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A Successful Advertisement (for casual hot sex)A Successful Advertisement (for casual hot sex)I’d been through the mill of life by the time I was thirty-five, married too young, fortunately no k**s, a divorce, and living at home again while I financially recovered. Then in my early thirties I reinvented myself, commenced regular exercise, lost weight, became trim and terrific, got myself a new job as a travelling rep for a pharmaceutical company, and dyed my hair, blonde of course. Everything about my life was positive and happy except, being constantly on the move, I had difficulty forming a long-term relationship with anyone. I tried one-night stands with other reps and pick-ups in the club and pub scenes. The hit and miss nature of these arrangements left me dissatisfied. So I placed an advert on a contact site seeking to meet interesting locals in the places I visited. My personal preferences covered a reasonably broad spectrum. The accompanying nude photo may have helped too. It showed a short haired blonde in a natural nudist pose, ordinary face with a pleasant smile, medium sized breasts, both nipples pierced with gold barbells, flat belly, smooth tush and my best assets, a pair of nice looking long legs and taut arse.The volume and range of replies nevertheless surprised me. It became a large task to assess and answer each reply, though many were easily rejected in spite of my open mind to the suggestions contained in some of them. From one particular small coastal city, I was due to visit in the near future for work purposes, I selected a respondee worthy of further follow up. Ivan had written a pleasant letter about himself. A clothed photo aided his efforts at self-description. He was forty, with a rugged face, definitely unable to be called handsome. His unpretentious letter was interesting enough for me to call him one evening, while I was on the road in transit, and arrange to meet him for coffee at the local shopping mall late that Friday afternoon. Ivan won points for being punctual, more points for shaking my hand when we found each other. He was taller and more solid in build than I’d imagined. His arms were thick, covered with black hair, but his handshake had been gentle indicating he was conscious of and considerate with his obvious strength. An open necked shirt showed more dark hair on his chest. There were no signs of a beer belly. He let me pick my table and seat, held my chair for me, and order first. He’d moved up in my initial estimation, but I was in no hurry to make up my mind about him one way or the other. Our get to know you conversation was humorous and interesting. His listening skills and lack of self-absorption won me over so much so that it was easy to agree to a second coffee. Finally we discussed the weekend. His happiness was obvious when he found I planned to stay in town until Monday and was ready to socialise with him. He was free too. Excellent! He accepted my offer to join me on Saturday morning for a visit to the local nudist beach. We agreed to meet in the beach carpark.Ivan was standing beside his car when I arrived. He offered to carry my backpack in addition to his own but my independent streak wouldn’t let him do that. The walking track from the carpark to the designated nudist area was about two kilometres, fortunately mostly along the beach. The curved bay for the nudists was about half a kilometre long, with many trees adjacent to the low sandy dunes. A couple of hundred meters along the bay we selected a big shady tree for our camp. We hung our beach towels over a branch. Ivan had brought a blanket too. And then the moment of truth arrived. It was time to shed our shorts and T-shirts. Actually neither of us seemed self-conscious. We simply took off our clothes and hung them on the tree. As we stood in the shade sharing a bottle of water we unobtrusively checked each other out. He had an all over natural olive complexion. Ivan wasn’t muscular but he certainly was solid with an aura of strength. Curly black hair covered his chest, arms and legs. But it was his genitals that well and truly captured my immediate attention, though I managed to keep my face expressionless. His cock was large, in fact exceptionally large. It hung in a thick downward muscular meaty curve over a big ball sac. It was uncircumcised, the fleshy foreskin drawn back slightly around the thick shaft revealed a peaking pink tip. Many men I knew would be happy to have his flaccid equipment when they were fully erect. I wondered how big it would be when fully aroused.I pirouetted playfully in front of Ivan. “You like?” I asked. “Absolutely beautiful,” was his reply. Good, that was one possible issue resolved. We decided to get a suntan before the day got too hot and spread our towels on the slope of the dune in front of our tree, facing the water. Tanning gave us an opportunity to chat, and say g’day to other nudists passing by along the water’s edge a few meters away. I suppose their stroll by gave them a chance to check us out. It