A Strangers Cum

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A Strangers CumA Strangers Cum Part OneMy thrusts increased in both tempo and depth as I neared my release, I could feel Kathy getting more insistent as she was obviously getting nearer herself and it looked good for a simultaneous orgasm if I could just hang on a little bit longer, but suddenly Kathy stopped moving and urged me to stop as she felt her orgasm start and she became too sensitive for me too move, I had no choice but to wait until her sensitive phase was over then finally it was my turn and I slowly built up my momentum again then just as I reached the point of no return again Kathy whispered “stop, don’t move”, I was feeling a little confused until she whispered “I think I can hear something at the front door”I was just about to jump out of bed when we heard the rattle of keys and a strained “MUM?!?!” … it was obviously one of Kathy’s daughters had just let herself in.“we’re in the bedroom” said Kathy in a worried voice “what’s wrong?”We could hear footsteps and sobbing coming up the hallway but as we were both naked neither of us got up and a second or two later Susie burst through the door looking bedraggled, shivering and dripping wet moaning out “I’ve left him mum, I just walked out and ran all the way here”“get out of those wet clothes and dry your self” said Kathy as she reached down to the floor and picked up the towel we would have been using to clean ourselves up.I seemed to have been forgotten as my girlfriend and her daughter started to remove Sues soaking wet pyjamas and towel her dry.I may have noticed Sues firm 24 year old C cup boobs and shaved pussy and my hard on may have still been bobbing around on its own but sex was obviously not going to happen for the foreseeable future and I was caught between two heads the larger of which was worried and seemed to win out.Sue was shaking badly from the cold as she slipped her mothers long T shirt over her head while her mum urged her to jump under the covers before she catches her death of cold.Due to the fact that I was on the far side of the bed and Kathy had moved to the opposite side to help her daughter Sue naturally jumped up on the bed in the middle and wormed her way down between us as her mum turned and enveloped her in her warm arms that moments before had been wrapped around my naked back.“Cuddle up to her” said Kathy … I just looked at her and said “ I can’t, remember what we were doing before Sue arrived, I’m sure she doesn’t want to feel a naked old fella up against her” “My daughters health is more important than your embarrassment” spat Kathy, Sue then shivered as she said ”it’s Ok, I don’t mind and could do with a warm hug”I’m sure neither of them thought I was actually talking about my hard on and thought I was talking about my body and was about to explain when I thought, bugger it and rolled up against Sue and started to move up intending to nestle it between those sweet bum cheeks, I felt my erection run up the V formed by her thighs until it pushed firmly into her crotch and got caught there causing Sue to Jump and let out a surprised “OH” “Sorry” I said, “the cold should sort that out soon”“Oh …Oh … that’s what you meant” said Sue “I’m so sorry to have interrupted you, hope you’ll forgive me”My erection had either travelled up under the T shirt or the T shirt had ridden up as Sue wormed under the covers but my erection was now pushed fairly hard up against bare skin and if it had been lined up with a wet hole would have pushed inside.The Cold wasn’t really making much of a difference to my hardness so I cuddled in closer feeling her cold bottom on my lower abdomen and my balls up against her cold thighs, my cock was pushed up uncomfortably hard against her so Sue wriggled a bit allowing my hardness to sit more comfortably and the coldness allowed me to start to soften slightly.“Fark your cold, that’s doing the job” I said.Sue laughed and said “I’m so cold I can hardly feel a thing anyway”Kathy spoke up, “so now that we’re getting all comfortable tells us all about what happened”Sue hesitated for a bit then said “John let two of his friends have sex with me without asking me!” then started to sob again.What … they ****d you??” bristled Kathy and I at almost the same time, “NO NO, it wasn’t like they forced me but now I’m so embarrassed I can’t bear to face any of my friends” said Sue“Well I’m confused” I said.“Huh, I don’t understand?” said Kathy “… perhaps you better start at the beginning”“Oh Mum this is so embarrassing, … your not going to like this but the only way to explain it is to tell you everything about how I was feeling at the time, then maybe you’ll understand.”“Go ahead Hun, we’ve all done some pretty wild things in our youth” said Kathy“We’re only just past 50” I said, “hopefully there will be some more wild times in our future” I laughed easing the tension a bit.“Well the trouble all started on our Byron Bay Holiday last year” said Sue then proceeded to tell us her story.We camped down at the Broken Head Caravan Park and John found out there was a nude beach around the other side of the headland so he wanted to go around there for the day and was pretty persistent until I gave in.Now I don’t mind showing off my boobs and I’ve got a pretty good body so wasn’t worried about that but I had just shaved myself down below and now people can see EVERYTHING I’ve got !John kept telling me I would be the sexiest girl around there so I thought I could always leave my bikini bottoms on if I felt too uncomfortable and I’m a bit of an exhibitionist anyway so we packed a picnic lunch and walked around the rocky track past some big boulders and suddenly the wide beach appeared and there were people everywhere.John tugged me and we walked up to the far end then he stripped off so I removed my top and we turned and walked back to near the start again before he was satisfied with a spot.There were a lot of guys and some had some incredible bodies and the girls seemed to be mostly older not so good bodies or really hot young chicks but I felt I was pretty much up the top of the hot stakes and all of the hot young chicks were shaved so I quickly stripped bare before I could change my mind and laid down on my stomach to sunbake and watch the constant parade of bare bodies.We swam and relaxed and occasionally John would rub some suntan lotion in and the combination of Johns rubbing and all the naked guys checking me out had me turned on all day long and I couldn’t wait to get back to our cabin.Eventually the day cooled off and most of the people had left via the carpark track so we packed and headed back around the headland track.There is a small beach in between some rocks just past the carpark track so when John stopped me and started getting frisky I was easily talked into a session out in the open. John laid me down on a towel and was soon inside me as I was quite wet already.I normally don’t cum from vaginal sex and John’s tongue usually gets me off before he has his turn so I was a little disappointed that he jumped straight in.I was pretty horny and it was feeling pretty good so maybe it would work this time.John was really getting into it when an older nude bloke walked out from behind the rocks and stopped in his tracks in surprise, I pushed on John telling him to stop as someone can see us and he stopped, looked around at the bloke then just kept on pounding into me.I struggled a bit but it was no use and then I noticed some movement and looked down at the blokes dick as it started to lengthen and expand, I noticed that it was huge and growing quickly and suddenly I was getting pretty turned on that this guy was obviously getting hard watching me get screwed right there in front of him.I looked up at his eyes so full of lust as he stared at Johns cock pumping in and out of me then he looked up at my eyes and smiled then