A maternal Affair- Part 2(finale) by crazytownfuck

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A maternal Affair- Part 2(finale) by crazytownfuckA Maternal Affair: Part IIMy Mother’s, My Girlfriend(This is the sequel to maternal affair fully updated..)Forum: i****t Chat > Mothers and sonsNew Topic >> Hi everyonePosted by Debbie at 3:23PM GMT July 1, 2004Hi everyone,I’ve been a bit of a lurker at this forum for a while, just reading other people’s stories. I can’t describe how fantastic it is to find that there are not only mothers (and sons!) who share my love of i****t, but also that there are those who indulge in such a relationship. One of the principle features of an i****tuous relationship is that it is ‘taboo’ and ‘secret’, but paradoxically it is the taboo – and not to mention i*****l – nature of the relationship that makes you want to speak out about it, to proudly boast that you’ve gone beyond the tedious limits of most other people. Some of my friends feel sorry for me because they think I’m single and I have to bite my lip to point out that I’m quiet sexually sastisfied, thank you very much, all thanks to my son, Jake.Luckily, there is the internet! Here, like you other regulars, I can safely and anonymously make my proud decleration that I fuck my own son, that we have an extraordinarily intense relationship, both sexual and otherwise…whilst not creating a scandal out here in the real world where I’d dare not give rise to any suspicions as to what I get up to with my boy!Just to introduce myself, my name is Debbie and I am aged 31. I had my son Jake when I was only a teenager. Jake is 15 now and we’ve been having sex for a year. His father ditched me once he’d found out I was pregnant, but that was a blessing in disguise. Having a devoted – and very handsome, not to mention well-hung! – son to share my bed with is infinitely more delicious than having a husband who, from what I remember about the two-faced prick, would probably be on his fourth extra-marital affair by now.I’m small, petite, blonde and at this moment in time I’m naked. Jake is due home from school soon. I took the day off work simply to relax…plus to do a bit of shopping! Jake has recently become rather fascinated with lingerie so I’ve gone and bought some beautiful sexy underwear. It’ll blow his mind when he gets home and sees me dressed up beautifully for him.I shall go now, but I hope to return here and chat more with you people.XXXDebbieDebbie sat back and admired her post. She had spent ages finding this website. Most i****t sites on the ‘net were pay-sites, shitty porn-peddlers trying to bombard you with pop-ups and such crap, or passing off aging porn-stars being fucked by young as mother-son i****t. Not that pictures were what Debbie was looking for. She wanted some companionship, some people in her own situation to share ideas and thoughts with. The site she’d now found was perfect! There was a fee to join and, coupled with notices that no pictures were to be publicly posted, it kept spammers out and also the sort who’d simply plague the forum with petulant demands for images. In the mother-son forum there were many women and some boys sharing their fantasies and often their ambitions, but most were mothers and sons who were already indulging in i****t.Debbie had enjoyed a recent thread concerning an Australian woman, a divorcee, who was in love with her sixteen-year-old son. She didn’t know how to seduce him, so a few mothers who’d seduced their own sons offered suggestions whilst a few young men pointed out that sixteen-year-old boy’s were usually so horny that the i****t-taboo would be pushed aside if they were confronted with an opportunity to fuck a woman, any woman! Soon enough the mother gleefully reported how she’d seduced and fucked her son, and gave lots of details that Debbie had read whilst frigging her snatch.One of the more interesting ladies in the forums was “Jessica”, a woman aged fifty-one who’d been having sex with her son for the last sixteen years! The son was now twenty-seven and married, but he’d pop round to mama’s house for an afternoon of i****tuous adultery.Looking at the clock, Debbie noted that it’d be about ninety-minutes until Jake got home from school. It was time to get ready. She flicked off the computer and got up.Debbie had not been lying when she’d said in her post that she was naked. She loved to sit around the house, nude. It was great when Jake was around because the horny teenager would spring a hard-on despite being so familiar with every inch of his mother’s body. Even when she was alone in the house Debbie loved being nude, it made her feel very free and liberated. She’d done a similar thing as a c***d, playing and skipping about naked, but her mother had made her stop it when Debbie was about ten because she was making her older brothers “uncomfortable” – a euphamism for the fact that the two older brothers in question were entering puberty and kept springing stiffies when their naked little sister kept lounging around the house starkers.With her pert bottom wiggling cutely, Debbie left the living room and went upstairs.________________________________________Debbie spent a while in the shower, scrubbing herself clean and shampooing her medium-length blonde hair. Then she had a long soak in the bath, having poured all sorts of fragranced bath-oils into it. She lay back, eyes closed, feeling utterly relaxed and looking forwards to the evening. Her medium-sized – but very firm and shapely – boobs broke the surface of the water, two little nipple-topped islands of flesh in a sea of bubbles.Finally out of the bath, Debbie dried herself down and blow-dried her hair, applying some hairspray so that her hair dried in a deliberately dishevelled just-got-out-of-bed look. She knew her son liked that look! After pampering herself with all sorts of face-cream, body-lotion and expensive perfume, Debbie strolled nude down the hallway into her bedroom (or rather, her’s and Jake’s bedroom – they slept together all the time, although they obviously did a lot more than just sleep in the bed!).Debbie stood in front of the full-length mirror and admired her naked body. She worked out a lot, mainly aerobics and jogging. She was five-foot-three with a delicate frame. Her belly was perfectly flat and toned, her legs firm and her bottom a pair of shapely little cheeks. Twice-weekly visits to a tanning salon meant her flesh was nicely bronzed. Not too much of course, just enough to give her a healthy glow. Her pubic hair was the same golden shade as the hair on her head and she kept it trimmed, a neat triangle between her legs. She shaved her arsehole though. It felt much neater and sexier, plus it made it easier to apply the lubricant in preperation for anal-penetration from her son Jake.On the large bed were a couple of bags from an expensive lingerie store in town containing the sexy kit Debbie had bought that afternoon (“Your husband will be delighted” the cashier at the store, a middle-aged woman with too much make-up, had said to Debbie. “They’re not for my husband’s benefit,” Debbie had smirked, cryptically.)Debbie took her purchases out the bag and laid them out. There were several full sets of lingerie and it took a few moments for her to decide on what to wear. She eventually put aside three of the outfits – a black one, the red one and the pink one – which left the white outfit she’d selected to wear.The first item Debbie put on were a pair of sheer stockings, held up with a matching frilly garter belt that was adorned with miniture silk bows. She then put on a very skimpy thong, the crotch lacy and virtually see-through, the material that ran up the crack of her arse barely thicker than dental floss and thus showing off her buttocks in their entirity. Debbie had deliberately put the knickers on over the garter-belt straps, knowing that the thong would be removed pretty quickly once Jake was home! Finally, she put on a pair of white shoes whose high-heels boosted her height by a couple of inches to five-foot-five.That was her finished from the waist down. Next, Debbie put on a bra, a rather sweet one that not only had the under-wiring that pushed her breasts together slightly to emphasise her cleavage, but had tiny pink butterflies, made from embroidered silk and satin, on the cups over the nipples. Debbie then put on a pair of fingerless, elbow-length gloves, white-lace to match the rest of the outfit and with silk ruffled trim. After a dab of make-up – just a little bit of pink blush and some matching eye-shadow – Debbie struck a pose once more in the mirror.”Superb,” she grinned to herself. Although not necessarily vain, the petite blonde had to admit that, kitted out in underwear so sexy it would make gay men drool, she was damned hot! It wasn’t long until Jake was due home from school so Debbie strolled downstairs in her high-heeled shoes, whipped the curtains shut in the living room and set about lighting the forty-plus candles that were arranged all around the room. She put on some romantic music – mostly for her sake, Jake was all into nu-metal at the moment! – and turned on the computer in the corner of the room. She had just enough time to see if anyone had replied to her post at the i****t forum.To her delight, there were a few responses already to Debbie’s self-introduction on the website. Mostly it was the regulars just saying ‘Hi’, but the best was from Jessica, the mature woman who, as Debbie only just noticed, was the moderator of the mother/son section of the forum. Debbie smiled as she read the response:Forum: i****t Chat > Mothers and sonsTopic >> Hi everyone > Started by DebbieUKPosted by Jessica at 4:28PM GMT July 1, 2004Hi there Debbie!It’s so nice that you’ve started to post here, I’ve noticed you log in almost daily and I couldn’t wait until you’d start to talk to us. There’s no need for shyness here!Please tell us