Babying Belle PT. 2

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Babying Belle PT. 2
Dear Reader,

Thank you for all your encouragements and positive feedback.

I was afraid that the second part might disappoint, and it took me a while to find the guts to get back into the story.

This instalment moves the story along to the interaction between Belle and Sean.

I tried to keep the sensitive tone and the emotions of the first part but I must admit that I got turned on as I was writing it and possibly might have gotten carried away with the sex here and there… This second part is definitely more graphic than the first one.

You will find some elements of:



Diaper/Urine play,



and some more Anal play. 🙂

Please let me know your thoughts and vote!


Babying Belle back to Health – Part 2

Chapter 6 – In which Belle expresses her need for diapers.

The following day, Belle was once again awoken by her nightmares. She could not get past the catastrophic calamity. The horrible images of her shattered house across the street were tormenting her.

She was crying into her pillow lying flat on her stomach, naked except for her diaper. The previous night, Kim had asked Sean to loosen the swaddle for the night and Belle Had been able to wiggle out of it in her sleep.

Awakened by the loud heartbreaking sobs, Kim Kaplan rushed into the room and tried to cajole the grieving beauty unsuccessfully.

The older woman was caressing her along her spine the length of her bare back. Comforting her. Shushing her.

“It’s ok, darling… cry… take your time… cry as much as you need to cry… it’s perfectly all right,” she whispered in a reassuring tone.

“This week is going to be tough for you my darling,” she continued softly, “we cannot wait much longer… we have to make all the arrangements for the funerals and we have a first appointment this morning.”

As Kim talked, the young woman’s weeping intensified. The inevitability of these services would be making the awfulness of her family’s disappearance all too real.

Time stood still as the morning light began filtering into the room and Belle kept on crying.

After some time, Belle rolled to her side towards Mrs. Kaplan. The young woman needed more soothing and sought the warm embrace of the motherly figure by putting her head on the woman’s lap. Still in tears, she hid her face against the elder’s belly appreciating the tender stroking that Kim was dispensing to her hair and neck.

When the warm sunlight finally filled the room, Kim finally spoke up, “Ok, sweetie. Let me check your nappy. We have to get ready soon.”

At these words, Belle stiffened and stopped crying. Her sadness was immediately replaced by pangs of shame which made her body temperature rise. The prior day’s degradation, surged back to the surface.

This time, Kim picked up on the change in demeanor right away as she reached between the girl’s legs to check on her.

“That’s good sweetie! You did not have any accidents today. Let’s get you to the bathroom to wash up,” sweet-talked Kim.

With her head still resting on Kim’s lap, Belle turned to her back and looked up at her. She was stunned; her eyes wide open, like a deer caught in the headlights.

“What’s the matter, sweetie?” asked the older woman as she looked into Belle’s eyes, anticipating an answer.

A long silence followed as the young woman started blushing.

It was unbearable.

She started turning red as her temperature rose. Sweat beads started pearling on her temples.

“It’s hu-humiliating… I’m c-c-confused… I d-d-don’t n-n-n-know what to say…” stammered Belle as her voice cracked under her breath unable to phrase a response. Tears started pooling in her eyes as panic set in.

“Hush…Hush now.” whispered Mrs. Kaplan as she put a finger on the woman’s lips to silence her. She could see that the young woman was in distress.

“I think I understand. If it’s too tough to talk why don’t I ask you the questions instead and you tell me yes or no?” offered Kim, “ok?”

Belled nodded.

“Do you want to pee in the toilet?” she asked. Belle shook her head hesitantly.

“Do you not need to pee?” she asked. Again, Belle shook her head hesitantly.

“Oh… I see… you want to pee… but, in your diaper then?” she stated.

“Uh!” Belle expelled slowly as a big weight had been lifted off her shoulder. She turned a deeper shade of red and slowly nodded her acquiescence. The burden of having to confess her desire to pee in the diaper had been lifted.

She then rolled away from the elderly woman, pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapped one arm around her legs adopting the fetal position, and brought her other hand up to her face and began sucking on her thumb.

She had not spoken but the message was clear. In case Mrs. Kaplan had any doubt on the subject, Belle wanted the motherly figure to continue on babying her as she had done the previous day.

And it seemed that Mrs. Kaplan understood her embarrassing need.

Kim then went into a long monologue while petting the girl’s hair to comfort her. Belle nodded in agreement as she listened to her. The elder slowly spoke in short sentences and paused between each statement to think and weigh her words:

“It’s ok sweetie. I think I understand but let’s talk this out. I stayed up most of the night thinking about yesterday. I was very concerned for you. You were in such hurt and this is such a nightmare. It’s not going away. You cannot escape it. But I could not leave you to starve yourself. Then, I called Sean to undress you and to help me give you the bath. And something happened…and for a brief moment that pain went away. Was it the exhibition?… The shame?… The diaper? I cannot be sure. You did not stop me. And you could have…at any time. Maybe it was the fact that I took control. Whatever the reason, it’s ok. If you need this for the time being, then I am here to help you. Just one condition. I don’t want to deal with your poop. Peeing is ok, but I’ll have to take you over my knees and spank you if you make a real mess in the diaper. Ok?”

Beet Red with embarrassment after hearing the previous day’s account, Belle nodded again. The notion of a bare ass spanking mortified her. No one had ever reprimanded her physically in her life and it would not start now. Would it?

She had been engrossed by the words that had just been spoken. She felt exposed, utterly denuded and bare. Kim had just seen through her. She had articulated the young woman’s humiliating desires.

In some sense, Belle was thankful to know that Kim had recognized and accepted her behavior.

But on the other hand, Belle would have been so much happier if they had avoided talking about the topic altogether.

Now, “the cat had been let out of the bag” as the saying goes. Everything had been laid out in the open. She wanted the diaper. She was asking for it. Now all she needed to do was to relieve herself in the nappy and Mrs. Kaplan was expecting her to do so now. The elder was waiting for it.

As she made that realization, an enormous knot began constricting her throat.

Tears began rolling slowly down Belle’s cheeks as the shame consumed her.

“Could this get any worse?” she asked herself in despair. And it did.

Kim spoke up again and interrupted her thoughts, “Then there is the matter of Sean…I am concerned about his involvement. And I am not sure how all this is affecting him. He is so fragile.”

At these words, the blinding fear of being abandoned by the Kaplans that she had felt a day earlier resurfaced. She dreaded what the next sentence might be. Maybe Mrs. Kaplan had realized that Belle needed to be out of the house for the good of Sean?

