Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 11

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Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 11Daddy’s Little GirlPart 11(After the Game)As we walked under the stands, I pulled out my phone and called the English teacher, Ms. Nxxxxn. It rang a full ten times, I was about to hang up when I heard a curt, “Nxxxxn, residents” I told her about the teams slaughter. She gave a sour laughed, and said “if Ashlynn wasn’t motivation enough to get the boys to win, then nothing is”.I chuckled, and told her about how upset Ash was; “she was really looking forward to not being able to walk tomorrow. She’d stormed into the locker-room, and announced to the whole room, how she’d fuck everyone there, their friends, families, and pets. If they would just win the game. There were about 50 guys in there. I really think Ash thought it would work”.She laughed, sadly, saying “poor girl, how’s she taking it?”I told her “that is why I’ve called”; I was thinking of bringing Ashlynn over there if she wasn’t busy. I asked if she had plans for the weekend, as I was thinking of running Ash to Xxxxxxxxx, maybe do some shopping, and I thought you could keep Ash entertained, you might also feel a bit more comfortable playing over a hundred miles away. She said, “Yes”, without hesitation, “but I have something to take care of first. How soon will you be here”? I told her we were leaving now. “Ok” was all she said, and hung up.As we walked out the stadium gates into the dark parking lot, I stopped, looked around at the small crowed, and told Ashlynn to drop her long coat. There were at least two-dozen of her classmate’s mill around the parking lot; Ashlynn looked around at the faces of k**s she knew from school. Took a deep breath, and then gave a little shiver as the long-coat slid off her shoulders, leaving her standing there, dressed only in her slutty little Cheer costume.It barely covered her naked body, the top falling just below the bottom curve of her breast, and the skirt coming to the bottom curve of her ass, and completely see through. From the frothy sheen on the inside of her thighs, you could see how ready she was. She stood there she bouncing a little, from foot to foot. I told Ash to “pick up your coat, and hand it to me”. She bent at the waist, her feet shoulder with apart, grabbing her coat, and giving all her classmates behind her a clear view of her ass and dripping wet vaj. Ash stood, holding her coat out to me. I heard a girl tell her date, “stop staring at her; she is just a skanky whore”. I told Ash, “You should fuck that little Bitch’s boy-friend sometime”, as I took the coat in one hand, the ribbons attached to her nipples in the other.She giggled and said “Daddy, I have, and his dad, that’s Jamie Sxxxxr, his daddy is ‘that’ Preacher”.I could not help but grin, as I gave the ribbons a sharp tug, making Ash gasp and stumble a little, as I led her to away to the van by her nipples. (Ms. Connie Nxxxxn house)At Ms. Nxxxxn house Ash ran up to the front door, what little bit that was covered by the little see through uniform, was free for the world to see. The look on Ms. Nxxxxn face as she opened the door to see a slutty little Cheer-squad fucktoy was priceless. But she quickly hustled Ashlynn is side before any neighbors could see her.As I walked to the door of the late 60’s split level, I saw Ms. Nxxxxn, Connie, was dressed in a long plush terrycloth robe. She shut the door behind me, and told Ash to stay there.Asking me to follow, she led us down the stairs, turning left into a short hall. There was closed door on one side of the hall, with an open door to a bathroom on the other; a book case filled the whole wall at the end.Connie walked up to the bookcase pulled out a book, it made a distinctive clicking sound, pushing the bookcase in, it opened to reveal a den that did not match the contemporary furnishings of the rest of the house.The den was dark, Gothic, with blood red walls, a matching shag carpet ran around most of the room. As I walked in I saw the wall with the door had a Black tiled floor, and corner with a shower, the rest of that wall was smoke glass mirrors. All the walls had electrolier wall sconces, set 8 feet apart, all around the room for light, but they supplied little, each was topped with a flame shaped flickering bulb that gave the affect of a flame. The room was furnished with a red and gold baroque patterned love seat, flanked by matching chairs with ottomans; they were all turned towards the mirrored wall. The center of the room had a mahogany wood floor, on which set a sturdy, low, mahogany table, just right for strapping someone down to.Connie flipped several switches turning on spot lights around the room. It was an impressive play room. She told me her husband had built it in the late sixties, to use it, and her to entertain friends with. She still found it useful, only now she was “entertained”.As I walked around it I found whips, paddles, shackles, other varies toys, and lots of rope. As