Aunt Amy and My Mother

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Aunt Amy and My Mother


“We’re lovers now,” mumbled my aunt. “This is so very special for me. How about you? How do you feel?”

“Like I want to do it again,” I said as my cock twitched with desire.

“Oh-ho-ho,” chuckled Aunt Amy as she went up onto an elbow. “The vigour of youth.” Her fingers encircled my girth. “I think you’re going to be fun, my gorgeous nephew.”

For the following four days it was like a honeymoon with my aunt. We kissed and made love; we rutted, with me fucking into her body as we snarled and grunted and I showed her my strength. We ate quick meals, drank gin and tonic, went around naked, and lived for the moment.

Then, one afternoon, both of us dozy with slumber after sharing our love, my aunt murmured, “Your mother and father are coming out here tomorrow.”

Alarmed at the news, I sat upright. “What? Fuck? What do we do?”

Languid, unconcerned, my aunt asked, “What’s wrong?”

“We can’t keep doing this,” I said, starting to babble. “I’ll have to go and sleep in the other room. They can’t find out. Shit, Aunt Amy, can’t you tell them not to come? Mum’ll know something’s been going on just by looking at me. She always knows when I’ve done something. But this is too fucking huge…”

“Calm down,” interjected my aunt. She put a hand on my arm.

I recoiled from her touch. “Shit no. Don’t touch me!”

“It’ll be all right, Carl.”

I gawked at her like she was crazy. Which she had to be if she thought my mother wouldn’t divine what we’d been doing. “No, it fucking won’t,” I gasped.

Insistent, Aunt Amy nodded and then came up to her knees. She sandwiched my cheeks between her palms. “Look at me,” she said. “Pay attention. Focus, Carl. Look at me.”

I let out a troubled sigh and tried to settle. Then I looked at my aunt.

“I promise everything will be okay,” Aunt Amy murmured. “Better than okay. You’re going to love it.”

Puzzled, I groaned out, “How do you know? How can you be sure?”

“Trust me,” she purred, grinning at me. “There are currents all around that you can’t see, Carl.”

I thought she was talking nonsense.

When I tried to pull away, my aunt continued by asking, “Do you think your mother’s attractive?”

Confused, I gawked at her. “My mother?”

Aunt Amy nodded. “Your mother. Is she sexy, you think?”

“What the fuck are you asking me that for?”

“Because I’d like an answer to the question, Carl.”

“I suppose so,” I snapped. “It’s not anything I’ve thought about.”

My aunt gave a half-shrug. “Try thinking about it, Carl.”


The sentence died on my lips. I boggled at Aunt Amy.

“My brother’s very sexy,” murmured my aunt.

On a flash of shock, the realisation hit me like a physical blow. “Wuh-what are you telling me?”

Smirking, my aunt pushed a hand between her legs. She groaned and winced, fingers teasing her sex. Then she took hold of my cock, stroking it while whispering, “Imagine I’m your mother … You’re both naked, like this. Would you get hard for her, Carl?”

Despite being stunned by what I thought my aunt was saying, my cock still thickened and grew to full-blooded tumescence. Lust exploded inside me, the heat of it surging as the unbidden image of the scene my aunt described popped into my mind.

Glancing down at my dick, my aunt chuckled. “I think that’s my answer,” she said.

It was a staggering concept, too much reality to absorb. “I … I don’t get it,” I stammered.

“Things could be just like they are now,” my aunt said, caressing my dick. “Naked, sex, love … The difference is I’d be with my brother sometimes … And, if you want to, you could spend some time with your mother…”

My aunt eased me onto my back. Then she sucked and slurped at my dick before climbing on top to take me into her body.

I groaned when Aunt Amy let out a moan of pleasure and then said, “This could be you and your mother tomorrow night, Carl.”

I reached up and mauled Aunt Amy’s breasts, testing their weight and spongy-softness while I also thrust up to go in her deeper.

“Yes, fuck me,” she sighed. “Think about what it could be like if this was your mother on your cock…”

Then we went to it. The rutting started and I lost my mind.



Anxiety squeezed the pit of my stomach. My guts felt loose. I was out on the decking. Near the pool. Where it had started with my Aunt. The nervousness tightened when I heard voices from inside the villa. Then my insides flipped with the shock of seeing my mother when she came out through the patio doors.

It was a surreal few seconds as we stared at each other. I couldn’t reconcile what I’d heard from my aunt with the woman I knew as my mother, the woman standing just past the patio doors, a hand raised in a salute as she shielded her eyes from the glare of the midday sun.

Then, eventually, after what felt like an age, my mother dropped her hand to her side. She offered a tentative smile, like she was wary o me, like she was half-expecting me to bite her or something. “Hello, Carl,” she said.

I swallowed down on the emotion clogging my throat. “Uh, yeah, hi,” I said.

Staying put, my mother’s head canted towards one shoulder. She called, “You all right?”

I shrugged, not knowing what I was feeling beyond the sense of unreality. “I suppose,” I mumbled.

My mother’s expression shifted into something which looked like she was feeling the same way as me. “Uhm, I understand that Amy…”

My mother paused and gave a shrug of her own. Then she glanced back into the villa before returning her attention to me. Her hand went up to shield her eyes again.

“She’s told you about … things,” added my mother. “About how things are.”

I nodded.

After another glance into the villa, my mother said, “And I understand … Well, you and she…?”