Sean had been on Belle’s mind too. She did not know if his participation mattered. Was he the reason she was so ashamed of being undressed, pampered and babied by Kim? He had been by his mother’s side every time Belle had been changed and cleaned. He saw everything; every intimate part of her had been splayed open to his gaze.

Belle had been surprised and shocked upon seeing Sean when the Kaplans had picked her up at the airport. He had transformed so much over the years that she would never have recognized him in a crowd. He was no longer the scrawny nerdy teenager she had known in their youth. He had become a man with an exceptional physique. He was tall, strong and handsome.

But beneath the surface, that man was still impaired by his autism. Belle had been told by her mother that Sean had been very isolated and lonely after high school. He was dependent on his mother for most things in life. He had troubles communicating and expressing his emotions.

Was Sean equipped to deal with all that was happening? How did Belle’s own torment and behavior affect him? Did he understand and how would he react? And very selfishly, would Kim be able to care for two dependents?

Belle feared that there was no solution to that problem that involved her staying with the Kaplans. If the woman had to make a choice, Mrs. Kaplan would pick her son, as she should. She would protect him, and Belle would be kicked to the curb. There was no other way. Tetanized, blemished and terrorized, she had stopped breathing in anticipation of Kim’s next words.

The older woman sensed and understood Belle’s change in demeanor and spoke up again, “Oh…no… no… honey… it’s ok… calm down. You misunderstood me. I am not saying this because I am picking him over you. Sean wants to take care of you too… He is so concerned with you… He wants to be there for you. He has been so affected by your pain and your sorrow… we both have… I’m just telling you all this because I will also have to watch out for him too. That’s all. I want you to know that I am here for you. We will always be here. I cannot replace your parents, and I never will, but you will always have a place in my family. Ok?” Kim tried to reassure her.

Just as Belle started relaxing and finally let in a big gulp of air Mrs. Kaplan exclaimed “Oh, Sweetie! Good job! You just made a mess in your nappy!”

The horrible anguish had made her lose control of her bladder once again.

Chapter 7 – In which Belle is made to confront her grief.

“Sean! Sean! Come in here!” screamed Kim.

Sean sprinted into the room covered in sweat from his morning workout.

“Quick! Help me change Belle and get her dressed,” ordered Kim. “We need to get going! We have an appointment to get to.”

Everything, happened in a whirlwind.

Blushing profusely, Belle felt Sean grab her ankles as he had done the day before to lift her legs up to her chest.

Hastily, Kim opened the diaper and began wiping Belle to clean her up.

Unlike the previous day, the movements were quick and brusque. Time was of the essence.

Yet, Belle’s excitement had risen during the prior humiliating talk. The cool air and Kim’s jagged rubbing stimulated her wet sex. Her labia were swollen, engorged with arousal and burning need.

As Kim began applying a hydrating lotion to her genitals, Belle responded by pushing back into Kim’s hand trying to get the woman’s fingers closer to her needy hole.

SMACK! Abruptly, Kim had slapped the girl to the center of her pussy.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” exclaimed Belle as her eyes popped open. The sudden contact to her clit and the lingering sting nearly causing a mini orgasm. Unfortunately, the stimulation had been too brief and had not produced the desired result.

“Stop it! We don’t have time for this now!” lashed out Kim as her great mercurial temper erupted.

Belle froze immediately shocked into compliance with her hips still in mid-air.

What had just happened? She was mortified. The shame of having been reprimanded so close to orgasm made her temperature surge further.

Kim then began barking a set of orders as was her custom:

“Sean! Hold her!

I’ll get her clothes.

Here. Hand them to me as I go.”

Stunned by the latest development, Belle let herself be dressed like a doll.

Kim then called out for each item like a surgeon calls for his tools:


Sean, pull her legs further up so I can get the panties around her hips,

black slacks,

Release her legs.

Ok, now pull the legs back up so I can pull the pants up.

No need for a bra, little girls don’t wear bras,

white shirt,




I’m not putting a diaper on you. You should be fine for a while, you just peed.

We are going to the funeral parlor.

I’ll put the nappy when we get back.”

Before Belle knew it, they were walking out the door towards the car.

The following hours were a mix of pain and sorrow for the grieving orphan.

At the funeral parlor, she ached in a haze of weeping and agony. The discussion was far too graphic and realistic for her fragile state. Kim made the decisions that Belle was incapable of making. That morning, the young woman found out that the charred remains of her loved ones needed to be cremated. The bodies had been so badly scorched that there were no other options left. The traumatic account was incessantly torturing her, and she could not escape its grasp.

By the end of the meeting, Belle needed to be carried away by Sean as she lacked the strength to stand on her own.

Exhausted and emotionally drained, she fell asleep in the car on the ride back.

Kim’s heart had been torn apart with each of Belle’s sob that morning. She wished that she could have calmed her young charge down, but she also knew that Belle needed to deal with her grief head on if she was going to get past it. Mrs. Kaplan felt that it was healthier in the long term for Belle to face the painful reality in the present rather than attempt to suppress it.

Still, if the coming days or weeks were going to be filled with sorrow and grief, Kim would try to manage Belle’s aching heart as best as she could. After decades of dealing with a k** on the spectrum, the older woman felt that she was up to the challenge.

That awful morning, Kim resolved that she would put Belle on a schedule in the same way she had put Sean. She would be giving the grieving woman some time to wallow in her sorrow on a daily basis. The rest of the time, she would distract her from that pain as best she could by treating like a baby.

The car pulled into the driveway as she was making her mental calculations.

Belle was awakened to Sean’s caring touch as he gently lifted her out of the car.

As he carried her to the house, Belle’s gaze fell on the ruins of her shattered house and tears began welling in her eyes.

Chapter 8 – In which Sean gets sidelined.

Kim would have none of that. The girl had cried enough for one day!

She grabbed Sean by the sleeve and urged him into the house.

As soon as they stepped into the house, she took over.

Again, she began shouting orders:

“Sean, set her down!



It’s time for you diaper.”

Belle stood there motionless.

The instant humiliation had once again eclipsed the grief. The unfulfilled desire that she had experienced earlier that morning was back with a vengeance. In a manner of seconds, her skin was flush, and a deep lustful fever was rising within her.

Yet, she stood still; paralyzed.


Pick her up and bring her to my room.

I forgot that this baby does not know how to undress yet.”

The burly man swept up the small woman in his arm and made his way up the stairs two-by-two as Kim followed in tow.

He then laid Belle down on his mother’s bed and stepped aside as Kim took over, yet again.

This time no words were needed.

