A Friends idea of FUN with Angel – Part 2 1 tim

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A Friends idea of FUN with Angel – Part 2 1 timI must admit I half expected Angel to quit & forfit the bet by now, especiallywith that safety pin stuck in her slightly burnt & painful clit. However shedid not do that.Paul now told the girls they were going to be DPed for awhile. That was why hehad left the vibrating plugs going in their assholes, to make them ready forsome good fucking.A couple of guys had swept the wax off the floor too. Paul then got 2 BIGnaugahide covered pillows & put them on the floor. Then he had 2 guys lay onthem for the girls. Now he instructed the girls to suck these 2 guys hard &then stick their cunts on their cocks. The girls still had those plugsvibrating in their assholes too & were enjoying that also.Before Angel climbed on the guy for her she took a look at Helens clit & athers & saw the safety pin stuck in it. She commented “Now I can see just whymy clit is so sensitive. I never expected to see a safety pin used this way,but it does feel kind of nice, yet a bit painful at the same time. However I amgetting a bit used to it now & it does make me climax like crazy too. I guess Ican tolerate it for awhile longer.” Paul replied “You will tolerate that pinthrough your clit until just before you leave here tomorrow unless you want tolose our bet.” Angel then replied “Ok then, I am winning our bet so it stays inme I guess.”Now Angel straddled the guy under her & shoved her cunt down on his cock untilhe was fully in her. She started gyrating on him almost immediately &said “Damn, that pin works good. I’m climaxing already. Fuck me harder dammit.Oh god, that vibe in my asshole feels good too.” She was climaxing hard thentoo.Helen had also climbed on her cock & was beginning to climax shortly after shegot on him as well.After each 1 of the girls had climaxed Paul took the plug out of her asshole &told us guys to DP their assholes for awhile. However he did not want any of usto cum in them yet so he asked us to just fuck them for about 8 to 10 minutesor so & pull out of them & move over to the other girl so she could lick us offsome while another guy fucked their assholes. He wanted all 15 of us guys leftto fuck each of their assholes 1 time. It took us about 3 hours to each fuck 1of the girls 1 time in their assholes & their assholes were seldom empty morethan a few seconds each time too. On top of this both girls were in almost aconstant state of climaxing over & over. They both had to have climaxed 10 to15 times from this session of DPing them.Now Paul asked 2 more guys to get down beside the guys in the girls cunts &then told the girls to hop over onto them quickly. The girls did as ordered toowithout more than a few drops of cum dripping out of their cunts. The guy thathad fucked Angel said he had cummed in her at least 3 times & the guy that hadbeen fucking Helen said he had cummed in her 4 times over the 3 hours they hadbeen inside the girls.Now that the girls had fresh cocks in their cunts Paul told us to just goahead & fuck whichever asshole we wanted until we cummed in it & then let theother girl clean our cocks off. I decided this time to ass fuck Helen & letAngel clean me off afterwards. The 2 guys that had fucked their cunts the 1sttime were the last 2 guys to ass fuck them too. As it turned out Helen gotassfucked 7 times & Angel 8 times.Again Paul had learned something at Angels gangbangs. As the last 2 guys werepulling out of each of their assholes Paul antalya escort quickly put a plug in them to keepthe cum in them.Since Angel was the 1st to finish being assfucked Paul asked the guy in hercunt to turn her around some so her butt would be facing Helens mouth. Now hetold Helen to start licking Angels cunt as she slowly pulled herself off theguy in her cunt. Then Helen had to suck & lick Angels cunt clean 1st. Helen wasstill being DPed then too. The guy that had been in Angels cunt then scootedout from under her & gave Angel his cock to clean off too. Next Paul pulled theplug out of Angels asshole & told Helen to suck & lick her asshole clean alsowhile he stuck the plug in Angels mouth for her to clean off.By the time this was finished Helen had her plug in her asshole too. Paul toldAngel to crawl around so that Angel could now lick Helens cunt as she got offthe guy in her & then lick & suck Helens cunt clean while Helen licked & suckedclean the guy that had just got out of her cunt. When this was done Paul pulledthe plug out of Helens asshole & Angel began tonguing it to lick & suck thecum out of her asshole. Helen was then sucking on the plug from her assholetoo.Once