Anna’s Problem

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Anna’s ProblemMy daughter in law, Anna, called and asked if I could please come to visit her at home on my day off. She made it clear her husband would be gone and the k**s at school, so we could be alone. And yes, it was important: she had some personal things she hoped she could talk about with me.Very curious and interested, I knocked on her door bright and early. Anna opened the door, and I was pleased and somewhat surprised to see she was dressed (barely) in the attractive (and very short) house robe she routinely wore when I’d stayed with the family for a while. It was short, tied only with a belt around the waist, and had the habit of falling open on occasion, revealing the young woman’s very attractive cleavage. She never seemed to notice that, and was careless in leaning over and so forth, so I often could get a very nice view indeed of her full breasts. Perhaps it was carelessness and her not noticing .. but I suspected she enjoyed the attention and was perhaps giving me a view of her body on purpose. If that was the case, I certainly appreciated it, and I took full advantage of the view every chance I got .. but I certainly would never hint that there was any offense to this attractive young woman’s modesty! Hell, she might quit doing it!But despite a possible innocent flaunting, she’d always been quite straight, seemed in love with her husband. I’d never seen her flirting with other men at their parties. She’d always been very friendly and warm with me, but there were never any hints of real sexual interest.We went to the kitchen for coffee, and I enjoyed the view of her full body and attractive legs as I followed her. I noticed she had a little makeup on: eye shadow, lipstick, mascara. This seemed a little unusual for her so early in the morning. And she was wearing a sort of wedge shoe rather than her usual house slippers, with the high wedge showing her trim legs off to their full advantage. I also saw no hint of any sort of panty line beneath the thin house robe fabric, and suspected she was completely nude beneath the robe. I was starting to wonder what was going on.She poured both of us a cup of coffee, and we returned to the living room where she sat down on the big couch, patting the cushion beside her for me to join her. She seemed a little nervous as we chatted for a minute, but then she turned on the couch to face me and took a deep breath.”Thank you for coming to see me, Fritz. I need to talk with someone, and I know of no one I could trust more than you to be honest with, to be honest with me, to talk about a problem maybe I am having.”I smiled at her reassuringly and reached out to pat her hand where it lay on her half-covered thigh. “Well, I’m very complimented that you trust me like that. I’ll certainly be glad to help if I can.”She smiled a little at my assurances, and continued. “The reason I asked you to visit is because I have a problem with Allan.” That’s my stepson, her husband. He met Anna when she was a foreign student at the nearby university, and they’d married after she’d graduated. Ten years of marriage, two c***dren. I’d thought things were going as well as could be expected. Anna was a very good and devoted wife and mother. Allan? Not so good a character: he tended to like to go out with his buddies, didn’t spend the time with the family one would expect from a father. But he was a hard worker, supported the family well, and I’d supposed their marriage was no better or worse than many.”A problem? What’s wrong?” I prompted her.”Well, not a real problem. It’s just that .. well, Allan just does not pay so much attention to me. For a long time now! I am faithful to my husband,” she insisted, her eyes meeting mine. “But I like it when he finds me attractive, when he compliments me, when he notices things I try to do to please him.” She blushed, “I mean, you know, personal things? To show I find him attractive, sexy even, maybe that I’m .. you know, interested in maybe some special play? Some bedroom fun?” She blushed again but held my eyes with her.I nodded sympathetically. “I understand.” I let my eyes fall to her cleavage and the full body beneath the robe, and then smiled as I met her eyes again with mine. “Although I can’t understand why you couldn’t keep his full attention, no matter what! You’re a very attractive, a very sexy woman!”I saw a faint blush spread across her face: she knew exactly where I was looking, how I was admiring her, and knew just what I was talking about. She smiled slightly and replied, “Well, thank you. I’m .. I’m glad that you find me attractive.” She blushed even more and looked at me coyly. “I have always found you attractive too, so that is good!”She then continued, “And I think you notice things too, you pay attention when you are with me, when you look at me.” She smiled, “Oh yes, I see how you look at me