started to stroke himself and the thing got even larger and I remembered thinking no way would that fit inside me, it would rip me in half !!I just stared at him stroking that big cock and really started to get turned on, I grabbed Johns arse and pulled him in harder and harder but just as I thought I might actually cum John grunted and started cumming hard deep inside me, I urged John “don’t stop , don’t stop, keep going” but he was done and rolled off me leaving me spread eagled in front of the guy still stroking himself.The guy dropped to his knees and shuffled a little closer to get a better look at my wide open pussy dripping cum and I don’t know what came over me but I shoved two then three fingers into myself and started to work myself into a frenzy.I added a fourth finger inside me and was using my thumb on my clit while I watched him pump that huge cock harder and harder.He edged closer with his knees between mine and I was thinking and wanting him to spray that cum all over my pussy.I suddenly remembered John and looked over worriedly but he was grinning and stroking his cock which was getting hard again as he watched the two of us having a mutual wank session so I went back to watching the stranger.I was so close to cumming and could see the guy was getting ready to cum as well when suddenly he leaned forward sliding that big cock up and down along between my pussy lips, it felt awesome and I started moving against his knob when his knob slipped just inside my entrance and he started to cum inside me which triggered my orgasm.I grabbed his arse and pulled my pussy on to his cock and shoved about half of it inside me then he pulled back and shoved it right in to the deepest part of me and I Came in a huge screaming orgasm as I felt his cock shooting again and again inside me.I could vaguely hear noise and commotion in the background but I just closed my eyes and concentrated on feeling that big cock squirting deep inside me as I went on a roller coaster ride of orgasm after orgasm.I vaguely felt that big cock get wrenched from deep inside me amidst all the noise and commotion but I was still cumming and fucking myself on a phantom cock when I felt my pussy get filled with cock again, strangely though, it felt different somehow and I knew it wasn’t the same cock.“Oh yes, fill me with your cum” I said keeping my eyes shut tight and concentrating on the awesome feeling of a cock sliding hard and deep inside me.I was slowly starting to come down from my orgasmic high when seconds later I felt cum shooting inside me and loud grunting and I started cumming all over again and fucked that cock with all my strength until once again I slowly started to come down.I felt lips trying to kiss me and pushed at the guy saying “no no, only my husband” as I opened my eyes and looked straight into Johns eyes.“Sorry John, I thought it was a different guy” I said and tried to kiss him but he pulled away and looked at me strangely.“So you came when you thought I was another stranger?” said John with a hurt look in his eye, “I can understand the first guy fucking you as you were about to cum and he just shoved it in you without warning but when I dragged him away and started fucking you again you thought it was someone different and just let some random guy that you didn’t even open your eye to look at, fuck you” spat John.John pulled his swimmers on and stormed off leaving me laying there shocked and confused so I dressed and sat back down and cried and cried until it was completely dark and freezing cold.I eventually managed to feel my way back along the track and walked in the door of our cabin to find John sitting at the table with his head in his hands, he looked up and said “how many more guys did you fuck after I left … its been hours!”“none … I’ve been crying sick and confused” I spat and shivered then crawled straight under the covers to try and warm up and started crying all over again.A couple of hours went by and I had stopped crying and shivering then John came over to the bed and said “I’m sorry” then got under the covers and cuddled me and opened up.“Hun, I’ve always been worried about not being able to satisfy you in bed and I admit that watching you masturbate in front of that guy then cum as soon as he put that big cock in you turned me on so much I could hardly believe it myself.I was so horny and pissed off at the guy all at the same time so when I shoved him away and turned back you were still humping away at the air and I couldn’t help but to jump on you myself and was ecstatic when you finally came with me inside you after all these years … then when I found out you thought I was someone else I was devastated”“I’m sorry too hun” I said “you’re the only guy I had ever been with up until that guy so I don’t know if it was the size of him, the fact that he was watching us or it was just a strangers cum being so naughty that triggered me off but I have never cum like that before and when you came inside me a second time I didn’t know it was you I came just as big again, I knew the size was different so it wasn’t the big guy again and it could have been anyone, I just felt it was OK because it was just an anonymous guys cum and it didn’t matter”“I feel really bad because I did cheat on you and really liked it, I hope you can forgive me as I have only ever loved you, no one else”John cuddled me again and said, “of course I forgive you, I love you and it was really my fault that all this happened, I’ve thought about it for the last few hours and if I’ve learned one thing its that seeing you happy in someone elses arms really turns me on and also makes me happy even if I didn’t show it back then.As a matter of fact just thinking about this afternoon has got me horny again so how about we make up properly”His cheeky grin meant only one thing, John was alright with it and things were back to normal so I couldn’t say no when he started to feel me up.John started to kiss his way down my body until I realised I hadn’t washed when I got home so I said “I think I better go have a shower or you’ll be getting more than you bargained for”John just grinned that cheeky grin of his and kept kissing his way down, “turn around, I want some of you as well” I said and within a couple of minutes we were both cumming and for the first time I held him from pulling out and let him cum in my mouth.I swallowed most of it and when I turned around I pushed the remainder into his mouth with a kiss.“Wow what a day, talk about a big change in our lives” grinned John, I just smiled and cuddled up falling asleep within minutes, happy and content again.Kathy spoke breathlessly “wow hun, that is sooo hot I think I’m getting turned on again”Sue laughed and said “I think someone else enjoyed the story too!” then wriggled around a bit sending a jolt through my loins.“Stop wriggling Sue or you’ll be getting another load to clean up” I laughed“What !” said Kathy in alarm “is he fucking you?”“No No Mum, Its only sitting up against my Bum, its not inside or anything” said Sue quickly“oh, that’s alright I suppose, I guess as long as its not inside you that’s OK” said Kathy.I started sliding my dick very very slowly up and down Sues bum crack feeling extremely horny and very close and Sue didn’t move or try to stop me.I felt my cock get hung up as it pushed against her bumhole but still Sue didn’t say anything or try to move away so I pulled back and put some more saliva on my knob so the next stroke back down I let my cock push up against Sues bumhole again before pulling back and sliding it back up her crack.I groaned quietly and started thrusting a tiny bit harder letting my knob slid up and down her crack several more times, as I thrust the head of my cock moved to her bumhole and slipped a tiny bit inside so I started to shoot.Sue muffled a moan as she started to cum herself, I kept thrusting slowly and with my cum lubricating her bumhole my knob kaçak bahis slipped completely inside intensifying the feeling as I kept shooting glob after glob inside her bum.