And you a lady of the Church too…..!

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And you a lady of the Church too…..!One Sunday afternoon about a year ago, I had nothing really to do so I wandered down the hill from my house to a well-known Victorian public park quite close to where I live. It’s not very big and gets used as a cut-through for tourists and locals alike. It’s very well maintained by one of these ‘Friends of’ type societies and, as a result, it attracts a ‘better class of person’ lol!There are two paths forming an X across the park from each corner, which are lined by very mature trees, in-filled with neat lawns and there are a number of park benches lining the paths which people use in the summer to get some shade. It was on one of these benches that day, that I met Lynette.I had sat on a bench quite close to where the paths cross. I’d been there scanning through the news or Facebook on my phone for a few minutes when I I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone sit down at the other end of it. I didn’t pay attention at first until soft voice with a slight accent I couldn’t place at first said…. “Excuse me.” I looked up and to my left. Sitting there was a somewhat petite blonde lady of, I guessed, 62-64 who I noticed straightaway had a quite athletic figure and a shapely pair of ‘in proportion’ boobs.“Yes?” I answered.“You look like you know your way around an Android phone. I’ve just changed from an iPhone and I can’t get my head around it”“Well” I said, “I can’t say I’m an expert, but I might be able to help you. What would you like to know?”At that ‘sort of’ invitation, she quite openly slid along the bench right up to me like we’d known each other a while with our bodies in contact from shoulder to the knee, and started to go through a few things she didn’t understand on her phone. I was a little jealous that she had the latest model Samsung (mine was a couple of years old) and told her so. She giggled.“You’re being very kind. What’s your name?”“Roger” I said.“Oh that’s nice. I’m Lynette. Are you from around here?”“Yes. Just a few minutes up the road” I gestured towards the corner of the park where I’d come in.“Oh I’m not far up there too. Funny, but I haven’t seen you around here before?” she said, quizzically.“Well, I haven’t seen you before either. But not to worry – we’ve met now” I grinned, trying not to look like a lounge lizard!“We have, haven’t we…” Lynette answered, with a little shimmy of her body against mine. I felt a little twinge between my legs and thought….. ‘Roger, old boy, we can see where this is going…’.Then I asked Lynette if she’d like a coffee. She replied that it was nearly 6pm and wouldn’t a glass of wine be nicer? I said that would be very nice, stood up, offered her my hand (well, one does try to be a gentleman before one gets their knickers off…). Lynette rose to her feet holding my hand and we strolled off in the direction of the High Street, hand in hand (everybody say… ahhhhhhh! Lol!)As we were walking I couldn’t help but try to get a better look at her on the sly as we were walking. She revealed that she loved hiking as she originally came from what is now Zimbabwe (Rhodesia in her day) which explained her toned, but field event-like figure. She had a very pert pair of boobs for a woman of her age, and it wasn’t the effect of her her bra – cos she clearly wasn’t wearing one.We got to the door of the wine bar, which I opened for her, and she walked in. I had my foot on the step and as she brushed past me, she made a point of pressing her leg against the bulge I hadn’t realised had now appeared at my crotch. We walked up to the bar and I looked down at her to ask what she’d like to drink. As I did, there was a ‘look’ on her face which clearly said ‘I want your cock after this’. So…. I ordered us two large glasses of wine, and we took them out into the garden. We sat and sipped the wine, swapped notes on what we did for a living etc etc all the usual ‘stuff’.After an hour or so, Lynette said she needed to get home. Damn! I thought – just when things were getting interesting, she’s going to fuck off! I was wrong…. “I hope you’re going to be a gentleman a see me home…?” she said enticingly in that soft voice of hers. I felt my semi get a bit more positive…I took her hand and we walked back around the Cathedral, across the park where we’d met and up the road back to my place. We’d gone about 5 mins up the road when we came to a turning on the right which I knew led to some VERY nice Victorian and Edwardian houses. Guided by Lynette, we turned up that road and walked a few houses up until we came to a distinctive, large and impeccably well-maintained house which stood in it’s own grounds. Lynette opened the garden gate, led me in and closed it behind us. I followed her up the path to the door, and as we were almost there, she got her keys out and had them in the lock in what seemed like one movement. I just followed her into the large hall and it became apparent that the house was converted into two large apartments, one