Another day in a hotel room

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Another day in a hotel roomMy younger slut Krystal and I exchanged a number of messages as we made plans to meet up again for some good sex. We planned it for a Saturday at a hotel once again as I was more than willing to spend some cash to fucked her. Plans where set and on this occasion on the Friday night while we messaged each other we agreed to not to do any anal sex but lots of pleasuring. As we messaged each other our chat got rather steamy and we eventually agreed that we both must come up with one or two sexual thing that we haven’t done with each other yet. We said we’d think about it and then discuss it once we reach the hotel room tomorrow. Our chat ended there and we said goodnight to each other and I was soon asleep.The next morning I got up just after 9 and had breakfast with my family. Telling them that I’m going be out most of the day and only home about midnight they said that’s cool. They themselves my parents and stepsister left the house after breakfast making it easy for me to pack a bag and quickly leave the house. I immediately went to the hotel arriving there a little after 10am and booked in. I had 4 hours before Krystal would be dropped off at the mall so I first relaxed a bit and then hopped into the shower to freshen up. After my shower I unpacked my bag with condoms and lube incase we change our minds and I fuck her tight ass. I chilled naked on the bed as time passed and then Krystal messaged me saying she on her way to the mall. I quickly got dressed and then left the hotel to go fetch my sexy school girl from the mall. Picking her up we greeted with a kiss and immediately made our way to the hotel. Once parked and out the car, fun immediately began as we spun each other around dancing as we made our way to the room. Once in the room we locked the door behind us and then Krystal through herself at me. Our lips met and mouths opened as we kissed each other passionately. Once our lips aparted we moved to sit down on the bed and then discussed what naughty sexual fetish we came up with. I mentioned my first one telling Krystal I want to watch her pee, and touch her pussy as she does so. She agreed and said that’s fine and shared her first one which was to be called another girls name for our first sex session. I said that’s cool and I agreed with it and then asked what name she’d like to be called. And she replied Cassi as it’s your ex that you still sleep with and if it’s cool I’d like to call you Marc my ex and have a very loud vocal session. I said that’s cool Cassi babe. And she smiled and said thank you. I then mentioned my 2nd idea to her of exchanging golden shower over each other but both agreed to do that another time rather when there’s a hair dryer to dry her bucak escort hair or when her parents won’t be home.Her 2nd idea was for me to choke her while I fucked her as the other day when I did it she enjoy it. And I said I’d keep that in mind. That were our current ideas as we both had more but agreed not to over do it in one night. I then moved to her and said, “So Cassi shall we get started?” “Yes Marc my babe I think we should.” I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her into me as we started kissing passionately. Once our lips aparted we stripped each other down naked and I laid my young whore down on the bed. I placed kisses over her inner thighs and to her groins and I saw she still had my love bite marking on them slightly. I asked have you slept with your boyfriend since the last time we saw each other and she answered no I haven’t as I’m still marked. I laughed and she said so best you fuck me good as I’m real horny. No problem I said as I moved to her pussy and started to muff her. I licked up and down her pussy lips and stimulated her clit as she moaned “oh yes Marc yes Marc baby suck my pussy”. Weird as it sounded I continued pleasuring my little whore and her moans became louder as she reached climax and orgasmed while I muffed her.Once she finished orgasmning I stood up and she moved to sit on the edge of the bed. She took my throbbing hard cock into her mouth and as she started sucking it I said “yes Cassi babe suck it hard.” And she paused fir a moment and then started deepthroating me. She sucked my cock for a minute and then stopped and said “lay down on you back babe.” I did as she said and she then went and picked up the condom. She opened it and put it on my hard cock and then climbed over me mounting my cock. She road me hard and rough back and forth as she sat upright. I placed my thumb on her clit and watched her nice teen tits bounce up and down as she fucked me. Her pussy tightened around my cock as her moans “oh fuck yes Marc yes Marc babe yes babe”, got louder as she reached climax and orgasmed on my cock. After she finished orgasmning she looked at me and said, please give it to me hard. Yes Cassi sure thing my babe I replied and she moved onto her hands and knees like a bitch.I moved behind and shoved my cock back into her tight puss and started fucking her hard and rough. My cock hit up against her inner walls as she moaned loudly, “oh Marc yes harder Marc fuck me hard babe” and I grabbed onto her hips and fucked her tight puss as hard as I could. Her moans turned to screams as I fucked “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!!!!!” As she reach climax and orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I pulled out of her and turned her onto her back and shoved my cock into her puss escort bucak in missionary position. I watched her scream “oh fuck yes Marc