The older woman removed the sneakers and the socks.

She unbuttoned the girl’s pants.

Sean was eager to help.

He was standing by his mother’s side and grabbed the hem at the bottom of each pant-leg to pull the slacks off.

Urgently, in one fluid motion, he yanked the pants off and her undies were dragged along and ended-up rolled in a bunch at her knees.

For some reason, Belle güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri felt more exposed this way than she had felt earlier. Sean’s enthusiastic involvement was flustering her and made the burning heat at the pit of her stomach swell further.

Kim was taken aback and surprised by Sean’s assertiveness.

Before the older woman could react, the young man lunged forward to grab the undergarments to pull them off of Belle’s legs.

In his haste, he pulled in the wrong direction by pulling up rather than pulling away.

Belle’s legs were tangled in the fabric and were forcefully lifted up in the air. And, in a move that surprised all three participants, she reacted by helping Sean undress her. She assisted him in freeing up her trapped limbs. She bent her knees and brought them up to her chest thus easing her legs out of the panties.

She was now in the “diaper me” position that she had been made to take earlier. Except that this time, she was doing it of her own volition. Her legs were up to her chest and the engorged folds of her labia winked; exposing the pink wetness of her sweltering sex.

When Belle realized what she had done, she blushed a deeper shade of red. For some reason, it felt so much more indecent to open herself up for Sean rather than being made to do so by his powerful hands.

The young woman was drunk with lust. The fever pitch had reached a boil. The base of her neck and her face were scarlet with excitement.

She could not breath. The delicious shame of being so wantonly exposed was burning though every inch of her body.

The only piece of clothing that remained was her shirt. Soon, she would be fully exposed once again; laid out nude as the day she was born before Mrs. Kaplan and her impatient autistic son.

It felt so wrong.

When Kim reached the base of the shirt to pull it up and over the girl’s head, Belle panicked.

She felt the need to hide. The shirt was raised exposing fully her trim waste and her perky b-cups and, as it was being pulled over her head, she locked her arms to prevent Kim from fully removing the material.

Mrs. Kaplan attempted to tug it off a few times but did not insist when she understood that Belle was fighting her to keep her head hidden.

The young woman was now fully nude from her neck down to her toes as her arms and head remained trapped in the cotton fabric of her blouse.

Sean was hovering over the bed ready to pounce.

Kim sensed the tension in her son’s demeanor.

She needed him out of the room immediately.

“Go take a cold shower! Now!” she barked at him.

He did not react to his mother’s instructions, hypnotized by the naked body in front of him. His desire rising with every passing second.

The situation was getting out of hand.

“Sean! Now!” the motherly figure interjected louder.

He snapped out of his trance. Sadly, he looked at Kim and reluctantly walked away towards the bathroom.

Chapter 9 – In which a routine is set for Belle.

Belle and Kim were left alone in the elder’s bedroom.

“mmph! mmph! mmph!” Belle’s breathing was labored.

Had Sean been kicked out of the room because of her libidinous display? Was that why he was being thrown out? That eventuality amplified her humiliation. With her eyes closed and her head hidden, Belle had not seen the lust in the man’s eyes.

Like a tightening vice, the degradation took a grip of Belle’s arousal. It was also affecting her breathing, strangling her.

As her utter feeling of embarrassment rose, the liquid lava that had erupted in her loins was coursing through her body and mind. Her heart was racing as she was huffing on the verge of a climax.

Kim got up to open the window. The room was hot and maybe a little fresh air would calm the spirits of the young woman.

The cool afternoon breeze that flowed into the room had the reverse effect on Belle.

Instead of cooling her down, the air caressed her exposed intimate flesh making her all too aware of her indecent posture.

“Wahhhh?!” she whispered, surprised by the way the cool soft caress of the zephyr was stimulating her.

Kim looked the lass over. The morning had been a gut-wrenching affair for Mrs. Kaplan. Several times, she had fought back the tears. She needed to show strength and would not allow herself to crack in front of the young woman.

Now, she was glad to see that Belle was letting go of her painful sorrow for a time. As it had the day before, Kim’s take-charge attitude had immediately affected Belle. From the first order, she had snapped out of her grief and given control over to Kim. And again, her body had responded with ample sexual arousal to the humiliation of being pliably denuded in front of the Kaplans. There was an undisputable link between this submission and its libidinous repercussion on Belle. But that was ok. If sex was going to be a way to alleviate the pain, then so be it.

In the back of her mind, the motherly figure knew that she would have to figure out how Belle’s remedy was affecting Sean, but for now she would limit their interactions to the minimum and would concentrate on tending to Belle.

Kim could see how excited the girl was. Her limbs were taught, her nipples were erect, and an abundant amount of arousal fluid had seeped past her labia.

Belle was on the verge of a climax and Kim was going to make her cum until the girl would collapse from exhaustion.

Again, she started barking a bunch of orders and Belle obeyed her every word.

“Ok, Sweetie pie…

Let’s put that diaper on you!

Dig your heels into the mattress and lift up,

Hips in the air,

Higher, let me get the new diaper beneath you,


Now settle your tushy on the nappy,

Raise your knees,

Spread your legs,



Bring them up as far as you can,


Before I finish with the diaper, let’s take care of that little pussy of yours.

I am going to push down and lock your feet behind your head.

Now sweetie, do you want me to remove the shirt that you are using to hide?”

Belle shook her head vigorously as she was too embarrassed to show her face.

Her young, lean and supple body was easily bendable and did not resist to Kim’s ministrations. The elder bent and shaped Belle’s limbs in such a way that the petite brunette was now bent in half with her feet trapped behind her ears. Her engorged vulva and crinkled anus where thus lewdly raised in the air.

“Hhh!” expelled the girl as Kim’s hands made contact with her labia.

The older woman gathered the hot juices that had oozed out of Belle’s overheated sex with her fingers and began spreading and massaging them around her rectum. Her index was playing with the girl’s wrinkled opening and teasing the small woman as her thumb played with her vagina.

Kim started pressing on the crinkly skin of Belle’s asshole as her thumb began parting her engorged vaginal lips.

She popped the thumb and the index into their respective holes simultaneously. There, just past the sphincter and the labia, she touched the thin wall that separated the vagina from the rectum. She tightened her grip, pinching that soft innermost intimate flesh. As she rolled the soft lining between her fingers, she could feel her index and her thumb and the thin membrane that separated them. The tissue felt so tight, so stretched, so fragile so hot, so liquid.

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” Belle exploded in a thunderous orgasm.

But Kim was not done, and she kept her digits inserted in the tight little holes.

