A Married Closet Queen Learns The Ropes

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A Married Closet Queen Learns The Ropes
I started cheating on my wife when I couldn’t contain my desire for cock any longer. I was a deeply closeted homosexual who was in complete denial. Well, maybe not COMPLETE denial, because I had been crossdressing since puberty. Due to my petite frame and looks, I had no problem passing as a woman in public, and had been doing so since puberty. But the minute I’d go home and masturbate, I’d hate myself and make all sorts of excuses as to why I wasn’t a queer.

I met Dani at an online Asian dating site, and eventually we married and I brought her to the U.S. She was a really sexy girlie girl type, and initially I thought she had “cured” me of my desire to suck hard cock. Dani was very open about her past, including her working in massage parlors and bars in the Philippines and Korea. Because I was sex obsessed, these stories, rather than upset me, actually turned me on, and gradually our sex life became one long jerk off session, with Dani telling me often detailed descriptions of the gangbangs and prostitution she did in Korean sex houses, where wealthy Korean men came to fuck sexy Filipina girls like Dani. She told me about a resort in Korea that was located in the foothills of Seoul, that catered to wealthy Korean and international men. The place had swimming pools and golf courses, and a nightclub, where the nude prostitutes mingled with the members and their guests. She told me that the women were housed in a separate wing in luxurious rooms, separate from the rooms they went to have sex with the customers. There were public sex shows on stage, and all the porn that played continually on the television screens were filmed in house and featured the girls who were currently working.

Needless to say these stories inflamed the fires of desire within me – not desires for women – but to BE a woman and live such a life! It was at this time, just a few months into our marriage, that I began crossdressing again, when my wife was out. My mind began constantly working, and all I thought about was sex! I imagined my sexy little wife, naked with man after man – and I wanted that for myself! Then I lost my job.

We were living on my unemployment, and having to stretch our budget. One night in bed, Dani casually mentioned that she could get a job – to help out. I asked her what kind of job could she get, with no education or training, and she told me that she could apply at the massage parlors in the SF Bay Area, near where we lived. She knew how to speak some Korean, and she told me they would hire her. Initially I shot that down, but then the Devil began working inside my head. He told me that, aside from improving our income, that with Dani out of the house, it would give me lots of free time to cross dress and jerk off to online porn. Because I was always horny, always walking around with a hardon, I told Dani to go ahead and look for work. Like she had said, she was hired immediately, and, with the drive to Oakland, plus her hours – 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. – I was free to do my thing!

Dani began bringing home lots of money from the massage parlor, and when my unemployment benefits ran out we had enough money to make that a non issue. I used to help Dani get ready for work, like help her do her hair, nails, makeup, etc. While doing this I would have the biggest hardon! She’d sit at the makeup table wearing just a black silk shorty robe and high heels while I did her makeup and hair, and we’d talk about all the cock she sucked and the men she fucked. Sounds weird, huh – a husband doing his wife’s hair and makeup – while she prepares to go out to whore? What kind of man does THAT?? Of course, the answer is, NO kind of MAN! But a sissy boi? Ohhh YEAH!

Dani told me later that it was around that time that she realized she had married a bakla – which is what they call homosexuals in her country, but she didn’t realize that her husband was more than just a bakla – but a full fledged LADYBOI!

Soon just dressing up in heels and lipstick wasn’t enough. I’d watch these hot cunts sucking off hunky buff men on the videos, and I wanted to suck a cock so bad I could TASTE it! Living vicariously off my wife’s stories wasn’t cutting it any longer! I had desires – dreams – like a lot of closeted men! And just keeping them as fantasies canlı kaçak iddaa wasn’t enough! I wanted to make my dreams come true! Every one of them – and believe me – some of them were very sick and degrading. But now I resolved to embrace them – even if it cost me my marriage.

I began going out after Dani left for work and going to adult video stores. I’ll never forget my first blowjob! He was an older guy in black jeans and a black t-shirt, and he was wearing a leather hat. I was sitting in a booth completely naked with the door unlocked and he came in and took out his hairy cock. I got on my knees and performed my first bareback blowjob, I sucked him to completion and swallowed his cum. It only took a couple of minutes, and he zipped up and walked out of the booth, leaving me naked on my knees, the unfamiliar taste of a man’s cum in my mouth. I was hooked, and I knew I was never going back to the straight world – not EVER!

After a few weeks of spending all my free time giving blowjobs in the booths, I met my first boyfriend – a black guy named J.J. I was sitting in a booth naked, waiting, one night and the door opened. He saw me and hurriedly came in, but when he saw my cock he said, “Oh shit – sorry – I thought you were a bitch at first”

He turned to leave but I told him, “Wait! I AM a bitch!”

Then he told me that what he meant was that at first glance in the semi darkness of the booth, with my slight build and smooth body, he had taken me for an actual female – something you see only infrequently in the AVS’s. “Are those tits real?” he asked, reaching out to fondle the female tits that nature had endowed me with.

I nodded; “They’re real,” I said – “no hormones either.”

