A Young Man’s Aunty

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A Young Man’s AuntyA Young Man’s AuntyEvery young man needs an aunty. Mine was Aunty Doreen. She’d been a family friend ever since I could remember. Now and then I’d have to give up my bed when she visited us. Frequently I’d be sent to stay with her during the school holidays. She lived in a comfortable rambling house on acreage on the outskirts of a small town a few hours south of the city. I liked going to stay with Aunty Doreen. She was always happy and kind, and treated me well even though I thought she was a bit different from the norm for an adult.A few weeks after my sixteenth birthday, between Christmas and New Year, I was put on a train to stay with Aunty Doreen for the rest of the summer school holidays. She picked me up from the station in her old rattler black twin spinner Ford. I was given her usual bosom-hugging wet kissed greeting. As always she was really pleased to see me, and seemed to enjoy my company. Even the dog and cat both remembered me.She put me in the sleep out where I always slept, and helped me unpack the few clothes out of my small suitcase. Even my old hat and boots were in the bottom of the wardrobe waiting my visit. As she went off to change she reminded me that it was unnecessary to wear clothes, she was still a nudist. I put my old hat on its peg on the back veranda and my boots went beside hers at the top of the stairs. As I wandered into the kitchen a nude Aunty Doreen was organising cake and a pot of tea. Aunty Doreen turned and smiled at me. My you’ve grown into a man since I last saw you she commented. My response was embarrassment of course. As I sat in my usual place she went on a bit about how muscular and well developed I’d become. I still saw myself as a skinny k**. Sure I was growing some light brown pubic fuzz and had a perpetual hard on but I didn’t really see any difference in myself. But her words were nice. I listened while she talked even when we did the few dishes together. She gave me one new rule now that I was grown up; call me Doreen, not Aunty.Clad only in hats and boots she took me around the property to bring me up to date with her projects. Beyond the small back lawn she had a large vegetable garden reticulated from a dam behind the tool shed, where an old bike covered in cobwebs remained ready for my use. Beside the tool shed stood a well fenced chicken run, home to a clutch of chooks and a couple of ducks when they didn’t have the freedom of the vegetable garden. Around the sides of the house fruit trees flourished. The dam was fairly full for summer, the water brown as always, the small pontoon still anchored in the middle, the wooden deck of the little jetty with its ladder into the water more worn than before.It was hot enough for a swim. The water was cold and she won the race to the pontoon but asked me for a hand to clamber on board. We washed down the timber deck and lay in the sun. Doreen commented on how the cold water had hardened her nipples and shrunk my cock and balls. The sun will thaw us out she assured me. As we lay and talked I really began to look at her with new eyes, through the eyes of a teenager with hormones buzzing around in his body. Doreen was a small wiry woman somewhere around the mid thirties. Her russet hair was short and curly, her eyes blue, mouth wide and generous, skin brown all over though with a few faint freckles on her face, chest and shoulders. She had a great bum and nice slim legs. Her breast were not big, just a nice size in proportion to the rest of her. She was right about her nipples. They were hard, goose bumped and long. The hair on her lower belly matched her head, thick and curly on her belly, but sparse between her legs. Pink crinkled flesh peeked out of her slit. My cock, of course, responded to my close visual inspection of Doreen. It went hard and lay long and thick along my belly. If she noticed she made no comment.Before we got too hot, and myself too burnt, we eased ourselves into the water and swam back to the ladder of the small jetty. This time I won. As I hung onto the ladder, mostly submerged, Doreen swam up behind me. She wrapped her legs and arms around me. I felt her breasts against my back, the hair of her tush against my bum. Its nice to have you here with me again she told me, to have a young man help me do things around the place, to have some good company. As always seemed to be the case in those days I was embarrassed by her words, except I did tell her I really did enjoy my holidays with her too. Her legs remained around me, but one hand slid down my belly and fastened around my cock. My how you’ve grown was all she said as her fingers caressed my long hard shaft. Shivers went through my body. Her touch felt really good. But then she let go and suggested we’d better get out of the cold water and think about lunch. Dripping wet we slowly walked towards the house. By the time we got to the back veranda we were dry. After lunch Doreen said she was going to have a siesta. I chose to clean the bike and pump up the tyres. And yes I’d be happy to help her weed the tomatoes when it got