certainly allowed me to look at them too. An hour or so later we cooled off with a swim and walked along the beach to the far end of the bay to dry off and have a look at our naked neighbours. The majority were men, but there were two other couples and three young women together. Most gave us a nod or a wave or said hi as we strolled by.Back under our tree out of the sun we spread out the blanket and put our towels side by side on top of it. I laid face up on my towel and relaxed. Ivan lay on his side facing me. As we talked I was able to discreetly look more closely at his big beautiful cock. Then he touched me.Ivan reached out a hand and softly stroked his fingertips upwards along the indentation of my belly, over my ribs, around my breasts, across my pierced nipples, up my neck to my ears, over my lips and back down again. “That feels so nice,” I murmured in encouragement. His fingers continued downwards over my belly along one leg and back up the other to continue his soft exploration all over again. Occasionally he softly brushed over the skin on either side of my slit. Unobtrusively, I hoped, I spread my legs wider, giving him unimpeded access to my pussy. He didn’t accept my implied invitation, at least not for some time. Meanwhile his touch felt more erotic, and my body türkçe bahis slowly became more aroused. Ivan, briefly distracted by passing nude men pausing to watch his caresses on my body whilst simultaneously getting a great view of my gaping snatch, kindly made me aware of our audience. My assurance that voyeurs ignited the exhibitionist in me caused him to smile, and thankfully he continued his finger walking over my body. At long last his fingers dipped past my swollen labia. They slid along the length of my gaping crevasse. His fingertips found the piercing in the base of my clitoris, a vertical barbell with gold balls on either side of the fleshy nub with a metal extension terminating in another ball, the extension curved inwards through my cleft, the ball resting on the rim of my vagina. Exploration complete Ivan commented on my piercings for the first time. “Now that is really interesting,” was all he said. “All of them enhance my sensitivity in their own way,” I explained. He seemed content with that and continued his slow erotic caress of my body, which was all that interested me at this moment in time.Ivan moved and knelt beside me. His mouth, lips and tongue joined the fingers of both hands. The first touch of his lips on mine was wonderful. He was a beautiful kisser. But his mouth moved on, over my ears and throat, slowly down my body to my breasts and nipples, over the undulation of my belly and along each leg as far as his position would allow him to reach. The touch of his lips and tongue felt superb. My nerve endings jangled. Again he moved, to now kneel between my thighs. I widely parted and bent my legs at the knees to both accommodate and encourage him. His tongue sliced through my open cleft. My body jolted. He found my clitty, and the barbell embedded in its base. Every time his tongue and mouth moved through my gash the barbell rocked, further hardening my clit and sending searing sensations of pleasure permeating up and down my body. By the time Ivan finished his oral exploration of my pussy my whole body was on fire. He focussed his lips, mouth and tongue on my pleasure pearl. Using my feet I lifted my lower body up to his mouth. I wanted, I needed, him to touch me. His tongue swirled, his teeth grazed and his mouth sucked. God it felt oh so good. I loved it.Maybe it was the warmth of the day or the beautiful beach, perhaps it was simply being naked outdoors, maybe the skill of Ivan’s mouth, or a combination of all these things; whatever it was, I came hard, came fast. The climax cascaded through me. It permeated my being. My body lifted off the towel. My cunt mashed against Ivan’s face. I felt the wetness flood my snatch. I felt his lips and tongue lap it up. Part of me wondered how he’d cope; part of me was past caring. As I slowly returned to reality Ivan was still crouched between my thighs, looking at me, his mouth glistening with my juice, his face smiling. “You are good,” I quietly volunteered. “Somehow I gathered you enjoyed that,” he laughingly replied. Then he drew my attention to our audience. In my pleasure I’d forgotten that people might be interested in our activities. A mature nude couple lay on towels under a tree about ten meters away, both watching us, the man displaying an erection. On the other side of us two men stood in the bush. Both of them openly stroked hard cocks. Oh well, what the hell I thought! “There are a couple of guys behind me on the water’s edge,” Ivan told me. I wasn’t about to clamber around trying to see them. “Let’s keep the show going shall we?” I asked him, “If they want to watch good luck to them.” “I just thought you should know that we have attracted attention,” Ivan said to finalise the topic. “It really doesn’t worry me, as long as they don’t interfere with us,” I assured him, grateful that he cared, and only slightly