A totally fucked up family. Part 3.

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A totally fucked up family. Part 3.A totally fucked up family.Part 3.Mum finally got up and asked if she could take a shower and stay the night. She’s only stayed here once before when she helped me move in so she knew her way around. I told her I was going to bed and that I’ll talk to her in the morning. She said thank you and that she loved me and then looked at Julie who was stroking herself and said goodnight to her.When she left the room I looked at Julie and whispered, “I’m totally fucked out Julie and I can’t believe what just happened.”Julie smiled and said, “That was something that needed to be recorded. I fingered myself to a couple of little orgasms while you two were going for it and how fucking horny is your mother?”“I hope you don’t need me to help you because I am really fucking tired Julie.”“Don’t worry Lisa, I can use our friend and do myself before I go to sleep. I just hope the noise doesn’t make your mother want to find out what it is. But then again, that would be something to see her doing.”Julie is talking about our sybian that we only use for ourselves and never with the other girls. The noise it makes with full power and the noise we make when using it must make the neighbours wonder what the fuck is going on. Julie got some attachments that fit onto the little vibrating dildo and we both agree that the big black butt plug is the best. It’s the most intense sex machine a woman could ever want to use for a mind blowing orgasm.I was still wondering why my mother turned up unannounced and I knew I would find out in the morning, but for now I was heading to bed with Julie and going to watch her riding herself to another orgasm.The sybian is always set up in the corner of our room under a small coffee table so that none of our girlfriends can see it. I flopped onto the bed and felt exhausted as Julie slid out our toy. She spat on her hand before smearing it around her ass hole for a deep anal penetration. As I watched her I said, “It turned you on watching me and mum fucking each other. Didn’t it?” Smiling back at me all she said was, “What the fuck do you think?” She lowered herself slowly onto the head of the large butt plug until it was fully inserted. When she came to rest on the sybian she let out a little moan and said, “This isn’t going to take long at all Lisa.” Now I was worried. Not for Julie but from the noise she was going to make when her orgasm kicked in. I don’t think she realises how loud she gets when she cums and I think if she knew she wouldn’t give a fuck anyway.I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her holding on with one hand while the other turned the knob slowly higher and higher. The buzzing could be felt through the carpet as it reached its full strength. Julie’s hair covered her face as she leaned forward holding on for the ride of her life. She was gasping as her body stayed still taking in the strong vibrations on her clit and in her ass. I could see she was just about there as she started grinding her hips onto the machine. Her shacking legs gave me the sign she was about to cum and I knew it was going to be a hard one. Julie’s head whipped back and she froze on the stop. I know her too well to know that when she screws up her face and opens her mouth that she won’t be able to stop screaming. I decided to cover her mouth with my sore cunt and let her scream as much as she needed to. I got up and quickly grabbed her by the hair pulling her head into my cunt. Her eyes bulged out of her head as I grinded my sore cunt against her open mouth. I didn’t care if she couldn’t breathe so long as I kept her volume down from my mother hearing her. The vibrations of her screaming in my now wet cunt were all too much for me to ignore as I felt I was about to kaçak iddaa cum as well. I was now using her face to fuck myself with. Julie’s body was trembling all over the sybian as she continued her screaming. Now I had both of my hands behind her head and pulling her harder against me. I was fucking her face so hard for my own release that I didn’t care if she could breathe when she suddenly clawed her nails into the side of my leg. My legs started shaking and I had to bite my lip from yelling out myself. Julie was amazing. I was fucking her so hard and yet she still managed to shove her tongue in me. I was cumming like a waterfall all over her. It was running down my thighs and into her mouth and she kept on going. The machine was still running in the high position and Julie started fucking her ass against it. I held onto her for support now as my orgasm continued. She was breathing hard through her nose but never once did she stop sucking my squirting cunt. Now Julie went wild on me. She managed to raise both of her hands to each of by tits and dug her nails into them like never before. The pain soared straight through me and sent every nerve into overdrive. I looked down at her with anger and decided to really fuck her up. I move back and forcefully