A Permanent For Live

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A Permanent For LiveA Permanent for lifeA permanent wave leads to a permanent change of life. It was very lonely in my room, but it had been lonely in allof the rooms I had lived in. My Mother and Father had been killedin a car, bus accident during my first semester at college, SinceI had no other relatives and no money of my own I had sold theirhouse and with the life insurance money and the settlement fromthe bus company, I was relatively well off. I had decided tocontinue at college and was able to live well and pay all of mytuition. But now having graduated with a major in photographicjournalism, and minors in business and computer science, I hadbarely over $ 250,000 left. I know that seems like a lot of moneybut at the present low interest rates it only provides $ 17,000annual income. I had sworn to myself not to spend any more of theprinciple, so I needed some work real soon.I was determined to make it as a photo journalist, but sofar had not been able to land a position in that field. I guess Iwill take a look through the trade papers again, maybe somethingquick will show up. “Hey here is one” I exclaimed.”Leading Professional Beauty Magazine desires complete set ofphotos, start to finish, of a patron receiving a machinepermanent wave. Photos needed to illustrate article on thehistory of permanent waves. Fee $2000 will advance half onreceipt of signed contract. Contact Ms. Sybil Smythe, Chicago, IL 312-32″Wow, a little panic always livens things up! I have alreadyspent most of the advance, and after phoning 34 beauty shops Ihaven’t found any that still use machines to give permanentwaves. The last shop I called gave me the name of one that mightstill use this method, and it is only a couple of blocks fromhere. I guess I will go get some lunch and then walk on overthere and inquire. The sandwich wasn’t too bad but the crowd ofmiddle aged businessmen sure gave me a fit about my shoulderlength blond hair. Some people really get uptight about anyonethat looks different from them. I don’t suppose you could blamethem though, I am not very tall and do have a slender build.I fact I am actually about the size, or a little smaller thanmost of the women I know. Not that I know very many, I havealways been very shy, and have never even had a real date.Somehow I have never had the courage to approach a girl for adate. Of course I have been out to the clubs but only in a group.I love to dance and usually the girls ask me to dance because ofmy ability. The truth is I am still a virgin at 21. I really likewomen, but maybe it is because I have always felt I wasn’t manenough for them, that has kept me from having a closerelationship.”The sisters” is really quite impressive. A large colonialstyled brick building with it’s own parking lot. It certainlylooks prosperous, well here goes, I have never been in a realbeauty salon before. I always have my hair shaped and trimmed inone of those Unisex places in the mall. Well I don’t guess theywill bite.”May I help you” said the very tall, very blond receptionist as she looked down at me.I couldn’t help staring as I stuttered and stammered trying to explain why I was there.”I am sure we cannot be of any assistance to you, we do still use machines but only for a few special customers, and we don’t hav sure we cannot be of any assistance to you, we do still use machines but only for a few special customers, and we don’t have appointments for that service coming up.” “Oh, here is of the owners, she may know of something.””Hi,I am Margaret Merrill, I’m sorry but at this time I’m afraid you are out of luck.”Boy this place is full of tall beautiful women, Ms. Merrillwas also tall and a very striking brunette.”But Ms. Merrill” I tried to explain “I must get a set ofphotos of someone, I have already spent my advance and mustmail the photos by the day after tomorrow. Maybe if I wouldpay for the service one of your employees would agree to bethe subject.” Ms. Merrill replied,”I do sympathize with you young man, butall of my operators wear their hair in certain styles topromote current trends in hair fashion. None of them are inneed of a permanent wave at this time.”–“But wait ifyou are really as desperate as you say, why not let us giveyou the permanent?”-“Me” I gulped, “But I’m sure they want it to be a woman.”–“Young man, with the proper clothes and a little makeup noone would know the difference. Besides, that is the onlysolution for your problem that I can offer.” “But who would take the pictures” I offered weakly.” I am sure you could show us how to operate your camera, itdoesn’t look too complicated. But make up your mind, we willhave to start soon as it will take several hours to completethis little project, and it is almost 2 o’clock now.” Ms.Merrill replied.”Do you really think it would work? what can I do withmy hair after you finish? I mean can you put me backlike I am?” I nervously stammered.”Yes” she laughed “it will work and if you don’t like theway you look when we finish we can always straighten yourhair.Now if you will just go with Janice she will help you changeclothes and appearance so we can get started on our littleproject.”Janice, the operator who had just walked up conferred a fewmoments with Ms. Merrill, then took me by the hand and led metoward the rear of the establishment. Janice opened the door towhat appeared to be a dressing and bathroom area.”Take off all of your clothes and I will obtain an outfitfor you” she instructed.”All of them?” “Yes all of them, you must wear the proper foundationgarments if you are to present a realistic appearance.”When I had finished stripping, Janice measured my chest,waist, and hips and asked what size shoes I wore. She thenentered a large walk in closet and returned with several items.As she instructed I managed to struggle into a cleverly paddedall in one garment. For some reason, as I was getting into thisgarment, I was beginning to feel a strange exhilaration and I hadto place my erected member in an upright position. Janice told meto suck in my stomach as she pulled the back zipper up. Thisgarment was padded in the hip, buttock, and breast areas so thatI now appeared to have a very feminine shape. Because of thepowerful restricting qualities of the garment I was required tostand in a very erect manner. Of course this caused the paddedbreasts and buttocks to be emphasized even more. Janice thenassisted me in donning a pair of stockings and showed me how toattach them to the special tabs provided on the foundationgarment. I could not help blushing, as I was sure Janice wasaware of the strangely exciting effects the stockings were addingto my already exhilarated state. Next was a beautiful beigeblouse of some soft and silky material that was decorated at thecuffs and neck with delicate ruffles of lace. To this she added apair of brown pleated pants with a back zipper. On my feet sheplaced a pair of brown shoes similar to penny loafers only with ahigher heel and more delicately styled.”Come sit at the vanity so I can apply a little makeup.”instructed Janice. “Just lipstick should do for now, we willdo a complete make over later in the process. Now, if thatis where you would like to start your photo series, we canreturn to the reception area.” The shoes Janice had provided were quite comfortable, butthe foundation garment was so restrictive I had to sway my hipsin a feminine way to walk. Ms. Merrill was waiting at thereception desk when we returned. She greeted me in a manner thatseemed to increase my excitement even more.”My, you look like a perfect young lady, and we haven’teven begun to change you.” Ms. Merrill said.Change me! Was there some hidden meaning in her statement?But before I could question her or even think about it very muchMs. Merrill had snapped several shots of me entering the door,and Janice was leading me to the working area of the salon. Atthis time I can not even remember agreeing to let them give methe machine permanent, but it seemed the resistance I hadinitially felt to this idea was rapidly vanishing. Although I hadnot seen myself in a mirror yet, the clothing I was wearing washaving a definite effect on me. I seemed to feel very passive,and was actually filled with anticipation for what was to come.Janice led me into a room set off from the main salon. Itcontained a mirrored wall with low cabinets in front of it, ashampoo bowl and chair, a styling chair facing the mirrors, and ahair dryer attached to a chair. In one corner was a large machineon a stand that I assumed must be the permanent wave machine. Ithad a large number of insulated wires, with clamps on the end ofeach, dangling from what I thought must be a control head sincethere were several dials, lights, and switches on the front ofthe large round top. I had no idea at this time what part themachine was to play in the waving process but it was mostimposing, maybe even frightening.”Please remove your blouse, we don’t want to spill any thingon it.”Janice’s words startled me back to attention, I must havebeen staring at this machine longer than I realized. “Put on this smock and lean back at the shampoo bowl.”Janice instructed.Janice was very thorough and I really enjoyed the way sheshampooed my hair. Wrapping a towel around my hair like a turbanshe told me to be seated in the styling chair. She removed thetowel and used it to dry my hair and then used a blow dryer andbrush until it was barely damp. While she was drying my hair Iwas staring at myself in the mirrors and as she fluffed my hairout the excitement I had been feeling seemed to grow even more. Perhaps because of the excitement or maybe fear I had begun totremble and now was actually shaking. She began removing traysof different items from the cabinets and placed them along thetop in convenient reach. We were now joined by Ms. Merrill, whowas carrying my camera, and another beautician whom sheintroduced as Tara. “Oh my, you are shaking like a leaf. said MS. Merrill.”Tara,please bring some wine to help soothe her jitters.”As soon as I had drunk the wine a warm glow seemed to fillme and soon my shaking had stopped. I did not drink normally butif wine makes you feel this good I will certainly try it again.Ms. Merrill noted that I had calmed down and told Janice toproceed.Ms. Merrill began taking photos as Janice and Tara, oneon each side, started working on me. Beginning with a center parteach operator would section off a small amount of hair and pullit through a slit in a rectangle of some sort of felt likematerial. This piece was placed next to my scalp with the sectionof hair extending through the center. They would then place aclamp like device over the felt pad and secure it around thehair. Next they applied a creamy looking lotion from a squeezebottle and combed it through the section of hair. After thelotion had been applied they would place a metal roller at theend of the hair section and roll it toward the scalp, securingthe roller to the clamp. Janice and Tara continued with thisprocedure rapidly and soon had most of my head covered with theseroller devices. While Ms. Merrill took another photo of thisstage of the process she inquired–“How do like your conversion so far?”I was at a loss as to what reply I could give, I seemed tobe in a trance and all I could do was sit passively and watch theamazing change in my appearance that was occurring. With therollers all over my head I looked just like a woman! Whether thisstrange sense of passiveness was due to the fumes from thelotion, which smelled very strongly of ammonia, or to the wavesof excitement that were coursing through me. I seemed to sensesome sort of ominous overtones in Ms. Merrill’s question, whatcould she mean by conversion? — Although I could not rememberactually agreeing to have the permanent wave put in my hair,things had happened so fast and progressed so far I was afraid toback out now. I certainly could not just walk out in thiscondition. I must admit that I was enjoying the great feelings ofexcitement and anticipation that had come over me. Even though Iwas beginning to suspect that Ms. Merrill had more in store forme than just a permanent wave I seemed powerless to resist. Therestriction of the foundation garment constantly reminded me ofthe huge erection I had, and it seemed to be growing by theminute.The two operators had finished securing the last roller andall of my hair was now completely fastened up in these curlingdevices. Such strangely exciting feelings coursed through me as Istared at my reflection in this condition. Janice re-wet all ofmy hair on the rollers with the same lotion, and asked me toplease be seated in the chair under the permanent waving machine.As I arose from the styling chair I realized just how heavy anduncomfortable these rollers were. Ms. Merrill had taken photos ofthe completed rolling and now that I was seated in the chair wastaking more as Tara commenced placing a clamp over each roller.These clamps were attached to insulated wires that hung from thehead of the machine. The clamps were cylindrical and completelycovered the hair wound on the roller. I watched my reflection inthe mirrored wall with fascination, each time Tara attachedanother clamp my excitement and euphoric feeling seemed to mountto a higher level. It was obvious to me now that any idea I mighthave had about backing out was impossible. I was securelyfastened to the machine with so many wires and clamps, that onlyone of the operators could free me. I sensed that Ms. Merrill hadno intention of allowing that to happen. My hair was going to bepermanently waved by these women and there was nothing I could donow to stop it. Tara had now completed placing all of the clamps,and was adjusting dials and switches on the control panel of themachine above my head.”Well since we have you safely secured I shall take somephotos now, and then I must attend to certain other detailsof your conversion. Tara has set the controls to the propertemperature and timing to give you a firm and long lastingcurl. You will be connected to the machine for about anhour, so Janice will be able to do something about improvingyour hands while you areprocessing. If your head becomestoo hot, or you think one of the clamps is burning yourscalp, let Janice know immediately.” with that informative but chilling statement Ms. Merrill left Janice to attend mewhile I sat bound to this machine.How did I get myself into this predicament?. It is almost asif these women were just waiting for me so they could do this. No,surely that is not true this is a business place, they make moneyby fixing peoples hair, it must be my imagination. But it certainly appears that they are enjoying themselves. What can Ipossibly do when this ordeal is over? Obviously my hair is to befirmly and permanently curled by this machine. Even though Idon’t have any relatives or close friends, my landlady, and thewomen at the grocery store, and the restaurant are bound to knowmy hair has been curled. How can I face them? What if somebodyrecognizes me from the pictures,- and “conversion” what doesMs. Merrill mean by that?