I heard a strange rushing water sound inside my head. My vision went blurry. I had a vague impression of my mother’s cry of alarm sounding like it was coming from a long way away as I went to one of the loungers and planted my backside down hard.

“Carl,” my mother was gasping when the sensation passed. Her hand was on my shoulder, face etched with concern. “What happened?”

Bleary, I looked up at her. “I dunno,” I mumbled, “I just got a bit dizzy.”

My mother sat down next to me, a hand on my leg. “How is it now?”

I nodded. “Better. I’m all right, mum.”

Silence swelled between us, ballooning into awkwardness the longer it went on.

Finally, when my nerves felt stretched to the limit, my mother murmured, “Do you feel like … you know … talking about … well … things?”

Guilt and shame and embarrassment tightened inside me. I groaned in despair, wishing my mother wasn’t there. I wished I didn’t know what I knew about my father and aunt.

I couldn’t look at my mother, my eyes set on the decking at my feet. “I don’t know,” I said, miserable.

“It’s all right,” my mother soothed. “Don’t feel bad. I know about you and Amy. I knew she was going to try–”

My head came up. I cut my mother off, interrupting with, “Try? What do you mean?”

My mother’s mouth was open in a O of surprise at my vehement reaction.

After the proverbial penny dropped, I gasped, “She planned it?”

“Oh,” my mother said, anxious, “I thought she told you–”

“She didn’t tell me anything, mum. I didn’t know you were coming until last night. I had no idea there was anything going on with Aunt Amy and…” I shut up, overwhelmed by my mother’s inadvertent suggestion that this whole scene had been orchestrated with my seduction in mind.

I watched my mother’s face as the surprise left her. Then she looked worried and a little bit guilty. “Yes, she and your dad have been … intimate for a long time. Since before I knew him.”

I boggled, speechless.

“It’s been a kind of on-and-off thing,” my mother continued in a low voice. She gave a half-shrug and went on to say, “Your dad told me about it before I married him. Didn’t want a secret like that lurking in the shadows.”

“But you still married him?” I was aghast, appalled, which was hypocritical considering my own i****tuous romps with the same woman.

My mother gave another half-shrug. “Obviously. I thought about it and decided I was still in love with your father. Obviously it’s more complex than that. There was a lot of emotion involved, as you might imagine, but…”

With the awareness of my hypocrisy filtering through, I gulped down on the indignation and tried not to drown in the of the torrent of information. “So you ignored it?”

My mother shifted her rump against the lounger beneath her. She pulled a face, a grimace of something which told me I’d hit on a rich seam of scandal. “Well, not exactly…” she started, then stopped.

“Then what?”

“Oh, Carl, this isn’t going like I hoped. I don’t want you to be upset. I don’t want you to hate me.”

I softened when I saw my mother’s distress. “I don’t hate you, mum,” I said. “It’s all just a shock, I suppose. I feel really weird with you right now. I mean, you know all about me and Aunt Amy. I feel stupid.”

My mother sighed, her fingers squeezing my leg. “I appreciate it must be a lot to absorb. There’s your own situation to take into account as well. You’ve had an emotional time with the break-up. And I know adjusting to a change in relationship with your aunt might be confusing, too. But I don’t want you to worry about me. I’m fine. It’s not such a surprise for me. I’ve had years.”

I shook my head and looked at my mother. “No, I suppose it isn’t.”

“Can I ask you something,” my mother said, “something personal?”

Embarrassment warmed my cheeks. My eyes slid away from my mother’s face, focus going back to the decking. “If you like,” I mumbled.

Her voice was only just above a whisper when my mother asked, “You enjoyed the time with Aunt Amy, didn’t you, Carl?”

I swallowed, face burning as I croaked out, “Yeah. I can’t lie.”

“It was lovely with her, wasn’t it?”

I nodded, heart swelling with emotion when I recalled the tender moments with my aunt.

“You know,” my mother went on, voice so low it was difficult to hear her, “you can be that way with me, too.”

Something slipped free inside my chest. It was a curious mix of excitement and fear, a hefty slug of disbelief in there as well. The shock of it rolled over me in a tsunami wave but, regardless of the swirling emotions and impressions, I was aware of my cock as it thickened with interest.

“I’d like to,” I heard my mother murmur.

“You don’t mean it,” I said, groaning it out in disbelief.

My mother angled my face towards her by lifting my chin with the tip of a forefinger. “Why wouldn’t I, Carl?” She sighed the question, expression earnest, her eyes searching my face.

“You’re my mother,” I breathed.

My mother’s eyes went wide. “And Amy’s your aunt.”

I had no response. All I could do was gawk at my mother.

“Are you rejecting me, Carl?”

“That’s not fair,” I gasped, “you can’t just come out with all that and expect me to be all cool about it, mum.”

My mother pulled a face. “I suppose not,” she said.

As I struggled to cope with the weight of it all, I sighed out, “It’s turned into a mess.”

“Tell you what,” my mother said after a short silence, “I’ll tell your dad and your aunt to go down to the beach for a couple of hours. They could have a drink while you and I talk our way through this. How does that sound?”

It sounded good to me. I didn’t want to face my father just then. I had too much going on inside me to cope with his presence.

“Yeah. Okay,” I said.

My mother brightened, the frown leaving her face as she smiled. “That’s good. I’ll just pop in and suggest it to them. You stay out here.”

I watched my mother walk back to the villa, bobbed hair shining under the sun. A few moments later my aunt appeared and, when I saw her, my insides tumbled and swirled with desire.