pulled her straight off the machine by her hair. The machine got louder when the vibration butt plug left her ass. The void drove her crazy making her squeal. She was so pissed off and I knew it. She brutally grabbed my hair and forced me to the floor with it. She still had hold of my right breast with her finger nails and gave me a good knee to my cunt. I yelled and with my mouth open she started was spitting at me. “I’m going to fucking rip you apart for that, bitch,” Julie grunted in an angry voice. With her pulling my hair so hard and my body subsiding from its orgasm I still managed to say, “Not if I fuck you up first you piece of shit.”She was on top of me and I felt another hard knee to my cunt. I gasped from the impact and grabbed her hair pulling her head back. She grabbed my hand but I had her tits in front of me now and I brutally scrapped my finger nails across her right breast leaving a mark and making her scream. I didn’t care about the noise now as I was determined to pay her back for kneeing me. “Scream you your fucking head off you fucking cunt. I’ve just started,” I told her as I slid from under her. She still had hold of my hair as did I and we were both determined to get to our feet. She got up first and waited for me to get to my feet before she gave me a hard kick between my legs. It dropped me to the floor and when she came closer she got a swift punch directly into her cunt. She finally let go of my hair as she placed both hands against her sore cunt. I was on my knees watching for her next move. Julie was bent down and her tangled hair covered her face. When she looked up she said, “Now you’re going to fucking pay,” and came at me with outstretched hands. She didn’t make it as I threw my fist straight into her cunt making her entire body jump up. All she could was hold her breath as she slowly lowered to her knees. Now facing me I spat back in her face and said, “I’m going to push my fucking fist, [I gave her a deep jab as I was saying this] from here and make it come right out of your ass hole.” She opened her eyes and said, “Not in your fucking sickest fantasy you fucking whore,” and then stabbed my cunt with a closed fist as deep as she could go. It hurt like hell and I knew I was in trouble. I pulled harder on her hair and started to fist fuck her fast. She did the same and started spitting at me. We were both on our knees trying to pull our hips away as we continued attacking each other. Julie let my hair go kaçak bahis only to scratch my tit and pay me back. She got me good as her hand swiped across the top of both my breast giving me a stinging pain that started to burn. I wanted to bite her face but she shoved four fingers down my throat making me gag. I was in trying to bite down on her fingers but she pushed them further down make my eyes tear up. I had to do something quick. I quickly pulled my fist out and punched her in the gut as I pulled myself away. Her head landed onto the floor and I got around her and aimed for her ass hole. I stretched all my fingers out like an arrow and shoved them in her ass. “I may as well go through the back door and out the front instead,” I grunted at her. She collapsed on her belly and as she yelled. I pulled her head back by the hair and she started screaming. Now I had another idea come to mine. I thought if she wanted to knee and kick me then let’s see how she takes this. Again I roughly pulled out of her and as she yelled I backed away and showed my foot into her ass. It hurt my little toe but I didn’t care. I was in her ass and kicking my foot in as far as I could. She raised her hips to move away and I did something that I have never done before. Without thinking I shoved my other foot into her cunt and pushed both feet forward. It took her breath away as she dug her nails into the carpet. I pumped her so fucking hard that her ass and cunt were farting uncontrollably. She couldn’t move but I rocked her body with every thrust of my feet. I was now winning and I was starting to get excited. Sitting on my ass and watching my feet fucking the shit out of Julie were unbelievable. I had a sore cunt from this bitch and now it was calling me to help it. I spat on my fingers and even spat at my cunt before I started stroking it. I was on fire and as soon as I touched myself I went crazy with my feet. I moved my ass closer to part my legs and inserted three fingers into my soaking cunt. Julie was unable to do a thing except take my brutal attack on her body. The sight and feel of her warmth against my feet was amazing. I was mesmerized by what I was doing that I didn’t notice that Julie was starting to moan. “What’s that Bitch? You had enough have you? Well I’m not fucking finished with you yet so shut the fuck up,” I said as I tried to go deeper.