cooler.Late in the afternoon, clad in only our hats and boots, we worked down opposite sides of a long row of tomatoes. As Doreen squatted on her heels on the opposite side of each staked plant I couldn’t help but be distracted by the way her breasts swung as she worked, the way her pussy pouted pinkly open between her thighs. My cock poked my navel as I worked but as before, Doreen made no comment. The job finally complete Doreen asked me if I remembered how to turn on the pump at the dam. Of course I did. We arranged to meet for a swim while the pump irrigated the vegetable garden.The setting sun was too low for us to bother with the pontoon. Instead we swam and gently fooled around with each other near the jetty. Doreen was keeping me away from the ladder when the complexion of our fun subtly changed. She faced outwards on the ladder, hanging on with her arms over her head, her body submerged, when I tried to extricate her from her position. Doreen wrapped her legs around my hips. Her pussy mashed against my erection. She let go of the ladder and encircled my back with her arms. We both sank down to the bottom of the dam. I pushed off with my feet and we surfaced. I forgot to grab the ladder. Down we went again. This time I held the ladder while Doreen held me. Laughingly we looked at each other before we both became conscious of our pose. Now this is nice she whispered, its not often a woman my age gets so close to a handsome well built young man. She gently rubbed her body over mine. In the coldness of the water the heat from her cleft permeated the skin of my shaft. Her hard nipples and firm breasts rubbed across my chest. Shivers shook my body. We’d better get out of here before we flood the vegetable garden she suggested.Doreen waited for me while I turned off the pump. We strolled back to the house, again both dry by the time we got there. Dinner was cold meat and salad, and a glass of cold grappa from a local European farming neighbour. After dinner we sat at the kitchen table with the radio on and played a board game. After my second glass of wine I was ready for Doreen’s suggestion that it was time for bed, even though she seemed okay in spite of a few more glasses than me. Her next suggestion, that because it was still warm I should sleep in her bed so I could benefit from her fan, surprised me. But it did seem an imminently sensible idea. While she used the bathroom I put the cat and dog on the back veranda and closed the house. By the time I cleaned my teeth and went to her bedroom Doreen was stretched out on her back, still nude, on one side of her double bed. A large metal pedestal fan, like a small aircraft engine, oscillated back and forth near the foot of the bed. Turn off the light and come to bed she commanded.I lay on my back on my in the middle of my half of her soft cosy bed. Move over here next to me so you get plenty of air from the fan she told me. I moved and lay beside her. Isn’t that better she asked? I agreed. She talked. I listened, answering when polite to do so. Again she made pleasant remarks about how nice it was to have me with her again, how wonderful I looked, how well we seemed to get on together and so forth. I was used to her now and told her how I really enjoyed coming to visit her. Bravely I eve told her how beautiful she looked. That chuffed her! She rolled onto her side, her body touching mine, eager to pursue this observation of mine. Boldly I told her that she was a good-looking woman, and that I enjoyed the fact that she didn’t seem to mind me looking at her. As I ran out of words she began to say complimentary things about my body, nice things that no one had said to me before, things that I enjoyed.Her hand caressed my chest, ran over my nipples as she spoke. They goose bumped hard. Her hand fluttered down my belly, stroked through the fine fuzz of pubic hair. Her touch felt wonderful. When her fingers surrounded my hard shaft, played over the slit in my knob, my body jumped. Relax she cooed. Her fingers touched my balls, moved over my thighs, returned to my erect thick prick. Roll onto your side she commanded. She put her leg over mine, so that both my legs were between hers. Touch me too, if you want to, she suggested. Both of my hands felt her breasts. Fire passed through my fingertips. Her nipples were hard, long, thick and rubbery. All the while one of her hands stroked my shaft while the other fondled my nuts. My hands strayed down her belly, through the soft curly down of hair. My fingers passed across the slit of her sex, felt the heat and wetness seeping out of her, enjoyed the crinkled texture of her lips. One of her hands fastened onto mine. Stroke me just there with your fingertips she asked. I felt the hard nub of flesh and did as she asked. She obviously liked it. Her cunt mashed against my hand and oscillated over the tips of my fingers.The hand around my prick gripped me hard and slithered up and down the length of the shaft. I continued to stroke that small erect flesh tip at the top of her slit while my other hand fondled her tits and nipples. Doreen humped her snatch at my fingers, her hand on my cock stationary while she still gripped it tightly. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Her breathing deepened. She sighed, moaned. Her snatch grasped and ground at my fingers. She became more vocal. Her body humped at my hand, shivered and shook. A deep sigh rolled out of her. Oh god that felt so good she told me.Again her hand pumped at my cock. Shivers passed through me. My whole prick became harder, stiffer, swollen and ready to burst. The spunk pumped from me in large white chunks, splattered on Doreen’s belly, sprayed onto her pubic hair, and finally dribbled over her fist as she slowly and gently continued to pump my shaft. Oh my, that was wonderful she said. Oh yes I agreed, but then was sorry I came all over her. Don’t be sorry, she said, I loved it. She hugged me tightly to her, her arms around me. Her mouth found mine and her kisses were soft and gentle and reassuring. We lay embraced together for some time, our hot bodies slowly cooling under the blast from the fan. She whispered to me that I was still hard; my erection nestled in her wet pubic hair and along her belly. We deserve some real fun she told me.Doreen rolled onto her back, her arms around my torso taking me with her, so that my body rested on hers, her spread thighs holding me against her snatch. Her hand went between us, gripped my hard wet tool, and fed the knob into her gash. Both her hands held the cheeks of my backside. Pump into me slow and steady she commanded. Her cunt felt superb, tight and hot, deep and wet, soft but gripping. Slowly, gently and steadily I pumped the fat thick swollen length of my tool in and out of her gorgeous cunt. Oh yes, oh yes she whispered. Her body began to rock under mine. Oh yes, root me, root me hard, root me fast, deeper, harder, faster, oh yes root me she chanted. The chant was replaced by groans and moans. Her body shivered and shook under me. Slowly she relaxed.Still I continued to pump my hard prick into her depths. It just felt too good to even think about stopping. Her arms wrapped around my back, her hands caressed and stroked my skin. Even that touch felt good. Briefly her mouth kissed mine. My body jolted in pleasure as she sucked my tongue. Soon the kisses were replaced by the litany of her hoarse chant. Oh yes, root me, oh yes faster, oh go harder, oh yes. She raised her legs around my lower body. Her heels drummed at the cheeks of my arse. I responded to her chant. I pumped my prick harder and faster. The sensations of her cunt grasping my cock, the heat from her gash, the velvet wetness, her body movements caused that pressure to flow through my balls and belly. Doreen cried out, thrashed her body under me, totally embraced me in the cocoon of her arms and legs, and moaned mightily in pleasure. The spunk boiled out of me. My prick pumped deep inside her cunt. The sensation of release felt magnificent. I lay in her arms, spent.A relaxed Doreen held me encircled in her arms and legs. My tool, less hard than before, remained deep inside her. Wetness flowed out of her over the sac of my balls. Her embrace was tender; her kisses and caresses gentle, her words soft and reassuring. The fan cooled us. You’re not completely soft yet she observed. I bet it wouldn’t take much to make you hard again. Her cunt began to grasp and let go, grasp and let go. She kissed me passionately. Inside her my cock slowly but surely hardened. Do it again she whispered, harder and faster, drive your prick into me, let your cock really go this time; I want you to really enjoy it. I thrust my prick into her hot wet snatch just as she requested. Her muscles grasped the shaft tightly while her arms, legs and mouth totally embraced me. She felt superb. Oh yes fuck me hard, faster, faster, harder, oh yes root me she chanted. She began to moan and whimper. The pleasure boiled in my balls, rolled through my belly, bolted and burned through the core of my cock, burst deep inside her snatch. She rocked her body against mine as I pumped my cum. She cried out and clasped me tightly in the cocoon of her hot flesh. I lay in her embrace as the shivers racked my whole being. Doreen and I lay together for a long time. Slowly the fanned air-cooled us and dried the cum on our bodies. We soon slept.Morning dawned and, before the heat of the day, we did a variety of chores. It was lovely working in unison. We both enjoyed it, me because it changed my home routine and gave me freedom, Doreen because she had someone to talk to and help her achieve more in less time. Her glances and looks were of satisfied happiness. She really did make me feel good. And I seemed to do good things for her too.By late morning we’d achieved plenty. The dry heat of the day was upon us when Doreen decided it was swim and wash time. The dam water was refreshingly cold as we swam to the pontoon. As we tanned our naked bodies Doreen talked, mainly to assure herself that I was okay about the latest developments in our relationship. She was contented that I had my head in order and our activities in perspective. Before I burned we swam back to the small jetty, played a few gentle wrestling games in the water where the touch of our bodies against