“Your mum’s put canlı bahis me in the picture, Carl,” Aunt Amy said. She was sitting where my mother had been a few minutes before. “She says you’re having problems getting to grips with everything. Said you dad and I could head down to the promenade. You know, have a drink and a natter.”

“I just need to sort my head out,” I told her.

“Uhm, do you regret being with me?”

My reaction was quick and emphatic. “No,” I said, holding her eyes with my stare. “It’s fantastic with you. I mean, Aunt Amy, you’re gorgeous and sexy…” I leaned back and showed of the ridge of my hard-on, the erection resurgent when my aunt sat next to me. “This is how you make me feel,” I moaned, squeezing my dick through my shorts.

My aunt chuckled and shoved her hip against me. “So you and I are going to keep on seeing each other?”

“If you want to,” I said.

My aunt turned and moved in to kiss my mouth. Our tongues flicked together, my hand going to one large breast while my aunt pressed her palm over my cock.

“We’re going to fuck again soon,” Aunt Amy murmured when the kiss broke. Then she got off the lounger and adjusted the fall of her halter-neck dress. “All right, I’ll be off with your dad. Have a good talk. Get everything sorted.”

My aunt left me out on the decking. She went into the villa, with me anxious as I anticipated my mother’s return.


“Here we are,” my mother trilled.

I took the beer from her before she settled beside me again.

“Cheers,” my mother said, offering her glass.

I chinked my beer against her white wine. “Cheers,” I replied.

“All right, so now it’s just us,” my mother said. “Time to talk.”

Nervous, and with a heavy sense of déjà vu on me, I swigged beer and looked at my mother.

Gentle in tone, my mother asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Nervous,” I told her.

“Of me?” Her eyes were wide.

I nodded. “A bit,” I said.

My mother breathed a sigh, then said, “But why? I’m your mother.”

I gulped down on the trepidation and managed a gurgled, “What you said before.”

“What part? What did I say?”

I drank more beer and looked towards the pool. “About me and you … Like I am with Aunt Amy.”

Mixed emotions worked inside me when I heard my mother say, “Sex?”

“God,” I groaned.

“Sex with me?”

Lust burst within when I heard her say it. “Yeah,” I mumbled, bold with desire.

“Would you like that?”

The way she murmured it caused another arterial burst of need and yearning inside me. “I … I think so,” I whispered, enthralled at the prospect.

My eyes moved over my mother, appraising her feminine appeal. I’d never really considered my mother in any sexual sense, at least not before Aunt Amy put the notion into my head the previous night, but as I let my eyes move over my mother’s face and body and legs, I realised she had it all going on. She was pretty, like my aunt but in a more fragile way. Her hair was brownish-blonde, cut with a straight fringe. My mother wasn’t as big through the bust as my aunt, her figure more slender. I looked at her legs, shapely and slim, smooth, inviting a touch.

“All right,” my mother said on a murmur. “How about we go inside and take a shower together? I’d like one anyway after the flight. It could be a way of breaking the ice, so-to-speak. You and I, naked. Take a little time to get used to the idea.”

I couldn’t believe she’d just put it out there that way. It was such a casual delivery, just a suggestion – take it or leave it. No big deal. Get naked with mum. Shower together.

I gawked, boggling at my mother until I realised my mouth was hanging open. Then I gasped, “A shower? With you?”

My mother didn’t reply. She just looked at me, eyes wide in question.

Awed, I asked, “Could I touch you? In the shower, I mean.”

My mother nodded, eyes on mine. “If you wanted to,” she breathed.

It felt like I was floating as, after I drained off the beer and put the bottle down, I followed my mother across the decking and into the villa. We undressed together, my mother deliberate in her actions, revealing everything to me with no trace of inhibition at all.

“Oh, bloody hell,” my mother said, blurting it out when she saw my erection. “That’s hard to miss, isn’t it, Carl.”

“I can’t help it,” I said, trying to mask my erection with my hands.

“Don’t be silly,” my mother chided. She came in close and pulled my hands away from my dick. “Let me see. After all, this is why we’re naked. “God, I honestly didn’t expect you to be this … grown-up,” my mother sighed, eyes on my cock.

I looked at her breasts, like rounded puddings, the areolae and nipples slightly uptilted. Then I allowed myself to take in the sight of my own mother’s vulva, her pubic bush trimmed to a dense triangle above her slit, her vulva smooth, meaty labia peeping out.

When I brought my focus back to her face, my mother was staring at me. She canted her head towards one shoulder, then murmured, “Will I do?”

I gulped and mumbled a desire-laden, “You’re lovely.”

Then I heard my mother use the first proper swear-word I’d ever heard her utter. I’d heard bloody and damn come out of her before, but, as we stood outside the shower stall in my aunt’s villa, my mother glanced at my cock, ran her tongue over her lips, looked into my face, curled her fingers around my girth, and muttered, This big cock is fucking lovely, Carl. Your aunt wasn’t joking…”

I gawked, somehow surprised that my own other was caressing my dick.

“You wanted to touch me,” my mother said, hand still working my length. “Go on, then. I’m here. Touch me, darling.”

I broke when I felt the silky smooth skin of my mother’s breast. The b**st inside me roared, my mother’s little moan reaching my ears while I savoured the texture of her small boobs. A moment later, we were kissing. It started off desperate and urgent, like we were ravenous for one another, tongues swirling as we both gasped and moaned. My hands went over my mother’s waist and found the width of her hips before my fingers went to the cheeks of her buttocks.