distracted by our brief discussion, really wanting to continue our sexual initiation. Ivan moved over me and placed his hands on the towel on either side of my body, his arms extended holding himself above me so that the only part of him touching me was his cock. He caressed its long length along the gaping crevice of my gash, his knob and shaft ploughing through the furrow of my hot hole, gently bumping over my love bud. It felt fantastic. My nerve endings were alive. I wanted more. In his own time he gave me more.His knob felt huge when he finally wedged it inside my cunt. The sensation was not unpleasant, nor did it hurt. His size simply stretched my vaginal entrance, opened it up in preparation for what was to come. He paused looking down at me awaiting a response. He got it. “Fuck me Ivan.” His tool moved forward and entered me. Nature seemed to take its course and my cunt adjusted itself to the size of his intrusion. He eased his tool back and forth, entering further inside on each inwards movement. When I had all of him again he paused, briefly. My cunt felt comfortably but completely filled by his cock. I had instantaneous appreciation of the massive size of his muscle of meat as it lay hotly inside me, filling me from opening to end. His care and concern with its use were also appreciated too. Ivan slowly fucked me. His cock passed caressively back and forth over my inner hot spot. The forward slides of his shaft tilted the curve of my barbell inwards stretching my clitoris, increasing its already heightened sensitivity. I was content to let him dictate the pace as we settled into the rhythm of our first fuck. As we became used to each other his movements gradually increased in speed and intensity. I found myself using my feet to lift my lower body upwards on his forward thrusts. My cunt responded of its own volition. It grasped his tool in a regular rhythmic clutch. The pressure pleasure began to course its way through all parts of my body, reaching out from my cunt and clitoris to my thighs, toes, belly, breasts and nipples. The tension and stress soared. My body shivered and quivered. My cunt clutched. The climax roared and soared through me. I was lost to the world. As I flew over the peak I became aware of Ivan’s long slow deep thrusts inside me. My eyes took in the muscular tension in his face neck and torso. My cunt felt the huge hardness of his meat. His cock twitched, pumped and spasmed inside me. His hot lava pumped into youwin giriş my depths. It pumped and pumped. Finally Ivan stopped thrusting, holding his cock deep inside my cunt, his sac resting against the crevice of my cleft. He looked down at me, the tension in his face replaced by a smile, the stress in his body draining to relaxation. We held the pose for some time, enjoying our intimacy, the feelings of post coital satisfaction, and the copious dribbling stream of cum seeping out of my cunt over his balls. Finally we broke apart, agreed on a swim to freshen up, and then noticed most of our apparent audience dispersing.After our swim we shared the food we’d separately brought for lunch and watched the activities of the other nudists. Some people departed and occasionally new ones arrived. I certainly enjoyed checking out their attributes. It was one of my favourite nudist pastimes. The couple camped nearby remained. Whenever we caught their eye we received a big smile. Ivan and I presumed they’d enjoyed watching us. We rested for a while before we had another swim and walked in the opposite direction along the bay to dry off in the sun. As we passed our neighbouring couple we paused briefly for a chat, and she told us how much they appreciated our performance, and added that she admired our courage when there were so many voyeurs about. The woman liked my attitude that if the voyeurs didn’t interfere, and got pleasure from our pleasure, then all was well with the world. Back in our camp we shook the sand from the blanket and towels. I was pleased Ivan chose to lie on his back as I had plans for him and I lay on my side against his body. His eyes closed in contentment as I traced my fingertips over his face, chest, nipples and belly. In the midst of this teasing pleasure activity movement under the trees along the beach caught my attention. It was our neighbouring couple. She was on the far side of her man, caressing him; actually she was looking at us and mimicking my actions. He watched us too. I murmured my observations to Ivan. He slowly turned his head and looked at them, and agreed with my opinion. “You watch while I play,” I suggested to him. My fingertips wandered down the underside of his flaccid cock, as it rested along his belly, and felt the softness of his hanging scrotum and the size of his big balls. Gently I caressed the skin of his shaft and it slowly lengthened, thickened and hardened under my touch. I watched with interest as it enlarged and the foreskin drew back along the shaft until the fullness of his gorgeous plum sized pink knob was exposed. My fingertip spread the clear dribbling precum over his