A Good Cure For Boredom

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A Good Cure For BoredomA Good Cure For BoredomJill was bored, bored of her life as Wife and Mother. Bored of her two Daughters and a Husband who’s idea of a life was watching TV and screwing her once a week if she was lucky, and that was ten minutes of him grunting on her before he came and rolled over, if she was lucky.Her needs never entered his head, never cumming ever, she had to resort to playing with herself when she was alone to satisfy her needs.She had begun to realise her needs had grown more insistent as she got older, from once in awhile, to once a day, then more.She’d started watching porn on her laptop, legs open even as she logged into the site she prefered, she rarely bothered with knickers anymore at home, because her skirts were soon up around her waist as she rubbed and fingered her wet shaved pussy as she watched others getting what she desired, rough fucking, being fucked like a slut by one, two and even more.She’d never done anything like what she watched, she wasn’t a slim young girl anymore, far from it, but she longed for someone to just use her and make her cum over and over again, or even just once, her big ass used, something she’d never done but fantasized about, rough hands around her hips, strong fingers bruising her flesh, pulling her onto a cock, being told she was a whore or a slut while her tits bounced as she screamed out in pain and in pleasure.Today she’d already cum twice but she was so wet again and her girls wouldn’t be home from school for a couple of hours yet.Legs spread indecently wide, tits out, she settled back on the bed and browsed through the videos on offer, she was dripping wet and needed to cum quickly, her pussy wanted to be used and was letting her know it didn’t like to wait.Clicking on a film called “A Walk In The Woods” she began to slowly slip a finger into herself, sighing as she entered her pussy.The film was of a woman, much like herself late forties, nice firm ass and dressed nicely.She was strolling near some woods, when two young men approached her, the film was in French and she didn’t understand what was being said, the men were smiling and looking her up and down, chatting with her before one nodded towards the woods, the woman looked around before saying “Oui” that Jill did understand, yes, they took her hand she was led deeper into the woods, away from the path, until they decided it was private enough for what they had planned.She was pushed down onto her knees as the two men took out their cocks, she smiled as she began to stroke each in turn, something was said and she opened her mouth to suck each in turn,taking them deep into her mouth so her eyes watered and her make-up began to run.Jill was rubbing harder now, little groans of pleasure getting louder as she watched.The woman had undone her blouse and her big tits were hanging free, nipples hard as they were groped and squeezed, she was pulled up by her hair and the men were stripping her, skirt off leaving her in just stockings, her blouse and bra soon followed.She was turned around and pushed against a tree, she bent over, hands on the rough bark and her ass sticking out ready to be taken, and it was her ass they wanted, one spat onto her tight brown hole before sliding his full length right up her in one push, she gasped as she was entered, then moaned as the first one began to bang her hard, crying out “oui” again and again, encouraging them to take her harder, as they took turns on her stretched asshole.Jill was imagining what it would be like to be fucked in the ass, closing her eyes as she fingered herself, it was her in the film now and she was being such a slut, letting each one use her ass and sucking the cock that had been up inside her asshole, she felt her pussy swell as she began to cum, switching to rubbing her clit she almost pissed herself as her orgasm ripped through her body, she gasped and panted at the strength of it, so strong it was hurting her, but she kept rubbing and another climax hit her, fuck she’d never cum twice so quickly, her pussy was creaming, she used both hands now, fingers covered in her creamy juice as they fucked her gaping wet hole, shit, this was the best she’d ever had and it was still rippling through her.The sounds of the men as they cum and covered the woman with their cum was so good, groaning as they spurted it into her mouth and over her face, she was swallowing it and sakarya escort licking her lips to get as much as she could, that did it for Jill, she groaned and just lay back on the bed, satisfied beyond belief and panting, she was sweating too, it had taken so much out of her, her pussy was still fluttering from her climax.It was then Jill decided she was going to change her life, she was going to get fucked and fucked by anyone she could find, to become a slut, she would get what she needed and do anything asked of her.She licked her fingers, tasting her own sex for the first time and found she liked it, she’d sucked her husbands cock but never after it had been inside her pussy, and she decided she wanted to try that as soon as she could, she blushed at a thought she had, another woman’s pussy, yes she thought, I would do that too for the right girl, she slipped her hand down between her legs again but this time it was her little bum hole she toyed with, sliding the tip of a wet finger in, gasping at the feeling, so strange but quite nice too, mmmnnnnnn, yes that too would be on offer for the first man who wanted to do her up the ass, giggling at the thought of becoming such a dirty married slut..Over the next few weeks she watched more and more stranger sex porn, her orgasms wonderfully strong and she surprised herself by squirting, only once but it was the best by far.She bought some sexy knickers, stockings and as an afterthought a butt plug,all of which she kept hidden, she thought it was a good idea to