A late start

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A late startI was a late bloomer being very shy, especially with girls, but my imaginary sex life has been good long before I really knew what sex was and I had discovered porn and masturbation from an early age. I have always been, and still am, attracted to woman but I have always had a remarkably strong attraction to a mans cock. I guess this explains why I have been attracted to transsexuals since my early twenties, tits and a cock, how can you go wrong? But I get ahead of myself, as it is so easy to do in an autobiography, how do you paint the picture of a life in a few brief images?When I was a young adult I attended a science fiction/fantasy convention by myself, yes I was definitely a bookworm and a geek. As I wandered among the tables of books and artwork and crafts I found myself talking to another fan. Jeff was maybe a year or two older then me and stood about five foot eleven to my five eight and a half. As we began talking and wandering among the tables we struck up a friendship and when he discovered that I did not have a place to stay for the night he invited me to sleep in his room in the extra bed. When he showed me the room Jeff and I walked in and crossed the space between the two beds and he sat down on one of them before placing a hand gently on my waist.I don’t know how I got the courage but I knew what I wanted and immediately knelt down between his legs and asked if he wanted this as badly as I did? When Jeff answered I immediately reached for his zipper, pulled down his pants and underwear and revealed his still soft cock. I was still a virgin and had no experience with woman or men. I had seen a few cocks in some hardcore porn magazines and canlı bahis was aware that most men did not compare to the porn-stars when it came to size but Jeff was an exception. Even soft his cock was huge and this only increased my desire to feel him in my mouth.The cock in front of my face was five inches long, fat, and still completely soft. Surrounding it was a moderate, unkempt shag of pubic hair. Below that his balls, acting as a pillow on which that magnificent cock could rest. Automatically, as if in a trance, I reached down and grabed the shaft gently in my hand lifted it up and in the same moment lowed my head until my mouth was almost touching him. I’d like to say I pressed my face into his crotch and deeply breathed in the smell of his sex, but I didn’t, I was too impatient. Instead I opened up my mouth and tentatively licked around the head of his cock. With my left hand I was grasping his cock while I gave a little suck, pulling the head into my mouth and started to roll my tongue around his sex while squeezing him with my lips and sucking on the head like I was trying to get milk from a nipple. His cock jumped a little in my mouth and I could feel it grow as he started to get hard from my actions. My own cock grew hard as I continued to suck and a churning knot of sexual tension grew inside me. The most important thing in the world to me right then was to make Jeff’s dick happy, I wanted to feel him grow in my mouth, I wanted to force his hardened dick as far down my throat as I could, I wanted to hear him groan in pleasure and feel his cock jerk and twitch in my mouth, and most important of all I wanted to experience the feeling of his cock pumping bahis siteleri his cum into my mouth were I could taste it for the first time and finally swallow it for my reward, knowing that it was me; my mouth, my tongue, my effort, that had made all of this happen. All my desire and my passion was focused on the feeling of his cock in my mouth and my hand stroking his now hard nine inch cock.With Jeff’s hard nine inches in my mouth I forced my head down onto his dick, squeezing it with my lips and rolling my tongue along the sides. As his cock hit the back of my throat I started to gag, making my throat spasm around his fat cock head. Backing off his shaft I retreated until only the head remained in my mouth and I could breath again. I tried again and again to force his entire length down my throat with the same result every time until after the sixth or seventh try finally giving in to reality and accepting that the cock in my mouth was just too thick to go any deeper into my throat. With my hand firmly around the base of his dick I changed tack and began devoting everything I had to the single goal of sucking as intensely and passionately on that cock as I could. I wanted to bring Jeff the ultimate pleasure and bring me the the reward I was dedicating all my efforts to receive. I felt desperate to know what it felt like to have a man unleash all of his hot cum into my hungry, open mouth. I started pumping his gorgeous fat cock with my left hand as my lips and tongue teased and tormented the head of his dick. By bobbing my head up and down on the shaft, faster and faster while my hand continued to pump the remainder of his shaft until I felt his hips jerking up off canlı bahis of the bed adding the thrusts of his hips to the already frantic actions of my mouth. The head of Jeff’s dick kept butting against the back of my throat making me fight to control my gag reflex and maintain my intense efforts to please the cock in my mouth. knew it was about to happen and that the butterfly’s in my stomach and the twitching of my hard cock all revolved around the feeling of having that big cock getting ready to spurt in my mouth. My left hand continued to pump Jeff’s dick while my right hand fell to my own cock and started stroking. Jamming my head up and down on his cock I made one more concerted assault with my mouth as I felt his cock shudder and jerk in my mouth. With half his dick down my throat Jeff began to spurt and the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat making me cough and sputter as I tried to handle the cum pumping into the back of my throat. Quickly pulling back until I had control of the head of his cock in my mouth just as another spurt of cum shot into my mouth and over my welcoming tongue. With my mouth full of cock and cum I swallowed, not wanting to lose a drop of his warm sticky essence. I could feel his cock twitching and throbbing in my mouth as another big shot of cum filled my mouth. Again and again Jeff fired load after load into me, making me shudder with pleasure as my own hand flew up and down on my cock. As I milked the last drops of cum out of his dick I tilted my head upward and looked deeply into Jeff’s well satisfied eyes as my own orgasm took over. Maintaining eye contact I road out my orgasm and as the final warm surge of pleasure rolled over me I gave Jeff an appreciative smile then dropped my head softly into the warm nest between his legs and closed my eyes . Thirty years later I have still never been fed so much wonderful cum in a single encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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