how you seduced your son. Or did he seduce you?!?!I love to hear of how my fellow lovers of mother/son i****t commence their relationships. With myself I can still remember it vividly, even though it was way back in 1988, sixteen long years ago.I was 35-years-old, my son Craig was just 13. I’d recently split up with my husband and I was struggling to cope with my job and Craig, who, although not a tearaway, was nonetheless a bit of a handful. He’s an only c***d and didn’t have many friends as we’d recently moved house. One night he was getting frustrated with his school-studies and when I asked him if anything was bothering outside of school he just said that he was ‘frustrated’. It took a while to get it out of him but basically he admitted he felt ‘horny all the time’ but girls his own age were only interested in older lads. I suggested to him that he should try jacking-off, which was a bit naughty because I only said that to tease him, just to make him feel a bit shocked that his mom could suggest such a thing and, perhaps, get him to forget about girls and get on with his studies. However, Craig just candidly admitted ‘I do that mom but it’s not enough’. I was feeling horny at that point so I told him to go upstairs. I followed him and we went to his bedroom. I asked him to strip and, after a moment of hesitation, he did. I felt so turned on at the boy. He was 13, just entering adolescence, had a nice slender prick that was becoming stiff simply at the novel sensation of being nude in front of a woman!I got him to lie on the bed and I knelt next to him (I was dressed by the way, albeit in fairly tight pair of jeans and a low-cut top that showed off a lot of the cleavage of my 38DD boob’s) and took his cock in my hand and jacked him off. Craig didn’t say a thing, he just lay there, partly shocked but mostly turned on. He soon blew his nuts and he shot his cum all over his belly. I giggled and told him he should ‘feel a lot better now’, which broke the tense atmosphere. He giggled too and then got dressed. That night he asked me if I’d jerk him off again before bed, so I did. I’d just got out the bath and was wearing just a dressing gown. As I pumped his stiff pecker I cheekily opened up my robe a little, letting my boobs spill out. As soon as Jake saw my big tits in the flesh his eyes went wide with amazement and, seconds later, the cock that I was fisting started blowing boy-juice everywhere!Things developed pretty quick. Before the week was out we were having full sex, then moved on to trying out new positions, oral-sex, anal-sex, facials, fisting. All sorts! There’s a full account of this in the Files section of this forum, called “Jessica’s Beginnings”. It’s full of even more detail than this little reprisal of events. Craig was round my house earlier. My darling son – aged 27 but as horny and as energetic as a teenager – fucked me so hard and thoroughly in all three of my holes that I can barely summon up the strength to type, I’m so exhausted! .So Debbie, tell us all about your relationship with Jake, how it started, what you get up to, etc. I can’t wait to hear! Reading about other women’s i****tuous activities turns me on almost as much as indulging in my own activities.LoveJessicaDebbie read through the message twice, feeling honoured that Jessica, clearly a veteran i****t-lover, had replied to her so thoroughly. She made a mental note to reply in full with all the juicy details about how she came to be fucking Jake. For now though there were more important things than posting on websites. Debbie turned the computer off and poured herself a glass of wine which she sipped as she sat in the armchair.________________________________________”Hi mum, I’m home,” Jake called as he trudged through the front door. He dumped his schoolbag down, kicked off his shoes and, wearing his school-uniform of black trousers, a white shirt and green tie, he strolled into the living room. “Whoa, cool,” he gasped as he stood in the doorway. He looked around the room. The curtains were shut and the lights off but the room was bright from all the candles that cast a warm glow around the place.Sitting casually in the armchair was his mother, dressed up in her white lacy stockings, garter-belt, knickers, bra, gloves and, finally, her high-heeled shoes. She was just finishing a glass of wine which she placed on the coffee table in front of her.”Hi sweetheart,” she purred to her handsome young son.”What’s the special occasion?” asked Jake, grinning.”None,” shrugged Debbie, “Although it is the first-anniversary of when we started having sex.””Is it?””Um…well, I’m not sure actually. It’s about this time last year, give or take a few weeks. Who cares anyway? It’s Friday and I’m horny. That’s all the reason I need.” She got up and strolled sexily towards Jake, admiring once again just how handsome her fifteen year old son was; tall, slim, a cute boyish face and beautiful big blue eyes. His shoulders were getting broader and he was rapidly approaching six-foot in height, making him tower over Debbie even in her high-heeled shoes. Debbie stood on her tip-toes and gave Jake a delicious smooch on the lips. Then she grinned naughtily as she reached down and began to undo the boy’s belt, then his flies. Jake meanwhile undid his tie and slipped it off, slinging it aside. His mother had now undone his trousers and she knelt and pulled them down, followed by his underwear.”Mmmmm, what a beautiful cock,” Debbie murmered, encircling her fingers and thumb Jake’s round semi-hard cock. She gently pumped it in her delicate fist and within moments was gripping a fully erect prick, as stiff as a rod of iron and visibly throbbing. Like the rest of his body, Jake’s prick had developed and grown in the last year and stood at a respectable eight-inches in length and was very thick. The veins along the shaft stood out prominently, the head was glowing a furious shade of purple and the balls hanging in Jake’s nut-sac visibly appeared bulging, full of lovely steaming cum that would surely be ejected abundently and frequently during the course of the evening.”Suck it mum, suck my cock,” Jake purred as he unbuttoned his schoolshirt. He slipped it off and slung it to the floor along with his tie. The teenager was now standing in just his socks and with his trousers and pants round his ankles, his mum kneeling in front of him as she stroked his prick whilst licking her lips.”Say please honey,” she grinned, looking up at the boy with her big beautiful blue eyes.”Suck my cock, please, mum,” smirked Jake. He ran his hands through his mother’s blonde hair.Debbie gripped the base of Jake’s throbbing erection and placed her wet lips over the head and slowly moved her head forwards. Slowly she eased more of her son’s cock into her mouth until she had almost five of the eight-inches in her warm and wet throat. She bobbed her head as she slurped on her son’s dick.”Oh yeah mum, suck it, suck that dick.””Mmmm, mmmmmphh,” Debbie groaned, feeling her pussy moisten. She slobbered on Jake’s dick, running her tongue over the head then along the shaft. As she sucked on Jake’s prick she reached up and fondled his heavy ball-bag. After a moment she took Jake’s cock out of her mouth and stood up.”You look so great mum,” Jake smiled as he reached out and gently squeezed his mother’s left-tit through her bra, “Really great! You look good enough to eat.””Well, you can’t eat all of me,” Debbie smirked, “But you can a couple of parts of me.””My favourite parts I trust.”Debbie didn’t answer, she just stepped back and slid off her skimpy knickers and threw them to the floor. Jake had seen his mother’s neatly-trimmed cunt hundreds of times but still licked his lips at the sight of it. He stepped out of his trousers and shorts then removed his socks so that he was completely naked. His mother turned and walked towards the sofa, Jake’s eyes fixed on her cute wiggling bottom lit up warmly in the glow of the candlelight. Debbie’s bronzed flesh was beautifully contrasted with all the white lacy lingerie she was wearing (minus her knickers now of course.)Debbie sat on the edge of the sofa, legs flung wide apart, her pink wet slit winking from between her stocking-clad thighs.”Mmmm, a juicy hot cunt,” grinned Jake as he strolled over, his heavy erection nodding in the air, “Nothing I’d rather eat for dinner!” He knelt in front of his mother and dived in, lapping greedily at her vagina.”Oh honey, that’s gooood,” groaned Debbie, her son’s energetic tongue already working it’s magic on her. Jake was a dutiful son and a skilled pussy-eater. He licked her lips thoroughly before easing his tongue into her, right up into her cunt channel, his nose nuzzled in her golden pubic hair. “Suck mummy’s cunt honey! Ooooh. You eat my cunt so well sweetheart, oh, ooooh!”Jake worked his tongue as far as possible up into his mother’s womb, the place from where he came from. He was stroking his erection with one hand whilst bought up his other to rub his mother’s clit, rubbing her pink bud whilst he deeply tongued her slippery twat.”Ummmmmm, aah,” purred Debbie, the petite mother running her hands through her son’s short blonde hair whilst he slurped between her legs, “Lick me honey…lick me out…aaah, I’m gonna cum soon. Uh, uh, uuuuuh!” A climax suddenly shot through her firm body, making her shake with lust as she pressed her son’s head into her crotch.Jake was spurred on to lick out his mother by her moans of pleasure. He wriggled his tongue far into her womb whilst still rubbing her clit. Eventually his mother calmed down, breathing deeply, her eyelids fluttering as she was awash with the warm snuggly feeling of a post-orgasmic flourish. Her son raised his head, the teenager smirking, his lips and chin slick with vaginal juices.”Shift back a little mum,” he said, “Give me access to your other entrance.”Debbie grinned and slid down a bit further on the sofa, her arse