– Is that just a figure of speech?”Your other hand!” Janice said shocking me back from myworries. She had set up a manicure table, attached some falsenails to my left hand, and now was proceeding to do the same tomy right hand.”Why are you doing that to my hands, I just wanted picturesof a hairdo.” I asked.”Ms. Merrill gave instructions that we are to make youappear completely feminine and as beautiful as possible. Shewants the pictures to be as realistic as possible.” Janicereplied.Oh my, how will I ever get this all undone? As I worriedwhat was happening to me, Janice shaved both of my hands andforearms with an electric razor. She filed the false fingernailsinto long slender ovals and then applied a clear polish to eachnail.”I will only apply the base coat now since I won’t know whatcolor to use until your makeup is done.” Janice told me.While Janice was placing the manicure table by the hairdryer I became aware of how uncomfortable I was. The weight ofall the steel rollers and clamps was making my neck tired,especially since I could hardly turn my head because of all thewires connecting me to the machine. At least the smell from thelotion wasn’t as strong as it had been, but the heat from themachine clamps was really uncomfortable. I called to Janicetelling her how hot my head was becoming.”That is to be expected”. she replied. ” This processoperates on the principle of increasing heat. The lotion weapplied softens the hair so it will assume the shape of thecurlers. The machine generates heat through the clampsfastened over the curlers. The increasing heat causes thelotion to steam out of the hair and hardens the hair intothe new shape on the curler. The machine will cut off ina few more minutes so just be patient.”Janice rolled a cart in front of me that contained a TVmonitor and VCR. She started a tape and then brought a miniatureset of headphones and placed them in my ears. Janice left theroom as the tape began to play scenes of beautiful landscapes,seashores and mountains. The sound to this tape was of somestrange New Age music that repeated itself periodically. As Iwatched and listened a soothing, peaceful, and happy feeling cameover me. I did not seem to be any less excited, only less anxiousand fearful. Ms. Merrill returned to the room with Tara just asthe machine clicked off. Janice donned a pair of gloves andremoved the hot clamps from my head. Ms. Merrill snapped severalphotos of this being done and said.”Now that your hair has been curled, we must cool it beforeremoving the curlers. If you will go back to the stylingchair Janice and Tara will start the cooling.”As I rose from the chair under the machine I almost fell. Itmust have been the continuous excitement, the smell of the wavinglotion and the heat from the permanent wave machine that had mademe feel so weak. Ms. Merrill assisted me to the styling chair andsaid.” I’m sure you will find the rest of your conversion willnot be so uncomfortable.”Janice and Tara each used a small blower to cool my hair,and it certainly was a relief. They soon shut off the blowers andstarted removing the rollers, clamps and pads. As they removedeach one a long golden ringlet would fall until soon my head wasa mass of golden curls. When the last roller had been removed,Janice led me to the shampoo bowl and rinsed my hair. Ms. Merrillsnapped several more photos of these proceedings. After the rinseI was returned to the styling chair, and with a towel around myhair I placed a new roll of film in my camera. Janice combed someliquid through my hair and started setting it on plastic rollers,using clips to hold each roller in place. AS Ms. Merrill tookmore pictures she said.”She is setting your hair in a certain pattern so that wewill be able to arrange it in a suitable style.”As soon as this was completed another beautician, whoapparently was the makeup artist, looked my face over carefullyand after comparing some color samples with my face told Janicewhat color nail enamel to use. As she left the room Janice placedme under the hair dryer and Ms. Merrill took photos of me underthe hair dryer. While my hair was drying Janice applied a softpink color to my nails and then a coat of clear sealer. As shefinished one hand and then the other I was amazed at how femininemy hands now were. Having finished my nails, Janice brought meanother glass of wine and repositioned the video cart andstarted the tape before again leaving the room.As the dryer droned on my mind began going over everything thathad been done to me. Never could I remember having been soexcited and for such a long period. My testicles were actuallybeginning to ache. Glancing from my hands to my reflection in themirror I wondered why I was enjoying what these women were doingto me. As they increasingly changed my appearance the strangefeelings within me became more overwhelming. I drank the wine andbegan to look at the tape again since I had enjoyed it so muchthe first time.Ms. Merrill and Janice returned just as the dryer turnedoff. Ms. Merrill took several pictures and then said.”We will soon be through and I just know you will bedelighted with your new appearance.”Janice placed a satin bonnet over my curls and led me to themakeup room. In the center of the alcove devoted to makeup was alarge padded bench over which was suspended a large lightfixture. Near one end were several machines with various dialsand switches that I assumed were for giving facial treatments.Elaine, the makeup artist, told me to lie down on this bench.After arranging a cloth over my clothing, she placed a dark padover each eye.”It is necessary to shield your eyes from the bright light Iwill be using. I will be shaping eyebrows to begin with. Youwill feel a pricking sensation, but just remain absolutelystill until I have finished.” Elaine advised.It seemed forever before she removed the pads from my eyes,the pricking sensation she had mentioned felt more like beingrepeatedly stuck with a needle. She produced a hypodermic syringeand told me she was going to deaden my earlobes so the earringswouldn’t bother me. She said people who had not worn earringsbefore found them uncomfortable. She Injected each ear and thenbegan applying makeup to my face, eyes and lips. As she attacheda gold loop to each ear I was glad she had deadened them. It feltjust like she had punched a hole in my earlobe. Ms. Merrill hadbeen taking photos while Elaine was working on me and she handedme my camera so I could change the film again. Janice had meremove the smock and replace it with the ruffled blouse I hadworn earlier. I was then brought back to the room where thepermanent wave had been given and seated in the styling chair. Janice removed the satin bonnet and started taking the rollersout. As she removed the rollers my hair stayed in the shape ithad been set in. Sitting in the chair wearing a feminine smock,and with my set hair, I looked just like a woman, and I likedlooking like a woman! What was happening to me? My appearance hadbeen so drastically changed already and I was actually wantingthem to hurry so I could see myself when they finished! Janicethen began brushing and combing my hair. I could see while sheworked that she was arranging my curls in an updo. Ms. Merrillhad been taking pictures while Janice worked and as Janicefinished my hair style by applying hair spray Ms. Merrill said.”With your fair skin I new it would be easy to completethis first part in your conversion.”As I gazed at my reflection I saw a beautiful young lady! Pilesof artfully arranged golden curls, a beautiful face with longdark eyelashes, sweepingly arched eyebrows, seductively poutingpink lips, gold loop earrings dangling from pierced ears this wasme! …I stared at what I had become until the mounting waves ofpassion completely overcame me as I blissfully fainted.” I believe that you have a new member for our littlefamily Ms. Merrill, he has fainted from excitement!”exclaimed Janice. “Yes and the stain on the front of hisslacks is the proof. It seems our little photographer is towillingly become a slave to his new found beauty. The properpharmaceuticals in the wine and that tape with the sublimnalmessages are quite effective in creating the desire to bea woman. Please revive him at once as I have many moresurprises for our new girl to be.”PERM-TWOBy: Sandy SullivanPart two of the adventures of a young man who receives apermanent wave and finds himself being led into permanent changesin his life.Wow , the sharp smell of ammonia burned my nose as I awakened, Imust have fainted. As my eyes cleared I could see a spreadingstain on the front of my pants and I blushed with embarrassmentas I realized I had ejaculated while looking at myself in themirror. I raised my eyes to the mirror, yes it was true and not adream, my hair had been permed, set, dried and arrangedbeautifully, my eyebrows were highly arched, my face had beenmade up, and as I reached up to touch the dangling earrings, Isaw my false polished nails and confirmed that my ears werepierced. My eyes met those of Janice in the mirror as she watchedme stare at myself. Embarrassed or not I could not stop lookingat my beautiful new self. I am beautiful and I love it, whatin the world has happened to me. I should not be thinking thisway–before today I had never had any desire to look like a girl.But, I could feel my excitement growing again and moved my handsto hide the beginning of another erection!”Don’t be embarrassed!, obviously you have just had awonderfully exciting experience. I think it is justterrific that you could climax while looking at yournew found beauty. If you think you have recovered enoughwhy don’t you come over here and I will take some picturesof you now that we have finished with the permanent waveyou wanted. Just d**** the jacket over your arm and thatwill hide the spot in your pants.” Said Janice.As I got up out of the styling chair, I realized I was still alittle shaky. Since I had never fainted before in my whole lifeI didn’t know this was normal. Janice took several pictures of mein the styling room . Standing by the permanent wave machine, andby the styling chair. Then we walked through the salon to the reception area and she took several of me at the reception deskand waving as I went through the door. I was a lot less shaky nowand was actually enjoying the posing . While we were walkingthrough the salon I noticed there were no more patrons andrealized how late it was. I had been so engrossed in my nowbeautiful self I hadn’t even thought about what I was going todo. Maybe I will be able to sneak into my room tonight withoutbeing seen. Tomorrow I can worry about how I can cope with theworld. Ms. Merrill said they could straighten my hair if I didnot like it but what can I do about my arched eyebrows andpierced ears. But wait, tomorrow will be soon enough, right now Ijust want to enjoy how I look. Oh wow, did I really think that?What am I doing I should not be thinking like that! I started outtoday just to get some pictures and somehow all this happened andnow I look like a beautiful young woman. Janice had said theywere finished with the permanent wave I had wanted. I didn’t comehere wanting a permanent wave, but now I am thrilled because theydid it to me. I can’t go back to my normal life looking likethis, but oh God I love how I feel and look.”If you will come with me we will get you cleaned up fordinner with Ms. Merrill as she wants to speak to you.”Janice smiled and said to me.I followed Janice back to the same dressing room where all ofthis had started, where she instructed me to again remove all ofmy clothes. She assisted me in removing the body shaper and thenafter putting on a pair of surgical gloves she opened a foil packand removed a moist towelette. She began wiping my penis andscrotum and all of the places my ejaculate had touched.” Please excuse the gloves, nothing personal you understand,we must be careful however until we have had your bloodtested.”said Janice.She then placed the soiled towelette and her gloves in a specialcontainer that she said was an incinerator. I was alreadyembarrassed enough from ejaculating in my pants and fainting.When she had me remove all my clothes and started washing melike a baby I was really mortified. But obviously notembarrassed too much. While she was washing me I couldn’t bringmyself to watch and instead looked at my reflection in themirror. Oh no, I am starting to get another erection. What is shetalking about, a blood test? I understand her precautionsagainst AIDS but why will I need a blood test. After putting onanother pair of gloves she opened another pack and took outanother towelette, with this one she only wiped my penis andscrotum. As soon as she started I could feel my penis and scrotalsack going numb. Seeing the anxious look on my face Janice said..” Don’t worry, the numbing effect is only temporary. Butyou won’t be as likely to soil yourself, or more niceclothing while these Things are under control.Besides, I will be able to make your clothing fit betterwith Them out of the way. I noticed that even in the airconditioning you were sweating while we were working onyour conversion, please step into the bath and we willget you all cleaned up. You really should be all freshand sweet for new clothes “After placing the second towelette in the incinerator she removedher gloves and placed them in also. I stepped into the bath asshe instructed and she began rubbing a strongly perfumed lotionall over my body from the neck down, covering everything but thepalms of my hands and the soles of my feet. Janice told me tojust stand there for a few minutes while she selected a newoutfit for me. I started to ask her what the lotion was for butshe had already left the bath. As I waited for her to return, Ifound myself hoping I didn’t, mess up my hair or makeup whilebathing. The lotion was beginning to burn and itch and whenJanice finally returned I told her how uncomfortable it was.She began running water and testing the temperature and thentold me….” As soon as we rinse it off I am sure you will be delightedwith the results.”As she reached up to the shower head I then realized the showerwas a flexible hose like you see in motels for handicappedpeople. She told me to look up and she began rinsing the lotionoff of my body. She accompanied the rinse by rubbing her otherhand all over my body. She was right, the numbing effect of the towelette had my THINGS under control. She then took a largetowel,patted me dry and dusted me all over with a wonderfulsmelling powder. She handed me another glass of that wonderfulwine and told me that might help my discomfort. Reachingover to a pile of underclothing she had brought into the bathshe placed a pink corset around my waist as I watched in thevanity mirror. It just seemed natural to automatically face themirror and check my hair and makeup as soon as possible. Iwonder why I did that? I can’t remember ever doing that before.As I gazed at my beautiful new appearance, Janice began pullingthe laces on the corset. When I protested at how tight she waspulling them she told me….”Your waist is a little too large you know, and if youwant to be beautiful you will have to be prepared tosuffer. Besides, you know by now that you really dowant to be as pretty as we can make you.”It was true for some unknown reason I wanted very badly to bebeautiful. And even though while they were working on me in thesalon everything they did to me was uncomfortable, evenpainful I had been extremely excited by all that they did.And OH!, the results were certainly worth all the suffering. AsJanice placed a lovely pink lace padded brassiere over my armsand fastened it in the back. I realized I had never been sohappy. She reached inside the cups of the bra and pulled my fleshup causing it to rest on the top of the pads. I was amazed at howthis made it look like I had breasts! Janice knelt down and begansqueezing my scrotum and I felt a sharp pain as she pushed mytesticles