“Tell us more of what’s been happening in the morning”said Kathy “I think we could all do with a good nights sleep”.I just fell asleep right where I was, completely satisfied after one of the most intense orgasms of my life.A Strangers Cum Part TwoEarly next morning I woke and stretched feeling my morning erection surrounded by something warm, I was still in Sue’s bum and seemed to be stuck as everything had dried up.As I tried to pull out Sue woke with a start and winced waking Kathy up so I just stayed still.Kathy Said “why don’t you two go have your showers while I whip up some breakfast and we’ll talk about things over the table.With Kathy gone I said “sorry but I appear to be glued in … and sorry about getting carried away last night”“don’t worry about it, I felt I owed you that after disturbing you last night” said Sue laughing.“How about we head to the shower and see if we can sort this mess out” I saidIt must have looked pretty weird as we got up together and shuffled along as I was led by the dick to the shower, I groaned several times as I was “wanked” as we shuffled so by the time we got there I was as hard as a rock.With the water going we stepped up to the sink and I rubbed some moisturising cream over my shaft and the whole area between us then started to push cream in beside my dick, I pulled but nothing happened except I started panting “maybe if I push in the cream will work and I can pull out”“Worth a try” said Sue but its putting pressure on my bladder and I really really have to pee … now!We turned and I stepped back until the back of my legs hit the bowl and we plopped down together a bit hard breaking the bond between us and I sank in to the hilt inside Sues bum casing Sue to moan at the sharp pain.Sue started to pee and leaned forward and I could feel her warm wetness flowing over my sensitive balls making my horniness even more pronounced.Water sports is not something I have ever been interested in but with my cock in a warm slippery hole, and my balls getting gently massaged by a warm cascade I was soon beyond caring.I started to thrust gently feeling so damn good I was not stopping for anything so I reached around under her shirt, grabbed her boobs and started to thrust in and out getting deeper and deeper until I blew my load balls deep in her arse setting Sue off as well and I felt her shove some fingers inside her pussy and thrust back hard on my cock until she finished her orgasm.Sues muscles started to push me out so I gently pulled back until my cock popped out and quickly stepped over to the shower to cleaned myself up while Sue emptied out the mixed mess.We swapped positions as now that my erection had gone I needed a pee badly so I dried off and stepped to the toilet and just as my stream started Kathy barged in the open door.“Oh, you’re both in here?” she said in surprise, “well after last night there didn’t seem to be any point being coy” I said as I finished off and washed my hands“well go have your breakfasts while I have my shower” said Kathy as Sue stepped out.I grabbed a pair of shorts and headed down to the table then Sue turned up in the T shirt and a short time later Kathy walked in naked.“well I can’t keep up with you two, I thought you would be naked” said Kathy causing us all to burst out laughing.“easy fixed” I said as I pushed my shorts down to the floor saying to Sue, ”we never wear clothes around here normally”“we always wear clothes at home so this might be a nice change” said Sue as she pulled off the T shirt and we all had our breakfasts.“Lets all head out on the back deck and enjoy some sun while Sues continues her story” said Kathy, “I’m really intrigued and dying to hear more”Sue continued …The next morning we really sat down and talked about our feelings, fears and fantasies, probably more than we had ever talked before and just before lunch decided to take a picnic and go back round to the nude beach.John was really disappointed because we had the whole beach to ourselves being a Monday but I sort of felt relieved.We had a spot under a small tree with some bushes so we could see the whole beach back to the walkways but the beach to the other end was hidden from view.We had our lunch and a swim then spent the afternoon sunbaking and teasing each other, sometimes I would get John hard and sit on his dick without moving and sometimes he would be rubbing some lotion on my back and slide his dick into me and just hold it there so we were both pretty worked up all afternoon.John suddenly pushed me on my back and slid into me so I looked down the beach and a nice looking guy was walking our way.As he got closer the guy looked over and I smiled at him so he walked over and started stroking himself then moved out of view behind John probably to get a better view between our legs. John turned to look then started plunging in faster for a few minutes then pulled out and sat on my chest putting his juice covered dick in my mouth saying, “her pussy’s all yours mate”A few seconds later I felt a very small cock slide into me and immediately start to shoot.I went off on another huge orgasm and sucked Johns dick as deep as I could then I felt the dick in my pussy pull out and another one just as small take its place.John started cumming and once again I was so horny I swallowed it and sucked it clean while someone pounded his little penis in and out as fast as a jackrabbit.John rolled to one side and I could see two young teenagers, one standing there with half a hard on glistening with juices and the other one fucking me with his lust filled eyes staring at my now uncovered tits and no sign of the good looking guy, just as I was about to say something the k**s eyes glazed over and he started shooting inside me sending me into another huge orgasm.I finally started to come down and unwrapped my legs from around the k**s body, the k**s pulled out and as I lay there panting I heard John say “what happened to the other bloke?”The first k** said “he spunked and walked off up the beach past us just as we got here so …. Can I do it again?” he grinned madly stroking himself hard again“I promise I’ll last longer this time” he spoke again and grinned cheekily“its not about how long you last with her k**” said John “she likes to feel you cum inside her”“cool” said the k** and before I could object had laid down on top of me and was trying to find my hole.I sighed in resignation and felt for his dick guiding it into the right spot and he started going for his life cumming in less than a minute setting off my orgasm.As soon as I unwrapped my legs the other k** asked sweetly “can I have another turn too?”Well I’ve gone this far so you may as well but this time just cum and don’t worry about making it last” I said to himHe laid on top of me and closed his eyes as I grabbed his cock and guided it in and he just slowly slid in and out the full length.I lifted my knees back as far as I could and it was feeling nice and unrushed for a change, as a matter of fact there was a possibility I might actually cum before him, he sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and the other k** knelt down and sucked the other one and I knew I was going to cum but then I felt cum squirting up inside me and came anyway, this one was a long slow gentle orgasm and when he pulled out and John slid into me my orgasm just kept rolling along, as I stared into his eyes and urged him to go slowly I kissed him passionately until Johns cum joined the others deep up inside me.It was truly wonderful for both of us.As Sue was talking Kathy had come over and sat in my lap and was squirming away on top of my rigid cock so now that she had taken a break Kathy grabbed my hand and said “ I think we have some unfinished business in the bedroom”I