“I want to feel you inside me,” my mother mewled, hand quick on my dick. “My son,” she whimpered, staring at me with love in her eyes. “My lovely boy, all grown up, making love with me.”

We kissed again, just as desperate and needy, desire for her every bit as hot as it had been for my aunt. The next thing I knew, we were in the bedroom, the one my mother was going to share with my father – or at least that was my assumption at the time. My mother and I carried on kissing, dancing towards the bed, clutching and grasping.

“You love me, don’t you, Carl?”

I paused when my mother said it. She was on the bed, backside against the sheet, torso angled as she leaned back, resting on both elbows and forearms. Her eyes were set right on my face, her expression unsure. “Of course,” I said, “you’re my mum.”

“So let’s make sure we do this like we love one another – which we do. I’d like this to be slow and beautiful, Carl. I know we’ve both been carried away, and I am really excited, but let’s take our time and make it special.”

Emotion burst within. I looked at my mother, love squeezing inside me chest. “I can do that,” I said, confident from the times with Aunt Amy.

“All right. Come on then. Come and love your mother, Carl. Come on, my baby. Come to bed.”

I tugged at my cock when my mother spread her legs and splayed her folds. She held herself exposed with the tips of her fingers, showing her scarlet centre.

“Get on this bed,” my mother insisted. “Leave that alone. Save it for me.”

I clambered aboard, urgent with need for my own mother’s body.

My sighed and stared at my eyes, expression full of wonder as I settled above her. “God, here we are,” she said.

I leaned in and kissed her, guiding my dick to her body as my mother shifted beneath me, moving to facilitate the penetration of her intimate place. It occurred to me I had no right being with my mother as I was. In a second or two I’d be inside her, my cock moving within the woman who birthed me. With a flash of shock I realised that my mother would have made the same sounds, worn the same expression, and moved the same way at the time of my conception. It had been a crazy, surreal experience the first time with my aunt, but being inside my own mother – making love to her – was far above that.

I paused, cock touching my mother’s sex, my stare on hers as I tried to convey the love I felt through my gaze alone.

“I want to feel you,” my mother sighed.

“I love you,” I muttered.

“Then show me…” My mother shifted forward, a gurgle coming from her as he eyes closed and her heat engulfed my cock.

“Mum,” I croaked, stunned.

“Love,” my mother was gasping, hips working quickly. “Get up on your hands. Love me. Show me how much you love me, Carl.”

I pushed up onto my hands, arms straight, my stare roving over my mother from her face, which was slack with amazement, down to her little shivering tits. My focus paused on my mother’s breasts for a moment or two before I looked towards our conjunction. I couldn’t quite believe it was my mother’s body taking my cock, not until I returned my attention to her face. “Mum,” I blurted, awed at the sight and the sensations.

“Carl, my baby boy,” my mother gasped in response. One hand gripping the sheet beneath her while she stroked my face with the other, the backs of her fingers caressing my cheek. She was moving beneath me, shunting so there was friction.

My mother groaned. She sighed. I heard sounds of her need as her excitement ballooned. I was working faster and deeper, angling the stroke in an effort to give my mother maximum pleasure. As we loved, I looked into her eyes, filial shifting and morphing into something more romantic. In a blending of emotion I ducked in to kiss her mouth, the action between us cranking up a couple of gears.

“God, you really know what you’re doing,” my mother said as we got going.

I could have told her my aunt had given me a lot of practical advice over the last few days but decided it might spoil a beautiful moment. So, instead, I kissed my mother again, working harder at her body. The bed started to creak. I heard my grunting in time to the slap-smack of skin upon skin. It was bright and hot outside but cool indoors.

It was joy with my mother.

It was fun. It was love. We kissed, giving and taking, emotion burning between us as, our bodies constantly moving, our gazes stayed locked.

“Are you close?”

I winced and grimaced as I battled to hold it all in. “Yeah,” I snorted, “but it’s okay.”

Folding her legs at the knees, fingers tight on my shoulders, my mother grinned and fucked up to meet me on my way down. “I want it,” she said, expression going from the grin to all glazed in the eyes. “Fuck,” she added, the word a shock despite what we were doing. “That’s good. That’s nice. Keep fucking me, Carl.”

The sounds and the look on her face worked on me. Her use of profanity also a catalyst to the inevitable surge.

“Mum,” I blurted as it started to fizz.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” my mother said, hips moving faster. “Is it there? Is it ready? Are you going to…!”

My mother shut up, eyes wide as I grunted and gasped, dick going deep as lust burst from me to bathe her cervix. I came, pumping my own mother full of my seed.


At last the world made sense again. I was still hovering over my mother, weight on my hands, our bodies joined down where she kept her thighs wide, all of me inside her up to the hilt.

“Carl, my lovely baby boy,” my mother crooned. “Oh, sweetheart, feeling you pulsing inside me…” She laughed, closing her eyes as the delight burst forth.

“You didn’t come,” I said, concerned I’d disappoint her.

“No,” my mother confirmed, “but bahis siteleri that doesn’t matter to me. I’m still tingling, darling. God,” she said, gushing the word, “you have no idea how marvellous it is to have had that experience with you. It was beautiful, sweetie. I’ll cherish this memory forever. Making love with you…”

My mother pulled me down so she could kiss my mouth. She gave me her tongue, still urgent and full of passion while my hard-on deflated enough to slide from her body.