sticking over the canlı kaçak iddaa edge of the seat. She hooked her hands behind her knees and drew her legs up to her chest. Jake licked his juice-slathered lips as he admired his mother’s spread arse thrust out at him, her hairless puckered pink anus winking from between her beautiful firm bum-cheeks.”Delicious,” he declared, and he leaned forwards and tickled his mother’s arsehole with his tongue.”Oooh, Jake,” giggled Debbie. She was somewhat ticklish around her arsehole. Like any woman who truly enjoyed sex without any limits, Debbie was well aware that the anus was incredibly sensitive, billions of nerve-endings around that supposedly-taboo entrance all ready to send pulses of pleasure through her body. She shivered pleasurably as her son began licking that hole. Jake ran his tongue up and down his mum’s arse-crack then changed tactic, swirling his tongue in circles around the hole. Once he’d wet it enough he began to push his way up there, squeezing his tongue past his mother’s shaved arsehole and finally into her rectum. “Uuuuuuh, Jake, that’s gooood!” Debbie groaned, eyes closed as her rectum was invaded.Jake’s cock was pulsing, so hard it almost ached. He gently stroked it with one hand, using his other to idly finger his mother’s tight hot cunt whilst he concentrated on his primary task of tongueing his mother’s bowels. He and his mother loved any kind of sex but anal-sex had rapidly become their favourite activity, and without any formal declaration the i****tuous lovers had, in the last few months, began to steadily shift their efforts primarily into backdoor-frolics. Debbie loved the sensation of her tight arsehole being pushed open wide by her beautiful son’s throbbing erection and her shit-pipe filling with cock, whilst Jake was in love with the strong grip his mum’s sphincter offered as well as the sordid and taboo nature of fucking his mother in her shit-hole, that being on top of the sordid and taboo nature of having sex with his own mother!”Lick my arsehole son,” Debbie was murmering, feeling Jake’s tongue squirming around in her guts, “Oh fuck, oh yeah!” She was enjoying this, but she was soon feeling the need for her son’s cock and not just his tongue. She wouldn’t have to wait long though.A moment later, Jake slid his tongue out of his mother’s arse and he knelt up. His eyes met those of his mother’s, both matching each other; deep blue and full of love and lust.”Fuck me sweetheart,” Debbie urged the fifteen-year-old, “Fuck my cunt and then my arse!””With pleasure mum,” Jake replied, “Holy shit, I’m so horny, I’ve been wanting to ram my cock into you since I came into the room and saw you all dressed up like that, but I’ve been holding myself back so that my dick is fit to burst.” With that, the randy boy effortlessly slid his prick into his mother’s cunt, burying it in that slippery snatch to the root. “Uuuuuh, mum, that’s good.””Fuck me honey, give mummy a good shafting!”Debbie took her hands from her legs and wrapped those stocking-clad limbs round her son’s waist. Then she placed her hands on his shoulders and pulled him down until Jake was hunched over his mother, his cock buried up her cunt and his face in hers. They kissed, Debbie shoving her tongue into Jake’s mouth and they frenched each other like rampant lovers. Jake’s taut arse was clenching and unclenching between his mother’s spread thighs as he pumped his mother’s twat with his pulsing erection. He fucked her hard and fast, knowing that he was experienced enough to hold back his orgasm. Jake was no over-eager teenager, he – thanks to his relationship with his mother – was a veteran fucker who’d indulged in more acts of wanton desire in the last twelve-months than some guys manage in a lifetime.A few moments later Debbie took her lips from Jake’s.”I’m cumming, I’m cumming Jake!” she wailed, “Fuck me, fuck me! Oh God. I’m cumming! UUUUUUH!””Holy shit mum, twice in ten-minutes,” Jake declared as he rammed his mother’s cunt even harder, “Wow, you have a hair-trigger G-spot mum.””You’re just such a skilled motherfucker,” grinned Debbie in between pants of pleasure, “Oh wow, oh yeah what a cum!””Fuck yeah, fuck,” Jake grunted, shafting his mother through the petite blonde’s climax. Finally his mother’s orgasms died away. Jake took the chance to grab a quick breather. “Phew, you’re gonna tire me out mum.””I hope not! It’s still only five o’clock! We’ve got a whole evening ahead of us. Here, I’ll go on top. Pull out honey.”Jake slid his stiff prick from his mother’s cunt and got up. At his mother’s invitation he sat on the sofa and Debbie mounted him, kneeling astride his hips and facing him.”Impale yourself on my dick mum,” urged Jake.With a moan of pleasure Debbie did just that, sinking down and swallowing up her son’s prick with her tight cunt. She placed her hands on Jake’s shoulders and began to lift herself up and down, both of them groaning with ecstasy. Jake reached behind his mother and expertly unhooked her bra, sliding it off his mother and hurling it triumphantly across the room. His mum’s delicious firm boobs were now bared and right in front of his face.”Such lovely tits mum, lovely,” he declared, “Such stiff nipples too!””That’s because I’m so horny son, because your big prick is up my snatch.”Jake began to suck on his mother’s tits, sucking on each of the erect nipples in turn. Debbie continued to ride up and down on her son’s erection, slowly but steadily, idly kissing her son’s forehead as she did so whilst her son slurped on her titties.For ten-minutes they humped together like this, Debbie bouncing on Jake’s prick whilst her alternated between sucking on her nipples and kissing her lovingly on the mouth. Debbie began to increase her pace towards the end, her buttocks going CLAP-CLAP-CLAP as they smacked into Jake’s thighs, the boy’s long erection stick right up into her body via her slippery slit.”Uh, mum, I’m gonna shoot my nuts,” Jake was soon groaning as his mother rode him, “FUCK!””Go for it sweetheart,” urged Debbie, bouncing up and down on her son’s erection even faster, “Fire it right up my cunt. Come on motherfucker, yeah, oh yeah, sweetheart, fuck me!””MUM! UUUUUUH! AHHH!”Jake’s throbbing prick began spurting it’s long pent-up load into his mother’s womb. Debbie moaned as she ground her crotch into Jake’s lap, embracing the boy and holding his head into her chest as she felt his thick load spurt up into her body.”Jake, sweetie, cum in mummy’s juicy twat,” she purred.His head buried between his mother’s pert boobs, Jake let out a muffled cry as his cock continued pounding whilst wedged in Debbie’s cunt-channel, spewing hot semen in thick wads. His orgasm seemed to go on for ages, helped by Debbie’s excellent vaginal-muscle control. She flexed and clenched her cunt round the pumping shaft buried up there, milking her boy’s cock dry.”Holy shit mum, that was good,” panted Jake slumping back in the sofa, Debbie still astride him. His flow of sperm had finally finished although his dick, still in his mother’s twat, was showing no signs of softening. This didn’t surprise Debbie, she knew that her son was energetic enough to be ready for an encore. In fact it was a rarity for the horny youth to cum just once in a session, they would nearly always do it twice. Often more!”That was a fantastic ride son,” Debbie purred, kissing Jake sensously on the mouth, “Mmmmm. That was good.”She dismounted Jake, the boy’s cock – slick with sperm and cunt juice – slipping out of her pussy and slapping stiffly to his flat abdomen. Debbie got onto the floor, kneeling between Jake’s parted legs as he remained seated on the sofa. She took her son’s long prick into her mouth and she began to suck it, bobbing her head in Jake’s lap, savouring the taste of both her own fluids and Jake’s on the nice firm organ that was in her throat.”Suck it mum,” Jake crooned, running his hands through his mother’s golden hair, “Suck it deep and get it wet, then I’ll shove it up your tight arse.””Mmmmmmm,” groaned Debbie, loving the plan put forth by her son. Her cunt had received a good fucking, but that was almost like just extended foreplay. She was rapidly beginning to prefer taking cock up the arse, and her anus was especially itching for a good ramming thanks to the earlier attention that tight orifice had received from Jake’s tongue.’Eventually Debbie got up, looking so elegently sexy in her stockings, garter belt and lacy fingerless gloves, despite her hair being somewhat dishevelled. Jake hopped off of the sofa too, his dick sticking straight upwards, slick with his mother’s saliva.”Come and fuck me in the arse sweetie,” Debbie said, getting onto the sofa. She knelt up, sideways along the sofa, and leaned over and gripped the armrest, wiggling her cute bottom in the air. Her anus was slick with saliva and was easily accessable between her spread cheeks, just above her cum-leaking slippery hot cunt.”Here we go mum,” Jake said as he got back onto the sofa, kneeling behind his mother. He stroked Debbie’s buttocks, lightly squeezing those delicious globes, savouring the anticipation of journeying into his mother’s bowels. Her arse looked even more beautiful being framed by the white lacy garter-belt and stockings. Jake then lightly fingered her arsehole, easily slipping a digit up into her bum, making his mother shiver with pleasure.”Mmm, that’s nice honey,” she purred, “Finger me well sweetheart, get me nice and loose so you can fuck that lovely big dick into me without delay.”Jake pulled his finger out of his mother’s rectum and sucked on it, tasting the musky earthy taste of butt-juices on the digit. Then he slid it back into his mother’s arse, rooting it around deeply, feeling the slick wet walls of her clasping turd-tunnel, knowing that his cock would soon be wedged in those divine depths. After pulling out his finger and sucking upon it once more, Jake bent over and spent a few moments licking