each other was exciting and teasing, before we headed to the house for lunch. While Doreen had her siesta I rode along the single lane bitumen road at the front of her property. In the late afternoon and early evening our routine of the previous day continued.That night after dinner we decided to dispense with the board game and go to bed. The night was warm enough for me to happily accept Doreen’s invitation to share her fan.As soon as I stretched out beside her Doreen began to caress and kiss my body, from my face to the tips of my toes. Finally she settled her attention on my long thick hard cock. Her tongue snaked wetly over the length of the shaft, her lips massaged my balls, and her mouth sucked my knob. It felt superb. My cock pulsed at her touch, the veins along the shaft engorged, the knob swollen and dribbling drops of clear fluid. Her hands massaged my balls and the base of my shaft while she sucked the knob. It was too much for a young guy. My cock pulsated and pumped as my spunk burst into her mouth. She swallowed, and tongued at the slit, as her hand milked every drop from the core of my cock. She lay beside me, a look of happiness on her face. I knelt over her body and likewise kissed and tongued my way over her flesh. Doreen let me go; interested to see I guess how I would handle this adorable task. She didn’t know of course that already in my young life I’d had mature tuition elsewhere. Under my mouth her nipples distended. I loved sucking them. In fact I loved using my mouth on all her body, sensing her response to my lips and tongue, seeing and feeling her body react to my efforts. Finally I lay between her brown thighs and stroked my tongue through the fat crinkled flesh of her snatch. Her sex odour wafted into my nostrils. Her gash opened, parted under my touch, her outer lips brown, and her inner folds pink and moist. I sucked on her bud. Her body arched under my mouth. I worked carefully and relentlessly at her hard nub of flesh. The pleasure poured through her. Her torso writhed and she mashed her wet gash against my mouth. She cried out as she fucked herself at me. I sucked her bud, ran my tongue back and forth over it. Doreen climaxed with power, groaned and moaned as the moisture streamed from her open gash. As she peaked I became more gentle, lapped at her wetness, sucked her juice into my mouth. Mmm, yum, she tasted good.I moved up her body before she could move, knelt between her thighs, dipped my hard cock into her wetness, and gently but firmly thrust my shaft into the hot clutching depths of her cunt. Doreen’s hands reached for me and drew my body down onto hers as I pumped into her. Her legs went around me; her heels on the cheeks of my arse beat a light tattoo. Her mouth met mine, searched for and found my tongue and sucked it into her mouth. I luxuriated in her complete embrace. It excited me. But nothing could distract me completely enough not to have some awareness of her cunt muscles grasping the length of my cock buried inside her. My fuck was firm and steady. My pace only increased when the tension rose in her body. As she climaxed around me I fucked her hard and fast. As she came down off her peak I resumed my original rhythm. Again she climaxed, rocked her body under mine, and lifted her cunt up at my tool. I lost control. My cock shot spunk into her hot upturned gash. We relaxed in each other’s embrace, enjoyed the sensation of the wetness dribbling out of her snatch over my balls and into the cleft of her arse. As usual Doreen talked and I listened, before we lay side-by-side and slept.Next day the morning routine changed with the arrival of Angela, an Italian neighbour from down the road. I knew her from previous holidays. It was unnecessary for Doreen and I to dress as often Angela got rid of her clothes soon after her arrival. Today was no different. Angela was delivering a couple of stone flagons of wine made by her husband. She and Doreen frequently bartered produce. Angela gave me one of her bosom clasping hugs of greeting with plenty of kisses. It was great to meet her again, as she was always so happy and funny. She held me at arms length and looked at me. My how he’s grown she exclaimed to Doreen, why he’s already a man, and beautifully well built too. Of course I was slightly embarrassed, but pleased too with her compliments. I’ve come by to deliver your wine, to talk, to have a swim, and now I’ve got the added bonus of feasting my eyes on this young man Angela added. Doreen told me we’d call it a day with our work. Great I thought.Angela stepped onto the back veranda and shed her dress, bra and pants. She kept her sandals and hat on for the walk with us to the dam. Though I’d seen her naked before I looked at her with curious renewed interest. A short chunky woman Angela was in her early forties with olive skin. Her long slightly curly hair was jet black, her face handsome with a wide perpetually smiling mouth and lovely white teeth. I loved her breasts. They were fantastic looking slightly pendulous melons of firm brown flesh, with big round brown areolae bahis siteleri tipped by fat long nipples. Her belly was gently rounded above