Amulya Falls For Money Chapter 2

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Amulya Falls For Money Chapter 2deletedRead before part–1….This was quite a picture With Sonika in his lap Shatir was seated on the sofa, his mouth attached to the slut’s as he cupped and squeezed her ass with his hands.Just off to the side was Ripu whose hands were stroking and mauling Sonika’s breasts through the dress she wore. Ripu was not able to take it anymore and leaving the french kissing couple as they were, he went to the refrigerator and pulled out the ‘Kit kat’ from there.He kept the same next to him on a table so that it could soften up and in the meantime tore off the skirt from Sonika’s body who was not at all aware that this was the end for the garment, could not be worn again. Ripu gave exactly the same treatment to the panty and lo-behold in just 24 mins from the time she walked in, Sonika was denuded from below her navel and resembled a carved out naked slut. Sonika licked her lips as she swung one knee over Ripu’s face, who by now had moved down onto the floor and was sitting in a ‘buddha’ position. She got rid of her top and the bra together, becoming entirely naked for the first time in the office and positioned herself just right, then lowered her damp sweet pussy onto Ripu’s hungry mouth. At the very first bit of tongue-to-pussy contact, Sonika shrieked and arched her back with Shatir cupping her naked breasts and twisting the aureoles between his thumb and forefinger on both the hands, squeezing them tightly. Shatir loved to play with boobs and Ripu was a specialist when it came to giving a slut, oral sex.Still locked in an embrace with Shatir, Sonika’s right hand descended and started to frig, pump his cock through the trouser fly, while at the same time Ripu incessantly puckered her anus with his hard fingertip as he kept sucking on her clit. He drove at it in heated circles upon the tangy but tight cutie clit, never tiring him and always attractive. However, Shatir could do nothing but stop once Sonika broke the kiss, shoved Ripu away with her hand around his head and then coyly dropped to her knees in front of Shatir, while pushing Ripu further on to the floor. Her body was completely nude except for the rosebud hair band stuffed around her hair. With all joy showing, Sonika began tugging away at Shatir’s trousers, she got rid of his belt, then finally unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. A moment later, she pulled them down along with his brand new underwear. Ripu was kaçak bahis slightly upset at this treatment from his employee to Shatir but quickly took the initiative and decided to resume with his exploration of the pussy and fell further on the floor only to surface between her wide and dripping legs. Her pussy was wet and dripping down the thighs, he started licking her all over and in no time was once again straining his neck on the erotic junction and busily sucking juice out of the cavern. On the sofa, much to Sonika’s delight the thick, fully erect cock popped out and suddenly dangled before her hungry mouth, her lovely face erupted with erotic lust,holding Shatir’s cock in her right hand, she started smelling the air around as if it was coffee on the table, the aroma was too much for her and she started getting ‘intoxicated’. She unwittingly closed her eyes and started breathing the air more rapidly giving the ultimate feeling of enjoyment to Shatir who watching this went beyond lust and abandonment. His cock was not in his control and started oozing the initial cum, Sonika used two fingers from her left hand to tickle the hot, mossy underside of his balls saying, ‘You should shave your balls, would give you more pleasure when the shaft gets into my pussy’. In response, Shatir could do nothing but moan and sigh, this was ultimate and definitely more than anyone could expect or aspire for, no other female till date had behaved so shamelessly and that was too much for him.She was surely the best till date in providing ‘sinful’ oral pleasure. Sonika squealed at the sight she met on his cock’s tip and smiled very sexily to Shatir, guiding Ripu back to her pussy centerfold with her right hand extended her tongue and swiped at the very tip of Shatir’ dick. The 40-year-old bulbous cock tip shook and trembled in response to her mouth’s application – which obviously pleased Sonika. He was in her control, she gave it a few more jabs and kisses before pouting her mouth open and slipping the prick inside. Outside Ramya was getting jittery. Rani had left her alone in the show room with the shift duty, she was pretty new to the place. She ventured to find out what was holding Sonika and called up Ripu’s office. “No answer.” Finally she got up and reached the door which was locked from inside. She went to the toilet near the door, which was shared, between Jill (Mall admin) and Ripu and what she saw from güvenilir bahis there was awesome, unbelievable and full of depravity. Never in her life