stretch that hole before a cock was up it, she loved the feeling of being filled by it, and wore it most of the day, her hole already accepting the intrusion, the feeling was just so good, God what had she been missing for most of her life.Because she was a housewife, she had time to just drive around, checking out various places where she thought a little privacy was possible if anyone decided to pick her up for sex, she grew hornier and hornier every day, it would happen soon, she was determined to be fucked.It was a Wednesday morning, she parked the car and was walking near some woods, they ran down one side of a park near her home, almost deserted on a midweek morning.She’d seen men walking here lately and decided to try there first, it was warm so she wore a summer dress, but with her new stockings on underneath, hold-ups not suspenders, she thought they made her look so slutty, her ass was already stretched by her plug, and she was clenching onto it because she decided no knickers was how she wanted to be, wet and ready for the taking, fuck she would pleasure herself in the woods if no one took her today.She’d almost decided to slip into the woods to make herself cum when she saw a man walking towards her, younger than she was, maybe late twenties, he looked strong to her, she shuddered at the thought of feeling his strong arms around her.She slowed down, so he got a good look at her, her tits swaying under the thin cotton dress, no bra, her large tits clearly hanging free and her nipples erect and poking out with her excitement, she saw him looking at them and smiled, please say something, anything.She looked over her shoulder as he passed, he’d stopped and was watching her ass as she walked, she gave it a wiggle and smiled again, he was grinning at her now, her heart was racing, could it be she was about to get what she wanted a good hard fucking.She nearly died when he nodded towards the woods, but her need was to much and she nodded, yes, he wandered up the slight slope and into the woods, Jill with a last look around followed, he was waiting about ten yards in, it was so quiet inside, the park invisible from the woods.Her shoes weren’t right for a walk in the woods but slowly she picked her way to where he was waiting,God, I’m going to be fucked was the only thought going through her head, her pussy had already got so wet she could feel her juices slowly leaking out and rolling down her thighs.She was saved from having to say something by him grabbing her and kissing her hard, hands pulling her against his body as his tongue entered her mouth, it slipped between her lips easily as she responded, opening her mouth to allow his tongue to explore.She was conscious of the hard bulge in his jeans pushing into her as he kissed her harder, one hand in her hair pulling her face to his, she used her hands to pull him closer, escort sakarya her mound hard against his cock.She felt his hand cup her ass, squeezing it, and finding it’s way down and under the dress, the feel of his hand on her skin made her gasp, then he was sliding it up her thighs, she spread her legs slightly and his fingers stroked her pussy, finding her so wet he pushed two fingers up her, she was holding onto him to stop herself falling over, legs opening further as his fingers worked their way deep inside her pussy.He was kissing her neck Jill gave it to him as he gently pulled her head back by her hair, she felt his breath as he whispered to her.Her legs were shaking as he told her all he wanted to do to her, it was everything she’d dreamed of, he wanted her ass, pussy and mouth, he take them if she didn’t give them to him.Fuck that’s what she wanted to hear, no refusal accepted, her body was going to be taken and she intended to be fucked like she’d always secretly craved, no need to take what she was more than willing to give up.His hand was on her ass now and found the plug deep in her asshole, he slapped it a couple of times, she shivered at the sensation, then the words she’d wanted to hear, you’re a dirty little slut.She gasped out Yeeeesss, the first word she’d spoken, she felt herself being pushed towards a large tree and memories of the film she’d watched flooded back, how the woman on the film had been used, how she’d eagerly offered her ass to the two men.Reaching out she leant against it and pushed her ass out, legs open like a good slut.She felt the cool air on her skin as he lifted her dress, his fingers working her soaked pussy, she heard him unzip and then her tits were being groped, the thin straps of the dress pulled down off her shoulders, freeing her big tits.Her nipples were pinched and rolled between his fingers, hard enough to make her bite her lip, the hand between her legs slapped the inside of her thighs and she spread wider, finally the moment she’d longed for, she felt his cock being rubbed along her slit, he rubbed her erect clit and she nearly screamed, he guided the head into her waiting hole, parting her lips, she felt the sticky cream pulled apart and he entered her.She felt her pussy filled with hot, hard cock, much bigger than her useless husband, she was being stretched wider than she’d ever been before,this was only the 4th cock she’d had and it was just so good, he had her panting by the time he finally pushed all the way up inside, her knees were shaking, waiting to feel him fuck her hard.He grabbed her hips and began taking her, long slow strokes that took his cock to her entrance then slide back in, every inch opening her up again each time, pulling her onto it harder with each stroke.God yes, this is how it should be, no names just sex, he was making her moan already, she was going to cum soon but she was going to hold it back, denying herself an orgasm as long as she could, it wouldn’t be for long though, it was making her pant with the effort and she knew it was going to be good.He was going at her harder now, the hands on her hips making her push