I’d said, it was an impressive play room.I turned to look a Connie; she had dropped her robe, and was standing there, in a black and red leather corset, it pushed up yet covered her breast, and ended in a short faired skirt, garters held up black seamed stockings, her riding boots accented the dominatrix look. I knew at once why she never wore, anything thing with an open neck, her breast were stretched and scared. She had burn marks that looked like they had been use to put out cigars.She turned lifting her skirt, the part of her ass not covered by her black satin panties, showed welts and scares there too. “My husband was not a kind man” she said. I learned to enjoy pain, and hate him. I took it for years, now I give it.I told her, “you will not mark Ashlynn, she is mine. If I want her marked I will do so. Do you understand”? “Yes” she said.“Yes what?” I commanded.“Yes sir” she replied her eyes looking downward. Good, grab some toys and, let’s hit the road. I have a big consolation trip for Ashlynn planed.“If it works out, I will let you use her sometime” I said looking around. (Road Trip)Connie, had packed a bag of toys, an overnight bag of clothes, and put on black dress, again something that came all the way up to her neck. And we were on the road.Before we were even out of town Connie had Ashlynn on the floor internet casino her feet planted on either side of the minivans sliding door.Connie had a riding crop she had asked me if it was OK to use, she said it would hurt but not cut the skin. Although it could leave burses.I told her “Burses were fine. In fact Ashlynn like to admire her marks in the mirror”. I could hear the crop as Connie smacked Ashlynn with it followed a commanded. With each smack I could hear Ashlynn’s little gasp, a mix of pain and pleaser. She had Ash scooch around until she had her right where she wanted her. Then the hum of vibrators, and Ash’s quickening breathing filled the minivan. “I don’t want Ashlynn to cum yet” I told Connie.I turned the rearview mirror to see my baby girl. She had vibrating working over her clit with one hand, and was stabbing her cunt with a sword shaped dildo, I later found out was 9 1/2 inch and called a “Manhandler”. As, she was working herself over Connie, had Ashlynn’s head in her lap holding her in a sitting position and was attacking her nippals, using first a vibrater on one, the riding crop on the other, changing nipple about every 10 strokes of the crop. Ashlynn’s panting huffs let me know she was close to orgasm. “Careful Connie,” I said, “If you whip her to hard she’ll cum all over the van door”.I had the Cruise Control on as we pulled up next to an 18 wheeler, I quickly jockeyed around and slammed opened the sliding door then slowed the van to match the big rigs speed. Just as we pulled abreast the cab, I turned on the inside lights. “Ashlynn, Ashlynn, look at the driver, when you see him looking at you, you can cum” I told her, “And Ash, you had better keep cumming till I tell you to stop, Connie smack her clit to help her cum”Between trying to keep the van next to the slowing truck, drive in my lane, and watch Ashlynn squirting cum on the side of the big rig, I was busy as hell. I shouted at Connie, “Keep her coming till she gets the hic-ups”.The cold night air rip around the inside of the minivan I could feel chill bumps popping up on my arms, a quick look showed they covering Ashlynn sweaty half naked body as the trucks horns blared in what I can only think was approval.I could hear the big rig bogging down, its driver, having failed to down shift as he’d slowed, Ashlynn alternating between franticly stabbing her cunt with the dick sword, and pulling it free to paint the driver’s door with her cum. As we started up a long hill we had slowed to 40mph. We had driven several miles side by side before I pull away, telling Connie to close the van door. Ashlynn lay in Connie’s arms cooing, having little mini orgasms with every hic-up, Connie rocking her gently telling her what a perfect little slut she was. As Ashlynn calmed down, her hic-ups subsiding, Connie talked about Ash, and how that was one of the most intense orgasms, she had ever seen. Connie profess she’d orgasmed herself, just watching Ashlynn squirting the side of that truck, she thought the drive was going to run off the road he was staring so hard, he had been hollering something but with the wind ripping around no one could hear him.Ash piped in with how he had not know what he was seeing at first, she was looking at his eyes as they grow so wide, she thought they might pop out of his head, “Daddy did you hear how hard I was fucking myself with that thing, Daddy I was pulling it all the way out and squishing back in so hard my arm hurts, when I saw him grin I knew I could cum, Daddy I tried to spray him in the face but I couldn’t. I want to do it again but my arm hurts”. “Honey, how’s your pussy” I asked.“Daddy” she whined letting me know I’d asked a silly question.Good because we are stopping for gas, and I want you to run in and buy some condoms.