Anna 3: Anna and the Principal

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Anna 3: Anna and the PrincipalAnna’s young son is looking for a cartoon video when he finds the stack of photo printouts on the TV cabinet. Curious, he leafs through them. He’s amazed to see his mother’s face in many of them! But she’s always naked! And there are men, one is a huge fat black man! In many of the pictures the men have their things, their wee-wee’s sticking out! Except they aren’t like his wee-wee: these are big, long, stiff, not short and floppy like his. He looks closely at some the images: yes, it’s like he thought: they’re sticking their wee-wees inside Mommy! The young boy wonders, why would they want to do that?He takes the pictures upstairs, suspecting that he’ll get in trouble if his parents see him with them. He thinks this is grown-up stuff, but he’s immensely curious, he’s never seen anything like this. He’s seen his mother naked, and know her body is much different from his or his sister’s. But he’s never seen her like this! And he’s never seen a grown man’s wee-wee, not even his daddy’s. He didn’t know they got so big and long, and so hard they could stick a wee-wee inside his mother! And where is it going? He looks closer and finally realizes: it’s that slit his mother has between her legs, just like his sister’s except bigger, and it has lips that are big and swollen where his sister’s are kind of flat. There must be a hole in there! That’s where all the men are sticking their wee-wees! But not always, there’s some pictures that are different! He finally figures that sometimes a wee-wee goes into her bottom! And sometimes both, two men both sticking their wee-wees inside her! And sometimes his mother is sucking on one just like a popsickle! But why would they want to do all this?After studying and puzzling the pictures for an hour or more, he decides he needs some answers. But not his mother: he suspects she wouldn’t want him to have these and would take them away. In many of the pictures she doesn’t look happy, she never smiles in any of them, so maybe these aren’t good pictures! Although the men seem to be smiling a lot, sometimes making faces but usually smiling, so they must like what they’re doing with his mother.No, he’ll ask his sister. She’s a year older than him and knows lots more. Plus she’s a girl, maybe she knows why these men would be sticking their wee-wee’s in their mother! He wonders, does anybody stick things in his sister like they do in his mother?His sister isn’t much help. She realizes what’s happening in some of the pictures: these men are tying her mother up, making her do things she’s unhappy with. That’s obvious from her expression, sometimes the pain on her face.And she knows what the men are doing too: she’s already learned about the body parts for boys and girls, and how sex works. She’s never done it, of course, she’s much too young. But she knows how it works.These men are having sex with her mother, just like she’s sure Daddy does. Except her mother doesn’t seem very happy. She wonders about the expression on her mother’s face in many of the pictures where one … or even two! … of the men have their penises inside her. It looks like she’s screaming or crying out, usually her eyes are closed; doesn’t she even want to watch what they’re doing? Unless … she remembers listening to her parents sometimes in their bedroom, or downstairs when they’re watching that special adult TV she isn’t supposed to look at, and they don’t know she’s listening. Sometimes her mother makes sounds, and her father too … but her mother doesn’t usually seem unhappy after having sex with her father. So something else must be happening. Maybe the sex still feels good, even though her mother isn’t happy about the men doing it with her? Could that be it?The young girl goes back to one of the photographs, showing her mother’s naked body with two men, she thinks they’re Mexican. Her mother is sitting on one man, her knees spread across his legs. The other man is kneeling behind her, his hands on her hips, and he’s pushing up close against her. The girl looks closely: it looks like his penis is sticking straight out, right up against her mother’s bottom! Why would he do that? And the one lying down, where is his penis? She can’t see it in that photograph. She leafs through the others and soon finds several images all of the same scene, but from different angles and at different times.Now she can tell what’s happening, she thinks. The man on the bottom: his penis is sticking up, right into her mother’s vagina! In some photos she can see almost the whole penis outside her mother’s body, while in others her mother’s body, her crotch, is pushed right down against the man’s. That must mean his penis is all the way up inside her!The daughter thought about that. That penis is much longer than she thought they would be. And it really looks hard and stiff too. She didn’t realize they would be that big, that hard. And yet her mother took the whole thing up inside her vagina! That impresses the young girl, and she wonders if she’ll be able to do that once she’s grown up.But the man behind: more images, more angles, and she finally realizes with one particularly graphic close-up: the man is sticking his penis, that big long hard penis, right into her mother’s bottom! She thinks for a second, yes, the anus, that’s it. She’s never really seen an anus before, she certainly can’t see her own because it’s behind her, and she never really looked at her little brother’s. But there it is, a closeup of a puckered little circle right between her mother’s bottom. And the man puts a bunch of some sort of oil on her mother’s bottom, and rubs it into the anus, and then he pushes his finger right inside her! And here, he’s pushing his penis up against it too! She looks at the closeup: the end of the penis is really different, bulging, almost like an arrow head or something. And it has a hole in it; well, she knew that because that’s where pee would come out. And sperm when a man has sex.Another picture: the end of the man’s penis is pushed inside her mother’s anus and she can see the ring, a wrinkly sort of circular muscle, right around the shaft of his penis! She had no idea a man could have sex with a woman like that, and she wonders what it must feel like. Like going to the bathroom? That wouldn’t be much fun! But that man is sure doing it with her mother … and yes, he’s pushing his whole penis