“Full of your cum,” my mother said with chuckle. “Your father won’t be happy,” she added.

Then my mother made a comment which gave me a hint she wasn’t as accepting of my aunt and father’s relationship as she’d made out.

There was a bitterness to her tone and in her expression when my mother said, “Still, he’s had it all his own way for a very long time. Two women? His wife and his sister? Let him be miffed,” my mother continued as she pulled me in tight. “I’m going to be selfish and keep you here in this bed. Your dad can sleep with Amy. These next few nights are all about you and me.”

We cuddled and smooched and murmured endearments until my mother pushed me away.

“I need a shower now,” my mother said. She got off the bed, cupping a hand between her legs. “It’s dripping out of me,” added my mother, rolling her eyes. Then she waddled away, my eyes taking in the detail of her rounded rump, buttocks jiggling as she went.

While my mother showered, I settled onto my back, head filled with wonder at the surprising twists in the road of my life in the past few days. Without knowing just when reality slid into the half-awake dream-state, I dozed, vague impressions seeping through the blanket of my mind until, what was an hour later, I woke up and found I was alone.


I shared the bed with my mother. We made tender love and fucked like newlyweds. It was the same as it had been with my aunt, the sex all about our mood. It was an awkward situation at first. I was shy with my aunt the next time I saw her, plus a competitive alpha-dog thing sparked off with my dad. Being naked in front of my parents was strange, too, at first, but the nights with my mother were magical times for me. With her, alone, I could relax.

It was the same with Aunt Amy. On the occasions we spent alone we went back into the familiar groove, days and nights passing, my father and I nomadic between bedrooms depending on the whims of the women.

Then, one afternoon, something like ten days after the first time with my mother, my aunt came out to the pool. I was on one of the loungers, dozing under the shade umbrella, sunglasses over my eyes.

My aunt loomed over me and asked, “Want company?”

“Always,” I said.

Aunt Amy chuckled, pointing to my dick. “That sort of company?”

“Whatever you like.”

Her nipples brushed my chest when my aunt leaned in to kiss my mouth. It was a light pre-cursor to the passionate kisses I anticipated would follow, the brush of her lips over mine, her breasts swinging until I cupped them both in my palms.

Aunt Amy chuckled and asked, “Does this cock ever go down?” She reached for my dick, slowly caressing its length as she smirked into my face.

“Not when you keep going around with you boobs showing,” I said, desire a hot flare.

“I thought you might be bored with them by now.”

I sighed, relaxed yet aroused, my aunt’s weighty tits still in my hands. “You’re joking,” I said.

“How do you feel about everything?”

It took me a second to realise what my aunt was asking. Her slow hand working over my dick was a distraction. “It’s still weird but I’m okay.”

“Bit of tension with your dad, though, eh?”

I nodded. “I get a bit jealous. I think about him with you and…”

“I understand that,” Aunt Amy put in when I stopped talking. “I feel a little like that when you’re with your mum. I know she’s the same about me and your father, too.”

“You are? Both of you?”

My aunt stopped working my dick. She nodded, leaning over me while also lifting the sunglasses from my face. “Of course,” Aunt Amy said, expression intent. “Love and sex,” she went on with a half-shrug, “are very complex. It’s all a balancing act. We have to get beyond the jealousies and trust each other. All your mother and I want is for us to all get along. But it takes effort. We have to be mindful to negativity. We just need to embrace the love.”

I sighed, taking in her words. “You mean I have to learn to share?”

My aunt stood up straight, laughing, amused. “We’re not toys,” she trilled, shaking her head. Then, abruptly serious once more, my aunt added, “But playtime is fun. And it’s the same for all of us, Carl. We all have to settle into this new dynamic. We all need to learn to share.”

“I’ll try,” I said.

My aunt leaned in low again, kissing with more vigour. My hands went to her waist, desire crackling through me when I felt the texture of her skin.

We kissed, my hands moving over Aunt Amy’s body, her fingers around my girth. After a few seconds of urgency, my aunt broke free of the kiss. She looked at my dick and then into my eyes. “Horny?”

I choked out, “What do you think?”

My aunt nodded. “Come into the villa,” she said.

Aunt Amy waited for me to get up from the lounger. Then held my hand and led me over the decking and in through the patio doors. My dick waggled and waved, hard for my aunt, desire hot in the pit of my stomach.

When we reached the ground floor living room, I saw my mother on the sofa. “Oh,” I said, embarrassed. I’d been erect for my mother, of course, so her seeing my hard-on wasn’t the issue. What put that feeling on me was the awkwardness of my mother seeing my arousal when it had been my aunt as the trigger.

My mother looked at me, glanced at me dick, and then spoke to my aunt. “You got him,” she said.

Aunt Amy nodded. “I did. And here he is.”

I gawked when my mother got off the couch and moved towards us.

“We were talking,” my mother said when she was close. “Your aunt and I.”

I looked from my mother to my aunt and saw my Aunt Amy was smirking.

My aunt slowly nodded and murmured, “Sharing is caring…”

“I sent your father out for the afternoon,” my mother told me. “It’s just us. What do you think about that?”

“Poor boy’s lost his tongue,” my aunt put in.

Stunned, I stood there as my mother came in closer. She kissed me, tongue pushing past my lips and teeth. “No, his tongue’s in there,” my mother quipped when she pulled back.