“Stand up, girl,” he said, taking my upper arm and pulling me up. “Wow!” he exclaimed – “Except for that dick you could be a woman!” How’d you get an ass like that?? That ass does NOT belong to a man!”

My head was reeling. I had always fantasized about being a woman, but this is the first time outside of my own head, that I was being called “girl,” by someone who could see that I wasn’t. “You suck cock?” He asked.

“Of COURSE!” I gushed, taking his hand and stepping back into the booth. I sank to my knees as he pulled his jeans down, then his shorts! My eyes bugged; a ten inch hard cock?? He sat on the bench and told me to take off his work boots and socks. The socks were wet from sweat, and I removed each one and put them in the boots. Then he lifted his legs for me to remove his jeans, then his undershorts – also damp and sweaty! I ran my small hands over his big legs. “Mmmmm, nice hairy legs!” I whispered, bowing my head and taking his stiff cock into my mouth. He groaned in pleasure as I sucked his cock and hairy nuts. He raised his legs, exposing his anus, his hand pushing my face forward. My nose was inches from his anus. I realized then that he expected me to eat him out! “But it STINKS!” I exclaimed.

“Shut the fuck up, he said – you love it!” and I felt his big hand pushing my head forward again. I sniffed his ass hole. It wasn’t that bad, really – it had a kind of funky smell, like a mixture of sweat and the faint whiff of shit. I felt my hard cock jump involuntarily, and I planted a kiss on the mouth of his raw anus, flickering my hot tongue around the hairy hole. The taste wasn’t so bad, maybe a little like bile. I filled my mouth with saliva and began to seriously eat him out – the way I had eaten my wife’s pussy! I ate his ass, licked his toes, and kissed his feet. I felt like a total WHORE! A black man’s SLAVE! And I loved it!

He had stripped off his t-shirt and he pulled me up on him. all those fuckin MUSCLES! I licked his buff chest and kissed his neck. He took my small heart shaped chin in his fingers and kissed my mouth, and we made out – made LOVE – for a long while, and I squeezed his rigid cock in my hand, choking around the base. “Gonna FUCK you, sissy,” he said. “Stand up!” He ordered.

Honestly, as I stood and he turned me to face the door, I had mixed emotions. I knew he wanted to fuck me, but I was scared because I had never been fucked before, and at the same time, all that mouth kissing had made me want it badly. He had me wiggle my hips as he ran his rough hands – he was a construction worker – up and down my smooth legs. perabet giriş Then I did something wild. I have the ability to rump shake my ass – the way women do – and I began doing it for him. That was it! He pulled me down on his lap, like a stripper, and I grinded my ass and laid back as his hands were all over my tits and belly, and he squeezed my hard on too.

Then JJ stood up and told me to get up on the bench, facing the wall. I got on the bench on my hands and knees as JJ came up behind me, and I felt that rigid ten inch cock rubbing between the cheeks of my buttocks, and felt his sweaty chest on my bare back, his rough face as he nibbled on my ears and kissed on my neck. He stood and knelt on the bench, pushing that cock right to my face. “Get it good and wet,” he said. Lots of spit.” I did like he said and when it was dripping with my spit he came up behind me and mounted my nude buttocks. My stomach was queasy as I felt the head pushing up against the mouth of my pink anus. I was going to get fucked. Too late to say no now. How many times have I heard about bitches who cocktease a man past the point of no return – then cry raipe when he can’t stop? And now, here I was, in the same position as those cockteasing sluts – spread naked, ready to be fucked. I knew it would be worthless to tell him no, so I resigned myself to it and hoped I wouldn’t get hurt!

It happened fast. He was on me – his weight – maybe 250 pounds, his knee inserted between my thighs, so I was incapable of moving more than a few inches in any direction. JJ knew what he was doing – he had raiped young punks in jail before. Suddenly the pain came, searing up into my ass hole. I was so naïve then. I hadn’t learned that if you just relax your anus, a cock will slide in easily with only just a little initial pain. So I fought with all my might, and when I screamed from the agony, I felt his hand clapped hard against my mouth. And he raiped me on that bench and didn’t stop until he grunted in satisfaction as he dumped his cum deep into my guts. By now my anus was numb and I couldn’t really feel anything as he pulled out of me and released his grip. He put his messy cock in my face and I knew I had to lick him clean. It tasted like a mix of shit, cum and blood.

I knelt on the floor as he got dressed. Before he left he looked down at me, smiling. “That was good pussy, baby,” he said. “Nice and tight!” He patted my cheek. “See you next time, sissy,” he said. and he walked out.

I was sitting on the bench and I started getting feeling back in my anus, and there was pain again. The door opened and a guy looked in. “Whoa – what the fuck happened to you?” He pointed to my legs. I looked and they were streaked with blood! “You get raiped?” he asked.

I nodded and asked him if he would please get me some paper towels from the bathroom. he came back with a wad of them. “Sorry, honey,” he said, and left.