on each floor. She led me to the door to the right of the hallway, out the key in the lock, opened the door and there was another staircase beyond. “And this is my little pad, darling” she said as we climbed the stairs. “Darling?” I thought. Bit ‘previous’…. We got to the top of the stairs and her apartment opened out in front of us. And WHAT AN APARTMENT it was! It had been made as open plan as possible – not what I had expected. And Lynette explained she’d been there four years and done all the furnishing and decor herself. She had impeccable taste. Imagine a version of the apartment in ‘Frasier’, but put together by a lady, not a bloke, and you’ve got the idea.Across the apartment, in the large bay window, was an equally large and sumptuously furnished bed with a traditional brass bedhead. Lynette told me to make myself comfortable in the lounge area, so I settled into a very nice green sofa as she disappeared round the corner and I could hear a bottle being opened and two glasses being filled. She returned moments later with two of the largest wine glasses I’ve ever seen, filled with probably the entire contents of one bottle of white wine.“Do you like Pouilly Fume?” She asked. Fortunately my knowledge of wine meant that I did.“Yes, but I prefer Pouilly Fuisse, personally.”“Dooooo yoooooo?” bahis siteleri canlı she replied, with a little squeal in her voice. “I dooo like a man who knows his wine, and not just his beer”. I just smirked back.We had a few sips of the wine (and very nice it was too – God knows how much a bottle it was) and, after a couple of minutes, when she had sidled once again up close to me, Lynette said softly “I think I ought to thank you properly for being my knight in shining armour….” and, with that, she leant over and kissed me full on the lips and pretty soon I felt her tongue pressing it’s way into my mouth. I responded and soon after that I realised that ‘someone’ was running her hand up and down the bulge in my jeans. I let her carry on stroking my cock through the denim for a moment, then I ran my hand from her waist up to her left boob and started to massage it gently. She pulled away from my mouth for a moment and I thought she was about to tell me to stop, but instead she gasped “I love that, darling. Don’t stop – I love to be caressed…”That was all I needed to hear. My hand worked her boob through her light jumper and, as there was no bra underneath, I could feel all it’s suppleness and her reaction as I massaged the flesh, then her nipple. She gave out a sharp breath as I tweaked her nipple to hardness, and then she started kissing me for all she was worth, writhing against me.My erection was now hurting inside my jeans and I was just about to undo my zip myself when she ran her hands down to my belt, deftly undid it and lowered my zip. She tugged my jeans apart and then thrust her left hand into my boxers, and found my harden cock with ease. “Ooooh darling, that’s a nice rod you’ve got there”“Thank you. Would you like to get a better look….?” I struggled to sound like I was still in control of myself!Lynette just smiled at me, pulled my cock free of my boxers and started to work it, two-handed, back and forth, slowly at first as she built up momentum. I stroked her back for a moment then started to draw her jumper up her back until she had to let go of my cock and pull her top over her head, and off to be thrown over the back of the sofa. I only got a quick glimpse of her naked tits before she went back to my cock, but I could see they were everything I had imagined – fantastic shape, soft white flesh with a nice nipple-areola proportion. I couldn’t wait to get sucking on them, but I realised that she had ideas to suck on something else first!Lynette moved off the sofa and kneeled between my legs. She gripped the waistband of my jeans and, as she tugged them down, I pushed them too. I couldn’t get them off quick enough. They, and my boxer shorts, flowed down my legs and off over my feet. “That’s better” grinned Lynette, “We don’t want anything getting in the way, do we….?” she added, with a demure, yet very naughty, look on her face. She positioned herself neatly between my legs, took my cock in her right hand, cupped my balls wither left and began wanking me up and down the full length of my shaft. She spotted the shining little blob of pre-cum oozing from the tip and said “Ooooooh, a nice little gift….” and she bent forward and licked my cum juice from my cock head. Oh WOW! She had one of the most sensual tongues I have ever experienced, and it was like the tip of my cock was connected with an electrical cable right to my abdomen! The whole of my body tingled as she took first the head, and then the rest of my shaft into her mouth. I could feel her tongue running all around my cock as she pumped up and down, soaking me with her saliva. I concluded that she either had a LOT of experience sucking cock, or had had a VERY good teacher at some point in the past.I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her down, keeping to the rythym she’d