a thick black bush of pubic hair. Angela’s thighs and legs were thick and firm, her beautiful backside in proportion to the rest of her body. My cock reflected my interest of course, and thickly curved up towards my belly. She gently laughed at me, teased me with the comment that she was pleased that I liked what I saw, that it was nice for a mature woman to know that she could still arouse the interest of a much younger man.We all swam to the pontoon, enjoying the coldness of the water on such a dry hot day. Ever the gentleman I helped both women clamber aboard before we all lay face down, with me in the middle, to improve our tans. The two women talked around me while I listened. Some time later we all lay on our backs. Again the chat continued. This time the view for me was much more enjoyable. I had two naked mature women to look at. It was pleasant comparing their physiques, both extremely desirable to me in my new found youthful maturity. I loved Angela’s huge tits tipped by long thick nipples mounded up on her chest. I loved the way Doreen’s belly tapered down through her russet pubic hair to her mounded pussy. My prick reflected my inner thoughts and feelings. It stretched fatly along my belly past my navel. My condition was obvious to both women but neither made any comment. They continued to chat about local gossip.Quite some time passed before Doreen announced she was going to make lunch. We both made to get up in our offer to help. She refused and said we should both continue sunning ourselves for another half hour or so, then come up to the house. As she slipped into the water she told me with a grin and a wink to take good care of Angela. As Doreen swam towards the jetty Angela lay on her side and propped herself on an elbow. My you’ve grown up into a fine young man she again told me. Her free hand caressed my chest, ran over my nipples hardening them. Her fingers moved down my belly, through the light fuzz of my pubic hair on either side of my prick. She lightly fondled my balls, ran her fingers along the length of my thick hard shaft. My prick throbbed under her touch. Angela moved and knelt between my thighs. Her hand bent my tool upright and she kissed the knob with her lips, all the while murmuring to herself about how beautiful it was. Her mouth opened and engulfed my knob. My body jumped at the sensations. I watched in amazement as my cock slid into her throat. Down, down she went, until her lips caressed my belly. It was the first time anyone had done that to me. The heat and clasping wetness of her throat around my shaft were simply sensational. She drew her mouth away from me until she held just the knob in her mouth. The skin of the shaft glistened in the sunlight with her saliva. Up and down she moved on me. My body quickly responded. I couldn’t stop myself. The pleasure churned through my loins. My cock throbbed and pumped. Angela continued to suck me as she swallowed my jism. As I came down off my peak she squeezed the final drops out of my core, licked white drops from the slit. My body shivered. Angela sat back on her haunches and smiled at me. Time for lunch she said.The women talked and listened. In lieu of her usual siesta Doreen sat with Angela on the veranda. I went off for a bike ride. On my return Angela was preparing to depart. I overheard we were invited to her place for New Year’s Eve. I also heard that I was to overnight at Angela’s home on Doreen’s weekly craft night, to keep her company while her husband was away working. So I had some social activities to look forward to amidst our routine of work and play around the property.As my confidence increased and my shyness decreased I became more forward in my relationship with Doreen, sometimes taking the initiative from her. She actually encouraged my behaviour. She taught me new things. Her usual work ethic suffered, slightly.In the morning I would awaken with my usual erection. I soon learned the preferred method for its removal. Often I would slowly reach consciousness to find Doreen and I tangled together, her laying on me, or me laying on her. Rather than break apart I found it fascinating to slowly and erotically wake her. I would suck her breasts and softly caress her pussy to wetness with my fingers. As she stirred I found she often as not would move her body into a more accommodating position, enhancing my access. I loved to kneel between her legs and slide my rampant cock through the wet parting folds of her snatch. Doreen groaned in pleasure in her sleep as my knob massaged her bud, as my shaft slid through the open groove of her gash. As Doreen reached consciousness I eased my thick prick into her cunt. Her cloying moisture and heat felt superb. Her reaction, as my tool plummeted into her depths, became predictable. Her eyes opened and her face smiled, as she’d lift her legs up high, her heels on my backside. Her arms embraced me and she drew me to her tightly. Gently but firmly I fucked her. I now understood her body. As she commenced her climb to her inner stars I increased the tempo of our fuck. As she began her litany of encouragement I’d comply, and fuck her harder, and faster, and