A quiet stillness enveloped the room only disturbed by Belle’s panting.

The elder waited and let the young woman come down from her high; waiting for her breathing to slow down some.

As Belle seemed to finally simmer down, she brought up her free hand to the bare sex.

With an extended index, she began to caress and prod the little patch of flesh that was barely covering Belle’s puffy clit.

The young woman immediately began thrusting her hips toward this additional stimulation in an attempt to create more friction.

Kim pulled her finger away from the sensitive erogenous zone.

She did not want Belle to cum again so soon.

No, she was going to drive her to the edge of the next orgasm and then deny her the release.

It was sweet torture.

Belle’s world was shrinking as the elder woman played with her.

For what felt like an eternity, the young woman’s universe was reduced to the small space that resides between her clit and her sphincter.

In that moment, everything else had faltered away.

Several times she was brought to the edge only to be denied the ecstatic relief. It was unnerving and exhausting. She could only feel the pounding of her heart through the wet distended tissues at the core of her being. Her nerves were on edge as she waited for the next touch, the next caress, or the next movements of the fingers that were fucking her.

Finally, she was allowed to reach and burst through the gates of her voluptuous blissful Seventh Heaven, and as her exhausted body convulsed in a shuddering bliss of ecstasy she drifted off to sleep.

Hours later when she woke up, she found herself snugly swaddled in the warm blanket and resting in the caring arms of Mrs. Kaplan.

Before any form of thought entered her mind, the nipple of a large baby bottle was brought to her lips and the soothing voice of the woman urged her to drink the warm liquid.

Again, the humiliation of being treated like a baby took over, and Belle forgot everything else as she concentrated on sucking the nipple as instructed.

She drifted off to sleep once again as the elder had diluted the milk with the mild sedative that had been generously provided by the family friend and practitioner, Dr. Bill.

And so, over the course of the weeks that followed the memorial services, a rhythm was established into the Kaplan households.

The early pre-dawn hours were a time for grieving and bereavement as Belle would invariably wake up to the cutting pain of her dramatic loss and Kim would rush over to help sooth her sorrow.

The young woman was allowed to cry and express her grief.

But as soon as nature called, all the crying would stop. It usually took between an hour to two hours, as the morning light filtered through the shutters, before Belle’s bladder would stir the urge to pee.

The demeaning thought of wetting the nappy would take over as soon as the pressing sensation began to take hold of the young woman’s body.

Her breathing would slow down, she would stop moving, and she would wait for the torturous moment when she could no longer hold it in.

It was never an easy deed for the young woman to let herself go.

It was an excruciating degradation that would force all her thoughts and her whole consciousness into the single thought of urinating and being changed by Kim.

Her body would tense and contract until she could no longer fight the urge to relieve herself.

Only then, would she finally lose control of her bladder and let Mrs. Kaplan take over for the rest of the day.

There would be a diaper change, some sexual stimulation during which orgasms were denied, a breakfast, a bath, some more carnal teasing with no climax after the bath, a nap, a late lunch, and a variety of activities to keep Belle humiliated and aroused through the course of the afternoon. Then, dinner, another nappy change during which multiple orgasms were finally granted, a bottle filled with the mild sedative, and an early bed time.

It became the daily ritual.

During that time, Belle was denied any form of clothing aside from the diaper and the blanket in which she would be swaddled during parts of the day.

In the afternoons, Kim would remove the nappy and leave the young woman fully nude. A playpen was set up in the family den on the first floor next to Sean’s workout equipment. As Kim read a book and Sean went back to his rigorous workout routine, the young woman would sometimes be made to play a variety of games with wooden blocks, toys, or even fill coloring books as she sat on the floor with her legs spread as wide open as possible.

Other times, Belle would be made to straddle and rock her bare-naked sex on a small wooden horse. That game was real sweet torture as Belle was initially always reluctant to play in front of the Kaplans. Yet, she could never escape the erotic stimulation that the small saddle provided to her defenseless clit and would quickly surrender to the need to quicken the pace of her strides. Kim kept a watchful eye and made sure to break Belle’s rhythm if the young woman showed any sign of coming close to a climax.

And finally, as the sun began to set, a half hour to an hour of the late afternoon was dedicated to various forms of stretching exercises and yoga poses that would unfailingly force Belle to exhibit and display lewdly her most private parts. She would be made to hold various poses as Kim made sure to comment on the state of Belle’s arousal to degrade her further.

And, while Kim had reduced Sean’s involvement in caring for Belle to the role of helping her lift and carry the girl around the house, the burly man’s lust-filled stares were a constant reminder to Belle of her shameful nudity. Sean would frequently steal glances over to her and that simple act would contribute to the inescapable shame that would burn through the girl’s body.

And so it went for several weeks.

But, alas, another incident would soon bring this routine to a screeching halt.

Chapter 10 – In which Sean’s point of view is revealed.

Belle was Sean’s c***dhood friend, his best friend, his only friend.

She had cared for him in ways that even his mom had not. Where mom was impatient and easily irritated, Belle had always been patient and serene with him.

So, very selfishly, Sean had been elated to go pick Belle up at the airport that dreary awful day.

His autism had made him callous to unexpected and unplanned events which he would block out as they were happening.

His hypersensitivity to noisy sounds such as the explosion that had shaken him awake a few hours earlier where especially traumatic for him.

He needed time to process such incidents in the safe quiet space of his bedroom.

And thus, as he always did when inadvertent chaos happened around him, he had blocked that loud tragedy and its repercussions from his mind for the time being.

Reuniting with Belle was the only thing that had occupied his mind for the past few days. After so many years, he was happy and looked forward to it and that’s all that mattered to him.

When the young woman came through the gate, he recognized her immediately and his heart leapt with joy.

It was short lived.

Only when she collapsed in his arms from the shock of her loss did he realize the extent of the catastrophe.

Upon seeing her sudden change of mood and her instant sadness he began to understand the severe consequences of the blast.

Only then, did he realize that the boom that had perturbed him earlier that day was not just an inconvenience but a dire calamity.

The next few days were awful.

Belle was no longer herself.

She did not speak or smile or act the way that the Belle he remembered acted.

He had not seen her in so many years and, in his mind, Belle had remained the gentle youthful bubbly girl who had played with him as a k** and then protected him all through High School when they grew older.

Now, she cried and slept and barely ate and Sean felt powerless to do anything to help her.

His friend was sad.

All of a sudden, the strict schedule that he had kept so meticulously for years did not seem to matter.