I was scared because the bleeding wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t a lot, but it was steady. and my ass hole ached so badly! I drove home, sick to my stomach, all kinds of thoughts going through my head. When I got home I took a shower and soaped up a lot down there, but the bleeding wouldn’t stop. I looked in the drawer and found Dani’s tampons and maxi pads. I put a Kotex on and my underwear. When Dani got home I pretended to be sleeping. The next day I kept changing the Kotex, but it kept bleeding. Dani could see that I was acting weird, but I told her I might be coming down with the flu. As soon as she left for work I drove to the free clinic, where they examined me. The lady doctor was an Asian with a strong accent. She asked me if I had been raiped. She said because if I had been raiped they would have to involve the police. I told her that I hadn’t been raiped, so she and a nurse stitched me up. I had 5 stitches! She told me I better make sure that my lovers wore condoms, “or else you come back with AIDS,” she warned. The nurse was more sympathetic. Before I left she handed me several pamphlets with information on anal sex.

Well, now my life was changed forever. I had been cherried and raiped. At first I vowed to change my life and never do these things again. But as the pain subsided I began to get horny again, and the thought of being raiped so vialontly that perabet güvenilir mi I needed stitches made me jerk off. after I came I knew that as soon as my stitches were out, I was going back to the AVS!

One night, a few weeks after I began going back to the AVS, I saw JJ. This was before I began dressing full time as a woman. I’d go to the AVS wearing just a t-shirt shorts and flip flops, all of which I’d remove once inside the booth. So I had started fucking men as well as giving blow jobs. I had done lots of research and now I knew that if I just relaxed my anal muscles, I could take almost any cock, no matter how big or hard! And that night when the door to my booth opened and I saw JJ, I knew I wanted him inside of me again! So I gave him a pretty smile. “HI!” I said. He was so fuckin CUTE! When he smiled his dimples showed and my heart melted.

This time I knew what I was in for. I was already naked and barefoot. Like before I knelt to remove his boots and socks and pulled off his jeans and Jockey shorts. This time he told me to put his jockeys on my head. I was surprised but I knew by now that it’s best not to say no to a man like JJ! So I put his undershorts on my head and face, like he told me to. I was learning how to be a real man’s woman!

When he was naked we went through the same routine as the night that he had raiped me – including making out naked mouth to mouth, for about a half hour, with me squeezing and choking his cock while we made out. And when it came tie to fuck, this time I was prepared; not only had I done my research online about how to take a cock during anal sex, but I was equipped with lube! Plus I had already had several men fuck me and I knew not to fight it. Anyway – I WANTED it – BADLY!

Mmmmmm – mouth kissing with a cute hunk like JJ made my dick SO hard! It was just running with juice! I mean, I kissed that man ALL over! I licked and kissed his hard buff chest, got down and kissed his knuckles, licked his fingers, same for his toes, ate out his ass, sucked his cock and nuts, and when it came down fo that man to fuck me – I was giving him a sexy rumpshake to signal I was ready for him!
Again, I found myself naked on the vinyl bench, buttocks cocked high, felt his rough hands feeling up my soft bare body, felt his big body covering mine as he mounted me,felt the hard knee go between my thighs, knowing that this time he wouldn’t need it. Then I felt the big head pushing into my well lubed pussy, and I tensed for just a beat as the pain began. I took a deep breath and relaxed my bowels, and suddenly the entire thick ten inches slid balls deep into my receptive cunt!

Once he was balls deep inside of me, JJ rested on my back for a few seconds, and I squeezed down on the base of his cock and relaxed, then did it again. He began fucking me with slow strokes, all the while kissing on my neck and ears, his strong hands feeling up my boobs. I turned my head to take his tongue as he increased the tempo, until his groin was slapping loudly up against my naked ass! He was fucking me so hard the entire booth was rocking, and my head was banging up against the wall. Suddenly he pulled out, taking my arm and dragging me to my knees. He shoved his throbbing black cock down my throat until I retched, then pulled it out and shot a nasty messy load of cum all over my face. I felt it as one hot string after another slopped my face. He shuddered and recovered, turning to his jeans and pulling out his cell phone. “I gotta get a picture of this, baby,” he said, as the flashes went off. “Smile pretty, girl,” he said. He showed me the pics. I was fuckin PASTED! Thick cum all over my forehead and on my nose, and hanging from my nose and chin in strings! It looked like more than one guy had cum on me!

I grabbed some napkins to clean up but he said, “Wait, girl. He got dressed and told me to put on my jeans cutoff shorts. Then he brought me out into the hallway and we stood there. And every time a guy walked by, JJ told them to take all the pics they wanted – and several guys did. I stood there with a mix of shame and pride as the flashes went off. I mean, I was still a married man! Nobody knew I was a closet queen! What if these got out? What if my family or acquaintances saw these?? After a while the cum began to loosen up and drip down, drying on my face and tits. JJ told me that he’d kiss me goodbye if my face wasn’t all messy. I didn’t know it then, but JJ and I were about to begin a personal relationship that would end my marriage and end with me becoming a shemale whore.

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