just said “we’re all friends right here” and grinned trying to pull her back into my lap but Kathy just said “uh uh, not in front of the k**s” and dragged me off into the bedroom where she pushed me back on the bed and virtually impaled herself on my cock in one smooth motion and came within a few short strokes holding still as her orgasm ripped through her.She started sliding up and down my pole again hard but slow, I took a guess and said “so the idea of fucking some young boys really turns you on eh?” Kathy went bright red with embarrassment and her movements quickened“maybe I might try and get a few in a motel room for you one day” I grinned and bugger me she came again this time taking me along with her.We headed straight back out to find Sue and found her in the Spa so after making our apologies we joined her and she continued……We had the beach to ourselves for the rest of the afternoon but we were both still pretty turned on so as the day came to a close we gathered out stuff and started walking back to our cabin and bumped into the guy with the big cock.He started to back away but John started apologising straight away and pretty soon it was all OK.John said “sorry mate but it was the first time anything like that had happened and I overreacted, I didn’t realise how much she would enjoy it and thought you were hurting her”The Guy apologised saying” well I’m sorry I got carried away but not many women have been able to take me so when the head popped in I just kept going”I noticed that his cock was starting to grow as he kept glancing at me and I was still pretty turned on so I said giggling “perhaps we can make it up to you?” and tried to wrap my fingers around his growing cock.John just shook his head and laughed saying “sure, why not!” then laid his towel on the sand, stepped back and said “M’lady” and helped me down on my back.The big dick was soon poised at my entrance but I wasn’t really expecting things to happen with no preparation and not surprisingly it would not go in, after all it was as thick as my wrist even if it wasn’t fully hard yet.I asked John to lick me out while I watched big boy stroke that monster and when I got pretty close I asked him to try again.It still wouldn’t quite go in comfortably, John was enjoying the show so I told him to lay on his back and I mounted him then I asked big boy to get behind me and rub himself on me and started to get really turned on feeling Johns cock deep inside me and that huge monster sliding up and down my bum crack ready to push into me.John grunted and started cumming so I pulled off him until just the head was inside and let him dump his load at my entrance then said “Now try big boy” and lifted up a bit.His big cock parted my lips and paused before the knob pushed in then it was all smooth sailing as he slid right in to the end of me in one long deep stroke.Now I must admit it was a bit uncomfortable being so big so I tried to relax and started pashing on with John while big boy stroked that thing inside my stretched pussy.It was getting better and better and pretty soon I could feel his pubic area hitting on my bum as he got deeper and deeper.I knew I wasn’t going to cum from his pounding but it was now feeling pretty damn good so I lifted a bit more and moved my knees so he could get in as deep as possible.It was sliding in and out easily and I knew that the new position was getting big boy off as he kept pushing that thing deeper until finally I had taken it all.I could feel his balls swing up to slap my clit as his pubic bone slammed into my arse and his knob pushed at the very end of my pussy, then he roared and pulled me hard against his body as my super sensitive pussy walls felt the cum shoot up along the length of his shaft and exploded out into the deepest recess of my pussy.My orgasm shot through me and squeezed his cock so hard he couldn’t have moved if he tried.Incredibly I felt Johns rock hard cock rubbing against my clit and he came all over my clit as he rode along with my orgasm our tongues locked together in a passionate embrace.After a couple of minutes big boy tried to pull out but it nearly pulled my insides out so we had to wait a few more minutes for it to soften right up and he was finally able to release himself from my pussy’s grip.“Gawd” I said “I feel like I just sat on a beer bottle” as I stood up on shaky legs and we all watched as a big glob of cum slid out of my gaping hole hanging on by a long string before breaking and plopping to the ground before the next lot slid out clinging to my leg as it slid its way down before stopping at my knee.John and I both started laughing before big boy giggled then pecked me on the cheek and said “Thanks Maam, that was awesome” and waddled off towards the carpark just like that!I was shattered and so was John so we quietly walked back to our cabin and collapsed on the bed in exhaustion and were soon cuddled up asleep.Next morning we talked on the way home in the car and I said while I had enjoyed it I knew it was because no one knew us down here and I wouldn’t be doing it again where someone might recognise us, I would just die of embarrassment if anyone found out so he better not say anything to anyone or he would never have sex with me ever again.John was a bit disappointed but didn’t push the issue and things carried on like normal … for a while.Kathy piped up “well, dunno about you lot but I’m getting all wrinkled so how about we continue this after we go out and get some lunch”“Sounds good” said SueI didn’t say anything just stood up with my cock sticking out hard and proud “not again” groaned Kathy as they both looked at my cock throbbing up and down slightly“well if you don’t want to ….” I said then looked over at Sue and raised my eyebrows grinning cheekily.Kathy grabbed me by the cock “not likely” she said as she dragged me off into the bedroom and sucked down my load in a few short minutes.We dressed then came back out and remembered Sue had nothing to wear so I grabbed one of my business shirts a belt and a pair of Kathys sandals and we headed off to a pub for lunch …………….A Strangers Cum 3We had a nice lunch down at the local pub in a quiet booth then Sue continued her story …We had used the memories of that holiday for a while to spice up our sex life but things were pretty much back to normal and nothing else happened until about 6 months had gone by.I was doing some Yoga one morning listening to the radio and won a pair of tickets to a Kiss Concert as well as a costume hire but had to make it to the station in less than 20 minutes.I was wearing some very tight yoga pants, a loose singlet, no underwear or shoes, no makeup, my hair was a mess but I grabbed my purse and keys and headed down there as fast as I dared getting there with only 2 minutes to spare.The presenter Gary and a photographer Jim then asked me to pose for a photo but I objected as I felt like a slob, my cameltoe was showing and the sweat and airconditioning combined to make my nipples stand out but the photographer said he could try different things until I was happy with the pic.The first pic was really bad, it was straight on and the lighting hid my cameltoe and nipples but it was really bland and very unflattering although Gary looked OK. He moved the light high up and closer to me, put a station cap on my head and took another pic then smiled.Gary stepped over to look at the pic and exclaimed “WOW”Two other guys had a look and said similar so Jim showed me the pic.The lighting and shadows hid most of my face but my nipples really stood out and it made my cameltoe look even deeper.“I want a poster of that” said one of the guys and the other said that it was the hottest clothed pic he had seen.