“Don’t…….Stop……..Lisa,” I heard her say. Fuck me. Here I am shoving both of my feet into her and she was taking it. I fucking lost it knowing that all was going to be alright with us and that I was actually turning her on as much as myself. All this time the sybian was running at top speed and it was only by my side. I was trying to work out a way that I could use it without taking my feet out of Julie’s hole but thought it better to just turn it off. As soon as the noise disappeared I could clearly hear Julie breathing heavily. I was going to fucking have another orgasm and I think it might knock me out. “I’m going to fuck you so hard until I fucking cum Julie.”She cried out, “Oh fuck yes. Do me baby please,” and she slid her hand to her clit and started going for it.I forced four fingers now into myself and started fucking her faster and harder. She was yelping in time to my thrusts and I was fucking myself to a blur. And fuck me what an orgasm I gave myself. My body tensed up and then began to shake. Then my legs started to jerk around and Julie knew that I was cumming which sent her off in her own world. We were gasping and squealing at the same time. I was now on my back with both of my feet trembling inside of Julie’s holes. Her body was bucking against my intruding feet for maximum penetration to prolong her orgasm. I was once again squirting güvenilir bahis around my fingers as my cunt muscles were contracting against them. I had no choice but to curl up my uncontrollable body into a tight ball and released my invading feet from Julie’s body. Julie’s body demanded the void in her cunt to be filled and she managed it by inserting four fingers into herself and clamping her legs tightly together. It was one of the hardest orgasm’s I had and I don’t know if it was my brain or my body that made me pass out. I will remember this moment forever.I don’t know how long I was out of it but I was woken by my beautiful girlfriend standing above me and pissing on my face. I smiled and opened my mouth to receive a mouthful of her warm urine. When she finished she lay down beside me and we kissed deeply for a long time. Brushing my soaked hair from my face she said, “I have never loved anyone in my life like I love you Lisa. I hope that you’re not angry with me for what I did earlier on but I just lost it. I was having a massive orgasm and you just went wild and I did the same thing. I will never hurt you like that again Lisa. I promise.”“What do you mean you will never hurt me like that again? You fucking better because that was the most amazing fuck I think we have ever had. Or don’t you think so?”Julie smiled and said before she kissed me, “I’ll fuck you as hard and as brutal as you want me to so long as you don’t hold back on doing the same to me.”We slept there on the floor until morning and we both had a shower together before meeting my mum in the kitchen. She had made breakfast for everyone and was smiling from ear to ear. I wondered what she was thinking so I asked her.She said that when she came out of the shower she could hear the two of us in our room. She thought that I was servicing Julie’s needs from watching the two of us having sex. She said that when she was in bed she not only heard us but could hear a humming noise coming from outside.I wanted to laugh and I told her that we hear it to sometimes but don’t know what it is. She left it at that and so did we until she said, “When you two fuck each other do you always go at it that way?”I now wondered how much did she hear and asked her.“Well I heard enough to give myself more than one orgasm if that’s what you mean Lisa.”I said, “You had orgasms from listening to us making love.” Mum looked at me and grinned. She put her coffee down and said. “Lisa, that’s not making love my dear. What we did last night was not love; it was just pure a****listic lust in us all. Don’t get me wrong though, I love you for what we did but at the time I wanted to hurt you. When you started to enjoy it I felt bad for what I was doing to you but then my lustful urgers took over me. You just don’t realize Lisa how very much alike we are when it comes to sex. I love sex and I love your father but when he fucks me I only think about myself. I don’t care how he does me so long as it brings me to a good orgasm. I like it when we fuck like a****ls for hours and I orgasm several times a night. So last night when you two were fucking like a****ls I was fucking myself trying to imagine what you were doing. From what I could hear it was pretty wild which is what I loved about last night between the two of us. The other part of last night was being watched by you Julie. It was the first time I have ever done that to another woman and it’s the first time I have been fucked that hard by another woman, especially by my own daughter.”I was kind of shocked by the way mum was talking but when she said that she’s never been fucked THAT hard by another woman I had to ask what she meant by that.Mum took another sip of her coffee and then said, “Yes Lisa I have been fucked and I have fucked another woman before so you see we are the same. Now you’re wondering who it was and you’re not going to believe it. Are you ready for this?” “Fuck mum, I don’t know what to say but tell me.”To be continued.

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