back up inside my body. kaçak iddaa Before I could get my breathback she had secured them there with some tape.”What are you doing! That really hurts.” I cried.”Ms. Merrill does not allow anyone with a male appearanceupstairs. Since she has been kind enough to invite you todine with us, I am helping make your appearanceacceptable. It is obvious that you enjoyed all the pain anddiscomfort we put you through today. In fact I wouldn’t besurprised that before long you asked, maybe even beggedfor more pain and suffering just so you could stay prettyand feminine.” Janice replied.Janice took another piece of tape , and while looping it aroundmy penis told me to pull my butt cheeks apart. When I did shepulled the ends of the tape back between my legs and pressed themto my cheeks. Standing back up she handed me a mirror so I couldsee what she had done. Oh my, everything seems to havedisappeared! Even the hair! I hadn’t had much hair anyway justsome blonde fuzz right around my penis and some that was barelyvisible on my legs. But now I was as bare as a cue ball.”There isn’t that much prettier now that we can’t see thoseugly THINGS anymore. Of course if you need to urinate youwill have to remember to sit. Now turn around and sit onthe vanity stool and put on this pair of hose.”Janice said.I drank some more wine since it really had made me feel betterbefore. The pain from my testicles was subsiding somewhat, but Istill sat down very carefully. Surprise, it wasn’t asuncomfortable to sit on my penis as I had feared. Janice opened anew pack of very sheer hose and reminded me how to put them on.After I had fastened them properly to the corset tabs, she handedme a pair of lacy pink panties to wear. Before I could pull themall the way up she told me to wait as she unwrapped a sanitarynapkin.”This is in case you have another accident.” she smiled.” I really don’t like to clean up that nasty stuff”Next came a pair of medium heel pink pumps. I sat on the vanityto put them on. Standing up as she brought out a pink dress Ifound I was not too wobbly. But even the low height of the heelswas enough to make me stand more erect which enhanced theillusion of breasts. Oh, I thought as I glanced in the mirror,I hope I don’t faint again. Those feelings of excitement I hadfelt before were fast replacing my embarrassment. She carefullylowered the dress over my hair and zipped it up the back. Afteradjusting the fit here and there, she placed a diamond pendanton a gold chain around my neck, and a gold bracelet on my leftwrist.”Now turn around and take a look, YOUNG LADY.” Janice said.There was a full length mirror on the opposite wall and I hadmanaged a few glances before, BUT NOW I WAS a vision of a perfectyoung lady. The pushup bra, the tightly laced corset, the fitteddress top and flaring skirt created an unbelievable image offemininity. Janice, holding me by the shoulders quickly turned meaway from the mirror.”Oh no young lady, we don’t have time for another clean up.We must hurry. It is almost time for dinner.” Said Janice.She must have seen me starting to tremble. Looking at myself inthe mirror had brought a rush of intense excitement again!Janice held me by the hand and led me out of the bath.I was having some difficulty walking in the heels until Janiceinstructed me in how to place my feet so that my toes and heelstouched the floor at the same time. After a few steps like thisit seemed to come natural and was much easier to walk. We wentdown a hall to an elevator where Janice pressed the button forthe third floor. We exited the elevator into another hall,however this one was decorated very elegantly. Janice stoppedat a set of beautiful wooden doors and held one open for me toenter. In the center of this very large room was a huge ovaltable around which were seated many very lovely women. Janice ledme to the near end and had me stand behind the empty chair.Janice seated herself in the chair to my right but indicated forme to remain standing. Ms. Merrill was seated at the head of thetable and said –“Ladies, this is James Sanders.”The meal had already begun, but everyone had focused theirattention on me when we entered the room. I wondered how sheknew my name ? I don’t recall telling anyone my name. Ms. Merrillbegan introducing me to the women around the table.”James, she said looking to her right “This is theHonorable Clarice Newman, United States Senator.” Turning to herleft she introduced ” and this is the Honorable Marsha Powers,U.S. Representative; the second person on my right is Her HonorAlicia Dumont, Judge of the state superior court.” The secondperson on my left is Adriana Covington, Doctor of Medicine; thethird person on my right is Erica Powell, Doctor ofPyschiatry;……”And so it went from side to side of the table, at first Iwondered why Ms. Merrill did not just go around the table butthen I realized that those who seemed to be of greater importancewere seated closest to her. I was impressed, here I am seated ata private dinner with some of the most important and powerfulwomen in the country. Ms. Merrill must think that there issomething about me that is worthy of such an honor. I wasextremely pleased to be here, especially since everyone was sopleasant and seemed happy that I had joined them for the meal.When Ms. Merrill had concluded the introductions she askedeveryone to continue eating and enjoy their evening. I was serveda salad by a maid in a classic maids outfit, black dress, whiteapron, and cap. I noticed there were several more maids standingaround the room near the walls all of whom were watching veryclosely the persons in front of them. From time to time theywould remove a plate, or fill a glass without anyone saying ordoing anything, obviously they were well trained. Janice advisedme to not eat too much after the salad since I would become veryuncomfortable while wearing the corset. During the meal manyconversations were going on around the table and everyone seemedto be enjoying themselves and the company of the others. Wheneveryone had finished eating Ms. Merrill asked for everyone’sattention and said. “James came to us this afternoon wanting pictures of amachine permanent wave. Since no one else was available hedecided to have us give him the wave. I must say the results areexcellent, don’t you agree ladies? ” After much agreeable commentsuch as lovely, adorable, etc. I was sure my face must be beetred from blushing. Even though I was blushing I loved every word.How strange, that I should enjoy being described in those terms.However Ms. Merrill did not allow the comments to continue verylong and soon resumed.– “The hour is growing late and I am sure James is tiredfrom all he has experienced today so I am going to excuse him atthis time. Charles since it is so late and it really would not besafe for you to walk home at this late hour. A room has beenprepared for you. I would be pleased if you would be our guesttonight and then you and I can talk about your future in themorning.”Janice escorted me to the hall where she introduced me to a smallbrunette wearing a maids uniform like those in the dining hallexcept hers was pink.”Charles this is Felicia, she has been assigned to take careof you while you staying with us. She will provide for allof your needs. I will see you again in the morning.” Withthose words Janice returned to the dining room.Felicia led the way to the elevator and took us to the secondfloor. The first thing I noticed was that the hall on the secondfloor was not decorated at all like the third floor, in fact itwas very plain almost like a hospital. Felicia turned right as wegot off the elevator and went to the last door on the right side.The interior of the room was much more pleasant, although therewas no carpet on the floor. The floors were very shiny vinyl andthere was a dresser, a full length mirror and a single bed.As she started unzipping my dress Felicia said”I must help you prepare for bed. I will help you removeyour clothing and your makeup.”I noticed Felicia had not said anything on the way here and thatshe had a very strong accent when she did speak. While she washelping me get undressed I asked her about where she was from andhow she came to be a maid. Her story was very interesting shetold me in how she came from the mountains in Central Americawith her family to this country and how she got separated fromher family at the border. She said she was very fortunate to getacross and came here with a group of men who went to work asgardeners for the landscape firm that worked the grounds of thisestablishment. She said one day Ms. Merrill noticed her workingin the yard and brought her in and talked a long time to her andthat is how she came to work as a maid.I told her I thought it strange that such a small pretty girl wasworking as a gardener instead of domestic work. She had justfinished removing my corset when she totally shocked me by sayingthat she was a boy when she worked in the garden. I was stunnedby that and had to think for a few minutes, during that time sheremoved all of my makeup and rubbed a very soothing cream intomy face and neck. She was so gentle I nearly dozed off. Feliciabegan to tell me how kind and generous Ms. Merrill had been toher by taking her in and getting citizenship papers for her. Shesaid how hard her life had been living with the gardeners sincethe work was very hard and the men were always harassing herbecause she was small. She then had me stand naked in the bathroom while she rubbed a very nice smelling cream all over mybody. When she went to the closet to obtain clothing for me Ifinally recovered somewhat from her bombshell of having been aboy and began to ask questions. “Do you mean you are dressing like a girl so you can workas a maid?””No–” Felicia replied. “Ms. Merrill made me a girl so Icould work for her as a maid.”You mean you are a girl now? I asked in surprise”Yes,– I am a real girl now, Ms. Merrill make me into realgirl, she is so good to me, she has made me very happy.””I don’t think I understand, Ms. Merrill forced you tobecomea girl? You mean you have been operated on?” I asked.”Yes, I have had the operations, and no I was not forced, intruth I beg her to make me a pretty girl. But now you mustput these things on to sleep, and no more questions.Ms. Merrill will talk to you tomorrow and tell you everything”.she replied as she wrapped a corset around my waist.”Oh no, not another corset! How am I supposed to sleep inthat.” I exclaimed.”You must wear the corset at all times to have the little waist. But don’t worry this one is not nearly so tight. Nowput on this gown, you must sleep soon to be ready for yourbig day tomorrow.” Felicia said.She was right the corset was not too uncomfortable, and thelovely night gown was long and felt very good against my hairlessbody. Felicia tucked me in and kissed me on the cheek. How sweetI thought, but before I could thank her she smiled and said”You are so beautiful, I think maybe you beg too very soon.”With that she turned off the light, closed the door and left theroom. A television screen in the wall that I had not noticedbefore came on and began playing the very same program I had seenin the beauty salon. I thought how am I supposed to sleep withthe television going? But I soon heard that lovely music againand found myself becoming very drowsy. I must have had too muchof that great wine at dinner.-What did she mean beg,-oh yes now I remember, Felicia said shehad begged Ms. Merrill to have her operated on. Me begto be operated on, how silly. I do love the way I look now,and it was so exciting getting the permanent, but asking to becastrated no way! You know as a photo journalist I workalone ….. maybe I could keep wearing my hair like this. Gosh ifI wore makeup too, then it would look natural to wear some ofthese nice clothes, hmmm my clients would probably never know ifI didn’t tell them. I might have to do that anyway since theyarched my eyebrows and pierced my ears. At least until theeyebrows grow back in, if I don’t wear earrings the holes shouldclose up pretty soon. I’ll just have to find somewhere to stayuntil then, where nobody knows me.”Wake up sleeping beauty. It is time to get ready to seeMs. Merrill. You don’t want to be late for your big day.”Felicia was shaking me, as I tried to crawl up out of the deepsleep I had been in. She had brought a breakfast tray with herand the coffee smell was wonderful. While I sat drinking thecoffee Felicia was puttering around in the bath and clothescloset. I was just enjoying the coffee and thinking how nice itfelt to sit here in this lovely night gown when I rememberedeverything that had happened yesterday. I stood and walked overto the mirror to make sure I was not just dreaming. It was real,my eyebrows are arched and the loop earrings are in my piercedears. Except for the satin sleep bonnet and no makeup I lookedjust like I had yesterday. It is not a dream, and I could tellthe lotion Janice had rubbed on my penis was no longer effective.I was getting another erection looking at my self, this is sostrange, but oh how good it feels. Felicia came back in the roomand said.”You must hurry and eat, we must start getting you ready.””I,m not hungry now I’ll just drink the coffee.” I saidturning toward her.”Oh, you like yourself when you are pretty.” she said.I blushed as I realized she had seen my erection pushing againstthe nightgown. Felicia led me into the bath and removed the satinbonnet replacing it with a bouffant shower cap. After she hadremoved the corset I stood in the shower while she bathed me.