his mother’s anus, rimming her thoroughly, working his tongue up into her knowing that these further delays of the main sodomistical event would enhance the pleasure of it even more.Finally Jake could stand it no more. His prick was raging hard and he could sense his mother was practically shaking in her desperation to finally be anally-skewered. The virile fifteen-year-old knelt up and gripped the base of his cock, nudging his mum’s slick yawning rear-orifice with the glowing purple head of his erection.”Put it up me Jake,” panted Debbie, wiggling her arse a little, “Come on honey, fuck your mother’s arse.”With a quick shove, Jake popped the bulbous head of his dick into his mother’s arsehole, both of them moaning with pleasure. There was a long way to go though! Jake began to ease forwards, watching as his mother’s tight anus gradually swallowed up his thick prick. Inch by inch his veiny tube of boy-meat snaked up into his mother’s bowels until finally he was all the way in. His entire length was snugly buried in his mum’s rectum, his pubic hair matted flat against her cheeks.”There we go mum, happy now?” he asked, grinning.”Oh son, that’s so sweet, that’s so good! Mmmmm.”Jake clapped his hands to his mother’s buttocks and pulled his cock halfway out of her arse before sliding it back in, slowly and lovingly. Debbie arched her back and let out a long sigh as the tingling itch in her sphincter was finally satisifed. She felt so thoroughly fucked taking cock in her arse, more so than in her cunt. Her anus was fully stretched and her rectum packed with steel-hard cock-flesh.”Yeah mum, yeah,” panted Jake as he established a rythm, pumping his mother’s arse with his cock whilst gripping her hips, “I’m right in you mum, far up inside you. Can you feel my dick far inside your guts mum?””Mmmm, I can sweetheart. Oh Jake darling, that’s it, that’s it, bugger my shitter. Fuck me deeply. I want your prick-head to tickle the depths of my bowels.””Uh, uh, uh, oh fuck that’s good. You’re so tight and hot mum. Oh fuck yeah!”After a few moments Jake began to increase his pace further, his pelvis smacking against his mother’s buttocks as he buggered her on the sofa, ramming his long cock in and out of her shit-guts. For another ten-minutes he fucked Debbie’s shitter at an energetic pace, mother and son both sweating and panting for breath.Jake tired out a little and began to slow down eventually.”Let’s change position,” Debbie suggested, “I’ll go on top for a while.””Sounds cool mum.”Jake slid his erection from his mother’s anus and allowed her to stagger to her feet.”I’ll sit in your lap Jake,” Debbie said. Jake sat back on the sofa, his dick wobbling erectly in the air. Before she sat on it, Debbie sucked on her son’s prick for a moment, licking it clean of the traces of shit it had picked up during it’s recent travels. Then she turned and sat down in Jake’s lap, facing away from him. Her feet – clad still in the high-heeled white shoes – were firmly planted on the floor next to Jake’s as the petite blonde mother leaned forwards, placed her hands on her knees and began to bounce up and down. Jake was a little tired from having recently done all the work so he took advantage of this position by just slumping back on the sofa, his mum bouncing on his prick. He held her hips and helped lift her up and pull her down, his cock appearing and then dissapearing from her anus. Debbie excercised a lot and was pretty fit so she was able to spend a good ten-minutes riding her son’s prick. The room was once again full of the sounds of mother and son panting and moaning with i****tuous joy and the SMACK-SMACK-SMACK of flesh on flesh.When her legs began to ache Debbie stopped, took a deep breath and then got to her feet. Jake’s prick emerged from his mother’s anus with a POP and SLAPPED stiffly onto his belly. It was smeared once more in shit but not for long. Debbie turned, knelt and sucked that fine teenaged cock clean.”Give it a spit-polish mum,” Jake smirked.Debbie took Jake’s dick out of her mouth and smiled. Then she hawked and spat a big dollop of saliva onto the swollen head of Jake’s throbbing erection. With her hot little tongue she then licked the slimed glans, swirling her tongue round and round until the fiery tip of her son’s dick was shiny and clean, showing no evidence of having recently been packing Debbie’s shit back into her guts.”I want a facial Jake,” Debbie then said, “Will you give mummy a nice creamy facial?””I sure will mum,” Jake replied, stroking his mother’s sweet face.”Then a golden shower?””Only if you’ll give me on afterwards mum!””It’s a deal! First I want you to fuck my arse a bit more sweetheart, just for a moment.””No problem mum.”They got back into their original position – Debbie on all fours on the sofa, Jake kneeling behind her. The youth fucked his long tool up his mother’s shitter, gripped her hips and then proceeded to give her a very energetic arse-fucking. He pounded his prick in and out of her guts, knowing he had the self-control to hold back the cum that was boiling up in his heavy balls. He liked cumming his mother’s body – either in her womb or her rectum – but it was just as much fun to unload on her body too, especially her pretty face.”I’m about to cum,” he shortly announced, “Holy fuck…it’s gonna be a big load…my balls feel like they’re gonna explode!””Quick honey, get into position!”Jake whipped his iron-bar of a dick from his mother’s guts and got up. Debbie turned and sat on the sofa, leaning forwards, head tilted back with her eyes shut and her mouth open. Jake stood before her, pumping his prick in his fist.”Oh mum….here it is…ready?””Yes Jake, yes!””FUCK! UUUUUUUH!”His fist a blur, Jake jerked himself off all over his mother’s face. With a long and satisfied sigh the teenager unloaded his sperm, obscenely thick and ropy wads of cream exploding from his cock and lashing over his mother’s face. Debbie was drenched! It seemed like a never ending flow. After a half-dozen thick gouts of fuck-sauce had sprayed out of her son’s dick and onto Debbie’s face, she thought it was over but then, after a brief pause, there was a final big cum-burst, a supernova of sperm, a final exclamation mark on Jake’s climax.”Oh fuck!” Jake groaned as his cock blasted this big wad of jism onto his mother’s face which was already drenched with thick sperm. Finally it was over. Jake squeezed his cock as he dangled the head of it over his mother’s tongue. The remaining sperm welled up from his piss-hole and oozed onto his mother’s tongue and she greedily swallowed. “Wow, what a cum,” panted Jake, stepping back, out of breath.”Yummy,” giggled Debbie, smacking her spunky lips and then running her fingers through the pasty mess of cum that was her face.”I’m dyin’ for a piss mum, let’s go upstairs. Then we can have a bath.””Okay Jake.”Debbie got up and took off her shoes and then her remaining underwear so that she was completely naked, like her son. Then the i****tuous lovers scampered upstairs and into the large bathroom. Whilst the bath was running Jake lay a towel on the floor and his mother knelt on it.”Piss on me,” Debbie begged, “Wash the cum off of me with piss.”Jake’s bladder felt fit to brust. He stood in front of his mum with his flaccid dick pointing in her face. Soon he was drenching his mother once more, but this time with urine instead of sperm. Debbie fingered her sopping slit as her son’s piss rained down upon her. She loved the taste almost as much as cum and she eagerly caught most of the golden flow into her mouth, swallowing the warm liquid. Plenty of it flowed over her face, in her hair, across her shoulders and tits. As his bladder began to run dry, Jake stuck his cock in his mother’s mouth and squirted the remaining piss directly down her throat, much to Debbie’s delight.”My turn to have a shower,” Jake then said.Debbie moved aside and let Jake lie down on the sodden towel. Then the petite blonde squatted over her son, her cunt over his groin, and she released her bladder.”Aaaah, mum, delicious,” groaned Jake as his mother’s piss flowed from her snatch and across his body. Debbie was able to hose down Jake’s face at first, the golden stream arcing across the boy’s torso and splashing over his face and into his gulping mouth. When the strength of the flow died down the piss landed over Jake’s chest, then his stomach and, when Debbie’s bladder was almost empty, it dribbled from her cunt and onto Jake’s prick.”That’s the best way to end a good fuck,” Debbie commented.”It’s a great way to start one too,” Jake added. He got up and gave his mother a passionate kiss, each tasting their own piss in the other’s mouth.The bath was ready so the pair of them hopped into it, kneeling opposite each other in the big tub of soapy hot water. They bathed together all the time and took a great delight in soaping and rinsing each other’s naked bodies.