Audrey + tape + table = explosive time

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Audrey + tape + table = explosive timeAs with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) – you choose which you think they are! Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touchAudrey certainly seems to have got a lot of you interested and wanting to know more, so here goes.Audrey was turned on by her previous excursion into the world of bondage, or rather tied and teased. So one weekday, and totally unexpected, I turned up at her little flatlet. I knew Audrey was a keep fit fan and she loved watching the Green Goddess on BBC breakfast time. You may remember that Lycra was all in then and Diana Moran played no little part in that. Audrey told me that she used to dress up in her leotard and follow Diana moves, especially if she wasn’t going to keep fit at the centre.Now she happened to tell mention that there was no gym this particular week as the heating had broken or something, so I thought to myself I’d pop around one morning and give her a surprise.Parking up some distance from her door I went around the back and listened in as Diana boomed out from Audrey’s telly, ordering you to do this or that. When she finally finished I knocked on the door, constantly and urgently, knowing that Audrey would have to answer whilst she was still dressed in her leotard, (something she hated doing).Surprise was her first reaction as I expected, and then anger and then curiosity.“what are you doing here?” she demanded to know“I’ve come for you”, and I held up a roll of tape, “and you are mine!’ and I walked in.Audrey would never have stopped me anyway, but I was being master and she was taken back I could tell.“well, well….hang on a minute…….well…Well I need to go shower” Audrey was confused, I was supremely bossy and she was allsorts, not knowing what was going on.“Here, come here Audrey”, I directed her to the kitchen. I wouldn’t say she followed me as commanded, more out of being caught up in the moment.“I need to go shower, I’m sweaty and I need to get out of this”, she pulled at her purple leotard.“No you don’t you need to bend over here” and I indicated at the kitchen table. No Audrey was looking angry“Oh yes, and why do I ‘need’ to do that?” she demanded to know. I walked around behind her and I felt her firm belly. If there is one thing to say for Lycra is it makes just about everyone look sexy. It holds and contours you, emphasising güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your best bits and hiding your worse.As I ran my hand over her I actually want to take her there and then, so sexy was she, but I resisted, how I don’t know, and came up behind her and kissed the nape of her neck. Audrey made a cooing noise and I knew she was excited no matter what she said.“ready?” I asked and before she could answer I pushed her over the table.“Oi” shouted Audrey, and I pushed her forward with my hips trying to hold her in place as I tore off some tape. Audrey immediately felt my erect cock pushing into her bum.“you are excited aren’t you” and she wiggled her bottom, rolling my cock within my moleskin trousers.I managed to get some tape of and step back from the bent over Audrey and whilst pushing her out with one hand used the other to run the tap around one leg of the table and her leg.“what you doing?” she demanded to know. Now with one leg trapped I quickly worked on the other. That was easy, Audrey was now spread between two table legs. However she could still stand up and made a good fight of being pulled over the table and having each arm spread out and taped also.Audrey bucked but was caught tight. I moved over to her face, kissed her on her cheek. “safe word?” I asked, “Elvis” came the reply, “and you’re ok?” I continued, “Oh get on with it you naughty boy, have you fun and go” she said.I bound more and more of her legs to the table, so she couldn’t even flinch.“How are you going to have me you silly boy, I’ve still got my leotard on”, Audrey laughed, “Oi, you’re not going to rip it, I like this, don’t you rip it”. Audrey was now demanding.“Who say anything about having you” I asked and then I started to massage her thighs. Lightly at first but the fabric stopped the light touch from getting through so I pushed harder, making little valleys with my fingers.Audrey moaned and groaned. As I pummelled her muscles she tried to tense her leg muscles but couldn’t, she was strapped firmly to the table legs. Now there was a certain musty smell to her pussy area when I started but now she was far more pungent. Could it be that Audrey was getting excited? There was only one way to find out.So I firmly run a finger along her pussy grove. Oh yes that worked. Audrey pushed so hard with her lower abdomen muscles the table moved. I even noticed she tried to push way from me by being on tippy toe. So I reached around with my other hand and pulled her back“No, please stop, it’s too much” Audrey begged, but that wasn’t the safe word so I didn’t stop. Now she was trapped as I was pulling her back to me and with my other hand pushing and forming her outer labia into a mount.Audrey continued to beg for me to stop, and once again I thought youwin güvenilir mi she meant it, that she’d forgotten the safe word, but I didn’t stop. What I noticed now was that my finger was getting wet. Not so much musty smell now as total wetness. The light purple fabric had become dark, almost black, with Audrey’s wetness leaking out.This was something I had to see, so I stepped back to view the delicious sight. And it was a delicious sight. As there was a vee on each leg, wide at the top and tapering to a point that ended a few inches above the knee! 5 or 6 inches of pussy cum soaked into her leotard.