A Wilder Saturday Night in OKC

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A Wilder Saturday Night in OKC”Are you sure you want to do this?” Ray’s words startled me.We had been driving around for the past twenty or thirty minutes and I had slipped off into a bit of a trance. I had reclined my seat and had one foot on the dash as I slowly massaged my pussy. Circling my fingers up my slit to my clit then down to dip into my wetness then back around again, I had slipped off to a dreamy (creamy) state of mind. Occasionally I would bring my hand to my mouth and taste my juices then swirl down around my nipples, pinching them and pulling on them, then once more between my legs and inside my snatch.Ray silently watched and drove, not speaking as he pulled up alongside of trucks, vans, vehicles that the drivers sat high enough to look down and see me and my playtime. A couple of times we caught a red light just perfect allowing the guy next to us a loooooonnnng look-see.Earlier we had gone to eat a great Mexican dinner at Nino’s on Northwest Expressway; of course we had margaritas plus a couple of shots of 1800. We were feeling very satiated (add to that the Xanax I took before we left home), plus as we were driving to get coffee I fired up my one-hitter for a couple of hits.The dinner and coffee had become a regular weekend excursion and always, always involved my same ‘hoochie’ outfit of stiletto-heel ankle boots, black hose and garter belt, black open cup shelf bra and one of my four of five ankle length dresses, scooped, low-neck and buttons down the front. I have written previously of our dinners and coffee-times and the thrill I get sitting at the Union 76 truck stop with my dress unbuttoned from my waist down and one hand between my legs showing off to the truckers across the aisle.At this point in my marriage to Ray it had all been exhibitionism, no contact, I really liked showing off and he really liked showing me off! So Saturdays usually found us flashing truckers either at the coffee shop or on the road. After we left the truck stop we drove around; on Reno Avenue there were two or three strip bars and a few blocks to the north on Tenth Street the famous “Red Dog Saloon” was always fun to drive through the parking lot and catch a few guys by surprise. You know the drill, pull up alongside somebody walking to or from their car and ask for directions. Usually Ray would pull up with them on my side and roll the window down as I sat with my dress open playing with myself. Feeling especially hot and horny, tonight I had stripped totally naked, reclined my seat and was fucking myself with a BlackMax flashlight. It was one of those that used four ‘D’ batteries and it felt huge and tight in my pussy! There were three dudes walking to their car and at first they ignored Ray when he said something. I think with my seat back they couldn’t see me and thought he was “starting some shit”. He called to them again and they finally stopped and one walked over to see what we wanted. Ray had turned on the interior lights and as the dude neared the car I heard him.”Motherfucker! Holy shit, this bitch is naked.”Reaching the side of our car he put his hands on the top of the Honda and leaned in my open window, “Motherfucker. Look at the size of her tits!” I was sliding the flashlight in and out of my pussy fucking myself as I smiled at him. Ray tried to stay in character and asked, “Do any of you guys know how to get to the inter-state?”The other two walked up, “Motherfucker.” (We Okies are not the most eloquent people.)The first cowboy tried to open my locked door, couldn’t, so his buddy reached in my window unlocked the door. I was getting pretty nervous, wasn’t sure why they wanted my door open.”Son of a bitch, look at her cunt!””She’s stickin’ a goddam, big-ass flashlight in her cooter!”Cooter?”Can we fuck her man? What’s your name? Will you suck my dick,” They were throwing questions all at once. With my door now open the first guy had grabbed my flashlight and was roughly ramming it in my hole while another was mauling my titties with his rough, calloused hands. It was starting to get a bit dangerous, scary. There were a couple of off-duty cops working security and we knew it was a matter of time before they came over to see what all the ruckus was about.Finally one of the guys pulled out his dick. “Suck my cock. Let me fuck those sweet lips.” Putting his hand on my head he started to pull me closer to his crotch.Wow, I really wanted to suck that beautiful swollen monster. It was as if time stopped, all the noise, the turmoil was in slow motion as I turned my head and this huge piece of meat was just mere inches from my face, my mouth. As he pulled my head closer, I leaned forward to wrap my lips around his fat cock, opening my mouth wide I wanted to feel him go deep into my throat. I stuck out my tongue in anticipation.Then just as my tongue began to lick him, Ray began to slowly drive off… My ‘friend’s’ hand tangled in my hair and pulled me towards him, I was off-balance and leaning out of the car, my mouth still open, my cowboys were trying to walk alongside our Honda