“Take a moment,” my aunt said to me, “this must be a surprise.” She moved next to me, pressing her flank pressing against me, one breast compressed as she went for my cock. “There,” Aunt Amy crooned, “how does that feel?”

“I don’t believe this,” I gasped. I looked at my aunt, then turned my attention to my mother when she moved in and book-ended me from the opposite side to Aunt Amy.

In another layer of shock, both my aunt and my mother had their hands on my shaft, two hands moving over my length.

“Oh God,” I moaned as I tried to make sense of it all.

“Relax,” Aunt Amy whispered, her tongue quick when she kissed me.

“This is incredible,” I heard my mother say.

“It’s turning me on,” Aunt Amy replied.

“Me too,” my mother told her. “I can’t describe how I feel right now.”

“You sure about this?”

“Absolutely,” my mother replied. “We’ve talked this to death.”

“So, let’s get on with it.” After she said it, my aunt focussed on me, their exchange little more than noise as I processed what was happening to me. “Both of us, Carl,” she whispered, eyes bright and intense. “Isn’t that wicked?”

As the wave of surprise receded, I managed to mumble, “This can’t be happening.”

“It is,” my mother put in. “If you want it, Carl.”

My aunt let go of my cock. She went to the sofa, sat down, and spread her thighs, one hand mauling her breasts while she slid the fingers of the other through her sex. “You go for it, Carol,” she said. “I’ll sit quietly until it’s my turn.”

“Oh God,” my mother sighed, eyes wide. “I don’t know if I can,” she said. “With you watching? It feels a bit odd.”

“We’ve done this before. It’s the same as with Alan.”

“Not really,” my mother scoffed. “This is my son.”

“Go on,” Aunt Amy insisted with a thrust of her chin. “Forget about me. Concentrate on Carl.”

My mother looked at me, trepidation in her expression. “Is this all right? Is this something you’d like to do?”

Lust ballooned when I saw the fear in my mother’s face, her skin soft under my hand as I pulled her close for a hug. “I love you,” I whispered.

My mother closed her eyes. She moaned and, in a timid voice, asked, “What do you want to do?”

I looked at my aunt, who was staring with slack-jawed fascination, her fingers slowly moving over her vulva. “Get on the sofa,” I said to my mother, my eyes on my aunt.

My mother went, naked and gorgeous, my focus on her bottom as she moved towards the couch. She sat down and looked at me. Then she asked, “Now what?”

“Like her,” I said, pointing to my aunt. “Open your legs.”

I could see the conflict in my mother’s face. She hesitated, looking at my aunt before she gave in with a sigh. “God,” my mother breathed as she slumped back and opened her legs.

I cranked my cock, thrilled to see both beautiful women displayed as they were. I wanked at the length, stepping between my mother’s feet before I knelt. The tiles were cold and hard under my knees, but I shrugged off the discomfort, eager to get a taste of my mother, who blurted a yelp when I went in to lap at her sex.

“Oh, he’s licking me,” I heard my mother squeak.

“Isn’t he just,” my aunt replied.

I licked my mother from sphincter to clit. By then I had her by the backs of her knees, spreading her wide while also lifting her legs so she was about bent double in the sofa’s embrace. With her in such a vulnerable position, all her intimate places exposed, I felt a surge of reckless desire, tasting my mother’s essence as she gasped and wriggled and moaned. Then, when I heard my aunt speaking, I looked up over my mother’s pubic mound and the triangle of her coiffed pubic bush to see Aunt Amy was holding my mother’s hand, their gazes locked tight.

As I watched, my aunt said, “Is he doing it good? Is it making you wet?”

“Oh,” groaned my mother, “I’m soaking already. Anticipation,” she gasped, wincing and groaning before finishing with, “I’ve been thinking about this since we talked about it.”

“Go with it, Carol,” murmured my aunt. She looked at my mother’s shivering titties, gently caressing the small, rounded mounds, teasing the button nipples in the coins of their areolae. “Accept the pleasure. Enjoy having him lick you.”

My mother whimpered and gulped, chin on her chest. I went back to concentrating of her pussy, sucking her clit between my lips as I slid an expeditionary finger into her opening. I rubbed at my mother, a second finger sliding inside as her hips bucked and she worked her cunt over my face.

“Oh, oh God,” my mother was gasping. “I don’t believe he’s going to make me come. So soon. Oh fuck, please…”

Next I knew my aunt was down there with me. I saw her loom alongside, eyes fervent and bright. “Go on, carl,” Aunt Amy urged. “She’s going wild for it. I’ve never seen her so worked up.”

In a quick burst of activity, my aunt pulled me away from my mother’s sex. She kissed me, tongue wriggling with mine.

“I can taste her cunt on you,” Aunt Amy said through a gasp. “I’m not much into women,” she added, “but I had to do that.” It was typical Amy behaviour and I was thrilled by her use of profanity. “I’ll suck her off your cock, too,” my aunt went on. “When you fuck her.”

I watched as my aunt moved so she was sitting with her bare rump on the tiled floor, legs apart, fingers sloshing through bahis şirketleri her sex as she went at herself.

