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Amy 5I ended up calling the number a couple days later. I was really surprised that he didn’t sound black at all. We ended up talking a couple times that week and I said that it had to be like she had to do it and had no other choice. I explained that no v******e at all and just a gentle force or Amy would never get fucked in front of me. I agreed to the filming since I wanted to be able to watch it later after it was over. We had to wait to make sure it was the right time of the month for Amy’s period so nothing would mess it up. We discussed how he didn’t have to use a rubber and I really wanted him to fill her up with cum so it would be dripping from her pussy when we got done.His name was Ben he told me and his friend to do the filming was Jerome. He sent pictures of both of them so I would have no problem knowing it was them. I was really excited and it seemed like forever until the time was right. I set it up with telling Amy we were going to go out dancing and drinking a little bit. I even got her dressed in a short black skirt and had Amy put on some really sexy panties and bra. Then I had her put on some dark thigh high stockings and then a nice button down shirt that looked sexy on her. After she was done making herself up I told her she looked really sexy and I was going to fuck her brains out after I got her back home. I told her I wouldn’t drink much because I had to drive but I wanted her to be drunk when I fucked her later. Amy giggled and we took off to the club.We got there and got a table and I made sure it had four chairs. We danced a couple dances as I drank a beer and Amy had a shot and chaser. Then I saw Ben and Jerome walking around and got Amy up and took her up to dance again. When that song ended we went back to our table and Ben and Jerome were sitting there. Right away Ben said he was sorry and thought the table was free. I told him no problem and asked them if they had anybody with them. He explained that they were just killing time and were going to a party soon. They were looking around and said no tables were free and I said they could sit with us. Ben said if we didn’t have a problem with it that he would appreciate it.It didn’t take long and I noticed how well they were dressed and how pleasant they were chatting with us. Ben made the comment that we were the cutest couple there that night and he asked me if he could dance with my wife. I looked at Amy and she said she loves dancing and I don’t dance much. So Ben and Amy got up and went and danced a few songs together and when they got back Amy was smiling and laughing with Ben. After Amy downed another shot and chaser I got up and danced one song with her and she was pouting all the way back to the table. The drinks were starting to get to her and she asked Ben to dance with her again. I watched as they danced for a few songs again and then came back to the table laughing together.After a few minutes Ben asked us if we wanted to go to the party with them. Amy seemed like she didn’t want to and Ben said it was not a thug party and Amy giggled and explained she just didn’t know them. Ben explained that he and Jerome were regular people and just thought we would enjoy it. Amy looked at me and I said we didn’t have plans and I asked him if there was going to be dancing there. He said there was going to be the best dancing and he would make sure we had a fantastic night. I told Amy why not so we got up and went outside to follow them to the party. They walked over to a nice Jaguar and it seemed to put Amy at ease. Ben said to follow him home first because he had to get some stuff to bring to the party.Amy was giggling and talking about how we made new friends tonight and this would be fun. We followed them for about 20 minutes and Amy was in awe when we got to Ben’s house. It was in a very ritzy neighborhood and the house was a very fancy house. I got out and Amy soon joined me and I said his house looked fantastic. Ben asked us if we wanted to see it and Amy wanted to instantly. Ben came and took her arm in his like a gentleman and took us into the house. Amy was smiling as he was telling her about the house and we went inside. I said I would sit in the living room and he should give her a tour of his house. I sat on the couch and Jerome asked me if I wanted a beer and I said I had to drive but Amy would drink one.They were gone for a while and when they got back Amy was excited as she told me all about the house. Amy sat next to me and I asked to use the bathroom because I really had to take a piss. I could hear music start and when I got back out Ben was dancing a slow dance with Amy. I stood there and Ben smiled over her shoulder and I watched his hand go down and rub her ass while they danced. Amy giggled and told him that was off limits and