as Ray began to speed up. My beautiful hard penis with its swollen crimson head was now out of my reach. My door still open, I reached out and closed it. I really wanted to fuck those guys, especially that big, purple head that I got that sweet tease of a taste.”You motherfuckers.” They shouted as we drove off.”You wanted to fuck those guys, didn’t you?” Ray asked.”Well, DUH! Fuck, suck you name it, I was, am ready for it!” I was, I wanted some cock, and I wanted my pussy taken care of. I wanted somebody to eat me out!”I’m sorry, it all happened pretty fast, and with those rent-a-cops I was concerned we could get arrested.” Ray apologized.”You know I’d love to see you put on that kind of show.” He added. “What ‘kind of show’ would that be, a gang-bang on the asphalt in the parking lot at a strip bar?” I was enjoying this conversation and was hoping it was going where I thought it was going.”Well, baby, I want to watch you fuck and suck, pick up strange men, single, gang-bangs, it all sounds hot to me.” “The nights still young,” I offered.”That was a bit much back there; let’s start off with something a little less uncontrolled. Let’s drive around a bit and let me watch you flash a few trucks. Then maybe we can see if there’s anybody you might want to suck off at the bookstore.” Ray offered.Surprising türkçe bahis myself, I heard me say, “Baby, I’d love to get one of those horny cocks in the backseat!”So Ray and I drove around, letting all the chaos settle, I put myself back together, in other words I was still nude and needed to get at least partially dressed to go inside the bookstore. Then I relaxed, smoked another hit or two and closed my eyes, and slowly massaged myself as Ray drove, showing me off.A couple of times a month after our truck stop coffee show we would continue our flashing at one of the different adult bookstores in the OKC area. There was always a guy or two (or three) that would follow me around the store and watch me as I bent over, squatted down, basically various ways to tease and show myself off. I also liked to surprise (maybe scare) them with a question as they stood nearby. My favorite was when I picked up a giant black dildo, giant head, veins, balls, and turned to a dude, and while pulling open my dress, exposing my cunt , I asked, “Do you think this will fit in my pussy?” Speechless, he just stared as I pulled my lips open.But usually because of the shoplift mirrors and surveillance cameras, I tried to be discreet though as with ‘Dildo Man’ I try to make sure I always let them see my pussy and a little fingering action.There had been a few guys at the different stores that I would have fucked and I love a dick in my mouth. I’ve never turned down a chance to give head, and if Ray had let me, I definitely would have sucked them all. So tonight’s the night and Ray is on board for me to get some strange; tonight I get to taste some cum other than my husbands.Ray decided to stop at the Christy’s on MacArthur and Tenth, just down the street from the ‘Red Dog’. Tucked away in a small shopping center the store was a bit secluded from the busy street plus Ray reasoned there might be some horny fucks from the ‘Dog’ that needed something to take home for the VCR, hand lotion and a tissue, jerk-off time. He liked the idea of these guys being there to buy a fuck film or magazine and then I walk in and really give them something to fantasize about. …He asked me again, “Are you sure you want to do this?”Returning my thoughts to the real world, I told him “I want you to find me some cock. I want you to watch a complete stranger put his dick in me, my mouth, my cunt. Yes, I am very horny and positive that I want some strange man to fuck me.””Well, fucking alright. Let’s see what’s available.”Well this night the pickings were a little slim: a young couple giggling at the nipple clamps, a seedy looking twenty-something (possibly gay) clerk and an older ‘gentleman’ in his sixties or maybe even seventies checking out the video rentals.Ray always leaves me alone and lurks and watches in the background, hoping not to intimidate my prey. He even walks into the store a few minutes before me so he can watch my entrance and the different reactions I get. I like to surprise him and do little things with my dress, but by now he expects me to come in with my dress mostly unbuttoned or my boobs all but falling out of my dress. I normally get an immediate reaction and within minutes someone is following me down an aisle.The clerk was busy playing a hand-held Nintendo and the young couple looked up, the girl rolled her eyes and hit her friend on his arm, I guess he was staring at me a little too long. The AARP member seemed dumbfounded. He stared as I walked past him to the videos and stopped a few feet from him at the Anal Delights section of videos. Pulling a random movie off the rack, I surveyed the photos on the video case. “Oh my,” I said loud enough to be heard. “I would love to be in the middle of that.” Turning the video where he could see a very hardcore close-up of a girl with a cock in her asshole and her pussy, with smaller photos of threesome sex each one