________________________________________Whilst bathing, Debbie began telling Jake about the website she’d found. She explained the message she’d posted, and the responses, and was glad that Jake was excited as her about being able to share their experiences with like-minded people in similar i****tuous relationships. Neither wanted their relationship to become public of course, but now they’d be able to keep their secret a secret from their acquaintences but were still able to discuss it with other people in the anonymous realm of the internet.After drying each other off with fluffy white towels the naked mother and son strolled downstairs where they had a light supper. Then Debbie turned the computer on and, with her son standing nearby – his cock beginning to re-stiffen – she went to the i****t website she was at earlier. She clicked onto the forums and was soon showing off her post internet casino and the responses to Jake. He was fascinated by it, finding out that he and his mum were not the only ones who indulged in i****tuous sex. Like Debbie, Jake was fascinated by the tale of Jessica, the mature woman who had been fucking her twenty-seven-year-old son since he was thirteen!Debbie had received a PM from Jessica, which she and her son read:To: DebbieFrom: JessicaSubject: Picture trading?Hi Debbie,It’s me, Jessica. Are you going to write your story for me? I want to hear all the details about how you and your son started having sex. I bet it’s great. I hope you like my story.Perhaps we could trade pictures? I’d love to see you and your son naked and posing for one another. I’ll send some of mine in an e-mail, I have plenty, shots of me on my own, shots of my son on his own…and of course plenty of pics of us fucking the shit out of each other!How did tonight go? You said you were going to derssed up in some exciting underwear and have a night of passion with your son.Let me know if you want to trade pics.LoveJessica”Wow, she must be pretty horny to be wanting to swap pics already,” grinned Debbie.”Yeah,” agreed Jake, “Are you gonna reply mum? You could do it later if you want, I wanna fuck you again.””You can fuck me whilst I reply,” Debbie insisted, “Come on, sit here right in front of the computer.”Jake did so, shifting to the seat his mother had previously been occupying at the computer desk. He sat there with his prick sticking straight up, hard and throbbing. Debbie proceeded to sit in her son’s erection, lowering herself down as she’d done earlier that evening, swallowing up her son’s prick with her arse. Soon she was sat down fully in his lap, her cute bum-cheeks pressed against Jake’s pelvis, the boy’s prick buried deep in her rectal passage.”Comfy mother?” asked Jake, amused at his dick being turned into a seat by his mum!”Absolutely,” Debbie softly replied.The horny lady, with her son’s big dick up her bum, proceeded to type at the computer, Jake looking over her shoulder as she wrote.To: JessicaFrom: DebbieUKSubject: Re: Picture trading?Hi Jessica;Thanks for your message, I’d LOVE to swap some pics. Me and Jake don’t have any at the moment but I’ve been thinking of getting a digital camera or something for a while. I think we could put it to good use! I’m sure you’d love some snaps of Jake naked with his big teenaged prick all hard and erect and your son will hopefully love some explicit shots of me naked. Jake and me would love to see you and your son, especially the ones of you two FUCKING!I will get a camera with a time delay feature so I can get some pictures of me and Jake in action – some of him fucking me in the pussy and arse and then unloading on my face. Just like he did earlier!Tonight was fantastic, thanks for asking. I dressed up all sexily and when Jake came in we sucked each other then fucked. As always, as soon as Jake had cum in my snatch he was hard again. He butt-fucked me on the sofa and then spermed up on my face. It was delicious! Then we indulged in some Golden Showers – do you ever do that? – before we had a nice long bath.As I am typing this, by the way, I am sitting in Jake’s lap! His dick is up my shitter and I can feel it pulse and throb in the depths of my guts 🙂 I love taking it up the arse, it’s very kinky. We’re going to go and fuck some more but we will get some pictures done for you and send them as soon as possible. Right now I have to drain my son’s balls dry…again! The horny rascal!!Love from Debbie and her son Jake XXX”Cool mum,” grinned Jake as he watched his mother click the SUBMIT button.”Shall we finish this upstairs?” Debbie asked.”Okay.”Debbie pulled herself upwards, her son’s dick sliding from her arse. The pair of them hurried up the bedroom where they clambered onto the bed, naked and as horny as ever.”Let’s finish where we left off,” Debbie said, getting on her hands and knees with her bottom raised high and spread.”Here we go mum,” Jake declared. He mounted his mother from behind, pushing his long pulsing tool deep into her rectum. The youth immediately began fuck his mother hard in the arse, slamming his erection into her shitter, both of them soon establishing a good and thorough fuck-rythm. Debbie begged her son to fuck her arse harder and Jake obliged, leaning forwards to grip his mother’s delicate shoulders to get better leverage so he could shove his dick deeper into her guts. After ten energetic and sweaty minutes Jake finally released his sperm, groaning with delight as he filled his mother’s bowels with his slimy fuck-sauce.”Oh wow, that was as good as ever,” the boy panted as he slid his wilting prick from his mother’s yawning, cum-leaking anus.”Mmm, it was sweetheart,” Debbie purred, turning to give her son a kiss on the lips. She moved down, kissing his chest and his firm flat stomach before sucking upon his flaccid soiled prick. The horny bitch licked it clean before she and her son collapsed in each other’s arms, their naked sweat-slathered flesh seemingly melting into one body. They were tired out from the evening’s fun.”So,” Jake began after a few moments, laying on his back with his mother resting her head on his chest, their limbs entwined, “you’ll be getting a digital camera tomorrow then mum?””I sure will honey,” Debbie replied, “It’ll be fun, we can snap some shots of each other nude then send them to this Jessica woman.””We’ll get some of us fucking too eh mum?””That’s right. Maybe a nice one of your big dick spurting cum all over my face and boobies!””Excellent!””What time is it?”Jake looked at the alarm-clock by the bed.”Approaching eight-thirty. Quite early really mum.””Yeah. Let’s grab a bite to eat, it’s too early to settle down.””I feel like some wine,” Jake said, “Could I have some mum?””Sure sweetie,” Debbie replied, “Just a glass.””Could I drink it out of your arse again? Like we did last week?””Of course! That was fun wasn’t it?””Damn right.””C’mon,” Debbie said, getting up, “Let’s make some supper.”Mother and son went downstairs and cooked up a pizza which they ate in the living room, sitting naked on the sofa, watching some TV. At nine-thirty Debbie opened a bottle of red-wine and retrieved a fairly recent toy she’d bought – an enema-syringe. With Jake watching and masturbating, Debbie gave herself a big enema of wine. Then Jake lay back on the floor and Debbie squatted over his face, lowering herself down and pulling her bum-cheeks apart so that Jake was able to seal his lips to her anus. Then Debbie relaxed her arsehole, letting out a long sigh as she emptied her bowels of it’s recently injected contents. His prick pulsing erectly over his belly, Jake gulped down a half-dozen mouthfuls of 1999 Chardonnay direct from his mother’s arse. Once he’d finished he felt a little light-headed and very horny. Debbie had got up, turned round and squatted down over Jake’s cock. She lowered herself down, impaling her arse on Jake’s erection, some left-over wine squirting from her anus as it was displaced by the invading pooper-probe that was quickly filling Debbie’s rectum. She cheerfully bounced on her son’s prick, climaxing hard after fifteen-minutes, her body shaking with pleasure that was centered around her skewered shit-ring. Then she lifted herself up and impaled her tight cunt onto Jake’s erection, riding him for another fifteen-minutes – and having another climax in the process – before they decided to conclude their fun upstairs.In bed, Jake and Debbie turned out the lights and made lover under the covers, Jake on top of his mother, fucking her tight twat in the missionary position. In contrast to the rampant lewdness of the evening they fucked slowly and passionately, kissing one another like the intense lovers they were. Finally Jake spilled his seed into his mother’s womb and within moments they were peacefully asleep.________________________________________The next day was Saturday and our i****tuous heroes slept late. When they awoke, Debbie and Jake had a shower together, scrubbing each other’s naked bodies down and concluding with a hot soapy fuck, Jake spewing cum deep into his mother’s cunt whilst snaking his tongue into her throat, their slippery wet bodies pressed together under the jet of hot steaming water.After drying off, the lovers went downstairs. The pair didn’t bother getting dressed, they liked to casually stroll around in the nude, mainly because they could fuck at a moments notice but also because of the sense of freedom of being totally at ease with one another’s naked bodies.”Let’s see if Jessica has sent us some photos,” Debbie said as she turned the computer on.”I hope so,” Jake grinned. He and his mother sat on the two chairs in front of the computer. Soon they were connected and checking Debbie’s e-mail address.”There’s something there!” the excitable blonde lady giggled.”With lots of attachements too,” Jake added.They both read the e-mail:Hi Debbie!It’s Jessica. I’ve dug up some photos for you. Most of them are quite recent but a couple are from about ten-years ago. There’s also an .mpeg file of my son Craig cumming on my tits! I hope you and your son like them.Send me some of you two soon!Love and hugsJessica XXXX”Open them up mum!” Jake urged his mother.Debbie quickly downloaded the attachements and flicked through them.There were fifteen in total.The first few were shots of Jessica posing nude. She was incredibly hot and sexy for a woman of fifty-one, tall and elegantly slim, big firm breasts, a delicious behind and long black hair with only a slight hint of grey. She had an attractive face, a few stray wrinkles here and there but otherwise fresh and attractive, no doubt thanks to the sixteen-years of fucking her son having kept her youthful! She was unashamedly spreading her legs to show off her black-furred cunt and then bending over to spread her cheeks and display her puckered arsehole.Then there were some shots of her son Craig, a tall and handsome man of twenty-seven, displaying his thick hard seven-inch cock. Debbie licked her lips as she admired the