(I could get to like this personal maid business.) Felicia driedand powdered me all over and removed the shower cap. When Istepped back into the room the operator who had done the makeupyesterday was waiting. I hastily pulled my robe together as shetold me to be seated at the vanity. She immediately went to workapplying the various cosmetics. She carefully explained each itemand how to apply them Just as she was finishing Janice enteredthe room and began refreshing my hairstyle. Soon only Feliciaremained and she quickly laced me into a lovely pale lavendercorset with pushup padding in the bra cups. Next she produced alatex item similar to a condom but constructed of much strongerand thicker material. Since I was already erect from watchingJanice fix my hair, she had no trouble slipping it on and rollingit down. With a quick motion she shoved this sleeve further on,allowing the head of my penis to pop out of the open end. Moldedinto this sleeve was a long strip of sturdy latex hanging down.Felicia produced a cold wet rag and applied it to the head of mypenis causing a rather quick droop. She quickly brought the endof the latex strap back between my legs and fastened it to theback of my corset. Since she had already replaced the tapeholding my testicles inside me, I once again had a very feminineappearing groin. She explained that this device was much moresecure than the tape and would be more comfortable. Of course Iwould have to sit to urinate. After putting on very sheerlavender hose, she gave me a beautiful pair of very lacy nylonpanties. Again I was given a sanitary napkin to place in mypanties. The wrapper on this one said Overnighter with Wings andwas very thick. Felicia showed me how to fold the flaps aroundthe crotch of the panties. This pad completely covered me fromabove the base of my penis to the top of my crack in the rear.Inside the tight panties they were slightly uncomfortable, butsome how made me feel very secure and feminine. The dress Feliciahad picked was a scoop necked sundress, very light and was a palelavender and white flower print. Soon Felicia had the dressfastened and adjusted to her satisfaction and led me to theelevator. Again I was impressed by the richness of the decor onthe third floor. Felicia knocked on a door and after receivingpermission opened the door and closed it behind me. I wasstanding in a very large room that was furnished as an office.Ms. Merrill was seated behind a huge desk and asked me to pleasebe seated, motioning to a straight back chair right in front ofher desk. “Well James, it was obvious yesterday that you liked thepermanent wave. I think you also like everything that hashappened to you since you came to us yesterday. Now we mustdiscuss where you go from here. Am I right in thinking youare a little afraid to return to your place of residence?””Yes Ma’am, I do love the way I look and have been veryexcited by everything that you have had done to me. But Iam not sure I can think of any explanation for my newappearance. I am sure my landlady would not understand.”I replied. MS. Merrill paused for a moment, as if in deep thought, and thensaid”We may be able to help you James, you see while you were inthe salon yesterday one of my employees went to your apartmentyesterday.”I started to express my surprise and anger, but Ms. Merrillheld her hand up and said”Please hear me out James. I knew that you would be hesitantto go home looking like you do now, so I sent one of myemployees to your apartment to help you. She told yourlandlady she was a friend of yours and that you had askedher to go there and pickup some things for you. You hadbeen called out of town for a job interview and would begone for a few days. She was going to meet you at theairport with your clothes. So you see you don’t have toworry about anyone missing you for a while. However I hadalso instructed my employee to look around so we mightlearn more about you. I must say I was not too surprisedwhen she reported that you had numerous books and magazinesabout lesbians in your apartment. I already had somesuspicions that you were deeply interested in women, if notin a totally normal way. I didn’t believe any totallynormal male would ever get up enough courage to attempt aproject such as you came to us with. I knew that you had tohave at least some type of identification with womento not be afraid or embarrassed to come to a real beautysalon. James I believe it is your fantasy and desire to bea lesbian.”My emotions quickly changed from surprise and anger that shewould have invaded my apartment, to deep embarrassment. She hadlearned my deepest secret! When I was eleven or twelve we hadmoved to a new city and our next door neighbors daughter hadtotally captivated me. Shirley was f******n, with long curlybrunette hair, and absolutely the most beautiful girl I had everseen. It wasn’t long before she had taught me how to orallysatisfy her desires. She had been very skillful and had excitedme so much that I always ejaculated while satisfying her. When Irealized later how she had trained me at such an early age, itwas too late and my total sexual desire was to worship at thefountain of woman. Later while at college I had been shared bytwo lesbian seniors who used me to do menial tasks for themAlways controlling me by the reward of allowing me to performoral sex with them. When they had graduated, the fear of AIDShad, prevented me from seeking another relationship of any kind.Seeing my embarrassment and the beginning of tears Ms.Merrill quickly said”James there is no need for embarrassment! You are amongfriends. Everyone in this building appreciates and has agreat respect for every thing feminine. We all understandyour orientation and desires. You see all of us are totallycommitted to the female ideal and life-style. All of ourbusiness interests are totally supportive of making peoplebeautiful, independent of the opinions of others, and incontrol of their own destiny. James I believe that you alsomight like to join our organization. Here you will be freeto express your delight in femininity. We have learned ofyour degree and especially of your minor in computerscience. We have a need in our organization for someone tomanage a new computer project. Perhaps you could be justthe person we are looking for.”Ms. Merrill had all of my attention now, I had never metanyone who could understand my feelings before. But now my mindwas full of questions. I began to ask, and then found myselfrushing to get the words out.”I am not sure I understand everything you have said, but ifwhat you mean is that I could work for you and would nothave to have all of the beautiful things you have done tome undone, -well I would at least like to examine thepossibilities.””I can make arrangements for you to stay with us here for afew days. During that time we will give you some tests tobe sure that you would fit in. I will meet with you somemore and explain all of the details to you, and answer anyquestion you might have. However since you are going tostay with us, I will have to ask you to let Dr. Covingtongive you a physical examination. Living with us in the samebuilding, makes it necessary to be sure that you are notcarrying some dangerous virus or disease. I am sure youunderstand our precautions.” Ms. Merrill informed me” Yes Ma’am, thank you for being so understanding.” I said.”Very good. Felicia will escort you to Dr. Covington, andwill attend you during your stay with us. Please follow allof her instructions and everything will go well.”With that Ms. Merrill pressed a button and Felicia enteredto take me to the Doctor.Permed03.TXTThe changes continue, but how far will he go to keep his newhairstyle? Ms. Merrill puts him to the test.BY: Sandy SullivanFelicia and I went back to the elevator and returned to thesecond floor. She led me to the opposite end of the hall andopened a door for me. As I entered a nurse stood up from behinda desk and said-“Ah, you must be James. You really are as pretty as I hadheard. Please follow me James.”I turned to look but Felicia was already closing the door on herway out. I had hoped she would be staying with me because I was alittle frightened and wanted to cling to someone familiar.”I am Miriam and I will be with you throughout yourexamination. Please remove all your clothing as this willbe a very complete examination.” the nurse said handing mea paper gown.I did as she said and the followed her to the bath. The nurseremoved the tape holding my testicles inside me and then told meto bend over and put my hands on top of the commode. She reachedup a took a hose from the wall and before I could protest,inserted it in my rectum.”Why are you giving me an enema?’ I asked.”Because you are going to have a rectal exam, surely youdon’t expect the Doctor to examine you without you havingbeen cleaned out do you? Now take a deep breath and relaxyour stomach muscles we have a lot more water to get inyou yet.” She replied.Bent over like I was the only thing I was seeing was the commode.I looked back under myself and almost laughed at how strange mypenis looked in that latex sleeve. I began to notice my stomachgrowing larger. Every time I took a deep breath and relaxed mystomach muscles as Miriam directed, my stomach would distendmore. Finally Miriam told me I could straighten up. It was timebecause I did not know how much more pressure I could stand. Mystomach was so cramped I was almost unable to stand. When Iturned around I saw myself in the mirror and was shocked at myappearance. With my stomach distended so much under the papergown, I looked just like a pregnant woman. Miriam told me tosquat and pulled the nozzle out. What a relief it was when mybowels released. In a few minutes everything had been evacuatedand Miriam washed my rear while I bent over and held my ankles.I was beginning to realize that this was going to be a veryhumiliating day. Miriam brought me back into the examination roomand began to draw blood samples. Thankfully she did this while Isat in the chair, since I was very weak from the enema. She toldme to remain seated while she went to the lab. Taking the fourvials of blood and the urine and stool samples she had obtainedearlier she left me alone in the room to fill out thequestionnaires she had given me..What have I gotten myself into, I should have left yesterdayas soon as they finished the permanent wave. I should have takenmy chances of being seen by my landlady. But somehow I seemed tohave been confused and was really enjoying the way they had mademe look. But in the last few minutes this morning I think I amrealizing I am in over my head. I don’t understand what ishappening to me. Why am I so readily accepting everything theywant to do. I should refuse and just leave. But when Ms. Merrillhad talked to me it seemed that everything she said was right andI wanted to do just as she said. Miriam returned and took myblood pressure, pulse rate, weighed me and checked my height,then took my measurements. I had decided to go through with thisphysical exam but as soon as it was over I was going to go tellMs. Merrill I was leaving. I somehow have to get my life back tonormal. I love my permed hair and the makeup but everything elsethat is going on around here is really frightening me. As I wasmaking these plans, Miriam and Dr. Covington entered the roomand the Dr. immediately began her exam. Dr. Covington had mestand up and listened to my heart and chest. Without saying anything to me she pulled the latex sleeve off of my penis andmanipulated my penis and balls giving them a very close look.Dropping the paper gown back in place she picked up the chartMiriam had brought back with her, read for a few minutes andthen for the first time looked me in the eyes and said–“Please lay face down on the table, I need to check yourprostrate gland. Your blood tests suggest there may besome congestion.”I had noticed that this was a very strange looking table butthen I had not been in a doctors office in several years. Therewas a place for my face to fit that left my nose and mouth clearMiriam took my hands and placed them on handles near my head andthen quickly moved to the other end of the table. She made someadjustments to the table which lowered my legs to a positionsimilar to that of kneeling down. I felt some sort of lubricantbeing applied to my rectum and then Dr. Covington inserted herfinger. As she began to move her finger around it did not feelbad at all but all of a sudden a very bad pain hit me and Iscreamed. Dr. Covington removed her finger while I tried to catchmy breath. She said”Just as I suspected your prostrate is very large andcongested. This is a very dangerous condition, I amsurprised that you have not had trouble urinating. ButI am sure we have caught it in time and can clear upthis trouble in just a few days.”Miriam had returned the table to its original position and helpedme to stand up while Dr. Covington was talking to me.Dr. Covington looked at me and said-“Your tests show that you are free from any communicablediseases, however you are slightly anemic and are somewhatdeficient in several other vitamins. The congestedprostrate is a serious condition and I suggest you begintreatment immediately. You should go to your personalphysician right away. I would be happy to treat you if youwant. If you would like for me to treat you just sign theauthorization form Miriam has and we can startimmediately.”What in the world is a congested prostrate, I wondered. But sinceI didn’t have a personal physician in this town I signed the formMiriam was holding out to me. Any thing that hurts that bad mustbe serious.”Very good,” smiled Dr. Covington, please take him totreatment room one and begin these treatments.”Dr. Covington handed Miriam a list of instructions and left theroom. Miriam showed me into another room through a connectingdoor. She led me to a chair situated in the middle of the roomand helped me get situated in it properly. At first I thought itresembled a dentists chair without padding. It was madecompletely of stainless steel. As soon as I had sat down Miriamfastened a strap around each of my wrists with my hands facingupward. I gave her a questioning look and she explained that shewas going to hook up an intravenous system and she didn’t want memoving my arm and tearing the needle out. Next she fastened astrap around my waist binding me to the chair back. She quicklymoved to my ankles and placed a strap around each of them. Now Iwas completely helpless, why did I let her do that! I was still alittle dazed from the pain, but I had just decided to leave hereas soon as the exam was over. Why am I so compliant I can’t seemto do anything but what these women tell me. Miriam had nowrolled over a stand with a plastic bag hanging from it. Sheinserted a needle connected to the tubing into the vein on myleft arm and taped it in place. She started the drip and thenwent to a cabinet and filled several syringes from differentbottles. She injected one in my right hip and another in my lefthip. Not that I could do anything about it now, having let hercompletely immobilize me without a protest, but I still askedher–“What are all these d**gs you are giving me?Miriam smiled and replied”The injection in your right hip is a type of estrogen ina time release form that will last for two weeks.Estrogen, is the principal female hormone. The injectionI put in your left hip is a highly efficient form ofprogesterone, another female hormone that assists in theformation of secondary sexual characteristics. Both ofthese working together will help to shrink your prostrate.The drip in your arm is a mixture of glucose, vitamins, atestosterone blocker, and a few other things to make youfeel good while your prostrate is being decongested.”As she said the last part she took another syringe and injectedit into a place in the drip tube. Almost immediately I began tofeel a warm glow spreading throughout my body. Boy she was rightabout the feeling good. I watched in a very happy mood while shespread the legs of the chair apart and then as she pushed somebuttons I begin to feel something pushing slowly between my buttcheeks. Miriam stepped to the right side of the chair and takinghold of my butt pulled up and out. How strange I thought, butwhen she repeated the maneuver on the left side I realized whatshe had done! She had opened a path for whatever thing that wasto slide right in me. She pushed another button and I felt itslide in a long ways before stopping. That thing must be as bigas a milk bottle I feel completely filled up. All at once Inoticed a slight vibration from that thing she had pushed up mybutt. Miriam took some scissors and cut the gown off of meexposing me completely. It certainly wasn’t because of anyconscious desire on my part but my penis had come fully erect andwas throbbing from the vibrations. I still felt like I had beenimpaled on something huge, but boy was it starting to feel good.Miriam went to the drawer in the cabinet and returned with a longcylindrical object which she slipped over my penis. She hooked atube from it to a glass jug near the foot of the chair and whenshe pushed a button the sleeve tightened up gently around mypenis. Reaching back between my legs she pulled out a wire withan insulated clamp on it and clamped it to my scrotum. I wasfascinated by everything she was doing and although I was curiousas to why she was doing all of this it just seemed like too muchtrouble to ask. It must bahis siteleri all be good for me because I have neverfelt this good before. This is