Afternoon Surprise

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Afternoon SurpriseThe first text was nothing more than an address. The second read, Text when you arrive, do not exit your car until told. I needed nothing more to know the mood he was in. Making my way through traffic I could feel what his words were already doing to me. How he had that effect on me I would never understand, how words on a screen without any mention of what he would do to me, would still leave me aching for his touch.I pulled into the parking lot and quickly spotted his car. My text to him was simple, I have arrived. Knowing that where ever he was he was watching I did not dare open my door yet. After only a moment but what felt like eternity the message finally arrived. Room 103, the door is open, come in, get undressed, there’s an item on the bed, after you lock the door put it on and lay down on your back. Do not move after that. I knew this meant he would not be in the room when I arrived, but he would still have an eye on me. The throbbing between my legs was growing by the second.I found the room with the door ajar just as he said it would be. The room was dark but I knew better than to turn on the lights. I looked to the bed; a blindfold lay across the pillow. I quickly undressed, returned to the door to be certain it was now locked and returned to the bed. Placing the blindfold over my eyes I could feel my heart racing. The ache between my legs, the moistness, had me hoping he would be in soon. I lay down with my hands laid to either side of me. I knew he was watching and knew that if I tried to ease the ache he would delay his arrival. I heard the turn of the lock, footsteps and the close of the door. And then silence. Why wasn’t he coming to me? Do I dare speak? It was as if he could read my mind as I heard him say,” no baby girl not a word. Put your arms over your head.” Oh I know what this means, I am so ready for him, I can feel the trickle starting. I start to spread my legs open and he notices. “I did not tell you to move baby girl, is there something you would like to say?” “Yes, I am sorry Sir, please forgive me.” “I will forgive you only because it has been longer than normal since I have taken care of you, but you will still be punished.” Normally that would seem like a bad thing to most people, but to me it only made the trickle run faster. I can feel the puddle under me already. The sounds coming across the room tell me he is undressing. In my mind I am screaming, please hurry. Suddenly I feel a hand around my wrist and something silky and cool, as he pulls my wrists together my mind is racing. He’s never done this. He knows how I feel about this, I do not like being tied down. He senses my fear as I hear him say “just relax baby girl, you know I will only push you as far as you are comfortable, but I want you to try.” I nod my head to show him I understand. His lips brush mine with a soft kiss and in my ear he whispers “good girl”. His casino şirketleri thumb brushes across my lips and lingers briefly, as I feel his lips brushing my nipple that is hard and very much wanting attention. His tongue swirls around it very lightly. A moan escapes my lips and I realize I have not been given permission as my body stiffens. A small chuckle followed by “it’s ok baby girl, be as vocal as you need today, just no words. Do you understand?” I nod my head and I am rewarded by having my nipple taken fully his in mouth. I moan loudly, silently begging him for more.My entire body is literally on fire, every nerve on edge not knowing what might come next. As he pulls away from my breast I feel one finger at the base of my throat, slowly working downward. When he reaches my navel he spreads his hand, and stops. No, no, no please no, don’t stop. I hear a low groan come from him, and I know he has noticed the wetness between my legs. His hand shifts as he goes back to tracing my body with one finger. From my navel to my left hip, across the top of my pelvis to the right, slowly making his way down, he is just above my clit when I realize I’m holding my breath. He has also noticed. “Breathe baby girl, I can’t have you passing out yet.” As I take a deep breath I feel him plunge that finger into me. “My baby girl is so ready to be fucked, but you have to wait baby girl, I’m not ready to fuck you yet.” The whimper that escapes tells him what I’m thinking. “Just relax baby girl, I promise it will be worth it.” He pulls his finger out and I feel it on my lips, sliding it in my mouth, I suck his finger like my life depends on it. I feel another finger plunge deep into my dripping wet pussy so quickly, and then hear him tasting it. “Very tasty today baby girl.” It is in that instant I feel him on my clit, teasing, with soft gentle touches. My body responds by arching up. I am pushed back down with one hand on my lower stomach and the other has a thumb on my clit and two fingers in my pussy. As I let myself go, and find myself on the verge of the first explosion of cum after I feel a tongue on my nipple again, I am suddenly stopped cold, my body stiffens at first. Wait, what is happening, I feel two tongues. Noticing my tension, he whispers, “relax baby girl, I am in control, he is here to help us, he will not hurt you, and he knows the boundaries. But if you want this to end, just say the word. Do you want this to end baby girl? Do you want to use your word?” My mind racing, no I don’t want this, I have never wanted any other man, how could you let someone else have me? But at the same time Sir’s hand in my pussy, his voice in my ear, a strange tongue on my breast and now more hands on me, all feels so good. I’m so confused. I ask permission to speak. “Granted” he says. “You have complete control of everything Sir?” “Everything baby girl, he will only use his hands casino firmalari and mouth on you. His cock will only fuck your mouth.” “I can use my word at