“no no you can’t use that” I said “it shows everything”Gary said “please let us use it, you can’t see your face casino firmalari and we’ll only use your first name”“and I’ll throw in a full day spa and beauty therapy ticket … but it has to be used today” pleaded Gary so I looked again and I did look pretty hot.The other guys all chimed in asking to use it and telling me how hot I looked until I finally gave in and collected all my prizes then walked down the block to the spa.When I walked in to the spa the two girls were very nice and friendly and invited me to get wet under the shower then lay on the bench so they could scrub me all over.As they soaped me up and scrubbed with some foam gloves they chatted away to each other seemingly oblivious to my comfort levels as they rubbed their gloved hands in and over each and every crevice.“Nice boobs and a great bum” said one“Nails could do with some colour and that bush just has to go” said the other“What colour do you think?” said the first“Same as her inner lips I reckon” said the second“yeh that’s a beautiful shade” said the first.Right about then it was probably the same shade as my face but after they started on the creamy massage I relaxed and let them do their thing.I started a bit when one rubbed some cold feeling gel over my groin but then she explained that it would soften the pain of the waxing and a few minutes later I was as smooth as a baby’s bum.“you lied about the pain though” I laughed She smirked and said “here this will help” and smoothed some lotion all over my clean hairless pussy.As she slowly worked the lotion in a could feel myself getting wet and very turned on, she looked at my hardened clit and asked “is that better”“Fine” I squeeked, my face bright red again.They showered me and laid me down on the massage table working over every inch of me for the next hour until I was just a jellied blob under their hands.They the soaped me up again and had me soak in the spa for a while, I must admit I was so turned on that as soon as they left me alone I moved over one on top of the one of the jets and had a most satisfying orgasm.They then towelled me dry very briskly again not leaving any crevice alone and used warm air dryers to finish me off before I was put in the spray booth and given a nice golden spray tan.Once I was dried off and my nails were all done they stood me in front of a mirror and I was speechless, I looked ten years younger and very sexy indeed.I felt quite good as they handed me back my washed and dried clothes and thanked me for a wonderful few hours.John is not one for going to concerts so I knew I was going to have my work cut out to convince him but with my new look I reckoned I stood a pretty good chance and headed to the shops to get the ingredients for a great meal, while I was there I slipped in to the lingerie store and picked out a very sexy black set of underwear.The centre was an open mesh framed by the lacy edge on both the bra and thong and left little to the imagination.You could actually see my slit easily through the mesh so I knew John didn’t stand a chance.When I opened the door to John as he arrived home in my new lingerie and new look he was stunned, I actually had trouble getting him to eat his favourite meal before he ravished me for the rest of the night but as expected he agreed to take me to the concert that weekend.I picked up the costumes just before the concert but was not happy with mine as it made me look like a boy so I decided to not wear the leather pants and used a short leather mini I had not worn for years along with long thigh high boots and a pair of black yoga shorts.The leather vest with its deep armhole showed too much bra so I left that off, I did show a lot of side boob but my nipples were covered so by the time John got home from work I was happy with my outfit.A few hours later we started to get ready with the makeup and outfits.John whistled when he saw me and liked the way it showed off my tanned thighs and midriff but didn’t like the way my shorts hung below the skirt so feeling very sexy I put my new black lace thong on getting a huge grin from John.I didn’t have to bend over very far before he could see my tanned bum cheeks poking out.The concert was not far from our place so we walked the couple of blocks getting comments and whistles all the way.“I’m really proud to escort such a beautiful and sexy lady” said John as we stood in line to get in “but I’m glad no one can recognise me in this getup” he laughedWe made our way to our seats with the vibe in the hall was electric as we waited for the band to show.Once the band showed it wasn’t long before the whole place was full of hot sweaty bodies writhing to the beat as we were squeezed together by the sheer numbers of people crowded in there.We were jostled and rubbed as everyone danced to the beat then when I bent to move my purse I felt the unmistakable shape of an erection rub up and down my exposed bum.I jerked away but then the feelings overcame me and I put my hands on the rail in front of me and pushed my bum out and I wasn’t long before I felt the touch again.When I didn’t move the guy became bolder and started rubbing up and down my bumcrack constantly.I had no idea who it was but had noticed 5 teenage boys in tracky daks and hoodies and 2 girls dressed similar in a group behind us earlier so presumed it was one of those boys.I reached behind me not being able to be seen in the writhing mass and felt the rigid cock then reached in to the loose pants and drew it out into the open before putting my hands back on the rails.The bare cock started to rub up and down getting me very excited so I nudged John and said “look behind”John looked around trying to see what I was on about before the movements and my posture clicked and he grinned broadly.“I think I have to go to the toilet” he said grinningI kissed him then peeled my panties off and said “mind these for me will you”I felt the cock behind me start to rub again then stop as he realised something was different then I felt a hand feel around and discovered I was completely bare.I bent over further and felt the cock being moved around searching for my hole, I was so damn horny just about to be fucked in a room full of people who couldn’t recognise me that I was on the very brink of an orgasm.I felt one hand search for and find my pussy then the cock was pushed downwards but before it could get past my bum it exploded and I felt him just push in between my cheeks as cum spurted up against my bumhole with some going inside as the cock was held against me.I’m not sure if I started to cum just then as I felt movement and another cock was shoved down over my bumhole collecting the sperm there and shoved inside my pussy as it spewed its load inside me.I was still orgasming as I felt the third cock in less than a minute touch me and it was soon pushing its fat head inside me where it emptied its contents a few seconds later.There was a few seconds of nothing then another cock was pushed inside me, this one wasn’t even fully hard but with plenty of available lubrication it soon swelled and I was fucked to the beat of the music for several minutes before he stopped and I felt him squirt 5 or 6 times.I had not long stopped cumming so this started me up again and through my orgasm I felt the huge load this last cock must have emptied into me slide down both of my thighs and into my boots.I waited for a minute or so feeling people moving and excited chatter then felt I very long skinny cock slide up inside me touching the very end of my pussy, I was pretty loose by then and tried to squeeze tight to help him along but all he could do was pummel that cock into me as fast as he could shaking my body around in his efforts.Just in front of me appeared a big black security guard asking if I was OK“gawd yeah” I panted grabbing at his cock, “I want yours too!”I kept stroking his cock and he smiled, his cock getting larger by the second as the guy behind me kept on fucking me.I unzipped him and tried to pull it out in the open but he had to do