up inside her bottom, just like that man pushing in her vagina! She’s pleased with her discovery, and the thought that a woman could take two men like that, in her front and in her back, is strangely exciting! The young girl feels a slight tingling in her own groin, and wonders if she’d ever get the chance to do sex like that when she got grown up.But who are these three men? And why would her mother be having sex with them? She thought sex was just with someone you loved, like her mother loved her father.Her little brother was continuing to bug her with questions, who and why and how, questions she really didn’t know how to answer for him. She finally just put him off with a “Well, it’s just something grown-ups do. We’ll learn about all that stuff later when we get older.” Her brother wasn’t entirely satisfied with that answer, but didn’t really care. He’s still fascinated with the pornographic appearance of the images, the naked bodies, the first adult cocks and cunt he’s ever seen. And he knows some of his friends at school would love to see something like this too! A couple of them had brought pictures they’d cut out of magazines they found at home, and one of them had a picture of his older brother’s girlfriend he’d swiped from his brother’s room, where she didn’t have any clothes on at all! But none of them ever had anything like this! He decides to take them all to school. And of course he’s caught showing them to his friends, and is taken to the principal.The principal immediately recognizes the nature of the photographs and the identity of the woman: this little boy’s mother! She’s been to the school before, and he was quite taken with her exotic appearance, her accent, her wonderful figure! He’d often daydreamed about having her for pleasure (as he did with many of the young mothers whose c***dren attended his school), and now he saw his opportunity.Several days later the principal calls Anna and schedules a visit at her home to discuss a problem with her son. Concerned, she asks him to visit her right away.Arriving at Anna’s home, the principal admires the good looking woman, very attractive and neat in blouse and skirt. He tries not to stare at her full breasts, modestly concealed within the blouse but the projection of her nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric.Sitting down in her living room, the principal takes out the stack of photo printouts and spreads them on the coffee table. They aren’t the originals he confis**ted; he was very careful to preserve them. These were copies, but they’re still hugely pornographic and unquestionably show the young mother sitting beside him. Stunned, Anna stares at the obscene images. She recognizes them now: from the visitors earlier in the week. She’d forgotten all about them!”I took these from your son at the school,” he explains. “He was showing them to some friends.”He frowns at her. “The boys were all very young; I’m not sure they really knew what they were looking at. I don’t think any serious harm was done, and I don’t think the other boys even recognized the woman in those images.” He looks up at her over his glasses frowning. “At least I would think you hope they don’t recognize you.”Anna nods, avoiding the principal’s eyes. She’s humiliated, embarrassed beyond belief as he casually moves the photos around, his gaze wandering from one obscene shot to another.”I can … make this simply disappear,” he says in a quiet voice. “There doesn’t have to be an official report, no police need be informed, I don’t have to speak to your husband. I think perhaps you wouldn’t want a lot of attention to be given to these photographs, don’t you agree?”Anna looks at him, hope in her eyes. “Could … could this happen? What you say? I am so ashamed, it is not what you think, this is not my fault! And no, I don’t want any attention, these pictures, they are so terrible, so embarrassing!””Well, no matter whose fault it is, this is a very serious situation. I would need your … full cooperation.””My … cooperation?”He nods and smiles. Casually he lets his gaze drop to the photos, and then back to her face. Then his eyes drop down to her breast, her slim body, the tight skirt. Reaching out, he strokes her thigh through the skirt.”Yes, if you … cooperated with me, were especially friendly with me, could reassure me that … nothing like this could happen again …” His hand slid further down her skirt to her knee, and then slipped beneath the skirt hem. Slowly he moved his hand up the bare skin of her thigh, lifting the skirt higher, exposing her leg as he pushed his hand even higher.Anna looked down at his hand and then looked away, making no attempt to move his hand.”Be friendly?” she whispered.”Yes, you could be friendly with me? Perhaps explain how these photographs came to be. Perhaps even demonstrate what these men did to you? I am very interested in what a woman like you has been forced to do, the shameful things these men made you do. And perhaps understanding how you somehow enjoyed these things even as they shamed you?” The principal met Anna’s eyes again, smiling and nodding knowingly as she blushed and looked away. “I would be glad to help you then. There would be no trouble at all. If we were good friends … no trouble at all.”Anna sits quietly for a moment. She understands now what price this man will demand for his silence. Her mind races, but she sees no way out of the situation. She cannot stop the three men visiting her every morning … but perhaps she can keep her mistake with the photographs from being a disaster.She nods, and then lifts her eyes to meet his.”Yes, I can be friendly. I think … if you want … I can show you how every one of these photographs were made. Would you like that?”The principal smiles in satisfaction: this sexy young MILF is now his! His imagination races. If she’ll do for him what she did in those photographs …!”Perhaps … if you would … undress now? I would like to see you like … perhaps like this?” He points to one image and she stares at it: the image of her tied to the edge of the kitchen door, naked, arms pulled back overhead, her head turned and eyes closed in shame, her full breasts lifted and displayed, her shaven labia blatantly displayed to the leering Mexican men.She nods. Taking a deep breath, she resigns herself to more humiliation, more shame. A rush of warmth erupts from her groin, upward, and she feels her breasts tighten, her nipples harden. More sex. More orgasms.”Yes, we could