A wild night out

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A wild night outA wild night outWords by PornLovingChick, gifs by RuffianXI woke up with my fingertips in my mouth, my dreams still in my head, my memories hazily drifting in from the night before. I closed my eyes again, afraid of losing the moment, while I licked and sucked on my fingers and began to piece together the fragments from the night beforeMy whole body seemed to be trembling slightly. Although I had slept, I still felt excited, my breathing fast and light. I began to notice the delicious little aches and pains all over my body, tiny souvenirs of a wild night out. Jesus. What did I do last night?You picked me up straight from work and we went to a bar. We had made some promise to go eat before we started drinking but I don’t think we ever did. Did we? My nipple. My nipple is swollen like it has been pinched just a little too hard and suddenly I remember the woman on the dancefloor.God she was sexy. My nipple is swelling up again now as I remember.We had ended up in a club and it was a pretty crazy place. I guess it was a gay bar of some sort, but from what I recall it was pretty much a Roman banquet of sexual decadence. I was talking to you when this woman simply strode over without saying s word, grabbed my arm and dragged me onto the dancefloor. I can picture you just standing there, watching us dance together, grinning a wicked smile. She kissed me and stroked me as as danced, her hands gripping at my blouse, pulling it apart and then, oh my God, she just ripped it open and pulled my bra down. I didn’t care who saw us I was just totally lost in her kisses and her caresses.She must have been really getting off on putting on a show. I can still see the look on your face as she shamelessly played with my boobs on the dancefloor, kissing and sucking them.I worked out she had a boyfriend with her too. He was a tall, handzome guy in a pale suit watching us avidly from the bar, and she kept catching glimpses of him.I guess I thought it was just a playful thing at first, like a performance. I didn’t think about how far it might go. Then this girl leaned in to my ear, nibbling my earlobe, kissing me, and then whispering to me.”I cannot stop this. I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you right here, right now. I need you to make me come.” I took her hand and almost dragged her off the dancefloor to the ladies washroom. It was pretty grubby in there, but I didn’t care, it just made it feel all the more sleazy. At first all the stalls were taken up so we just kissed and groped furiously against a washbasin, grabbing at each others jeans, trying to get our hands into each other. When a door opened we almost fell into the stall, tearing our tops off,She pushed me up against urfa escort the wall and kissed me and then I span her around, holding her arms wide to let me see her properly naked. She had rough tattoos, pert little tits, She made a cute little whimper when I began to suck on them. Oh my God I remember now, she started to talk so loud, telling me what to do. I remember thinking how every other girl in the washroom must have been able to hear her as she almost barked orders at me, like”Oh FUCK YES don’t stop, lower, eat my pussy, fuck me honey, fuck me now,”I did exactly as I was told. She sat on the cistern with her legs wide apart and I buried my face in her hot, wet, hungry cunt, licking her clitoris and pushing my fingers inside her.She came so quickly, with howling, growling a****l yell. grabbing my head and roughly pushing my face between her legs. I straightened myself up, and began picking my clothes off the stall floor. “Don’t you want to turn?” she asked, but I shook my head. I wanted to save myself for you, save myself for later. When we opened the stall door to the washroom, there was a whole crowd waiting for us, laughing, cheering. The girl smiled wickedly and disappeared into the club.I never did find out her name. God she tasted good though. Thinking back now, I wish I had let her fuck her. I would have loved to feel her inside me. I My pussy is tingling and aching as I think about it. I cannot resist letting one hand slide between my legs, thinking about where her fingertips had been. By the time I found you in the nightclub, I had lost my blouse, I had left it in a crumpled heap on a floor somewhere. I had my jacket buttoned across my bra when I walked straight up to you and kissed you hard and deep, my tongue pushing into your mouth. “What do I taste of?” I ask you.”Tequila and raw sex” you replied. I licked my lips and smiled. “Hmmm, my favourite cocktail.” We hung around for a while but it was getting late, time to move on. I think I said to you, straight out, “let’s go somewhere else and fuck.” I’m like that after a few drinks. It seemed to take forever to find a cab. Dawn was starting to break. I remember opening my jacket one button so that my bra would be showing. That did the trick. When I got in the back of the car, I was starting to enjoy the way the driver was looking at me in the mirror. I felt a yearning between my legs, I couldn’t resist touching myselfI knew the driver could hardly take his eyes off me. I remember giggling and whispering to you. You raised an eyebrow, as if to say “are you sure?” and I just smiled and then began to open the buttons on my jacket. That was when you leaned forward and lied to the driver. “Hey buddy. urfa escort bayan we seem to have run short on cash tonight. We were wondering if there was