that himself and I was soon stroking one very big hard cock, almost as big as big boy.Without warning he put his hands under my arms and lifted me up off the skinny cock and lowered me down trying to find my hole, I reached between us and lined his knob up with my pussy and he virtually dropped me on to his big cock and just stood there lifting me up and down.He was a bit too tight so I wrapped my legs around him spreading myself open more which was more comfortable for me.I then felt that skinny cock rubbing along my bum crack. I love that feeling as he slid over my bumhole with plenty of cum as a lube.The big black guard was still lifting me up and down on his cock and I then felt fingers at my bum lining me up and the next time I was moved down that skinny cock was waiting and slipped just inside.Luckily it was not hurting as slowly but surely it was pushed in deeper and deeper in my arse.My first double penetration and it was feeling awesome, I was so full of cock, so surrounded by people that I just came before they did.The guard then grunted loudly and slammed me down hard on his cock with the base of his cock pushing hard onto my clit forcing the cock in my bum to go all the way inside me as first the guard then the skinny dick exploded so deep inside me I was left feeling they would come out my mouth.My legs dropped from around him and I had no strength to hold myself up and was left hanging on 2 hard spurting cocks like a rag doll.My arms drooped to my sides, my head drooped on to his chest, my legs hung uselessly from my hips and my orgasms just kept rolling through me until my stomach muscles were painful in their intensity.The 2 hard cocks softened and I started to slide down, the guard gently lowered me to the floor and all I could say was “Wow”, over and over again.Johns face appeared above me smiling “did that feel as good as it looked?” I just smiled up at him too overcome to say anything as Johns hard cock slid inside me.There we were, in a huddle of people actually “making love” on the floor slowly and sensuously until a few minutes later I came again followed shortly after by John who then laid alongside me.I don’t know how many others came in me after that, John and I were just looking into each others eyes and kissing lovingly as I orgasmed each and every time someone emptied their nuts inside me one after the other.The concert ended and people started moving away leaving me in a pool of cum on the floor, John lifted me up in his arms, the cum pouring from my spent and sore pussy as he carried me all the way home with cum dripping from me and all down the front of him.He laid me on our bed cuddled up behind me and slid his hard cock into my wide open pussy and we fell asleep with his hardon soaking in the remnants of a at least a couple of dozen loads of sperm.All the next day I lay there limp and lifeless with my stomach muscles too sore if I moved, I was still covered in dried sperm but John’s eyes would glaze over as he remembered and he would gently slide his hard cock into me and cum almost without moving and oh so lovingly.That evening John bathed me and fed me then rang the hire place to buy the ruined costumes.Later on he asked “too much?”“no it was OK … but probably once in a lifetime” I replied sleepilyKathy and I just looked at each other, “surely that couldn’t be true?” asked Kathy.Sue pulled the camera out of her purse, found the album and handed the camera to Kathy.Inside were dozens of photos of the concert night taken by John and it was all true, even a photo looking up showing one thick black cock and one skinny white cock deep inside both her holes with cum smothering all three groins.“All very true” said Sue “took about 2 weeks before my pussy felt back to normal”Sue continued …About a fortnight later we were going to see a movie and I just had the urge so I put on my short leather dress and that leather vest again but this time just wore high heels and didn’t bother with panties.We caught the train in and were seated across from an older feller so I thought I’d give him a show.I leaned against John allowing one leg to stay straight and the other to rest against John and could see by the shocked look that he could see my bare pussy.He was staring straight at my pussy for a while and I could see the bulge in his trousers, he looked up so I smiled and ran a finger along my slit then popped it in my mouth causing his jaw to nearly touch the ground.He kept looking from John to me and to my pussy then looking round the carriage but after the next station there was only one other guy in the carriage who was reading a paper.I stood up and sat next to him putting my hand on his bulge, he groaned as I rubbed it so I unzipped him and pulled out a fairly decent prick, I bent down and sucked it into my mouth to get it hard and wet then turned around and sat on it.It didn’t fill me but that was not what I needed.I grabbed his hands and put them through the sides of my vest so he could feel my tits and started grinding and sliding on his cock.We pulled into a station so I stopped for a minute, the other guy got up to walk off so I started fucking the old guy again and the poor guy just about fell out of the train.“I want you to cum, just fill me up” I breathed to the old feller and before we got to the next station that is exactly what he did giving me a nice little orgasm.As soon as we were seated in the theatre I unzipped John and he blew in my mouth within seconds luckily as the lights were still on and another couple came in and sat not far from us.I got up to go to the toilet leaning forward as I squeezed past the couple, I’m sure giving him an eyeful but on the way back I “accidentally” stumbled putting my hand on his crotch, the movie started and a few minutes later I squeezed past again giving his crotch a feel on purpose as I went past.I waited outside and when he walked out a minute later I smiled at him and walked into the mens stalls and just bent over with my hands on the cistern showing my bum cheeks to him.He closed the door, unzipped and pushed straight in to my pussy as the old fellers cum had lubed me up.This guy was pretty vocal as he grunted and groaned his way to orgasm then as I orgasmed he pulled out, wiped himself off and walked off leaving the door open and a young bloke standing there with his mouth open.I turned and walked up to the young bloke and grabbed his cock then led him to the counter and sat on the edge.I unzipped him and pulled him to my pussy and he pushed in once or twice and came.I was still in the throes of my orgasm when a really old guy walked in so the young bloke quickly pulled out and left me sitting there with my legs spread and cum dripping out.“you up for it” I smiled“been a while” he said and pulled his cock out and started to wipe it up and down my slit until it got hard enough to put it in.He must have fucked me for about 20 minutes before he finally dumped his load inside me sending my orgasm shooting through my loins.When I got back I smirked a little as I slid past the first guy then sat next to John, three I said and smiled.A couple of minutes later John slid off the seat and pulled me forward so he could lick me to orgasm then he sat back and dropped his pants and I slid down on his cock slowly moving so it would slide in and out.The female of the couple noticed and elbowed her hubby but he looked once then turned away.I slid off John then sat on the other side of him and started to stroke his cock making sure the woman could see everything.Occasionally I would take John in my mouth but stopped before he came and started stroking him again smiling at the woman as I offered Johns cock to her.She tried to get her hubby to look güvenilir casino but he must have felt funny about fucking me in the toilets and refused to look over.I kept up my little show and noticed her put her hand up her dress, she was getting pretty turned on and again I offered Johns cock to her.John smiled at her and nodded at his cock joining in with the show as we watched her playing with herself.She said something to her Hubby and he got up and walked out the isle, as soon as he was out of sight she moved over to us and grabbed Johns cock then said to me “you sure you don’t mind?” I just grabbed it and said “here, I’ll guide it in” then smiled She pulled her panties to one side and lowered herself on to his cock then startled me when she pleaded “lick me quick” and started moving up and down hard.I had never done anything with a woman before but was so turned on I just got down on the floor and licked from Johns Balls to her clit.It was all too much for John and he exploded deep inside her so I wrapped my lips around her prominent clit and sucked it like a tiny cock and she grabbed my head and came violently against my mouth.