the girls were finished with this job Paul told them to sit up & now suck& lick the 2 guys off that had last fucked their assholes. Angel cleaned offthe guy out of Helen & Helen the guy out of Angel.After the girls finished this task Angel spoke up again & said “Wow, that wasreally wild. My clit with that safety pin in it felt like the pin was movingback & forth in it making my clit move around like crazy as I was gettingfucked. I was climaxing like crazy from all that stimulation & really enjoyedit too. Even my asshole felt a bit more sensitive too & helped me cum a lottoo.” Helen then said ” I felt about the same way as Angel. That safety pin inmy clit feels great moving my clit around as I got fucked. I’ve never climaxedso much & hard before. I LOVED it. I’m really glad you finally convinced me tobe gangbanged. If I had of known it was this much fun I’d have done this longago.” Paul just replied “Well I’m glad both you girls enjoyed it because youboth are far from done yet. It is only about 6:30 am, time for breakfast. Afterthat you both will get fucked a lot more today before you are done.”Again Paul took a trick from Angels guidebook. He had bought 5 lbs of Bacon & 3dozen eggs for the girls to cook for our breakfast. When he told the girls togo in & start cooking Helen said “Like this? We are naked & will get splatteredby hot bacon grease.” Paul just replied ‘If you wish, we can hang you back upfor awhile & whip the hell out of you while some candles are being held litUNDER your exposed cunt.” Helen then said “Well, I guess a little bacon greasewon’t be too bad. Lets get started cooking Angel.” With that they headed intothe kitchen to cook breakfast.For about the next 45 minutes us guys sat around chatting & drinking coffeewhile we listened to little squeals & screams come out of the kitchen as thegirls cooked breakfast.When the girls finally came out with 2 big platters of bacon & scrambled eggs &a plate of toast to sit on the table we saw that they both were now coveredwith red splotches all over their tits & bellies. Helen even had some on hercrotch too since she was taller than Angel, but Angel had more of them on hertits than Helen.This sexcapade took place in mid July & Paul had a swimming escort antalya pool. Also, theymust have done a lot of skinny dipping because not only did Helen have a nicetan, she had NO tanlines. Their backyard was ideal for this too. They hadplanted big scrubs all around the yard along the fence. These plants were about8 ft high & blocked any view other than from overhead into their yard unlesssomeone stood on their roof to look in.Since it now was about 9:00am Paul said we were taking the fun outside for afew hours. Even though Angel did not know what their backyard looked like shewas OK with this too (as if she had a choice).Paul had an old swing frame in the back yard with NO swings on it. I onlyassumed it was used for other fun things & I was right too. Paul got some wrist& ankle straps with hooks on them & put a set on each Helen & Angel. Then hehad them both get under the frame & hooked their wrists to some hooks overtheir heads. He did need some extensions to hook Angel to it though. Then hehad them spread their legs wide open & secured them as well. Now both girlswere fully restrained & ready for whatever Paul had in mind next. 1st he tooksome clips & attached them to the girls nipples. That was a bit hard to do withAngel though because 1 of her nipples was inverted, but he did get a cliphooked on it. Next he added some string to these clips & ran the other endthrough the hooks above them & pulled their tits upward a bit stretching themout. Next he took some more clips & attached 1 to each girls cunt lips, then hehung some weights from them too. Now the girls had their tits being pulled up &their cunt lips being pulled down. This was the 1st time Angel had ever hadthis done to her too, but she did not seem to mind it too much. Last Paul gotthe ballgags & put them in the girls mouths. Now the girls were really readyfor something more.Paul went back inside & came back out with 4 riding crops & 4 short whips likewe used to use for cattle with about a 1 ft long leather snapper on the end.Then he said “For the next 1/2 hour or so you guys can use these on the girlsany way you wish on the underside of their tits, on their thighs or butts, orbetween their legs on their cunts & assholes. Just make sure you get thoseweights swinging good between their legs too. There is only 1 rule, DON”T hitthem too hard. I do not want to see any blood from them, just marks & welts.Now have some fun.”With that the guys grabbed the crops & whips & began whipping the girls