even better than that wonderfulwine they have been giving me. Miriam moved behind the chair andbrought a strap around my bare chest. Hooked to the strap weretwo cups of some ridged material but the edges that she fit overmy chest were soft. Centering each cup over my nipples she thentightened the strap. These cups were very large, reminding me ofvery large breasts. Miriam then lowered the leg parts of thechair bending my legs at the knees. She raised the back of achair until I was in an upright position.”Now we are going to begin decongesting your prostrate. I’msure you will soon find this treatment very pleasurable.While that treatment is going on the I.V. will replenishthe body fluids you will be losing. At the same time thecups on your chest will began stimulating and loosening theskin to allow for more rapid breast growth. One of thed**gs in the I.V. will stop testosterone production in yourbody which of course will mean you will not be producingany more semen. Since we are draining your present supplythis will make the female hormones I have injected youwith become effective faster with more positive results.While Miriam was talking she had moved a large mirror in place sothat I could see exactly what was happening to me. She hooked aheadphone similar to those on a walkman from behind my head andthen pushed several buttons and left the room. Boy am I in itnow, I don’t know just what effect all of this is going to haveon me, but she did say she had injected me with female hormonesand that one of the d**gs was going to stop my male hormones.Those cups on my chest are to allow my breasts to grow! I don’thave any breasts. How could I let this happen I don’t seem tohave any willpower. The vibrations from that thing up my butt arestarting to really feel good and now that thing she put over mypenis has started pulsing and sucking on me. I’m not going to beable to stand much of this. Oh no, now those cups on my chest arestarting to suck in rhythm, I noticed that the edges of the cupswere not only soft but seemed to be slick also. When the suckingaction on the cups started I could see the skin outside the cupsslipping into the cups a little. Oh that feels so good. Myexcitement and passion was mounting very fast. I looked at myreflection in the mirror to take my mind off of the sensations Iwas receiving. Looking in the mirror was of no help, as I saw mybeautifully permed hair, flawless makeup, and my sweepinglyarched eyebrows I suddenly lost all control and erupted in atremendous wave of passion.Just as I was beginning to recover somewhat I started tofeel all of the sensations again. Oh that had been so good butthis is too soon! I want to come again but not yet! Then Inoticed that music I had heard before with the videos was playingin the earphones. Ooooh all this sucking and vibrating is gettingtoo good again as I stared in the mirror I fainted dead awayjoyfully erupting once more.Unknown to me Ms. Merrill, Dr. Covington, and Dr. Powell were inanother room observing everything that was happening to me. Infact Dr. Powell was controlling all of the devices from in thatroom.”That one took a little longer, I will add the in and outstroking motion to the anal penetrator this time. I willkeep watching until he can’t ejaculate from the stimulationany more, then I will program the electro-ejaculator tohit him every ten minutes that should thoroughly drain himin just a few hours. Miriam will monitor the heart rate andblood pressure sensors in the wrist cuffs in case he getstoo weak before the semen flow stops.” Dr. Covington said.”Just remember to keep the tapes playing where he can hearthem continuously. He needs to hear them twenty four hoursa day if possible.” Dr. Powell said.”Very good ladies, you seem to have our subject wellunderway . How soon do you think he will be begging forthe privilege of joining our sisterhood?” Ms. Merrillinquired. “This is Saturday, so I see no reason why he would not beready to meet with you by Thursday.” replied Dr. Covington.”Erica do you agree with that time frame?” asked Ms.Merrill.”Yes I believe that is a reasonable assumption. Even thoughthe other two who are in treatment now started two daysearlier there should be no problem. Unlike the other twothis subject is very compliant. Apparently there was alatent but unrecognized desire in this subject” Dr. Powellcommented.”Excellent then we shall have three candidates ready forthe initiation ceremony next Friday. You know this one iscoming along so fast I’m not sure there is the same feelingof satisfaction.” Stated Ms. Merrill.”I think I agree with you, it is much more satisfying towatch the futile resistance of the unwilling subjects.”Dr. Covington mused.”Yes, I think that is true. With our advanced techniquesthough, even the unwilling ones really don’t have achance. Oh they may struggle and suffer emotionally for awhile, but the outcome is inevitable. They eventuallyhave only one desire left, to become a woman at any cost.”Replied Dr. Covington.”I wonder if we have made the methods too enjoyable, it isnot at all like what I went through. Could it be that by chemically and psychologically removing their naturalresistance, we have also lessened their level of emotionalgratification in the initiation ceremony. I know for methat moment of absolute submission was and is still is themost memorable moment of my life. Said Dr. Covington”That would extremely difficult to determine. However Ibelieve that is still true for those of us who came afteryou. I know it is for me, and I shall always be eternallygrateful to you, Mistress Merrill, for making it allpossible for me. Replied Dr.Powell.Tuesday Morning.I slowly awoke from a deep place. It took a moment or twoto realize I was back in my room at The sisters building. How didI get here, what time is it? I looked down and saw I was clothedin a nylon night gown. I don’t remember getting ready for bed.I went to the Doctor’s office for an examination and the nurse oh yeah Miriam that’s her name gave me an enema, and….Dr. Covington told me something was wrong and would requiretreatment. But what happened after that?. Why is my mind a blank?I rolled my head towards the bathroom and saw Felicia sitting bythe bed.”How did I get in bed, and how long have I been sleeping?I asked.”You have been sleeping since two yesterday afternoon, andMiriam and myself bathed you and prepared you for bed. Ihave brought you some coffee if you think you feel likedrinking it.” Felicia said.Felicia came to the side of the bed and pushed a button whichraised the head of the bed, I hadn’t noticed before but the bedwas actually a hospital bed. She removed the headphones andhanded me the styrofoam cup carefully but stayed near to makesure I could handle it. I realized that she was concerned thatI might spill it and understood why when I started to drink.The cup felt sort of heavy and my hands had a slight tremble.While I drank the coffee I searched my memory but could not bringback much more. Suddenly I remembered Miriam had put an I.V. inmy left arm. I handed the cup to Felicia and raised the sleeve ofthe gown. I was shocked to see the needle and part of the tubingwas still taped to my arm. I looked at Felicia and asked-“Am I going to need more treatment? The needle is still inmy vein.”Oh yes you will have to have the treatment for several moredays. But first we have to get you up and dressed. Thismorning you have an appointment in the salon for a shampooand set. Swing your legs over the side of the bed and I’llhelp you, since you will probably feel a little weak.”Felicia was right I did feel weak, I held on to her for a momentand when she was sure I could stand she removed my gown. Ofcourse I was wearing a corset but did not have any panties on.Felicia reached behind me and unhooked a tube from a bag on thebed. That tube was coming out the end of my penis! Felicia had tosteady me when I saw that, it must have been at least a quarterinch in diameter! Felicia must have noticed that I was shockedand said-“Don’t worry about that, the nurse put a catheter in so youwould not pee all over yourself while you slept. Sometimes thetreatment causes you to lose control of your bladder. But thatproblem will get better when you have finished this treatmentthey are giving you now. But you know women never have as muchcontrol as men. Sometimes now when I laugh I pee my panties”But it is so big, I wonder why it doesn’t hurt? Felicia taped abag to my thigh and connected the tube to it. This is sohumiliating I can’t control myself and I have to wear a bag ofpee around. Why did I let them do this to me. I should have neverlet them perm my hair. I just seem to get in deeper and deeper. Ihave got to get out of here. Just as soon as I get to the salon Iam going to insist that they straighten my hair so I can leave.If there really is something wrong with me I can find a doctorsomewhere else to cure me I know I was desperate to get thepictures so I would not get in trouble. What a mistake to letthem talk me into having the perm myself. With out even askingthey arched my eyebrows and even pierced my ears. I do love how Ilook now, but I must resist, there is no telling where this willall end if I let them continue. Look what has happened in justone day! I am so weak I can hardly stand up and this huge tube ishanging out my pee hole. When Ms. Merrill talked to me it seemedlike she was being so nice to let me stay and enjoy my new looks.But things are going too fast. I can’t even remember what theyhave done to me. While all these thoughts were going through mymind, Felicia had brought a plain print house dress and helped mestep into it. After zipping it up the back she helped me put on apair of hose and some low heeled pumps. Then I went into the bathto brush my teeth. Felicia’s support was necessary for me towalk. What in the world had they done to make me so weak. When Isaw myself in the mirror I almost cried. All my makeup had beenremoved and my hair was a tousled mess. No wonder they weresending me to the salon. Felicia returned to the door of the bathwith a wheelchair. I felt ugly and ridiculous but knew I wasn’tgoing far without the wheelchair. Felicia put the earphones backin my ears and we started off. I wonder why I like to hear thatmusic so much, I seem to feel so much calmer when I hear it. Whenshe wheeled me past the elevator I wondered what was going on.Just then Miriam stepped into the hall.”Well, I was just coming to look for you. We need to get youhooked back up.” She said.Miriam hung a bag of liquid into place on an I.V. stand on theback of the wheelchair. She bled the air out and started theliquid flowing into my vein.”Wait a minute! I said. “I have decided to have my hairstraightened and leave this place. I don’t want you givingme any more d**gs.”While I was protesting, Miriam reached in her uniform pocket fora syringe and injected the contents into the I.V. drip.”I am only doing my job dear. You really need these fluidsso you won’t be so weak. You go on to the salon and getfixed up any way you want. I’m sure Ms. Merrill will doanything you ask. She is only trying to make you happy youknow.” Miriam replied.Wow, there is that warm glow again. I’m feeling much betteralready. Felicia turned the chair around and started for theelevator. She must have turned the volume up on the music. I canhear it much plainer now. As we went down on the elevator I beganfeeling sorry that I had snapped at Miriam. I mean she really hasbeen nice to me. If I see her again before I leave I willapologize. Felicia rolled me into the room where I had beengiven the permanent wave. Janice was waiting by the shampoobowl.”How nice to see you again. Janice said. Let’s get yousituated in the shampoo chair and I can start making youbeautiful again.”Janice said.While Janice helped me into the shampoo chair, Felicia unhookedthe I.V. stand from the wheelchair and rolled it out of Janice’sway. Gosh, I thought I am starting to feel real good as Janicestarted washing my hair.”Janice I am thinking about having you straighten my hairI said.”Oh dear, are you sure? You are so beautiful with your hairpermed. I thought you liked my work.””Well I did , I mean I do, I mean I’m not sure, I hadjust thought I would leave today I mean everything ishappening too fast. I said.”You know it is kind of dangerous to straighten hair thathas just been permed.That could cause it to all break offnext to the scalp leaving you bald.””Bald? can that really happen? I asked.”Yes, it certainly can. I tell you what I can set your hairon large rollers and when it is dry you can pull it back ina ponytail. A lot of young people are wearing ponytailsnow.” she replied.I sure don’t want all my hair to fall out and I really did lookgreat with my hair done. Maybe it is not such a good idea to haveit straightened. I guess I should let Janice go ahead and set itlike she said. I really would like to see it all done again.While I had been thinking over what Janice had said she had movedme and the I.V. stand to her styling chair. I could see myselfin the mirror as she rolled my hair. Isn’t it strange but I likeseeing my hair when it is all rolled up.TO BE CONTINUEDPermed04.TXTBY: Sandy SullivanMs. Merrill has started James on the path to womanhood eventhough he doesn’t yet realize what her final goal is. Can heresist, or is her system so advanced he must submit.Janice finished rolling my hair, and since I was feelingmuch stronger now I was able to walk over to the hair dryer without help. Well almost without help, Janice had to roll the I. V.stand for me. Janice soon had the dryer hood in position andturned on. As the drone of the dryer fan began I felt Janiceslipping the earphones in my ears. She rolled the VCR and tv infront of me again and those lovely scenes began playing again.This video is such a pleasure to watch and I just love thismusic. As I watched the lovely scenes before me I startedthinking how I had liked watching Janice roll my hair. You knowshe is so nice. I’m afraid I might have hurt her feelings when Isaid I wanted my hair straightened. When she comes back I willtell her I am sorry, and that I really do love her work. Afterwatching the video and hearing this music, I was really feelingmuch better about everything these nice women have done to me. Idon’t know why I even thought of having my hair straightened, Ireally do love having my hair permed, and set. I can’t everremember having been so happy in my whole life. I never thoughtabout it before but women can have their hair and nails done allthe time and no one is upset about it. Even though I guess I havealways loved women, I never thought about envying them. I alwaystalked to all the girls I knew about their pretty clothes andhair and all that goes with being female. I wonder why I neverthought about being able to do all that myself. I remember nowthat Felicia said that she used to be a boy, and that Ms. Merrillhad made her into a girl. I wonder if she enjoys having her hairdone and wearing pretty clothes now that she can do it all thetime.. I’ll have to remember to ask her. I don’t know why I amhaving to strain so hard to remember. All I want to do is thinkabout my pretty hair, and makeup. Suddenly Janice turned the tvoff surprising me. I was so lost in my thinking I didn’t noticeher return. She removed the earphones and raised the dryer hoodso I could stand up. I wondered as I walked to the styling chairif I should ask her to fix my hair nice again. She might be upsetwith me.”You are so beautiful with your face made up, wouldn’t youlike me to see if there