do that.” Standing, she unbuttons Escort her blouse and drops it to the couch, trying to ignore the man’s eyes as he stares at her naked breasts. She unfastens her skirt and lets it slide down over her legs to the floor, and then pulls her panties down from her hips, letting them drop as well.She’s fully naked now, and her body tingles as she sees the man’s eyes roam over her body.She turns and walks to the kitchen. “That door is here,” she points. “But I have no rope, I don’t think. Do you want to tie me up to the door? We will have to find something.””Oh, I don’t think so, if you would just stand there with your arms up? Higher, stretch them farther back. Oh yes, that is so perfect, so sexy, so beautiful.”Now if you would … suck on me? Take my cock out and suck on me!” His voice is more forceful, less polite now, as he becomes used to his power over the submissive mother. “I want you to suck my cock until I tell you to stop. And then I think I will fuck you! Yes, with you bent over the washer there!”Anna kneels and carefully unzips the man’s trousers. Reaching in, she finally finds his cock within his boxer shorts and, pulling it out, takes it into her hot wet mouth. She knows very well how the next hour or so will go. And how often will he return? Feeling the wetness and warmth in her cunt, the tingling of her breasts as he begins to squeeze and fondle them, the familiar shape of a cock head as it passes through her lips, over her tongue and presses against the roof of her mouth … will she want him to stop?—The principal decides to test his domination and control over his new victim. He arranges to pick her up at her home. When he arrives, he looks at her, neatly dressed in skirt, blouse. He scolds her, that won’t do at all, he wants her dressed far more provocatively. They go up to her bedroom, he forces her to strip, and then forces the naked Anna to go through her closet and drawers for what he thinks is more appropriate clothing for their activities that day. He finally settles on a knitted tube top that fits tightly around her full breasts, leaving her shoulders and flat stomach bare. The thin fabric clearly reveals her full breasts, dominated by the lumps of her hard nipples. This is accompanied with a short denim skirt that fits low on her full hips and barely covers her buttocks. Then some awkwardly tall high heels with ankle straps, very sexy. Anna is aghast as she looks at herself in the full length mirror. “I look like a whore!” she protests. “A cheap teenage whore!” She pulls the skirt even lower over her hips: it exposes more flesh around her middle and is almost down to the top of her cunt now, but at least her buttocks and groin are covered … so long as she doesn’t sit down.The principal has been watching her dress and has been getting steadily more aroused. He hadn’t planned to have sex with his submissive victim until after the day’s entertainment, but this woman is just too sexy, too arousing.He pulls the tube top up and fondles her breasts with one hand as he gropes her cunt with the other; then bends her over and, pulling out his cock, fucks her standing right there by the closet. Anna leans against the closet door frame, her legs spread wide, opening herself to the hammering cock. She grows excited as the principal fucks her and reaches down to stroke her clitoris, to hasten her own pleasure and orgasm. But the principal sees her hand move down and squeezes her breast painfully. “No, no you don’t! You stay hot, you stay excited, but you don’t come!”Moaning with frustration, the helpless Anna braces herself against the man’s hammering cock, sighing with disappointment as he too quickly comes deep inside her body.Then he makes her go to the bathroom and flush her cunt out; he wants her clean for her other activities.”What will you make me do?” she asks, trying to ignore the principal standing there as she uses a long squeeze bulb to flush out his thick sticky cum from her vagina.”We’re going to a motel I know of; the manager is an acquaintance of mine. We’ll get a room. And then you are going to one of the local bars and make friends with a man. Any man, your choice. You’re going to bring him back to the motel room, where you’ll let him fuck you all he wants. Then I’ll bring you home again.”Anna stares at the principal! She protests but he ignores her; she WILL do what he wants.”But … where will you be when I am with that man?””Right there watching.””But but … what man would let you stay and watch when he is fucking me? He doesn’t know you or me! Wouldn’t this be foolish of him?”The principal shakes his head. “I don’t think so. I don’t look particularly threatening, especially in this suit and tie. I don’t look like the police, and besides he isn’t paying anything for you, so it isn’t prostitution and the police have no charge.”The principal callously reaches out and slides his hand up Anna’s naked thigh, pushing a finger deep into her cunt as he strokes her clitoris with his thumb, and smiles with satisfaction as she moans at the sudden sensation. He’s practiced that move regularly with the woman, not because he cares to give her pleasure or excitement so much, but more because he loves the feeling of power it gives him.”I know you can convince whoever you find that it’s worth his while to take you to bed … no matter WHO is sitting in the room watching!”Resigned to the situation, Anna adjusts her revealing clothing once more, trying to cover as much of her ass and cunt as possible. Her whole groin is tingling with excitement from the arousing stroke of the principal’s hand. But she knows there’s nothing she can do about that: he won’t let her masturbate, he won’t fuck her again. She’ll just have to bear with it until she can find the man to ease the frustration.As they leave her house and walk out to the principal’s car, she sees her next door neighbor, the wife, staring out the front window at them and wonders what the snoopy woman must be thinking. Her dressed like this, leaving with a strange man in the middle of the day! Anna knows the woman has seen the Mexican men coming in the mornings; she’s sure the woman must know exactly what they are there for, even if she doesn’t know Anna’s situation.—The principal and Anna drive to the motel he knows on the far side of town. It’s not the best part of town: some industry, motels for businessmen and transients, and a sprinkling of bars and small restaurants along the street.