the woman had a large dick buried in her ass. My potential ‘victim’ was well-dressed, even handsome, dashing with silver hair, and a bit of shyness as he seemed embarrassed to acknowledge me. Finally he smiled and nodded at my comment.Putting the tape back I took a step or two closer to him and took out another movie to look at. This one was something like ‘Blonde Chicks and Black Dicks’ and of course the cover photos were of these huge, monster black cocks with pretty blonde girls sucking and fucking.”That looks like a good time.” I said walking towards the end of the aisle. With my back to him I unbuttoned my dress from the bottom to just below my waist then turned to look at some more films. Squatting down, I turned towards him and removed another tape off the bottom shelf, then let my dress fall back over my legs, exposing me from the waist down. Lowering my one knee towards the floor I spread both my legs so that I was sure my pussy lips were also open wide. I had trimmed my pubic hair earlier and with my clit swollen and purple I was sure he was getting a really nice shot. The movie I had picked up was ‘Beaver Paradise’, perfect, so of course I held it out for him to see and said, “Isn’t that a nice pussy. Wouldn’t like to have some of that?”He was staring directly at my cunt and I looked down and made sure he could get a good look. As he started to answer I put my hand between my legs and with my two fingers spread my pussy lips further apart and then slid down to my hole and stuck my index finger inside. Grinding it around inside, I again asked him, “Wouldn’t you like some of this?”I could see his cock stiffening through his slacks so I added another finger and fucked myself with two while he silently watched. Putting the tape back I thought I would tease him a little more and stood up, walked past him. As I did I stopped and reached out and touched his bulge, just lightly when I heard him breathe in almost a gasp.Walking around to the next aisle I met Ray. “I think I found a guy but I’m afraid he might go into cardiac arrest trying to keep up.” “As hot and horny as I am I really want to take this guy to a motel room and spend two or three hours with nothing but rodeo-style hot sex! And I’m not sure if this old man can hang.”About then the guy came around the corner where we were standing and Ray immediately told me not to worry the old man, he was just looking for a thrill, probably doesn’t get any at home and was looking güvenilir bahis siteleri for something to stroke off to. “And Baby, it looks like he hit the jackpot!””What do you think I should do?” I asked Ray”Well Babe, what do you think he would like to do?””The way he keeps staring is really getting me amped up; I guess I could flash him some more.””Try something a little more subtle. Unbutton another button and let him see your titties.” Ray offered. I didn’t mention I had already given him the “pussy” show.So I unbuttoned one more button which left my dress open to below my bra; then folding the material if viewed from the front left each nipple just barely covered and if you stood next to me and looked down you could see all of my titties! My friend had disappeared down the next aisle and was trying to act like he was shopping but the minute I came around the corner his eyes were glued to my chest. As I described the way I had arranged my dress it really displayed my titties especially when I walked; but I didn’t realize that they would both ‘pop’ out of my top, completely exposing my nipples. I acted unaware as I stared directly at him. Then with a sweet smile I stopped about five feet from him, looked down at each of my titties and said, “Oops.” My nipples were completely exposed; my dress was framing my titties, allowing the old fart to see the roundness and perfect shape of my natural gifts. I haphazardly tucked each breast back into my dress then closed the distance between us and took his right hand and put it between my legs. While staring at my naked chest (probably in shock) he apparently didn’t notice my dress was still unbuttoned from the bottom to just above my pussy. With both of my hands, I guided his hand to my very wet and swollen cunt. Oops again, I forgot my panties!Now this is where I guess I lost control, I know Ray and I had talked, I know I was going to get to sex it up, but neither one of us had planned for the raw hot action to happen until later, either in the car or maybe a motel room, definitely not at Christy’s Toy Box.So to continue… Directing his hand with mine he explored my snatch, rubbing, pinching, squeezing, then he hunched down a bit and tried to slip one of his fingers inside my hole, bending forward, his face was close to my chest. I brought one hand up and pulled my dress open once more exposing my breasts to him. I could feel him trying to work his finger deeper inside me so to help I put one foot up on the shelf next to us.”You are so hot!” he muttered as he fingered me.His other hand gripped my tit, squeezing and massaging, twisting and pinching; he began pulling on my nipple, twisting it as he squeezed me making my knees buckle at the pain. Wrapping his