Ahhhhhhhhhhh Wonderfuk Love

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh Wonderfuk LoveAhhhh Wonderfuk Love By: Londebaaz Chohan [ Siblings in Love]This is a story and should be taken as a story. Any resemblance of names, events or acts are only a chance. Hope you enjoy reading it and PLEASE send some COMMENTS. Thank You……….. Chohan****************************************************************************************To be honest I, [John Sanford] had always wanted to fuck my little sister Janet for as long as I can remember. I was really big and eager to shove it in her fanny and pussy both. She had big tits and her pussy would always bulge out under her tight clothes. She had a way of pushing up her fanny and wriggling her ass. I knew she was a flirt and a fair game but I spared her for the time being.I waited this long and finally I got my heart’s desire. I had come to visit my family for Jan’s 17th birthday. One evening after taking a shower I stepped naked out of the bathroom to find Jan standing there in my room. She made kind of wowwow sound and made a lewd remark about my size. I got very upset and don’t remember if I was yelling for her to leave my room or I was more concerned about the remark she had made. Living 2 years away from home, in a college dorm; I was fully aware of my extra Large [crossing 9 inches when hard] limp, easy 5 inches cock size with killer girth of a horse. She was staring at my dangling cock, not moving at all. I could feel my dick was growing as she further made a remark about the manly cock I had, out of control getting stiffer by the moment ready for action. She very shamelessly kept praising my fucking dong while I got totally mesmerized and did not even think to run back to bathroom and wrap my dangler in the towel.I, for my life, could not believe hearing Jan say that she would love to have her cunt filled by this pussy buster cock of mine. I do not know, how I kept shut and did not confess that I had also been fanaticizing to fuck her for ever long I could remember. She did not have any dithering as next moment her short shorts were off and her totally naked, beautiful cunt was facing my big cock; totally ready for a fuck next second if at all possible. My door was still open and I was afraid Mum and Dad might walk in any time and now totally guided by the will and desire of my cock, I had decided that fucking time was here and sister or no sister, this was a pussy in need of a cock and not doing the needful will be a sin and a crime both. The big cock head with its thinking brain had decided for the best course of action and I was not going to fight it. Seeing me take a few steps towards the door to close it, she asked me, what was I going to do and laughed loudly telling me, either I was stupid or naive to think she did not notice the door was open and informed me that both our parents had gone out and will not be back soon because they had to make lots of stops for making the birthday party arrangements. She even informed me that they may be returning after dining out and we were to decide, calling for a pizza delivery or make sandwiches with the leftovers in the fridge.I looked at the clock on my night stand which was reading 6:49 PM. If Mom and dad were not returning before dinner, it was easy 2–3 hours on our side to put to the best use and get fucking soon. I only remember smiling and immediately walking towards her, standing hardly few steps away. Only one swift move and her top was off and in my hands. Obviously, she was not wearing any bra underneath making her very firm and appealing tits to jump out. Her large almost red nipples were already erect and set for sucking.I had her in my arms in no time. The flames of desire, the horny sexy heat of both naked bodies suddenly peaked as we punched each other closer and tighter. I do remember Jan moaning when I kissed her nipples a little with a soft lip bite on both of them, even before kissing her rosy lips. I did not have time to love those man toys because she wiggled and wriggled in my arms and slid down quickly, kneeling on the carpet between my legs with both hands extended in worshipping mode and grabbed my sex machine. She only inspected the beauty for quenching the thirst of her eyes and then started flicking her tongue all around the head of my cock, even sucked it with her moist lips; it was ecstasy of its own kind only known to those lucky who have younger sisters doing it to them. Soon she slowly started taking my big cock in her mouth right down to her throat, while stroking my balls with both her hands. My enormous length was choking her every time it would hit the back of her mouth but she coughed out an enormous amount of spit and saliva that dribbled down the side of her mouth onto my balls but kept sucking me deeper and deeper exciting me more with her cock sucking talent. Soon I was laying on the carpet but now Jan’s ass sticking up towards the ceiling and her moist dripping cunt was inches from my lips while she still had me lodged in her mouth. Only Lord be my witness, this was the first time I noticed that my Janet’s pussy was so silky smooth and hairless. Might be she had removed the hair only today knowing something in advance. I could not resist and lunged my drawn out tongue into her slit. Janet was spreading her legs so that I could see her pink clit, well swollen hard and long and now sticking out of her cunt, ready to be sucked. Her pussy was engorging and puffing up and those tiny lips of her pussy were even hanging out a bit. She was virgin or may be not; and suddenly my thoughts were shattered as she moved and hard rubbed her cunt on my face. Taking the hint, I took her clit in my fingers and