[Entering the motel office, the principal bargains with the motel manager, a middle-aged Cuban man, to have the use of a room for several hours. He explains Anna is going to be entertaining a friend, he will be there, no laws broken, no prostitution. Just a bored housewife wanting some excitement. Principal knows the motel is used all the time for that. Manager complains, he’ll have to remake the room, even if only used for a few hours. (It’s a lie: he just won’t rent the room and it’ll be made up the next day by the girls.) They finally strike a bargain: the manager can have a quick fuck with Anna right now, and then a longer session after she’s completed her visit in the motel room. Anna, standing there, is humiliated but cannot object: she’s terrified of what might happen if those photographs were reported. No one would believe her, she believes the principal’s threats that she could even lose her c***dren!Cooperating, she stands unresisting as the manager strips her, fondling and admiring her voluptuous body. When the manager is ready to fuck her, the principal hands the half-naked man a condom and insists he use it. “Why should I use this? I have no disease! I haven’t even been laid in six months!””Because I don’t want her full of your cum! She’s going to go and find a friend to play with in that room, and I want her nice and fresh, just like she is now.”The manager grudgingly agrees. But he insists that Anna put the condom on his cock herself. Clumsily, inexperienced at the task, she does so, and he fucks her hard. Anna, already aroused by her nakedness, the man’s fondling, and her handling of his cock as she put on the condom, has a strong orgasm.Done, she dresses while he gets the motel room key. The manager appears satisfied with his first taste of the exciting woman. “Only a couple hours, okay? And you come back here when you’re done, give me the key, and then I get to fuck her again like you promised, okay?” The principal nods; no matter to him how often the submissive mother gets fucked. And it’s cheaper than paying for the room.They go up to the room; much as expected: a double bed and end table, television, a padded chair and reading table, a simple but clean bathroom. The principal pulls the cover and blankets off the bed and piles them to the side. “No need for these; all you’ll need is clean sheets. And maybe a pillow for under your ass if that’s what the guy wants.”Anna looks around the room, trying not to look at the bed. She knows what’s going to happen, where she’ll soon be: on her back on that bed, with a complete stranger fucking his cock into her body! And whatever else he wants to do too! She feels her knees getting weak as a rush of warmth floods from her groin, and she knows her cunt is soaking wet. She hates the idea of sex with a stranger like this, actually having to go and beg someone to go with her … but the anticipation of the sex itself is tremendously arousing.The principal walks out with Anna and points out the bars on the street. “One of them, any one. Find some guy that appeals to him and invite him to go back to your motel room.””But … what should I say? How do I ask such a thing! No woman does that, not even in these places, unless she is a whore and wants money.””Tell him you’re a housewife, bored, looking for some excitement. You have a motel room across the street, and he would have an hour or two to do anything he wanted with you. That should get his attention!”Anna nods. She’s terribly nervous about this, she’s never done anything so scandalous … but it doesn’t seem so hard, now that she thinks about it. She’s flirted with men before at parties and clubs, she’s even gone home or to a room with some. Before she was married, of course. This isn’t so different.”All right,” she says. “I will do it. And you will be in the room when I get back with this man? How do I explain that when he sees you?””You stop outside the room and you rub up against him, play with him, let him play with your tits, whatever. Get him good and hot, let him know you’re hot too! And then tell him there’s just one more little thing: your husband is in the room, he likes to watch. If the man objects, you just reassure him that it is perfectly safe, you have done this often before. Your husband is a very quiet man, no problem, not nearly as big and strong … you know what to do! Make the man feel confident, keep fondling him and turning him on. He’ll come in, I have no doubt!”[Anna walks across the street, nervous in her blatantly sexy clothing. Stopping outside the bar, she looks at her reflection in the glass, pulls her skirt down low on her hips again, adjusts the skimpy knitted top, and wishes for just a minute that her nipples weren’t so hard from her excitement and nervousness. Satisfied, she enters the bar, ignoring the hard stare from the bartender. The place is almost empty, only two men sitting apart at the bar and a couple toward the rear at a table. Anna picks the large good-looking 30’ish man, the closest to the door. He’s sipping a beer, isn’t smoking, neatly dressed, hair cut, shaved. He looks fit too, she decides: his forearms and hands are strong, his shoulders are broad, she doesn’t see a pot belly from where she stands. Yes, she decides, it will be him … if he only says yes. She can feel the excitement again, a warmth deep in her groin. Her face flushes and she feels her breasts tingle, her nipples tighten under the knitted top.She walks up to him, looks up into his eyes when he turns to stare at her, and smiles. “Hello, my name is Anna. Can I talk to you for a second?” She thinks for a second, oh no, I should have used a false name, but no matter.She sees suspicion in his eyes for a second; he glances around the bar and toward the door. Good, she thinks, he is smart, careful.”Sure, Anna, I’m Larry,” he responds, finally smiling in a friendly fashion. “What can I do for you? Buy you a drink?” He starts to gesture to the bartender, who is watching this interaction closely. Anna can almost see his big ears wagging and tries not to laugh. She is feeling better, now that this begins, more confident. If only her nipples weren’t so hard: she can see their shapes bulging the fabric of her top and knows that everyone else can too. Well, no matter.”I would … I would like to invite you to come visit with me. Across the street, right there.” She gestures toward the front of the bar. “It would be nice if … Escort Bayan we could spend some time together? If you aren’t busy? If you have an hour maybe? Or