“What you doing?” demand Audrey, “get back here and play with me, don’t leave me hanging”And that’s when I though what a good idea. So I started from the feet upwards, taking time until I reached her pussy before I worked on that until I had the feeling she was enjoying that too much and then I worked on her back, which incidently turned her on more than I expected because when I returned to her pussy her wetness now had filled her entire pussy area, including her front.Audrey was now almost explosive. The thickness of the fabric deadened a lot of the touch so it meant a more powerful deeper pressure could be used, one that if you did it without the protection of Lycra would cause pain or perhaps instant orgasm.I couldn’t part her inner labia because of the Lycra, but when I massaged her outer lips they parted of their own accord and a small flood of cum dripped out.What else popped out, and unbeknown to me because I couldn’t see it, was her clit. It was encased in wet Lycra fabric, and when I pulled Audrey back, as she was trying to push the table and her self along on her tippy toes, yes when I pulled her back this wet fabric rubbed her swollen clit.Normally that would have sent Audrey over the edge. Perhaps it was because the Lycra adhered so close to it, or perhaps it was because she was so wet, but either way she didn’t come in one big explosion. No she was taken right to the edge. I mean right there teetering on the edge of a massive precipice.Audrey’s screams of stop and don’t stop merged into one. I’d grip her sides and pull tight the fabric and pull from side to side. Audrey would jerk like she was being electrocuted . I let go and work along her outer lips and she would buck and even every now and then the table would jump up. I’d push hard on her pubic mound and she’d scream for me to make her cum, but most often she’d be shouting for me to not stop.When I went down her legs, to deny her, she stamped as best she could and demeaned that I get back there and fucking me make her cum. But burying my face in that now soaping wet Lycra was something that I had to do. It did more for me that it did for Audrey, covering my face in perabet cum that had been strained through Lycra, but it just about managed to keep Audrey on the boil. Probably notched her back a few notches, so it was a case of starting all over again.Now because she was so wet I could actually part her lips slightly and get a finger tip in. “Oh, god, oh god”, now seemed to be the preferred choice of words and I could see that Audrey’s hand restraints were going to give at any point soon. She had twisted and twisted them.It was probably time to send her over the edge so I went back to work on touching her clit via the soaking Lycra fabric. This I did by pushing hard on it, which was a mistake, because even though it was protected it was still hyper sensitive. But it gave me the idea of rolling two fingers over the top of it.“Fuck” and “DO IT” and Fucking make me cum” seemed to be shouted a lot, a lot indeed and I loved the fact that for ages now Audrey had been on the edge of cuming and not cumming.Then suddenly Audrey was beating me back with a hand. She had broken free and was caught between pushing me away and getting the other hand free. She actually caught me on the hop and before I knew it both hands were free. I was about to try and recapture her when the sight before me just made me freeze.There was Audrey legs still tied to the table legs, sort of upright, or as upright as she could be, wriggling her leotrad down, her breasts falling out and her hand plunging into her pussy area. She touched her clit and ‘BOOM’ it was all over. Once again she came like an express train hitting a brick wall. She couldn’t even talk, just grunt. I went to hold her and she waved me away. Finally after about the firth or sixth massive shudder she fell forward and smashed back into the table,“get me out “ she order.So I cut the tape and her legs were free. Only she couldn’t move. She had seized up in that position and her legs weren’t working. Now anyone else and this would have been funny, but Audrey was worried for some time that permanent damage had occurred. It was about an hour after she regained the use of her legs.I asked her much later if she had enjoyed it and she said it was a mixture of utter, utter pain not being allowed to cum, of every muscle aching as she struggled against her bonds and in an equal amount utter utter mind blowing pleasure. One second she really did want it to stop and when she was saying stop she meant stop but had forgotten the safe word and then when she’d remember the safe word the pain had become pleasure and she didn’t want it to ever stop.She also added that for the first time ever she experienced the absolute and total need/desire/demand call it what you will to explode with an orgasm and not being able to give herself one made it so much better. The struggling to release herself pitted against my keeping her on the edge was exciting as much as the cumming itself , and that she’d never, ever cum with just one touch of her finger on her clit before.We had other sessions like this, but ever as good. Definitely one for the books.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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