smooth knob making it slick with his natural lubricant. “His cock is hard and she is doing everything you do,” Ivan said, keeping me informed on the couple’s activities. A flick of my eyes confirmed his statement. I knelt beside Ivan, ran my tongue along the massive length of his beautiful fat cock and gently sucked each ball in my mouth. His hand found its way between my legs and his fingers stroked my pussy. I was already horny. His touch made me hornier. Even before I sucked his knob and shaft into my mouth I knew I was physically incapable of engulfing all of him. Nevertheless, given he’d done such a superlative job earlier on my pussy, I was determined to give Ivan a memorable time. I laved his knob with my tongue, sucked his cock and took as much of it as I could mange into my throat, while I manipulated his balls with my fingers. The swell of his tool, the hardness of the veins around the shaft, the heat of its taut skin, the ooze of precum and his soft groans of pleasure all excited me. His request to desist surprised me. I paused. Ivan suggested to me that change our activities to see if the voyeur couple near us did likewise. His idea that we should use a position that allowed us to watch them and vice versa had exciting possibilities. I knelt on the towels, angled side on to the other couple to facilitate their overall view of us, with my hands supporting me, and my thighs widely spread. Ivan knelt upright behind me. I looked at the other couple and saw they’d taken up the same position. The woman looked back at me, the man behind her temporarily distracted as he concentrated on sliding his hard cock into her gash. I felt Ivan slot his large fat knob into my slit. My body involuntarily shivered in anticipation. Ivan rocked forward and his thick shaft opened and entered my cunt. Penetration seemed easier this time as he gently but firmly achieved a most pleasant rhythm, to which I contributed by rocking my arse to meet his inwards slides. The slap slap of his ball sac and the wet squelch of hard cock in juicy cunt filled the air under the trees.I checked our neighbours. They too fucked doggy style. She leered at me, put one lot of fingers in her mouth, wet them with saliva then reached back between her legs to tease her clitoris. Her big breasts swung back and forth under her as she humped her body at her man. His hands held her waist. As I watched them Ivan murmured to me that he was looking too. While my eyes were fixed on the other couple my mental focus remained centred on the enormous tool boring deeply in my hot hole. But it was enormously erotic watching others fuck while fucking.The first zings zapped my body. I’d wanted to take my time but my jangling nerve endings responded of their own accord. The power of the palpating pleasure permeated my being. I shook and shivered. Passion poured out of me for all to hear. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees!” I’m cuuumming! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees!” When I returned to reality Ivan still steadily pumped his prick in my pulsing pussy. The woman and man under the nearby tree grinned at me. But something about their actions suggested they were nearly there. Their fuck was now frenetic and fierce. I could not help but watch. His thrusts slapped him against her arse with enough force to rock her body and swing her tits. Their smiles changed to the grimace of sexual stress and tension. Noisily they came together. “Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh!” they grunted from gasping youwin güvenilir mi air sucking open mouths. There was no outward focus in their eyes. And then I heard the wet squish of cock in sloppy cunt. Ivan’s thrusts became faster, firmer, harder, deeper. The grip of his hands on my hips tightened. I rocked my body, arse and cunt back at him, used my muscles to form a tight clutch around his mammoth sliding meat. His grunts grew louder. He came in slow wrenching slides into my snatch. His pump muscle throbbed and he emptied his load of spunk deep in my twat. His climax felt just oh so good. We swam to wash the sweat away. The other couple did the same. Our brief chat indicated each to the other the pleasure we’d received from our respective performances. They hoped they’d see us again tomorrow. We used the remainder of the afternoon to relax, rest and recover before we packed for the walk to the car park.Ivan’s invitation for dinner at his flat that evening was an unexpected but pleasant surprise, which I readily accepted. I listened carefully to his directions and promised to arrive on time. On the way to motel I stopped at a liquor shop for a six-pack of premium beer and a bottle of fine white wine. Two hours later, dressed to kill, I parked my car in the visitor’s car park at the rear of his small block of flats. Ivan’s smiling face told me I’d made the right choice in accepting his invitation. He certainly approved of my appearance. I felt vindicated too in my selection of an elegant but flimsy black cocktail dress with matching stiletto shoes.The flat was plain but