At Disneyland

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At DisneylandMy wife, Linda talked me into taking the family to Disneyland. Three little k**s that does not want to stand in line all day. What a joy! My mother-in-law, Sherry offered to come along to help and that was the only way I agreed to go. We could now take care of one c***d each.My wife is 10 years younger than me and very pretty, charming, and a beautiful person. She was now in her late 20s and looked like she never had any k**s. We had a great life together and our sexlife had not stopped because we had k**s. My wife loves sex. We often make love, but we also fuck a lot. She has opened my eyes to new sex experiences and we live a full life.The problem with this trip was that we would have trouble sleeping in a bed together. From experience I knew that the k**s would all sleep in the big bed with us. But they were getting big and it would be hard to fit. The solution was to get a hotel suite with two master bedrooms. We ordered one of the bedrooms with two beds instead of a king size like the first room.It was meant for me to take the second bed and sleep in the same rooms as my mother-in-law. It should not be an issue, more than I would not get laid for several days…My mother-in-law was cool, she was only 12 years older than me. So I was right in between her daughter and herself in age. At first it felt kind of funny to have a mother-in-law that was almost the same age as my ex-girlfriend, but she was so cool that it did not matter. As a matter of fact, my wife and her mother had a great relationship and very open.Sherry had been divorced for 10 years and never remarried. She had gained weight lately and started to get plump. When I first met her, I thought that if her daughter grew to look like her mother in her 40s I would be a lucky man. I guess Sherry had been depressed lately and put on the weight. Linda told me that Sherry felt that she was getting too old to met a man and (I was not suppose to say anything) she had not had sex for over a year. That I could not understand, Sherry was an extremely attractive 45 + year old hot lady and I thought most men would like to bed her. My wife told me that she was tired of fucking men and not get a real relationship in return, so she stopped dating. My wife told me to be nice to her when I shared the bedroom. She smiled and said that I should not be too sexy and inviting to her mother. She said that if I was too sexy I might have to take care of her mother and give her some good love making. I laughed nervously at her joke, since I don’t know what would happen if she attempted to sleep with me. But I thought it was an absurd idea, since it was the mother of my wife we were talking about. Why would she try to have sex with me?When we arrived at the hotel and checked in, it was kind of weird to bring my stuff to a different room than the rest of my family. Sherry was in a good mood and joked with me. She said it was going to be nice to sleep with a healthy young man tonight! She winked at me and told me not to worry, she was not going to work me over too hard.After checking in, we went straight to the park and spent all day walking around and going on the rides. It was fairly late when we arrived back at the hotel after dinner. I helped putting the k**s to bed and then my wife took a shower. I grabbed a beer and sat down to watch some TV in the common area of the hotel room. Sherry joined me and had a drink as well. We were pretty much done for and felt very tired. My wife came out and told me that she was beat and was going to bed. I said I was going to take a shower as well before bed. Linda told me to use my own bathroom so she could sleep. I told Sherry that I was going to shower and she asked if she could shower first, unless I wanted to shower with her. She said it with a wink and a smile, but also with a sexy walk into “our” bedroom.I turned off the TV in the living area and went into my bedroom instead to watch TV. I sat down on the bed and turned on some sitecom show. I heard the shower turn off after a few minutes and then the door opened. Sherry came out in a large hotel towel wrapped around her body and looked refreshed. She had her hair up in a bun and told me I could get in there now. She asked if it was ok if she dried her hair while I showered? I said I guess it will not be a problem. I undressed down to my underwear and when I looked in the mirror, I saw Sherry checking me out. I told her I was going in and walked into the bathroom. It felt wonderful with the hot water running down my back. I washed up and my cock reacted to the canlı bahis soft washrag when I clean it. I started to swell slightly and wished that I could fuck my wife tonight. It would be the best sleeping pill for me after a long day with k**s in the park.When I turned off the water, I could hear Sherry running her hairdryer. I dried off with my towel inside the shower and wrapped it around my waist before opening the door. I did not think it would be a good idea to show Sherry my half erected cock.When I stepped out I saw Sherry leaning over and running the drier through her hair. Her towel was wrapped around her chest, but wasn’t very long. So with her ass in my direction, I got a full view of her exposed naked ass. She stood with her legs spread apart to keep her balance, but it also showed me her pussy and her pussy lips. Suddenly, my semi-hard cock was getting bigger every milli-second. I did not move, I stood there watching my mother-in-law’s pussy with a blank mind. It was a very nice and inviting view, but then it hit me. It was my mother-in-law and I would get in so much trouble if she noticed that I was taking a peek at her pussy. Right when I started to move, I saw her eyes between her legs looking at me as I watched her pussy. She stood up and turned around when I tried to get out of the bathroom. She blocked my exit route, so I had to stop. She looked me in my eyes and asked if what I thought about her naked ass.I blushed and realized that I just got caught. I told her that I was sorry that I got caught, I meant to say that I looked