set up, encouraging her to take more and more in her mouth until she’d got all of my nearly 8 inch length in, in one go. Now, she had what looked a quite small mouth, so I was impressed she didn’t seem to have any problem with my girth, which is well-above average. She carried on, up and down, sucking firmly. I could clearly see her cheeks sucked hard into her face as she was giving me one of the best blow jobs I could remember. To add to the sensation, her hands were now caressing my inner thighs, running slowly up and down from my knees to my balls. Every time her hands reached my nut sack, she gave them a little ‘cuddle’ – Lol! I was loving this!She carried on sucking for another few minutes, until she suddenly let go of my cock, moved away from my feet and shuffled to the end of the sofa where she had been sitting. She reached to the side of it and came back with her glass of wine, still 2/3rds full. “Stand up darling” she said. I did as asked.Lynette kneeled up so her face was level with my cock, which now felt like it was made of steel! She bent it down, which wasn’t too comfortable right at that moment, offered up her glass and dipped my cock into her wine. She took the glass away and, again, put my wine soaked cock in her mouth. She sucked it dry, then did the same again. She repeated the process until there was only half a glass left. She was in her element! “I doooo like Cock-O-Van, darling. Don’t you..??” she asked. I replied that I did – VERY MUCH! She giggled. Then she stopped, sank back on her thighs and looked up at me with a naughty-sad look on her face. “Are you going to fuck me…?” she asked, like a ch(ild)“Would you like me to….?” I asked, knowing the answer.She stood up, pulling my shirt up towards my head. It came off quickly and I stood there in just my socks – Lol!“Do you know what I’d like you to do to me…..?” she asked.“Guess……..” she said, looking VERY naughty… “What do you think a Church-going lady like me would like you to do to her on the Lord’s Day…..???”CHURCH-GOING, GOD FEARING LADY??????? Fuck, I wasn’t expecting THAT!!!I bent down and kissed her glistening lips which tasted of my cock. “Hmmm…… let me have a think…” I offered. Taking into account what had happened so far, I decided to go for broke. “I think you want me to fuck your cute little arsehole until you scream…..”. Lynette looked at me, straight in the eyes and, for a second, I thought I’d blown it.“Oh, Roger, you casino oyna know me sooooo well….. and sooooo quickly too… I’m impressed…” and as soon as she’d finished, she took the waistband of her leggings in her hands and pushed them, and a cute pair of pink knickers, down her legs and stepped out of them to stand in front of me completely naked.For the first time I got to see Lynette’s body in all it’s glory – and that’s exactly what it was – GLORIOUS! She had clearly kept herself fit over the years. Her tits were like a woman 30 years her junior, and completely natural. Her tummy was quite flat and her hips and thighs were toned and had a very nice shape to them. She clenched into me and we held each other for a moment sharing a deep tongue kiss, then she broke off and started to lead me by the hand to her sumptuous bed. As we wandered across the apartment, I could survey her very nice bum. It was a near-perfect apple shape and on the right buttock she had a tattoo of Jesus on the cross! The thought went through my mind that Christ would be very close to my cock when I would be pounding her arsehole very soon!We got to the bed and she climbed on, laid on her back and opened her legs. “Come and fuck me, lover….” she said as she opened her arms welcoming me into her. I climbed on, got in position between her legs and felt the tip of my cock touch her pussy lips as I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed like a couple of teenagers. I felt her hand run down between us and she got hold of my cock and pulled lightly on it, guiding me into her hole. I pushed slowly to get the head inside, and she let out a little gasp as I did so. Lynette was quite tight and I was a little concerned we’d have to spoil the moment for a bit of lubrication, but then as I slid more of my shaft inside her, I could feel her juices start to flow and it felt lovely.I got a nice momentum going and we smiled at each other as we could feel each others body reacting to the other. Although there was nearly a foot difference in height between us, I managed to bend my head down to allow my tongue to pay attention to her nipples. They were rock hard and, judging by her reaction, VERY sensitive. As I flicked them with the tip of my tongue, she squealed with delight and I could feel a little jerk of her body.I carried on fucking her missionary style for a few more minutes, then took it out and turned her on her side. I lifted her leg up to my shoulder so I had a good view of her pussy in all it’s glory. She was neatly trimmed to a small V, and her labia and clit hood were small and tight. I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside her again. I got into