“Condoms?” she asked.Ashlynn very seldom uses them, almost everyone that fucks her, has to have regular checkups, and she goes every two weeks, I have an arrangement with the Doctor. After her bout with STD’s we are not going through that again.“Yes, Dear, condoms”. I told her, I would give her my card so there was no reason to take her coat.“Oh, that why I need condoms. Daddy, what if I meet someone in the gas station,” she asked.“Bring them all back out to the van Honey” She giggled “OK”.I exited the Interstate and there was a big, well lit station with a few cars. I pulled up to the furthest pump from the station that was still in line with the doors. As soon as I stopped moving Ash was out and skipping into the place before I even had the minivan shut off. Connie asked if I needed her to go in and keep watch on her. But I could see Ash from the pumps so I thought she’d be OK. (Getting Pump at the Station)As we pulled away from the station Ashlynn told us, that as soon as she walked in the place got so quiet you could hear her shoes on the floor. She walked up to the counter and asked if they sell condoms. She looked around at the guys in there and added she was going to need a couple of boxes. He just stared at her at first. And she repeated “condoms”. An old guy in there told her they’re over here. As she moved to get them, he asked how many she needed. She saw they only had 3 count boxes, so she said “all of them”. Another guy (Later she told us, he had a stupid grin on his face) asked if she’d been to a football game. “Yes, but we lost” She said, pouting a little. Yet another guy asked if she was a cheerleader? She looked him strait in the eyes and said, “No, I’m a slut, yall want a fuck”. Three guys were following her back out to the Minivan, one kept trying to get her to go with him in his truck, about 10 feet from the van they stopped, one was looking at Ashlynn’s ass so hard he bumped into another.They all started stammering, apologies as soon as they saw Connie and I. Ash looked at them and said, “It’s OK guys, that just my Masters, they sent me in there get you to come out and fuck me in the van”. About that time I heard a long blast from a truck horn, looked over and told Ashlynn, “There goes your friend”. She giggled, and waved at the rapidly departing 18 wheeler, reached out and took stupid grins hand and said “Fuck me. Please”.So they did. First Silly Grin, Ash laid down in the open door her legs spread feet on the güvenilir casino little step of the door. Silly Grin just pulled down his zipper and stepped up. Ashlynn through her hand over her little cunt, and said, “Use a condom, silly. That is why I got them”. As he was trying to open it with shaking hands, Old guy stepped up and asked “What a bout me” “Put it on” I told him and he started ripping open a box.We where there about two hours, but after the first two guys, we moving the van back behind the building, the Counter guy came out and told us the sheriff would be by in about 10 minutes. After two times the old guy though, could not get it up again. The first time he fucked Ash, it was lying on the van floor with Ash on top telling him how good it felt, he was quite interested in her nipple rings, he slid his finger through the spurs, when he discovered she liked it to hurt; he then pinched and twisted her nipples with his rough old hands. With her on top of him, he asked her how old she was. Grunting as she rode his cock, she told him, he had to tell her his age before, she would tell hers. When he told her he was 74, her back arched, tossed her head mouth opened to the roof of the van, she grunted out an orgasm, then pitching forward laid down on him, and working her ass up and down, as she fucked him fast, and hard as she could go, she told him, “I’m only s*******n”. It was his turn to gasp, he called to god as he clenched her breast, bucking up off the floor, and then laying still. At first I thought she’d killed him, and then he let out in a sigh, that he had a great granddaughter older than that.She climbed off of him, and truck boy fucker her his second time. This time standing on the side of the minivan, Ashlynn hooked her legs over his shoulders and her rocked the van so hard, I thought he might break the shocks, he lasted longer this time but he was trying to impress Ash with his technique, and he really didn’t have any, he would have done her better if he quite play and just hammered that pussy. But Ashlynn has this need to make all the guys that fuck her feel special, so she grips him tightly, and grunting with his every trust, telling him how good his cock felt, stick it in me, stick it in me. Until truck boys legs got all wobbly and he grunted out his own seed. Silly grin had run into the station to get the counter guy out there so he could get some free pussy too. It was a good thing, Truck guy ran off shortly after only cumming twice.So now Counter guy was standing there, condom on as soon as Ash put her foot down he stepped in, Ashlynn was pinned against the open van door, one foot on the