“gawd I needed that” she said “but I better get back before hubby returns with the drinks”Then she kissed me on the lips and turned to kiss John on the lips pulling off his cock as she did.She made her way back to her seat and I took Johns cock in my mouth and cleaned every bit of him and her up.“I need you John” I said so John zipped up and got down between my knees and started licking me as the hubby came back, I stared at the hubby and he took a few quick glances as John brought me to orgasm again.When we left the theatre the wife handed me a slip of paper and said “perhaps I can return the favour?”We still have that paper as a memento.Sue then said to Kathy and I “perhaps we should be getting back” …………………A Strangers Cum 4When we arrived home I headed for the shower intending to get rid of a load as Sues story had me erect all afternoon but before I even had a chance to soap it up Kathy joined me, I soon had her pinned to the wall as I fucked her hard and fast from behind and luckily she was as horny as me and we both came within minutes.Satisfied I dried off and headed out the back in the nude to do some yard work while Kathy made preparations for dinner.While I was working Sue came out and sat in the hot tub and I’m pretty sure she was playing with herself underwater, Kathy joined her a few minutes later so Sue continued her story ….Well after the concert I just couldn’t seem to get enough and John kept encouraging me so anytime I knew I couldn’t be seen by anyone we knew I would seduce someone into sex.It didn’t matter if they were old or young, gorgeous or ugly, I just wanted their cum.We tried some swingers clubs but I would be lucky to get one or two loads a night as everyone seemed intent on having full on long lasting sex.I stopped wearing panties and always had a skirt on so I could have sex quick with nothing in the way.We went to known Dogging spots a few times a week and they were always good on a weekend but not much happening during the week.Although I felt pretty guilty we found skating ramps were great as it didn’t take much to get every boy there to fuck me one after the other and they always came quick and usually two or three times but a few of the boys were way too young and didn’t even have hair on their balls, I always felt really guilty as I looked at their young faces while they fucked me, although I always had an orgasm when they did I’m not even sure if they squirted anything inside me.After a few visits there would be dozens of boys turn up, so we would have to drive past and find somewhere a bit quieter.I was feeling particularly in the mood one evening and the place we had visited the last few times had around 15 boys turn up so I decided to stop, John was ecstatic as he laid out the blanket and got them to stand in a line and make themselves ready while he videoed … most only lasted a few seconds inside me and I came so much my muscles cramped and we had to stop, when we watched the video later John counted 41 boys fucking me.The word had gotten out and there would have been 25 different boys there when we left.John had gotten into the bad habit of only lasting a few seconds in our sex so even though he licked me out quite often our private sex life was getting worse.He always came in me two or three times after a strangers session whether I wanted him to or not.We were spending a fortune on fuel and motels driving to other towns where John would go out and pick up some strangers and bring them back to the hotel.John started asking them to chip in some money but the guys then “wanted their moneys worth” and I had to do some pretty disgusting things to put on a show, some of it was quite fun like sitting on beer bottles, sliding down on the corner posts of the hotel bed etc etc.One night while I was bent over the hotel bed surrounded by 5 guys, a guy had just finished and pulled out when his dog jumped on my back and started humping me, I was in the middle of an orgasm and couldn’t do anything to stop it happening so the dog found my hole and pounded into me then got his knot stuck, I could feel It squirting and squirting and squirting, I couldn’t help it but each time it squirted my orgasm just got bigger and bigger, I just kept cumming and cumming.Another guy got in front of me so excited he held my head and fucked my mouth so deep I passed out from lack of air.I came too again but was stuck on that damn dog for about 20 minutes.“how could you” said Kathy interrupting Sues story“there was nothing I could do about it” said Sue meekly “once that dog got in nothing could stop him until he finished himself off inside me”“oh my gawd” I croaked [I had forgotten all about the gardening and jumped in the hot tub]Kathy said “umm, I think I might go put dinner on”After Kathy left Sue said sadly “I don’t think mum liked that bit at all” then looked at me and noticed the movement in front of me.My dick was bobbing about all on its own, if it wasn’t for the water you would have seen the precum oozing out.“I guess most men seem to like it though” Sue said “so maybe I better not tell mum this bit”Sue continued ……John had been trying to get me out but the guys just blocked him and he couldn’t do anything about it.Well I was just overcome and had collapsed on the ground so the men just picked me up and laid me on my back with my pussy close to the edge of the bed and took it in turns to dump there loads into me while I just lay there having mild short orgasms as they unloaded.Then they got the dog to lick me and it went to town pushing that long tongue up inside my pussy to get every bit of cum it could.I just lay there and let it happen because it felt good and I didn’t have the energy to resist, one of the guys noted the dogs dick had come out again so they lifted the dog up on me and tried to insert it, I’m ashamed to say that I reached down and guided his dick into place, as soon as it felt it go inside the dog started fucking me so fast I couldn’t believe it.I came before it started shooting, then again when its knot popped in and out a few times then just about continuously as I felt its dick jerk time after time after time filling me to overflowing.Once again I was stuck on his knot for ages but once he pulled it out he turned to lick me so I held his face in position while his long tongue cleaned me out.One of the guys poked his dick in my face so I just opened my mouth and he jerked off onto my tongue, another quickly followed and the dog got away, two of the other guys fucked my pussy before I could move away but the other one couldn’t get it up.I crawled over to the corner where the dog was and the guy came up behind me and started fucking me while I talked to the dog.I was rubbing the dogs sheath trying to get his dick to come out when the guy started cumming in me, I then reached forward and sucked the dog trying to get it hard again but John finally got free and pulled me away saying I was disgusting and that enough was enough.I didn’t care and was pleading with John “just make him do me one more time … please John please”The other guys were all laughing and calling me namesJohn got really mad and dragged me out to the car naked and drove home even leaving our clothes behind on the floor.