hand around my boob he pulled it to his lips and began to noisily suckle like a hungry infant. Biting hard on my swollen nipple I winced knowing he was surely drawing blood as he sucked my entire aureola into his mouth.I unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my dress then pulled it back away from my body, dr****g it over the leg I had hiked up on the shelf. From behind you could see my black garter belt framing my bare ass and from the front this old man was hunched over trying to suck on my naked titties while he groped and fingered my cunt. He leaned back from me trying to look at my pussy; I hunched my pelvis in to give him a better view. Looking down I watched as he began pumping two fingers into my hole. I could see my pussy juice wetting his hand as his fingers slid back and forth, in and out of me.He was breathing hard and I could feel his hot breath on my chest; I reached out for his crotch and he jumped when I found his cock. His slacks were loose enough to allow his hard dick to work up towards his waistband. His size and hardness were not bad (for an old guy); and I was able to grip him with my fist, squeezing him tightly through his pants I began to stroke him through his trousers. I released him and pushed my fingers down the front of his pants. I wanted to feel his flesh, I wanted his throbbing cock in my hand, reaching inside his pants I could feel the head of his dick. It was wet; his precum was oozing out as I pushed my hand deeper. He stepped closer and my hand was able to grasp his meat. I could again feel his pelvis jerk as he tried to hunch my hand. I could tell he was sucking in his stomach so I could get a better grip as my hand wrapped around his hard cock. I pulled on him exposing the one-eyed snake to the light, slipping it past his waist band I looked down and could see the tight, purple head, a cloudy, milky liquid leaking out. I love making a man hard and I especially love to taste a man when his dick is oozing in anticipation of my body. “Take it out.” I told him.He continued ramming his fingers in me.”If you take your cock out I’ll suck your cum,” I moaned in his ear.”Take it out and you can fuck my mouth,” I was starting to beg.My pussy was splashing my wetness as he slapped his hand between my legs.Okay, we are in an adult bookstore, not your sleazy, low-rent, low class dirty bookstore but part of a chain throughout the OKC area. The type you go get naughty birthday cards and gifts for your co-workers; (and Ray and I actually ran into one of the ladies he worked with at this same store a couple of weeks earlier). My point is: my dress is completely unbuttoned, I am totally exposed, tits, ass, buck naked and a stranger is finger-fucking my pussy and I have my hand rammed down his trousers and his dick is sticking out the top of his pants as I try to jack him off. Oh yeah, it is also Saturday evening about ten PM, there are two other customers as well as the clerk, and I’m begging this dude to let me suck him off, I am desperately wanting to drop to my knees and have this guy pull out his hard cock and fuck my mouth until he blows his wad. Probably not the most thought-out situation.My cunt is sopping wet and I am hunching his hand as he now has worked a finger in my ass, finger-fucking me in the aisle of the dirty bookstore! With my free hand I grab at his belt and try to unbuckle it, finally having to release his dick and use both hands I get his belt and zipper undone. I free his cock and using it like a handle I pull it to my crotch; I try to rub his head against my clit, my swollen ‘little man in a boat’ is not so little. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri My clit is enormous more like a little penis. It’s electric as I grip his thick member and rub and slap it against me.He has pulled his fingers out of me and grabbed the top of my dress and pulled it down off my shoulders to my elbow. I struggle each arm free from the sleeves and my dress falls away, leaving me even more exposed. He has wrapped both arms around me, gripping my ass he pulls me towards him, lifting me so his cock slides between my legs. My legs are still apart, with one on the shelf making my cunt an easy target as he slips into my hole. I wrap my arms around the old man’s neck as he slides deep inside me and I try to kiss him. It was unexpected, I was surprised at myself, and at first he just pulled me against him as he fucked me, but I hungrily sought out his mouth and begin to passionately kiss him, my tongue exploring his mouth, my lips pressed hard against his lips. I kissed him like he was my lover and right then he was. His thick cock felt incredible inside me as he ground tight against my pelvis, then pulling back he would ram it again into my pussy then rapidly he began fucking in and out, like some eighteen year old. I knew it wouldn’t last long, surely any moment he would explode in me. After a few minutes I stopped.”Wait. Stop,” I told him.He did and reaching down between us, I took his nasty, sticky cock out of my pussy and then standing on my toes began to rub it on my asshole. Releasing his dick I put my fingers in