her kaçak bahis hand moved his hand off her ass. When they stopped dancing I was standing there and Ben asked me if I would do him a favor. I said no problem and he went and sat on the couch taking Amy with him and she sat down next to him. Ben handed her the beer and she drank it pretty steady as she sat there.I asked him what he needed me to do and Ben smiled and said he wanted me to take all my clothes off now. I stood there wondering what the hell and suddenly Jerome hit me in the stomach knocking the air out of me and I fell to my knees. When I caught my breath I looked up and Amy looked scared as hell. Ben told me if I said one word Jerome would do it again. I got up and I was scared myself and wondered what I got us into. Ben said we needed to know the rules for the game he was going to play and for both of us to listen good.Ben said that if he said for us to do something and we didn’t do it instantly that it would make Jerome mad. Then Ben smiled at Amy and said Jerome wouldn’t get mad at her no matter what. Ben told Amy if she didn’t do as told then I would be the one that Jerome got mad at. Ben smiled at me and told me again to take all my clothes off. I looked at Jerome and he looked at me and I knew to take off my clothes so I did. Then Ben smiled at Amy and asked her to take her panties off and give them to him. Amy looked really scared and sat there and Jerome knocked the air out of me again. When I straightened up I watched Amy stand up and slide her panties down her legs and step out of them. She handed them to Ben and he sat her back down next to him.Then Jerome turned me and he tied my hands behind my back with a strap he had picked up. Then he sat me naked in the chair and went and got the panties from Ben. He came back over to me and told me to open wide and he stuffed her panties in my mouth. Then he said if they came out of my mouth before he said they could that he would be mad again. I shook my head yes and I was really scared. I looked at Amy and she looked terrified and just sat there.Ben smiled at Amy and then stood up in front of her and told her to take his clothes off. Amy looked over at me and Ben told her that she was taking too long and it might make Jerome mad again. Amy stood up and her hands were shaking as she unbuttoned his shirt and then took it off of him. Then she got down on her knees and untied his shoes and they came off and so did his socks. Amy looked over at me again and she timidly reached out and opened his pants and took them off of Ben. Ben turned around to look at me and told Amy that his boxers needed to come off too. She slid them down from behind and I saw that huge black cock hanging down in front of him and it wasn’t even hard yet.Jerome now had a small video recorder and Ben sat down pulling Amy down next to him again. Then he explained to Amy that she had to tell the camera how she has wanted to suck a black cock for a long time. Then he had her smile and practice first and she did it. Ben explained if she didn’t make it look real they would stop and erase and Jerome would have fun with her husband making him hurt bad. Then they would do it again until it was right. Then Ben asked her if she could do it right and Amy shook her head yes. Then Ben told her after telling the camera how she wanted to suck black cock then she would start sucking on his cock. Ben asked her if she understood and Amy shook her head yes. Then he asked her if she wanted her husband beat up more and she shook her head no. Ben told her she had to really be excited as she did it and Amy said ok.Then Jerome said start and Amy was smiling and she looked really excited as she did what she was told. Then I watched her bend over to his lap and she took ahold of his big cock and started sucking and licking on it like she really wanted to. Ben told her to stand up in front of him and when she did he reached up under her skirt and her legs spread apart and I knew his fingers were checking out her little kitten. Ben looked at the camera and said her pussy was really tight and she was already dripping juice from it. He pulled his hand out and I could see it glisten in the light as he showed his wet fingers to the camera. Ben laughed and said this little girl really wanted to sample some big black cock.Then Ben smiled at Amy and told her he wanted to see her dance and strip and make it really sexy for him. Amy did as told and it looked really good and she took her time getting her shirt and skirt off. Then she slid out of her heels and danced again and then seductively took her bra off and shook her tits a little bit. Amy danced around again and Ben told her to come over to him. He stood up and put one of Amy’s hands on his cock that was now half hard. He canlı bahis siteleri kissed her while his hands roamed all over her naked body as she only had on the stockings