position to scissor her, pushed my cock inside and started to thrust. I was now able to get fully inside her and, as I did so, she gripped the duvet and a pillow and winced slightly. I knew my cock was totally filling her inside, but she was loving it. As I carried on pumping her hole, I licked my forefinger getting it nice and wet, and went for her bum. As I thrust with my cock, I pushed against her brownish-pink bum hole. Lynette squealed again and gasped “Finger my arse, lover. Finger it HARD!” That was the first time I heard a rasp to her voice and it was a massive turn on. I worked my finger up her bum right up to the knuckle. She bucked and writhed on it as I did it, and I could feel my cock inside her pussy at the same time. She was starting to get VERY wet by now, and I decided it was time to ‘go for goal’. I pulled out of her pussy, turned her on her back and took her ankles and lifted them up as far as I could towards her head. She knew what I was about to do, so she took hold of her ankles and pulled them up the rest of the way that she was comfortable with.Her bum, pussy and arsehole were all in view and looked sooooo inviting. I changed my position slightly and grabbed the corner of a pillow and dragged it to me. I lifted her hips and put the pillow underneath, raising her bum off the bed. She smiled appreciatively and I lined my cock up with her bum hole. “Gently, lover….. please…..” she whispered. I touched my gleaming head against her pouting bum hole and she took a sharp, small breath. I pushed in….She closed her eyes and I could tell it wasn’t easy for her to take my 6 inch girth, but she didn’t tell me to stop, so I slowly, slowly carried on forcing my cock in to about half length. I paused for a moment and waited for her to open her eyes. As she did, a big smile came over her face and she said “what are you waiting for..?”. I smiled back and carried on pressing my cock into her bum. Pretty soon I was all the way in! It then went through my mind that my cock was right in, up to the hilt, in the arse of a 60-something, God fearing, church going insatiable, sexy, horny woman! I nearly shot my load right then and there! Now THAT would have been a waste!I got into a nice, steady pace, in and out, from the tip to the hilt with every stroke. Lynette was moaning and groaning beautifully as she tried turning to bite on a pillow. I held her hips each side and kept going. It wasn’t much longer before I felt my balls begin to burn, tighten and I knew I was about to blow my load deep inside her bowels. I managed to say “Are you ready for load inside you…?” and he nodded feverishly, egging me on. I thrust a bit faster and then – BAM! First one shot left my cock head, quickly followed by two more. I could feel the last few strings of cum emptying my balls as Lynette cried “YES! YES! YES!” and writhed and bucked beneath me.Then, just when we were both enjoying it….. HER PHONG RANG! “Oh fuck!” she said, realising she’d forgotten something. “hang on, lover. I think I know who that’ll be” and she wriggled out from underneath me, rolled off the bed and ran to her still-ringing phone in the kitchen. I could hear her apologising to someone profusely saying over and over “I’m sooo sorry, something came up and I forgot”. Clearly the caller was having a right go at her, so I assumed it must have been important and began to feel a little guilty that I’d made her let someone down.The call ended and she came back to bed. She climbed on with a big grin on her face. “I suppose you want to know who that was?” she asked. I sort-of nodded. “That was the chap I was supposed to be going canlı casino siteleri on a date with to Evensong at the Cathedral” she grinned. I was stunned! On the surface, you’d never have guessed a woman like her would be a sexy, butt-fucking fan ….. but SHE WAS. “So why didn’t you go and meet him?” I asked.“Oh he’s not anywhere near as nice as you, and I’d never have fucked him. They’re all the same, these guys who come to church just to get a woman in bed.” She told me.“Guys really do that..?” I said, truly amazed.“Oh yes. I think it’s a bit of a kink for them. They like to think they’ve made a major conquest if they can get to fuck a woman who likes getting on her knees and praying. Bit like when I’m sucking your cock really…” and she giggled. “Anyway…… I met you and you are MUCH nicer…..” she tailed off and I got the feeling ‘something’ was coming. She cuddled in close to me and I put my arms around her.“Rogerrrrr….” she purred, “I hope you don’t think I’m a complete whore, but there’s something I really like to get someone to do for me occasionally, and I think you’d be good at it….. and love it”.Mind raced through everything I could possibly think of that a woman like her might like to do …. ‘occasionally’ until she stunned me completely.“Would you fist my bum, please…..?” she had her finger on her bottom lip as she said it and I felt a massive twinge go straight to my cock, which immediately stood to attention. Lynette looked down at my instant hard-on and said “Someone likes that idea……” and giggled.