back to be fucked deeper, as faster and faster he went up her, she was in heaven, her groans and moans louder now she was being fucked.She felt his hand reach down and start to rub at her clit, and she begged him to do it harder, he did, her clit was being rubbed so hard,it hurt but it was so good too, he was going to make her cum, and cum quickly if he carried on rubbing.He had an arm around her waist and pulled her back making her stand straighter, she had to lean into the tree, it felt strange being fucked like that, but he could kiss her neck like this and he did, he told her she was such a good slut and that she could cum for him, now she asked, yes now, do it for me.Not needing to be told twice she relaxed and felt her orgasm build, then her scream as it came, her muscles gripping the cock inside her she threw her head back and yelled out that she was cumming for him, she was his slut, a whore for his cock. She was shocked by the things she was saying, never had she given herself to someone like she was to him right then. He said he loved her wet cunt, and it was like an electric shock to her clit and pussy, that word was one she never used but she realised it was the perfect word right then, she would never think of her cunt as a pussy sakarya escort bayan again.He was driving his cock into her willing hole making her pleasure last longer, she heard the wet slurping sound of her cunt being used, sucking on the cock trying to keep it inside as the final spasms were running through her body.Sensing she was done he pulled out, turning her around and then pushing her down to her knees, she had her mouth open and waiting for him, he pushed in and she gagged as he hit the back of her throat, he let her recover so she could suck on him.Tasting her own cum on his cock was so nice, she licked, sucked and even lightly bit his cock.making him moan for her, she was doing her best to give him as much pleasure as she could.She let him push a little more down her throat, making herself take it, her tits were getting soaked as she drooled all over herself but she’d managed to stop gagging on it.She was being face fucked, his hands holding her head as he used her mouth like it was her cunt, she was looking up at him as he did it to her, eyes bulging as he filled her mouth.His eyes were closed as she serviced his big cock but he was saying she was a good girl, she almost laughed, a girl, she hadn’t been that for a while.She thought he was going to cum in her mouth, she’d get to feel his hot spunk fill her mouth, she would show him her mouth full of cum before swallowing, all the time staring into his eyes as she did it, that was something she’d seen in some of the films she had watched and thought it so slutty but erotic too.But he had other things in mind for her, he pulled her up and kissed her, the taste of his cock on her lips, before she was pushed back up against the tree.She knew she was going to be fucked in her virgin ass and was shaking as he pulled out the plug, she heard him sigh, her ass must of been open and he wanted it, and he was going to have it.She saw his hand holding the butt plug in front of her face and realised what was to come, with her a low groan she opened her mouth and tasted her own ass for the first time, fighting the urge to gag she accepted it into her mouth, he worked it in and out, a parody of what she’d just been doing for him and she sucked it like it was his cock in her mouth before he made her take it into her mouth as a gag.With her mouth filled he slowly slipped a finger deep in her ass, she’d lubed it well that morning in the hope of maybe finally having a cock up inside, he called a slut again then his finger was replaced by something much bigger.One push and she was filled, she let out a groan as her back passage was opened up, such a strange feeling having him go up something that was only ever used the other way, it was really strange but she found she actually liked the feeling.She was stretched wide by his hot cock, not nearly as painful as she imagined but enough to make her eyes water, and she cried.Starting slow he fucked her, leaving it deep inside before pulling back, short stabs that made her gasp, with his hands on her hips she was being pulled back, she was fucking her own ass, no longer guiding her she was pushing back to meet his thrusts, deeper and harder each time.He was using her hard now, pounding into her faster as his own orgasm got closer, no more that a couple of minutes had passed when she felt her ass stretch even more as his cock got bigger and he start to cum, her moans were as loud as his, his hot cream burning inside as he pumped his spunk up her.Oh God what a feeling, the pure wrongness of it made it all the more exciting, there she was a married Mum of two being used as a slut by a stranger, marriage vows forgotten she cried, not out of pain or humiliation but for all the wasted years.She felt his cock slide out and sighed, she’d finally had what she wanted, his cum filled her ass and she slipped the plug back in, stopping any dripping out.Slipping her tits back inside her dress and letting the back fall back down she turned around, he was zipping his jeans back up, a satisfied smile on his face.Same time next week, I can bring a friend if you like, she blushed as she answered him, God yes please, the thought of two cocks for her was just perfect.He smiled, I didn’t say it was another man did I ?She laughed, no you didn’t, but guess what, I really don’t care.And she didn’t, life was for living, and she was going to live from now on.I hope you enjoyed reading this story, everything I write is pure fantasy, it’s something I do for my own pleasure but if it gives people reading it pleasure too then that’s so much better.I may do more of this story line, let me know if anyone is interested, Thanks xx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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