guy’s big prick, although naturally she knew she’d always prefer her own son’s sublime organ.Next there were plenty of hardcore shots, evidently taken with a time-delay device so that mother and son could both be in the picture. Here was Craig fucking his mother’s cunt with him on top, next Jessica was on top, her son’s prick buried in her snatch, a look of ecstasy on her face. Here was Craig fucking his mother’s mouth, here he was fucking her up the arse, here he was fisting her arse whilst fucking her cunt. Finally there was a close up of Jessica’s spread cunt, her son’s sperm leaking from it. The final two pictures were evidently taken some years ago. Jessica was only about forty and Craig in his mid-teens. In the first picture the boy was laying on his back, Jessica sucking deeply on his prick. The second picture showed Jessica sitting on her son’s dick, taking it in her shitter, both of them flashing cheeky grins for the camera.”Fucking hell they’re hot pictures,” Jake commented. As they’d gone through the images, Debbie and Jake had reached across and masturbated each other, Jake working two fingers up his mother’s cunt whilst Debbie pumped her son’s throbbing erection in her fist.”Let’s see what the video file is like!” Debbie said.She double-clicked on the icon and up came the video file. It was a recent video, a minute in length. The camera was fixed on the upper-half of Jessica as the dark-haired mother lay on her back, propped up on her elbows. Her son was kneeling astride her chest, wanking off his long cock, the swollen head pointed at his mother’s huge wobbling tits. The sperm began to fly just a few seconds into the video, hot lashings of cream spewing from Craig’s cock. He unloaded his nuts all over his mother’s breasts, Jessica crying “Cum on my tits son, cream my boobs you horny motherfucker you, oh yeah!”. At the end of it Jessica’s massive melons were awash with slimy jizz, Craig wiping his cum-leaking cock-head over his mother’s stiff nipples.”That is so damn arousing!” Jake declared, “I gotta fuck you mum. Put the video on loop and I’ll bum-fuck whilst we watch it together.””Sure thing son,” Debbie said, feeling incredibly horny, inspired by the evidence of her new-found friend’s shared love of mother/son sex.Debbie and Jake moved the chairs aside and Debbie stood in front of the computer desk. She gripped the edge of it and bent over, sticking her cute bum out. Jake stood behind his mother and fingered her arsehole for a moment, easing his forefinger – slick with cunt juice – into his mother’s anus. Then he took his finger out and squeezed the head of his prick into his mother’s arse. He held Debbie’s shoulders and then shoved his pulsing erection into the tight confines of his mother’s bowels.”Uuuuh, mum, I’m up your arse,” the rampant teenager declared, unecessarily.”Fuck me honey,” Debbie grunted, “Fuck my arse whilst we watch this horny vid! Then we’ll go out and buy ourselves a camera and make our own library of pornographic filth to send to Jessica!”Jake began sodomizing his mother with long strokes of his cock. In this position he was able to look over his mother and, like her, could see the computer screen. The movie-file of Craig jerking off over his mum’s tits was playing and replaying.Jake was so horny that the movie-file was only on it’s fifth re-run when he unloaded his cum deep into his mother’s bowels, Debbie pushing her arse back into her son’s invading prick, climaxing herself at the delicious sensation of her darling boy’s sperm shooting up into her shit-guts.The pair of them finally parted and, after Debbie had licked her son’s shit-and-sperm-slathered cock clean, they got dressed and went out to the shops.________________________________________That afternoon, having bought the camera, Debbie and Jake snapped away at each other, taking many shots.For the softcore ones, Jake was content to just lounge naked on the sofa, his prick proud and erect, a mischievous grin on his face. Debbie, on the other hand, was a bit of a show off! She spent ages selecting some of her most luxurious and sexy underwear and posed like a Playboy model, flashing sexy grins at the camera. One rather nice shot was of Debbie standing up, facing away from the camera, wearing just a skimpy white-lace thong. She was hugging her chset and looking seductively over her shoulder, bright blue eyes full of lust. Jake loved that picture and once it was loaded onto the computer he insisted on printing it out and later he put it in a frame and hung it over his bed! Debbie warned him to remember to take it down when his mates were over – after all, no normal teenaged boys had sexy pics of their semi-naked mother on the wall!Debbie had no inhibitions in her posing and was happy to spread her legs and show off her neat pink slit and also to get on her hands and knees and let Jake snap pictures of her arse. One shot was taken from a few feet back but another was a close up of Debbie’s anus, the shaved rosy orifice taking up the whole picture, every wrinkle visible in perfect detail.There was no time-delay on the camera so Jake held it whilst he fucked his mother for the hardcore shots. He fucked Debbie from behind – first in the cunt, then in the arse – whilst snapping shots of point where his tool entered his mother. Then he lay on his back and his mother rode him, each of them taking shots of one-another, resulting in point-of-view pics as they fucked. They also took close up shots of Jake’s cock entering his mother’s cunt and arsehole. For the final two pics, Jake wanted to get a ‘nice juicy external cum-shot’. So, he took a picture of his mother sitting on the sofa, smiling happily, naked but looking quite innocent. Then Jake put the camera aside, stepped up to his mother and masturbated in her face. He managed to produce an amazing amount of cum, shooting hot squirt after squirt of semen over his mother’s face. Normally Debbie caught some of it in her mouth but on this occasion she kept her lips sealed to ensure all the cum landed across her face. There were many blobs of jism that landed in her hair and on her shoulders and upper-chest. She was completely drenched in the warm salty goo! Calmly, Jake grabbed the camera and took another shot of his mother. Again, it seemed an innocent pose, Debbie sitting nude on the sofa, smiling, hands on her knees – but of course she now had lashings of cum all over her face and hair and shoulders.Whilst his mother wiped herself off with a tissue, Jake loaded the digital images into the computer and e-mailed them off to Jessica.”I hope she likes them,” he said.”I’m sure she will,” Debbie grinned, dabbing off the last of her son’s spunk from her forehead, “We can take some more sometime, maybe just for our own use. You hungry k**? I fancy some lunch.””Sure mum.”________________________________________After lunch they checked their e-mail again and had already received a response from Jessica.Wow those pictures are HOT! :)You’re a gorgeous couple you two. Debbie, you have a fantastic figure, a gorgeous body. I’m not a lesbian but shit, I get wet just looking at you. And as for Jake, he is a beautiful boy, a lovely charming face, a delicious body and most of all a lovely big cock! I can see why you fuck him Debbie, that boy’s lovely big erection must feel soooo good in your cunt and shitter. Mmmmm. I fingered my pussy to an almighty climax whilst flicking through those pictures, ESPECIALLY the one of you covered in Jake’s cum. That boy sure can squirt a hefty load. You were drenched Debbie! I love getting facials from my son too. Craig isn’t here at the moment, that’s the problem with him being all grown up and married, I only get to fuck him once or twice a week. But as soon as he’s over here next I’ll show him the pictures and it’ll inspire us to fuck like crazy!Anyway, as I won’t see Craig for a couple of days I’m going to go downtown and hire myself a couple of nice boys. There’s lots of teenaged boys offering themselves out on the streets. Mostly it’s for gay guys but they’re more than happy to service a horny mature slut like me! There’s a lad of 16 I often pick up, he fucks me so hard and he enjoys it too. He said that he’s got a friend who is 13 who’d like to join in – no extra charge – so I might be having a nice threesome with two teenaged lads. Delicious! 🙂 I might even get the older boy to fuck the 13-year-old in the butt, just so I can watch and frig myself silly. I think that would be fucking erotic. I often like downloading gay porn, preferably featuring u******e boys being sodomized by older men or other boys. Oh, the delights of i****t and teenaged boys.Here’s a few more pics. Maybe we could meet up sometime? We could arrange something if you’d like.Love, Jessica XXXXDebbie and Jake went through the attached picture files. There were more hardcore shots with Jessica and Craig fucking each other rampantly, as well as a couple of nice cum-shots. One of them featured Craig ejaculating over his mother’s face, the picture capturing a big string of sperm in mid air as it flew from the young man’s prick towards his mother’s already slimed face. The other showed Craig having just tugged his big weapon from his mother’s arse and ejaculating thick hot cum over her back.”What a horny pair!” Jake laughed.”Just like us,” Debbie agreed, and she turned to give her son a kiss, “I bought another uniform the other day, one you haven’t seen yet.””Heh, cool. You love uniforms don’t you mum?””Absolutely.””And I love you in uniforms.””Well, I’ll go and put it on,” Debbie said, standing up. She left the room.Jake busied himself by stripping naked canlı poker oyna then idly going through the pictures of Jessica and her son fucking. He was curious at Jessica’s suggestion of meeting up. It sounded fun, he would love to fuck Jessica, but he wondered if it’d intrude on his and his mother’s relationship, getting into i****tuous swinger