at her… She smiled and said that it felt good that an attractive man wanted to watch her private parts. She said that she felt so ugly that it surprised her that anyone wanted to look at her.I hugged her then and told her she was crazy. She was a very hot woman who did not look her age at all. I told her that I thought she looked younger than me. She hugged me back hard. A little too hard, since my cock now was trapped between our bodies and pressed into her lower abdomen. She looked up and smiled again. She said that she could feel that the view must have been good!She moved to get her hand between us, and doing so made her towel fall off her body. She stood naked still pressed into my body, I felt her large breast pressed into my chest and her hand slipping under my towel. She grabbed my cock around the shaft and moved her hand up and down in slow stroking motions. While moving her hand, my own towel fell off. I had my arms around her shoulders, still hugging her. She moaned a little when she stroke my cock. She kissed my chest and said it was so long since she felt a cock this hard. I moved my hands down her back to her ass, while she played with my cock. I let my hands do my talking and slowly massaged her. I moved my hand between our bodies and went straight to her pussy. When my fingers found the folds of her pussy I found her dripping wet. She started to moan when I massaged her clit and let my fingers explore her folds.We stood naked in the bathroom for several minutes before, I felt Sherry tense up and starting to cum. She reached orgasm in record time. I was so hard it was hurting at this point, but I did not want to cum yet. Sherry stopped stroking my cock and hugged me as her orgasm ripped through her body. I had to hold her up as her legs grew weak. I pulled her up and kissed her while the last shudders went through her body. She kissed me back and hugged me. She thanked me for not pushing her away, as might have been a natural response to this situation. I told her the natural response to this was for me to enter her body with my hard cock. That was only reaction any sane man would feel.She turned around, leaned against the bathroom counter, spread her legs a little, reached down between her legs, and grabbed my hard cock. Then she pulled me closer to her and placed me at her pussy. She rubbed my cock at her opening and push herself back onto my cock. She was very wet, so I easily slid into her hot pussy. Even if she was wet, there was a lot of resistance and felt tight and good around my cock. I slowly started to fuck my mother-in-law with long strong strokes.Each time I pushed myself as deep as I could into this wet pussy, my mother-in-law would grunt and moan at the same time. I looked at her in the mirror and saw that her face looked very happy and content. She was not looking at me, but I felt so good doing this forbidden pleasure that I knew that I was not going to last very long. My hands caressed this large ass around my cock and bahis siteleri I felt so incredibly happy to be inside this woman that I got tears in my eyes. Sherry looked at me and with a husky voice asked what was wrong. Before I could answer she tried to get me out of her. I held her hips and kept fucking her and told her this was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and that my tears were from joy and pleasure. I told her I was so happy this happened to us. Then I told her that I was about to cum. She pushed herself backwards harder, more or less pinning me against the wall behind me. I had no way of pull out my big hard cock out of her tight pussy. She grinded her ass against me as I erupted and started to fill her pussy with my fertil cum. She moaned in pleasure as my cock expanded with my orgasm and filled her pussy even more. Sherry reached her own orgasm in unison with me. Sherry was almost frantic in her fucking of my cock. I was so deep in her body when my cum kept pumping out. This was one of the strongest orgasms I had ever had!When both of us had calmed down a little bit, Sherry turned around, still with my cock buried in her pussy and thanked me for the best fuck she ever had experienced.Sherry pulled off my cock, which came out with a large popping sound. It was hard for her to pull off my cock, I was buried hard in her body, she smiled as she felt the strong pull from her body to keep my cock within her. She turned around and hugged me. She started to kiss me with a passion I had never felt before. This was a woman who truly needed some sex and really appreciated it after she got fucked!It felt so natural to stand naked with my cock still dripping with cum, pressed against my mother-in-law. Sherry took my hand the lead me into bed. She stop at the edge of the bed and kissed me. She turned our bodies around so that I had my back to the bed, then she forced me down on the bed. She told me to move up and then climbed after me. I was laying naked on my back with my semi-hard cock on my tummy. Sherry moved up and started to suck my cock. She knew what she was doing and it felt great. I told her I wanted to tasted her too. Without leaving my cock, she turned her ass around and sat down over my shoulders with her legs on each side of my head. She lowered your hips so that her pussy was right in front of my face. I started to kiss her thighs and then worked my way to her pussy. She was very wet, then I tasted my own cum still trickling out of her pussy. Crazy to think that I was laying on a bed next room to my wife and eating my mother-in-law’s pussy dripping from my cum. If anyone would have said it would happened 24 hours before, I would have said they were crazy. Now, instead I was crazy in love with this pussy. Sherry had a large clit, sticking out between her big pussy lips. There were so many folds and crevices to explore. She seem to like it as her sucking of my cock intensified and she also pushed her pussy into my face. I think it started getting too much for her, so she let my cock out of her mouth, still stroking my cock she started to move her hips and attempting to find my mouth. I soon started to suck and nibble on her clit and it