two?”Larry stares at her, amazement in his face. Obviously this is not the kind of invitation he gets every day.”You want … visit? Spend some time? With you?” He’s not exactly stuttering, she thinks, trying not to smile, but he is certainly surprised.”Yes. You and me, just be together for a while. Maybe get to know each other? If we like each other, maybe be friends? Good friends?” She feels better with this approach, more casual, less blatantly sexual. She is always better flirting with hints, instead of waving her tits in front of a man’s face like some of her friends would always do.She nods and smiles, looking coyly at him with big wide eyes. “I think we could be friends, don’t you? I have made friends like this before. I do this sometimes when I want a special treat, meet a nice handsome friendly man, visit for some time. It can be very fun!””You do this?” Larry clears his throat and hastily takes a sip of beer. “You … you’ve done this before?”She lowers his eyes and glances at him, pretending to be embarrassed. She’s moved closer to him and is pressing her breast against his arm.”I must be honest, okay, Larry? I really want to be honest with you.” She glances down and then back at him, pressing her breast even harder against his arm. “I … I am married. I know, it is so bad of me … but sometimes my husband … well, he doesn’t … pay attention to me, you know? He is not a bad man, he is maybe just bored with me, not so interested. And he is a very understanding man too, he knows that I … I have needs, maybe it would be good for me to go and find a new friend for an hour or two? He doesn’t mind this, really. He drives me here, he pays for the motel room. This is all okay with him, really! He just wants me to be happy, I know.”She smiles up at Larry again. “Wouldn’t you want me to be happy too?””Damn!” Larry whispers to himself and takes another gulp of beer. Then he glances beyond Anna. “Hey … Joe, I was wondering where you were.”Anna turns around and there’s another big man seating himself in the barstool next to her new friend.”Joe, this is … Anna, right? Anna, this is Joe. We usually come by here to have a beer or two and relax.”Damn, Anna thinks to herself. This man was NOT alone, he is here with a friend! What do I do now, she thinks.Larry leans over toward his friend and says in a very soft voice. “Anna would like to be friends with me.” He glances down at her. “You don’t mind if I tell Joe here about what you were saying?”She shakes her head, biting her full lower lip. What is going to happen now, she wonders. It was such a good plan, going so well, she had him right there in her hand. And now this Joe person!”Anna likes to come to places like this and make new friends. You know, to be really friendly with? For an hour or two? Visiting with her in her motel room across the street?” Larry glances down at Anna as if to make sure he’s getting it all right.”So I was just thinking that would really be a nice idea, to have a nice private visit with a pretty girl like this, get to know each other, you know? You see any problem with this?”Joe looks down at Anna, his eyes running over her body and the sexy clothing. “Look, Anna … don’t get me wrong, okay? I don’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything. But you aren’t a pro, are you?””A … pro?” Anna turns to meet his eyes. “I don’t understand.””A hooker, a whore, a prostitute. I mean, your clothing … just coming up to a guy in a bar and wanting to take him to a motel room. That’s not how it usually goes around here with nice girls.”Anna nods. “I am not offended, I understand why you worry. And I will be honest with you too, just like I am with your friend Larry. I do not lie to you, I do not want your money. I am no whore, I am a married woman who just wants pleasure because my husband is bored with me. There, is that honest enough? I just wanted your friend to come and play with me, pleasure me, enjoy me. There is no harm, no danger. I cannot hurt him.”Joe looks at her and exchanges glances with Larry. “Damn, Larry, you know … I’m about half ready to believe her!” He looks at Anna again. “Why the clothes, the top, that skirt with your ass hanging out? I know you got nice legs, I was checking them out when I was coming back from the john … but I didn’t expect to see them all the way to your butt and crotch!”Blushing, Anna pulls again at her skirt, trying to move it even further down over her full hips. “I’m sorry,” she whispers. “My husband … he thinks if I dress very sexy like this, if I show men everything … that it will be easier for me to, you know, get their attention?””Your husband?” Joe asks.Larry interjects, “Yeah, she was telling me about that. I think she really is being honest. Sounds like her old man isn’t giving her what she needs, but he doesn’t mind if she finds it somewhere else every now and then.” He glances down at Anna and smiles wryly. “I’m sorry if I put it crude like that, but that’s pretty much it, right?”Anna nods. “Yes, that is it. Pretty much. There are other details,” she says softly, “but they were not important right now when I just wanted to meet you.””So what do you think, Joe?” Think I should go pay a visit with our new friend here? I can’t see any real problem with it, might be a hell of a lot of fun!” He looks down at the voluptuous Anna, and he and Joe exchange meaningful glances again.”Yeah … still …” Joe says to Anna, “Look, how about you having two friends? Both of us visiting? I don’t feel real good about Larry just going off with a complete stranger and all. He’s kind of the helpless type and might get in trouble!” He grins at his friend, who laughs at the joke. There’s obviously nothing helpless about the big Larry.”What do you think, Larry? Would you mind having me along on your little visit? I could just sit and watch. Hell, I wouldn’t even make fun of you … much!” He grins at his friend again. “But I would feel better coming along. You know, just to be sure.”Larry looked down at Anna. “Joe’s really a nice guy, honey, even if he does give me a hard time. It wouldn’t be any problem if he came along, really. I wouldn’t mind, anyway. Would it be okay with you?”Anna nods, relieved. This isn’t so bad. She still doesn’t know how she will tell two men now about her ‘husband’ waiting in the motel room, to watch her sex with her friend. But she will handle that when she must.She decides to richen the treasure, to offer as much as she can now, to offset the possible problem with