any time if I need to?” “Yes baby girl, at any time you want this can end.” “I wish to proceed Sir.” “Good girl” he whispered in my ear as I felt his hand go deeper in my pussy that was now so soaked that I could feel the juices running down the crack of my ass.Hands pulled my legs apart, strangely I can tell the difference in Sir’s hands and the other gentlemen’s. Hands running up and down my legs, stopping just at the top of my thigh. My back is arching again, I need something, anything, inside me to ease this throbbing. “Would you like to taste my baby girl now?” I hear no response but must assume some sort of gesture was made as I can feel someone crawling between my legs, hands under my ass lifting me up, and then being turned across the bed so that my head hangs over the edge. “I will feed you now sweet girl as he tastes how sweet you are today. You still wish to proceed?” I nod my head that I do. “Excellent” he says.There must have been much discussion of the details before my arrival. I knew what was about to happen, but it was almost as it been planned. As Sir began to feed his hard cock to me my mind could not help but wonder what the other man was waiting on. Sir had given him permission, but yet he was not tasting me. Sir could tell my mind was not on my task at hand. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock in hard, causing me to gag. “Stop worrying about what is to come and take care of me” as he thrust deep and hard causing me to gag more. But with each gag, my body responded the way it always does, I was squirting cum with each thrust. Our guest must have been amazed as I heard Sir tell him, ‘see I told you, she is amazing.” And before the last word passed his lips, I felt a tongue on my pussy sucking so hard, lapping up every drop of cum that covered me. It felt so good, the moan that escaped my mouth so loud. Sir had heard that moan so many times, he knew the meaning. As he slowed his thrusting, now teasing my mouth, I heard him say something that shocked and yet relieved me at the same time, “you like that don’t you baby girl? The way he is licking you.” At first I was unsure if I should respond at all, and then he said “it’s ok baby girl, I want you to enjoy this, let go, don’t hold back. You will not upset me by enjoying being taken by another man.” My response was all he needed to know I did like it very much. I sucked his cock like I never had, his moans validated me. His hands on my breasts as he thrust into my mouth. The mouth that was on my pussy was like heaven, alternating between fast and slow, hard and teasing, fingers plunging into me as he sucked my clit. I lost count of how many times I had cum. But I needed more, I need Sir’s cock inside me. I pulled away from him and turned güvenilir casino my head. I needed no words. “Yes baby girl, I shall fuck you now.”But as he always does, he needed to take care of me first. Knowing how much I had cum already he handed me a bottle of water, “drink” was all he said. As they switched places I drank as fast I could. I knew nothing would start until the bottle was empty. As I handed him the empty bottle I heard him explaining that he must make sure I stayed hydrated and asked our guest did he need anything before he allowed me to suck his cock. Again no words from the stranger, I wish I could see him. The head of his cock brushed against my swollen wet pussy, I love it when he teases me this way. His hands locked on my hips, and d**g me onto his cock. With one thrust he was balls deep, thrusting so hard, balls slapping my ass. A groan so loud escaped me that I was sure anyone walking by could have heard. “That’s my girl” he moaned. The visitor grabbed the sides of my head and began slowly thrusting into my mouth. Sir slowed his tempo, matching that of the cock in my mouth. They fucked me from both ends in rhythm. Only one in me at a time, they had me ready to cum again. But when Sir has his cock in me I am not allowed to cum until told to do so. He can tell by moans that I need that order from him. “You need to cum don’t you baby girl?” My only response was a deep groan and shift in my hips. “You need to watch her now” he instructed the guest. As he pulled his cock from my mouth I felt Sir’s hand grab tighter and he started thrusting into me so hard, “NOW, cum NOW”. I never had cum so hard ever before, I didn’t know I could cum that long and hard, it felt incredible, even Sir was amazed. He thrusted even harder and faster in response which just kept me going, and then he shot a load in me so hard I felt it pulsing against the inside of my pussy. “Good girl, such a good girl. Now I’m going to have him clean you up, understand?” I heard the man gasp when he realized he was going to be licking out Sir’s cum from my pussy. “I allowed you to taste my baby girl, and now you’re going to clean her out.” Sir lowered my hips as he lay down beside me. His hand roaming my body, kissing me deep, taking care of me as he always does. I felt the man put his hands under my hips, I could tell he wasn’t as eager this time. I felt his breath on my clit and that was just enough to make me explode again, covering his face with a mixture of my cum and Sir’s. Sir chuckled as he said “she wanted to make sure you tasted my cum as well, now get in there and clean her out.” I felt a tongue plunge into me once again, it was all I needed, and Sir knew it. Every time his tongue moved I would cum again. He tried moving to my clit but that just cause me to squirt as well. I almost felt sorry for him. After several minutes I heard Sir tell him “now don’t you ever ask me again do you understand? Get dressed and get out.” My mind is reeling, what had he meant, why did he make him leave so suddenly, and who was he? Why couldn’t I see him? And what is going to happen to me because I enjoyed him? And that is a story for another time…………………..

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