“so you liked it then” I grinned at Sue and laughed“almost as much as you” laughed Sue and pushed a foot up between my legs touching my balls and making me jump.I stretched my foot out under the water and ran it up between her legs then ran my big toe between her pussy lips.“stop it, I’m turned on enough as it is” grinned Sue so I angled my toe down and pushed at her opening.Sue just groaned then lifted up a bit and squirmed down over my toe, the feeling of her pussy enveloping my toe was incredible and I started stroking my cock until I arched up and shot several times into the air splashing down into the water.Sue was breathing heavy and moving her pussy round in circles while her hand was busy under the water; then I felt my toe get squeezed rhythmically as she had a small orgasm with only a small moan escaping her lips to be the only give away as to what was happening underwater.“Well that’s a first” breathed Sue“me too” I grinned, “felt pretty good actually”“now where were we?” said Sue ……..John and I didn’t say a word to each other for a fortnight, we didn’t have sex, I didn’t even have any strangers but I started looking at dog porn to get myself off.When we finally started talking, John got mad again when I asked if we could get a pet dog, we had another argument and when he told me we couldn’t afford a pet mouse let alone a huge pet dog I found out we were several thousand dollars in debt and getting worse each day as the interest was mounting.We had tried getting people to pay us for sex but the money wasn’t much so we probably had to sell something to get us out of the loop.I remembered an ad I saw and spent the day searching the porn sites for it then went to a pay phone and rang up the number.When John got home I carefully broached the subject telling him I had found a way to get us out of debt.I told him there was a job going making 12 sex movies and having an audience for each one, there would be a different movie each night for 6 nights then a night off and another 6 nights.I would be wearing a special mask so no one would know who it was as I had given a false name when I enquired about it.There would be a different stud each night for the movie and the 10 person audience each had the option of fucking me after the show, and apparently most would take that option.I would be paid part each night with the remainder after I completed the 12 shows.John was astounded saying he didn’t think that movies/shows paid that much which is when I dropped the clanger.I would be wearing a dog mask and nothing else … and the studs were all different dogs!!At first John said no way saying look at the trouble it caused last time etc etcI kept reminding him how much it was.He said he would think about it for a few days.I told him the reason there was so much money was the original actress had taken a d**g overdose and they had everything booked in starting tonight so it was now or neverJohn mulled it over for a while than said OK, but it was the first and last time.I also lied and told him they didn’t want partners around to muck up the show so they would have a taxi pick me up and take me home.Anyway, the 12 episodes of “K9 Cunt” went really well and they begged me to comeback anytime as everyone could see I wasn’t putting on an act.They didn’t have any more movies planned but the shows were always available.So now we were out of debt mainly but needed a bit more to get on top and John wouldn’t let me go do more shows.Kathy called for dinner so we headed in and over dinner Sue continued the story …John then advertised for a quickie sex night.I would be bent over a bench and the guys could fuck me from behind as fast as they wanted to without worrying about having to please the woman, it would cost them just $10.00 for up to 10 minutes.Things went well for a couple of months and the clients came and went, we used a different motel each time and a different town each week.I was getting plenty of orgasms John would usually slip in the line up so he got to orgasm with me but then it all came crashing down one night when one of the guys patted me on the bum as he finished and said “thanks Sue”, another guy said “yeh it was great as usual Sue” I turned around to see Johns ashen face and two of his best mates standing there grinning.The grins were quickly gone as I went ballistic and demanded John take me home NOW!We fought all the way home as I had been telling him all along I didn’t want to be recognised and he had invited his friends to use me several times already which is why John insisted I was bent over so I didn’t see them.I found out there had been about 20 to 25 guys we knew who had fucked me without me knowing which is why I walked out and left him the other night.Kathy spoke up “So John has turned you into a prostitute and forced you to have sex with a****ls … I say good riddance!”“You know we can always move and buy a place with 2 bedrooms and you can stay with us” I said“I do like the anonymous sex but I need someone to come back to, someone who is always there for me, someone who is a friend, someone I can just cuddle up to and share my pleasures, someone who doesn’t judge me” said Sue “you know” mused Kathy, “that new hospital I was telling you about needs a male nurse from 6am to 2pm and a female nurse from 10pm to 6am so we could move over there, its 2000kms away so no one would know us!”We talked for a while then headed off to bed and this time I was in the middle, Sue was telling us some more of her stories with Kathy particularly interested in the skate park ones.I noted some movement between her legs and guessed that she was secretly playing with herself as she listened to the details, I had a raging hardon as well so I turned to Kathy and said “would you like to share the boys with Sue?”, would you like to feel them get on top of you and slide between your leg like this?” I asked as I rolled on top of her spreading her legs.“would you like to feel them slide their young cocks into you and pump you until you came?” I said as I slowly built up speed.Kathy only lasted a few seconds moaning out “oh gawd yes” as she came hard.“then would you like to see him pull out of you, his young cock still hard and move over on top of Sue?” I asked “would you like to see him slide that young cock far up inside your daughter?” I asked as I rolled off her and started to slowly climb on top of Sue.“Oh yes” said Kathy “I would love to watch that as the next boy climbs on top of me to fuck my cum filled pussy”I moved on top of Sue and slid between her legs watching for any objection from Kathy but the lust in her eyes told me I was good to go so I slid my cock into Sues soaking wet pussy and in moments Sue came and I followed a minute or so later.Kathy was breathing hard, her hand between her legs so I slid off Sue and ducked down to Kathy’s pussy and pushed my tongue inside her pussy as her fingers strummed her clit.“Would you like to feel that young boy taste you with his tongue as you grab his head and guide him to where you want him to lick “ said Sue I felt Kathy grab my head and move me up to her clit“Would you like that young boy suck on your clit like a tiny penis” said Sue as I did just that.Kathy had a shattering climax and laid there lifeless as I sat up and smiled at Sue.“you would let me do that?” said Kathy with a wavering voice “would you really let me go down to a park with Sue and let those boys all use me?” I laid down between my two girls and they both cuddled up to me“Sure …if we can share a bed and our lives then you can share some fun with your daughter “ I grinned looking from one to the other.

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