my pussy hole and then rubbed my wetness on my puckered little anus. I worked my fingers inside trying to stretch my hole, then once more took hold of him and worked his cock head into my asshole. With his swollen head inside the rest of his shaft slid easily in as he once more began to fuck me only this time he was in my tight ass. The angle of his cock in my ass elevated my clitoris to make perfect contact with his pelvis each time he thrust into me. He once more began to slam against me creating this maddening contact that I thought would make me scream with pleasure as my orgasm neared. My pussy was already peeing my love juices all over our legs as we both humped against each other. Then it rolled over me, wave after wave, my body was almost convulsing as my cunt sprayed, gushed all over the two of us. I was letting out a low moan as my cum electrified my entire body. “I I I I’m going to cum,” the old man stuttered.Reaching down between us I suddenly grasped his nasty cock at the base. Sliding it out of my ass I continued to tightly grip him as I quickly bent over to put his dick in my mouth. Now kneeling in front of him I released his throbbing member and grabbed his ass and began pulling him forward, pumping his meat in and out of mouth. I could taste him, I could taste my pussy, my shit-hole; as I squatted in front of him my cunt was dripping on the floor, making a puddle of juices that I would have loved to splash my bare ass in. I felt him start to tense, his thrust was now with shorter strokes, a kind of staccato rhythm took over as his cum began to spew inside my mouth, filling me. He continued to ram his dick in my mouth, fucking and fucking making sure I drained every drop.Cradling his large balls I pulled him out of my mouth and let his spunk spurt on my face, in my hair. I still had a mouthful and it was thick, warm as I tried to swallow it, I held it in my mouth, tasting it, the thickness of his man-goo clumped in my throat as well as to my face in his long streams of stickiness. I tried to suck one of his balls in my mouth, then the other. I couldn’t, they were too large, hairy sticky, ugly parts of his manhood that I loved to lick. I licked his shaft, trying to clean all of my pussy cream and ass juice off of his now rapidly going flaccid cock.I know we were loud, I know people had to have heard us. His slacks had dropped to his ankles, wet and soaking in the puddle of love juice on the floor between us. My dress also on the floor in a sopping wet puddle of my piss and cum. I picked it up. It was soaked and had a thick musky scent that was unmistakably the smell of sex.”You really are a good fuck,” I complimented the old man.”Thanks,” he said pulling his wet and stained trouser up and buckling his belt. “I’d really like to see you again.””You mean fuck me again? Look for me, I’d really like to suck on that dick some more!” I said.I tried to shake out my dress so I could put it on. What a mess! It was drenched. “Fuck it” I thought to myself, my face and hair already are covered in his spunk, one thick glob was hanging from my chin like an obscene whisker. I was sure I looked pretty rough, cum-covered, piss and shit soaked clothes, I looked and smelled like some skank over on Lincoln Blvd.I turned around and the young couple was four or five feet away, he was standing behind her rubbing her tits as she reached back and massaged his hard cock through his jeans. But I didn’t see Ray, I was worried. Did he freak out watching me fuck the old man, did he leave? I walked past the young couple, “Want to watch me suck off your old man?” I asked the girl. “Better yet, how about eating my wet pussy while he fucks me?”The girl smiled.I was serious, I wasn’t done, I was ready for some more dick. I really wanted to have somebody eat out my ass and pussy. I touched her boyfriend on the arm, “Want me to eat out you ass?” He nodded yes.I walked past them out of the video section and spotted Ray behind the counter with the clerk. Ray had his wallet out and was giving the guy some bills. Meanwhile the clerk was buckling his belt and tucking in his shirt. What the hell?The clerk handed Ray a VHS tape as I walked up to the counter, and then he put another tape in the stores surveillance video recorder. The clerk smiled at me and said he really enjoyed the show then turned to Ray and added it was a pleasure doing business with him. Walking us to the door he put his key in the lock and let us out.Leaving the store, my dress was a mess, still unbuttoned, I was covered in who knows what human fluids and still would have loved to do that young couple.I asked Ray, “Is that tape what I think it is?””Yup. Plus a little surprise””What did he charge you?” I asked.”Fifty bucks plus””Okay, I’ll bite, what’s the plus.””That’s the surprise. He had me blow him while you fucked his uncle, and all of us are on the tape.””You sucked off a guy!!” I couldn’t believe it. “You actually gave head to that guy; did he cum in your mouth?””Of course. I give good head””Bargain price,” I told Ray, “I can’t wait to see the video! Let’s get home!”

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