is an opening in the makeup roomfor you? asked Janice.”Yes, I really was pretty with the make up, I think I wouldlike that very much. I replied.How nice of Janice to think of that. I was just thinkingthat I should go ahead with Ms. Merrill suggestions and try thisout for awhile. I mean I am feeling much better now. I supposethe treatment I received yesterday must be working since I feelso good. I can have my face made up so pretty again and I’ll askJanice not to make a ponytail. I’ll ask her to fix it just aspretty as she can. Janice removed all of the clips and rollersjust like before. As she placed the satin bonnet over my hair Ithought, why I even like the way my hair looks in those bigcurls. Oooh I bet it will be just delicious this time.Felicia brought me a cup of coffee just as Janice and Iarrived at the makeup room. The operator was not quite ready so Ihad time to drink it. Janice left me there with Felicia sayingshe would be waiting for me when I was through here. While I wasdrinking the coffee I tried to think of what I had wanted to askFelicia, but I was getting so sleepy. Felicia must have noticed because she helped me get on the make up table.”Very Good Felicia”. Said Ms. Merrill as she and Miriamentered the room.Miriam injected another syringe in the I. V. drip and lookedat Ms. Merrill saying “That should keep him out for three hours and when he comesto there will be no after effects”Ms. Merrill turned to Elaine and told her to apply permanenteyeliner, eyebrows, and lip outline. Turning to the telephone shedialed Dr. Covington and gave her instructions.”James showed some resistance early this morning, but seemsto be back on track now. Go ahead with the accelerated treatmentschedule. But remove the memory blockers. I want him to knowexactly what is happening. I believe that knowledge will enhancethe excitement factor. You may wish to confer with Erica onspecifics, but I believe the desire qoutient is high enough nowto insure willing participation. I want this one to have a wholeday without d**gs or tapes before he has to make his decision.””Of course, we will be ready for his arrival in treatmentroom one. I’m sure Erica will agree to this schedule. I amlooking forward to this initiation. Your idea should proveintensely gratifying.” Replied Dr. Covington.I must have fallen asleep, Elaine was shaking me telling meto wake up. Felicia was standing by the door waiting for me. Iwas feeling real good now and was able to walk and roll the I.V.stand by myself.”You should just love this makeup honey. I gave you a fewextras today. Your are really beautiful now.” Elaine said.”Thank you Elaine, I can’t wait until Janice finishes myhair. I just know I will love it.As she said Janice was waiting for me and immmediately went towork on my hair. Looking in the mirror as Janice worked I couldsee what Elaine meant. My eyes seemed to stand out more theeyeliner was sharper and more defined. My blond eyebrows seemedto be more emphasized also. My lips were the same color pink butalso seemed to be more sharply defined. She was right I did loveit the overall effect was certainly more striking. Janice had nowfinished with my hair and it was fabulous. She had left it downand it was a mass of long soft curls framing my face with somefalling in front of my shoulders. With the new makeup and my hairarranged this way I was very sexy….. Did I just think of myself as sexy?….. Yes I did and I love the feeling””There dear, are you happy with your hair now?” askedJanice.”Oh Yes, this is wonderful. You were right I love my curlsand don’t ever want to do with out them.” I replied.”Well honey I’m sure Ms. Merrill will love to keep youpermed and pretty if you will ask her. You will never haveto be with out curls if you just tell her that’s what youwant.” Janice said.”Oh I will, I want this so much. I love looking like this.Thank you for helping me do the right thing Janice, you areso sweet.”Felicia told me it was time to go back upstairs for mytreatment. I was a little afraid when she mentioned treatment,because for some reason I could not remember anything about mytreatment yesterday. Felicia had me get back in the wheelchaireven though I told her I felt much better now. Felicia brought meright to the treatment room this time and as she opened the doorI saw the chair. A thrill went through me, I suddenly rememberedsensations of great pleasure being associated with the chair.”How lovely you are today. Janice and Elaine have outdonethemselves. You are absolutely delicious. Let’s get you inthe chair you are going to be very happy with yourtreatment today. Miriam told me.While she was talking Miriam had injected a syringe into myI. V. tube and I could feel that wonderful warm glow spreadingover me. Isn’t it wonderful that everyone thinks I am so pretty.I get little thrills when they tell me. Miriam and Felicia helpedme take off the dress and get seated in the chair. It was cold tomy naked skin but I seemed to filled with anticipation. I can’tremember anything about yesterdays treatment but for some reasonI am anxious to receive one now. I sat back in the chair andMiriam removed the urine bag and un-taped my penis from my thigh.It looked so weird with the tube coming out of it. Miriam didsomething to the tube and then pulled it out! I was surprisedthat it did not hurt. In fact I could not feel anything when shewas handling my penis. They must have used some more of thatdeadening cream. Miriam strapped me in again and spread the legsof the chair. Since I was already sitting upright this time Icould see more of what she was doing. She lifted my hips andpulled out on them again and as she did I remembered why she didthis. A huge thrill of anticipation shuddered through me as Irealized I would soon be filled with that wonderful object again.As I was now remembering she clipped the wire to my scrotum againand began pushing those buttons. I could feel it! Slowly pushingat my rectum. I wiggled as much as I could to help it andsuddenly it was in! Oh It feels even bigger today! I imaginedthat my eyes were about to pop out as I wiggled some more to helpthe penetration. It was so big, and went in so far today, I wasgasping for breathe when it finally stopped. Ummm how could Ihave ever not wanted to come back for this. In a moment thosedelicious vibrations started again. Miriam was standing in frontof me with the sleeve waiting I looked down and saw my penisresponding as I wallowed in the joy of my impalement. As soon asMiriam had secured my penis in the sleeve and hooked it up to thejar she turned the vibrations off. “No, turn it back on I need this”.I said in panic.”Please be patient dear, you are about to receive a lifechanging ride in our wonderful chair. Ms. Merrill hasordered some changes in your treatment schedule. You areabout to be enslaved to your desire to be beautiful.Enslaved for the rest of your life. You will never be thesame. When you leave this chair you will no longer be Jamesin mind, spirit or emotions. You will be Jane and willforever seek any and everything that can help you to be abeautiful woman. Now open your mouth wide.” Janice said inreply.When I opened to ask to ask why she inserted a plastic thingthat slid in and turned down my throat. The way it was made ithooked in behind my teeth and I couldn’t expel it with my tonque.Miriam must have seen the fear in my eyes and told me-“Just relax dear this won’t hurt. I am going to insert atube into your stomach and feed you. This thing in yourmouth will let me insert a stomach tube. I will take thisthing out of your mouth as soon as the tube is in. You havenot had any food in your stomach since yesterday morning. Icould have had you try to drink this but it is really awfultasting. When I have finished feeding you this time I amgoing to hook the tube to your teeth to keep it in place. Iknow this seems complicated but you are going to be in thischair a long time and will need to be fed again before yourtreatment is over. Besides by doing it this way your lovelylipstick won’t be messed up.” Janice explained.The tube did not hurt when she put it in, I guess that stuffshe had sprayed in my throat had deadened it. .She took a hugesyringe and pushed the contents through the tube. When she hadfinished I closed my mouth and could hardly feel the tube. Miriam inserted the earphones again and moved the mirror in fromof me. She connected the strap with the cups around my chestagain carefully centering it. I don’t know what these cups aresupposed to do but, I did notice the skin on my chest seemed tobe a little loose. Miriam said Ms.Merrill had changed myschedule, and that I was going to be in the chair a long time.Funny that I could not remember anything about my last treatment.This time I seemed to know what she was doing as soon as shestarted to do it.The vibrations, and the sucking started again. AAAAh, sogood. Miriam said some strange things about my mind, and I wasgoing to have a life changing ride in this chair. I don’tunderstand what is going to happen to me but, ooohhh am I readyfor this ride whatever it changes. That wonderful object hadstarted stroking slowly in and out and I found myself trying togo down after it. I looked into the mirror and was filled withjoy, I am so lovely.– I don’t know how long I was in the chair, only that it wasnot enough, I wanted to be there forever. I know that I was fullyconscious every time the devices were working. I think there wereperiods when I must have blacked out. I remember waking up onetime and Janice was fluffing and rearranging my hair. I’mafraid I messed it up some with the wild moves I was making.But I couldn’t help it the more that wonderful object wouldstroke the more of it I wanted. Later, when I could see that nomore semen was coming out of my penis, it would stroke me until Ithought I must surely die from the pleasure. When I would reachthat point, a jolting electric shock would wrack my whole bodyand cause a little more semen to come out. As time went on Ibegan to notice my expressions in the mirror. I was shocked tosee the wanton look of desire on my face. But it did not matter Iwanted more! I wanted to be beautiful and sexy forever. Miriamfed me twice more during this time and Elaine came in one timeand worked on my face. I must have been there as long as Ms.Merrill had ordered because Miriam came in and put a shot in theI.V. tube and then began turning everything off. I begged her notto but she said my treatment was complete. At first I was verydisturbed but in a few moments I began to feel calm. When theobject that had been in me so long receded I almost cried fromthe loss. How I loved that feeling of fullness. When Miriam hadundone all of the straps, she took out the needle and pressed apiece of cotton and a band-aid over the hole. Felicia came in andhelped me put the dress back on after giving me a pair of pantieswith a maxipad in them. I didn’t resist when she produced thewheelchair, I suddenly realized how exhausted I was. She returnedme to my room, bathed me, took off my makeup and rubbed a verynice and soothing cream all over me. She put an adult diaper onme explaining that the lubricant from my rectum would probablyooze out while I slept. Completing my outfit with a nylon gownshe tucked me in bed and told me to sleep well she would be nearif I needed any thing. She placed the earphones in my ears andturned out the light.Thursday MorningThe sunlight was streaming through the window when I finallyroused. Felicia was preparing a breakfast tray at the table andwhen she heard me stirring asked.”Did you have sweet dreams Jane.? “Yes, how did you know? I dreamed I was a woman andeverything was beautiful and exciting.” I replied.Today Felicia had brought breakfast for both of us and wesat and chatted while we ate. I was ravenously hungry but Feliciacautioned me about the corset. We sipped our coffee and talkedfor a long time.”Felicia, you told me you were a boy, but now you look justlike a girl. Is everything about you female? I asked.”Yes, everything except I don’t have menstrual periods. Buteverything else looks and works just like someone who wasborn as a girl.” She replied.”Now that you are a girl do you like it. I mean is it stillexciting? I asked.”I think I know what you are asking, when Ms. Merrill firstbrought me in this place I was frightened, you mustremember I was an i*****l then. But everyone was so nice tome and gave me pretty clothes to wear and fixed my hair andface so pretty. Soon I was no longer afraid and was veryhappy. After my treatments I wanted very badly to be agirl. I am not allowed to tell you anymore about that but Iwill tell you that when I see myself in the mirror I alwaysam thrilled. I love to hear my heels click when I walk, andfeel my hair brush my face. I have even come to love theembrace of my corsets. I think for each one it is a littledifferent but I have never met anyone here that is not veryhappy. Sometimes,” she giggled, “when I walk fast down thestairs my breasts jiggle and it feels so good I make wetspots in my panties.”How long was it before you had breasts. I have beenwondering this morning what it would be like to havebreasts. I asked.”They started growing soon after my initiation, but it tookabout three years for them to get as big as they are now.Some of the girls have the Doctor make theirs larger ifthey don’t grow enough. Is that all you have been wonderingabout?” She smiled.”Well no, I have been thinking about what it is like, uh youknow the other parts. I mean does it still feel good, uumlike uhh? I stammered. Felicia Laughed and replied”Yes I know, you want to know if you have those things cutoff if you will feel anything about sex. For me it feelsmuch better. For a while, after I had been operated on, itwas not good. But in a little while it got better andbetter. Before, everything was right there in my things andthat was the most important part about sex. Now I amaroused in many ways, as I told you about my breastsbouncing. Now all of me is involved in becoming excited,and especially when it happens. It is different but much,much better. I have watched you having your hair done andhave seen how you look at yourself in the mirror. For youI think it will be even better. Maybe too good.”How could it be too good. I mean that doesn’t make sense.I replied.”I should not tell you this, but sometimes something happensto the new girls. They like everything so much they cannotdo their jobs. Because they can’t get their minds onanything other than themselves. All they want to do isprimp and play with themselves. It is not good. The Doctorhas to help them. I like talking with you but we must getyou ready. Today you must see Dr. Powell, but don’t worryshe just asks a lot of questions and gives you a lot ofquizzes. Felicia told me. After getting dressed in a nice blouse and skirt we made aquick trip to the salon where Janice and Elaine worked theirmagic again. I wonder if I could have my hair done everyday. Ireally love to watch and it is such a thrill to see my hair whenit is set. As soon as Janice was finished, Felicia rushed me backto the second floor for my appointment with Dr. Powell.Felicia was right Dr. Erica Powell, who I remembered fromthe dinner as being a Pyschiatrist, asked what seemed to behundreds of questions about my sexual experience, desires,preferences, ad infinitum. A battery of tests with güvenilir bahis hundreds morequestions to answer and pictures to interpret. When She finallysaid I could go my head was pounding, my corset was cutting me inhalf and I swear my heels had shrunk at