did not take her long to reach another orgasm. I could feel her heavy tits resting against my lower tummy as she started to shudder and shake in her orgasm. Her pussy got even more wet as she came.She then quickly moved up and guided my cock into her. She started to ride my cock and because she was facing away from me, I had a perfect view of her ass as she took all of my hard cock deep into her. I let my hands explore her ass cheeks and sat up a little to reach around and play with her nipples. She had a fairly wide and big ass, but oh my god did she know how to fuck my cock. I called out and told her she looked to sexy and it would make cum again. She turned around to face me without removing my hard cock from her wet hole. She leaned down and kissed me as I started to cum. I held one of her breast in my right hand and my left was caressing her ass. I pushed up and she met my thrust with a downward motion. Again my cock erupted deep in her body and filled her pussy with my fertil hot sperm.Soon after the orgasm stopped, Sherry fell onto my chest and she thanked me for giving her so much love. We cuddled for awhile and then fell asleep. I woke up early next morning and could hear my k**s playing outside the room. Sherry and I was spooning and I felt my hard cock resting against her butt. I ran my hands over her body and she slowly responded. canlı bahis I started to thrust my hips and make my cock move in and out of her ass cheeks. She arched back and it opened up a chance for my cock to find her pussy. She must have woken up as horny as I was, because my cock slide into her without too much resistance. I fucked her from behind and neither of us said a word. I could not hold out much longer and asked if I was allowed to cum. She moaned, yes please give me your cum now. I let go and started to cum in her without any thought of getting her pregnant. I loved feeling her big ass against my tummy as my cock pumped out another load of cum. She moaned and told me it felt so good to have a cock in her pussy again.Then before I had a chance to pull out of her, the door flew open and the k**s came running in. The jump on top of the bed and I felt my cock slipping out of Sherry’s tight pussy. We managed to pull apart just as my wife entered the room. She looked funny at us. I am sure that I was pretty blushed and most likely her mother looked a bit guilty as well.Linda asked if we had slept well…. Then she smiled and asked her mother if she felt better today?I was not sure how this was going to work out. I had just spent the 12 hours fucking my mother-in-law three times and never even considered pull out my cock when I ejaculated. So there was a great risk that this woman in her later 40 still could get pregnant. It was all sinking in as I laid in the bed watching my wife talking to her mother. My mother-in-law was all smiles and seemed so much happier than we had seen her in a long time. When our k**s ran out of the room to watch TV as we said we would get ready for another day at Disneyland, my wife asked her mother straight out if she had fucked her hubby. My mother-in-law did not hesitate, she said of course, you leave this sexy man in my bed. Of course I will fuck him if I get the chance. Sherry said she had seduced me and that I had performed just perfect. She told her daughter that she had not had so many orgasms in such a short time since she was young. She also said it was a good thing that she had tied her tubes otherwise she said that she might be pregnant now!That was a great relief, at least I had not made my mother-in-law pregnant. My wife, leaned over and kissed me. She said she was proud of me for giving her mother a good time and that from now on, I would need to help her when she started to feel lonely or horny. I laughed and said we were in trouble then because Sherry was indeed very horny!I enjoyed Disney Land a lot this second day. My mood was excellent and Sherry seemed to be a different person. She kept giving me smiled and winked her eye at me every chance she got.Linda and I had a moment alone when the rest of the gang went on a ride.Linda took the opportunity to ask me how I felt about what happened last night. She confessed that she had conspired with her mother to get her mother some sex. Linda said that she wasn’t sure I would go for it, but she knew that I really liked her mother and hoped that I was going to give her a thorough fuck. Linda said she was so pleased to see her mother happy again.I told Linda that I felt a bit ashamed for what I did, but was relieved to find that she was ok with it.Linda rubbed my cock through the pants and told me to keep giving her mother as much love making as I could on this trip. She thought it would be good for me as well to get to experience a “new” woman and not get sexually frustrated on our family trip.I fucked Sherry every night, most nights we made love a minimum of three times. Except the last night, then we fucked so many times that I lost count. Linda had to drive home the next day, because I was wasted and very tired. Both Sherry and I slept for many hours of the drive home.A few weeks after we got home, Linda told me that she wanted to talk to me about something important. That evening after the k**s had gone to bed. Linda initiated some sex and while we were fucking, she said that she needed me to fuck her mother on a regular basis. She said that she would be ok to share me with her mother as long as her mother was happy. Linda and Sherry had talked today and Sherry was slipping back into her depression.Linda had decided on the spot that Sherry was going to come to live with us. Part so Linda could keep an eye on her mother’s depression, but also so her mother could get the sex she so badly needed. It might mean less fucking for my wife, but she said she could handle that as long as her mother was happy.That’s how I ended up living with my wife, k**s, and my mother-in-law.We had a great arrangement where I would visit with Sherry two to three nights a week. I was super happy because now I had sex every single night of the month!

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