Belle was here next to him. He stood for hours by her bedroom listening. Nothing was happening. It went on for days and he saw her get so skinny, it was scary.

He pleaded with Kim. Something had to be done.

Then everything changed.

Kim walked into Belle’s room, she took the girl into the bathroom, and makrobet disrobed her and gave her a bath.

Sean was in shock.

He had never seen a naked woman in real life before.

“Belle was a woman!? How could that be? No! She was a girl!” he had some trouble reconciling what he was witnessing with the mental image of the c***dhood friend he had preserved for so many years.

Sean was a healthy young man. He had discovered masturbation early on. And, along with the years of solitude that followed, had developed a colossal sex drive. Now in his early twenties, he had incorporated a vigorous masturbatory regimen into his strict daily schedule.

His mother was oblivious to that fact.

She had tried to approach the subject of sex to educate him a few times years ago, but the young man had categorically refused to talk to her.

He had been bashfully puritanical when it came to that subject and had refused to make any inquiries with anyone.

No, unfortunately, the internet had been the only source of information that he would consult and while very explicit and pornographic, the web was no place to get a proper education when facing the emotional aspects associated with sexual discovery. Sean understood the mechanics of sex but had no concept of the human connection it engendered.

He had been very curious, and his curiosity had brought him to a variety of kinky websites that helped him satisfy his great physical needs. There was no taboo and no barrier to the things that aroused him.

Sadly, he had never fully integrated his solitary sexual practices with anything or anyone in the real world. In practice, for him, sex was something that you did alone.

In the real world, desirable women of his own age were simply unattainable. They did not talk with him.

For him, sexually attractive naked women only existed within the confine of the computer screen in his bedroom. They never had any real construct in his life.

And all of a sudden there was Belle: even more beautiful than he had remembered, naked, and to top it all being masturbated to orgasm by his own mother?

As if on an acid trip, Sean’s reality was altered that day.

In that first instant, he began lusting after Belle, desiring her.

He had never known such a longing. Sexual desire had never been an issue in his life. It was not anything that happened outside of the confines of his bedroom. His arousals were secret, private and very personal. He chose when to get excited and was used to be immediately relieved. There was no lingering desire.

Sexual satisfaction had always been easily controllable for him prior to that day, it was on a schedule like everything else in his life. Like clockwork, three times a day: at six when he woke, at noon before lunch and at ten in the evening before bed, he would jerk-off, “wank-out” a load and be done with it.

Now for the first time, his body was betraying him and swells of lust where unexpectedly coursing through his veins at all hours of the day. He was having his first erections in public and in front of other people! And that fact bothered him. It was so embarrassing. Could people tell? Did they know?

The first one of these erections happened in the bathroom that first day when Kim had washed Belle. Oh, how he had wished to scrub the girl’s wet body. It was intoxicating.

Fortunately, mom and Belle had been so occupied that they had not seen the big lump in his pants.

He jerked off so many times that first night.

But then in the morning, Belle was still sad.

She cried so much that day at the funeral parlor.

Sean sought to make her pain go away.

When his mom had asked him to bring the girl up to the room when they returned home after that sad morning, he had wanted to take care of Belle too, he had wanted to change her and feed her. Maybe he could do that too?

He also wanted to make Belle feel good too, maybe he could make her cum the way Kim had made her cum in the bath the day before?

His blood heated to a boil. The same new feverish desire he had felt yesterday overtook him. He was not in control. And the big lump grew in his pants one again. Surely, they had noticed this time?

But then Kim kicked him out of the room.

He felt so ashamed and scared too.

The cool shower had done him some good as well as the copious ejaculation that had preceded it.

After that, he kept his distance.

Belle was no longer the person he remembered.

She had been like a sister to him, but he no longer saw her as such.

He went back to his strict exercise routine and doubled-down on his masturbatory regimen to regain control of his sex drive. But it was almost impossible. Whenever he would see Belle naked for too long, he’d have to run out of the room to go quell his need.

The weeks that followed were a lonely time for him.

Mom was not as involved with him as she used to, but he understood. She needed to take care of the sad girl. Belle still cried every day in the mornings and Sean would have liked to help yet, she only responded to Kim’s commands and directions and Sean was kept out of the loop.

He was only involved in doing the heavy lifting; carrying the baby in her swaddle from point a to point b. He was happy to oblige but he wished he could have helped more.

At least, mom knew how to make the pain stop and all the tears would dry up. As soon as Bell peed in her diaper, all the weeping was gone.

The girl would behave like a baby with that diaper for the rest of the day.

But then, she was always naked and there was all the sex too.

Sean had a hard time grasping that part of the daily rituals.

Why did she have to be naked all the time and why was there so much sex?

Why would you want sex when you are so sad?

On the other hand, it seemed to work. When she was naked, she was no longer crying and thinking about her dead mom and dad.

But still, why did it have to be done out in the open? For all to see? In front of mom and in front of him. Sex was supposed to be done in private, not naked in front of everyone. It felt so naughty.

And she always seemed to be aroused: the flush around her neck, the erect nipples, and her sex looked always wet. How dreadful! Sean would never have dared.

Sean also knew that Bell was embarrassed too. He could tell: she would pretend like he was not here, and whenever their eyes crossed, she would turn beet red and turn her head away or her eyes down.

And the last thing that bothered him is that she almost never talked after her long cries in the mornings once she became like a baby, and she definitely would not talk with Sean.

But then maybe she was just too embarrassed. Maybe that was why she was ignoring him so much? She knew that he was here, but she did not want to acknowledge it.

All these various things left Sean confused.

He was not sure what to make of Belle and how to act around her. His desire to see her get better, his impulse to want to help her deal with her pain and sorrow were in conflict with the physical urges that had been brought on by all her nudity and sexuality.

He was glad to see that his mom seemed to know better. At least, Belle was not crying when mom was taking care of her.

So, he left it at that. Resolved to stand aside while mom helped Belle and waiting for things to get better.

Or so he hoped.

Chapter 11 – In which everything changes.

That morning, Belle was again shaken from her sleep by her recurring dreadful nightmare.

She cried into her pillow as she usually did every morning, knowing that soon, Mrs. Kaplan would be walking into the room to start soothing her and comforting her with her feathery caresses.

She was startled to feel a heavy manly hand instead and instantly recognized that it was Sean who was touching her. Sean had been sitting by her side on the bed, watching over her as she slept.

She stopped crying and froze immediately. The feeling of degradation that had chased away all other thoughts these past few weeks jolted to the forefront of her mind. All of a sudden, as had been the case for the past weeks, she was made aware of her state of undress.