ground, one braced on the door frame.Ashlynn had the door latch jammed in her back and with each thrust her head smacked the door, quickly Counter guy had a her huffing with each stroke, her little hand reached out for the Old guys cock, she looked deep in to his eye, as she had another orgasm.By the time Counter Guy filled his condom, Old Guy was starting to get hard again. “Daddy does he have to wear a stupid condom, please” she pleaded looking at the old guy.I looked at him, he looked like a farmer. So I asked the old guy, “How much pussy, do you get old man?” Turns out he was a virgin when he got married, at s*******n. They were together 50 years, before he lost her to Cancer.He had never had sex with anyone but his Mabel.That was before Ashlynn rode him to orgasm in the back of the ranted minivan.I decided, “Yes Ash, you can fuck him bare back”. The Old guy still had on his used condom. Ash leaned over and took it in her mouth and sucking it off him, she set, up turning the used condom inside out over her two fingers; she ate the old guys cum off of it. Looking him in the eyes, the whole time she was licking up his cum.After she cleaned his used condom, she bent over, and licked his old cock clean; looking up from his cock she asked him sweetly “Please sir, will you fuck this dirty little slut’s butt hole?” Ashlynn told him, he could dry fuck her, if he liked, “I’m so wet already”. Ash bent over the back seat, holding the backrest, her legs spread, ass waiting. The Old guy move between her legs cock in hand pushed in its head and slid slowly balls deep in to her dripping cunt, moaning out “sweet Jesus, little girl you feel so good”, he pumped her three long slow pumps, pulled out, aliened his cock with Ashlynn ass hole. And in one quick thrust he filled her 17 year old butt with his 74 year old cock. Ash arched her back, and push her ass, to meet him. Gripping the seat, she braced against his long thrust.The old guy reached one hand under the van seat to get and got grip. The other hand grabbed a fist full of her hair, pulling her head back as he drove his cock in to her, he pistoned her ass, long pumping much faster than I thought the old coot could, Ashlynn reached between her legs and started pinching her clit.It took a few strokes before I realized she was pinching it. I quickly grabbed a binder clamp from my map, pulled her hand free and put the clamp in it, her hand disappeared back between her legs, Ash stiffened then she reach back up for the seat.I looked at the two guys staring at the show, and said, “You two better be putting on condoms, you ain’t done”. The two reach their rhythm, Ash rolling her ass back to meet his stroke, forward as he pulled back. Several minutes passed with the two steadily pumping and grunting, then the Old guy started to gasp with each pump. He pulled Ash head back even more as buck his seed deep into my daughter’s ass, he then fell back spent.Ash reached out grabbing Silly grin pulled him to the floor of the minivan and jumped on to his cock, her hand gabbing out behind her for the Counter guy. She pulled him close telling him “fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck me in the ass”. As the guys started pumping her, Ashlynn reached in to her mouth and pulled out her fangs (funny how no one had said anything about an almost naked cheerleader with fangs), held them out to me with just a “Daddy, Daddy”. I took them and ash, bent down taking the Old guy dirty spent cock in mouth.With a quick intake of air the surprised Old guy look down as Ash licked, and suck, his dirty, spent cock and balls clean. The surprised Old casino firmalari guy watch as Ash rock back and forth from the two younger men pounding her, sometimes little gasp excepting from her. But diligently, Ashlynn suck him into her mouth, running her tongue along the underside of the Old guy’s flaccid cock, when she had her nose buried in his pubic hairs she’d pause, her face bumping rhythmically against him in time her fucking. He said It felt “soothing”. He enjoyed that he could feel his limp cock pulled down her throat as she suck him in and swallowed his cock. He felt her bite down with her gums, pulling back, swirling her tongue along its head before it pulled free with a popping sound, and then she’d do it again.She’d only stop to press her head against his thigh as her breath came in short gasp, ending in little cries of pleaser.The young guys having cum several time already pumped her long and steady. They both knew, when they were done this time they were done.Counter guy knew he’d never get another chance like this. the girl he was engaged to would not let him fucker in the ass, he’d tried. And this girls ass was his tonight.The Old guy could not believe it. His long dead cock, not used in the years was starting to get hard again.Each time the young guys pulled back Ashlynn clenched, if she could make them cum faster, she could concentrate on getting the old man hard again. She could make him cum again, and she could eat his cum, show him what a little slut