neat and tidy. Dim lighting, mood music and scented candles on the small dining table contributed to a great atmosphere. We had a cold beer each before he opened the wine and we ate a marvellous meal of prawn cocktails as an entrée and grilled fish and salad for the main course. Ivan reluctantly let me wash the dishes while he dried and put away. He offered desert and coffee and was pleasantly surprised when I suggested he have me for the former and we defer the latter until later in the evening. We moved to the bedroom and embraced in a long tantalising kiss. His hands reached behind me and unzipped my dress. He eased the straps from my shoulders and the dress fell around my feet. I unbuttoned his shirt and it joined my dress on the floor, followed by his trousers and jocks. He eased the belt of my G-string over my hips. Naked we embraced again. It was lovely feeling the hair on his chest against my breasts, the press of his hard cock against my belly, the warm touch of his mouth on mine. Finally we broke apart to turn down the bedclothes of the double bed to the bottom sheet.In an erotic tangle of arms, legs and hands we embraced on the bed. His tongue played with mine, his fingers teased my breasts and mine played over his cock and balls. I ended up underneath him, his prick resting in the gaping dripping groove of my gash. Gently Ivan entered me. I drew him down to me, cocooned him in my arms, and enfolded his body with my legs. In spite of our lust and passion our fuck was initially slow. His thrusts were long and deep. Again his forward slides dipped my barbell, stretching my clitoris, enhancing the sensation around my vagina. The grasp of my muscles and the rock of my torso matched his rhythm. It was a beautiful fuck, and it didn’t take me long to have my first climax. The sensations soared from my cunt and love bud to my thighs and toes, and along my belly to my breasts and nipples. The public nature of the beach earlier in the day might have slightly inhibited me. Now in the privacy of Ivan’s bedroom I could let myself go as the pleasure rocketed through me. I humped myself against each sliding spear of his mighty length of meat. I howled through the orgasm and felt the juice sluice through my cunt. And he was still going; faster, harder, deeper and firmer now. His tool and his knob, ploughed back and forth over that hot spot somewhere inside me. “Oh yes, Oh yes, Oooooh Yeeeess! Fuck me! Fuuuuuccckk meee!” I cried up at him while I rocked my clutching cunt around his beautiful prick. Faster and faster he fucked. I felt the heat from his skin, felt the hardness of his cock. Just as Ivan shuddered and pumped and pulsed inside me I came again. Slowly I returned to reality. I clasped him tightly to me with my arms and legs wrapped around his body. His tool, less hard now, was thankfully still inside me. The sexual stress and tension ebbed. “Don’t move, just stay inside me,” I asked as we began to relax together. Our cum saturated my pussy, seeping out over his balls and into the crevice of my upturned bum. It felt so wonderful. We lay together for ages before we slept until morning.The sun streaming through the curtains stirred me. When my eyes opened Ivan was lying on his side against me looking at me. We welcomed the morning with smiles. I pulled him to me. His beautiful hard cock bumped against my thigh. We embraced, caressed and kissed. He moved on top of me. I lifted my legs around his body and he entered me just as gently as before. As he slid his thick massive length into the depths of my cunt once more I felt completely and totally filled.This fuck was just as lustful as all of the previous ones, but we took our time and each delighted in the efforts of the other. I loved the way on each of his withdrawals he was able to leave just his knob resting inside my hole. Each slow inwards slide stretched my muscles, teased my clitoris and sensationally sensitised my hot spot. He told me how he loved the way my cunt tightened around his tool, and the vocalising of my obvious enjoyment. Gradually we lost ourselves in the throes of out fuck. His thrusts became harder, deeper and faster. His balls rhythmically slapped against my upturned arse. Just before I fully climaxed Ivan grunted and exploded inside me. His prick pumped and pulsed between my labia. I heaved my lower body up at his plunging prick, but then lost touch with reality as the orgasm soared through me. I showered and breakfasted with Ivan before I departed for my motel. We’d decided to go to the nudist beach again. An hour later I met him in the beach carpark. And we spent the day repeating our activities of the previous day. On Monday I worked locally before I drove onwards in the afternoon. On reflection I was really pleased with the results of my advertisement. Ivan was a most interesting man and I planned to see him again on my next visit. But right now I had another contact, a married couple, to look forward to meeting in the

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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