A night at the movies

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A night at the moviesA night at the moviesDisclaimer: I would always be the one that went and get supplies, but for the purpose of this story, I have sent you..! You’ll know what I mean later :)I pull into the cinema car park and find your car parked in the corner park, so I drive right up beside you and park it in next to yours, you smile when you see me and hop out of your car. I get out and walk over to you and take your hand. I can’t help but take half a step back and admire your choice of outfit for this evening and look up into your eyes lean in for a kiss on the cheek and whisper in your ear “you look stunning…”, you cut me off but smirk briefly and say “We are going to be late, but thank you” and off we trot inside.Your spaghetti string summer dress bounces around freely as we walk briskly into the cinema, you have one hand in mine and the other is holding the dress down to avoid wardrobe malfunctioning on the way inside.. It is already just past the start time so there is no time for snacks, just tickets and run.!We chuckle as we weave through foot traffic on our way into the cinema room, and upon entry we notice there are very few people inside.. There are less than four other couples watching the film, and they have all elected to sit in the front half, we turn our heads up towards the top and notice the vast area of free space, so we go up three rows and plonk ourselves right in the centreThe previews are still going, so you ask me if I wanted anything to eat/drink as the movie hasn’t started. I have never watched a movie without popcorn or a drink, so I hand you my wallet and say go for gold, get whatever you like 🙂 You shuffle past me, and I gently pat your butt on your way out..! You turn back around sharply with a frown and a cheeky grin, but without wasting time continue off into the light Upon your return you have popcorn, malteasers and a drink with two straws for us to share. The opening credits of the feature film have just started coming through and as you go to shuffle back past me, my leg barricades your path. You look down at me with a curious look on your face and I take the popcorn and drink, place then in their respective holders and the malteasers are placed on your seat.. you attempt to shuffle through again and quickly turn to see if you’ve missed any of the movie, when you feel both of my hands placed on your hips. This time you spin back sharply and look down at my hands, but you see me smile and look up at you with gentle conviction and I coerce you to sit on my lap..! It’s an awkward landing as there’s limited room and the fear of anyone overhearing the antics of ten rows back is a slight concern. You do find a comfortable spot temporarily after some shifting around and you wrap one arm around my neck to support yourself. I lean slightly forward to whisper in your ear, “I didn’t finish my sentence at the car”You smile.”You look stunning, and deserve to be kissed one thousand times today”With that my hand comes up from behind your back and onto the base of your neck and pulls you into me for a brief kiss. It’s a soft and quiet kiss, acknowledging the presence of others, but when I put my hand on your knee, a sharp breath in through your samsun escort nose tacks ahold of you!Our kiss breaks momentarily as you turn away from me to avoid missing all of the movie and to catch up on what has been missed, when you feel my kiss go from your escaped lips up from your cheekbone toward the base of your ear. You rest in against my kiss, and you feel me gently take your earlobe into my mouth and my teeth graze over it slightly..! I can feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck as your eyes close involuntarily for the briefest of momentsMy hand on your knee traces across your naked skin as I draw circles around your quads and just inside your thigh at knee level. You can feel all four of my fingers and a thumb making slow and delicate touches on your leg. For a moment your hand finds mine and you prevent it from moving anywhere but instead to squeeze your leg gently and feel the closeness of where we areWithout warning you take your hand from mine and you turn and grab my face with both hands and kiss me hardI can feel your lips press heavily against mine, and our tongues search in needs for each other’s as our kiss intensifies. You break from my kiss in an instant when the thundering roar of the cinema interrupts what could have gone on forever. Your wry smile is matched by mine and you lean further back in an attempt to move back to your seat. Before I let you go I take two small pieces of popcorn and offer them to your mouth where you oblige and then I reach for the drink and place your straw into the cup and you take one small mouthful and then I put it in its placeYou stand up gracefully, rearrange the base of your dress and move back to your seatI innocently go to grab the malteasers that were placed on your seat you sit on my hand.!! You shriek…! You thought I was up to mischief when I was only trying to make your seat more comfortable..! We giggle, and then laugh, and then hush at the sound 12 rows in front of us going “Sshhhhhh”I remove my hand and the malteasers from the back of your seat, lean in for one more brief kiss, and then turn to watch the remainder of the movie with you :)—–The movie continued without anything untoward, malteasers were consumed, at times we joked and fed each other those malty balls of goodness to each other through chuckles and smiles. Periodically, I would reach for your hand and kiss it gently just so you’d turn to me and smile, I love the way you smile, it is so beautiful… We even connected once more briefly to divulge in a kiss, with each other’s lips, coated in chocolate, salt from our popcorn and the sweetness from the cokeAs the movie finishes and the lights go from jet black to dull, we watch the other couple leave in a hurry. We shuffle through to the corridor and down the stairs to the exit. I tug at your hand to prevent you from walking through the exit and lead you down toward the cinema screen”What are you doing?” You say with gritted teeth, as we reach the front row of the cinema”Let me show you how I should kiss you properly before we get out of here” I reply, and we sit down in front of the seats of the front row. We sit across from each other with crossed legs, and you push down escort samsun at the front of your dress to avoid it revealing