“Don’t stop licking,” my mother squawked, bringing my focus back to her pussy. “Carl, fuck, don’t stop…”

So it went on. I licked and fingered my mother while my aunt rubbed an orgasm out. It was crazy in that room, all feminine squeals and gasps and moans, with my aunt blurting out profanities when her climax rolled through. Next, as my aunt juddered and snorted, I heard my mother announce that she was getting there, too. She was moaning as she grabbed my head, mushing her vulva over my face as I did my best to focus my tongue on the places she was sobbing out for me to lick. Eventually, after several robust minutes of wrestling against my mother’s squirming and shunting, while Aunt Amy sucked in air and babbled about how delighted she was, my mother cried out she was going over the edge.

While my mother juddered and sobbed I sat on the floor, surveying the scene. It was like nothing I’d witnessed before: two mature ladies gasping in the throes of their absolute delight. My mother and my aunt, my lovers, two precious women.

My aunt, being so much further down the road than my mother, recovered her senses, eyes fixing upon me. She grinned as she also sucked in air, big breasts rolling as she clambered back onto the sofa and spread her thighs. “Fuck me,” she snarled, splaying her folds. “Put it inside me, Carl. Hurry,” Aunt Amy urged, “I want us to fuck.”

I glanced at my mother, concerned at her reaction if I stuck my cock into my aunt.

“Carl, stop pissing about,” Aunt Amy growled, reaching for me. She caught my wrist and hauled me up, dragging me up until I had my bottom perched on the edge of the sofa.

“But what about her?” I nodded towards my mother.

“She can have you in a minute. I just want us to start. Please, just do it, Carl. I’m so ready. I’d so sexy from all this.”

Conflicted yet tempted by my aunt’s comfortable body, I threw another look towards my mother as her orgasm cooled. Then I was over my aunt, her excited squeaks coming up as we wriggled around into position. My focus went from my mother to my aunt, attention on her face and then her breasts as I slid into her body.

“Fuck yes,” Aunt Amy breathed. “That’s lovely. I’ve got you right where I want you.”

I was snorting and thrusting into Aunt Amy as my mother knelt alongside us. “Oh my God,” my mother said, eyes wide as they roamed over my aunt and me. “Look at that. I don’t believe it. You two together…”

Without missing a stroke, I looked at my mother and asked, “Do you mind? Is this okay?”

My mother stared into my face, sighing while she caressed my cheek with the backs of her fingers. “It’s something I never really expected to see,” she said on a murmur. “And it’s a funny feeling I’ve got. But it’s what we’re here for, Carl. I’m a little jealous but I can put that aside.”

“I’m sorry,” I gasped while Aunt Amy worked her pussy over my cock.

“Don’t be,” my mother breathed, her focus still on my face. “It’ll all work out. There’s enough love for us all.”

It got confusing for me. Two women, both eager for a limited resource meant there were several rapid exchanges, with my mother and aunt dictating the shifts in partner, position, and tempo. I fucked in Aunt Amy, my mother watching while she simultaneously caressed my aunt’s body and moved in to kiss me. Next, was my mother riding my length. She was in the superior cowgirl position, her pussy sliding up and down over my length, her hands on my shoulders. My mother sobbed about having her son inside her. She babbled and moaned about love and how delighted she was that we were sharing it all. After that, true to her word, Aunt Amy sucked my mother’s desire from my cock, her cheeks concave, most of my length inside her mouth like she was a busker’s sword-swallowing act.

“I’m going to ride it now,” Aunt Amy said with indecent greed in her expression. “Hold it upright, Carl. Let me get onto that thing.”

I held my dick straight so my aunt could climb on. Then, with Aunt Amy in reverse cowgirl, her buttocks slapping against my thighs, her feet on the sofa, she went for it in a vehement style, gasping and snorting while urging me to maul her tits.

It seemed like only a few seconds of squeezing my aunt’s sizeable boobs, her pussy slipping over my cock than I was at my mother again, this time with her kneeling on the sofa, hands on the upright back, pelvis angled to offer her pussy.

A couple of changes later and I was watching my mother kissing my aunt. Aunt Amy and I were fucking in missionary style, my mother kneeling on the sofa, her hands full of Aunt Amy’s breasts, the women kissing and gasping, the sight of which brought forth the surge.

“Don’t do it inside me,” my aunt gasped when I announced the spunk was rising through my core. “Take it out, Carl. Wank it over me. I don’t want that cum inside me.”

I grunted and groaned and, with a real effort of will, withdrew from my aunt, her cunt a scarlet gape for a second when my cock slid free. “Fuck,” I said through gritted teeth, hand jacking my length. “Aunt Amy,” I moaned, “here, I…”

My aunt yelped when the spunk flicked from my dick, the second burst catching her under her chin, gouts of goo spattering across her breasts while the delicious thrill of it exploded inside me. I tugged at my length, purging myself of semen and lust, my ardour cooling as soon as the outburst of ejaculate stopped.

“He always makes a fucking mess,” commented my aunt. She wriggled halfway upright and surveyed the damage: her breasts and soft tummy liberally spattered with thick dollops of jizm. “Spunk everywhere. God, Carl,” Aunt Amy sighed, “you’re a mucky pup.”

“It’s you two,” I said, sucking in air. “You can’t blame me for all that. What did you expect, you told me not to do it inside you.”

My aunt smirked and rolled her eyes. To my mother she said, “Could you get me a towel or something, Carol? I’ve got to mop up your son’s mess.” My mother grinned and left in search of the towel, my aunt saying to me, “How do you feel? Was it too crazy? Both of us…?”