now. Ben seemed to whisper in her ear and her hand on his cock started stroking it while he was sucking on her tits as his hands roamed over her ass and down to her slit. I watched as he was kissing her again while he was now in her slit again with his fingers and her legs spread open.Then Ben sat back down and guided Amy down to her knees between his legs. Then he took his cock in one hand and pulled Amy’s mouth to the head of it and she started sucking and licking it. Amy would glance over at me once in a while and she looked scared as she was working on his cock with her mouth and tongue. It took her over ten minutes it seemed to get that cock completely hard and then Ben had her get up. She looked over at me when he spread her thighs and then had her get up on the couch with her feet on each side of his legs as she was standing over him and he moved her crotch to his face.She held on to the couch back behind him and I watched him slide his tongue around in her pussy. Amy stopped looking at me and just looked down watching as Ben was licking her slit. I saw her mouth open and she gasped when he seemed to suck on her now hard clit. I could see her legs shaking and it seemed like the sensations were starting to get the better of her. Then Ben stopped and smiled at me and told me my wife tasted really hot and he was so glad my wife craved black cock.Then he had her turn around and Amy looked terrified and he pulled her down onto him with his cock standing up in front of her pussy. Ben smiled at me and then told me to look how far his cock would go inside my wife’s little pussy as he held it against her pussy and stomach. Amy closed her eyes and looked away from me as he guided her back up just far enough to put the head of his cock at her tiny hole. Ben just stared at me with a smile as he rubbed the head coating it with her pussy juice.Amy was looking away from me and Ben said it was time to see if my wife’s little pussy would take his cock. Ben held his cock and I could see his other hand guiding Amy down and I watched as her pussy slowly opened up and soon it swallowed the head. Her legs were shaking a lot and Ben held her there with the head and a few inches inside her stretched pussy. Then he took his hand off of his cock and softly rubbed Amy’s clit as he guided her up a little and then back down again taking a few more inches. Ben groaned and said she felt like a virgin on his cock and she was really tight.Jerome was getting close ups with the camera as Ben started guiding Amy’s quivering shaking body up and down his cock. Soon her pussy was sliding up and down taking almost all of his huge cock now. I could see a white slime coating his cock and Jerome exclaimed how my wife was creaming on Ben’s cock. Amy was holding Ben’s arms tightly and she was gasping and trying not to moan as Ben’s cock was rutting her. She just kept staring away from me and suddenly she couldn’t hide it as she exploded in an orgasm. Amy was jerking and shaking and she was groaning loud and Ben held her tight. Then I could see he wasn’t moving her on his cock anymore. Amy was sliding up and down as she was cumming all on her own now and I watched as her pussy was starting to look like foam covered her pussy lips.Then Amy slammed down on his cock and her mouth opened wide as she did a long wail and I was amazed at the power of her orgasm. Ben was laughing as he held her tight with his arms around her stomach as she just kept cumming on his cock. It took a while for her to stop gasping and thrashing around on his lap and she just sat there with her eyes closed for a while. Then Ben moved her off his lap and spun her around back over his waiting cock facing him now. Ben put his cock at her pussy and guided her back down on it and she moaned as it slid back up inside her. Ben held her hips as he was moving her up and down on his cock and sucked on her nipples. When his hands moved off her hips she just kept fucking his cock and he held her head kissing her deeply and I heard her moaning into his mouth.It seemed like she forgot all about me in her half-drunk state and was fucking Ben for the joy of it now. Amy had her arms around his neck now and wasn’t trying to hide her moans from me as she rode the entire length of his huge cock now. Amy was kissing him on her own now and there was loud slapping from the impact of her on his lap with each stroke. This went on for a while and Amy was getting close to cumming again when Ben stopped her. He got her up off his lap and she stood there on shaky legs until he got behind her and bent her over on her knees with her face on the carpet. güvenilir bahis Then he got on his knees behind her and told her to remember she is on camera. Then he asked her what she thought about black cock and she softly said she loved black cock. Then he asked her if she wanted more