that watching ‘husband.’Looking up at Larry, she says “There is no problem with your friend coming with us. In fact …” She pretends to hesitate from embarrassment or nervousness. “If he wanted to … visit, make friends with me, enjoy my company as well … I have never been with two men before …”She turns and looks up at Joe, meeting his eyes, and then arches her back a little, throwing back her shoulders, pushing her full breasts out at him just a little, displaying herself to him. “If you would want to enjoy me as well, Joe, if Larry would share me with you … that would be … very very good I think. Very exciting. I would like that very much!”She holds her breath; what will these men decide? She’s aware of the bartender standing a little closer, frozen. It’s obvious that he’s heard enough of the conversation and knows what’s happening. His eyes are big, his mouth open; it’s like he’s waiting too for the surprise ending to a movie!Joe nods and looks over at his friend. “Well, buddy … we’ve never done anything like this before, that’s for damned sure! But I tell you, looking at this woman … I mean, look at her!” The two men run their eyes up and down her body. “I’m game for sharing if you are!”Larry nods and grins. “Joe, old buddy, I was hoping you’d say something like that. I sure didn’t want to miss out on what might be the craziest thing I’ve done yet … but I was hoping there was a way you wouldn’t miss out either!”He stands, drinks the last of his beer and extends his arm to Anna. “My dear, if you’d like to go now … I think making friends with a beautiful woman is an excellent way to spend some time!”The two men, grinning broadly, escort Anna out of the bar, leaving the bartender staring at her long slim legs and shapely naked bottom, visible again beneath her short skirt at each stride.What the HELL just happened here, he thinks to himself, as he pours himself a shot of the good whiskey.—As she walks up to the motel door with her two men, she glances over at the office. She can see the Cuban manager standing outside, staring at her. But he makes no objections at her visitors, just watches her quietly as she stops in front of her door.Taking a breath, she knows she must now do the hard part.”Larry, Joe, I promised you I would be honest, and I have been. Except there is just one more small thing.”The two men look at each other. Joe grins and shakes his head, “There’s ten cops from the vice squad inside and we’re all going to jail, right? Or you’re just f******n? Or you’re a Russian spy and want us to steal a submarine?”Anna can’t help herself; she bursts out laughing, both from her nervousness, the tension, and the unexpected joke.”No no, nothing so bad. And I am not f******n, although thank you very much!” She curtsies and then presses up against Larry as she gives him a kiss on the cheek.”But there is a matter. You remember, and Joe maybe you didn’t hear this, but I tell you now. My husband, I told you he is very understanding, makes me free to have friends like you, to spend hours being pleasured by even a man I do not know.”She glances up at both of them and licks her lips enticingly. “And pleasuring that man too, or maybe even two of them? All that they wish or imagine, anything I can do that they enjoy? And they maybe enjoy me too, two taking turns, sharing, giving me so much pleasure that I go crazy a little maybe?”So my husband gives me this, no problem. And I give him what he wants when he is interested. That is not so often, I am sorry to say, but that is not your problem.”She takes a deep breath and then gestures to the door. “The problem is who is in that room.”The two men look at each other and then at Anna again. “Okay,” Joe responds. “No more games. Who IS in that room?”Anna sighs. “My husband.” She can hear each man take a breath and turn to face the door, instinctively preparing for … battle? Challenge?”No no, it is not like that!” she pleads. “My husband is not very interested in me usually, this is true. But he is maybe a little, what would you say, kinky? Just a little? He comes and insists on watching as I enjoy the man I have found. At first no, he would wait in the car. But maybe the third time, he decided he would watch. And he came up and knocked on the door. And when the man answered, my husband introduced himself and told the man it was his wife inside, and he was not angry and there was no trouble, but he would want to watch.”I think the man was so surprised that he just let my husband come in. And my husband sat down and just smiled and said “Please continue.” So the man did, and that was that!”So ever since then, I must explain to the man with me, and now to you both since you are both with me, that my husband will be there. He is civilized, quiet, he will not even say hello unless you wish to. He will simply sit there in the chair and watch whatever we do.”She looks up at each man, pleading in her eyes. “I DO hope you will both agree to this, please? I am so excited at the thought of you being with me, all the things we will do, how exciting for me when you take turns with me, you both seem so strong and fit! I will be crazy with passion, I know, and I will probably be very bad and let you do anything you can imagine! And I will do anything you want! But please, say it is okay and you will come in with me?”The two men exchange glances.”Okay, I thought it was weird before,” Joe says, but then he shrugs. “What the hell. It’s not like the guy’s gonna cause any trouble. There’s two of us and unless he’s absolute hell on wheels, we’ll be okay. Worse come to worse, we just put our pants on and get the hell out, right?”Larry nods. “I think you’re right.” Reaching his arms around the worried Anna, he gives her a hug, kisses her forehead, and then slides his hands down to her bottom. Sliding them beneath her short skirt, he fondles and squeezes her round firm buttocks. “I’ve been thinking what it would be like to see you without any clothes at all! Seeing you in bed. Seeing you on the end of my cock.” He glances at his buddy, “Even if that means having to see you on the end of HIS cock!””So yeah, I’m good with this. Come on, let’s go on in. But … if it’s all right with you, I don’t want to be too damned civilized Bayan Escort about this situation. I don’t need any introductions. Your husband wants to watch, fine. Just so he doesn’t want to join in. He just sits over there, minds his own business, no problem. But it’s gonna be like he just isn’t there, okay? Anything