squeezed atakum escort a bit. She moaned and shoved it right in my mouth. I started sucking it with her juice flowing into my mouth.By now my cock was throbbing and stressing to go out of her control. Both of her hands were busy rubbing, massaging my ever happy hung balls, occasionally her fingers tip toed and danced on my naked butt including the inner thighs. She was moaning in variant tone indicating the bliss of ecstasy she was sinking in enjoying sucking my cock, and having me lick, suck her pink young love spot. My cock was all wet with her saliva and her cunt was all wet with her own juice. It was a very tight pussy but now slightly swollen and expanded to take any sized man Jr. all the way in.She kept increasing the pace on my dick. He throat sucking me, hands massaging me, her lips grabbing me, tongue roaming me, her mouth guzzling me; all at the same time. It was heavenly feeling, I never knew my younger sister was such an expert and experienced cock sucker. I was trying my best to stay with the momentum created by Janet, thrusting, shoving and pumping hard and furious in her face when suddenly she came to help and stretch twisted her legs and I could not resist moving along, bringing me over her and she was pinned to the carpet under me in 69 position.Janet started playing with my big cock and large balls with renewed interest and in a fury of her enjoying my cock in her mouth; I just could not keep control much longer. My orgasm surged as I kept up and plowed deeper in her mouth, skull fucking her with my sexy staff. An immense growl filled my room as my body writhed with harsh twisting and stretching and my stiff cock became ever more stiffer, thicker and peril. My juice started to fly out of my cock hole and filling her mouth, soon flowing out the sides of her mouth. My balls slapped her lovely lips with full fervor, adding to her pleasure until my ready to dump load stopped flowing out.Janet slipped aside from under me and now she was sitting up on the carpet. Her lips were shining with the man cream spread all over them. Oh!!! holy fucking. It was a scene to savor, my cutie baby sister smiling as she was still making her tongue search the sides of her mouth for any glob of my sperm to pull out and swallow.I don’t know how nature works things out. I was getting a severe urge to reciprocate the performance and make Jan squirt her pussy for me, when she got up and walked to the bed and dropped on her back with her young pussy right on the edge of the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her slit opened a bit and I could see her still erect, pink and firm cunt button peeping at me. I showed no dereliction and hurriedly reached there and buried my face between her thighs. Her skin was velvet soft and her den smelled very nice. I licked her long and stiff clit and she shoved her cunt right into my face with urgency of fucking my face. I could sense wetness of her pussy juice plastered all over my face as she soon trembled, shivered and groaned hard with every sucking licking move I did in her pussy along with hard sucking her pussy button. Within minutes she let out an enormous scream as she hit the ceiling with a tremendous orgasm bursting in her pussy. Her lava shot out of her cunt to give me a facial to remember for a life time. I can dare say, never having seen a pussy ejaculate this fiercely. The spot clean area around her cunt was all drenched wet too. I just let my Janet alone for a moment allowing her to enjoy the ride she was on and peeled my face off her soaking wet pussy paying attention to my warrior which was already throbbing ready once again. I only had to hint and Janet quickly turned over her belly sticking her asshole up in the air and I shoved my enormous cock right into her cunt from behind. Although there was enough of the viscous lube in her cunt but the shriveling of my foreskin along with the enormity of my cock knob; it was only the head that slipped into her before her pussy wrenched tight on my shaft right below the cock head. Janet was moaning and I could understand her agony of not being able to stretch more to let the shaft slide in and her pussy hurting as she could not do much else but to try pushing it thin around my fucking pole width. In doggy position, half her body on the bed and the lower half hanging off the bed, her pussy was at the perfect angle and position for my hard dick. And then my eyes came to halt at her ass ring. Her bottom hole was in a stress too and looked a bit larger and stretched with its rim being darker instead of natural pink and also a bit rigid but perky and well puckered still. This is the ass for fucking; the thought flashed in my mind. She surely could stretch large and take my big cock in her ass as well; I said to myself. It was time to breach her pussy resistance and gain entry into the depths of her cunt. My hips moved back making my cock head to plop out with a huge noise but not before it was fully soaked with her pussy lube which I rapidly thin layered all over my cock length and Janet also graced the urgency by pushing her cunt out as I plunged back into her a bit hurriedly and fervently. Janet’s pussy only squinted a little and even Janet did not made much noise but my knob and at least half of the cock shaft got nailed into my k** sister. The rest was relatively easy as I filled her to the hilt with a continuous but gentle inch by inch slide until my balls got crunched between our two bodies and she was completely impaled on my fucking cock as deep as 9 inches at least or more. My need to fuck and her urgency to get fucked escort atakum was hitting a mutual high and though I was being nice, looking and understanding the utter choking and