black cock and she looked at me and whispered please fuck me.Ben smiled at me and put that huge cock at her pussy and slid it in all the way as Amy’s eyes closed and she moaned loudly. Ben held her hips as he started slowly fucking her doggy and Amy moaned out a soft oh my god. Ben reached out and took her hair in his hand and pulled her head up and pushed down on the small of her back. It caused her back to arch perfectly as he was fucking her pussy at a steady speed now. Then Ben chuckled and told me he could tell this was Amy’s favorite position. He said her pussy was telling him this position hits all the right spots for her. Ben just kept driving his huge cock in and out of her wet hole as she quivered and moaned with each movement. Her mouth was open wide with her eyes closed. There was even drool dropping from her lips once in a while and she moaned with every movement. There was no hiding the fact that she was really enjoying the fucking. Ben just kept fucking her like that for over ten minutes as he kept telling me how Amy’s pussy was so tight and wet for his cock. Then she started saying oh my god softly over and over again and it was easy to see she was close to another orgasm. Then she exploded with her orgasm and Ben just kept fucking her harder and fast as she was trying to get away.Amy was wailing and shaking as that huge black cock rutted her as she looked at me with her eyes in slits. He just kept fucking her hard and fast until she gasped hard then yelled out oh my god and stiffened up. Suddenly she was thrashing all around and Ben let go of her and she curled up on the floor jerking and quivering as she had one super orgasm. Amy was gasping and jerking until it slowed down and she just lay there quivering after it subsided. Ben just stayed there on his knees and chuckling as he watched her on the floor in front of him.I figured he was done and it surprised me when he moved her around on her back and spread her legs. Then he got on top of her and she groaned when his huge cock once again invaded her still quivering pussy. He was kissing her deeply as he started thrusting slowly getting his cock all the way inside her again. Amy’s arms wrapped around his neck as she returned the kissing and her legs wrapped around his waist. Amy’s eyes stayed shut as she held his face against her face when they weren’t kissing. Then I heard Amy whisper for Ben to keep fucking her and it felt so good. Ben asked her if she liked fucking a black man and Amy moaned out a soft I love it. That really shocked me because Amy was now totally lost in the fucking and I realized this must have been how she was with Tony.I watched them fuck like that and saw Jerome was really good at getting all the angles. He would get right down and get close ups over Ben’s cock sliding in and out of my girl’s gripping little pussy. They fucked like that for what seemed like a long time and then Amy started to moan even louder. Then she moaned out softly that she could feel him getting bigger now and she started to have another orgasm as Ben’s thrusts were getting harder and faster. He was groaning and then Amy went off wailing and wiggling all around under him as he thrust deeper into her. Then he groaned and stiffened and knew he was filling her sweet honey pot pussy with his cum. Amy kept squirming under him and she reached down to his ass trying to pull him in farther. It took a while for them to finish and I just sat there with her panties still in my mouth.Ben then rose off of her and she just lay there with her legs spread out and her eyes closed trying to get her breathing under control again. Ben got up and helped me up and said he wanted to tell me what would happen if I went to the cops. Ben took the panties out of my mouth and tossed the wet panties onto Amy’s stomach. He led me into the bedroom and closed the door behind us. He untied me and then asked me if I enjoyed the show and I told him it was awesome. He told me to go get dressed and then go to the bathroom and leave the money where the memory card was next to the sink.I went out and Amy was in her wet panties and putting on her bra. She wouldn’t look at me and finished getting dressed as I got dressed. I went into the bathroom and picked up the card and left the money. I left the bathroom and Amy was putting on her shoes and was dressed now. I told her we could leave now and I led her to the door. I smiled as I held Amy next to me leading her to the car and helped her get into it. I got in and she was staring out the front and was completely silent as I was driving. It wasn’t long and I noticed Amy softly crying as she stared out the windshield of the car. No matter what I said she didn’t respond and just kept crying softly all the way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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