anything else you would like to take instead?” I don’t know what he said, but he suddenly turned off the main road down the side of a park and stopped the car. I remember finding it funny that you opened one side door and got out at the exact same moment he opened the other side door to get in, like you were taking turns which, well, I guess you were. The driver slid in beside me and immediately pulled down his pants. He had a big dick and it was already fully upright. I didn’t say a word, just wrapped my fingers around the base, leaned down, opened my lips and took him straight into my mouth. When this started I guess I was intending to give him a quick blowjob then get on with our journey, but oh God as I sucked on his cock it felt so good in my mouth, as I stroked it I knew that this wasn’t enough. This guy was going to get more than any of us bargained for.I gave his cock one last hard slurping pop and then sat upright, stripping off my jacket then opening my bra. Kneeling in the stairwell between his legs, I slid my panties down and off. I swivelled around onto the back seat and opened my legs. The driver grabbed my ass cheeks in his strong hands then lifted me up as his mouth opened around my pussy and I felt his tongue lapping hungrily between my labia. I pushed myself hard back against him, writhing, thrusting, grinding my cunt against his face. I was starting to feel an orgasm build when he roughly pushed me back down, opening my legs and in one glorious, sweetly dominant thrust he rammed his cock inside me and began fucking me hard and fast. I was drifting off, blissing out, so I cannot say for sure, but it only seemed to take him a few strokes before I began to feel his body convulse against me, his cock exploding inside me, filling me with his cum. I grabbed his neck in my hand as he groaned “Oh fuck yes you beautiful little slut, you sweet filthy whore.” At that moment I could hardly disagree. I almost came myself when I heard him call me those filthy names, but just too soon he slipped his cock out of me, pulled up his jeans and got back in the driver’s seat. Oh Jesus, I can hear those words ringing in my ears now. I am such a filthy slut. a cheap dirty whore. O God, my cunt knows it even if my conscience disagrees. We kissed passionately all the way home, it was only a few miles. I can’t remember what happened when the cab stopped but I guess I must have dragged you inside. The last thing I remember you saying to me was when you picked me up in your arms, looked into my eyes and said “Baby, escort urfa I have never wanted to fuck anyone more than I want you right this moment.” Then you literally threw me down onto the sofa and knelt between my legs. I felt your hot breath on my wet pussy, by this time it was so wet and swollen you could have done anything to me. That was the moment I had my first orgasm of the night. It hit me hard and fast and sudden, making me bend double as you kissed and sucked on my clitoris. I gasped at you, “Oh baby, I need your cock, need your cock so bad.” I reached into your shorts and oh my God you were huge, I just grabbed your hard dick and took it straight into my mouth, feeling it sliding across my tongue, seeming to grow even bigger as I sucked on it. And then, Oh fuck baby I cannot count all the ways you fucked me. You lay me on my back and slowly slid your thick hard cock into me from below, I was squeezing my pussy, trying to suck you harder and deeper into me.You bent me over on my hands and knees and took me from behind, As I felt you powerfully ram into me my second orgasm started, bigger this time, stronger, it seemed to begin in my pussy and then explode out through my body. I bit into a cushion as I screamed in ecstasy. You slid yourself underneath me, between my legs, so that I was straddling you, then I slowly lowered myself onto your thick hard shaft, impaling myself on you, feeling you so big and deep inside me, filling me up. I rolled around to face your feet then lay back, your cock inside me, your fingers on my clitoris. I think I came again then, but it was such a blur, it may have still been the same orgasm still rippling through me. That was when you started panting and gasping at me. “Fucking hell honey, I need to cum, make me cum, please.” I slipped off your cock and took it in my mouth, sucking, kissing, running my tongue in little circles all over the head of your cock, tasting the sex on you.You started moaning, your hips thrusting towards my strokes. I took you firmly in my hands, sliding my fingers up and down your shaft, stroking you towards my mouth. “Cum for me” I panted at you, “cum in my face. I want to see you, feel you, taste your desire on my tongue.” That was when the cum started pouring out of you. Not fast thin spurts, but slow creamy ooze dripping on my face, I could feel it running all down my cheeks, over my chin, down onto my naked breasts I sat there for a few moments, gasping, gazing up at you, the look of delight and sheer exhaustion on your face. I could only imagine what I looked like there, on my knees in front of you, covered in your cum, revelling in my outrageous, slutty behaviour. After we caught our breath, we curled up together for a cuddle on the sofa. I remember your last words before you got up, got dressed and let yourself out.”Well that was one hell of a first date.” I smiled. “Yeah. Just wait till you find out what happens on the third.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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