sometimes, just like now, but many other Escort times too. I know you try to be polite and mannerly .. but some things a woman can tell. It is okay,” she reassured me, “I actually like the way you look at me, the way you find me attractive I think? It’s even a little exciting sometimes! Every woman likes to feel attractive, even wanted, you know?”I nodded. This was even more interesting now.”So I wear this robe because I know you like it,” she gestured at her body, “and because I think you like seeing more of me than if I were wearing something more modest, yes?”I nodded, letting my eyes glance at her cleavage again. “No argument there, Anna. You are one very sexy woman, and that robe really shows you off well!” I grinned, “I hope you don’t mind my sneaking a look at your breasts every now and then; it’s always a treat to me.”She grinned shyly. “Oh, I do not mind. In fact …” She hesitated, took a breath, and then pulled open her robe with both hands to reveal her full breasts. I was a bit surprised at this, but I went ahead and took a long leisurely look at her body as she’d obviously invited me to do. Full breasts indeed, hardly sagging at all, hard nipples, big round light brown auroles. I saw a hint of rose color on her nipples, and teased her, “Yes, you are very beautiful indeed, very exciting! And have you put a little makeup on your nipples as well as your face?”Anna blushed but left her bosom exposed. “Well, yes .. see, that is what I mean! Allan would never even notice something like that! While you enjoy looking at me naked like this, and you still notice and appreciate even the little thing I do to make this special!”I nodded, “Well, that’s not such a big thing. After all, you and Allan have been married for many years now. He’s more used to seeing your body, seeing you naked, so perhaps it’s not as special a thing for him now as in the beginning. As it is for me right now!”She nodded. “Well, that is part of the problem. I wonder if he finds me exciting at all?””Is there a problem with your sex life?” I asked. Anna’s full breasts, and especially their hard nipples, were very distracting, and I wanted to move this on to perhaps another level. “I can’t imagine Allan not wanting you, not enjoying you in bed!””Oh, I suppose that is all right, the bed part. Well, sometimes. If he doesn’t go to sleep because he has drunk too much. Or if he comes in so late and I am already asleep and he wants to use me .. I try to be interested, but it is not so much excitement, you know?” She frowned, her eyes distant. “To be asleep and to feel hands on you and someone spreading your legs and just .. pushing inside! This is not how a woman is best excited!” She blushed, “I am sorry, I do not mean to embarrass you with such personal things! Or shock you! I am supposed to be a modest housewife, not talking about such things!”I grinned at her teasingly. “My dear Anna, I don’t think there’s any way you could embarrass or shock me! Besides,” I smiled again, “I have a feeling there is much more to you than a modest housewife.” I stared blatantly at her naked breasts. “Indeed, I’m very glad you’re more than that! I am thoroughly enjoying my view of you now!”Anna blushed but made no attempt to cover herself. “Well,” she took a breath and then suddenly rose to her feet and stood by the couch. “There is more I would talk about .. and also more to show you! Because I am very glad that maybe we can be close, be understanding? No secrets?””No secrets,” I agreed.She nodded and smiled. Then, pulling loose the tie around her waist, she pulled the robe back away from her body, holding it with her hands back behind her hips. I now saw her completely naked body right there in front of my face, not a foot away! Long shapely legs, gorgeous pale slim thighs, a slim and trim waist above full hips .. and stunningly, the most intimate part of all! A perfectly shaven groin with slim graceful labia swelling on either side of what must be the most beautiful cunt in the world!”You see,” she gestured at her groin. “I even shave like this to give Allan a special look at me. He says he likes my cunt to be naked like this, everything shaven? So I do this, I even do a little makeup here too ..” I leaned forward and looked closely and, sure enough, there was also the hint of rouge or perhaps lipstick on her labia. “But he doesn’t even seem to think of that any more!”Frowning now, obviously unhappy, she sat down again but left the robe hanging open, leaving her naked body there for me to enjoy.”He will have sex with me, he will fuck me!” She blushed but met my eyes boldly. “I can use this language, yes? Allan likes me to talk like that when we make love, to use dirty language, he thinks it is very sexy for me to be like a tramp, like a whore in bed sometimes! You don’t mind?”I nodded in agreement. “No, I don’t mind, not at Escort Bayan all. In fact, I remember a quotation from somewhere, hundreds of