gagging of Janet’s pussy with such large amount of meat beam lodged into her and wanted to let her adjust and feel comfortable instead of getting punished with this brutal dong plugged in but Janet was constantly on a roll. She did not stop even for a second or showed the sign of pain or hurting but instead kept slow and shallow move on my power rod IN and OUT by at least 2–3 inches. It was enough of an invitation if not a challenge for me and I held her tiny waist for leverage and started the engine and let it go full throttle in a very short while. Every time I rammed my large cock into her, she moaned and pushed her pussy onto my steel cylinder which made a thumping noise along with a slapping sound my hanging balls made striking harder and harder on her sensitive clit. A special rhythm was established, a perfect pace was set and a tremendous range of motion was in place and we were floating in the air, moaning, groaning, appreciating and realizing the effort of each other. As my hands kneaded and molded her silky ass bun meat, my thumb glided again and again over her ass hole and every time I caressed her hole and the puckering with my thumbs, she responded by tightening and squeezing her opening but then quickly relaxing it. She was an expert in moving her ass around my advances and squeezing her cunt walls on my fucking pillar to give me an enormous pleasure. Soon she was wriggling and writhing so lovely to make me hit the threshold limit of cock sensitivity. I went a****listic fucking my Janet and soon all the nine yards of balls knotting, hard breathing, shivering and loud moaning ended with shooting my hot, whole load into her. I kept on plunging my cock in and out and with every spasm my seed jumped into her cunt and down her thighs. Oh my God! I sure had fantasized fucking Jan too long to finally get the honor.I did not want to take my cock out of wet and warm cunt but shrinking in size, it popped out after a while. My cum was dripping out of her cunt and running down her thighs on to the bed. Janet suddenly went berserk in pulling, squeezing, rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt canal moving up and down on an imaginary cock in her pussy and soon was thrashing and squirming with sheer pleasure. Her eyes were closed, obviously dazed from the enormous pleasure she was enjoying. Soon after she reached her climax; she let out a loud scream and her cum shot out of her cunt wetting her hand and soaking the bed also.We were totally spent with such horrendous orgasms, one after the other and dozed off for a few minutes. I do not remember but when I came to my senses, Janet was laying next to me, still totally naked. Her body was slightly twisted and I could see my boy sperm still fresh and dribbling out of her recently fucked pussy. Her ass hole was also visible. Her cute pussy was very pink, clean shaved but well stretched and wide open although not like a Hippo’s Yawn but the bottom hole was very small, looking like a balloon knot and opening puckered extremely tight. I was feeling my cock rising as my eyes drank in the beauty, shape and meager size of her ass cavern, contemplating to fuck it but wondered, how such small and rusty brown looking wrinkly opening would allow my horse matching width and length to wham In and Out and not do a whole lot of damage. The sight of her fucked up pink fortress was surely an encouraging success which was also looking like a teenie wienee slit only but now no less than a slutty whore hole, made to be fucked, damaged, wasted and destroyed. This was a lot of support for what happened in the next short few minutes.In an attempt to see if she were asleep, I shook Janet’s shoulder and wad more than startled, rather shocked to hear her say; if I had lost the mood to fuck her in the ass. O’ my Lord! Now I got it, she was purposely laying in this angle offering me her ass in full view and glory. My cock was already waking up but this open challenge did more than necessary and right then she turned to face me. We started the foreplay, kissing and touching and the pussy and the cock also went on their way to mingle and mix up and have it their way. Jan was drawing my hands over and again to her ass slit and wanted me to stay there while she was entertaining my erecting cock and again coming to life balls. It did not take more than 10 minutes maximum and I was again fully erect and ready for Janet, with the magic of strokes she performed with love, care and ultimate expertise.I announced the readiness to fuck her in the ass and moved slowly behind her as she very willingly got on her knees and shoulders, sticking her petite hip high up for my cock to fuck her in the ass. From behind the view of her young lovely pussy was so intimidating and inviting that without thinking I attacked her pink fortress and sank shoved my cock into her cunt, which was fully aroused also to welcome my cock’s entry. The wetness of her cunt was a sheer pleasure and she was loving it because with each stoke I made into her cunt, my dear Janet would moan loudly and squirm and also squeeze her pussy walls really hard making it impossible for my dick to breath in her. I surely believe she had a series of quick surging orgasms which was obvious due her violent body shake and cries for hard pumping deeper and deeper. With a stuttering and lingering tone of speech she asked once again if I wanted to take her ass or no. I offered my hesitance saying that I was ready to fuck her ass but it atakum escort bayan might split her. She was too small for my dangerous weapon, I stressed.I swear, I heard; Fucking coward! before she got up dislodging herself off my fucking machine and started walking out of my room. It was a