sweetie?”Kevin nodded, feeling more confident now. He started to pull back and then thrust back in, over and over until he had a rhythm going. He was delighted to see his mom reach down and start playing with her pussy while he fucked it. She soon climaxed like that, moaning and saying filthy things to him while they both watched his big cock move in and out of her. This was it, Kevin thought. I’m committing i****t! With my mother!After she had yet another orgasm, Linda had Kevin withdraw his massive boner from her tight hole and she turned over. Propping herself up on the couch, she presented her ass to him.”Ok, baby. Are you ready to try some anal?”Kevin squeezed his dick as he held it, as if trying to stifle the impending orgasm he was sure to have. “Ok mom. I’ll go slow.”They were both really into the depraved act as Linda held her butt open for Kevin and he gently touched his cock head to her asshole. He pressed gently, and her ass instinctively opened for him.”Wow, that went in easy!” Kevin breathed.Linda nodded, feeling her son’s thick cock enter her just a few inches. “Your father’s big dick stretched it nicely last night.”Kevin actually felt even more aroused knowing that his father had fucked this same ass just last night. At least it would make it easier now.”Am I doing it right?” he asked.”It feels nice, so I would say you’re doing fine.” Linda spit on her fingers and smeared it across his shaft and around her ass. “Just keep going baby, I want you to fill me up.”Hearing her say that impelled Kevin to thrust a little harder as he fucked her butt. Slowly but surely, he worked his entire shaft up into her bowels, and she was loving it. Her pussy kept releasing more fluid, spilling onto the couch. She grunted each time he buried himself into her, and sucked in her breath as her pucker dragged along his shaft when he slowly withdrew it from her.”Mom, I’m gonna cum again,” Kevin warned. “Where should I shoot it?”When her husband had fucked her back there last night, he had pulled out at the last second and painted her back and ass. While she would love feeling a big cock spewing it’s juice into her naughty little asshole, she felt like she should let her husband be the first one to do that.”Pull out and just let it fly,” she said.Kevin kept working at her butt, letting her tight sphincter jerk off his dick until the cum boiled over and he felt his nut busting. With a weak cry, he yanked his cock out of his mother’s ass and feverishly jacked it. Cum shot out everywhere, flying into the air and landing all over Linda’s back and hair and ass. Kevin’s dick was sore by the time he finished dropping his load.”I think you’re training is complete,” Linda said, resting her face on the couch and catching her breath. “But if you ever want more, I’ll be happy to provide.”Kevin smacked her sweet ass, and sat next to her, exhausted. “Are you going to fuck Wendy tonight?”The question seemed out of the blue, but Linda wasn’t embarrassed. “Yes, probably. Hopefully.”Kevin wiped his forehead, and stared at his mom’s ass still high in the air. Her asshole was gaped open a bit, and cum was dripping down it.”What should Kelly and I do?”Linda wiggled her butt for her son, laughing. “If you have any energy left, you might just keep Kelly busy for a while.”Kevin smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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