least one size. I wastold to wait for Felicia to come for me. When Felicia arrived Iasked her something I had been wondering about.”This office is right down the hall from my room. I’m sure Icould have found my way back. Since I have been here I havenot been allowed to go anywhere alone. Why is that?””Because you still have your testicles. No male is everallowed anywhere in the building without an escort.Felicia answered. “What’s next Felicia. Dr. Powell couldn’t possibly need totalk to me again. I believe she knows more about me nowthan I do. I asked.”Well, next is lunch and then you will meet with Ms. Merrillfor your final interview. But you are wrong Dr. Covingtonand Dr. Powell will also be there. She replied.Well I do still have my testicles even though they have beentaped up inside me for days now. Of course the latex sleeve wasput back on as soon as I left the treatment room, apparently thatis a requirement too. My final interview I guess the few daysthat Ms. Merrill gave me are about up. With all three of themthere I suppose some decision will have to be made. I will haveto wait until they tell me but I know now that I never want to goback to my old life. I don’t know what I can do, I only know thatfrom now on I will always be permed and made up. I have neverbeen so happy or thrilled as I have since they put me in thatpermanent wave machine. Permed05.TXTBY: Sandy SullivanJames has now been through intensive chemical andbrainwashing treatments. If you have read the first fourinstallments in this drama you realize the goal of the establishment he has found himself in is to convert men intowomen. We still don’t know why or for what purpose, neither doesJames. In this installment he will be faced with a decision.Can he resist or will he decide the way they have programmed himto do. If you have been finding wet spots in your panties afteryou read the first four installments you may need a pad for thisone.We returned to my room where Felicia helped me undress. Shesuggested a nice warm bath to relax from the ordeal Dr. Powellhad just put me through. After my bath Felicia began to prepareme for my interview . First of course was the taping of mytesticles up inside my body. The inevitable latex sleeve camenext, then a plain white corset, with me holding on to the lacingbar while Felicia pulled it up. She pulled my penis back andhooked it to the corset but this time she had me pull my buttcheeks apart so she could tuck it up very tightly. My penis neverwent that far back before, I wonder if all the sucking andstretching is making it longer. It did look kind of swollen inthe bath. Then a pair of plain white nylon panties, into whichshe had me insert a maxipad overnighter with wings. I looked ather questioningly about such a large pad and she giggled”You may become very excited during your interview, and Ms.Merrill will not tolerate any spills of male fluids.”Felicia continued dressing me by producing a paddedbrassiere. After it was on she reached in each cup and pulled theloose flesh I had noticed up on top of the padding. This producedthe illusions of breasts. I don’t know if it was because mynipples seemed to be so sensitive today, or if it was because Ihad strangely found myself wanting to have breasts all day. Inany case an intense thrill coursed through my body when I saw myillusory mounds. Felicia gave me some very sheer natural hose toput on and then a lovely new pair of white pumps with mediumheels. She had me sit on the edge of the bed and she removed mydangling earrings and replaced them with round silver balls. Shethen began removing my makeup with cleansing cream!”Oh no, not my lovely makeup! I just know I am going to lookhorrible.” I cried. “No, you won’t look horrible you will still be pretty. Ms.Merrill requires that everyone appear without makeup attheir final interview. She explained.Felicia brought out a plain white wraparound dress. itresembled the type you may have seen in pictures of ancient Greekwomen. When she had it fastened it had a plunging neckline,deliciously exposing my pushed up flesh. She produced four heavysilver bracelets and fastened one around each wrist and ankle. Ithought they were a little unusual, and certainly not verystylish as jewelry. But I didn’t comment about them, I’m’ sureFelicia would have replied that they were required. Since I hadalready brushed my teeth and urinated before my bath, Feliciadeclared me as prepared and we headed for my final interview.Felicia opened the door to Ms. Merrill’s office and showedme where to go. Ms. Merrill was seated between Dr. Covington andDr. Powell in a semi-circle. Their chairs were all on a platformwhich raised them up somewhat and in the center of thesemi-circle was a low round padded platform covered in whitevelvet. It was to this low platform that Felicia had led me.Ms. Merrill spoke firstWelcome Jane, I’m sure you remember that I told you that Iwould speak to you again about you future. That time has come. Iwould like you to kneel on the platform before me. You do nothave to but I would prefer it.””Thank you Ms. Merrill.” I said while kneeling.”Very good Jane. Now I would like for you to place yourhands together behind your back and allow Felicia to chain themto your ankles. Again you do not have to but I would prefer it ifyou would.” Ms. Merrill instructed.”Yes Ma’am” I replied as I placed my hands behind my back.”At our last meeting I told you could stay here a few daysso you would have time to consider your future. When you came toour salon with that silly story about wanting pictures, I knewyou wanted to be given a permanent wave yourself. As I watchedyou during the rolling process I could see how much you wereenjoying yourself. Whether you knew it or not at the time, it wasobvious to me that you wanted to be beautiful. While your permwas processing, we checked your apartment and found you had avery strong interest in lesbians as indicated by your magazineand book collection. Since you had such an interest in women Iinstructed Elaine to arch your eyebrows permanently withelectrolysis, and to pierce your ears. A little extra gift if youwill. During your stay here Dr. Powell has learned a great dealabout you. We know that you have never had sex with a woman inthe way a man usually does. In other words you have neverpenetrated a woman with your penis. In fact you were trained froman early age to perform cunnilingus and in time that became youronly source of sexual relief. You could ejaculate only whenallowed to kiss and lick a woman. Isn’t all of that correctJane?”-“Uh, Yes Ma’am’ I said bowing my head in embarrassment.”Well Jane I am now going to explain some things to you, andwhen I am finished I will require you to make a decision. Is thatclear?” said Ms. Merrill.”Yes Ma’am.””Please raise your eyes and look at me Jane. You have noneed to be embarrassed. We understand you much better than youthink. All of the women you have met since your arrival her wereonce men or at least boys. Yes, us included, we too were oncemale. Due to the kindness and foresight of my mother I wasrequired to enter the world of womanhood. Her act of love inforcing me to accept this change has led to this organization.You see this whole organization exists to make men and boys intowomen who love and worship real women and those like themselves.Our universal goal is a world wide matriarchy. A world where mendo not exist. A world where crude behavior, fighting, and warsare extinct. A world of beauty and grace. If you make the properdecision this evening you will be taught all about our goals,methods and history. When we last spoke you expressed an interestin being able to remain beautiful all the time. Because youexpressed that interest I have taken a few steps during your stayto make that interest into a reality. You were given some veryintensive treatments and certain procedures were done to you tofurther that possibility. I know you do not remember but duringyour course of treatments you were injected with female hormones,and a chemical that blocks your body’s production of malehormones. If you should decide not to join The sisterhood theeffects of those injections will soon wear off. In addition youwere given certain mood altering d**gs and then were sexuallystimulated so that you will always associate sexual pleasure withhaving your hair done and wearing makeup. In other words you willnow never be happy unless you hair is beautifully permed, andset. Seeing yourself having your hair done and wearing makeupwill cause a spontaneous ejaculation. Whenever you have anotherpermanent wave you will be subject to almost continuous climaxes.Of course your original training also still exists and has beenreinforced so that your only choice of sexual partners will bewomen or men who have become women.Since I know that you will never be able to do withouthaving permed hair and makeup even if you do not choose to joinus I also had Elaine perform some other beauty enhancingprocedures on you. Unlike the hormones you were given, the mentalprogramming and these procedures cannot be reversed. Felicia.”As Ms. Merrill pressed a button on her chair causing theplatform I was kneeling on to rotate, Felicia was placing alighted mirror. When the platform stopped I was facing the mirrorand the three women as well as myself could clearly see my faceand hair. Without makeup on I could now see that my face had beendrastically feminized.”Not only did we permanently arch your eyebrows but the skinunder them has been tattooed a nice golden color to matchyour hair. We also tattooed your upper and lower eyelids sothat you will always appear to be wearing eyeliner. Sinceyour hair color and complexion looks best when matched withthe pink shades of lipstick I had Elaine tattoo your lipoutline with a neutral shade of pink to more clearlyoutline your lips. Of course this type of permanent makeupis more obvious when you are not wearing any other makeup.”Ms. Merrill said.I looked at each place as Ms. Merrill described how she hadpermanently feminized my face. Thrills raced through my body asshe spoke each word culminating in a rushing climax. Rememberingwhat she had said about mental programming I realized thatwithout any physical stimulation I had just spontaneously eruptedthrough a limp penis. The realization of that truth caused aneven stronger climax. When I had stopped jerking in my chains Ifelt the table rotating to face Ms. Merrill again as she smileddown at me.”I am so glad you like your new face. But now we have cometo the moment for a decision. If you wish you may leave now, yourown clothes and belongings will be returned to you and you willbe escorted out immediately. If you choose to join The sisterhoodwe are prepared to employ you, after a suitable time, duringwhich several surgical procedures will have been completed, toestablish a new worldwide computer network to serve Thesisterhood. However you must be initiated with all of the sisterspresent for the ceremony, witnessing your commitment.. Thisceremony will take place tomorrow night. In this initiation yourtesticles will be surgically removed by Dr. Covington. Thissacrificial act is the evidence of your commitment to Thesisterhood. You will be fully conscious and must watch as Dr.Covington performs this procedure. Do you understand that to stayhere and enjoy your newly found beauty, you must join Thesisterhood and be castrated tomorrow night.” asked Ms. Merrill.”Yes Ma’am I understand. I said.”Very well since you entered this room everything has beenrecorded on video tape. Your decision will be recorded also. Ifyou choose to join The sisterhood you must say yes. If you choosenot to join you must say no. Give me your answer now.””Yes! I gasped.”Repeat after me the following oath. I Jane do earnestlydesire to join The sisterhood.””I Jane do earnestly desire to join The sisterhood.”I repeated.”I humbly beg you to castrate me so I may enter into thejoys of womanhood.””I humbly beg you to castrate me so I may enter into thejoys of womanhood”. I thrillingly replied.”I will joyfully sacrifice my testicles for this privilege.””I will joyfully sacrifice my testicles for this privilege.”I cried in ecstasy as I felt my fluids flow into mypanties.”Well done Jane, you are accepted for initiation.” Ms.Merrill said with a large smile. “I think you should have areward.” Felicia stepped forward and tied my hair back. Ms. Merrillopened the skirt of her dress, spread her legs and pressed abutton to slide my platform between her legs. As she d****d herlegs around me and pressed my head forward with her hands my joywas unbounded.Friday MorningI woke early and had some time alone to think. It has beennearly a week since I came to this salon looking for pictures. Orwas that the real reason. Ms. Merrill said she knew I wanted theperm for myself. I can’t remember having thought that. But thatis certainly of no importance now. I have learned much aboutmyself, and if it had not been for the kindness of these dearwomen, I would never have understood how wonderful life can be.I yawned and stretched and was again reminded how good my life isnow. I am wearing a lovely nylon tricot nightgown and sleeping onsatin sheets. As the nylon moved across my nipples that nowfamiliar tingly shock thrilled me. My nipples now seemed to besort of glowing all the time. Felicia had told me this feelingwill get very intense as I continue the hormone injections. Ihave been stimulated sexually more in the last week than in allof my preceding years. Yesterday, oh what a wonderful evening,how sweet and kind of Ms. Merrill to choose me to be a sister.I did not believe anything could be as good as that. To beallowed to kneel before such beautiful women is such a greathonor. To look at my beautiful new self while Ms. Merrilldescribed the wonderful things she had done to my mind andemotions, and how she had permanently feminized my face broughtme to such heights of ecstasy I thought surely my pad could notcontain the flow. The flow through a limp penis, I knew at thatmoment that I had no further use for it. I knew then that I mustdo whatever was necessary to be female forever. When Ms. Merrillallowed me to worship her artfully created womanhood I knew I hadreached the ultimate prize. So clean and sweet, so responsive,knowing this was to be my fate I cried tears of joy as Iworshipped at those three temples of heaven.Pressed by a sense of urgency I rushed to the bathroom torelieve myself. It was now habit to sit to urinate and when Iwent to pull my panties up I could see I had wet them again whileI was thinking about last night. While I was looking in thecabinet for a fresh pad Felicia entered the bath and said”You will need those all the time now, at least for the nexttwo or three months. Your treatments have taken effect and youwill find that your juices will flow at almost any time. Lateryou will only need a pantiliner for the little drips.””I did not know if I would see you this morning. You told melast night I would be spending all evening being prepared for theceremony.”” I brought your breakfast and the Book of The sisterhood.You must read the introduction and the first three chapters thismorning. In the next two years you will memorize the wholevolume. Come on, lets have breakfast” Felicia said.”Felicia, can you tell me more about the initiationceremony? I know what will be done but I was wondering about some of the details. I want everything to go well””I am not allowed to tell you anything about the ceremony.The only people who can know anything about it are thosewho have been