yes babe fuck me Marc my babe” as I punish her puss hard in and out. I then groaned and my cock exploded shooting my cum into the condom as I fuck my matric girl, while i moan “yes Cassi awe yes you puss is so tight”. After I finished cumming Krystal said to me “oh Marc my baby that was amazing babe.” And I replied I agree snd glad you enjoyed my babe. We laid catching our breath and after a few minutes I asked why did she choose to call me Marc? She answered saying he was my ex that broke my virginity and we never fucked hard like us. So I thought if I called you Marc and closed my eyes while fucking you it would give me greater pleasure and make it more fun. Hope you don’t mind.I replied not at all I quite enjoyed the fuck as I love it when you vocal like that, and not just moaning.She replied ok awesome as last time I wanted to scream your name but wasn’t sure if you would like. I replied Cassi my babe I love making you scream my name. She smiled and then removed the condom of my cock that went soft. She then came and cuddle me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and again said thank you. We then got into a deep conversation with each other, which past time quickly, as she said she knows what we doing is great but eventually it will come to an end. I agreed with her and indirectly told her that I got no intention of dating her and that we both just using each other for sexual pleasures. We then came to an agreement that while we can that we will used each other in as many possible sexual ways to find out everything we like sexually. From being a little sad we soon both were happy again and I then told her, some time, one day in the future after you matriculate that I want to cum deep in her pussy. She then replied saying that might happen sooner as her mom and her chatted the other day about her going onto the pill once she turns 18 in a months. I said that’s a good idea but even though you will be on the pill I’ll only do that once you’ve written your final exam. She said that’s a deal and sealed it with a kiss.She then got up and took my hand pulling me up and led me to the bathroom. She said my bladder is full and asked how must she be. I moved her into the shower, standing next to her I placed my left hand on her small sexy ass and let her half lean back against my arm and shoulder. Her legs were slightly spread open and I placed my right hand on her thigh and said you can started. The waterworks started as her pee flowed or her puss. I moved my hand over her puss as she peed and rubbed up and down her clit. I rubbed her clit harder and as she finished peeing bucak escort bayan her legs went weak and she wrapped her arms around my neck and held on as she started to moan. I rubbed her clit harder bring her to orgasm after watching her urinate. After her orgasm I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist and my throbbing hard cock slid into her tight wet puss. I pinned her against the shower wall and gave her 5 rough strokes as we stood there. I then looked at her and said thank you for that, it is a huge turn on. She smiled as I said so you really love rough sex and being dominated. Yes my baby she answered and I said ok let’s go fuck. I carried her to the room while still on my cock and then eventually decided to put her down. Get the condom Cassi I said and she replied sure Marc my babe. She opened it and put it on my cock and I then pushed her onto the bed. I moved her to be on edge of the bed and I then shoved my cock into her tight puss and started pounding away. I fucked her hard making her scream “oh fuck yes Marc yes babe” as my cock crashed into her pussy walls. I stopped while holding my cock deep inside her and grabbed her throat. I choked her as I started fucking her rough again till she coughed and I then let go of her throat while fucking her and let her catch her breath. “Choke me again Marc I’m about to cum”, and I did as she said while her puss tightened around my cock as she orgasmed while I choked her. After she finished orgasmning I let go of her throat, and while she caught her breath I held my cock deep in her pussy and placed a number of relatively hard slaps onto her face. I then moved her properly onto the bed and moved over her in missionary position. After the rough fuck I decide to make love to this girl and I gave long slow deep thrusts back and forth in and out of her puss while looking into her eyes. I soon groaned and started cumming as she moaned “oh yes Cane my love that feels so great, shoot your hot cum into my puss my love.” Hearing her say that I pushed my cock deep into her with passion and let me cum ooze into the condom. Once I finished cumming I gave Krystal a passionate kiss before removing my cock from her tight pussy.I removed the condom and we then both laid loving each other for a good thirty minutes. Kissing holding and touching each others bodies. Time passed quickly and soon we got dressed and ready to leave the hotel room so I could drop Krystal back at the mall. Once at my car she through herself at me and said thank you Cane for the amazing time. I looked into her eyes and said thank you for being amazing and I can’t wait to see you again my babe. She pulled into me and gave me a passionate kiss and once our lips aparted she said I can’t wait for you to make love to me again. We then got in the car and a few minutes later I dropped her off at the mall after another wonderful saturday at the hotel with my matric girl, who I no longer referred to as a whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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