Except for the diaper, she was naked. She wanted to turn around to search for Kim but feared exposing herself. It was silly. Yes, she had been naked in front of Sean many, many times but she had never been alone with him.

She turned her head and her puffy watery eyes began scanning the room to find Kim. She was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, Belle’s questioning eyes fixed in on Sean’s.

“Mom had to leave during the night because aunt Beckie fell and broke her hip,” he explained.

“But it’s ok baby, I will take good care of you, I promise,” he added.

Belle was shocked by that revelation.

The truth was that Kim had left in such a hurry after she had received the call that she had not taken a second to think things through.

She had never intended to leave Sean in charge of Belle.

She did not expect him to take care of the woman in the same manner as she had.

And, even if she had, she certainly would not have taken any such a decision without consulting Belle first and getting her consent.

It was only once she was in transit, without any means of communication for several hours, that Mrs. Kaplan made that realization. It was too late.

Belle was left in a predicament.

As she laid on her stomach debating whether to turn around and let Sean take care of her, the familiar burning shame that she had come to enjoy had never been as strong as the feeling that was now taking grip of her guts. That sweltering humiliation had become an overpowering aphrodisiac and the arousal in her loins was already reaching a fevering pitch.

Yet, she was fearful too. It was an apprehension that she had never felt at the hands of Mrs. Kaplan.

For Belle, the humiliation and sexual releases that Mrs. Kaplan had provided were medicinal. They were therapy for her grief. How would this work with Sean?

Sean was no motherly figure. He was handsome and strong and, honestly, she had been smitten by him when she first saw him at the airport. There was a sexual tension between them. Deep down, she knew that his presence as an observer had contributed to the delicious shame that was part of her “treatment”. She loved the degradation of feeling his lust-filled stares these past few days. But how would that work if he was in charge of her care?

So many questions popped in her mind in that moment.

Could she trust him? Of course, she could! She knew that she was safe and that he would never hurt her.

How would that affect their relationship? Their friendship? Once this sexual line was crossed, things would never be the same.

But most importantly, was Sean equipped to deal with her grief?

But, she reasoned, maybe Kim knew what she was doing by leaving him in charge?

She froze as time stood still and hesitated on whether to surrender to him as she looked up into his eyes. She couldn’t make up her mind.

And then, suddenly, she was happy that the decision was being made for her. Sean gently tugged on her arm to flip her over. She yielded to his touch without any resistance thus giving him consent to proceed.

As she turned to her back, the fear and anticipation she had felt were released along with the content of her bladder. Once again, the strong emotion had made her lose control and she peed in the diaper.

He had never been assertive with anyone, but a force was taking him out of the shell that had kept him isolated for so many years. Belle was not a stranger and he felt obligated to care for her.

Sean had observed his mom and opened the wet nappy ready to proceed.

From there, everything became blur for Belle as everything happened so very, very fast.

Though she had accepted to relinquish control to Sean, Belle was still under the shock of this new development and did not raise her legs as she had been taught to do.

But that was ok.

Sean was eager to oblige.

He grabbed both of her thin ankles in one of his large powerful hands and lifted her legs high enough to lift her hips off the mattress.

He removed the soiled diaper with his free hand and placed the clean one in its place.

He lowered her legs to let her hips rest on the new diaper, but he did not let go of them.

Instead, he pushed her lower limbs towards her chest to expose her pussy and assholes by bending her in half.

With his free hand, he quickly wiped her, pumped a generous amount of cream on her bum and began lathering her intimate areas with the lotion.

Everything felt different. Kim’s hands had felt soft and agile, Sean’s were rough, masculine, brutish.

His large hand was touching Belle everywhere all at once and it added to her arousal.

Belle was loving every degrading second of it, but something had changed. In an instant, she no longer felt like a baby being pampered but like a woman waiting to be fucked.

Sure, the props were the same: the diaper, the wipes, and the lotion were all being applied in a similar manner.

However, her carnal desires felt different. They were growing faster and stronger, eclipsing the shame that had driven her lust. Things seemed to be reversing as if a switch had been pushed.

She was submitting to Sean in a totally altered state of mind.

From the time he had ripped open the tape to the first contact of his hands on her mons pubis, her arousal had surged to new levels, her head was spinning, and she was almost dizzy as she held her breath in anticipation of what was to come.

It did not disappoint!

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” she came instantly. Sean’s large fingers had stretched the tight tissues of both of her small holes so deliciously as he penetrated her.

Unperturbed, he very slowly kept on inserting his thick digits into her.

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” she came again as his finger bottomed-out into her. She felt so full.

Sean was upset. He pulled his fingers out abruptly.

That was not supposed to happen.

If Belle was perceiving things differently, Sean, however, was intent on proceeding with the girl’s treatment in exactly the same manner as Kim. He would follow the same regimen that Kim had instilled up ’til then.

And, according to that schedule, Belle was not supposed to orgasm until the evening.

How was he supposed to make sure that she conformed with the treatment?

He was at a loss.

He was not prepared for this turn of event.

What do you do when a baby does not listen?

He panicked, worried that he was already not up to the challenge if, from the get-go, Belle was not behaving properly.

Then, unexpectedly, the solution presented itself.

He remembered a role-playing scenario from one of the B&D videos he had seen online.

He began acting it out verbatim.

“Naughty Girl!” he stated in a deep disciplinary tone.

Before she could understand what was happening, Sean grabbed one of her ankles in each of his hands and quickly flipped her around. She was now face down, on her stomach.

“Naughty, naughty, Girl!” he repeated as he dragged her down the length of the bed.

Once her legs were dangling over the corner of the bed, he let go.

“Naughty girls get spankings,” he recited as his left hand came down to rest on the small of her back to immobilize her.

“Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!” he dealt four slowly paced symmetrical quick blows to her butt, two on each cheek, before Belle had time to register what was happening.

The downward motion had forced her sensitive clit into the corner of the mattress.








Spank!” another eight slow deliberate blows followed.

Each one pushing her bare sex into the bed. Each one creating a delicious pressure on the center of her most erogenous zone.

“Just one more!” she hoped as she ascended towards nirvana.

But, just like that, he was done.

Belle could not believe what had just happened. The delicious humiliation makrobet giriş was reaching new heights and its intoxicating aphrodisiac effects were soaring along with it. If she had known the source material that had inspired Sean, she would not have been thrilled.

Sean was so assertive. It took her by surprise. What was happening?

Before she could put any thought to that question, the lotion was applied again to calm the redness and the burn on her posterior.