orgies.The boy’s train of thought ended when his mother entered the living room…dressed as a policewoman! It was an authentic uniform – black shoes and stockings, tight black skirt and matching jacket with the appopriate badges and insignia on it, and a white blouse. She even had the hat on, her blonde hair tied in a neat bun. Debbie also had the belt on, a truncheon hanging from oneside of it. In her hands she gripped two pairs of handcuffs.”Wow,” grinned Jake, “You’re one hot babe in that uniform mum!””Silence perp,” giggled Debbie, “You’re under arrest for being a motherfucker. Put that chair in the middle of the room and sit down sunshine.”Jake placed the chair from the computer-desk in the middle of the living room and sat down, naked, his cock very erect.Debbie ordered her son to put his hands down by his side. When Jake had done so, Debbie snapped the two pairs of handcuffs on him, one round each wrist, cuffing each arm to the chair-legs and immobilizing Jake.”Hey,” the boy protested, albeit smiling at his mother’s antics. He was now naked and handcuffed to the chair, helpless.”Just sit there sweetheart,” Debbie smiled, standing in front of the boy, “Sit there and watch.”Debbie began undoing her jacket, slowly unbuttoning it, smiling down sweetly at her son. Jake watched, licking his lips. He’d obviously seen his mother naked countless times, was familiar with every inch of her delicious body, but the slow manner of her undressing was making him as desperate to see her unclothed as if he’d never seen her nude before. Soon Debbie had slung her jacket aside. She took off her shoes and the belt then raised one leg, placing her foot on Jake’s left-thigh. Very slowly, the kinky slut began to undo the buttons of her blouse, Jake alternately glancing up as his mother did this, her lacy black bra steadily coming into view, and glancing up her skirt, getting a glimpse of her sexy underwear.With her blouse removed, Debbie then turned her back to her son and unbuttoned her skirt which she then steadily slid down her stockinged legs, bending over as she slid the garment down to her ankles, her bum – clad in a pair of cheek-hugging black knickers – thrust at her son. She stepped out of the skirt, now just wearing the police hat, her black bra, garter-belt, knickers and stockings. Facing her son once more, Debbie placed her left foot on Jake’s thigh and very slowly undid the hooks on her garter belt before peeling off the stocking, taking her time as she did so.Jake now realized why his mother had cuffed his hands to the chair-legs – he was unable to touch his cock! His prick was rock-hard, a thumping pole of hard cock-meat, straining to me jerked off so it could unload the boiling sperm that was building up rapidly in his balls. But he couldn’t do anything about it!”Jack me off a bit mum,” the boy pleaded, “I’m so horny.””Not until the end,” Debbie grinned, now having removed her left stocking. After taking off her hat and throwing it to the sofa, Debbie placed her right foot on her son’s thigh and repeated the procedure, unhooking the stocking ad peeling it off, in no hurry at all. Jake looked tortured, his eyes full of lust, licking his lips and almost drooling. Debbie took off the garter belt and turned her back to her son once more.”Could you help me take off my bra sweetie?” she asked.Jake instinctively went to do so, suddenly remembering that his hands were cuffed to the chair! He sat there, helpless and bound. “Stop teasing me mum,” he said, although he was clearly enjoying this.Debbie reached round to undo her bra herself. That was slowly removed and slung aside, Debbie turning to her son, her pert tits on display, the nipples as erect as her helpless son’s prick.”Just the knickers to go,” Debbie sighed, attempting to appear oblivious to Jake’s torment. She hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her lacy undwear and slid them down, very slowly, elegantly stepping out of them, finally stark-naked.”Shit mum, I gotta cum,” Jake pleaded.”I suppose I might be help to help you with that,” Debbie grinned. She knelt down before her son and reached out with both hands. She didn’t touch his cock though, not yet, she just ran her hands up and down his thighs, stroking those firm limbs, gently squeezing them. Then she ran her fingernails lightly over his firm hairless torso, across his chest and stomach. Soon she was cupping her son’s nut-sac, squeezing them very gently, feeling how heavy they were. Finally, at long last, she gripped her son’s cock in her fist and began pumping it.”Aaaaah, mum,” Jake moaned, feeling so relieved that his prick – after sitting erect but untouched for so long – was finally getting some attention. Debbie jerked off her son with good hard strokes, her arm pumping, her fist a blur. It didn’t take long for Jake’s orgasm to rise. Soon his sperm was flying everywhere, Jake letting out a long sigh of relief as his thick cream blasted from his cock. It flew up in the air, raining down across his belly, his thighs and over his mother’s fist. Debbie pumped Jake’s dick in her fist without interuption during the boy’s climax, milking him of cum, not stopping until the geyser of boy-juice had stopped.”Was that fun sweetheart?” asked Debbie, standing up.”That was fantastic mum,” Jake grinned, “Holy shit, you really tormented me there, stripping whilst I wasn’t able to jerk myself off. It was worth it though, that was one hell of an orgasm!””I’ll let you go now,” Debbie said, fetching the handcuff key and releasing her son. Jake sat there, hands finally free.”I think I should punish you mother,” he said to his naked mum.”What ever for?” asked Debbie, smirking, with an air of pretend innocence.”For tormenting your son like that. Stripping and not letting him jack-off! Shameful behaviour! By God’s spunky-cock, you need a good spanking you slut. Come on mother dear, bend over my knee and get what’s coming to you.”Debbie felt rather excited at this! She eagerly got down and over her son’s knee, very vulnerable like this, at her son’s mercy. Jake had his mother’s cute bare bottom at his disposal. He placed one hand on her lower back and raised his right hand high in the air……then he bought it down with a SMACK onto his mum’s cheeks.”Was that nice mum?””Yes honey, it was gorgeous! Smack me some more!””I shall mother. I shall smack your bum until it glows in the dark!”SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK.Debbie squirmed as she lay over her son’s lap, her cheeks stinging with every blow of Jake’s palm, but stinging in an arousing way. She felt so turned on with the positions having been reversed; not long ago Jake was at her mercy, now she was at his.SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK.”Spank me son, spank me hard,” Debbie begged, “Punish me like the slut I am!”SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK.Jake finally stopped, his arm tiring. Debbie was breathing hard, her arse-cheeks buzzing with the delightful stinging sensation of a good smacking. Suddenly, finding renewed energy, Jake resumed punishing his helpless mother.SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK.”That’ll do you mum,” he declared, finally, “Your bottom is well and truly smacked!””I’m so fucking horny,” Debbie said, getting off of Jake and staggering to her feet, “Is your cock nice and stiff honey?””It is mother,” Jake confirmed, standing up, stroking his long erect prick, “It’s ready to service you. Get down on your hands and knees and bare me that arse. I’ve made your bum-cheeks red-raw, now it’s time to reduce your anus to the same state.””Do your worst,” Debbie begged, getting on all floors on the living-room floor, wiggling her spread arse at her son, “Don’t show any mercy. Don’t bother with lubrication either, just ram your big dick into my guts.”Jake knelt down behind his mother and gripped the base of his cock. He pushed the swollen head to his mum’s anus and began shoving, slowly squeezing the head up past her sphincter. He then held his mother’s hips and pulled her towards him whilst thrusting forwards, roughly ramming his ungreased cock into the depths of his mother’s anal-tract.”Nnnnnnng, fuck!!” gasped Debbie. It was quite discomforting being anally-penetrated dry, but in a good way!The hard spanking had made her desperate to be sodomized and she could not be bothered with preparations, and no amount of discomfort was going to distract her from getting her son’s cock into her rectum. Jake was incredibly turned on, despite having shot his load ten-minutes ago. He rammed his long erection to the hilt into his mother’s shitter and immediately began fuck her arse, leaning forwards as he did so to reach under her, enabling him to frig his mother’s slippery cunt whilst he buggered her. This extra attention caused Debbie to climax powerfully, her vagina oozing warm juice over her son’s busy fingers whilst her stretched anus spasmed round his pumping shaft.”I’m cumming Jake, mummy’s cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck! AAAAAH! Frig my cunt, fuck my arse, holy fuck! UUUUGH!”Eventually, and with plenty of sordid cries of pleasure from both of them, Jake fired an almightly load of slimy sperm into his mum’s intestines.