anything untoward ;)I rise from my butt and get on my knees and move in close, really close. You shut your eyes and breathe in long and hard as you feel the touch of my bottom lip reach yours. Your mouth opens and a sharp exhale from your mouth escapes you when I take your tip lip into my mouth and suck on it gently. My kiss gets deeper and you can feel my tongue connecting with yours and you push your arm back behind you to prevent you from falling.I take the base of your ears in my hands and pull you tightly..! And this time we both moan, with your free hand it reaches around behind me and tugs me in harder to you.”Ummmmmm, your not allowed to be in here” said the pimply faced k** with his dustpan and brush trying to remove all of the popcorn from our movie”Right, was just looking for my, umm, ticket, but I guess we don’t need it, sorry pal” and I grab your wrist, lift you quickly and we scamper out of the cinema—-We make it to your car without anyone else noticing that we were well past our leaving time, and we are the last two cars in the dark and barren car park. You go to unlock your car to get in but I take the keys before you have the chance to, and turn you around so you’re facing me. You don’t look upset, nor angry, but a cheeky smile escapes your mouth when you look at me… “what are you up to” you ask, and I don’t say a word, but push the hair back on one side of your face and place a long deep kiss just under your ear. It moves down to your collarbone and your arms wrap around me involuntarily to prevent you from slipping. You feel both of my hands rest on your knees and my fingertips begin tracing up your legs and brush gently around your inner thighs. You clamp then shut and squint your eyes when I look back at you with a sheepish smile “Someone will see us” you say, and I struggle to find anyone within walking distance and nor can you”Perhaps we take this somewhere more private” you request and I agree..! Let’s take your carYou say your house sitting for this home that has a pool, and that given it is still quite hot, a swim would be niceOn the drive home, I start drawing patterns with my fingertips on your legs and up your thighs..! I can see your concentration levels deviate from the road to where my hands are going, but you allow me to continueOne hand has made it to the top of your knickers and brushes across your wetness, and that’s when we arrive at our destination :)—Quick, let’s get inside you say and run around to my side of the car and open my door..! I pull you into me while I’m on my seat, and wrap my legs around you..! We kiss hard, we kiss long..! We kiss deep, and my hands have made there way up into your hair, and I pull you in so closeYour hands are all over my back and I slide off my seat out of the car without breaking stride in our kiss…We are pressed up hard against each other on the side of your car, my hands roaming around your body freely, and with each touch to your exposed skin your goosebumps increase My leg sneaks between yours and I press firmly in between your thighs and I feel you lean samsun escort bayan back against me to relieve some pressure that’s been building When your head leans back and exposes your naked skin on your spaghetti string summer dress (great choice) I immediately kiss your neck..! Your breathing has shortened, and when my hand slides up in between your thighs you hold your breath completely.! You let my hand slide up and down over your knickers, and part your legs ever so slightly to allow me a little bit more room. I slide them to the side and place one finger at the beginning of your wetness. I whisper in your ear ” Ready?”And before you could say yes, my fingers glides inside you. Your head drops back behind you again and it is resting on the roof of your car. Your moans have come quicker and for longer as one finger presses inside you. My free hand reaches down to dance gently on your clit, which causes you to slide down the car slightly. Your legs are parting even further now and you find it hard to stand.We have break momentarily and I take your hands to lead you over to the bonnet of the car where you can relax and let me continue to pleasure youYou lay down on the bonnet and I move myself straight away down between your thighs and place a kiss just outside your knickers I take both of your ankles and put your feet onto my shoulders so you can support yourself on the bonnet. One finger returns to where it was moments before, however this time instead of my finger on your clit it is replaced by my tongue. You feel the wetness of my tongue swirl around your clit for the first time tonight and you shriek.! It is amazing.. Your knees drop far apart in either side and your hands find their way to my hair and you pull my head in deeper to youI take your clit into my mouth properly and suck on it gently, and your hips buck up to allow it in further. You start tugging at my hair and rubbing it forcefullyOne finger becomes two as I feel you getting more and more excited…! Your grinding down on my hand and pressing up to feel the most you can with my tongue. With every movement of your hips your pleasure is intensifying. Up with my tongue and down with my fingersYour orgasm is building, and I can tell by the way your breathing and the force with my head in your hands. Your hips are bucking as opposed to moving and I hear you say “Oh fuck, I’m so close”I make a mental note of what I’m doing right now, as I know not to change a thing..! My two fingers are moving firmly but rhythmically with my tongue, and every so often I take your clit into my mouth to suck”Yes… yes………. yes…………..”And then nothing…! I know this is your point of no return and you hold your breath for about five seconds Just before you climax, my tongue circles right around your clit and I take it deep into my mouth..! I want to feel it throbbing “I’m cumming” comes from your mouth and I feel you contract against my two fingers..! Your clit throbs hard, and beats like a drum as wave after wave after wave of orgasm rolls over your bodyYour back is completely arched off the bonnet of your car and your nails are digging deep into my head to get the full effect.!!! You roll slightly from side to side and your hips continue to buck into me.!!As the waves are reduced to ripples and then ripples down to a gentle flow, you sit up on the bonnet with glazed eyes and look at me and sayLet’s get in this pool… I’ve got something to show you

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