deeper. Each time I’d try and hold back until she orgasmed at least once before me. I found control easier to attain; the more sex, the more control. In our swims in the dam our play times turned to sex time. I loved to stand on the ladder, my back against it, while Doreen held me against the ladder with her body, her legs wrapped around me as she impaled herself on my prick.The afternoon siesta soon became a shared rest period from the heat of the day. Under the blast of the fan she let me have my way with her as she showed me new previously unexplored ways to fuck and suck. The routine of the nights though continued as before, a chance for plenty of slow erotic sex as a prelude to sleep. The night of New Year’s Eve set the tone though for the remainder of my holiday. A very wobbly drunk Doreen carefully and slowly drove us the short distance home from Angela’s party. I helped her walk into the house. As she washed in the bathroom I stripped off my clothes. In the bedroom I turned down the bedclothes and switched on the fan. As I retrieved Doreen from the bathroom she seemed unaware of my nakedness. I held her upright in the bedroom while I removed her clothing. Once nude she was keen on climbing into bed to sleep. The more positive me sought to persuade her otherwise. It was my chance to dominate her for once.Manoeuvring Doreen’s body into a kneeling position I had her rest forward with her arms and head on her pillows. I knelt behind her. Her gash was warm and wet to my probing fingers. I slid my long thick hard prick slowly into the deep tight pit of her clutching cunt. She groaned. I fucked her hard and I fucked her fast. In spite of her drunken state Doreen responded quickly. She thrust her arse back at me. Oh yes she cried, aargh, oh yes, root me hard with that big prick of yours. Aargh! Aaargh! Oh fuck! Oh yes! My cock pounded into her. Doreen blasted to her pleasure. I rolled her over onto her back, placed two pillows under her backside. I lifted her bent legs along her chest, her knees on either side of her tits. Again I slid my throbbing prick into the depths of her snatch. Doreen turned into a crazy woman beneath me. Her hands grabbed at my arse, pulling me into her. Obscenities flowed from her lips. Orgasms rolled through her body as she shivered, shook and humped herself under me. I pounded my thick hard rod of flesh into her cunt. The spunk boiled and pulsed and pumped out of me. Slowly I came down off my peak and felt the wetness flood out of her, over my prick and balls. Still I showed Doreen no mercy.Now I knelt on her chest, pillows back under her head. Suck me I commanded her. She used her hands to lift my flaccid long prick to her mouth. Her tongue washed the juicy knob, ran wetly over the skin of the veined shaft. She sucked my cock into her mouth. It was no deep throat but oh it felt so good. As the hardness returned I humped between her lips, and enjoyed the rasp of her teeth, the suction of her mouth. Slowly but surely the familiar feelings soared through my belly and balls. I knelt close to her face and looked down at her. Watching her only encouraged the pending pleasure blast. My cum spurted into her mouth. We collapsed together in tight embrace, and slept late next morning.Late in the afternoon a few days later I rode the bike to Angela’s house to keep her company while her husband was away working and Doreen was at her craft night. When I rode up to the back veranda a nude Angela was sprawled out on an old lounge settee. As she got up to relieve me of the bag of produce sent to her by Doreen I again admired her mature body. Her olive skin looked smooth, her breasts enormously pendulous but firm melons of flesh, and her brown nipples still thick and long. Together we carried the fruit, vegetables and eggs to the kitchen. As we placed everything on the table Angela grasped me to her naked bosom, kissed my face in welcome. I returned to the bike for my own few bits and pieces for an overnight stay. Angela showed me to the sleep out on the side of the house. It was flyscreened off from the rest of the veranda, open to the coolness of any breeze. The bed was massive. You can shed your clothes and come and talk to me Angela commanded.When I returned to the back veranda Angela was again stretched out on her back on the lounge. It easily accommodated her. Come and sit here she ordered, as she patted the seat on which she lay. I had time to notice the way her breasts mounded up on her chest, her nipples poking upwards like baby’s fingers. As I sat Angela turned slightly onto her side so her back rested against the rear cushion of the seat, her head supported by the armrest. She questioned me about my holiday activities. I didn’t give too much away about Doreen and I. As I talked Angela drew me back against her rounded belly. I turned my body slightly so I could look at her while I talked, moved my legs under my rump to be more comfortable. While Angela seemed interested canlı bahis in my boy’s story of events, her hands began to unobtrusively wander over my body. She caressed my face, my chest. A hand strayed to my legs, her fingertips softly running over my