years old, about the perfect wife. ‘A chef in the kitchen, a lady in the sitting room, and a whore in bed.'”She nodded and smiled a little, but I could still see she was still upset. “Well, I try to do all that, but Allan just doesn’t seem to care any more. He likes fucking me when he is horny, he likes the things I do, the .. well, you know, oral sex? With my mouth?” I nodded and she continued, “To make him hard or to give special pleasure? Even many times to, well, I want to be honest with you, okay? He will come in my mouth because he enjoys my sucking. And I don’t mind doing this, I even find it exciting sometimes, you know? Even though I know that if he comes in my mouth, he will be tired and not want to fuck me any more! I want to please him, so I do what he wants.”She looked at me, concern in her face again. “But this is all his pleasure, and he does nothing for me! I would suck him all he wanted if he thought to perhaps use his mouth on me, you know? To return the pleasure?” She gestured at her groin. “To lick me, pleasure me, perhaps use his fingers? And we have toys, I will show you! There are toys that I enjoy, that he could use to pleasure me, to make me even more excited! At first, when he got them, he would use them because he liked seeing me so excited, coming over and over again! But now he is bored,” she frowned again, shaking her head. “Never any play like that, only a quick sex, a fuck for his pleasure, and then he goes to sleep, or leaves for work or whatever.””Oh, sometimes when I am lonely, when I too am horny you know?” She looked at me again. “I will use a toy to pleasure myself? Or just my fingers, perhaps when I am in the shower, or in bed alone at night. But it is just not the same as a man being there. Not just the hard cock,” she smiled at me. “That is always nice, I love a cock in me, the feel of it, and the knowing he wants me, that he wants to come inside me!” She blushed again, but continued. “But the attention of the man, his interest, his finding me exciting and sexy .. that is what I miss!”I let my eyes run down Anna’s naked body and then back to face. Then I reached out and gently cupped her full breast with my hand. She took a breath but didn’t pull away, didn’t try to remove my hand.”I understand, Anna. I’m sure you are not the only woman, the only wife, with problems like these. And I would be glad to help if I can.”I held her eyes while I continued to gently fondle her breast. “I find you very attractive, very sexy, very exciting! And I am more than glad to tell you that, to show you, to do all I can to make you feel beautiful and exciting.”But ..” I looked at her. “I do NOT want to hurt your marriage. I do NOT want to make Allan angry at me. Not because I worry about Allan, but because that would all be bad for you and the family.”She nodded, her eyes still on my face. I could feel her nipple hardening again under my hand, and I saw her face flushing again, her lips starting to swell. She was becoming aroused, I could tell, all the familiar signs of a passionate woman’s excitement were starting to appear.”If you want me to give you attention, if you want to show off for me,” I let my eyes drop to her naked body again and then back to her face. “If you want to play games, exciting games, pleasure games with your toys or with bondage or watching videos and pretending ..” I saw her face flush even more, the flush now extending down her throat and chest and the tops of her breasts.”If you want sex with me, just oral sex perhaps but with me pleasuring you as well .. or a full sex with me fucking you until your legs are weak and you cry out for mercy ..” I smiled at her teasingly. “I can do that. I’m not a young man any more, I’m not the lover I was many years ago. But you are a very beautiful and exciting woman, and I think I can be good enough to please you.”Anna nodded and smiled a little.”I hope you would understand, Fritz. Yes, just some attention, perhaps some playing. That would be so nice, it would make me feel so much better! I am not sure if I want to have sex with anyone else. I do still love Allan very much, and I am not comfortable with the idea of .. you know, being unfaithful to him, betraying him by letting another man fuck me. But the games, the pleasure you speak of …”She looked at me, hunger in her eyes now, and brought a hand up to squeeze mine even harder around her breast. “The oral sex, my sucking you while you play with me and excite me .. to have you coming in my mouth while I have an orgasm, that would be wonderful! To let you play with my body, use all the toys, excite me until I’m crazy and wild! That would be so wonderful! I would like that so much!”Leaning forward, she moved her mouth to mine Bayan Escort and kissed me hungrily, her tongue darting into my mouth. I felt her hand touch my thigh and move up to my groin, rubbing my hard cock beneath my trousers. “And if I am excited, too