Amsterdam part 1 – Anette

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Amsterdam part 1 – AnetteI lived in Amsterdam I had a small place at the 3rd floor of an old apartment building. It was clean but everything was almost broken and the wall paper certainly cold do with a little freshening up. I left my home town back East after I finished my bachelors to pursue my career in Information Technology at the University of Amsterdam.One day in January I met up with a few friends in the local cafe – a bar you’d say in the States – and after a few drinks we got the idea for a house party. Two of my friends lived in the same building and so we could have the party over multiple apartments and not run out of space. We started writing down a list of our old college friends we would like to invite.Everyone of us started writing on the back of the beer coasters on our table. I wrote: Ronald, Willem, Saskia, Anette, Willemein. Just the 5 names of my very best friend in college. But Elise wrote a more specified list with some comments for each college friend: Robert -shy hot guy, Frederique – slut but worth hanging out with, Hanneke -big tits and very sexy, Willem -my first sex. And finally Judith wrote her short list: Camille -licks clits, Wendy -balls to the walls, Sjaak (Charley in English) -good sex, Mareille -punk independent.We put our lists on the small table and I started to laugh ‘Now I did not name the specifics I remember of my friends. Should I?’ Judith, always the most straight forward of us three said ‘You should, love to hear what your memories are on Ronald, Willem and all those friends you wrote down.’ ‘oh yeas please tell us Laura’, Elise almost shouted in enthusiasm. I blushed because my stories were quite explicit with most of them. Should I tell them here in a public place? I hesitated long enough for my friends to notice and Judith proposed we cash out and move back to her place to go over our lists in “details” as she called it.We put enough money on the table to cover for our drinks and got back to our apartment building. Judith lived on the second floor. We laughed nervously as we entered her apartment. It felt as we were just entering college and everything was new and exiting.I sank in Judith huge couch and Elise fell next to me in the soft pillows. Judy made kaçak bahis some pot and pans noise in the kitchen and soon came back with three cups of steaming hot tea. Oh I love hat girl, always knows just what to get me. I needed something without alcohol. We had enough in the cafe to last the rest of the evening.So? Judy said, lets start with Laura’s list as she did not write any specifics, I am very curious what your memories with Willem are? He is on both your and Elise’s list you know?I see that, I said, he is a nice guy. A long silence followed as we sipped our hot tea and seemed to be lost in our own memories. Just three girlfriends with old memories.Okay, I said, he was just a nice guy and we kissed a bit but that’s all. Ha, Elise said, I can’t believe that. he was all over me on the first date. Hands everywhere. Almost ripped my shirt and I barely had enough time to get my panties off. And his cock… so hard and … she stopped talking. She looked up and blushed. There seems a lot of blushing going on tonight I said and we all laughed sheepishly.Oh come on, Judy said, let’s be serious Laura, you and Willem and nothing happened? Nothing. I said, but you know who was really the best sexual memory for me in college? Anette. Elise gasps and Judy looked intrigued at me. Really, she was the best in college. We had a special thing going on. Just for the fun of it.Please tell us, Elise begged and Judy nodded, please do tell?Okay, I’ll tell you about Anette.I met her in math class, I was the honors student and she could barely keep up. Our professor told us that I should tutor her and I was okay with that. Anette was an extremely attractive young lady and a pleasure to talk to. She did not know how to do math but she was very well informed about what happens in the world and those kind of things.So one of my tutoring session we walked to my student housing and the weather was just terrible. It was barely above freezing and we got totally soaked by this rain storm coming in unexpectedly. Earlier in the day we had athletics and we both carried our training stuff. So, when we got to my flat we were both shivering from the cold. I went into the kitchen and told her that she was welcome to take a hot canlı bahis siteleri shower while I made us some fresh hot chocolate. Okay, she said and soon I could smell the steam coming from the bathroom.I yelled over the noise of the shower that the coco was ready and she replied, “BRING IT HERE, I AM NOT DONE YET”. I walked into the bathroom and saw the goddess, I k** you not, perfect body, nice arched back and full tight bottoms. I gasped for air and she spun around, revealing her C-cup breasts, her nipples hard and surrounded by deep pink. She took a step out of the walk in shower to grab her coco and I stood in admiration looking at the soft bounce of her boobs.hey, she said, am I wearing something that belongs to you or do you always stare at people. Sort of a wake up call from my steamy dream reality. I stuttered some words but I guess that did not impress her very much. She grabbed her coco ad slid back into the warm steamy shower. Cup in one hand and slowly, teasingly teasing her nipple with two finger of her other hand.I sat down on the little stool next to the shower and did not know what to do. She handed me the cup back and grabbed the soap bar from the little ledge in the corner. Soapy foam slid from her neck down over her breast down to her pussy. Her had followed the soap and soon a slow but deliberate up and down over her trimmed pussy followed. She lifted one leg a little and I could see her lips slightly spread revealing a small shiny bump. Oww what a sweet clit I thought. She closed her eyes and moaned softly while she slid a finger in herself.I could no longer resist and peeled my wet clothes off as fast as I could. Damn those wet things stick when you are in a hurry. Elise and Judy laughed nervously and looked at me as to say, more Laura, pleases tell us more. I was suddenly aware of there presence again and mumbled, ‘I should not tell you guys all this. That is not fair to Anette’ but they insisted. I noticed Judy had her hand down between her legs and Elise was in a similar pose. Man, I thought, they must be getting exited by my story.Well uhh, so Anette kept on going and had her eyes closed. I quietly stood outside the shower now totally naked and compared my body to güvenilir bahis hers. I did not have the nice breasts and my pussy was boldly shaved. none of the lovely landing strip she had sculpted on herself. She looked so sexy and exiting. Mind you, I never had any previous experience with a girl and did not understand why I suddenly got hot by looking at Anette doing these wonderful things in the shower.My hand slide over my own nipples and they got really hard. I gabbed some of my body lotion from the counter next to the shower and put some on my hard nipples. Slowly rubbing my fingers spread over my breasts and sliding my fingers around my nipples. It seemed they popped harder every time the came from under my hands. My pussy started to feel a bit weird and I looked up to Anette.Anette ahd stopped her own play and was now watching me. She nodded and stuck her hand out of the shower as an invitation for me to get in. Not sure why but I immediately move into the shower and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me. The most wonderful feeling I had ever had in my life. Her soft breasts. her hard mount below against me. Oww, I shivered. her hand slid over my bottoms and I stepped back slightly. She took the small space between us to move her hand over my pussy. One finger over my clit and another just slightly below. I moaned and my knees buckled a bit. I re-found my balance and grabbed her wrist to pull her hand lower and got a few fingers firmly inside me. She sank down on her knees in front of me with the shower jets now straight on my clit. I was getting all wet and pushed my pussy into her face. I got to come. I have to, have to, have to, owwww.My orgasm was heavy and deep from within. My legs gave way and I sank to the shower floor. Anette was standing above me with her legs spread and her pussy lips wide open. Swollen lips staring at me as to say, come on, do something! I slowly slid over the floor and planted my face right over her clit. My lips massaged her clit and i pushed two fingers inside her. I remember her vagina contracting and her soft deep moan as she orgasmed. Then she squired over my face, running down my breasts, down to my cunt. Warm wet and so exiting that I almost came again.I looked up, Elise and Judith were red faced and their expression was one of pure excitement. Both had their hands down in their pants which by now were unbuttoned and unzipped. My god I thought, are they also into this thing…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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