The diaper was installed, the swaddle was wrapped around her, and soon Belle was in Sean’s arms as he carried her downstairs for breakfast.

Chapter 12 – In which nothing remains the same.

Belle was still dizzy from her spanking.

The sting and the burn on her ass a constant reminder of what had just transpired.

And why had her body responded to the disciplinary thrashing in such a way?

She could feel the juices from her overheated sex oozing into the lining of the diaper.

Sean’s take-charge attitude was a surprise too.

In all the years that she had known him, he had been so introverted and docile with her that she did not know what to think of this change in attitude.

Even in the weeks since her return, he had been obedient and compliant to Kim’s orders.

“What was going in his mind?” she wondered as Sean set her down on the armchair while he went to prepare a bowl of cereal.

The answer came matter-of-factly as he stepped back from the kitchen.

“I am going to feed you know, and I am going to take care of you just like mom did. You’ll see, you will be better soon,” he stated as he put the food on the large wooden table.

It was as simple as that in his mind and Belle realized it.

While Mrs. Kaplan was away, Sean was responsible for Belle. He had been yearning to help in her recovery, and, now that his mother was away, he would do all the things that needed to be done towards that goal.

The problem was that the treatment could not be the same. She no longer felt like a baby in his presence.

She felt like a woman whose body was ablaze with desire as her dripping pussy conveyed to her.

As this turmoil of interrogations swirled through her mind, Sean lifted her and sat her on his lap to feed her in the same way that Mrs. Kaplan had done.

Belle had never felt uncomfortable on the woman’s lap. It was a place of tender caring motherly warmth.

But now, it felt so indecent and sexual. It was embarrassingly lewd.

Sean had swaddled her tightly. He had trapped her arms and tucked-up her legs to her chest. She was bent in three, in the fetal position, with her limbs bound by the blanket.

In that crouching squatting position, her most intimate parts were spread and open. They also were the only point of contact with Sean’s lap.

Belle was mortified. Would Sean feel the heat building up at her core? Would the diaper and fabric of the blanket be enough of a barrier to hide her state of arousal?

She did not know.

So, as Sean began feeding her with a spoon, she shifted, twisted and bent her hips to get her pussy off his thighs. By rolling her pelvis she hoped to conceal her arousal by making her butt the point of contact.

But her constant motion made her slip and slide off the man’s thighs.

“Baby, stop moving, please!” Sean beseeched as he kept on readjusting her.

She was surprised by the tone of his imploration. He sounded panicked for some reason.

And suddenly, she understood why.

A hot, tubular, lump of flesh was forming and growing beneath her. The thick girth of the organ found its way between her and Sean’s leg. Despite the multiple layers between them: his shorts, the blanket and the nappy, she could feel that her vaginal lips were being parted and were forced to wrap themselves around the shaft.

Fear overtook her in that instant and she redoubled her efforts to get her sweltering sex off of the growing erection. But, alas, the more she tried to move off of him the thicker and bigger the swelling beneath her got.

“How large is he?” she wondered dismayed by the invasion.

As if on an obscene monorail, her sex had opened up around the thick rod and her body was now being suspended and balanced along the length of his penis.

Worst, of all, her body was betraying her. Her clit was in direct contact with his engorged penis. It was being stimulated, rubbed, masturbated by the back-and-forth motion of the two bodies fighting for control.

Sean had initially genuinely tried to stick to his mother’s feeding schedule.

There had not been any sexual intent in his actions.

He had just been struggling to keep Belle seated on his lap so that he could feed her.

However, Belle’s constant motion began arousing him. He could not stop his erection from growing.

It was dreadful! Why was she moving so much?

He begged her to stay still, but instead she accelerated the cadence of her motion.

What was she doing? Why didn’t she stop?

And the more she moved, the more aroused he got.

Soon, he could not fight the powerful lust and desire that was overtaking him.

He put down the spoon and grabbed Belle’s hips to regain control over her.

However, by then, he was no longer trying to keep her motionless.

He began using her body to jerk himself off.

By then, Belle no longer cared to stop either.

She could not escape the relentless and inescapable pressure of Sean’s swollen cock on her clit. It had driven her to the apex of her excitement.

By the time she felt Sean’s powerful hands grab onto her, she was longing for the sweet reward of ecstatic bliss.

The intimate sensual friction on her clit had fanned the flame of her craving.

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” she exclaimed in delight as she came while Sean accelerated the tempo.

He was having a hard time reaching his own climax.

The contact on his giant tool was not sufficient to get him over the edge.

He needed more force and pressure.

So, he gripped Belle’s hips tighter and forced her down lower along his turgid member as he kept of pulling her to-and-fro on the length of his pole.

Belle’s love button was hypersensitive after her initial sexual peak and the additional prodding was already bringing her close to her next peak.

Sean’s movement became desperate and erratic as he neared his own release.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out as the force of this second climax surpassed the first.

“Awe!” Sean was now erratically grinding her onto the shaft of his penis as he finally erupted in his khakis.

Belle looked down and was astonished to see that the stain made by his semen appeared close to his knee.

“Exactly, how big was he?” she couldn’t help asking herself. He had to be at least eight to nine inches long by her estimation.

Chapter 13 – In which Belle finally talks and asks Sean for a spanking.

Sean slowly regained his spirits as he came down from his high.

An overwhelming bout of post-coital shame immediately took hold of him.

“Why did you keep on moving on me Belle? Did you see what you made me do? You were so very naughty!” he scolded her.

Belle’s own humiliation roared back with a vengeance at these words. She lowered her eyes unable to face Sean.

“What am I going to do to such a naughty girl?” he asked rhetorically.

Belle lowered her face as it turned a deep hue of red.

Time stood still.

The emotions coursing through her mind now were so very different than the ones she had felt with Kim.

The sex was no longer therapy, it had become a hunger, a craving. It was the pure a****l instinct of a young female aching for a desirable male. It was nature taking over after several weeks of ache and pain. A scorching carnal desire had taken grip of her soul.

As Sean had masturbated her to her first orgasm that very morning, something had changed.

Then, instead of calming her, the startling spanking that had followed had been like throwing oil on a flame. She was engrossed by the thought that she had nearly orgasmed from the smacks of his strong hands on her bare ass.

Naughty girls get punished she thought.

“Maybe you could take me over your knee for another spanking?” she offered; blushing more as she realized that she had actually voiced her thoughts.

Sean looked up, wide-eyed.

After all this time, Belle was speaking with him!?

He was stunned.

But he didn’t want her to stop talking.

In doubt, his mind was swirling again in all directions.