did she see a sex scene like this and was made to shudder, Jill had left for the day and that obviously left the room with little disturbance for Ramya. She could easily see through the peephole of the bathroom, full length of Shatir’s shaft disappear between Sonika’s red pout lips, for Ramya this was not right.It was a sin but looking at the episode in front of her she really became worried, why was she different and not any other girl in the mall when it came to sex. In fact, these were a fucking machine. They could do all this and much more for hours without becoming tired. She quickly left the place and went back to her seat. Sonika’s mouth bobbed back-and-forth in a wild abandoned state as she continued to suck and sip away at Shatir’s dick who by now had his shirt also off, was practically naked in front of Sonika and he sighed, breathing in heavy gasps.Sonika took a very bold step and extending both her hands while on her haunches, quickly removed the gold chain around Shatir’s neck and quickly wore it around her own neck while the dick was still in her mouth. He just continued to sigh and did not know how to respond but getting the kind of pleasure he was between his legs, decided to give up on the 1lakh rupee chain, of course reluctantly.He truly believed Ripu now, not only was she a world class slut but a money monger. Shatir knew how to get the ‘return’ out of the ‘chain investment’ and was already thinking, while she was victoriously slurping away on his dick returning his attention to the sensation down on his prick which this slut was providing.Her type of cock sucking skills amazed him, he thought “only if Sanjana would agree to share this pussy and they can have her on their dinner table”. Shatir would enjoy his bread toast with butter between Sonika’s legs and Sanjana would paste her own pussy jelly on Sonika’s mouth and that would or could bring about world peace.Sonika never wanted to rush things, which the 19-year-old had learnt pretty early in life on her own, so she spent sweet time in paying homage to this middle aged cock. Though some of her actions could look like fast and frantic, none of them were really rushed. She just liked to change gears and bring in variety to her delivery of skill, really bit by bit and minute türkçe bahis by minute. In fact, Sonika loved sucking cock, even more than Shatir or any other man could have dreamt of having a woman suck their cock. Sonika was a real skill at that art and took great pains to improve upon her oral habits… never failing to make her lovers get the absolute, maximum amount of pleasure. As she continued to slurp and praise Shatir’s shaft, Sonika emitted a naughty smile as she started thinking about how right this situation was, where she was on her haunches sucking Shatir’s cock and Ripu between her legs. These two men were really very mean to her, which was delightful, after all her place was on the knees, sucking cock and getting rammed between the legs. Ripu had enough and Sonika nearly fell off when she found fresh air on her pussy flowing along the crevice and was fascinated for a second to feel up a hard cock brush up against her ass. She turned around quickly, only to find Ripu completely naked with his erect cock in hand and offered the young slut a grim retort, ” Sonika slut, are you ready to get this hole buggered yet? “. Sonika surprised him with her infectious pout, rubbing the smelly fingers on her nose, “Sure! Put that thing in me, and rod me!” saying which she turned around and started slurping on Shatir’s cock again.Sonika continued to scream and growl in delight as Shatir and Ripu kept pounding her from different ends and in no time much to Sonika’s delight, Shatir’s cock suddenly exploded in her mouth meaning of course, that there was a fresh sample of male sperm to taste and swallow. For a moment, Sonika’s mouth nearly went over the brim with the cum spewing out from Shatir’s dick which nearly choked her, but she managed to drink down the juicy, delicious load into her gullet.This was a very happy moment for Ripu, now he had Sonika all for himself, he started pushing the cock in-and-out of her anus more vigorously and decided to get all of Sonika’s attention, by giving her ass a real vicious pounding of her life.Sonika encouraged him, gyrating her ass against his cock and enjoyed the short fuck-strokes invading her anus. He continued thrusting himself in-and-out of her anus, while giving each of her sexy ass cheeks hard, sharp slaps with both hands, both could not contain themselves any longer, her anus had gripped and squeezed his cock so strongly that Ripu could not help but to deposit the entire load of cum deep within her ass which got flooded with the sperm load, making her experience an orgasm of her own. The pair swam together in erotic ecstasy, with their bodies still rubbing and pulsating against each other in unison.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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