else happen, we’re outta there!”Anna nods and smiles timidly. “Nothing else will happen. It will be you and me and Joe, everything we want, so much fun and excitement and sex.” She looks at her wrist and realizes she’s not wearing her watch. “What time is it please?” she asks the men.”Almost 11,” Larry answers.Anna smiles, the desire and lust starting to appear on her face. “Well I must be finished here at two o’clock. So you only have three hours to fuck me! Maybe we should start, okay?” Flashing a broad inviting smile at the two startled men, she turns and knocks on the door. It opens, the principal nods to her and returns to his chair where he sits quietly.The two men enter, look carefully at the sitting man with his good suit and tie, and then turn away. Anna is already pulling off her clothing and has bent to unstrap her high heels, a particularly sexy and graceful stance. Standing nude in the middle of the room, she smiles at the two men and kicks her shoes away.”Quickly, your clothes! Get undressed! Do I get to choose who is first? Do you want to decide, to gamble for me? In my home we have Rock Scissors Paper to decide these things! Or you flip a coin like at football game?”Thoroughly excited now, the naked woman steps over to the bed, lays down in the middle, and strikes a particularly inviting pose, one leg raised to display her cleanly shaven labia, just barely pulled apart to show the pink tissues of her vulva. She uses her hand to cup and lift one full breast.”Hurry! I am waiting, and I want you both so badly!””You got a coin,” Larry spurts out as he starts pulling off his shoes.”Screw the coin, pal,” Larry replied with a grin. “Go for it! Fuck her as long as you want; I can wait my turn. Hell, you attracted her in the first place; this is YOUR jackpot! I’m not greedy!”—[Afterwards, when the men have left, the principal takes Anna down to the office to turn in the key. The manager demands his final payment and leads Anna into a small room behind the office where he usually sleeps at night. Anna is exhausted from a solid three hours of heavy sex, but goes with him willingly.The principal stays out by the office counter. He’s not interested in watching anyone fucking the exciting Anna, not for a while anyway, not after three solid hours of the two energetic men sharing her, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, in every imaginable position and combination even he could imagine (and several he’d never thought of himself).He can hear a soft groan of female pleasure through the thin wall and even thinner door, and knows the manager has begun to take his price for the motel room. And then a slow regular slapping sound, flesh against flesh, slow and steady, with louder moans matching every slap. He wonders what they’re doing and finds the imagining of what’s going on to be just as stimulating as actually watching! Especially now that he has so many actual memory images of Anna in full passion.Two figures appear in the glass entrance door. When they enter, he sees it’s a middle-aged man and a younger woman. They look oddly at the principal; in his coat and tie, nice shirt, expensive cufflinks, he’s not the usual low rent motel manager image. “We’d like a room please,” the man asks quietly. The principal shrugs; he decides to give the Cuban manager a break, spare him from what would be a most unwelcome interruption. He can hear the slapping sounds more clearly now, the moans are louder, and there’s a squeaking, bed springs or frame. He can barely hear Anna’s voice now, her moaning interspersed with the dirty words and sexual demands he’s learned she’s so prone to use as she gets more and more aroused. “Ohhhh … oh god, yessss .. aaaah … aaaaaah … aaaaaaaaah! Oh god, don’t stop, keep fucking me, oh yes, deep, deep, you’re so deep!” The bursts of words in time with the slapping.The principal visualizes the voluptuous excited Anna, naked of course, legs spread, arms held over her head, as the Cuban manager drives an unnaturally long thick cock deep into her body with heavy unceasing strokes. He finds himself getting excited, and then pulls his attention back to the couple standing in front of him.It’s obvious that they too are hearing the sounds from the next room, and there’s no question that they recognize them too! The principal smiles to himself; he has just thought of a game, a joke to play. He’s surprised at himself; he’s usually not the playful joking type. But this is too good to miss.”Ah yes, sorry, I was distracted,” he says to the couple as they stand there, their eyes on the closed door behind him, obviously concentrating on the sounds of uninhibited sex.”You want a room. Yes, a double bed I presume? Will this be just for tonight, or longer?”The man pulls his attention back to the principal with a jerk. “Uhhh … actually, we just want to … rest a little this afternoon. Would I be able to get the room just for a few hours?”The woman is still distracted, listening closely to the sounds of female passion and demand from the next room.The principal frowns, “Well, our custom is normally a full night’s rent, until noon tomorrow. However … it being a special occasion, I’m sure the manager would like me to give you both a special deal.”He glances down at the couple’s hands. She is wearing a diamond wedding and engagement ring set. His hands have no rings at all. That’s interesting, the principal thinks. He’s sure now that this is one of the couples who so commonly use these motel rooms.”You must excuse the disturbance,” he murmurs quietly. The moans from the next room are even louder, “Ohhhhh god! Fuck me harder! Ohhhhh Ohhhhh … Aaaaaaaaah! I’m coming, oh god you’re making me come, oh don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop!” The words are faster and faster, matching the slapping noise as the manager speeds up his stroking to bring himself and Anna to a peak. And then a long drawnout cry of passion, unmistakable, broken only by gasps for air. The slapping and squeaking sounds have stopped, and the principal visualizes Anna jerking beneath the cock buried to the hilt in her cunt as she convulses in a powerful orgasm.The man is staring at the door again; the woman has never taken her eyes off it. She’s breathing fast now, her face flushed and lips swollen with excitement. She’s clutching the man’s arm, pressing it against the side of her breast, and the principal sees her shifting her hips, working her thighs together.The three of them