thigh. But at the same time she focussed on my words as if she had no idea what her hands were doing. Eventually I ran out of words.Angela told me how nice it was to have a young man like myself come and stay with her. As she rambled on her words had the desired effect. I felt warm and wanted by someone who cared. Stretch out and lay here beside me and relax she suggested. I moved to lie beside her on the lounge. I didn’t quite achieve that. Angela moved too so that in fact my head was in the crook of her arm. I was on my side, my nude body touched completely by her body.At first we just lay there touching through our close proximity. But then Angela’s free hand began to roam over my nakedness. Her touch was soft, unobtrusive, but nevertheless erotic and exciting. My cock of course had a mind of it’s own. It was long, fat and hard along my belly to my navel. Angela’s fingertips played over its length, touched my tight ball sac. She talked about how nice it felt now, how wonderful it was to suck a few days ago. Her monologue drifted around to my young man’s thoughts about her body. I moved from her grasp and knelt beside her. I kissed her open wet mouth and her tongue found mine. My cock throbbed. My mouth moved to her magnificent long thick brown teats. In between sucking them my teeth grazed them to ripeness. I kissed my way over her lovely round belly. Angela moved. I now knelt comfortably between her splayed thighs, examined closely her pudenda blossoming in front of my nose. While her black pubic hair was lushly thick on her lower belly between her thighs, over her snatch, it was sparse and wispy. Her labia were already thickly swollen, and parted open to reveal the inner pinkness of her moist pussy. Her clitoris stood out erect from its fleshy folds, a large red engorged protrubence of potential pleasure. My tongue dipped into her, stroked through her cleft from the rosebud of her puckered anus to the tip of her bud. I stroked, sucked and stabbed at her with my tongue before settling down to work with concentration on her clit. Angela moaned her pleasure. She humped her gash up at my mouth. Her fingers clasped her nipples, stretching them to impossible lengths. I sucked her to orgasm. It was stupendous. Her body contorted under my mouth. Her voice urged me to greater efforts. Slowly she subsided, her legs akimbo in relaxation. Now I speared and stabbed my tongue into her vagina, my lips and mouth mashed against her snatch. Her odour filled my nostrils. My cock ached with excitement. Again Angela climaxed, noisily and volubly. My mouth needed a rest. She must have thought so too. Her hands reached for me between her legs and she drew my body up over hers. Her kisses were wet and deep. I lay on her body, feeling her massive orbs against my chest, my cock lying in the hot wet warmth of the deep cleft of her snatch. I slid the thick long length of my shaft through the parted folds of her flesh, soaked in her heat and moisture. The underside of my knob caressed the hard nub of her clit. It excited Angela. She rocked her pelvis under me, increasing the intensity of my penile slide over her sex. Her tongue entwined with mine. Aaah, arrgh, aargh she moaned as climaxed.With a small lift of my hips the swollen knob of my cock burrowed into the entrance to her vagina. A bit of body weight allowed my cock to completely slide into her hot wet gash. She felt awesome. In spite of her size she oh so tight. Angela wrapped me in the embrace of her arms, breasts and thighs. I luxuriated in the sensation of sliding my cock in and out of her beautiful cunt. But I didn’t last long in spite of my newly formed opinions about my control. The first time with her was just so exhilarating. My cock pumped and pulsed, and my jism poured into her depths. We lay in each other’s embrace for a long time, my cock slowly deflating, our wetness dribbling out of her. We stirred. The sun had almost set. After a beautiful Italian meal with some fine cold home made wine Angela and I shared a bath. I agreed with her that it was time for bed. Given it was still warm that evening Angela asked if I’d mind sharing my bed with her? It was too hot for her in her bedroom. Would I mind? What a joke.Initially we cuddled each other in the soft light of a lamp on the bedside table, before the passion again stirred through our bodies. Angela knelt over me, kissed and tongued her way down and over my body. She straddled my loins, her pubic hair caressing the length of my meat stretched out along my belly. She lifted herself over me and with a hand fed my prick into her open hot orifice. Her body plunged down on mine and she engulfed my cock with her hungry snatch. Up and down she rose and fell over me, her magnificent massive tits swaying back and forth on her chest. I looked down my body. Moisture sheened the taut skin of my hard shaft. On her upward lifts her fat love lips stretched along the length of my prick until Angela held the knob just inside the opening of her gash. Then down she plunged until her pubic hair and the flesh of her snatch mashed against my pubic bone, my long thick cock totally engulfed in her hot wet clutching