I swallowed against the emotion rising inside me. I looked at my aunt, realised again I was in love with her, and then managed to croak, “I never want it to end, Aunt Amy. You and my mum…”

Mindless to the cum dribbling over her body, drops of the goo spotting the sofa, my aunt levered upright. “They’re leaving in a few days,” murmured my aunt. “what do you plan to do after that?”

I shrugged. I didn’t have a clue. “I suppose I need to get a job,” I said, uncertain about my future.

My aunt nodded, slowly, the cogs inside her head turning if her expression was anything to go by. “Let me think about that,” she said. “I might have some suggestions.”

Not knowing where my aunt was going in the conversation, I stammered, “Do … Do you want me to leave?”

Her eyes went wide. “Leave? No, I don’t want you to leave. I mean, if you want to go,” she said, pausing before finishing with, “that’s up to you. But I’m not suggesting you go. I might have an idea about work for you. Give me a couple of days.”

My mother returned with a large bath sheet. She handed it to my aunt and asked, “Is this all right?”

“Perfect,” Aunt Amy replied. “That was a lot of spunk. It needs a big towel.” Aunt Amy dabbed at the mess on her front. “I don’t know about anyone else,” she said, looking from my mother to me, “but I could use a drink.”

I noticed my mother throw a look towards me. I couldn’t be certain, but there was some uncertainty in her expression. “I could, Amy,” my mother said. “What are you thinking?”

My aunt chuckled. “G&T?”

“Me too,” my mother said, giving me another glance.

My aunt dumped the towel. “Beer for you, Carl?”

I nodded. “Great,” I said.

Aunt Amy looked at me. “I think your mum wants a chat,” she said. “I’ll take the drinks out to the pool. Give you a minute.”

“Thanks, Amy,” my mother put in.

Aunt Amy waved a hand. “No problem, Carol. See you in a mo.”

My aunt left, awkwardness filling the sudden void.

I looked at my mother, who was sitting on the couch, knees together. Concerned by her demeanour, I asked, “What is it? Is something wrong?”

My mother shook her head and looked away. She pulled her lower lip between her teeth. “I’m just wondering…” she started. My mother sighed, and stood up. “What do you think about me, Carl? After what we just did? After the past few days?”

“I think you’re lovely.”

“You sure?”

Puzzled by her troubled tone, I went to my mother and placed my hands on her shoulders. “Sure. I think you’re fantastic, mum. This has been … Wow, I can’t tell you. It’s just incredible. You and Aunt Amy…”

“You don’t hate me? You don’t think I’m dirty? This is an extreme situation here, Carl. Sex with your aunt? Sex with me?”

Still not understanding, I asked, “What are you on about? Why would I hate you?”

My mother sighed and fixed me with an anxious stare. “I’m your mother, Carl. I’m not supposed to seduce you. I can’t quite believe we did it at all. And then there was this … Here, just now. With Amy…”

My hands went to my mother’s waist. Her eyes came to my face. “Are you sorry we did it?”

My mother blinked a couple of times. She looked away, then focussed on me again. “Are you?”

I sucked in air, hands moving over my mother’s body, fingers kneading her buttocks as I pulled her in close. Desire bubbled inside me, yearning renewed. My cock went stiff, a fact not unnoticed by my mother when she looked down. “Not sorry at all,” I sighed.

“Do you still love me?”

“Yes, of course,” I said.

“But we’ve been having sex, Carl.”

“I know,” I told her, lust rising inside me. “And I don’t want to stop.”

“Is it just sex?”

Her continued doubt and questions caused a quick flare of annoyance in me. “No, it isn’t,” I said with more bite in my tone than I intended.

“Then what is it, Carl?”

“It’s everything,” I said, softer in voice. “It’s sex, yeah. Mum, I can’t tell you how it feels to be with you that way. It’s crazy. I love it. I love you for doing it, too.”

“But do you love me like you used to? You’ll always be my baby, Carl. I’m sorry, I suppose I’m confused. It’s because you’re my son. It’s difficult, you know?”

Love burst in my chest for my mother. “I know, mum,” I said through a sigh. “But you have to believe me. I love you because you’re my mum. I love you for everything you’ve ever done to look after me and all that. I love you for this, too. I can’t explain it. I don’t have the words. I know how huge it is. When I think about what we’ve been doing I can’t believe it. I’m kind of getting used to it now. You’re right, it is confusing, but I know I don’t want us to stop doing this together.”

Then I kissed my other, easing her onto the sofa so I could move on top, sliding my length into her body, our gazes locked together.

“I’ll show you how much I love you,” I groaned.

“Carl, my baby,” my mother sighed in reply.

Then we made love. It was slow and tender, endearments passing between us until, with a sob, I gave my mother all I had left of my seed.

“That was a long talk,” Aunt Amy grinned when my mother and I walked onto the deck. “Your beer’s probably warm by now, Carl.”

I took the beer from my aunt, my arm around my mother’s waist.

“You’re ice has melted,” Aunt Amy continued. She smirked at my mother, standing to hand over the glass.

My mother chuckled and kissed my cheek. “We had a lot to discuss,” she said.

I got a strong sense, as I sipped the beer, my mother’s body against my flank, my eyes on my aunt, that everything was going to be all right.



A follow-up to Time with Aunt Amy. Another quick one without any edits. Please forgive any errors and/or typos in the text. I don’t have tome for reads-through and corrections.

I hope you enjoyed the scene, regardless of errors, etc.

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Ricky – Sudbury, England – 2nd August 2019

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