stand there, all waiting for … something … and then the slow slapping, the bed frame squeaking, resumes. Anna’s voice is heard, “Ohhhhh ohhhhh … oh god, I can’t, I can’t do it again, ohh god, you’re deep in me again. Ohhhhhh … noooooo, don’t stop! Don’t pull out! What are you doing …” There’s a pause, and then a long groan of excitement. “Oh god, you’re in my ass, you’re fucking my ass! Ahhhhhhhhh!” A long cry of excitement, drawn out for seconds … and then the soft slapping sound resumes, very slow at first. And the female groans of passion, soft at first and then louder and louder. Lost in the sounds, the principal can imagine: the naked Anna, rolled on her front, her full buttocks shining in the dim light, crying the long cry of passion, pinned beneath the manager’s thick cock shaft as he slides it through her tight asshole and deep into her bowels. And then her soft cries, each timed to a stroke into her body as he fucks her ass over and over and over.The couple are frozen, listening. I can see the man’s arm around the woman, squeezing her breast. She doesn’t care; her eyes are blank, her mind totally absorbed with the sounds of a woman being given extreme, almost unbearable pleasure.”Aaaaaaaaaaah! oh … god … I … come … Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Each gasping word driven out by a deep cock stroke, punctuated by the slap of flesh on flesh, and then the long drawn-out cry as Anna explodes in yet another indescribable orgasm.The air is quiet for a moment, except for almost inaudible whimpers.The principle looks at the couple and plays his joke.”My wife,” he says softly. They jerk their heads around and stare at him. He jerks his thumb over his shoulder at the door and the soft whimpers of satisfied passion. “My wife … I give her a special treat.”The two say nothing, just glance at the door and then stare at him again.”You ever hear of Cuban superman?” The principal fakes a slight accent now. “Men in Cuba in the 50’s, would put on shows in Havana for rich men and women?”The man stares at him, thinks for a second, and then nods. The woman blushes and nods. “They were … superman for their sex acts, weren’t they?” she says.The principal nods. “Yes. Well, after the revolution these men had no work. Some came to America, with their families. It seems that their skill, their ability, their size? …” He looks blankly at the couple. “It is hereditary. And my friend Carlos here … well, he is the son of his father.”The sounds have begun again behind the thin door, the moans of passion, the slapping of flesh against flesh, the bed squeaking. And Anna’s voice, pleading, sighing, “Ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh I … can’t … no … more … oh … god … ohhhhh … so …. big …”Again the images flash through the principal’s mind: Anna, on her back again, legs lifted high over the manager’s shoulders, his huge cock sliding slowly in and out of her tight sensitive cunt, her moans and pleas forced out of her at each long deep stroke.The couple are listening again as well, their eyes glazed. The woman is breathing harder now, pushing back against the man’s body, pressing her hand against the man’s hand as it squeezes and fondles her breast.The principal reaches up to the big board with the room keys and takes the first key he finds. He slides it across the counter to the couple. “Please, take this with our compliments. The manager, you see, he is … occupied. When he has completed his favor to me, his friend, I’m sure he will come up to the room to arrange the paperwork.”The woman pulls her eyes away from the door and gazes at the principal, obviously distracted, and then picks up the key. The principal smiles at her. “It could be he is in a good mood, perhaps even not caring for such a small thing as a few hours of privacy for a couple like yourself? Privacy for being together, intimacy, perhaps even passion?”The woman licks her lips and takes a deep breath. “Yes, yes, that would be nice. If he could just come up …”The principal nods, sharing a secret between them. “These supermen I spoke of? Usually it was not even necessary to hire women to perform with them. The women who came with the rich men to see these special shows … they would often … volunteer, you would say.”The man stares at the principal, frowning. The principal returns his gaze calmly. “And the men? They usually found the special show … educational, entertaining. And with their women so grateful afterwards, the men were also rewarded.”The principal smiles blandly. “It is good to be generous, don’t you think? As I am generous with my wife.” Again, he gestures toward the thin door. The sounds have escalated.”Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” A cry of unbearable passion and excitement, broken only by the gasps of an overexcited woman trying to catch her breath as her body explodes again and again. And then the deeper sigh, a man’s voice, a sigh of drawn-out pleasure. The principal’s imagination draws the image: Anna, excited beyond control, jerking and convulsing in a huge orgasm, the manager’s cock buried to its hilt in her hot cunt. And then some last few strokes and he comes, his buttocks clenching as his prostate pumps his thick cream cum through the massive cock shaft, deep into her body, spurting from the bloated cockhead to splash against the very depths of her cunt.The three stand silently, listening to the soft whimpers from beyond the wall, the gasps of breath, the almost whispered “Ohhhh … ohhh … that was so wonderful! Oh thank you, oh my god … oh, you’re still so big …”The two, in concert turn to the principal. He smiles politely at them. “Yes, it is good to be generous, to let your dear one have her pleasures. A man is always rewarded by a woman’s happiness.”The principal meets the man’s eyes. “You may wish to speak to my friend Carlos about these matters. Perhaps you too may find a reward, be able to even watch a special woman’s happiness. It can be very … interesting, as you can imagine.” Again, he gestures at the door.”Uhhh … yes, yes, I understand. I will certainly think on that!” the man says as he pulls the unresisting woman toward the exit. “We will go to the room now, but I think we may want to talk to Carlos.”The woman stops and turns. Looking concernedly at the principal, she asks, “But … after that … how can he …?”The principal smiles nonchalantly. “Ah, but you see, that is why they are called supermen.”—

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