muscular cunt. Angela’s head flung back, her words a mixture of English and Italian in between loud groans and moans, as she rushed to her peak of pleasure. The muscles of her cunt squeezed hard around my rod. She fell forward onto my chest breathing heavily. There was space enough between our bodies for me to move given her knees rested on the bed on either side of my body. I humped my prick upwards into the heat of her snatch. Her trough of pleasure was minimal and she soon came again.I moved out from under Angela but kept her on her hands and knees while I knelt behind her. Her snatch poked out fatly behind the olive flesh of her thighs. My cock slid easily into her depths. I reached my hands around her body to grasp her long nipples as I fucked her hard and fast. Her body bucked back at me to meet my inward thrusts, our flesh smacking wetly together. My belly and balls ached. The jism seared its way through the core of my shaft and jetted into the clasping confines of her cunt. I lay against her back in relief. Angela slowly collapsed forward on the bed with me on top of her. Afterwards I lay in her embrace as she softly stroked my body and whispered sweet words in my ear. We dozed for a while. When I awake the light was off but in the moonlight I could see Angela spreadeagled on her back, her arms and legs akimbo. I gently trailed my fingertips over her breasts and belly while she slept enjoying the sensation of her cool smooth skin. Her pubic hair felt thick but soft. Her vulva was slightly moist. Carefully I found the nub of her clit in its fleshy hiding place. I touched and teased it softly. My fingers caressed the length of her slit, felt the fleshy folds of her fat labia, touched at the orifice of her vagina, transferred moisture back to her clit. Gradually her pudendum awakened and unfolded to my touch. Her flesh became wetter. I moved and knelt between her spread legs. With care I softly delved my swollen knob into her parted flesh, searched for and found the entrance to her luscious love tunnel. Gently I burrowed into her. Angela moved in her sleep. Gradually more and more of my cock slipped inside her. I held myself on either side of her body with out stretched arms. I lent forward and softly suckled on one of her gorgeous long nipples. My cock slid effortlessly in and out of her depths.Angela came awake. Her arms reached for me and pulled me down against the massive rounded orbs of her breasts. My mouth fastened on hers. She raised her legs high around my body, her heels on my backside pulling me into her gash. Our fuck was long, slow, deep and delicious. We slowly built to a peak together. As her body thrashed around mine my load pumped into her. In the tight embrace of her arms and legs we again somehow slept. I came to consciousness some time during the night to find Angela crouched beside me, my prick deep in her throat, my balls caressed by her hands. In spite of my best efforts to get her to move over my face she continued to suck at me until the excitement blasted through my body. Again we lay together and slept. The morning sun woke me, I think. Angela lay beside me well awake, her hand wrapped around my hard shaft. Maybe it was my normal morning glory, maybe it was her efforts, but I was ready for more. Angela mounted herself on my cock over my supine body. The lust still coursed through our bodies. She used her hands on my chest to hold herself upright over me and her muscular thighs to lift herself off me before taking that all engulfing plunge back down on me. Again I was fascinated by the sway of her breasts. Her orgasms were fierce wailing body clenching spasms. It was too much for me. As she ground her red fleshed snatch over the base of my cock I spurted my load up into her. A bath and breakfast was excellent for my recovery before my short ride back to Doreen’s, but not before Angela had extracted a promise from me to stay with her gain the following week.Doreen’s welcome was warm and happy, and not too inquiring. She seemed happy to assure herself that Angela had looked after me and that I’d enjoy my stay with her. We slipped easily back into our routine, and did have a couple of teasing games during our swim in the dam. But it wasn’t until we were tucked up in bed that I was able to return to our real physical interaction. Of course my staying power that night was excellent. And Doreen enjoyed my pleasure in wanting to share combined oral sex with her, or take her from behind while I strummed away on her clit with my fingers. Best of all though was my encouragement to have her go on top of me. I enjoyed watching her lift and dip over my cock, the way her breasts swayed back and forth with her energetic ride on my prick. And it was still wonderful to lie on top of her, to be hugged tightly to her breasts, to suck her tongue into my mouth, to feel her heels beat a tattoo on my arse, as I plunged my cock in and out of her lovely tight twat.So the summer holidays drifted by with Doreen daily and Angela weekly. It was a sad day both saw me off on the train. But at least I promised to return next holidays.

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