The same fear of not being up to the challenge gripped his guts.

And again, another scenario from a porn video popped into his mind.

“So, you know you were naughty?” he repeated his question cautiously afraid to change the subject. Fearful that she might stop talking again.

“Yes,” she whispered back.

“And you know what happens to naughty vixens?” he asked following the script.

“They get spanked?” she replied sheepishly.

Sean paused. He was having a problem. She had spoken his line.

Now that Belle was talking, she was not necessarily staying within the story.

“They get spanked,” he recited the words.

“Ok,” she whispered.

Sean broke out of character. In his scenario the girl was supposed to be reluctant before accepting the punishment and Belle was not.

“Are you sure?” he asked incredibly. It was his turn to improvise. He wanted to make sure that she was ok with this.

Belle blushed again and nodded slowly.

He could not believe it.

He looked up at the clock that was hanging by the kitchen’s entrance.

His need to remain on schedule was making him nervous and overtook his actions.

He reviewed the list mentally. After breakfast, the bath, after the bath…

Well, after the bath, his mom would masturbate Belle again before putting her down for a nap. But she would not let her cum then. On Mrs. Kaplan’s schedule, Belle was not supposed to have an orgasm until the evening. And today, by his count, she had orgasmed at least three time.

Sean was really worried. He wanted to follow the treatment to the letter. He wanted to show his mom that he could take care of Belle too.

He would have to try harder. He was sure that, with more practice, he would be able to better control her climaxes.

“Argh!” he groaned, if he didn’t hurry he was going to have to play catch up for the rest of the day.

But if Belle wanted a spanking, if she actually spoke up to ask for it, then she was going to get it!

Without further ado, he lifted the bundled Belle and walked into the den.

He laid her down on the floor to open the swaddle and remove the diaper.

She folded her legs and raised them in the air up to her chest to give him better access.

She wanted this.

When he opened the nappy, the lining stuck to Belle’s labia.

He gently pulled it away to discover that Bell had soaked the padding with her arousal fluid.

He stood up, grabbed her under her arms, and lifted her in the air at arms’ length.

She kept her legs folded up in the air under her bum the same way puppies and kittens do.

She was so much smaller than him.

Their height difference made her look like a k**.

But she was all woman.

Full of desire and lust, ready and willing

She was in her birthday suit, naked as the day she was born.

Her legs were slightly parted and her engorged bright red vulva showed lewdly through her lips.

She felt so vulnerable in that moment.

She relished the sensation.

He sat on his armchair, d****d her over his knees and, without ceremony, started peppering her with quick smacks to her exposed ass.

He gave her 20, 30 maybe even 40 licks with his bare hands. They were so fast, she quickly lost track.

They were not too strong but due to the sheer volume and repetition her posterior quickly turned crimson. It stung.

She loved the feel of being naked on his knees as her tits rubbed against the soft fabric of the cotton.

But she grew frustrated.

Her pussy was being neglected.

She had been hoping for the slow intimate spanking that she had received earlier.

She wanted the strong hands to linger on her derriere after each hit, she wanted them to pinch and prod and explore. She was hoping for something which she was not getting.

And just like that he was done.

Chapter 14 – In which Sean loses control of Belle’s passions during bath time.

He looked up at the clock again in a panic.

He lifted her and carried her up to the second floor.

Time to get cleaned!

He released her in the empty tub and turned the cold water on.

He never closed the drain, hoping to be done with it quickly.

“Maybe a cold bath would help cool Belle down?” he thought to himself.

“Get on your hands and knees we are running late,” he barked at her.

He took the bath glove and poured the liquid soap.

He started lathering her quickly and roughly in the shallow water.

Sean was also trying to be done with it before his own sexual urges flared up again.

It was so difficult to stay insensitive to such beauty.

The scrubbing was rough but thorough.

Belle loved it.

He had started with her hair, then her back, her stomach, her legs, her feet.

He seemed to avoid the good parts.

Belle wanted more.

She bent down further. Resting her head on one of her forearms on the surface of the tub, she used her free hand to pull on one of her butt cheeks thus opening herself to him.

“Sean, you have to clean me there too,” she said.

The young man paused.

He loved hearing her talk to him.

Yes, he had to clean her there, he knew.

But this was so darn sexy.

He was succumbing to his urges again and the lump in his pants was growing again.

He had to be fast or he would lose this battle and all self-control.

“Ok, but you are being naughty again Belle. I need you to get back on your hands now.” He ordered her.

Belle complied, embarrassed to have been called out like that.

Once she was back on all fours, Sean pulled her hair back in a ponytail and held onto it, forcing her head back.

He was hoping that if he was a bit more aggressive with her, she would stop her shenanigans.

He was wrong.

She loved it, she loved being handled by him in that manner. There was something a****listic about it.

He brought the glove to her throat and neck and then lowered it to her tits.

She was already so close that she nearly came from the contact.

Her nipples were taut and hard as pebbles due to the frigid temperature.

He kept on scrubbing them, hypnotized by what he was doing.

He had never touched breasts before and he loved the sensation of this new discovery.

He was snapped out of his reverie by the girl’s moaning.

Belle was getting hot and bothered as her lust was about to burst.

Her heart was pounding in her throat as she felt the pressure build up within her.

Sean began lathering her ass and edged her closer to that sweet edge at the precipice of her senses.

When his hand finally passed between her legs to wash her, she suddenly clamped down on it keeping it trapped at the wrist.

Her pussy was aflame with need and she did not want to let go of him.

Sean tried to tug the arm away accentuating the contact she was craving.

To prevent him from loosening the grip she had on him she reached between her legs to grab onto his hand with both of hers.

Without her hands to hold her up, she drooped down a bit only to be pulled back up as Sean had not loosen his grip on her hair. It hurt a bit, but she loved the feeling.

They began a tug of war of sorts with Belle using the intermittent motion to hump herself on his wrist to build pressure on her clit and bring herself closer and closer to the sweet reward of pure unadulterated joy.

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” she came quickly. Her excitement had escalated past its boiling point with all the energetic rubbing exerted on her tender parts. And, when she was done, she finally let go of Sean’s hand and he let go of her hair.

She fell down in a heap on the floor of the bathtub, panting.

He grabbed the shower head and fiddled with the faucet to turn it on.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” exclaimed Belle surprised by the cold stream as he rinsed the suds off.

The young man stood up, disappointed once again in himself for not being able to follow the schedule set by his mom.

Nothing had gone the way it was supposed to, and he worried that his mom would never let him take care of Belle again.

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