AMULYA Affair Leads To Incest

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AMULYA Affair Leads To IncestdeleteddeletedThe anniversary ended by me being fucked by 3 young guys and a lesbian sex with their whore. Then it became a regular thing for them to pay a visit to my home and use me whenever however they wish to.They made me change my style, I joined gym to loosed weight, I was not allowed to wear inners. Most often when Mihir used to come to take my daughters tuition in her room the other two would take my tuition. It became a regular affair, only on weekends when my husband used to be a home I used to get rest.One day I received a call that my sister’s son was going through the town and will pay a visit to me. He came to my home at about 3 in the afternoon, my sister lived in pune which was about 14 hours by road from my home. I hugged him tight he had out grown. He was 26 yrs only 7 years younger to me. We had a long chat and then he said he needs to leave for pune. At that my sister called him and we started talking. It had been a year I had met my sister, so she told me to come with him to pune. I too wanted a break from these boys who would ravaged me everyday so I agreed. I told him to wait and packed my stuffs. I took all the new clothes I had bought because I wanted to look young with a young guy. I told my k**s good bye and we started in the car.I was wearing a white dress and white duppatta, we were driving and were chatting. I was asking about his life and all. He was kinda handsome dude so I asked him whether he has a gf or not. He was hesitant to reply to which I told him to be comfortable with me as whatever happens on the way will remain in the way. So he said he is dating a woman of my age and is married to another man. He also told he like elder girls. To which I laughed and said do I look elder to you. To which he said you are elder and sexy. I got shocked but liked it too and smiled a bit. He too let out a cunning smile. It was a long journey and in between I slept.Suddenly I woke up and found we were standing near a repairing shop and there were few restaurant on the highway. I asked what happened. He said that car broke down in the middle of night and we need to stay till the next morning as it cant be repaired. I got afraid of what to casino şirketleri do whole night on the highway. He said there is a hotel and we can rent a room there. So we agreed and check in the room.We went in the room and as soon as I closed the door my nephew hardik pushed me to the door and kissed my lips forcefully. I was shocked it took me a minute to come out of the shock and to overthrew him away from me. I got angry on him and shouted how dare you do this to his aunty. To which he laughed and said so, what will you do about this honey. His words angered me more I said I will tell your mom. He said go on tell her.So I tried to reach my phone in purse and I found it was not there. I saw him taking out my phone from his pocket and giving a demon smile and saying, I read all your sexting with your 3 boyfriends. Oh my 3 boyfriend and that too of half of you age, honey you need a single man like me. Now I was afraid I knew what was coming and I also knew I cant do anything. I said what you want. He approached me and cornered me I was breathing heavily he threw my dupatta aside, and pulled my kurta to see my boobs. I just closed my eyes and then with his both hands he just tore the top. I screamed but he smooched me again. He removed my clothes and started playing with my boobs, and smooching me. I was breathing heavily now I was just in my pajama and high heel sandals.He went down and he did the same with my pajama and threw it away. He stopped and told me to walk in the room in my high heels and panties like a cat walk. It took me sometime to regain my original breath and I did the same. Meanwhile he was lying on bed with his jeans on and t shirt removed. Then he called me and said to kneel between his knees. I did and and he told me to make him happy I took out his dick and started shagging it. He told me to shag it with my boobs and I was doing it .I kept it between my cleavage and was shaking it. My boobs being jumping made me moan and breath harder. He was liking this suddenly he hold me hair and pushed my mouth in his dick and he started pushing my mouth up and down. His dick was doing all through my neck. I felt like vomiting. All his precum was going in. He then stopped casino firmalari and made me sit near the bed and he stood up and he inserted his dick in my mouth and he started pushing his dick in my mouth and fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. All his pre cum his hair were going in. I was dying of breathing his hands were on my hair and he said to suck it like it was a straw.I made my lips in a o shape and was sucking his dick and he increased his speed. He came in my mouth and at that time he made me to keep it in my mouth now to gulp it or spit it. I did as he told he then took out a camera which was running behind and focused on my mouth and face and again kept it on the place. He let me spit it in the bathroom. When I came out I scolded him why he was filming it. He said honey you are not in position to scold me do as I say or now I can show this to your husband. I knew I had no option. I was standing in front of him nude in high heels and he was leaning on the bed. He pulled me by my hand and I fell on him he started kissing me again all over my body.Then he threw on the bed and said now its my turn to make you happy. He spread my legs and inserted his tongue in my clitoris. I let out a huge moan ahhhhh … And he went it. He bite it played with it, I was scratching the sheets like hell. Never had I been mouth fucked. Suddenly he stopped and said I got the strength back and he placed the tip of his dick in the opening of my pussy. I could feel his dick and this made me more moan. He then inserted his dick completely inside with one jerk. I was not prepared and screamed. He calmed me down and he started jerking with a low pace. His low pace was making me excite more and more, I was getting mad and started biting his shoulder scratching my nails on his back. He too came near my face and started smooching me and bit my lips.We both were completely aroused I was screaming moaning scratching and he was calm going in slow pace. I wanted him to go on for eternity. He didn’t increase the speed. We continued our slow sex and then I shouted fuck me hard, he started to increase the speed and I was screaming more and more he started drilling me he was too hard on me to hold that güvenilir casino I cummed before he cummed. He came after I cummed. And he slept on me. His body was crushing mine but I like this. His dick got small and it came out of my pussy.We slept there for an hour and then I found his hand traveling my back and he pulled me toward him. I turned and we kissed again. We just went smooching for a say 5 minutes till our lips went dry. Then he made me to go on all four and I was ready for another fuck but hey he inserted his finger in my ass. I said no no no but he inserted his two finger in it and said I know its not virgin so just relax. I dont know why but I felt his word to be more promising so I let him to do it.He then took out his finger and he inserted his dick in it, his dick was too big for my ass he went on his head that I screamed to stop. But he was not going to he went half in and half out it was too tight for him too that he too screamed ahhh. Both of us were hurting but we were enjoying and he cummed soon. But I wanted more so I went in the bathroom took a wet cloth came out and cleaned his dick as I didn’t want to taste my ass. I started sucking his dick again to make it erect. It took me less than a minute to do it and he was back in action.He was lying on bed and I climbed his dick. I told baby you relax let your bitch do the work. I started jumping up and down. This made my boobs bounce more and more and all the work made me breath heavy. He was enjoying his view.I got tired jumping and slept on him but he embarrass me and started fucking me from down and I was screaming happily, I again cummed before him, but he continued now I was too exhausted to continue but he was still going on so I told him to stop or my pussy will get sore and told him to fuck my mouth. He stood up and made me open my mouth he kept jerking my mouth and when he cummed he closed my nose with his fingers. So I had to gulp down his cum. He laughed and tapped his dick on my face to remove the last cum. And then we slept till morning.Next morning before leaving the hotel we again had sex and then I wore some sexy clothes like a blue shirt and jeans without inners and we went on the journey to pune with some oral in the highway. Finally I went to see my sister and she asked me that hope my son took proper care of you and I said yes your son knows how to handle a woman and we laughed and that’s how it ended.Please give comments for me to write down more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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