________________________________________That evening, Debbie and her son took some more photos of each other, just softcore ones of one another posing. Debbie enjoyed trying on some of her rather vast collection of her uniforms, in particular the school-girl one. Though she was aged thirty-one, Debbie was very petite and slender, and in the picture her son took of her facing away from the camera, bent over, hair in pig-tails and with her black school-skirt hoisted up to bare her tender bottom, Debbie could pass for a teenaged girl! Jake got very turned on as he snapped the pictures of his mother, so when it was his turn to pose he was happily jacking off his long cock, Debbie getting in close to take the pictures. She was proud of her beautiful son and loved the idea of showing off how sexy and horny her boy was to Jessica via these pictures. Jake wanked himself off to orgasm, spurting his cum all over his belly and chest, his mother taking photos throughout. Then Debbie lapped up all the spunk from Jake’s torso and slurped it down.The two of them e-mailed the pictures to Jessica before they went upstairs for a relaxing bath together.By eleven o’clock, Debbie and Jake were lying on the bed together, naked, the lights turned low as they sat propped up against pillows and watching a little late-night TV. Each had a glass of wine each.”Mum?” began Jake when a programme had just ended.”Yes sweetie?””I was thinking,” Jake began, “Do you know how Jessica suggested we could meet up?””Mmm.””Well, would you fancy that? Meeting up with Jessica and her son and, y’know, having a big foursome?””I’m not sure. We could do I suppose.” Debbie shrugged, not having given this much thought, although Jake evidently had. “What do you think honey?””Well, it would be fun, y’know, shagging other people. I must confess I’d like to fuck that Jessica and cum all over her tits and stuff, and I’m sure you’d love her son to fuck you. Likewise we could meet up with some other people from the internet, other mother/son couples. But..I think I’d get a bit jealous. Y’know? If some other dude fucked you?””Aw, that’s sweet,” smiled Debbie.”Seriously though mum, I would,” insisted Jake, “Not just in the way most boys would not like the idea of someone having sex with their mum, but I’d be jealous ‘cos I love you. Like a girlfriend.”Debbie almost felt like crying at her boy’s charming sincerity. She leaned forwards and gave him a kiss and ran her hands through his thick blonde hair.”You’re such a wonderful son,” she said, softly, “I think it’s worth talking about where we’re going with this relationship. At first when we just engaged in mutual-masturbation for all those weeks it was just to help relieve each other. Just a bit of fun. It’s the same with having sex. I have needs, so do you, and you’ve got a hell of a lot of horny boy-hormones rushing through your adolescent body! But I guess it’s gone deeper than just a bit of fun hasn’t it?””Yeah mum. You’re the only woman for me. I don’t think about screwing girls at school or going out and getting a girlfriend and then marrying her sometime in the future, I just want you mum.””You know honey, I haven’t ever bothered looking at another guy this last year. Not just because I have you to satisfy me sexually, but simply because I feel like I’m in a proper relationship. I once lied to a guy who chatted me up in a bar and told him I had a boyfriend, and I suppose in some respects it wasn’t a lie, you’re my boyfriend. But it’s a little scary though honey.””But why mum? I mean, I know it’s i*****l and stuff, we can’t like, go public and get married or nothing. But so long as it’s between us, we should regard ourselves as a couple. I want to be with you forever mum.””I might be too old honey.””No you’re not mum,” laughed Jake, “You’re only thirty-one. I’m fifteen.” He thought for a moment. “Well, maybe you’re a little bit old at the moment, but that’s only by normal standards, and lets not fool ourselves that our relationship is normal. Besides, when I’m twenty you’ll be thirty-six. That’s not too much of an age difference. It’ll matter less as we get older. I’ll just be a toy-boy.””You’re looking a bit too far ahead honey,” Debbie smiled, giving her son another quick kiss, “Sweetie, you’re too young to be planning your whole future, especially around me, even though I’m deeply honoured that you’d consider me as the only woman for you.””But you are mum. You’re the best. I’ll never find a woman as sexy, as charming, as wonderfully loving as you.” Jake gave his mother a kiss and reached out to gently stroke her left breast. He lightly pinched her nipple, feeling it grow stiff, just like his cock.Debbie kissed her son back, passionately, sliding her tongue between Jake’s lips and into his mouth, moaning inwardly with desire. She felt amused and deeply moved that whilst most teenaged boys were usually only interested in having sex with random girls and moving onto the next one, never wanting to settle down – and certainly not wanting to be seen dead in public with their mother! – her dear son was desperate to commit himself to his mum right now. Debbie felt a little concerned that her son depended on her so much. She was the central figure in his young life, from when he was a baby breastfeeding from her, when he was a toddler holding onto her legs for support as he took his first steps, when he was eight and came rushing in for a hug after falling off his bike and grazing his knee, when he was twelve and asking for help with his homework, and now, aged fifteen, horny and on the verge of adulthood, he relied on her in respects of a sexual relationship. And now he wanted to take it even further and commit himself to her in some sort of quasi-i****tuous marriage. Then it occured to Debbie that she relied on Jake just as much too. His arrival in the world had, to be fair, seemed inconvenient at the time, but raising the boy had defined her life, had shaped the course of it, and provided her with a central focus. She’d been lonely a year ago, considering jumping into bed with the first man who asked and probably ready to accept the proposal of any guy who’d suggest marriage, if only because it was unlikely given that few guys would be prepared to take on a teenaged stepson. Now she felt like she was practically married to Jake, relying on him for sexual and emotional needs just as much as he relied on her for the same reasons.Debbie realised that she and Jake depended on each other just as much, were like two-halves of the same person, which was effectively the prime justification and ingredient to a marriage! It shocked her.She took her lip from Jake’s, the boy gazing at her with complete love and devotion.”Sweetie,” Debbie began, running her hands through the boy’s hair again, “I think that you’re still a bit too young to make a decision to, y’know…” She tried to think of the words. “…marry me, I guess, or at least some form of marriage. I know you say you’re in love with me now and want no other woman…””Which is true.””…but it’ll be best to wait a while before making a decision. Wait until next year. You’ll be sixteen, you’ll be able to leave school if you want, and you’ll be more mature. Then we can decide what to do with our lives. Okay?””I guess so.””Don’t worry about me honey, I’m not going anywhere! No-one will take me away from you, I’m not going to be swept up in the arms of some other man if that’s what you’re worried about. I love you honey, I want no other guy than you…but I don’t want you rushing into any decisions as far reaching as what you’ve been suggesting. Let’s just continue as we are for the next year, engaging in the fun of the purely physical side of our relationship, then we can have this talk again and figure out where to take things. Okay?””Okay mum,” smiled Jake.”So,” Debbie continued, smiling to indicate a more light-hearted change of topic, “Wanna fuck?””Naturally! Let’s er….’engage in the fun of the purely physical side of our relationship’, as you put it.””Damn right! I’m so horny and there’s on guy in the world other than you who can satisfy me. I want you lovely big cock in my arse again sweetheart, I want you to bugger the shit out of me!”Debbie turned and got on her hands and knees, arse raised in the air. His cock throbbing and erect, Jake got down behind his mother and clapped his hands to her buttocks and spread them. He leaned in and started licking her anus, lapping at it hungrily. When he’d rimmed her out good he knelt up and mounted her, pushing his long erection past his mother’s sphincter and deep into her rectal passage.”Aaaah, that’s it honey, oh yeah,” purred Debbie, squirming with delight as her son’s pulsing prick burrowed deep into her arse. She clenched her anus round the base of Jake’s prick as the boy began to sodomize her with long sweeping strokes of his cock.Jake was soon building up pace, panting cheerfully as he humped away, fucking his mother’s tight hot shitter. He truly was in love with his mother, he couldn’t imagine having a girlfriend or wife and being happier with her than he was with his mum. He could be fucking a super-sexy supermodel or pop-star and he’d be imagining it was his mum. She was the only woman for him and he could tell that his mother sincerely wanted no other guy than him. He could tell she felt the same way as he did. However, his mum had a point, maybe he was too young to make the decision to stay with her for the rest of his life, to devote themselves to one another. Maybe they could still get together with another i****tuous couple. Maybe it would be worth feeling the pangs of jealousy of someone else fucking his mum if he could have a chance to fuck another woman. He wasn’t sure. It’d be best to wait and see. Perhaps he’d feel less jealous if he and his mother did commit themselves to one-another for life, because he’d know no other guy would take her away from him, that his mother being fucked by someone else would purely be for the sheer superficial fun of it, the same motive Jake would have for fucking another woman.In all, Jake figured his mother was right to call a freeze to talk of long-term plans for a year, to wait and see how they felt further down the line. Right now, as his mum had suggested, it was time to get on with simply indulging in the delights of lustful, no-holds-barred sex for the sheer, wanton fun of it!As a way of signing his agreement to this plan, Jake soon let out a long sigh of satisfaction as he unloaded the sticky contents of his balls far into the depths of his mother’s rectum.The End….

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