“So long as you think I’ll get my hands inside you?” I said, as I held my hands up spreading my fingers to empashise the size.“Oh yes – we’ll just take our time, don’t go spare on the lube and my little cherry will open up wonderfully…” as she ended that, she threw her arms in a circle and her lovely boobs rippled and jiggled up and down – corrrrrr!So we settled down with her on her side, as she reached into a bedside cabinet and produced a tube of Booty-Relax lube. “Oh that’s the one I prefer” I said, “No numbing agent in it, so it’s much safer”Lynette turned to me, with a surprised look on her side, so explained a little about my rather wide and long-standing experience with anal sex (including the bit about Nikki the ex-porn actress who you can read about in one of my other stories) and she was ‘all ears’.“Well, Roger, you ARE a dark horse….. and almost hung like one….” she chuckled as she turned back on her side, passed me the lube and encouraged me to get to work. I squeezed a generous amount all over my right hand and up beyond my wrist. I then started to smooth plenty around and inside her already gaping bum hole until I was happy we’d got enough to start with.I brought my fingers together and carefully offered them up to her wide open bum hole. In they went, up to the knuckles almost immediately. I heard her gently moan into the pillows and I began to push gently to get my thumb inside her too, and to my surprise it didn’t take much effort. Next came my thumb knuckle. This, for those who you who’ve tried it, you’ll know is the most difficult point. Once you’ve got it in, you’re over the worst – for both of you. Nearly had my hand broken once by a woman who suddenly tensed at that point! “Baby, this is the worst bit coming now….. just relax……” and I could feel her sphincter suddenly slacken even more, and my thumb knuckle just slid inside her!!! I was astonished. You’d never think such a petite lady had a bum hole that could dilate quite as much as that!!I slowly pushed my whole hand in almost to the first wrist line. It felt fucking fantastic!!! I wiggled my fingers inside her, feeling the inside of her large bowel – which was as empty as if she’d had a full colonic just beforehand! I pressed on to the last line of my wrist and reached for some more lube – I hadn’t expected to get THIS far inside her! Awkwardly, I managed to smother some more around my wrist and hesitated… “Are you okay baby?” As she’d gone completely silent, I was a little worried she’d passed out! “I’m just savouring the feeling Lover……” she breathed.. “You can keep going a bit further”Further????? Fuck me! How much more was this woman going to take up her bum? At this rate, in a couple of minutes I’d be in up to my shoulder!!!!I pressed on a little further and felt Lynette wince on the end of my arm. “Is that enough baby?” I asked.“Yes, just fist-fuck me now….” so I pulled my hand back a little and started to thrust in and out to where she had told me to stop. Lynette started to groan loudly and, with the windows around us in the bay, I thought she was going to attract the attention of the neighbours. Then after only a few moments of me pumping into her, I felt her tense severely, her whole body bucked up as she arched her back and I felt her have one of the biggest orgasms I’ve ever experienced!We lay there for a couple of minutes. I’d stopped pumping my hand in and out of her but kept it inside. I noticed she’d wiped a tear away from her eye, and then the same hand came round to her bum and slowly removed my hand from inside her arse. I turned to look for some wipes and, instead, her hand came back over holding a packet which must have been alongside her. I cleaned my hand off, which actually wasn’t covered in her sh(it) and returned my arm around her and laying holding her as we both recovered.After a while, she rolled over in my arms and was smiling in no time. We started chatting and she revealed that as a teenager she lived on a cattle farm in, then, Rhodesia, with a sister and four brothers. After the eldest brother had seen the vet with his whole arm up a cows arse, he thought it would be a great idea to try this on his sisters. Lynette was still at High School when this happened and she was still a vaginal virgin when he fisted her for the first time. She had had her first and massive orgasm during the experience and, when she found the right guy, she needed to get in touch with that feeling. Not very often, maybe once every few years, but she needed a ‘top up’ as she called it. I stayed the night with her and we had sex a few more times, but the best was actually when we woke up in the morning. I was so engrossed, it made me late for my first appointment on Monday morning!I’ve hooked up with Lynette a few times since. She still likes to try other guys, but she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone so….. it is ‘what it is’….. Might tell you how we had sex in the Cathedral in the next installment…. lol!

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