once in lifetime opportunity to see her pussy drip and her ass grip and grind in front of my eyes. By the time I followed her, I saw her enter her room and bent over the nightstand besides her bed. She was smiling when she turned to me holding the KY in her hand.I did not think I needed it but for your satisfaction only and now get the fucking going, she surely said it loud as I approached her and she lunged on my apparatus with an open mouth and started flicking my little bit deflating cock. In no time I was like a steel sky sc****r once again as she expertly sucked my cock and balls and even remembered my pretty ignored but sensitive nipples. I ouhhhh’d and ahhhh’d, did my best to encourage her and keep going with my hands behind her head.Soon we were hitting the peak of our joy and both knew it was time to prepare for the awesome ass fucking sex play. She did pull me out of her mouth but did not lose the control all the way. Gripping my shaft tight with one hand, she poured some jelly on it and rubbed it well, still poured some more on her palm and made sure it was well lubed from the top hole to the point where it disappeared into my groin. And then suddenly remembering she put some of it on my fingers and quickly took position on her bed. I rubbed my fingers on her ass-hole; gently round and round the rim and then going in the hole with one finger. She would grip my finger with her ass muscles giving me the idea to excess in with 2 fingers and possibly deeper to 2nd or 3rd knuckle. She was loving it with muffled groans of appreciation and gratification. I felt her ass canal muscles were relaxed and dilated enough to house me in when I asked her if she was ready and she said yes. She slid down the bed, with knees on the floor, ass sticking up. I could see her brown ass ring ready for assault.My cock was plenty greasy like her hole. I rubbed the head of my cock a few times in her bun slit and on the hole making circles just for teasing her and then like a duty, pushed the head a little into her hole. Though I had pushed a little and that too very gently, she was playing naughty on the other end and had right then pushed as hard as she would ever do and came back to meet my push. I am only saying it because it is true and not a joke; my firm belief is that my balls saved my life and I did not slide from head to toes into my little sister’s ass. Yes I went IN all I had to and still some more without any struggle. It was tight but not a fight and now I knew why she was that upset when I was concerned to rip her down there. Surely she had been fucked and fucked plenty in her ass by some lucky guy. She quickly tightened her ass muscles to grip my cock firmly until I complimented her for her tight ass orifice.Keeping me tight in her ass, she wiggled her ass on my groin and even made some thrusts to entice me. I knew she was asking for a hard fucking for a pleasing ecstasy and I was all ready to do her the best she deserved. I swear, I fucked her, I love fucked her, I revenge fucked her, I fucked her with the thoughts of a caring brother, I fucked her brutally with the thoughts of fucking a slutty whore who had been fucked and was really fucked up in the true sense of the word. I even imagined that if I was around may be I would be the man to initiate her and take her cunt and ass virginity instead of her giving it away to some guy bringing dishonor to the family. Some fucking cock whore she was under me and I was punishing her with my beefy fuck pole while she was asking, repeating, begging to go, go, go, harder, faster and even deeper than my tremendous length. I fucked her impaled on my thick cock like a bitch, I nailed fuck her to the floor in a missionary position and she even enjoyed a cowgirl ride on my solid bull. I had had two very potent orgasms and that gave me more than plenty time to fuck her this long in her ass. Sure, all good things have to come to an end and that time swept onto us. I tried but I could not keep it going for much longer and with the greatest drive and vigor, I shot a full load into her ass. She kept on gripping, milking my cock inside her ass. In spite of the unbearable jubilation, sensitivity and pleasure in my cock, I stayed inside her until it grew soft and small to slip out.Fuck me! I was shocked because I thought she was worked up more than she should have been but she got up and once again dropped on the bed like a log. Her legs wide and spread, her pussy puffed and swollen, her clit crimson red and erect more like I was for the last 2 hours. She was oozing my cum from her ass and moaning with pain of desire. I knew, my little baby sister was in heat. She needed to hit high to orgasm and needed help. Like a good elder brother, without any delay, I buried my head between her thighs and she sighed shoving her pussy right in my face. Her ankles went behind my neck pushing my face deeper into her pussy which was all wet from her love juice. We both started tweaking, rolling, pulling her pussy button in our fingers and I even was using my lips and teeth to bite her in response to her heavy and deep groans. She bucked her hips and shoved her pussy in my face for may be over a minute before yelling like a bitch knotted ass to ass on a dog’s prong and her body shook violently bursting her cum all over my face.I had come off my post orgasmic euphoria and the clock on her bedside was telling to look decent and sober soon before getting caught. I told her to get up and get ready and rushed to my room for a shower and be downstairs with her like the lovely friendly grown up family members.The End….. Chohan

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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