A Ride with the Dispatcher

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A Ride with the DispatcherHello. This is my first attempt at writing a story, and this story is true. First off, I work in western Oklahoma/Texas along the I40 corridor and I haul crude oil. I have been employed with this company for about 6 months and love my job. I have two dispatchers and I get along great with them both, but one, I will call her Kelly is my favorite! She is married, just recently (about 6 months ago) had a baby, has a fantastic body and face, and is probably in her mid 20’s. I on the other hand, am in my mid 40’s, married, overweight, but a pretty nice guy. She told me once, that even though I am the newest driver in the company, I am her favorite because I always seem so nice and cheerful. Anyways, Kelly and I have been talking about her going out on a run with me sometime so she can see what I do, how I do it, and how she can be of more assistance when I have problems on location. Last week the opportunity finally presented itself, meaning, I was able to get a load close by to the office, she was off and was available to go. We agreed to meet at the office, she would leave her car there and jump in the truck with me.She arrived at the office before me, and she was able to get a hard hat, safety glasses, but we could not find any fire resistant (known as FR’s) clothes for her. I told her I had an extra shirt in my truck, and she could just wear her jeans and boots, no one would know they weren’t safety regulated. So, we got in the truck, I handed her an FR shirt and she put it on over her current t-shirt. We headed out and just made small talk during the drive. She would occasionally güvenilir bahis look around, include looking into the sleeper where I have my bed in case I need to stay out. She asked questions and we seemed to have a good time.Once we got out to the location where we were gonna load oil, she accompanied me around and was a real trooper! She followed me up the stairs to the top of the tanks where I pull my samples and just observed my entire job. She commented on how much of it she didn’t know we did and how much she loved being out and learning. Once we finished loading, I told her she could get back in the truck if she wanted, all I had left to do was put away my equipment and the hose then we could go. She said she was feeling hot and agreed to get back into the air conditioning of the truck. I watched her walk away, admiring her ass and those jeans she was wearing! I watched her climb into the cab and shut the door.Once I made sure everything was put away and secure, I headed to the truck so we could head out. I opened the drivers door and noticed she wasn’t in the passenger seat, so I entered the truck and found her laying on the bed (fully clothed). She said she just wanted to check out the bed and see how comfortable it was and how much room I have in the sleeper. I laughed, and told her I understand and then asked her what she thought. She said the bed was more comfortable than she expected and said she could fall asleep if she wasn’t careful to which I chuckled. She then asked about the curtain divider I have that separates the bunk from the cab of the truck. I explained it türkçe bahis was more for privacy but is nice when team driving so that one could sleep while the other drove. I told her how, when closed, it almost blocks all light. She agreed, said she could see that then talked about the bed some more.She apologized for being so straight forward, but felt comfortable asking, if I had ever had sex in a truck and if the cab shook much! I laughed, told her that with a previous company my wife had accompanied me occasionally and yes, we did shake the cab a few times! I told her about the time my wife surprised me while I was fueling once. How, when I got out, my wife went into the back, striped naked, then, when I was standing in front of the truck washing the windshield she opened the curtain and stood naked for the world to see. Kelly laughed and asked if either of us were embarrassed and I said no, no one saw anything but me!Well, she asked if I would mind if she laid down for a little bit while I drove, she wanted to see what it felt like to ride in the bunk. I told her I didn’t care, but that we weren’t going very far, maybe 45 minutes at the most to get to the unloading station. She smiled and said she wanted to close the curtain to see how dark it got in the bunk. I gave my permission, put the truck in gear and headed out.We talked as I drove, she in the back, through a closed curtain and I in front. She mentioned how dark it was back there and she could easily fall asleep. She said if she did, to wake her when we got to our destination. Well, I am driving along, she is quiet, in the back, güvenilir bahis siteleri I assumed asleep, and pretty soon she asked if we could stop because she needed to use the rest room. I told her about a Love’s Truckstop a few miles away and she said she could hold it until we got there. I noticed, but never thought anything about it, but she stayed behind the closed curtain and never joined me up front. We pulled into the truckstop, I backed into a space, set the brakes, and then turned around and pulled back the curtain to let her know we were there, and she was laying naked on my bed! I know my eyes about popped out of my head, but that was NOT what I expected! She must have seen the shocked look on my face because she laughed and said something about wondering if that was the reaction I had when I seen my wife that time when I was fueling. I told her probably but couldn’t hardly speak! I know I am horrible with details, and I apologize, but from then on I don’t remember much of our conversation. I know she said she has always had a fantasy about having sex in a semi, and how much she appreciates my kindness and pleasant personality. Anyways, we ended up fucking right there! She blew me, but not for long because I was really excited and had a hard time holding back. I ate her pussy, sucked her tits, ended up fucking in a couple of different positions. She asked that I not cum in her, instead she wanted to taste it. she said she loves eating cum and wanted me to feed it to her which I did. Afterwards, I told her how the truck stops have showers, so we went inside and used on of my free showers I get for fueling, and fucked again in the shower.Not sure what else to add, I know I missed a lot of details, but if you have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to ask. And for the record, no, I do not have any pics of her! Haha…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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