through it as candidates. Are you afraid?She asked. “I am not afraid of what will be done to me. I can hardlywait for the time to come. But I am afraid I will dosomething displeasing or shameful. I don’t know how I willbe able to handle the pain and I don’t want to embarrassMs. Merrill by screaming or crying.” I said.”Don’t worry about pain, you will feel no pain at all. Asfor how you will react that is not a problem, some laugh,some cry, some are very joyous. It does not matter by thenyou are already a sister. You will find when you read thebook today that all sisters are kind, gentle, and willnever do or say anything to harm or hurt the feelings ofanother sister.” Felicia explained.”Thank you Felicia, I guess I feel better about it now, Ijust want to do everything perfectly. I said.We finished breakfast and Felicia left me alone to read therequired material I was so fascinated by what I was readingFelicia was back with lunch before I realized what time it was.She hurriedly helped me bathe, lace my corset and get dressed avery pretty violet business suit the skirt just below my kneesa lovely white crepe blouse and new violet pumps with 3″ heels.She told me that from now on anytime I went below the secondfloor I must dress this way unless I was going out for somespecial occasion. Since I was to be in the business sector mymode of dress would identify my status. She escorted me to thesalon where Janice was waiting.”Oh, Jane I am so glad to see you here today. I reallywanted you to be on my appointment schedule. I don’t get to startmany candidates on their journey. Machine permanent waves are notused much anymore and most of my clientele are older ladies withhair of a type that is difficult to wave. But let us get startedwith a shampoo and a special set for your most special day”Doctor Powell must have done an excellent job of programmingmy mind. Although I was sexually aroused the first day, when Isaw my hair being rolled, it was nothing to comparewith today. I felt the warm flow start the moment Janice placedthe first roller. It continued in little ripples with eachadditional roller. I can see that if I don’t want to sit in asticky mess all afternoon I will have to make frequent padchanges. Felicia must have known because she gave me a purse tocarry and I had watched her pack several pads in it. Soon my headwas covered with rollers and clips. Amazing how something sosimple and normal for genetic women can affect me so greatly. Ithought after tonight this will always be a part of my life andshuddered with the thrill. I asked Janice if she would show me tothe rest room. After I cleaned my self up and changed my pad,Janice placed me under the hair dryer and handed me severalwomen’s magazines. I thought, as the dryer began it’s droningsound, I am being treated like any female. No video, noearphones. Janice had brought the manicure table over and beganworking on my nails. She removed the polish, and then since mynails had grown since last week she filled in the area near thecuticle with a smooth gel. I smiled as I realized that geneticwomen must have the same problem of trying to manage a magazineone handed when having a manicure under the dryer. With the noiseof the dryer it was impossible to hold a conversation. SoonJanice was through with my nails and they were gorgeous, she hadused a darker pink polish today, almost a light mauve. Turningoff the dryer she raised the dryer bonnet so I could stand andreturn to the styling chair. She turned the chair away from themirror to take out the rollers.”I thought I would save you a pad change dear.” She smiled.I laughed and thanked her for thinking of me. Felicia hadtold me this would continue for several months. Wearing a pad hadseemed so feminine a few days ago but now I wondered if it mightnot get to be a real nuisance, Janice placed a lacy bouffantcover over my curls and walked with me to the makeup room.Remembering what Felicia had said about escorts I thought I willbe making this trip alone next time. Just like the regularcustomers of the salon. The thought brought a delicious tingle tomy nipples. Elaine was still working on someone when we arrivedso I took a chair in the little alcove. I found myself diggingthrough the women’s magazines in the rack. I never had aninterest in any of them before, but now I loved to look at allthe advertisements. I especially liked the one by Clairol thatshowed the blonde woman with very light blonde frosting, Iwonder– -. At that moment Elaine emerged with a very tall but striking woman of about thirty, Elaine told me she would be backas soon as she had brought Samantha to Tara. The woman had beenwearing a beautician’s uniform and a lacy bonnet also. Abeautician wouldn’t need an escort? Oh, I remembered what Feliciasaid about the way I was dressed, that person is like me! She isgoing to be a beauty operator, but she hasn’t been initiatedyet.! Elaine returned shortly and began to work. I asked–“The person you just left with is also a candidate isn’tshe?””Why yes she is, does that surprise you?” She replied.”A little I guess, I just hadn’t thought about there beingany others.””I think that is normal I had not thought about anyone butmyself until I saw the other two just before I wasinitiated.”Two? Are there two more tonight?””Yes, there are three almost every Friday. Sometimes, butvery rarely is there a cancellation. There would be morebut our facilities limit us to three per ceremony. That iswhy Ms. Merrill has decided to start building regionalfacilities. Our program has grown much too large for onelocation. She said.”Cancellations?” I asked.”Yes, sometimes the mother or wife has a change of heartbefore the treatments are finished and they take their sonor husband out of the program. It is very hard to do butsometimes Ms. Merrill will allow it. Of course after thefinal interview cancellations are not allowed.”Mothers and wives. You mean?””Yes dear, very few, unlike yourself, come here on their ownvolition. Almost all candidates are not here by choice. Infact, Samantha’s case is very similar to mine.””Elaine, I would love to hear your story””I’m afraid we won’t have time for that but you can readabout it. Just check out the book titled Elaine Six in ourlibrary. You can find the story of every sister there. Theyare published by our own company. The names and otherthings that would identify us are changed in the editionsthat are sold to the general public. Well honey I think I have done all I can for you today, now it is back toJanice for the finishing touches.” She replied.Janice removed the bonnet and began brushing and combing theset out I watched in fascination as the style began to takeshape. She arranged the top in an up do and left the sides full and wavy but softly drawn to the back. The back was arranged inone long fluffy curl which she d****d over my right shoulder. Shepicked out a few tendrils and swirled them into curls by mytemples. It was absolutely gorgeous. By the time she had finishedI was again sitting on a sticky mess, although very happily.Janice must have heard the air rushing in and out of my nose,because I was breathing very rapidly. Patting me on the shouldershe told me –“Go ahead and look for a while honey, I understand.”Look?, no I stared lustily at my feminized face and lovelyhair as I raced to a shuddering climax.Felicia came to the door and went with me to the bathroom soI could clean up again. When I finished she was waiting to takeme upstairs. This was the trip I had waited all day for. Tonightmy fate would be sealed, to be committed forever to a life ofsilky feminine finery, to the caress of corsets, to makeup andpermanent waves. Nurse Miriam awaited my arrival she hadeverything prepared and waited only for me to undress. She had mestrip completely, my penis was even freed from the latex sleeve.Bending over the commode I received an enema this time withoutprotest. It was strange to see my ugly balls hanging down again Ihad grown so used to them being taped inside. As my stomachdistended to resemble that of a pregnant woman, I wondered whatit would be like to be pregnant. That of course is the height offemininity. Soon I had expelled everything to Miriam’ssatisfaction and she began washing my whole groin with adisinfectant soap. Having finished in the bath I was taken backto the exam room where a new latex sleeve was installed. This onehowever had no opening for the head of my penis. It just taperedinto a closed tube of about the same length that the strap on theothers had been. This one was very tight and Miriam had somedifficulty getting it on my limp penis. The corset was next butthis one was made of heavy white rubber and was molded into avery specific shape. While Felicia wrapped it around me Miriamheld the tube and my penis up against my stomach until the corsetwas hooked. The corset extended very low so that it completelyhid my penis. Miriam put some soft cuffs around each of my wristsand Felicia lifted until only my toes were touching the floor.Miriam pulled up on the flesh of my chest while Felicia pulledthe corset tight. The corset had little shelves molded in insteadof bra cups, and when Miriam extracted her fingers my fleshrested on those shelves. It looked almost like two tiny breastswere there. Needless to say my excitement during all of thesepreparations had been building and when Miriam led the way to thetreatment room I began to smile. This time the chair had beenrotated to face the opposite wall this whole wall was coveredwith floor to ceiling d****s. I quickly seated myself in thechair and Miriam removed the paper slippers I had been wearing.Miriam fastened the wrist straps with my hands down. I noticed arounded addition to the ends of the chair arms had been added.With the straps on my wrists I would not be able to close myhands which would not only display my long polished nails butwould also keep me from hurting myself with those nails. Shefastened the ankle straps and then positioned my hips. We bothsmiled as she did that. I did not have to anticipate for long asalmost immediately I felt the greased tip touching my cheeks andbegan wiggling to accommodate this sweet impaler. I almostswooned as it slowly pushed it’s way in ,oooh so big, aaahh sogood. Miriam gave me time to squirm around to the best positionand then fastened a strap around my waist. Miriam moved that hugejoystick out and in a few times to make sure I was positionedright, this of course elicited some very happy gasps. Miriam madesome adjustments to the chair, raising the legs slightly andspreading them apart, and then rolling the top of the chair in,sort of curling my upper back forward. I felt her behind mefastening a device to the back of my head and neck, bending myhead slightly forward and making it impossible to move. Miriammoved around between my legs and held up something -“This goes in your mouth dear it will keep you from bitingyour tongue or making any noise. After it is in you won’t be ableto say anything. Are you comfortable?” Miriam asked. “Yes everything is fine” I replied.I had to open very wide for to wiggle the piece in, when itwas in place, she told me to bite down. When I did, a suction wasformed on my teeth, so that I could not open my mouth. Miriamtook a little swab with jel on it a and rubbed it between my lipsand teeth to keep my lips from sticking to the device.”Dr. Powell gave orders to put this in your mouth sheexpressed some fear that you might try to back out of yourcommittment. Now that you can’t say anything we won’t haveto worry will we.” Miriam smiled at me. Miriam brought the little wires out, but this time theycame from behind me and she hooked one to each nipple! Miriamdisappeared from sight for a couple of minutes and when shereappeared she walked in between my legs and picked up my scrotumwith one hand.”I am going to inject a deadening solution in you now, firstI am going to just put it in the skin. But when I inject it inyour testicles there will be some pain for a moment or two. Trynot to cry and make your make up run.” Miriam said.I can see her every motion, the injections in the skin arenot bad, better than the dentist. Now she is pulling my testiclesforcing them tightly against the skin.”Now I am going to inject into each of your testiclesstarting with the left one, be steady now. It will be just a fewminutes until your moment of glory.” Miriam told meAAAAAGHHHHH, my scream echoed in my skull, STOP! STOPPP!Liquid fire shot all the way to my brain. NONO more I don’twant this, I changed my mind. PLEASE STOP! AAAAAAGHHHHH, shecan’t hear me, she did it to the other one! OOOHH thank goodnessthe deadening solution is working, I can breathe again. MIRIAM–MIRIAM I groaned but she can’t hear me! Look at me, look at myeyes I changed my mind! You must let me go! She paid no attentionto me. She reached down and pulled a little pan on an arm up,andlaid my sack in it. Miriam! you must let me go, I made a mistake,please let me out of this chair! Miriam turned her back on me andopened the d****s. The whole wall was glass, on the other side itwas like a movie theater, there were rows and rows of women, allwearing white dresses like the one I wore lasy night. Then Miriamwalked out of sight. The lights in the room I was in and in thetheater dimmed. A spot light came on shining right on me. OOh noI must be first, I wiggled my toes and fingers trying to getsomebody’s attention. Dr. Covington came and stood by the chair.Why can’t they see me wiggling. Miriam is standing on the otherside of the chair by a tray of instruments. They both have onface masks and aprons. Miriam moves to the back of the chair andthen returns. This time she looks at me and smiles. Thevibrations have started, and it is slowly sliding in and out.NOOO I groan I don’t want to feel that I want you to let me go.Don,t do this, don’t castrate me! It is moving faster, thevibrations are harder. Don’t do this, don’t, don’t, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop. In, out, in, out,in,out. OOOH sogood, the wall, now it looks like a mirror, I can see my selftrapped in the chair, good, in, out in, out. My face , so lovely,my curls shine in the spotlight, in out , in ,out, oh how I lovemy curls, in, out in, out. I can dimly hear Ms. Merrill’s voice”James, now known as Jane came to us with a trumped up storyabout wanting pictures of a permanent wave. Obviously with hairthat long I knew he really wanted the permanent for himself andwas just too shy to ask. Jane has responded so well to herinitial treatments she may not be of much entertainment. She hasonly exhibited anxiety when she realized she had to wait untiltonight to be castrated. She has shown no resistance at all andher final interview was one of perfect submission. So don’t bedisappointed if she doesn’t scream or beg to be released. You maybegin Dr. Covington.”In, out, in, out, good good, the Doctor has a scalpel inher hand, a quick slice and my sack is open, she has a testicle in her hand Miriam puts a clamp on the cord. I can’t stop themthey are going to cut them off !!! Slice and it is in the pan,another clamp, another slice, they are gone! Miriam removes thepan, and they both disappear from sight. Only my reflectionremains I see all of me in the mirror my lovely face, my shininghair, my empty, bloody scrotum, yes, yes it is right, it isperfect, I feel the rush coming, I tremble, my curls shake in thelight, a shock an overpowering feeling of happiness as I ampropelled to the greatest emotional peak ever AAAAHHHHTHE END

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