Babysitter screwed by the k**s

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Babysitter screwed by the k**sImagine laura babysitting a group k**s outside. At the end of the day, when all the other k**s were packing to leave, three k**s go up to Laura and one of them says, ‘We saw you naked all over the internet, until my dad found out and beat me for it’. Laura, shocked with a since of sorrow,began to be at a panic. She then tells them to not tell anyone and its very important. ‘It’s important that no one knows, I could get in a lot of trouble, and I didn’t put those pics online. You guys are just k**s, so you don’t understand now. But no one was ever to see them. Please, please forget about this and go home’. The k** began to smile, looking back on the other two being received with bigger smiles on their faces. ‘faces… if only you take off your one piece and let all of us touch you wherever we want’. ‘Absolutely not! Who do you think I am?!?!?!’, laura shouted. The boys went on, ‘ if you don’t do what we want, not only will we tell other people, but ill also post your address on the chat walls where your naked pics are. Laura was so shocked that 12 year old boys could black mail her just like that. Slowly they went, walking towards, then under the bleachers, where the boys then began to circle her once they knew no one could see them. ‘You boys have no idea what you guys are doing! You will all be in serious trouble when you guys are finished’. One of them then approached her. ‘ If you do that, we will totally tell everyone that you made hundreds of naked pics of yourself and told us to take them.’ “YEA!!!” the other two bloated out. ‘Now…slowly take the top off, and then place your thumbs on your red spots on your boonies’. Slowly did laura lift her arm, which then her hands proceeded to take off her shoulder straps. “Be sexy about it, or I’ll tell!!!”. Laura didn’t know what to think, and though they were k**s, she was under their control fully. Slowly she then pulled down the cloth over chest, which then her firm tits firmly kaçak iddaa moved up and down as she was breathing deeply. “Now, take the rest off, and start with your ass towards us!” Laura hadn’t realized that they knew such vulgar language. But the daylight sky was nearing its end, and it was getting dark quickly. She did as they asked, slowly peeling down her one piece swimsuit, with her ass poking out a bit. Within moments, they boys were touching her, and she then fell down on her ass. “Its getting late k**s, we need to all head back home”. Yet they still were at it touching her, fondling her nice firm tits and slowly running their hands over what is now her wet pussy. “I saw older guys on the computer out their wieners inside where her hair is. Mine is hard, how about you two?” Laura’s eyes widened. “Mine has never been this long before!”. “Mine too, it feels different than being in front of a computer!”. With haste, the k**s pulled off their pants, revealing what would be a horrifying site. Their cocks were at least six inches long, though a bit thin. Yet even so, she wasn’t terrified with that alone. “I’m a virgin! Please! Let me go! I can make pics just for you! But don’t do this to me!!!” the k**s had no idea what that meant, and only the idea of sticking their cocks inside her,just like the videos online, enveloped their minds. “It’ll be easy Miss. Laura, it’ll slip in, just like the movies.”. Laura was at a panic at this point, and then began to think about hurting the k**s as self defense. Yet the idea that a bigger and older person beating up three small k**s would not sit well with their families. “Small, just look at their ducks, they’re huge.” thought Laura. “Bend down with your ass up Miss. Laura, or we will really hurt you”. Then, a metal clashing slowly began to unravel to what Laura was hearing. “A chain? What are you guys going to do to me?”. The boy hovering his dick over her pussheathen then said, “if you thought that you could canlı casino siteleri run away,you’re totally wrong. This is just in case you start running, and you know how good Joe throws a ball.” Laura began to sweat heavily. “These k**s might kill me!” screamed in her mind. The idea that she was about to be ****d by three 12 year old boys scared her even more. “Joe, stick your stick in her mouth like the one video where that black guy did it.”. Slowly, lifting his dick to her lips, the other boy was grouping and sucking Laura’s medium tits, which at this point her nipples were erect. Laura was feeling a warm sensation ,and yet they didn’t start ducking her. “If you do anything to hurt me, I’ll hit you with the chains”. Then he grabbed her hark and pulled her head up to where his dick was. ” On the count of three guys!”… “One”…”Two”… Then, all if Laura’s nightmares came true that second….” THREE!!!!”. That very second of the final count, a wall of emence pain flew through Laura body, as the boys didn’t slowly progressed into her, but outright jammed themselves straight into her. “The guys in the movies were right, it feels so tight Joe!”. Joe was hitting the back of Laura’s throat with such force, his dick began to move down her throat as he lowered her head downward but straight. Laura was now struggling at this point, but the other boy fondling her was holding her down with his weight. Deeper and deeper she could feel the head of Joe’s dick move down in her throat. “Remember guys, we need to cum inside her, or we won’t be real men. Laura was trying to scream, but her voice was muffled by Joe’s dick, ever so slowly moving down in her. She could feel the other k**s penis move deeper in her. Slowly, Laura began to resist less until her body couldn’t try to break free. “Hey guys, my penis is all the way down her throat!”. Ten minutes passed after they realized they didn’t need to keep laura down from moving. The other boy sucking casino şirketleri on Laura’s tits took his turn at her pussy. But Joe loved her throat and her face, he kept fucking her throat until he felt something warm and thick bloom out inside her throat. He left his dick in there, as her mouth was really warm and mushy wet. “Almost there!” said one of the guys ducking her virgin pussy. A minute later loads of cum unloaded in her pussy, along with the other boy about to prepare to do the same. “I had no idea this would be so fun!” Joe said, as he finally slid his cock out of her throat. “Lets fuck her again inside that shed!”. As they said that, the other boy unloaded his sperm in her well beaten vagina. “Alright Miss. Laura, now we are going to fuck you in that shed across the field. Come on, or I will make sure everyone will know you”. Silence filled the air, and the nighttime breeze slowly traveling between the k**s now tiny penis. “Laura, get up! We aren’t finished with you!”. No response. Her head was facing down, and as they knelt down to see her face, they first saw a slow puddle of Joe’s cum oozing out slowly from Laura’s mouth. “Laura?” said one of them. Silence still held its melody in the air. Joe then looked carefully at her body. Her arms were dangling by her sides lifelessly, with now her upper body fully flat on the wooden box rather than her arms supporting her. A shock streamed through Joe. “Laura… We… Killed her!!!???!?!?!”. Hearing that, the other two began to analyze her violated and bruised body at this point. “But… This wasn’t suppose to happen?!?!?!”. All of a sudden, they realized at the same time, “her body, we can’t leave it here!”. Panic arose to mindless yammering until, “the shed!”. For a long pause, they looked at each other. “It’s our only option…”. Slowly, picking up her bruised and naked body, they walked her to the rusty looking building across the field. The door was open like always, and behind a bunch of tools and supplies, was where they stuck her. “They can’t find her, it smells of rot and metal in here anyway!”. Then, once they finished placing her, they all ran back home. There was one thing they missed… Her one piece covered with their cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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