she was.But her clenching also gave her more orgasms, and she had to stop sucking each time she’d cum. Ashlynn sucked him in again, pressed her nose into his hair, held him in her, relaxed her throat, she felt it building again, breathing in his cock smell, as an orgasm shook her again.The young guys watch as Ash worked the Old Guy cock she had him hard, but they could see she was still just using her mouth to tease him harder. Ash looked up at the old guy and quietly asked him, “Are you ready for me?”All he could say was, “Yes, god yes”. As she was doing this I told Connie to turn on the inside lights, guys you’re going to want to see this.Ashlynn wrapped her arms around his waist, clamp down on the base of the old guys cock, and started scull fuck herself. The old guy cried out “OH GOD! OH GOD!” Ash popped up asking panicking “Are you OK, did I hurt you, I didn’t hurt you did I”.The Old Guy chortled, “No, No, young thing, you just surprised me. Please don’t stop” With a grin Ashlynn, gave the Old Cock a little kiss right on the tip, smiled up at the Old Guy, Opened her mouth and locked down on his base of his cock again, her hair flying as she head fuck the Old Guy. I checked my watch. 6 minutes 32 seconds and the Old Guy nutted for the third time. Ashlynn milked the old cock for every drop of cum. Raised up, she opened her mouth to showed the old guy her mouth full of him, she turned showing Connie, me, the two young guys.Turning back she showed the old guy again, closed her mouth, made a big show of swallowing, and then opened again showing she had eaten his seed. Then politely she told the Old Guy “thank you” loud enough for use all to hear, then laid her head down on the old guy’s lap, her hair cascading around his cock.Connie asked the Counter Guy if we could get some drinks. He jumped up “Shit the doors locked”; he ran out front, Connie followed, coming back about 10 minutes later. With beer and colas. Ash set up, tipping up her cola, drank it down. As she brought the bottle down, a large burp came out, literally a lip quivering burp, her eye flew open, she let out a little squeak, and hid her head in her hands. We could all she her blushing a deep, deep red with embarrassment. I gestured towards her and said ’Lady and gentlemen, my daughter, she fucks four strange men she doesn’t know the names of with utter abandon, but burps in front of them and almost dies from embarrassment”. From her flush, I knew Ashlynn motor was still running. “Do you guys what to see what a slut Ash really is” I asked. As the guys stood around getting dressed Ash, put her feet together legs spread, her puffy little cunt still dripping with her readiness. I pull off the binder clip, she stiffened, the riding crop smacked her clit with three quick short slaps; Ash gasped lifting herself to meet the slaps. I moved and gave her clit two more much harder blows, then three more short shots, all the blows coming from the top, moving I gave her three more hard blows coming up hitting her swollen cunt lips and clit with a wet smack her breathing was becoming rapped.I told her “don’t you come yet, you Dirty, Nasty, Little Whore. Hitting her clit from the top one hard blow and a rain of short slaps. Ash was running her hands up and down her body pulling her nipples rubbing the inside of her thighs, but never did she try to cover her red swollen cunt.I caught her from the bottom, lip and clit again with a blow so hard she cried out grabbed her nipples she started pulling and twisting then, like she was trying to tear then off.I consecrated on her clit. Quick, short, sharp, slaps once I started I keep it up. Just hitting her clit, I lifted the riding chop just high enough, that the guys could see her turning red and swelling.Ash was huffing and grunting Head up, snot running from her nose, her chin on her chest, eyes wide locked on the old guys. Connie leaning closely in, she looked up, and told the guys they need to move aside a bit. Through clenched teeth I started chanting, “Don’t you cum, don’t you cum”.Connie softly strokes Ashlynn’s knotted stomach, whispering to her “come on baby, cum for me. Cum for me”Whipping her clit I keep chanting “Don’t you cum, don’t you cum”.And then forcefully I told her “CUM”. Her ass lifts off the floor, as the orgasm rolled up her body, wave after wave of contractions, racked her as she squirted jet, after jet, spraying the wall. Bucking so hard she almost slid out the minivan door, her feet on the ground, the only thing stopping her.She lay quivering, legs twitching, little spasmic jerks. The old guy ran his hand up her thigh and she jumped about a foot up off the van floor, coming down completely inside the van. The old guy, started apologizing, profusely, Ashlynn just held her arms out for him, as he move to her, she grabbed him holding him tightly as she keep shaking with orgasms. Saying, “Thank you, thank you” over and over. And then she hic-upped.Needles to say, it was late when we finely got in to the hotel.

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