excited, ready to let you do anything .. fuck my cunt, fuck my ass .. if that happened, well, that would be all right too!”I stood and pulled Anna up against me, enjoying the feel of her full bare breasts pressing against me. With one hand behind her, fondling her buttocks, I moved my other hand down between our bodies to her naked groin, stroking her labia and then sliding a finger inside her cunt. She was wet, soaking wet, and she gasped with pleasure as I stroked her and rubbed my thumb against her hard clitoris. I felt her hands at my waist and smiled as she unhooked my trousers and opened my zipper. Her hands grasped my hardened cock and one stroked me as the other reached down to cup and gently fondle my testicles.”Oh god .. oh, I’m so excited!” she gasped, pulling her mouth away from mine. I could feel her breath hot on my neck as she continued to stroke me hard. “Oh .. I want to suck you! And then .. maybe we can play? Go to my bed, I have my toys, you can fuck me with my toys? Pleeease!” I heard the hunger in her voice and shook my head: what a fool her husband was, to neglect such an exciting passionate woman!Anna dropped to her knees and I felt her soft lips around my cock as she took me into her mouth. Then her head moved forward against my groin, taking even more of my cock deep into her mouth, and I felt her expert tongue and mouth working on me, her hand stroking me. She pulled her mouth away, “Oh god, your cock is so good, I love doing this! Please, come in my mouth! I want to taste you!” And then she returned to her expert sucking. I already felt a tingling, the beginning of what I knew would be a rush of pleasure as the passionate hungry woman excited me to a climax. And it came: a rush of warmth, and then my cock jerked as I came again and again, spurts of my cum shooting into Anna’s avidly sucking mouth. I heard her moan and gasp around the cock filling her mouth, and she somehow took even more of me inside her mouth as she stroked and squeezed my cock shaft, milking and sucking the last squirts of cum out of me.I was done now, softening, but she continued to gently suck and squeeze me, savoring the sensation, the intimacy. Then, pulling her head back from my cock, still gently squeezing its shaft, she looked up at me and smiled, her eyes warm and excited. “I loved that! I wanted you so much!” Standing, she grabbed my hand and pulled me after her as she excitedly headed for her bedroom. I admired her naked body as the robe swirled open, revealing every inch of her voluptuous flesh. “Now you fuck me! Oh I know, your cock isn’t ready now. But my toys, they will be so much fun! And when you are rested, I can get you ready for fucking me properly!” she chattered excitedly as she pulled me into the bedroom and waves toward the big double bed. I saw the blanket and sheet already pulled back: obviously she had this in mind all along!”Quickly, get undressed! I want to see you naked too!” She pulled off her robe and discarded it. I admired her naked body as I started to undress, the way her breasts swayed as she bent and then squatted by the nightstand by the bed, the smooth swollen labia visible between her thighs as she leaned forward and began to pull sex toys out of the drawer.”This, this is my favorite! They call it a ‘rabbit’, it vibrates! But inside my cunt AND it rubs my clitoris too! It makes me so excited, I just go crazy! You will use this, yes? Oh, and this!” She was smiling with delight and excitement, like a little girl except so aroused, so anticipating her pleasures, I had to smile. And no little girl had a body, a passion, a mouth, a cunt like this one! This is going to be SO great!Smiling broadly, the naked Anna held up a dildo: vulgarly pink, obscenely large with realistic testicles and a big bloated head. “This, you can put on over your own cock so you can have the biggest cock ever! Or we can use it just by itself! It is so big, it makes me hurt a little when it pushes too deep, but it is a good hurt, you know? Like the biggest cock in the whole world!” She glanced down at me and smiled. “Not that yours isn’t big enough, of course, Fritz! You have a wonderful cock: I loved sucking it! And for a man to have a cock this big would be silly!” She wielded the huge dildo like a sword, grinning happily. “But to have you fucking me with it .. this is going to be SO good!””Oh oh oh!” She reached into the drawer and pulled out a pointed object: it was a butt plug! “I love this in my ass when I am being fucked, it makes everything even more exciting because I am full everywhere! And Allan says it makes my cunt even tighter, it makes me feel even better for his cock inside me. You will put this in me, yes?”Smiling, I walked over and began stroking and fondling Anna’s body as she looked excitedly at the toys she’d pulled out. Yes, this was going to be quite the adventure indeed!

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