again.Within about 10 to 15 minutes both girls were becoming covered with whip marks& welts. The weights hanging off their cunt lips were swinging wildly too &their lips were stretching about 1 inch down. After maybe 15 minutes Paul wentover & hung another set of weights to their cunt lips stretching them a bitmore. Then he told the guys to go back to whipping them some more. Angel &Helen were both screaming & crying from this too, but with the ballgags intheir mouths this was muffled enough that no one over maybe 10 to 15 feet awaycould hear them. Paul let this whipping of the girls continue for about another20+ minutes. When it was done both Angel & Helen were covered with whip marks &welts from the underside of their tits to their upper thighs & across theirbacks & asses. As well, both of their cunts were covered with marks & welts toowhere the guys had whipped them between their legs on the cunts & assholes.Their cunt lips antalya escort bayan were also stretched about 1 1/2 inches down from the weightsswinging between their legs too.Paul went back inside for a minute & came back out with some bigger weights, &the girls plugs too. 1st he put a buttplug in each of their assholes. Then hetook the weights off the clamps on their cunt lips & put some much biggerweights on them. This stretched their cunt lips about 3 inches down now. ThenPaul hung 1 of the other weights to each of the safety pins in the girls clitsto pull them out some too. Finally he got the vibrating dildos with the clitstimulators & shoved them in the girls cunts & turned them on again. This nowwas giving the girls both some pain & stimulation at the same time.Paul then went over to Angel & took the clamp off her inverted nipple & said “Iwant to see if we can pop that nipple out now too”. He had a suction syringe &placed it over Angels nipple & pulled it out sucking Angels inverted nipple outslightly, but not all the way. He then took some string & wrapped it aroundwhat nipple he had out to hold it & then re-applied the suction to it & pulledAngels nipple out further. Now he re wrapped the string around her nipple &pulled on it. Angels inverted nipple was now totally out now so Paul asked 1 ofthe guys to hold the string to keep it out & he wrapped another string aroundit against her tit so that it stayed out. This was the 1st time Angels nipplehad ever been out of her tit. Now Paul hooked a clamp to her nipple & hung aweight from it to keep it out & pull it down too. Then he untied the stringfrom around Angels nipple. What really surprised me was that Angel never criedout during this whole time. She had just gritted her teeth & let Paul pull hernipple out for her. I was then actually hoping it would stay out for her, butsad to say it later sunk back in her tit a couple of hours after the weight wasoff it. However, it was out for the rest of the day because Paul made her keepthe weight on it until just before we left that evening. For about 10 hoursthough Angel had 2 exposed nipples for the 1st time in her life.Now Paul asked us guys to make the weights hanging from the girls cunt lips &clits to swing for awhile again. He wanted to see just how much more they wouldstretch. After about 10 minutes of swinging them the girls cunt lips were about4 inches long & their clits were almost 1 inch long. Plus all during this timeboth girls had been climaxing from the vibrators running in their assholes &cunts.Finally Paul told the guys to stop swinging the girls pussy weights. Then heuntied their nipples that had been being pulled up & attached a weight to themas well pulling them down too. Now he asked us to finally let the girls out oftheir restraints so that they could walk around. However, the girls had to keepthe weights hanging from their pussies & they also had to keep the vibesrunning in their cunts & assholes too. I must admit, it did look nice seeingthem walking around with those weights swinging from their cunts & tits. Plus,every few minutes 1 of them stopped walking around while she climaxed from thevibrators in her. Also, they both still had their ballgags in their mouths too.I did love seeing Angel like this too. She looked great as a total slave with agag in her mouth & her cunt & tits being abused as they were.After about 20 minutes of this Paul told the girls they could take the gagsout of their mouths & the vibrators out of their cunts & assholes because theyhad to get in the pool & let themselves get fucked awhile. However, ALL theclamps & weights had to stay in place during all this.End of part 2 _ NOW into the pool

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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